Abalone Shell Meanings, Properties, and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Abalone Shell

Abalone shell symbolizes love, life, beauty, strength, calmness, tranquillity, and clarity in the spiritual histories of different cultures. Wearing abalone stone can bring charm, confidence, and spiritual powers, and takes away unpleasantness and darkness in your life. Its energy comes from the relaxing sound of the ocean waves, that transcends to the wearer of the abalone stone, making its psychic attributes used for crystal healing.

What is Abalone Shell?

meaning of abalone shell

Abalone shell is a sea mollusk variety, as good as sea snails. They are made up of calcium carbonate and bricklayers of protein making the gemstone more durable. There are varieties of abalone stones resulting from the changes in seaweed diet to grow abalone mollusks. Abalone stones occur in cold coastal waters and are vibrant shells in many hues from turquoise to shades of green, blue, pink, purple, and gold.

It is so-called the Mother-of-Pearls that symbolizes exceptional strength in form, which can be made into jewelry. Abalone shell can vary in shape and size up to seven inches in length. The stone is found in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, South Africa, and North America. It also exists in Africa’s gemstone industry.

The Meaning and Uses of Abalone Shell

uses of abalone shell

Abalone shell has several names. To name a few are Haliotis Iris, Paua Shells, Aulon, Nacre, Sea Ear, and the most popular Mother-of-Pearl. These came in different places, cultures, and languages around the world however no two abalone stones are the same.

In spiritual histories, the Maori people have found the Paua shells in the coastal waters of New Zealand. Its meat is one of the best delicacies, as the shell is used for gem trading. They also used the shell in making warrior artwork as it is believed to bring strength to the wearer.

Maori culture assumed a big life change, thus the colors of the shell signify transition for the people.

Meanwhile, abalone shells and the smoke of burnt sage had spiritual power according to Native American culture. They can cleanse evil spirits and send messages to the gods.

An Apache story further explains the significance of abalone shells in North American culture. It has a connection with White Painted Woman who survives a flood in an abalone shell. From then on, Apache girls wear abalone shell on their forehead that symbolizes a spiritual power from previous generations.

Nowadays, abalone stone is among the organic gemstones with psychic powers to offer. It is used as an excellent gift for someone who loves the ocean, as a reminder of the water waves.

Abalone shell as a stone of psychic development can benefit your intuition. It can help the wearer to express thoughts and emotions with clarity. It attracts calmness during a stressful moment at work or any other relationship. The gemstone is known to promote inner peace, love, and a clearer mind through emotional situations.

You can use an abalone shell to protect your heart from emotional distress. It is a great tool to bring safety in the physical and emotional aspects. Moreover, an abalone shell makes your mind and spirit relaxed through troubling times because of its inherent energy of the ocean waves.

Abalone mollusk also guarantees motherhood by wearing the gemstone. It empowers womanlike while protecting its sensitive aspects. Also, the stone is used as a currency in some cultures which can bring great abundance.

Using abalone stone can increase your peace and sense of appreciation for the beauty of nature. It makes the wearer more sensitive to the outside world like ever before.

Abalone Shell Metaphysical Properties

Abalone Shell Metaphysical Properties

Abalone shell is a gem from the ocean coming from a variety of mollusks. The hardened shell went through tidal waves making abalone stone a calming element. It reminds the beauty of the ocean despite the rough waves.

It has the captivating colors of the ocean that came from different dimensions of waters in the world. That results in a variety of shades and forms of abalone shells around the universe.

Survivors of traumatic experience depend on the abalone shell’s soothing energies up until now. The stone helps people to face emotional distress while being the victor in the end. It awakens your peace, love, and compassion toward anybody as you go through trials and difficulties in life.

Abalone shell, when worn with simple earrings, is said therapeutic and can bring confidence for public speaking. It assists the wearer to be more articulate in creating ideas. The stone is a conversation starter in rich cultures all over the world.

Abalone jewelry is best nestled with platinum, silver, or natural fibers, and even rose gold. The overall lookreally depends on the coloring of the wearer, they said. It will be more exquisite when paired with other ocean crystals.

The Benefits of Abalone Shell

Here are few things you need to know about the healing benefits of abalone shell.

