26 Powerful Crystals For Grief – The “How To” Guide

26 Most Useful Crystals For Grief - The How To Guide

Introduction on Crystals For Grief

Dealing with loss will never be easy. And the grief can feel so enormous, overwhelming and ever consuming. Although grief is usually because of the loss of a loved one, it can be caused by anything from an uncurable health issue or traumatic relationship breakdown.

And the current situation of the world today thanks to pandemics seems to equate to a time for grieving. People have been wrestling with some kind of loss— the death of a loved one, the loss of a plan or job, or even the fading of the lives they were living.

Grief and loss show up in many forms and people rarely emerge from this battle the same way that they went in. It is a messy situation and there is no straight line through this.

The big themes of grief and loss are usually dealt with in stages. It can sound cliched, but time is the best healer and recognizing and moving through these stages can help you in slowly processing all the overwhelming emotions.

Introduction on Crystals For Grief

As mentioned before, grief is not solely reserved for the physical death of someone close to you but it can also be any kind of loss— changes in circumstance or emotional, mental or spiritual loss. To better understand grief, below are its five stages. Remember, it is not a straight line and will often come in tangled emotions that rarely fit into a nice package.

  • Denial

Even when it is expected, a loss can still be too overwhelming to process at first. You tend to move into denial which is a common defense mechanism of the body, keeping you numb as you process things at your own pace.

  • Anger

After denial comes anger. Those painful and overwhelming feelings can easily become a form of anger. Such anger can be directed at the current loss or anything you encounter. It is a big wild emotion and is all part of the masking process of your body much like denial.

  • Bargaining

Helplessness and vulnerability can settle in during the bargaining stages. You start to pick all the details of the loss and make the “what ifs” in your mind. You will also try and remain looking at the past, thinking of a different account and imagining how it could be different from your reality.

  • Depression

After getting tired of your what ifs, you will eventually move into the present space. You will realize the reality and the flood of feeling can leave you feeling empty and drained or completely confused or bewildered. Also, this is the stage when you might completely shut down and question what your life will look like from now on.

  • Acceptance

Acceptance is not always the endpoint of this life-defining and difficult journey. You might move back and forth into the other previous stages of grief even when you have accepted your loss.

Also, acceptance is not always a happy ending either. Still, it can be that little light at the end of this dark tunnel. This means that you are currently processing what happened and that there is a path forward or hope.

While the pain and heartaches seem too big to bear, there are some ways that you can be able to ease or shift the overpowering energy and emotions that come with loss. The main thing is to believe that you will get through this. Forgiveness, support and love— both to yourself and those close to you— are essential so you can overcome this battle and move forward.

The energies of crystals for grief can also help you in healing your emotional body and push you to reach a place of forgiveness and acceptance. These crystals for grief can help in releasing the shock, pain, and sense of hopelessness that grief usually brings. Plus, they offer you loving support to help you get through the grieving process.

A Complete List of Crystals For Grief

Whether you are struggling with overwhelming sadness and pain or finding it difficult to reach a point of acceptance, these crystals for grief can help you out of this difficult moment in your life.

Apache Tears

Apache Tears

Taking the first spot on our list is the most reliable crystal for grief— the Apache tears. Apache tears are actually a special form of obsidian, which is one of the most supportive and grounding stones you will ever find. This stone is all about healing, letting go and acceptance. As a matter of fact, Apache tears got its name after the tragic Apache Indian story.

In the early 1870s, 75 Apache warriors found themselves outnumbered and surrounded by the US cavalry. Instead of surrendering, these courageous warriors leaped from a cliff to their death. According to legend, when the Apache tribe women found out they had lost their husbands, fathers and sons in a tragic way, they cried day and night for months. Their tears, upon falling on the ground, formed the oval-shaped crystals now known as the Apache tears.

For this reason, ancient lore believed that those who carry or own a piece of this stone should never need to cry again since the Apache tribe women cried enough tears for all those who mourn. Without a doubt, the Apache tears are one of the gentlest, most healing and protective stones known to man.

It is considered the best crystal for providing comforting and supportive energies during times of grief and mourning. This is particularly useful for those dealing with grief related to suicide, connecting the survivors with their family and loved ones who chose to die in order to cope and understand their decision.

This gentle stone can easily link with your emotional body. It helps in cleansing and healing old wounds, as well as the long-held emotions and grievances. It also helps in uncovering the frozen or stagnant emotional patterns that you held below your level of awareness.

This stone can teach you that grief can be a tremendous spiritual learning tool that encourages self-acceptance, self-awareness and empathy towards those who feel overwhelmed by sorrow and heartache. It helps in protecting your aura from dense negative energies while enhancing the nourishing and kind ones. Not only that, but it also helps in stimulating the mind and heart and promoting a forgiving spirit.

Pink Calcite

Pink Calcite

Pink calcite with its tender and soothing color energy complements the feelings of grief and loss. Dubbed as the Stone of Peace, pink calcite is said to wrap your heart in a soothing metaphysical blanket that can encourage you to give yourself time and to teach you to treat yourself kindly.

As a crystal that connects strongly with the angelic realm, the pink calcite can call upon the healing energies of celestial and angelic beings. These spiritual beings are said to ensure that you feel supported and are not lonely and alone through this difficult period of mourning. As supportive as it is, this crystal stone can also give you a profound sense of serenity and peace.

