Ammolite Meanings, Properties and Uses


Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Ammolite

Ammolite is a beautiful, organic stone that is associated with knowledge, perfection, and wisdom. It is a protective stone that can help you overcome any type of catastrophe, trauma, challenge, or problem.

Ammolite gemstones can also bring prosperity and luck and help you achieve a deeper meditative state. When using this stone, you will be able to enhance your dreams and offer a prophetic dream. But other than that, this stone has a lot more to offer. Keep on reading to know more about Ammolite.

What is Ammolite?

Ammolite meaning

Ammolite is like an organic opal stone that is mainly found along the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains in North America. Gem quality ammolite is made up of the ammonites’ fossilized shells which sequentially consist of main aragonite.

In fact, it is the same mineral found in the nacre that has a microstructure genetic from the shells. Much like pearl and amber, ammolite belongs to the family of biogenic gemstones. On the other hand, in 1981, gem ammolite was bestowed official stone status by the World Jewelry Confederation, similar to when the commercial mining of the stone started.

Ammolite is also made up of different chemicals including iron, copper, aluminum, and chromium. However, unlike other stones, gem-quality ammolite doesn’t cause the wide variety of colors that it shows.

Usually, the color is because of interference. The surface of this organic gemstone will reflect a wide variety of hues, especially when illuminated by either artificial or natural light.

Ammolite is also a gem-quality, rare, iridescent material. With a wide variety of dazzling patterns and colors, ammolite is highly favored for a freeform natural cabochon as well as assembled pieces of jewelry.

Natural ammolite is a freeform cabochon that has a non-coated hand finish. It is actually backed by the fossil’s original shale. However, a doublet is a freeform cabochon that is bonded to a backing. Usually, an ammolite triplet is made of a dark gray wafer of shale (natural) under a thin layer of ammolite.

On top, there is typically a calibrated cap of synthetic spinel or optical quartz. Please note that this structure will allow the gem-quality ammolite to display the most dazzling flashes while safeguarding it in a setting that is tough enough for day-to-day jewelry wear.

The Meaning and Uses of Ammolite

uses of ammolite

The meaning of ammolite stands for prosperity, knowledge, and grounding. In fact, it has a rich and long story history of uses on cultures of the world that are hard to pick up just a single meaning of ammolite and focus on it.

Ammolite has been utilized by North American tribes mainly for its healing powers. Organic gemstone is also used to guide hunters. In each ancient culture of the world, the stone was linked to great deities, typically, horned ones.

Hence, Pliny the Elder wrote of the enthralling stone, calling it the “hammonis cornu”. This phrase denoted ton Amun’s horns, the Egyptian god of creation. Also, in ancient representations, he was shown as a ram, a sphinx that has a ram head, or a person who has the intricate horns of a ram.

Pliny the Elder also wrote of the stone that gem quality ammolite is a prophetic crystal bringing forth improved visions of the future.

Ammolite is an excellent stone of perfection. Leonardo di Pisa or Fibonacci, the popular 13th-century Italian mathematician shaft of the order of numbers is the building block of the creation and evolution of nature. The shell of the extinct ammonites is the ideal depiction of the gold mean spiral the representation of the Fibonacci order of numbers.

Further, feng shui teachers and crystal healing experts use the stone for personal awakening as well as harmonizing with the surroundings, both worldly and spiral. In spite of the rarity of ammolite, jewelry made using this stone is in demand. That is because of the fact that it is a spiritual and protective stone.

A gem-quality ammolite will also channel the energies of the root chakra into ideal tuning, On the other hand, if you need steadiness, grounding, and structure an ammolite stone mounted in gorgeous jewelry is perfect for you. While the process of such stakes will take through deep emotional changes.

It’s also beneficial when it comes to understanding the changes in consciousness. The same as the shell of this stone, the path to accomplishing balance and serenity might be winding. But bear in mind that it is the path to emotional and spiritual transformation.

Ammolite Metaphysical Properties

Ammolite Metaphysical Properties

It is not surprising that ammonites are the representation of positive emotions and changes. This stone will draw in negative energies filtering them through over the chambers and giving off positive and fresh energies.

Because of this connection, ammolite gemstone has been utilized when it comes to activating the Kundalini energy that coils at the base of your spine. What’s more, it’s a source of energy or life force. It is also connected to ancient knowledge which makes sense considering how ammonites have been around.