For Physical Healing

Abalone shell For Physical Healing

Abalone shell promotes overall healing to your mind and body, as the stone is associated with the ocean’s energy. This is believed to build up a stronger body’s structure and heart development, aiding the muscle tissues is its best way. It brings vitamin A and D to protect muscle tissues and assist in better digestion.

The stone integrates protein to boost your immune system and other abilities. Besides, an abalone shell can aid digestion to prevent the symptoms of joint problems such as arthritis and bone disorders.

Abalone stone also benefits the nervous system and spinal cord by healing small breaks found in the skeletal structure. Further, it can cure a wide range of skin illnesses such as allergies and skin rashes. The crystal is also beneficial for fertility issues towards childbirth.

Lastly, an abalone shell will arouse your senses to longed-for inner peace and relaxation.

For Emotional Healing

Abalone shell For Emotional Healing

Emotional development is one thing abalone shell takes action. It can enhance psychic gifts and your intuition to a deeper level in knowing your inner truth. The stone can help you work with emotional troubles, same as in expressing one’s self to other people.

Abalone shell also promotes mutual aid within a family to increase understanding with one another. It has calming powers whenever you feel overwhelmed with emotional struggles around you.

Together with Lapis Lazuli, it can establish stability in your environment. They align the energy of the universe with yours. It develops your mental capacity and soothes your mind at the same time.

A lot of emotional issues within a relationship can be settled by abalone stone. It can cool down your mind in the middle of emotional distress, so you can continually strive toward your goals. In other words, an abalone shell helps you to keep going with the comfort the crystal provides.

Entering a new phase might be overwhelming, but with an abalone shell, you will find it easy. The crystal will keep you grounded even in difficult times and more mature in terms of acting your emotions.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Abalone shell For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Chakra healing is among the healing properties of abalone shell that benefits the person owning the stone. It connects to chakras to manifest a higher level of healing and energies for protection.

Abalone stone can work with the crown chakra, third eye chakra, and heart chakra to release negative energies. It takes effect on workplaces, homes, and any other places. They promote a more balanced environment and a lighter aura for everyone.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Abalone shell For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Abalone shell can also bring luck and abundance to any kind of business. If you are about to open a new venture or to try something new in the industry, the stone will boost your imagination.

Your intuition is a good ingredient for a successful business in the future. Abalone stone can help to enhance your sixth sense to benefit your business endeavors.

For Relationship and Love

Abalone shell For Relationship and Love

Abalone is a great crystal for overcoming relationship challenges. Despite the struggles, partners can stay in love and faithful with the energy of this stone. It signifies harmony in a relationship, though there is no such thing as a perfect one.

Tides of emotions may come from any relationship that will test your commitment level. Abalone stone can make each person more sensitive in both words and actions when emotions are on fire. It aims for an easy flow of emotions rather than hurting your significant other.

Entering into a relationship will cause many life changes, both good and bad. The stone will give you the courage to embrace the changes to better achieve your set relationship goals. Love is taking a risk at least, but with abalone stone, it lessens the weight.

Abalone shell can strengthen relationship bonds in all areas, either emotionally, mentally, or physically. It matures communication between partners to develop a great companion at all times. Being open with your loved ones will not be compromised, and hence more established.

For Protection

Abalone shell For Protection

Abalone stone carries energies for protection which brings natural shielding for a person holding the shell. Its soothing energy can provide a layer of protection that brings you confidence in facing new perspectives in life.

As abalone represents the energy of water, it can tame emotional turmoil that might put you in danger.

For Depression and Anxiety

Abalone For Depression and Anxiety

With the calming energy of the ocean, an abalone shell can release peace to your inner being. People suffering from negative thoughts or anxiety can depend on this precious stone until they feel calm.

Depression always begins with a thought on which abalone shell takes charge by bringing clarity to your mind. It also gives someone the courage to open up which helps to release some heavy burdens from the inside.

Different Types of Abalone Shell

As mentioned, the abalone shell is available in various shades and different locations. Each color and origin signifies unique healing powers and attributes to offer.