Not only that but pink calcite is also said to carry gentle, yet powerful energy that helps in releasing your past suffering or emotional trauma. With its strong connection to your heart chakra, it activates your emotional body and allows you to attain emotional peace by easing symptoms of fear, anger, grief or guilt. When using this crystal during meditation, it can help you to come to terms with your loss and then filling you with loving and soothing energies as well as a renewed sense of self-confidence.



The most spiritual stone known to man, the high vibration of the amethyst crystal can bring you energies of healing by cleansing and protecting your auric field and emotional body through times of grieving. This is particularly important when things seem, to be hopeless since this strong emotion could draw negative entities and energy to you. Since ancient times, healers would perform cleansing rituals using amethyst crystals for this very reason of warding of negativities and unwanted spirits. The same can be done during mourning.

Dubbed as the Stone of Transformation, the calming nature of the amethyst crystal also has the ability to soothe your mind and bringing you emotional support and comfort. It is not always easy to see that new beginnings or chapters in your life start from such a painful place. However, this stone should help you in choosing love, stability and acceptance as well as spiritual mastery that shall help you get through it.

Amethyst features soothing energy that can work for emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Whether you are mourning a loss or supporting a close friend who is, then the amethyst with its mind-centered and soothing energy can help you find the right words to say. It will allow you to have a much clearer mental body and promoting inner peace and wisdom. Not only that, but the amethyst crystal is also one of the most reliable tools you can use when meditating to help center your mind and accept reality.



Like the potent Violet Rays of healing of the amethyst stone, the lepidolite crystal can bring order to an overwhelmed emotional body. Offering gentle energies with its serene shades of lilac wine, lepidolite will help increase your positivity and filling you up with feel-good vibes. It can harmonize all emotions running riot in your soul, mind and body to provide instant soothing relief in your emotional plane.

Because of its lithium content, the lepidolite crystal is best used for easing symptoms of anxiety and depression that resulted from grief. It stops the guilty thoughts, overcoming emotional disturbances and relieving hopelessness, misery and sadness. Wearing this crystal stone can help in reducing negative emotions while protecting you from outside influences.

Dubbed as the Stone of Transition, this crystal stone allows a gentle moving through a positive lifestyle and spiritual alignment. It does so by releasing and re-organizing your mind and emotions. By doing so, you can recognize positivity and inducing calm through those transitions. Its balancing nature also helps in restoring a sense of normality during this very difficult period. It will provide you comfort and show that even during the darkest hours, there will be light waiting for you.

Also, this stone can help tap into a higher level of understanding. It connects to the higher realm, soothing your mind and spirit, expanding your consciousness so you can see things from a better perspective. In addition, it is important to note that getting a good night’s rest is important. While it may seem impossible when mourning, the energies of the lepidolite crystal can help you to sleep better. Not only that, but lepidolite is also a stone of acceptance. Thus, it can be used to help you in letting go and accept the painful truth of loss while removing feelings of hopelessness and guilt so you can move forward.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx

The black onyx is considered a natural protector against all kinds of negativities. In particular, it shall protect you against all kinds of negative thoughts and energy, even when all around you seems to have turned into misery and chaos.

By easing emotional pressure, the black onyx can take you beyond the immediacy of grief. It can promote a strong renewed vigor and confidence so you can step forward into this new chapter of your life. Not only that, but this stone can also support you if you are suffering from the loss of a relationship. If you ever need help in moving on from a long-standing heartbreak and anguish or a previous relationship that you have been struggling to let go of, then the black onyx is your best option.

In addition, the black onyx, dubbed as the scrying stone, is also one of the best tools you can use for past-life regression work. It has the ability to help reveal and old the physical traumas or injuries. This should help encourage healing on an etheric level. This, in turn, can help in releasing the old sorrows that might be influencing you.

With its strong connection to the root chakra and Mother Earth, the black onyx also offers grounding energies that can bring you stability and security. It offers you aggressive energies you can use to build up mental and physical strength, endurance and persistence, helping you to be a master of your own emotions and power. Furthermore, it provides alignment and centering of your total being so you can connect to a higher power of support and guidance and absorbing from the universe what you need to let go and move on.



Chrysoprase with its heart-centered energy is what you need when betrayal and heartache have left you feeling emotionally abandoned and exhausted. Grieving the end of any relationship can be difficult and tough. And most people often blame themselves or their ex-partner for their part in it. However, true forgiveness and acceptance can only come from within and starts the whole healing process.

As the Stone of Venus, the chrysoprase crystal stone can help you in restoring emotional balance and teaching you that everything is possible and has a reason. This crystal stone can help you get through the difficult times after a heartbreak and help you believe that you are lovable and don’t deserve such kinds of treatment.

Not only that, but chrysoprase is also a powerful stone that can help heal your childhood wounds. It will help in releasing the painful emotions, griefs and traumatic events so you can finally move forward without looking in the past.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

The rose quartz gemstone is probably the most heart-based tool you can use to ease the pain and suffering. Dubbed as the Stone of Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Compassion, this beautiful pink stone can inspire you to see the beauty in yourself and what is around you. This should help you in letting go of the hurt and pain that is caused by a breakdown of a relationship or the loss of a loved one or someone close to you.

