Angelite Meanings, Properties and Uses


As etheric and divine as its name, the Angelite crystal can bring love and light from angelic beings into your life. It will bring you the spiritual energies of healing, power, and protection, allowing you to connect easily with your guardian angels and spirit guides.

Get in-depth knowledge about the energies, uses, and best crystal combinations for Angelite by reading below!

What is Angelite?

What is Angelite

Angelite is the pale, milky blue form of an anhydrite mineral. Anhydrite is made of calcium sulfate and is a relatively unstable mineral. When exposed to water, it can transform into gypsum. However, you can transform it back by heating it to 200 degrees Celsius.

Anhydrite is formed in places where the gypsum minerals, which had previously been in contact with water and then evaporated, leaving the anhydrite mineral behind. Gypsum is a pretty common mineral and occurs all over the world. However, significant deposits of this mineral are found in the Persian Gulf and on the coast of Chile.

And since Angelite is a unique formation and color of the anhydrite mineral, although anhydrite itself is found all over the glove, the Angelite stones are still quite rare. This stone can only be found when the right concentration of minerals is found in anhydrite deposits and turn into the distinctive blue color which characterizes Angelite.

Originally, Angelite is mainly found in Peru. However, it has since been found in Germany, Britain, Libya, Mexico, Egypt, and Poland.

The Meaning and Uses of Angelite

The Meaning and Uses of Angelite

Angelite is associated with the wind and brings the spiritual energies of healing, power, protection, and love. By wearing this stone, you will experience a calming effect that allows you to connect easily with your guardian angels or spirit guides. It is also used to support you in conquering your fears while also removing blockages in your life.

This stone is like a lullaby of love and light that can use to leap to higher consciousness and awareness. It is one of those spiritual crystals that oozes divinity and etheric properties.

With shades as pale as the dawn sky streaked with thousands of promises or as soft as the angel wings, the Angelite crystal with blue color and ethereal energy can be used to bring messages and wisdom from the divine realm straight to your heart.

Thus, this beautiful stone is often used in jewelry pieces, although not for daily wear. In addition, it is often shaped into beautiful ornaments and spiritual pyramids to use for meditations, metaphysical healing, or simply home decor.

Angelite Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical space is where the Angelite crystal truly shines. The Angelite stone can tap into the stashed-away psychic abilities as an in-depth cleanser of toxic and negative energy. It opens your heart and mind to make astral traveling easier. Then it will nurture you with the gifts of telepathic communication and attract and connect with guardian angels and spirit guides to obtain divine universal knowledge.

Angelite Metaphysical Properties

This stone raises your state of conscious awareness. It also represents peace and serenity, attracting spirit guides and angelic beings to embrace you in their wings of love and helping you connect with your higher self.

Thanks to its ability to heighten perception and deepen your attunement, the Angelite stone is also a favorite for metaphysical healers. It is said to protect you from the environment while promoting self-expression and communication with other people.

Spiritually speaking, the stone is filled with empathy and compassion. IT can transmute pain and disorder into healing and wholeness. This helps open a way for spiritual creativity and inspiration. As a result, it creates a deep sense of tranquility and peace. Not only that, but this stone should also help connect you to universal knowledge, facilitating the rebirthing process, opening psychic channeling, and stimulating healing at all levels.

The Benefits of Angelite

The Angelite stone offers excellent healing benefits for the body– physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Here are some of the benefits of using the crystal.

For Physical Healing

Angelite mainly supports your throat. It balances the parathyroid and thyroid glands and alleviates inflammation such as sore throats. Not only that but this stone is also said to repair tissues while correcting blood deficiencies. It also helps in renewing your blood vessels.

Angelite For Physical Healing

Furthermore, this stone can also balance the fluid within your physical body. It can act as a diuretic and is even useful in weight control. This stone also relates well to the arms and lungs. In addition, its energies can also be used to ease heart function and the circulatory system. It can alleviate headaches as well as infectious diseases.

The Angelite stone can aid in the physical healing of the skeletal system. It has the energy to support the healing of bones’ health issues and is believed to help dissolve calcification within your joints.

It is thought to give you a better range of motion in the joints and is helpful when applied to your feet. It can also heal broken bones and add to arthritis and osteoporosis.

For Emotional Healing

If you wish to live your life with a higher purpose and intention, the stone can work by clearing your emotional body to make way for higher awareness.

Angelite For Emotional Healing

If you always find your mind and heart clogged with anger, anxiety, resentment, and stress, the Angelite crystal can help clear all these toxicities and negativities. This beautiful stone can transmute negative things into serene and positive vibes.

Then, it will invite your forgiveness by filling your heart with empathy and compassion. Then it allows you to reconnect to your breath cycles and increase the clarity of the mind so you can move forward with awareness.