Red Abalone Shell

Red Abalone Shell

The red shade is the biggest abalone shell in the whole world, mainly found in California, Canada, and Mexico. This thick and tough shell can reach up to 31 cm in length and is dome-shaped.

It has three to four small holes to help the creature breathe. The meat is used for commercial purposes, while the red shell becomes part of the gem industry.

White Abalone Shell

White Abalone Shell

Compared to red abalone, white abalone has a smaller population and now an endangered species due to overfishing. White abalone’s population is found in Mexico and California. People are taking action to recover white abalone’s existence in the ocean, which hopefully works.

White abalone is in shades of yellow, green, and beige and an oval-shaped seashell. It is smaller in size up to 25 cm compared to red abalone, with five holes in maximum. This abalone shell gives off tender and flavourful meat in contrast to other types of abalone stone.

Black Abalone Shell

Black Abalone Shell

Black abalone is located on the Pacific Coast and widely available in the United States. They are quite small in size up to 20 cm in the shape of an oval and have a smooth texture. Along the shell are five or seven holes with mixtures of color from black, dark blue, green, and brown traces.

This type is critically endangered because of unnecessary activities on the ocean like overfishing. Other reasons include illegal harvest, habitat destruction, and being prone to illnesses.

Black abalone is used for ornaments and fish hooks, as well as for food in the past years.

Pink Abalone Shell

Pink Abalone Shell

Pink abalone is either in light turquoise or red tones with a jagged surface, unlike black abalone. It is round and elevated with up to four respiratory holes on the shell.

Sadly, pink abalone is becoming less in numbers because of climate change and increased harvesting of sea snails.

Flat Abalone Shell

Flat Abalone Shell

Flat abalone is not reported edible up-to-date. However, its shell is recycled to make ornaments and beads of high-quality. The shell has smooth edges and available in various tones such as yellowish red, blue, green, and white, thus best fit for bead making.

The abalone shell is oval with a flat surface and can turn up to 17 cm in length. This species can be found in the Pacific Ocean, which is very rare.

Green Abalone Shell

Green Abalone Shell

Green abalone is sought after by the gem industry because of its interior shell. Jewelers get attracted by its beautiful blue-greenish inner shell, which is perfect for making ornaments and other jewelry.

It is also larger about 25 cm, shaped in oval, and has seven respiratory holes. The shell’s outer is in a brown greenish shade that is found in Californian waters. Some speculations about this species have been declared just like the other abalone shell types.

Pinto Abalone Shell

Pinto Abalone Shell

This is the so-called Northern Abalone known as the oldest abalone species in the world. Like most abalone shells, pinto abalone is now endangered due to the same reasons.

Pinto abalone can grow up to 15 cm, but it is rare. It has a coarse surface with various tones ranging from greenish-brown, blue, and white shades. The shell is both flat and thin suitable for jewelry making.

Elegant Abalone Shell

Elegant Abalone Shell

This kind of abalone shell is located in Western Australia waters, which has a marbled pattern in tones of bright orange and white. Half spiral lines are added to the surface of the shell repeatedly.

Elegant abalones are rare that measures up to 10 cm in length. They are long and narrow, with captivating beauty to offer. The gem industry is eyeing for this abalone shell to use for ornaments.

Galapagos Abalone Shell

Galapagos Abalone Shell

It is named after Galapagos Island to where this abalone can only be found.  Of all the abalone shells mentioned, this one could be the smallest with a length of only 2cm. Its shade is comparable to a brick in a light red tone. The shell’s appearance is quite uneven as some parts can be bumpy.

The long oval shell has smooth edges with 25 holes lining its surface. They can only be found in deep waters about 60 meters deep.

South African Abalone Shell

South African Abalone Shell

South African abalone is less attractive because of the wrinkled lines along its surface. Nonetheless, the shell is highly valued in the Asian market and even exported to other countries. It has to offer tasty meat that any abalone won’t counterpart.

A full-grown South African abalone has an average size of around 20 cm in the shape of an oval. Its shell is pale yellow with greyish undertones and a red coloring hidden on its wrinkled lines.

Sheep’s Ear Abalone Shell

Sheep’s Ear Abalone Shell

Here is an abalone shell found in most waters in the world. To mention some include Southern Japan, Thailand, and Western Australia. They usually reside on rocks and corals along shallow waters.