The pink energy of rose quartz is said to help heal and comfort any wounds that the heart has suffered. It can penetrate the inner chambers of the heart chakra, where the emotional experiences are stored and recorded. With its reassuring and calming energies, this crystal can be used in times of crisis or trauma, including mid-life crises. Rose quartz can strengthen your sensitivity, empathy and helps in the acceptance of the necessary change.  

Self-forgiveness and self-love are usually forgotten when you are going through a traumatic experience. It is usually replaced with feelings of grief, self-doubt and guilt. The beautiful energy of the rose quartz gemstone can help comfort and support you through this difficult period, filling you with loving energies to help you heal from this crisis. Also, if you need to restore trust in a relationship or in yourself, then the rose quartz is a great option.



The sunny energies of the citrine stone can bring you the needed positivity during this difficult time. Its potent energies can help you whenever it is time to move on. Having been through the period of grieving— whether this is due to a loss of a loved one, a job or a breakup. With its strong connection to the solar plexus chakra, this stone shall bring balance to this energy center and bring you strength and new levels of optimism.

Now, if your grieving stems from financial matters or work, for instance, you get fired from a long-standing job, then the citrine stone can help you in receiving luck while regaining confidence for a new project. Its light energetic vibrations can help in dispelling negativity that can help you overcome emotional difficulties and help you put a smile back on your face.

Furthermore, this yellow crystal is also a powerful purifier of your will center. It should help you identify and then heal issues of self-abuse and feelings of guilt and hopelessness. Not only that, but this stone can also help you understand what’s necessary in order to resolve such a situation while also providing fortitude and courage to make difficult decisions and acting upon them.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

The smoky quartz is one of the most versatile crystals you can find and has powerful protective energy that can help you at a time of loss. Popular for its powerful grounding and protective energies, the ability of this stone to emotionally re-align your whole body and protect it against further negativities is paramount for the whole healing process.

Sure, negativity is unavoidable in the depths of grief. Panic attacks, anxiety, depression, anger, despondency and feelings of abandonment and loss are all common for you to experience. However, when you use the energies of smokey quartz crystals, it acts as a buffer, and, thereby, helps in reducing the shock and intensity of such negativities, so to make it easier for you to overcome this dark period in your life.

Not only that, but this crystal can offer you intense grief support and act as your own personal bodyguard. It can help protect you and make you feel secure. As it provides a protective shield of energy around you, the crystal also offers exceptional stability and grounding when working in the higher realms. This helps you to receive and use more high-frequency light energy. This should help in relieving stress, fear, unspoken resentment, anger, lifts fatigue and depression while teaching you how to let go of what’s no longer necessary for growth.

Indicolite Quartz

Indicolite Quartz

The indicolite quartz is a rare kind of blue tourmaline. It is found in mineral deposits and in high-temperature hydrothermal veins. Its name comes from the Latin term “Indicum” which means blue-colored plant. A lovely feature of this stone is that it can reflect various shades of blues depending on the which angle you look at it. The finest ones come from Brazil.

The beautiful crystal stone feature high vibrational energies that can help drown out the sorrow, pain and negativities and replacing them with acceptance, optimism and positivity. It is a powerful healer of grief and sadness, allowing you to come to terms with the buried memories or emotions from the past when there’s no possibility of justice. It also assists in healing injury, abuse or guilt. Dubbed as the stone of peace and spirit, this stone helps you achieve a deeper meditation and in bringing past hurts and unwanted negative emotions to the surface for healing.

Not only that, but this crystal stone also helps in releasing the emotional bonds with grieving and fresh you to attain a stronger connection to the spiritual realm and in bringing the guidance of the higher consciousness. So, if you are lucky enough to own an indicolite crystal, make sure to keep it close to you during the grieving process.



Rhodonite is one of the best stones of the heart chakra. Dubbed as the Stone of Gentle Healing, this beautiful crystal lay bare on the emotional scars and wounds of the past for healing, reinvigoration, and restoration. Its rich color creates a deeper and long-lasting effect, taking up the process of nurturing your inner self and empowering you to reach a certain degree of acceptance. It also helps in focusing your energies and gifts outward for the betterment of all.

This pink and black crystal is a highly recognized emotional healer, bringing you back to the center during stressful and difficult times. As a matter of fact, it is called the first aid stone that helps calm emotional panic and shock while also providing strong grounded support during the process of healing and dealing with painful issues.

Not only that but the rhodonite crystal is also said to have a strong resonance with forgiveness and acceptance. It nurtures your soul and brings the loving energies you need in order to heal. It also helps in releasing your self-destructive tendencies, festering anger, guilt and resentment and allow you to see reality to reach recognition and acknowledgment.

Make sure to use rhodonite in order to regain balance or equilibrium–— physically, emotionally and mentally— after a period of loss or grief, heartache, intense suffering or unhappiness, financial disappointment or even a major illness. It helps you learn to love and care for yourself during the most difficult times.



Just like the beautiful first flash of autumn or the unexpected fiery look of a sunset, the Carnelian captivates those who see it. Its bold and potent energies can bring the rush of joy and warmth that heals, stimulates and empowers.

Carnelian is one of the best crystals for grief. This is because it has the ability to encourage you to accept the cycle of life while removing the fear of death. As a matter of fact, this crystal stone has been used since ancient times to protect the dead on their journey to the afterlife. By learning to accept that death and loss are a natural part of life, it makes it a bit easier for you to move on from the grieving process.

