Angel Aura Quartz Meanings, Properties and Uses


The angel aura quartz is a beautifully rainbow-colored stone that offers the combined energy of the master healer, clear quartz, and mental energies. If you’re looking to manifest stronger connections with the angelic realms and a sense of joy and happiness, then the angel aura quartz is your best friend.

We prepare this comprehensive guide to help you see the wonders and benefits that this mesmerizing crystal can offer!

What is Angel Aura Quartz?

Angel aura quartz is a variety of aura quartz. Originally, these are clear or smoky quartz enhanced or treated with atoms of other metals or precious minerals. The angel aura quartz is one of the more famous varieties exhibiting a light blue, silvery rainbow radiance that reminds you of the delicate wings of angelic beings.

What is Angel Aura Quartz

To make an angel aura quartz, clear quartz is bonded with platinum and silver or sometimes gold and other trace materials. This high-vibration stone is created using a special coating process called CVD or Chemical Vapor Disposition.

First off, the clear quartz crystal is heated to extremely high temperatures. Then, it is vacuum coated with fine vaporized precious metals. These metals bond the surface of the crystal which creates the angelic rainbow sheen of the angel aura.

Most large-scale producers of angel aura quartz are found in the US. However, India and China have started experimenting with re-creating these crystal specimens. China, in particular, often used dichroic glass plating or spray-on coating processes in order to create their own version of angel aura quartz.

However, the difference in color, luster, and radiance is quite noticeable when compared to an angel aura created with the CVD process.

The Meaning and Uses of Angel Aura Quartz

The meaning of the angel aura quartz is mainly about exposing the splendor and beauty between your relationship and bond with other people. This stone can restore your belief or faith in humanity and reignites your optimism and inner child, willing you to take part in humanity’s greater good.

The stone can also be used to help you become more loving and honest with yourself. With this stone, you can fall back in love with the endless possibilities that this life represents.

The Meaning and Uses of Angel Aura Quartz

Angel aura is also used during pregnancy. Its protective and uplifting energy can be used to soothe morning sickness, fears, and anxiety that come with pregnancy. Placing it in your womb, this stone is also said to help you connect with your unborn child.

Not only that but it can also be used as a calming stone during childbirth. It is also suitable for single moms and during the first years of their little ones in order to channel messages and knowledge from their angel guides.

In addition, angel aura, with its mesmerizing beauty, is mainly used as fashion jewelry in necklaces, rings, earrings, and pendants.

Angel Aura Quartz Metaphysical Properties

Although metaphysical practitioners still prefer untreated and natural crystals for their spiritual and metaphysical work, most of them are now considering aura quartz crystals to be an exception to the rule. This is mainly because of the pure components of the master healer and precious metals and the resulting synergistic energies.

All aura quartz crystals are prized for their capability to expand consciousness; this is particularly true for the aura quartz crystal resonating at higher levels. This stone can heal the physical and spiritual body, aligning yourself to understand better and receive angelic knowledge and wisdom.

Angel Aura Quartz Metaphysical Properties

As a stone of spiritual elevation, the angel aura quartz is remarkably powerful for expanding and guiding your soul. Furthermore, this stone can also offer serenity and peace during meditation. It can deepen your attunement to the divine and angelic realm while opening the gateways o spiritual enlightenment.

Not only that, but this stone can also assist in remembering lessons from your past incarnations. It also helps expand your awareness of your spiritual purpose for this life. In addition, this stone can be highly protective during your spiritual travels. It can be a powerful aid for conscious channeling as well as inter-dimensional communications.

Lastly, since the angel aura quartz uses mental energy, you can enhance your creativity, intelligence, and healing capabilities. This stone offers togetherness as well as the crystallization of ideas, groups, and concepts. Although it offers extremely potent energies, the aura quartz can also bring the power of concentration and determination to your life.

The Benefits of Angel Aura Quartz

The angel aura quartz is more than just a beautiful crystal. It also offers some excellent healing benefits for the body, mind, and most importantly, the spirit. Here are some of the best benefits of using the angel aura quartz.