Sheep’s Ear abalone has uneven elevation and not-so-smooth surface, with lines and folds on it. Some species can grow up to 10 cm, yet smaller ones do exist. The color of the shell is mainly red with green and white undertones.

Green Ormer Abalone Shell

Green Ormer Abalone Shell

Going through European waters with lots of rocks, you can find this type of abalone shell. It is shaped like an ear in an average size of 10 cm. The shell is colored pale yellow with a red undertone

Green Ormer can create new respiratory holes as it grows older, which can reach up to seven holes. It became famous because of its delicious meat.

Squamose Abalone Shell

Squamose Abalone Shell

For more abalone shell types, squamose abalone has originated in the Southern parts of Madagascar. Its species can range from 4 to 9 cm size of shell, with seven respiratory holes in total.

As for the shell’s surface, it is jagged and has wrinkles, making it uneven when touched. The shell is dominantly in the orange shade with yellow and red color hints. Some species can look brownish, as observed.

Blood-spotted Abalone Shell

Blood-spotted Abalone Shell

Blood-spotted abalone is a restricted type of abalone shell, especially for making delicacies for some reasons. It got its name from the added white spots on the surface of the shell, forming like blood blotches. The shell is in a shade of red with purple hints.

This species of abalone shell has an average size of 7 cm with a thin shell type. The sea snail can breathe from its eight respiratory holes.

Pourtale’s Abalone Shell

Pourtale’s Abalone Shell

Among the abalone shell types, Pourtale’s is the rarest of them all. The creature can be found in the deepest distance under the sea about 366 meters. They are also small in size which can be difficult to catch.

This abalone shell has white spots on its pale red shade. It has an overall 25 respiratory holes but only five remain open.

Combining Abalone Shell With Other Crystal Stones

Abalone shell working alone benefits the wearer greatly. However, combining the abalone stone with other crystal stones may increase its healing power. The best combinations of crystals to your abalone shell are as follows:

Abalone Shell + Lapis Lazuli

Abalone Shell + Lapis Lazuli

Pairing your abalone shell with Lapis Lazuli gives off a higher level of protection against harmful energies.

Metaphysically, lapis lazuli symbolizes protection and increases self-awareness against psychic attacks. It deals with your spiritual growth which later on provides a sense of serenity to your life. Also, the crystal has the power to overcome depression and other negative emotions, while attracting good luck. It is also one of the best stones in love and relationship and even ideal for chakra healing.

Abalone shell equals those healing properties of lapis lazuli from emotional to chakra healing. Working together would release you from great harm caused by negative energies.

Abalone Shell + Amber

Abalone Shell + Amber

If you look for a crystal combination that manifests wealth in your life, abalone shell and amber pair is the best choice.

To invite more income flow, amber crystal can be your good companion. It yields promotions, rewards, and opportunities for the wearer. More than that, amber is also remarkable in terms of other healing properties and in sustaining relationships.

Combining amber with an abalone shell can help you succeed in life quicker. They both invite positive energies for the betterment of your future.

Abalone Shell + Blue Lace Agate

Abalone Shell + Blue Lace Agate

Pairing some other calming stone with an abalone shell can make a person more relaxed. You can combine the stone with blue lace agate thereof.

Agate crystal is well-known for its soothing energies that can improve your focus and emotional development. It alters negative energies into positive waves to stabilize your aura. Blue lace agate can benefit your daily tasks to make you in harmony with yourself.

On the other hand, abalone shell has the energies of a calming wave which declares mental clarity. Joining the two stones will surely result in a peaceful environment.

Abalone Shell + Topaz

Abalone Shell + Topaz

For developing empathy in your environment, topaz is best paired with an abalone shell.

Topaz is an excellent stone of truth and forgiveness. It makes you more understanding and be able to give love and receive love at the same time. The crystal is full of positive energies that heal, soothes, and energize. It can help you focus on what matters most, and not stressing out about everything.

Teaming up with abalone shell results in the highest level of beneficial energies. Working with people can be a lot easier and more efficient with this crystal combination. It reduces misunderstanding during difficult times, and hence solving problems would be quicker.