Not only that, but this crystal is also useful for overcoming abuse of any kind, particularly self-abuse. During the grieving process, you might feel a sense of guilt, hopelessness and blame yourself for whatever happens. The carnelian stone can help you to trust yourself and your perceptions more.

As it helps change your mindset, the carnelian stone will infuse you with genuine happiness and joy while removing the toxic and negative thoughts and beliefs. It re-energizes the body while boosting a hopeful and optimistic outlook.

Ruby Fuchsite

Ruby Fuchsite

The ruby fuchsite is a powerful combination of the minerals ruby and green fuchsite. And this combination creates potent energy that can help in healing your emotional body and get you through the grieving process.

The energies of the ruby fuchsite stone offer strong emotional support as well as self-reflection during the most difficult times in your life. The energies of the ruby gemstone can help provide endless strength, vitality and courage. Meanwhile, the fuchsite offers nourishing, healing and relaxing energies to the emotional body.

This stone will start to heal your emotional body and help in receiving the heavy emotions and weight that you care on your heart due to grief and extreme sadness. It aids in providing confidence and strength in yourself which is something that you tend to neglect during a loss.

Not only that, but the ruby fuchsite also helps in resonating strongly with the energies of the earth and uses its nurturing vibrations to bring rejuvenation and renewed energy to the whole body. Also, it shall help in rooting you back to earth with an open heart in order to start the healing and strengthening process.

Pink Opal

Pink Opal

The baby pink variety of opal is a very powerful ally in terms of healing your heart and emotional body. This stone can unlock, unblock and activate your heart chakra while imbuing your auric field with tranquil and calming vibrations. Thus, this is the perfect sone for your to carry if you are struggling with any sadness, particularly of a broken heart.

In addition, this crystal stone can help serve your emotional body in terms of a breakup, a long-distance relationship or the loss of a loved one. This stone has the ability to push you to look from within, strengthening your connection to your inner self. By strengthening such connection, you can attain confidence and become a stronger person to overcome the difficult times in your life.

Not only that, but this stone shows you that you do not have to lean on your loved ones as much. So, when death happens, you can rely on yourself and gives you a sense of individuality while showing you how strong you can be. By turning to your inner self and beginning to work on healing and releasing the negativities, you can remove the emotional strain that is weighing on your mind and heart.



Rhodochrosite is a sister stone of rhodonite, featuring elegant and luscious-looking than the rose-red to raspberry-pink color but instead of protective black spots, sports the calming and soothing white specks. Its allure is so undeniable and is pulsating with a powerful, yet gentle electrical energy of love.

This crystal stone emanates one of the most loving, gentle and tender energies that is comforting to the soul, soothing the heart and encouraging a deep sense of inner peace. It’s indeed a marvelous talisman of healing, positivity and joy, allowing you to embrace your rightful powers and rising to your full potential.

Rhodochrosite is a remedy or rescue crystal. It not only helps those in need but also rescues the rescuer. This crystal stone can direct its energy to yourself, specifically for the purposes of emotional healing. It allows you to go deep within your heart to safely relive, acknowledge and release your emotional wounds and sufferings.

Not only that, but the rhodochrosite crystal can help you face the truth or reality without evasion or excuses, but with loving and open awareness. It helps you in identifying the negative emotions as well as your ongoing destructive patterns and brings healing and compassion, self-forgiveness and moving past guilt and blame. Its strong and purifying white energy can help balance and cleanse your emotional body, bringing renewal, peace and resolution.

Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline

The beautiful shades of the pinks and greens that resemble the fruity watermelon, the watermelon tourmaline resonates strongly with the heart and higher heart chakra.  This makes it the perfect crystal to help you fight anguish, depression and anxiety which can further push you into a sad or dark place during times of grieving.

The stone can help in fighting emotional distress and filling you with positive vibes to fight sadness and negativity. With this stone by your side, you will enjoy love, light and rejuvenation in order to help keep your heart and mind imbued with general happiness and joy. Not only that, but it also teaches you compassion for yourself while boosting your innate healing abilities.

Furthermore, the watermelon tourmaline can help soothe and calm emotional disturbances brought about by shock, grief and extreme sadness. This stone is said to help access and unlock the depths of your heart and encouraging a full cleansing and healing of your emotional wounds. It should also help you in letting go of behavioral and thinking patterns that are not healthy for you. This helps in making more room for more positive and better ways of thinking and allows for a positive makeover of your emotional being.



Larimar is one of the best allies you can have if you ever find yourself struggling with controlling your emotions and communicating the grief and sadness that you feel within after losing someone or something precious to you.

With its calming blue shades, this crystal stone unlocks and activates your throat chakra. This helps you open up yourself to your loved ones or close friends around you to discuss what you are feeling or what you may be dealing with. As one of the best stones for peace, the larimar can help you in keeping a calm mind and allow the true emotions from your heart to surface.

As a result, you can be able to talk to others about the difficulties that you are facing. Simply let yourself release the emotions and share with those you trust can help you in better understanding your needs and yourself. This is essential since talking to others can provide you social support to help you get through the grieving process.

Not only that, but the larimar stone is also a great supportive stone for those who experienced emotional trauma n their life— whether it is the loss of a loved one or a heartbreak— that they cannot seem to move forward from. This stone can help in cooling down your emotional body and cleansing the space so you can cope better. It teaches you to look at these events in your life as a testament to your strength. It also pushes you towards relaxation, resolution and an evolution of yourself.

