Amazonite Meanings, Properties, and Uses

Amazonite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Amazonite

Amazonite is among the ancient gemstones symbolizing calmness, truth, creativity, harmony, faith, optimism, and balance. Carrying the stone can fill your life with positive and hopeful energy throughout the day. Its energy comes after the Amazon River, sending both power and stillness, like the female warriors of the Amazonian tribe.

What is Amazonite?

Amazonite Meaning

Amazonite is a silicate microcline alkali Feldspar mineral in a shade of green. They are found as green stones in the jungle region in Brazil formed as tabular crystals. The crystal can be translucent to opaque, in various shades from bright verdigris green, blue-green, yellow-green, turquoise, or pale green shades.

Amazonite is widely used for centuries in making statues, armors, pieces of jewelry, and amulets because of its beauty and other properties. Amazonite crystal is sometimes rough or shiny with white streaks, which does not affect its strong energies. Its hardness rating is between 6 and 7 or moderate.

Different locations are mining for Amazonite, including Australia, Canada, India, Brazil, Namibia, Russia, and the US, particularly Virginia and Colorado.

The Meaning and Uses of Amazonite

uses of amazonite

Amazonite was named after the Amazon River, where the stone is discovered. These are pale green stones located in the basin area of the river. Its other names are Amazon Stone or Amazon Jade because of their color resemblance.

However, the river has no principal deposits that brought controversies to today’s amazonite.

In the 10th century BC, amazonite crystal became a piece of jewelry and shield to Amazonian tribes, specifically female warriors. The gem was also used medicinally in all kinds of illnesses by the Mesopotamian cultures. Amazonite also worked in carving cult objects in the same areas.

Amazonite is a stone of healing and prosperity highly benefits metaphysical healers. It aligns people toward their goals with positive behaviors while pursuing them. Self-discipline must exist within thoughts and feelings to define success.

You can use amazonite stone to clear away doubts, fears, and lack of confidence in changing your life’s perspectives. It is better to replace those low energies with hope, courage, and positivity. Amazonite crystal also controls aggression and turns it into calm responses bringing the best outcomes.

Using amazonite crystals can increase your understanding in dealing with stuff like your finances. Relationships are better off with amazonite’s positive energies to avoid overreacting to everything. This stone lets partners talk about things in calmness and full of wisdom.

Amazonite Metaphysical Properties

Amazonite originates from the Amazon River thus has the power of water in encouraging positive energies. It is similar to Jade as associated with luck and fortune, as well as gambler’s stone.

This crystal was made as jewelry by the ancient Egyptians believing its healing power. Other stories claim the use of Amazonite stones as shields by warrior women in Brazil during ancient times. Amazonite is also perfect for curing sickness and wounds.

Amazonite offers both metaphysical and healing powers in any area of life. The full power will depend on how you wear the stones are .

Wearing the stone as a necklace benefits the heart and throat chakras to express loving emotions toward others. Amazonite helps to resolve negative emotions such as tension to be more controllable.

The stone has a calming effect on the nervous system of its wearer. It blocks stress during aggravated situations and hence boosts emotions of love. Amazonite crystal has to do with the wearers’ honor and integrity in the long-run.

Taping the amazonite to a cellphone protects the wearer against electromagnetic pollution and other harmful elements.

Amazonite’s healing quality is in a general manner applied to everyone wearing the stone. It treats emotional trauma, fatigue, alcoholism, thyroid problems, as well as muscle spasms. These things may take away energy from people that Amazonite crystals won’t permit.

The Benefits of Amazonite

Let’s see a lot of benefits Amazonite has to offer that you should know!

For Physical Healing

amazonite For Physical Healing

Amazonite aims for good health in general. The crystal can calm mental disorders, as well as other health issues with the thyroid gland. It helps the body to regenerate after experiencing trauma and illnesses.

Taking Amazonite solution three times a day can heal calcium deficiency. This health problem may result in tooth decay, osteoporosis, and hair loss. Hence, amazonite jewelry stops brittle hair, as well as poor nail occurrence. It also balances the metabolic process of the person wearing the stone.

Amazonite crystal when refined can prevent skin infection by rubbing it on the affected area. It also benefits a person with acne problems to achieve clearer skin. Getting rid of other illnesses such as rheumatism, osteoarthritis, and gout is well possible with this gemstone.

Partners experiencing sexual disorders are better off with amazonite. Also, the crystal gives relief in childbirth.

For Emotional Healing

Amazonite for Emotional Healing

Amazonite brings calmness to anyone dealing with their emotions. These are usually triggered by trauma, worry, anger, and fear surrounding that person. The gemstone is believed an emotional healer by working in the mind of a person. It balances the emotions lingering in the thoughts and turns them into positive vibes.

Amazonite effectively works toward women suffering from low self-esteem and other negative emotions. It prevents someone to feel self-neglect, instead develops inward discipline for better outcomes.