For Physical Healing

Angel aura quartz is known to be beneficial for our general health. It is said to restore your mental and physical vitality. This stone can bring the body into balance and release unwanted negative energies as well as toxicity inside. As a result, it can dramatically improve your mood.

Angel Aura Quartz For Physical Healing

In its original form, the base clear quartz crystal is a powerful healer and energy amplifier. It can absorb, store, regulate, and release the energies of the body. However, when enhanced by other precious metals, it becomes a high-vibrational stone that can heal almost every condition.

With its combined energy, the angel aura quartz crystals carry high levels of life force. This helps in cleansing and enhancing your organs, stimulating your immune system and energy systems. Furthermore, it is said to bring balance to the body. It is particularly beneficial for your thymus, pineal, and thyroid gland.

Furthermore, this stone is also known to relieve constipation as well as other digestive issues. It is said to be helpful with Asperger’s syndrome and autism. Not only that but it is also said to be effective in soothing burns as well as oxygenating the blood. It can support the treatment of the liver, pancreas, and spleen. Lastly, angel aura quartz crystal can also be used in Reiki healing and reflexology massage.

For Emotional Healing

The aura quartz can offer a calming or relaxing effect on the emotional body. This is a very soothing crystal that heals and revitalizes your aura. It is great for releasing old wounds, stress, and accumulated negativity, as well as long-held doubts about your self-worth.

Angel Aura Quartz For Emotional Healing

In addition, when you attune to its spiritual energies and align yourself with the universe, this crystal can help you see and connect to the beauty that surrounds you. Not only that, but it should uplift your spirit and promote hope, optimism, and joy in your life.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The angel aura quartz is an excellent crystal for healing your crystal grids. This stone is said to activate your light body. Plus, it also keeps you grounded in the physical plane as you travel high to the divine realm.

Laid along your chakras like a beautiful rainbow, the various colors of aura quartz crystals can increase the high vibrational rate of your chakras to accommodate an expanded spiritual consciousness. This stone can align and purify the entire chakra system and allows for the Rainbow Light Body to be integrated and activated.

Angel Aura Quartz For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Specifically, the angel aura quartz is said to focus more on your throat, crown, and third-eye chakra.

By stimulating your throat chakra, the aura quartz can stimulate loving communications— whether in romantic pursuits, caring for the aged and kids, solving arguments in your professional life, or communicating with angelic beings and spirit guides.

The angel aura quartz crystal can facilitate divine intervention and understanding by stimulating both your third eye and crown chakra. This stone can help open yourself to the otherworld and its divine beings. It increases your spirituality and psychic capabilities, allowing you to see and understand wisdom, lessons, and knowledge offered to you in the spiritual realm.

For Relationship and Love

The angel quartz is said to help establish a stable, caring, and loving relationship. It is an excellent talisman to have in your love and romantic pursuits.

The angel aura quartz crystal can encourage you to have more loving and compassionate communication with your loved ones by stimulating your throat chakra. You become more considerate with your actions as well as kinder with your words. You will know the perfect words and ways to make your loved one feel important with this stone.

When you are living with someone who can’t seem to understand you or your emotions become unbearable and create a toxic relationship, the energies of angel quartz crystals can bring back peace and ground you to earth. This stone can envelop you in serenity while opening yourself to loving energies. This stone can help you see your relationship from your partner’s point of view.

Angel Aura Quartz For Relationship and Love

Not only that, but this stone should also help in the release of negative emotions building up in your relationship. It is the best crystal to use when you want to ring change into a dysfunctional relationship. By releasing these negative energies and inducing change, you can increase more loving energies as well as your excitement and passion for one another.

Not only that, but this stone helps you overcome any bumps or challenges you experience in your relationship. It shall help restore balance and peace in your relationship, ensuring that it stays strong and long-lasting.