Green Opal

Green Opal

Like its pink sibling, the green opal is a crystal that is all about the heart while creating a stronger connection to Mother Earth for nurturing and nourishing. The green opal helps in providing rejuvenating and healing energies to anyone that is struggling with emotional heartache or extreme sadness.

Thus, it is one of the best stones for those who might have gone through recent grief or trauma, a hurtful disagreement or the end of a relationship. The green opal has the ability to bring you strength to use while also encouraging you to push forward and rebuild yourself. As a matter of fact, this crystal stone is here to show you that you only need yourself in life and to serve as a daily reminder of your true inner strength.

Not only that, but the green opal can also bring you calming energies, especially during the times when you feel hyper emotional. By holding this stone, you can easily feel its soothing energies. It not only helps calm your emotions but also slowing down your mind and preventing the negative energies to take full control. Thus, this stone is one of the most recommended tools for those struggling to keep their emotions in check when meditating or centering your emotional body.



Dioptase is one of the most vibrant talismans for the heart chakra. This rare mineral got its name from the Greek terms “dio” and “optos” which means “through” and “visible”. It actually refers to the cleavage often seen within the mineral, but also reflects its metaphysical capability.

As a stone of the heart, the dioptase allows you to see and get through the negative emotions. It helps in relinquishing extremely sensitive emotions such as grief, depression, trauma, self-hate, anxiety and guilt. This stone will expose your heart and bringing about soothing waves to penetrate your life force energy in order to reset your emotional body.

Not only that, but dioptase is also one of the best crystals recommended for anyone struggling with emotional pain and helps in understanding it. While understanding the answer for the loss or pain and changing your emotions is not instant, the dioptase can help you every step of the way. Plus, it also helps in teaching you the vital lessons along with the most important tool in life, which is patience.



Unakite brings together the nurturing, nourishing and abundant energy of green with the caring, loving and soft passion of pink, making it one of Earth’s most powerful healing crystal stones of the mind and heart. This amazing gemstone resonates with a potent, yet the gentle frequency of compassion, healing, love and kindness. It is a crystal dedicated to the balancing of your emotional body.

The elements of epidote and red jasper blend beautifully in the unakite crystal and embodies a strong, but a harmonious relationship. The green and pink energies of this crystal balance the aspects of your heart, helping to release the deep-seated emotions in a  gentle and slow way. Then it lifts your spirits when you are feeling down, upset or guilty.

Historically speaking, the unakite crystal is said to soothe and calm the emotions of anyone who wear it. This stone has the ability to quiet fear and increasing mental toughness. Also, it is considered as a stone of increase and is believed to bring stamina and strength which can help you in bouncing back from disappointment, grief or sorrow. This stone can also support anyone who feels a little overwhelmed, lost, or has trouble focusing on the here and now.

Gem Silica

Gem Silica

Also known as Gem Silica Chrysocolla or Chrysocolla Chalcedony, the gem silica is a very rare combination of chrysocolla and quartz crystal. This means that this stone carries all properties and qualities of the chrysocolla while also connecting your third eye and heart chakra to your throat chakra.

Such unique channeling can provide you with the ability to better understand your emotions and effectively process your emotional body during the grieving process. This crystal stone can help you in releasing any lingering grief, sadness or trauma that you might be holding onto.

Not only that but your intuition is also raised when using this crystal stone and helps you focus your attention on the minute details of your emotional self. The elevated focus can help you accept the weight that you have been carrying and finally working towards removing it from your heart. This may consist of finally accepting a situation like a loss of a loved one and moving past it or vocalizing a sensitive subject about your life.

Either way, this crystal stone can help pull out the negativity inside so you can finally start looking ahead with a joyful and clear heart. Your aura will soon radiate with wonderful positivity and optimism.

Flower Agate

Flower Agate

The flower agate is a beautiful variety of agate with opaque inclusions of Chalcedony which resembles tiny floral formations, thus the name. It is typically found in a light pink shade with white “flowery” inclusions.

This beautiful stone can help in bridging the gap between your reality and emotions by activating and creating a strong connection between your root and heart chakras. Such a unique effect can be best felt via meditation and relieve feelings of grief and misery, with you solely focusing on your emotional body and its current needs.

By doing such exercise, you can start to gain freedom from the deep and extreme pain that has attached itself to your hearts due to the sudden loss. It shall help you in looking towards the path of recovery and self-betterment.

The energies of this crystal stone also resonate strongly with your core and in assisting you to better expose the damaging and traumatic pain that you still carry. By releasing these heavy weights and constraints, you can improve your mental, emotional and physical health while also re-igniting self-loving energies.



Thulite, like any pink crystal stone, radiates compassion, love, joy, serenity, and happiness. It is one of the most potent stones you can use for healing the emotional body and getting you through grief and intense emotional difficulties.

With its soft and subtle energy, the thulite will imbue your aura with loving energy that resonates directly with your heart. Its pink rays can assist you in journeying into the depths of your spirit and soul. Here, the energies of thulite can push the old emotional pain to the surface and urging you to face these unwanted or negative experiences that you’ve been hiding once and for all.

These weights and emotions might have been carried for too long or you have just pushed them down into the darkest abyss of yourself in a refusal to accept them. By helping you face and remove these negative emotions from your heart, you can finally move on from the process of grieving and start your self-healing journey. This stone shall immediately offer you comfort and act as a supportive stone that you can lean on. Then, it shall give you a warm and comforting hug that will shield you against any unnecessary trauma, grief or pain.