The Benefits of Ammolite

Ammolite is a highly beneficial stone. Keep on reading and get to know more about the benefits you may reap from using this dazzling and beautiful stone.

For Physical Healing

Ammolite For Physical Healing

Ammolite is said to be beneficial during childbirth not only for the baby but also for the mother. The gemstones can improve physical stamina as well as vitality. It even stabilizes blood pressure and pulse.

The healing energies of ammolite gemstones can help in lifting depression and regulating metabolism. It is also known to work with purifying and detoxifying the body.

When you start keeping this stone around, you will notice that you tend to feel a welcome improvement in energy. It could be a stone of it that you can mount into your favorite jewelry, a tiny ammolite stone that can easily place in your pocket or purse, or a piece on display.

These days, with modern life showing so demanding as well as so many chores, people, and places needing one’s attention, often, it is difficult to maintain consistent energy through the course of the day.

A stable blood pressure, on the other hand, does wonders when it comes to combating stress. If you are feeling under pressure, it is advisable that you sit and meditate, or you can just be still, with a piece of ammolite gemstone in your hand.

With this stone, you will definitely feel a natural rhythm coming back to all your senses and welcome the stress of the capacity to handle everything life throws at you.

For Emotional Healing

Ammolite For Emotional Healing

Ammolite has a soothing as well as magnificent upshot on the emotional body. This stone is believed to help with high energy and emotional health. It is because it’s said to transform negativity into positive and smooth-flowing energies in the surrounding aura.

In addition to that, ammolite gemstones will work against stimulating the gut feeling while offering lucidity furthermore by invigorating personal power.

Ammolite, on the other hand, gently aids to bring any suppressed feeling or emotion to the surface. In that way, the problems will be resolved. Furthermore, it can help in dispelling illusions and even rigid thinking to reveal the real statement. This will then help a person with a narrow mind to see the bigger picture.

Another great thing about ammolite gemstones is that they will boost self-confidence and structure the energy of the wearer to unearth his or her true capabilities. Moreover, it is an excellent gemstone that can help you to better comprehend the balances inherent to a relationship.

Ammolite gemstone helps a person to use his fair reasoning in a situation where it would be wise to act and see details with objectivity. The gemstones can bring stability to a relationship and let the individual survive within that is beneficial to everybody.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Ammolite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

As mentioned, ammolite is associated with the crown chakra. This chakra is actually open at the top since it links the human with the cosmic and the divine, the great whole. Crown chakra, on the other hand, can be found outside of the gross body. Also, it’s the seat of Unity Consciousness.

With this association with the Divine through this chakra, you will be able to achieve the highest form of wisdom and knowledge – knowledge through unity and fusion.

An understanding that you understand existentially, without intellectually understanding it. A balanced and completely opened crown usually means the full divine existence of identity as one person. As a matter of fact, this is what generally means by the word enlightenment.

In case you didn’t know the booming age of this chakra is from the 26th to the 30th year of age. However, it is only unlocked when the Kundalini energy has been activated. Frequently, it is simply activated that the least energy intake may take place.

Additional development of this chakra is possible only if the six remaining chakras have been fully activated. Keep in mind that the complete opening is the same as the first phase of enlightenment. Also, compared to other chakras, the crown chakra is mostly beyond conscious control.

One more thing, one special feature of this chakra is it will unite the kundalini force that comes from the base chakras through the remaining main chakras.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Ammolite For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Ammolite is actually called the seven-color prosperity crystal. Its lovely colors symbolize the harmonious balance of earth, wood, fire, water, and metal.

Ammolite is the perfect stone that will expand your money and wealth as well as boost your wisdom. It will even further enhance the flow of the chi.

If you notice that nothing is going right, regardless of how much you persevere or work the calming energies of ammolite gemstone will bring good fortune and good luck along the way.

The stone will open a lot of opportunities for you. What’s more, you will discover new challenges that will definitely boost your imagination and creativity.

With ammolite gemstones, you will be able to regain the desire you have especially for the things you love. Also, you’ll get back your attention on your goals, particularly financial goals.

For Relationship and Love

Ammolite For Relationship and Love

Another reason why you should use ammolite is that it adds protective elements to relationships. Its energies will protect you from any temptation and dispel the negativity driving you and your significant other.