For those who just recently had a breakup or gotten out of a toxic relationship, this stone can help you find peace. It shall offer healing energies and uplifting frequencies that can ease bitter emotions and anger.

This stone should promote forgiveness, and heal emotional traumas. It will bring compassion, kindness, optimism, hope, and joy. Not only that, but it should also help release the pain and heartbreak, allowing you to move forward with a clean slate.

For Protection

Although not one of the most commonly used crystals for protection, aura quartz crystals are actually protective. This is particularly true during meditation and spiritual travels.

Angel Aura Quartz For Protection

The energies of the clear quartz combined with the potent frequency of precious metals can create a powerful psychic shield that should keep you guarded as you travel the vast unknown of the divine realm.

This stone should hide you against the negative energies of the universe. Not only that, but it can also protect you from the energy vampires and negative entities that may attach themselves to your auric field and prevent you from traveling deeper and higher to the universe.

For Depression and Anxiety

The angel aura is a master healer coated with precious metals, bringing the light body into balance and offering stability. It is one of the best-enhanced crystals that can uplift your mood and put you into a state of tranquility and serenity. Then, it also allows you to receive and perceive the loving energies of the universe, which is extremely beneficial for healing psychic hurt, trauma, and emotional toxicity. As a result, it should prevent anxious thinking and depressive moments.

Angel Aura Quartz For Depression and Anxiety

This magic mineral will provide powerful energy that will fill your body and the environment with endless rays of positivity, happiness, joy, and uplifting energy. Thus, it only makes sense that it is suitable for individuals who always feel emotionally distressed or unstable.

Not only that, but this stone can also provide a protective shield in your aura that blocks away negativity and toxicity from your life. It also offers mental clarity, pure serenity, heightened intellect, and inner peace. It clears the mind of everyday stress, assisting in the complete evaluation and transformation of your current life.  

For Career Success

The angel aura quartz crystals carry the energies of intelligence and creativity. It helps you in coming up with new concepts and ideas which can help advance your career and boost your income flow.

Not only that, but this stone can also foster a productive and harmonious relationship with other people. This means that you can better work with groups and achieve more successful outcomes.

Working on your throat chakra, the angel aura crystals also helps stimulate positive communication with others. This stone should help you communicate your thought and ideas more clearly and honestly. Not only that, but it should also help prevent misunderstandings with your co-workers.  

Angel Aura Quartz For Career Success

Furthermore, the angel aura quartz is also an activator of brilliance. It can help you in attuning to your surroundings as well as to the people around you. This helps you become more efficient, productive, and successful.

This stone can also bring you the energies of creativity, sharpness, and visualization. It also reminds you to stay perceptive and unyielding. It can act as a powerful support stone that can help you overcome challenges in your professional life without being a victim to circumstances or to others.  This brings determination and concentration that can attract success and growth in your professional life.

Combining Angel Aura Quartz With Other Crystal Stones

The angel aura quartz is already a powerful crystal on its own. However, if you wish to further enhance or boost its energies or facilitate a specific healing intention, then you can try pairing it with other crystals stones. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for the angel aura quartz.


To support fertility and pregnancy, combine the energies of angel aura quartz and carnelian.

Angel Aura Quartz + Carnelian

Carnelian is probably one of the best crystals you can use to boost fertility. With its orange hues, this crystal resonates with the sacral chakra. This is the energy center for both female and male reproductive organs. Its energies are said to remove energetic blockages in this chakra. Thus, enhancing fertility.

Not only that, but this stone can also activate your kundalini energy which is coiled at the base of your spine. This is a crucial life force that can assist the reproductive and hormonal systems. Not only that, but it also stimulates balance and stability in your reproductive areas.

As the stone of creativity, the sunset hues of carnelian are also the perfect stone when you want to conceiver. It can help in raising your self-esteem and confidence while boosting your sexual drive. This should encourage spontaneous lovemaking.

Now, after you become successful in conceiving the energies of the carnelian stone, it can be further used with the combination of the angel aura quartz. This makes a powerful and protective combo during pregnancy.