Angel Aura Quartz

Angel Aura Quartz

Also known as Aura Lite, the Angel Aura Quartz is simple quartz that is subjected to extreme heat and then coated with special blends of metal such as silver, gold or platinum. This creates a beautiful iridescent glow that the angel aura quartz offer while also enhancing the already powerful energies of the quartz stone.

Featuring high vibrational energies combined with the potent energies of fire, you will instantly feel healing and power with just a touch of the angel aura quartz, regardless of your sensitivity. This beautiful and magical crystal stone can offer you enough energy to fill your darkened environments with endless rays of happiness, joy and uplifting energy. This is why the angel aura quartz crystal is the perfect ally if you feel emotionally unstable, drained or distressed.

Not only that, but the vibrational frequency of this stone can also help create a protective shield around your aura and to provide mental clarity, heightened intuition, inner peace and pure serenity. This crystal stone is here to offer you wonderful energies during the worst days and to help your emotional body overcome the challenging and difficult situations in your life.



Dumortierite controls the air and water element. This makes it a powerful calming crystal that can help in releasing worries, confusion and negative energies. It also helps in strengthening your trust and confidence in yourself whenever you feel guilt and blame yourself.

This crystal stone has the ability to make it easier for you to cope with your depressive state during times of grieving. It is particularly important to help you in talking about your feelings of depression, thanks to its stronger connection with the throat chakra.

By using this crystal stone, you allow its intuitive energy to fill your entire auric field. It shall help in clearing out the oldest, most painful emotions you are feeling. Then it shall serve you once more and assist you in keeping a positive outlook and helps you in moving forward in life.



Brochantite is one of the best crystals for grief. Although rare, if you ever get your hands on this stone, make sure to keep it with you during times of distress, suffering and grief. This is because it is known to be a deep emotional healer, engulfing your heart with the pure nurturing energy of the Earth.

This stone the power of mother nature and channels the rays of green rejuvenating and restorative energy throughout your emotional body. Also, this crystal will push you towards personal growth, particularly on experiences or feelings that have left a strong mark on you.

Such internal bruises that have never had the chance to fully heal since you have not given it undivided attention can cause heavyweights on your heart and emotional body. So, to move forward from these weights, you need to relinquish everything that you think is true before you can accept a change. The brochantite can force you to focus on the pain and remind you that it is only temporary.

The strength that you discover will allow you to re-experience these emotions for the last time and serves as a testament to your drive, willpower and determination. As a result, it shall help you change and to move forward to start living your life again.  

How to Use Crystals For Grief

Now that you know which crystals can help you in overcoming grief, here are some of the best ways to properly and effectively use their supportive and comforting energies.

Place Crystals For Grief Around Your Home

When dealing with a loss, chances are other family members are also in the grieving process. And the best way to bring the supportive and healing energies of crystals for grief is by placing them around your home. By doing so, these crystals for grief can exude healing energy, positivity as well as protective energy into the space that will not only benefit you as well as other people around you.

For instance, crystals such as rose quartz, onyx and amethyst are not only beautiful decorative stones but they also help absorb the toxic emotions, thoughts and feelings from within you while bringing energies of healing, comfort and peace. So, whenever you start having negative thoughts or emotions, you can simply gaze into the crystal stone you chose with a soft focus. This should cleanse your auric field, bring you awareness and focus and allows you to have a clearer mind.

Always Keep Them With You

How to Use Crystals For Grief

Crystals for grief should always be kept as close to your body as possible, especially during the early stages of grief.

One of the best ways to always keep their energetic qualities close to you is to wear them as pieces of jewelry. This ensures that you can have soothing and supportive energies for the whole day and wherever you go. By wearing your crystals for grief, they can have direct skin contact, ensuring that you experience their pulsating vibrational energies.

Take note that when you wear crystal jewelry make sure that they are close to their associated chakra. For instance, the Apache tears, obsidian, onyx, smoky quartz, carnelian and citrine are associated with the lower chakras which are the solar plexus, sacral and root chakras. Thus, it is best to wear them as rings or bracelet for closer proximity to these chakra systems.

Meanwhile, most crystal stones mentioned above resonates strongly with your heart chakra, which is mostly green and pink stones such as rose quartz, morganite, rhodochrosite, watermelon tourmaline and green opal. These stones are best worn as necklaces or pendants hanging close to your heart center. The same can be applied to the stones that resonate with the throat chakra such as larimar, indicolite quartz, dioptase, and chrysoprase.

Now, for the stones pulsating with the energies of the crown or third eye chakras such as amethyst and angel aura quartz, you can wear them as earrings or even in head pieces.

Wearing your crystals as pieces of jewelry is just one way of always keeping them close to you. If you don’t like wearing your crystal or you have ones that are soft and not suitable for jewelry use, then you can simply carry a tumbled stone or rubbing stone with you. You can tuck this in your pocket or wallet.

This allows their beneficial energy to pulsate through your auric field or giving you easy access to their supportive energy whenever you needed to calm down. Once again, it is best if you place these crystals to their associated chakra to boost their impressive powers.  

Do Daily Affirmations With Crystals

Grief can be overwhelming but doing daily affirmations can help in strengthening your emotional body, bringing healing and willpower and experiencing supportive energy. Negative thoughts and behaviors can be self-fulfilling and affirmations with crystals can help reverse this.