Abalone Shell + Green Calcite

Abalone Shell + Green Calcite

For a stronger immune system, green calcite and abalone shell are the best pairs.

Abalone stone can boost your immune system effortlessly, thus adding up green calcite to your crystal collection does it better. These stones are great for physical healing and can provide other metaphysical properties for the wearer. They promote healthier wellbeing with their healing energies.

Is Abalone Shell a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

There is nothing mentioned about the abalone shell as a birthstone, but it is a zodiac crystal for the signs of Pisces, Cancer, and Aquarius.

Abalone Shell is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Pisces, Cancer, and Aquarius   

Abalone Shell is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Pisces

People born with a zodiac sign of Pisces, Cancer, or Aquarius can benefit from wearing an abalone stone. The crystal helps them connect with the energy of water, which is calming for the soul and mind.

In corresponding with those born on the sign of Pisces, the crystal can calm their negative traits while boosting the opposite traits to the wearer such as hope, good health, and mental clarity.

For the sign of Cancer on which people born on this sign are guided by emotion, the crystal helps them connect with other people. They can make good friends with a stranger without the feeling of fear.

Lastly, people born with the Aquarius sign are independent yet smart in solving problems. Abalone stone can unleash that potential to help other people. It also calms their aggressiveness whenever they feel free to voice out.

Meditation with Abalone Shell

Meditation with Abalone Shell

One more thing with abalone shell benefits is its superiority for meditation. Embracing the stone’s full power will deliver a relaxing vibe. It releases balanced frequencies, working perfectly for your therapeutic session. Take a deep breath to easily discharge negativity from your spirit.

Abalone shell can teach you to embrace your true self by clearing away toxicity from the inside such as self-doubt, fear, and unwanted emotions. It frees your mind from past failures and even future worries, thus helps you to live in the moment.

Other crystals may boost its healing power, just as mentioned earlier. You can use its full healing power once paired with the right gemstone. It requires specific intention to magnify the energy of your thoughts and words through the abalone shell.

Start meditating by searching for your purpose to direct spiritual transformation. Think of the areas of your life that greatly need an upgrade to reach your full potential during meditation. Always be specific to your goals for the best possible results.

How to Cleanse and Charge Abalone Shell?

How to Cleanse and Charge Abalone Shell?

Unlike some other crystals, an abalone shell requires more steps to get clean and ready for jewelry making. They are found in the ocean, and so filled with dirt and residues that must be cleansed to polish the shell.

To make your abalone shell sparkle, you can follow the procedure below to see the best possible outcome.

Step 1

Make yourself fully geared with a face mask and gloves to get started. Keep them on throughout the process.

Step 2

Remove the abalone’s meat from the shell with the use of abalone iron, a piece of metal with a rounded end.

Step 3

When meat particles are not totally removed, rinse the shell with cold water and then scrub using a toothbrush. Let it dry and rub your finger on the shell’s surface to check for grime. It should be removed either way.

Step 4

After cleaning the inside of the shell, it is time to scrub the shell’s exterior. Mix water and mild soap in a bowl and dip the toothbrush to be used for scrubbing the shell’s surface. Get rid of all the dirt before proceeding to the next step. You can use the abalone iron to break off larger dirt build-ups.

Step 5

For deep cleaning, leave the shell on a running faucet for two hours to clean away the remaining debris.

As an added tip, you can pick empty abalones on the beach for your jewelry making, avoid shells with meat on the inside. Prevent the use of harsh chemicals when cleaning abalone shells not to weaken the material. Furthermore, avoid exposing your abalone jewelry from the sun, as it can fade in colors. Keep it in a box to avoid it from getting scratched.

Recharging an abalone shell is essential to restore its proper functioning, like the other precious stones. Place the shell under running water or in the full moon to charge its healing powers.

Final Thoughts

From the water surface all around the world to more varieties of abalone shell gives off calming energies, that radiate to your mind, heart, and soul. Each abalone variety can release the captivating beauty of the sea with the power to heal, soothe, and restore.

It is a comforting stone that can take away your worries in life. Of all its health benefits and unique attributes, the abalone shell became the must-have of most crystal healers.

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