The angel aura quartz provides uplifting energies that can help soothe fears and doubts during pregnancy. Not only that, but it is also suitable for easing morning sickness as well as other pregnancy symptoms and complications.

Placing both stones in your womb can help you connect with your unborn child. Then, during childbirth, the angel aura quartz shall bring calmness and relaxation while carnelian positivity and excitement.

Furthermore, this combination is also suitable for single moms during childbirth and pregnancy as well as the first years of the baby’s life. Carnelian can channel positivity and happiness despite the struggle of being a single mom while the angel aura quartz should provide messages and knowledge from your angel guides.

Pink Calcite

For the ultimate peace and serenity, try the high vibrations of angel aura quartz and pink calcite.

Angel Aura Quartz + Pink Calcite

As mentioned many times in this article, the rainbow-colored angel aura quartz is filled with very loving and sweet energies. This helps stimulate your spirit while elevating your emotional body and mood. In fact, meditating with this stone can also help you enter a state of serenity and tranquility as well as purification and rest. This should help you go beyond the physical realm, traveling deep into the spiritual plane in order to perceive and receive the help of your spirit guides.

Meanwhile, the pink calcite is dubbed the Stone of Peace. Like the angel aura quartz, the pink calcite is also a stone connected with the angelic realms, radiating divine love while promoting forgiveness. Its soft baby-pink color will swell your heart with loving intentions. Then, its tender energy will wrap you in a powerful metaphysical comfort blanket.

As the pink calcite helps in releasing emotional suffering such as abuse, relationship breakup, and grief, the angel aura quartz should uplift your mood and overall energy in order to get you through the difficult days of life.

Together, both stones will exude positivity and energy that it is near impossible to feel anything except happiness and joy.


For the stimulation of the throat chakra, you can use the powerful energies of the angel aura quartz and aquamarine.

Angel Aura Quartz + Aquamarine

The angel aura quartz is one of the varieties of aura quartzes that can focus more on your throat chakra. It helps in the unblocking and clearing of blockages in your chakra of communication. As a result, you will have more loving and clearer communications— whether it is in romantic pursuits, solving arguments or voicing out innovations in your professional life, or caring for the aged and kids.

However, since the angel aura quartz is not a premier stone for the throat chakra, you can pair it with the more popular throat chakra stones like aquamarine in order to amplify its energies and get better healing.

The aquamarine crystal is said to be the most powerful tool you can use in activating, cleansing, and stimulating your throat chakra. It is the premier stone for heightening courage for honest and clear communication. Aquamarine mainly focuses on overcoming the fear of speaking. Then, it encourages mental clarity in order to bring well-structured communication. Using both angel aura quartz and aquamarine, you can balance and open your throat chakra to increase peaceful and honest self-expression.

In addition, aquamarine can also be used for spiritual connection, thus a suitable pairing for the angel quartz that vibrates in the higher realm. With these crystals, you can communicate with higher beings and angelic guides to better receive and understand wisdom and knowledge from the universe.


For deep meditation works, pair the energies of the angel aura quartz with the violet rays of amethyst crystal.

Angel Aura Quartz + Amethyst

Whether you are starting to deeply explore your intuition or want to experience another level of spiritual power during your meditation sessions, the angel aura quartz is the crystal you should use.

This stone should bring relaxation and peace during your meditation. Then, with its strong association with the angelic realm, the angel aura quartz is said to help connect you to your spirit guides and divine beings for meditation support and divine traveling.

Now, if you pair it with the most spiritual of all stones, the amethyst crystal, you can further enhance your meditations and increase your intuition for divine and astral traveling. Amethyst has been used for centuries as a doorway to the other world. Its high frequency can strengthen your nutrition while boosting spiritual progress.

Amethyst will create the most calming environment for your meditation practice. It has a tranquilizing effect that can quieten the loud mind chattering. Also, it helps in reducing stress. This provides a peaceful grace and energy to flow into your practice.  Then, the angel aura quartz will help you experience a higher and deeper state of meditation. With assistance from your angel guides, this mystical stone can help you go beyond the physical body.