By simply holding your preferred crystals for grief and then placing them over the relevant chakra, you can make your affirmations even more potent and powerful. This allows you to move from one stage of grief to another.

Bathe With Crystals

Taking a warm bath has long been said to help release the stress and pain, offering you a safe moment on your own to let go and release built-up emotions. In addition, water is a powerful conductor of energy. Plus, it helps in amplifying the frequency of your crystals for grief. This means that you can use your crystal as you take a bath

You can simply place several crystals for grief combined with other crystals of amplification near your bathtub or submerge them in water if possible. Take note that you need to research first if the crystal you choose can be submerged or used with water. This is because some crystals release toxic elements or can get damaged when in contact with water.

The good news is that you don’t have to throw your crystal in the water with you to be effective. Simply surrounding your bathtub with your preferred crystal for grounding can help achieve your intention.

Make an Elixir

Another amazing way to connect with your healing crystals for grief is to drink a crystal elixir since you’re directly introducing their energies into your system.

In order to create a crystal elixir, your need to soak your preferred stone in water or moonlight to cleanse it. Then you simply add fresh and clean spring water and let the crystal stone sit beside the container or let the crystal soak to spread its energy. After a few hours, you can drink the elixir to enjoy its powerful properties.

Once again, you need to make sure that the crystals for the grief you’re using are not toxic when used with water. If you still want to create an elixir out of it, you can simply place the stone beside or on top of your water container. Its energy can still infuse into the water without direct contact.

Make a Crystal Altar or Grid

If simply displaying your crystals around your home won’t do and you want to create a space with stronger intentions to help you through the grief, then creating a crystal grid or altar is your best choice.

You can build altars with crystals for grief, incense and other protective icons in order to help create a safe, supportive and sacred space in your home. This gives you a place to go whenever the pain becomes too overwhelming and you need to cleanse yourself of negative thinking while taking in positive and calming energy.

Other than a crystal altar, you can also create a crystal grid. This allows you to use several crystals for grief in one go. By combining the complementing energies of crystals for grief, you can help boost your intentions of banishing the toxic and negative emotions and energy within your while bringing in the supportive and peaceful vibes you need.

Do a Body Layout

How to Use Crystals For Grief

A body layout is like a crystal grid, but instead, the crystals are strategically placed on your body.

When you place crystals for grief on your body, it is recommended to place the crystals for peace on their associated chakra.

For instance, you can place clear quartz or spirit quartz on your crown chakra while amethyst can be placed on the third eye chakra. Blue stones like larimar or chrysoprase are placed on your throat chakra while pink or green stones like rose quartz, rhodonite, rhodochrosite or pink opal should be placed on your heart chakra.

Carnelian and citrine can be placed either on your solar plexus or sacral chakra. Lastly, smoky quartz, onyx or Apache tears are placed on your root chakra.

Focus on deepening your breath and practice gratitude for your crystal stones while they are placed on your body in order to enhance the effect. This should open your heart and freeing the overwhelming emotions by allowing you to focus on the aspects of your life with gratitude and bringing inner peace.

Incorporate In Your Meditation

Last but not the least, meditation can help calm the negative and overwhelming emotions you have when in grief. Although meditation does not change the way you feel, it can change your perspective and experience of those emotions and feelings. When you practice mindfulness meditation, it helps you find refuge and peace in this time of loss and great change.

To make your meditation sessions even more powerful, you can use the energies of your crystals for grief. Different crystals for grief can offer you unique energies. For instance, the black stones can provide protection and release of negative energies. These crystals shall help in ensuring that your auric field is free of negative entities that may drain your energy while also releasing the heavy emotions within you. Not only that, but these crystals can also help you ground yourself before the meditation and keeping you rooted to the growth throughout the duration of your practice and then re-grounding you after a flighty experience.

Now, using the heart-based crystal for grief can provide healing energies that can take your meditation even further. These crystal stones shall provide soothing and calming energy that allows you to look deeper into your emotional body and provide higher awareness as well as supportive energy to move you a step closer to letting go and acceptance.

Whatever intention you have, you can use any crystals for grief and can start by holding the grounding crystals in one or both hands, close your eyes and focusing on your breath. You will feel your body sinking deeper into the earth for a grounding effect and feel the Light energies of the stone surrounding you. Take note, that some crystal stones do not resonate right away while others will easily make the hairs on your skin stand up.

Then, you can place your chosen crystals for grief to support your meditative experience and intentions and continue with your practice.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Grief?

Crystals for grief are working really hard to bring you the supportive energies and much-needed protection and cleansing vibrations you need to overcome the difficult times. However, due to strong emotions surrounding loss and grief as well as the constant absorbing, cleansing and transmuting of these stones can cause their own energies to become clogged, toxic and unhelpful.

This is why you will need to cleanse and charge your crystal, freeing the stone of any lingering energies while also optimizing its vibrations so it can work at its fullest. Fortunately, there are various ways you can cleanse and recharge your crystals for grief.

Do Physical Cleaning

For physical cleaning, you can simply wash the crystal stone with warm, soapy water. Using a brush or your finger to rub its surface can help remove the accumulated debris, dust and dirt. Then, make sure to thoroughly rinse the stone and pat dry with a clean, soft cloth.