Ammolite builds a structure to seemingly chaotic environments. It will also help you get rid of unnecessary clutters, make sense of the problem and focus only on positivity.

Ammolite will offer your relationship the steadiness and stability that it needs. The gemstones can help you to surpass all the barriers preventing you from being loved completely or loving wholly.

The stone will help you eliminate your insecurities and unhealthy connections to situations, people, and things. Ammolite gemstone makes you realize that holding grudges on your past isn’t going to help you move forward.

The gemstones can also infuse you with survival predispositions in order to overcome any of your challenges. It helps you look for a suitable gem material solution to your problems that’ll restore them to their fresh glory.

On the other hand, Ammolite gemstone is connected to the water and influences you emotionally. It brings the emotions or feelings you might have overlooked up to the surface, whether good or bad. As a result, you will be able to address and acknowledge them properly.

Ammolite will strengthen your self-worth and make you a more reliable and practical partner. It bestows you with wisdom, patience, love, and compassion. The stone will also act as a beneficial support and guide in your emotional development.

It releases unhealthy and negative emotions and creates enough room for positive energies. Ammolite gets rid of day-to-day expectations and stress pressure and offers you powerful grounding actions.

For Protection

Ammolite for protection

Ammolite gemstone is a very protective gemstone. As mentioned, it has potent protective energies that can help you in surviving any sort of problem. In addition to that, its energies will protect you from temptations that may badly affect your relationship with your partner.

For Sleep Insomnia

Ammolite For Sleep Insomnia

If you are having a hard time sleeping, especially at night, it is the right time to introduce ammolite gemstones into your life. The gemstones can promote energy, immunity, and physical health protection by restructuring your aura therapeutically while you sleep.

We all know how important enough sleep is. So, don’t think twice and start using this lovely and powerful stone.

For Anxiety and Depression

Ammolite For Anxiety and Depression

It is also believed that ammolite gem can help with anxiety, depression, and stress. Ammolite will heal your mind thus you will be able to focus only on the good things.

What’s more, you will experience improvement on an emotional level which is a good thing especially if you are currently dealing with problems in your life.

Combining Ammolite With Other Crystal Stones

Here are the best stones that you can combine with your ammolite to further improve its powers and vibrations.

Ammolite + Larimar

Ammolite + Larimar

Together, ammolite and larimar can help in developing a healthy relationship not only with other people but with yourself as well. Keep in mind that developing such a relationship with yourself is the first phase towards developing a healthy relationship with others.

These stones can help you to effectively communicate what you feel, recognize your toxic and negative feelings as well as dispel those in an efficient and healthy way. For instance, annoyance can be positive when it will lead you to try to make the right injustices and changes.

But it can be a toxic emotion with no good effect at all. When you’re experiencing such emotions, these two types of anger will exactly feel the same – annoyance. However, keep in mind that they are different.

This combination, on the other hand, may help you distinguish between a destructive negative emotion and productive negative emotion. That moment you can make that difference, you will be able to begin to set loose of the destructive ones.

Further, once you’ve found harmony with other people, it will become much easier for you to chase specific goals to achieve specific things that you really want.

Ammolite + Rose Quartz

Ammolite + Rose Quartz

One of the best stones that you can pair with your ammolite is rose quartz. Ammolite is the stone of perfection. The prism of colors that this stone signifies perfectly suits rose quartz’s delicate color. What’s more, aside from the crown chakra, ammolite also works with the base chakra. 

On the other hand, rose quartz directly works in your heart chakra and then activates the base chakra to cure imbalances in your body. When used together, the powers of rose quartz and ammolite will ignite fascinating results.

Ammolite + Chalcedony

Ammolite + Chalcedony

Another great stone that works with an ammolite stone is the chalcedony. This combination will let you turn your attention to the spiritual realm without losing your positive outlook or objective in the future. They will strengthen your capability to make positive alterations in your life.

When working with the energies of ammolite and chalcedony, you’ll have more positivity in your soul, heart, and mind. The stabilizing and soothing energies of chalcedony alone will boost your inner peace and mental abilities. But when paired with ammolite, there will be more emotional healing and emotional honesty.

These stones can protect you from various mental and physical health conditions. In addition to that, they will guard against negative influences that usually result in nightmares.

Together, ammolite and chalcedony will open various channels for greater communication. They will also help you speak your emotions or feeling in a positive way.