With both stones, you can meditate and travel deeper and higher. They should bring unlimited wisdom and knowledge from the divine realm. Also, both stones offer protective energies. The angel aura quartz crystals will remove toxicity from within. Meanwhile, the amethyst crystal should help guard you against psychic attacks and outside influence.

Meditating next to angel aura quartz and amethyst, you can ensure a serene and more effective, and knowledgeable meditation.


For matters of the heart, try the pairing of the angel aura quartz and rhodochrosite crystal.

Angel Aura Quartz + Rhodochrosite

Although not a popular love stone, the angel aura quartz can help with issues of love and relationship. This stone can help in cleansing and healing your heart. It shall bring out grief, trauma, anger, and heartbreaks to the surface. This way, you can face and confront these negativities that are constantly weighing on your chest. After that, this stone should help in the release of these toxicities so you can start on the path of development and growth.

The rhodochrosite crystal, on the other hand, will promote happiness and self-love. The power of this pink and black stone lies in its ability to focus your attention on inner peace and love. It shall provide you with a true sense of self-worth, increasing your self-esteem and confidence.

So, as the angel aura quartz helps you bring the negativities to the surface, the rhodochrosite crystal can prevent you from being overwhelmed with negativities, heartaches, and self-judgment. The angel aura quartz will release these negativities, while the energies of rhodochrosite crystal shall bring in the energies of peace and love.

Both stones will rebalance your emotional body and allow you to reconnect with loving energies. As a result, you can be pulled into a direction of more loving energies as well as attracting and opening yourself to love.

Is Angel Aura Quartz a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

The angel aura quartz is not a traditional birthstone nor a zodiac crystal.

Meditation with Angel Aura Quartz

When you meditate with the angel quartz, you will be able to enter a deep state of tranquility and peace. This can also induce purification and relaxation, which helps you go beyond the physical body in order to receive knowledge and help from your spirit guides and angelic beings.

Meditation with Angel Aura Quartz

When you place the angel aura quartz over your heart seed chakra, located at the base of the breastbone, this stone can help in releasing the limitations to your spiritual expansion. As a result, you can free your soul and spirit to explore the multi-dimensional world while keeping yourself protected against the negative energies of the unknown.

How to Cleanse and Charge Angel Aura Quartz?

Since it is artificially enhanced, the angel aura is a sensitive stone and prone to damage. Although washing this stone will not remove or rub off the metal coating, if you try to scrub it hard with a bristled brush can cause its beautiful metallic sheen to fade.

Therefore, it is recommended that you simply wash your angel aura quartz with warm and soapy water, rubbing its surface gently with your fingers. This should help in removing accumulated dirt and grime. Then, you should rinse it thoroughly and pat it dry with a clean, soft cloth.

In order to recharge or cleanse the energies of your angel aura, you can let it bathe under the full moon. You can also simply smudge it with an incense stick, sage, or herb of your choice. Angel aura quartz can also be cleansed with singing bowls.

The vibrations from these singing bowls should help remove toxicity from their crystalline structure. You can also let this stone soak in a bowl of seawater or sea salt in order to remove the accumulated toxicity in its crystalline structure. Just make sure that you throw away the used seawater or sea salt after.

Final Thoughts

If the world puts a damper on your rainbow, let the mystical energies of the angel aura quartz fill you with an inner ball of joy and happiness from within. Regardless of how dull or negative your daily life gets, this crystal should fill you with the pure magic of positivity and optimism.

Also, as a high vibrational crystal, the angel aura quartz is the perfect remedy for your spiritual slump. Tuning to its energy, you can feel a sense of love for others, in life, and for the world, and your energies rejuvenated. With its high-grade metal coating featuring a rainbow-colored, etheric façade, the angel aura quartz is indeed a must-have in your growing crystal collection to make your life more mystical and magical!


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