This crystal aligns one’s word into reality through proper communication. Amazonite establishes healthier emotions resulting in a betterrelationship.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Amazonite For Chakra Healing and Balancing
Meditating human in lotus pose. Yoga illustration. Colorful 9 chakras and aura glow. Mandala background.

Chakra healing has connections with the environment you are in. Locating the amazonite near the heart promotes controlling emotional responses toward anyone. This green crystal blocks unreal emotions thus avoids critical reactions in a relationship. It has a balancing capacity of what to embrace and what to attack in every situation you interact with.

We cannot deny that sometimes we respond inappropriately over things. The heart chakra gives us an understanding of the changes, if any, within an environment. Amazonite crystal is all about calmness and balance of emotions in terms of chakra healing.

Another chakra is connected with the throat that expresses whatever is within one’s mind and soul. A balanced throat chakra is essential to block any negative ideas and emotions to flow within the spirit.

Blue amazonite works with throat chakra in releasing only the truths into the world. Expressing what you feel or think is free, but amazonite could make it more beneficial for many. Its balancing energy encourages better things to happen.

For Wealth Fetching

Amazonite For Wealth Fetching

The other name for amazonite is a stone of success related to luck attraction for everyday living. Placing this stone within your possession may result in an abundance of good fortune. Some people bring along amazonite whenever they gamble believing to attract a bit of good luck. They keep the stone near them when they play.

Amazonite also means practicality in growing your wealth. Saving money is a result of practical choices and not only depends on collecting more wealth. The stone’s prime goal is to influence your mind toward real financial success.

Particularly, greeny-blue amazonite crystal has a soothing vibe to your finances. Big decisions over finance stuff seem easier with the stone’s energy. It involves proper spending considering its long-term effect, or simply saving up for emergencies.

Amazonite has inspired some people to set financial ambition in life. This promotes balancing your mind and heart with your financial spending. It supports people to handle their finances well, knowing when to save and spend while running toward success. The clearness of the path to attracting wealth is one of its advantages.

For Relationship and Love

Amazonite For Relationship and Love

Loving someone is a bit awkward to just express out loud in front of that person. Here is a good stone to help you reach someone you like, even not saying a word. Using perfect words won’t win one’s heart, but for sure, sincerity works. The truth is, one move can make a difference.

Amazonite stone will build a connection between you and your lover. Making the first move is the hardest, but amazonite got your back. It boosts the communication process to develop a deeper relationship than the first date.

Let’s dig deeper into the thing called “love”.

More complications will arise once you enter into that relationship. Some days you feel annoyed with your partner that leads to misunderstanding or war between couples. Since amazonite is a stone promoting calmness, it will imply a sense of balance in the relationship.

The success of a relationship is a two-way process. The two people involved should learn to balance attitudes or temper in dealing with some important matters. Here enters the power of communication that amazonite jewelry wants to develop in whatever kind of relationship. It must be kept in mind and work on it consistently, as life can be too overwhelming at times.

Amazonite also gives you the courage to open up with your partner. The crystal’s energy settles every argument by means of talking about it before sleeping.

Amazonite is also known as a stone of hope. It never allows a person to losehis love interest, even after heartbreak. Being broken does not mean you need to close doors for love but to develop self-love instead. There is a void inside of us that could only be filled with loving ourselves.

Overall, amazonite will teach you to spread love and celebrate life while your love for other people grows.

For Depression and Anxiety

Amazonite For Depression and Anxiety

In everything you do, amazonite does contribute something to get things done. It creates an intuition through the mind of a person ending with particular actions like speaking, writing, and so on.

Doing stuff may come with different emotions that can affect the result. Amazonite helps someone to focus on completing a task with all the necessary actions in the situation. Wrong emotions may step in and yet the stone helps to express thoughts without over-acting, which releases too much energy.

Generally,amazonite jewelry awakens the compassion of people wearing it as the heart chakra. It enables someone to be more understanding of another’s point of view. Many believe that an anxious person needs a listening buddy or someone who will understand the scenario.

For Empaths

Amazonite For Empaths

Empathic people are the gems of the universe. Everyone has their own struggles in life and we need someone compassionate enough to deal with us.

Amazonite will make you endure every burden in this world by having confidence in expressing yourself. You will realize that we all carry problems and you are not alone. Being true to one’s self brings freedom to the soul, either verbal or non-verbal.

With the help of amazonite stone, it would be easier to deal with loneliness knowing there are people around who are willing to embrace your imperfections.

For Career Success

Amazonite For Career Success

People on the verge of giving up can depend on this powerful crystal, a stone of success. Stepping out of your comfort zone is where success is found, mostly. Amazonite can create confidence from within to keep pushing toward your career goal.

Trusting your abilities is one way to start a careerand end up successfully. Amazonite may release good ideas connected to what you do best. It is a lot easier to pursue a goal that you can relate to in the long-run.