This combination will promote emotional balance, vitality, and fortitude and boost your life forces. Their energies will inspire you to become more generous. They encourage friendliness and kindness and motivate you to do good deeds.

Such stones support you in your hard work when it comes to enhancing your self-perception and boosting your level of optimism. Last but not least, this combination will stimulate your dream and serve as a potent energizer.

Ammolite + Chrysocolla

Ammolite + Chrysocolla

Similar to ammolite, chrysocolla is also linked to the water element. By simply looking at these two stones, they will evoke beautiful swimming pools. Having that said, it is a powerful and excellent combination that you can use when you are working with water.

Ammolite and chrysocolla promote harmony on a universal level as well as a specific level. You can use them to purify a certain place or get rid of negativity from people. They are very gentle stones and their energies work in a harmonious and gentle way. They also help in easing guilt, anxiety, and fear,

With this combination, you will be able to speak with the Earth’s spiritual energies. Meaning to say, any type of magic, meditation, or mindfulness that has to do with an emotional situation and magic that will draw on the ocean’s power literally.

There are times this thing can be scary to do, but ammolite and chrysocolla will offer you the curiosity and strength to make it happen as well as the positive energies to handle everything you come across.

Is Ammolite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Since this stone is a bit new, ammolite is not a birthstone. However, it is a zodiac crystal stone.

Ammolite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Aquarius

Ammolite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Aquarius

Ammolite as we have mentioned is associated with water. With that in mind, this stone is also associated with the sign Aquarius. Those who are born under this zodiac sign are free minds and creative.

As a matter of fact, they can greatly benefit from ammolite. This stone can help people in reaching their potential greatness and potential.

Meditation with Ammolite

Meditation with Ammolite

One of the best ways to use ammolite for meditation is to be mindful of it. But aside from that, you can also wear ammolite in jewelry like a ring and necklace. Keep in mind that like any other stone, ammolite does not rest, actually, they are working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Further, you can place them on your desk when working as it offers enormous mental clarity as well as much-needed creativity boosts.

One more thing, you keep it in your pocket or purse. Thus, you can easily pull it out and hold it from time to time. Having that said, you can feel the energies of ammolite and be present with it.

How to Cleanse and Charge Ammolite?

Ammolites especially the completely natural are rated 3.5-4.5 on the Mohs scale. That said, this stone is way too fragile to be utilized in most kinds of jewelry.

However, the majority of these stones are assembled as either triplets or doublets to make them more durable. Some of these stones that haven’t been given further backing or protective coverings might have had epoxy injections to keep ammolite’s delicate surface from cracking.

Such treatments allow ammolite to be built into various kinds of jewelry with little to no risk of cracking or chipping. However, it means that they need special care as well.

Triplets, as well as doublets, involve backing material and glue thus a long soak in water isn’t a good idea. It is because it may lift the backing and fog the upper layer of the stone.  

When cleaning your ammolite, you should not use steam cleaners and ultrasonic cleaners. It is because high temperatures and agitation may cause damage to the backing material. You can cleanse your stone using a mild detergent or soap and a soft cloth. You can also charge your ammolite by submerging it in the water.

Final Thoughts

Ammolite is one of the best stones that will make you mindful of the evolutionary changes in your awareness pertaining not only to yourself but also to others around you. Ammolite gem will motivate you to become a more conscious and active leader especially when you are dealing with such big changes.

Ammolite will support you in the activation of your etheric and physical DNA. As a result, you’ll revive the ideal human state within you. Together with your personal power, ammolite gemstones can help you transform negative energies. In fact, it will boost your general health and bestow you with positive healing vibrations.

On the other hand, Ammolite gemstones will make your meditative experience more profound. It will increase your stamina, improve your mood and relieve trauma of any kind.

Because of the connection of Ammolite to the Earth as well as its opalescence and structure, ammolite gemstones can bring abundance, prosperity, and luck. Ammolite gem also brings great miracles in your situations that you do not anticipate.

The various colors of Ammolite will also have different effects on you. Also, you will feel like you are wearing ammolite earrings with different stones each time.

Ammolite is a great crystal that converts all the energies you are about to receive into positivity and love.

Anywhere, if you are set to obtain prosperity and abundance in your life, experience powerful evolutions, and undergo beneficial changes, then it is the right time to get yourself some Ammolite stones.


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