Keep in mind that this method is only suitable for most hard and durable stones such as quartz and jasper. For the softer, porous and brittle crystals for grief like kyanite and lepidolite, gem silica and calcite, you can simply wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth to remove any dirt or impurities on its surface.

The next step is to cleanse and charge your crystals for grief metaphysically. For this, you have several options to choose from.

Use Saltwater or Salt

Natural water sources are a great way to cleanse your crystals for grief. You can use fresh water from lakes, waterfalls or spring water. However, it’s best to use salt water.  Throughout history, salt has been used to absorb unwanted and toxic energies and banishing negativity.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Grief?

So, if you are near the ocean, then you can collect a bowl of fresh saltwater to soak your crystals into. Otherwise, you can simply mix a tablespoon of table, rock or sea salt into a bowl of water. Submerge the stone and allow it to soak for a few hours to even days. Rinse and pat dry the crystals for grief when complete.

Once again, for the crystals for grief that should not be submerged in water, you can just use salt for cleansing and charging. Simply bury the gemstone in a bowl filled with salt and leave it for a few hours. The salt should absorb the toxic energies from the stone. Make sure to throw away the used salt after.

Bury in Brown Rice

Another way of cleansing your crystals for grief is to use brown rice. Like with salt, brown rice can help remove toxic and negative energies from the crystals and leave them recharged. You can also bury the crystal stone in a bowl filled with brown rice for hours to days. Make sure to throw away the used brown rice after.

Leave Crystals For Grief in the Garden

Mother nature offers calming, nurturing, healing and soothing energies, making it one of the best ways to cleanse and rebalance an overwhelmed crystal for grief. Charging your crystals for grief with nature itself can help bring their vigor and vitality back. You can opt to bury your crystals for grief in a pot filled with earthy soil to nurture and nourish their energies.

However, if you want a cleaner approach, then you can simply leave it in your garden and allow them to soak in earthy energies. You can also take advantage of the elements such as the sun and moon.

Utilize Sunset or Sunrise Energies

Sunny crystal stones such as citrine and carnelian benefit most from the energies of the sun. Take note, however, that while sunlight is a powerful cleanser of crystals, there are some stones like kyanite and calcite that will fade when exposed to direct sunlight. So, if you want to charge your stone with sunlight but without the risk of fading its color, you need to let it charge for a few minutes during sunrise and sunset only. 

Take Advantage of the Soothing Power of the Moon

Now, if you want a gentler and safer way to cleanse your crystals for grief, you can opt for the power of moonlight, instead. Most stone healers take advantage of the full moon that releases powerful energies to help recharge and cleanse crystal stones. While a full moon is the best time to cleanse and charge your stone, it is possible to use any phase of the moon. Simply place the crystal outside where moonlight can regenerate its tired energy.

Try Visualization

For a more unique way of cleansing your crystal stone consider doing a visualization. Visualization allows you to be more in tune with yourself that doubles in cleansing not only your body but also your crystal stone. When you do visualization, you can redirect your energy to the crystal that you want to restore. Simply take a few minutes to center and ground your energy, then pick up the stone you want to cleanse and charge and visualize your hands filling with radiant, white light.

See this light surrounding the stone and feel it getting brighter in your hands. Also, you need to envision the impurities flushing out of the crystal, allowing it to shine brighter with a renewed purpose. Continue on visualizing until your feel a shift in the energy of the stone.

Burn Dried Herb or Incense Stick

If you are into the art of smudging, then you can also cleanse and recharge your crystals for grief this way. Smudging involves the burning of dried sacred herbs and allowing the smoke to filter over the crystals to purify their vibrations. Sage is the most commonly used plant for smudging since it is highly spiritual and offers powerful cleansing abilities. However, you can choose any herb bundle you want or even use incense sticks. Make sure that the smoke fully envelops your crystals for grief for 30 – 60 seconds in order to clear it completely.

Try Sound Vibration Cleansing

Charging crystal stones with sound vibrations is a less common type of stone cleansing. However, it is one of the most effective and safest ways to cleanse any crystals for grief. Plus, it works well with group cleansing. By using singing bowls, bells or tuning forks, you can create sound vibrations that carry over to the crystals and releasing the toxic energies from within the stones.

Boost Energy With Amplifying Stones

Last but not the least, the most convenient way of cleansing and charging crystals for grief is to use the charger stones.

Specific crystals like large quartz, selenite, amethyst and carnelian are powerful cleansers of other stones. They, too, make powerful amplifiers that can boost the energies of any crystal they come in contact with.

In order to recharge your crystals for grief with these charging stones, you simply need to place them inside or beside these charging stones in order to clear the inharmonious energies while amplifying their powers.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with grief can be overwhelming and painful. While the above mentioned crystals for grief are not magic wands that can instantly take away the pain you are feeling, they can provide soft and soothing energies of healing, support and comfort that can help guide you through this time.

Take note that different gemstones have their own unique powers and the collection of crystals for grief mentioned above can offer you unique healing abilities to support the grieving process/ Some crystals can bring you inner strength, others offer you a powerful protection against negativities, but most will create a stronger connection with your emotional body, opening and releasing the hidden pain so you can face with the reality of loss, help you accept things and move forward in life.

While people say that you can never fully move out of grieving, but you will be able to learn to master it in time, making it less hurtful. And we hope that these crystals for grief can help bring you the much-needed comfort and support.


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