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Welcome to CrystalStones.com, the home of some of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts to us all. The Crystal and Mineral Kingdom is packed with rocks, gems, crystals, and semi-precious stones of every conceivable color, pattern and hue. Crystal stones truly are one of the miracles of the natural world and have fascinated humankind since the dawn of time.

Over the millennia it has become apparent to humans that different crystals have different properties and confer different benefits on the wearer or user of these versatile rocks. We humans have used them in rituals, in Shamanic traditions, in medicine and for recreation in hundreds of different ways.

On a purely aesthetic level, where would we be without the beauty of precious and semi -precious stones to adorn our loved ones, ourselves, and to decorate our sacred places? We love to use gemstones to show our commitment, or love and our faith. Some gems are used to confer majesty and dignity on our leaders and heads of state.

However, the appeal of crystals extends way beyond the way they look and their uses as decoration. At CrystalStones.com we are passionate about the mystery, the power and the magic that is locked inside each of the crystals we sell. Crystals can be used in an infinite variety of ways to improve the quality of your life, your physical health and your mental well-being.

If you are new to the world of crystals get ready for an exciting journey as you begin to delve into the different stories these wonderful stones have to tell. Get ready to discover unusual and fascinating facts about some of the more common crystals that you may have overlooked until now. For example, you can pick up pieces of Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz and Amethyst, whilst out on hike. Stones such as Agates and Jaspers are commonly found on beaches, and you may well have walked on them or past them many a time. Did you know that Clear Quartz is known as the Universal Healer because of its incredibly strong healing vibrations? Or that Jasper is the supreme nurturing stone?

Here at CrystalStones.com we unlock the mysteries of crystals and help you to find the perfect stones for you and your purpose.

You will find a variety of informative articles to help you to choose the right crystals for any number of uses. You may already be working with crystals as a healer, or in the making of jewellery and other objects. Or you may be quite new to the whole concept of using crystals for purposes other than as decoration. Whatever your particular interest you will find plenty of useful articles and information to help you make the right choices right here.

Enter the magical realm of crystals, enjoy the journey and find your perfect stones. 

I will see you around!

Team Crystal Stones