Career people place amazonite in their workplace to invite abundance and success. Have a goal and let its positive energies bring good fortune to your career.

Combining Amazonite With Other Crystal Stones

Upon reading some facts about Amazonite, we can already see its power. Combining it with other crystals may bring out its best capacities. The healing benefit may level up, together with the rest of its raw power.

Want to know the best crystal combinations for Amazonite? Check them out below!

Amazonite + Tiger’s Eye

Amazonite + Tiger’s Eye

Combining this powerful crystal with Tiger’s eye stone will result in overflowing confidence in one’s self.  Amazonite releases bold energies at all times to prevent the existence of fear. It boosts self-confidence toward the path you are heading and gets rid of all the negativity.

Tiger’s eye stone is referring to mental focus. It works with amazonite in making the right decision, with confidence in mind.

Criticisms may put you down but with these two stones, you will overcome. Keep on pushing toward progress while not be afraid of what anyone could ever say. It always takes courage to enjoy growth in whatever you do.

Amazonite + Lapis Lazuli

Amazonite + Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue-colored stone. Blending the stone with turquoise-green amazonite produces better communication ability. It connects with heart and throat chakra that promotes understanding toward anyone, particularly in a relationship.

When the stone of truth and the stone of communication combines, there will be few misunderstandings. A clearer way to talk about things gives respect to each person voicing out his thoughts.

Your freedom of expression is relevant especially in releasing your frustrations to other people. It actually happens in a relationship when feelings and thoughts are constantly shared. Lapis Lazuli and amazonite stone strengthen the trust in yourrelationships through loyalty energies.

Saying the truths may contain confrontations. Open communication dealing with such thoughts is better than letting the idea fade away. It also aids relationships to easily move forward leaving all the negativities behind.

Amazonite + Green Aventurine

Amazonite + Green Aventurine

This combination marks life’s abundance. Amazonite is named as a gambler’s lucky stone that multiplies finances with the right decisions be ever made. Pairing amazonite with green aventurine can attract wealth even more with its winning energies.

The blend of green and turquoise-colored stone brings so much hope for success in your life. It all begins with self-confidence to win over life while taking some risks in your finances. Any negative feelings won’t help in reaching your desires and dreams effectively.

Both of the stones bounce courage into your life in pursuing your set goals. It does not neglect self-discipline in spending wisely. The two crystals aim to develop your leadership qualities that will invite financial success.

Amazonite + Moldavite

Amazonite + Moldavite

Moldavite and amazonite combination has no huge difference with the previous pair. It deals with prosperity in your life.

Amazonite teaches people to take a risk in moving towards success. Life abundance only happens when you become fearless and wise in making decisions. As moldavite vibrates a high amount of luck, working with amazonite would bring the best results.

Unlucky decisions normally happen in pursuing luck and abundance. Moldavite is a stone of change that boosts luck energies into your life. Surely, combining moldavite with amazonite highly benefits your financial success in terms of luck and better decision making.

Is Amazonite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Is Amazonite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Amazonite is not among the traditional and modern birthstones and zodiac stones either.

Nonetheless, Amazonite suits people with Aries, Leo, and Scorpio Zodiac signs in some cases. Some other authors believe that amazonite stone has a connection with people born with the Virgo Zodiac sign.

Amazonite is considered a natural birthstone with its turquoise color. People born from the month of March 20th to mid-April are to whom amazonite works well. The gemstone promotes stability and harmony with one’s self.

Meditation with Amazonite

Meditation with Amazonite

An amazonite is an excellent tool for meditation, integrating one’s self in all boundaries of living. The stone of truth can expose visions, awareness, and dreams during the meditation. Thus, stimulates the mindfulness toward every force in the universe that benefits your focus for healing and in attracting positivity.

Moreover, Amazonite aims to keep the spiritual and worldly dimensions working in harmony and balance. It pursues living in duality that enables one to maintain an up energy of love in all areas of life.

How to Cleanse and Charge Amazonite?

Amazonite is delicate to harmful chemicals like acids, abrasives, and ammonia. Use running tap water and mild soap in cleaning the gemstone, and then dry with a soft cloth. Cleaning should be done every week to sustain the crystal’s maximum potential. However, the times of cleaning will vary, for instance, gemstones for healing use should be washed every after a session.

Afterward, place the Amazonite under the morning sun for 30 minutes, with mint beside the gemstone. It will help to recharge Amazonite.

Final Thoughts

From a sense of courage, hopefulness, to creativity, amazonite perfectly fits as your gemstone. It radiates calmness with its water energy, so wheneverlife brings you down, the amazonite crystal will keep you hopeful.The crystal stone keeps you to realize your goals with good wisdom toward success.

It is a “hope” stone that spreads positivity in your emotions thus overcoming will be your banner. Amazonite offers many benefits and other raw powers that make it useful for healing different illnesses.


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