The crystal also comes with a sense of surrender. It is not associated with weakness. Rather, it takes courage to stop fighting and fussing, allowing yourself to let go and get swept along with the present energy.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The Angelite stone can stimulate your higher chakras in chakra healing and balancing.

Angelite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

It starts by stirring love and compassion from your heart chakra, clear and effective communication by unblocking the throat chakra and moving up to the higher chakras.

The throat chakra is the chakra of communication and truth. It is the medium we use to communicate with the external world as well as our higher self. With the energies of the crystal, you can unblock and stimulate your higher chakras. This makes it easier for you to communicate more openly and honestly.

Angelite then works on your third eye chakra. This is the place that holds your deep intuitive knowledge and wisdom. It ensures that you connect with the chasms of your inner self so you can connect with others. It also allows you to see beyond.

Lastly, Angelite crystal will work o your crown chakra. It is how you tune to the inner and higher truth. It is the gateway o the divine and angelic realm and the medium you take to explore the otherworldly dimension.

With the blue energies of Angelite, you can stimulate all these four higher chakras. As a result, you can communicate and attract divine beings to you. Thus, you can experience the higher worlds, inviting universal wisdom, lucid dreaming, and enhanced psychic capabilities to be absorbed.

For Relationship and Love

In terms of love and relationship, the Angelite crystal mainly assists in communication and peaceful relationship.

The Angelite crystal encourages more expressive and truthful communication with your loved ones and friends by stimulating your throat chakra. It helps you voice out the hidden emotions accumulated over time and cause blockages of the emotional body.

Angelite For Relationship and Love

The consequent release of these emotions and feelings can help clear out dysfunctionality and misunderstandings in your relationships. As a result, you can speak more with kindness and loving words to heal disagreements and confusion in your relationship. This way, you and your partner can move toward a better and more open relationship.

Furthermore, when your love life or friendship is filled with uncertainty, doubts, or negativity, let the work on clearing your emotional body. This stone releases the negative energies and feelings from within and should help protect you against the negative energies and influences from the world and other people.

The Angelite crystal’s energies can work and bring you healing when you just had a heartbreak. This stone will invite angelic beings into your life that can offer soothing and healing energies. It will release the anger and pain that comes with ending a relationship. It then fills you with optimism and compassionate energies so you can move forward in life and even be ready to attract a new love into your life.

For Sleep Insomnia

With its relaxing blue energy, the Angelite stone can help bring a sense of inner calmness and peace to its wearer or user. This crystal is known to imbue serenity and love in your inner body.

Not only that, but it also helps in relieving worries and stress of the day, which are common causes of a sleepless or restless night. This is also a powerful stone that can remove toxic and negative emotions that cause a loud mind-chatter, making it difficult for you to sleep. Using this Angelite stone it’s like attracting your guardian angel to you, wrapping you around its restorative wings so you can snooze faster.

Angelite For Sleep Insomnia

This stone can also facilitate angelic connection and astral traveling as you sleep with its angelic qualities. It also stimulates lucid dreaming and is a well-known problem solver as you dream. As a result, sleeping near this crystal can help you sleep better and wake up energized with fresh and creative ideas.

So, if you ever need to relax or find peace to get some sleep or want to enhance your angelic communicating skills while dreaming, then the Angelite crystal is a great stone to place under your pillow or beside your bed.

For Depression and Anxiety

You can sort of the crystal as a personal and pocket-sized guardian angel. It brings a sense of calmness and serenity. This stone is said to dispel fear and anger while also encouraging forgiveness. Thus, it can bring you comfort in times of anxiety, stress, and depressive moments.

The energy of this stone will surround you with the support and guidance of your guardian angel and spirit guides so you can become calmer and more optimistic in life. Once you summon your angels, you can allow them to wrap you inside their calming and therapeutic wings.

Angelite For Depression and Anxiety

Also, like the Stone of Awareness, the Angelite crystal can bring mental clarity and expand your consciousness. It allows you to think clearly and calmly, taking away your anxiety and depressive thoughts.

Furthermore, this stone can help in the release of toxic energies from within. It should also provide a powerful angelic shield against the negativity of the world from tampering with your spiritual and emotional body. As a result, you will be filled with positivity and optimism and trigging peace of mind and relaxation.

Combining Angelite With Other Crystal Stones

Angelite is already a potent spiritual crystal on its own. However, pairing it with other crystal stones can further amplify its healing attributes or focus on specific metaphysical and healing purposes. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for Angelite.

Clear Quartz

For meditations, pairing Angelite with the clear quartz crystal can boost your meditative state in no time!

Angelite + Clear Quartz

Angelite is an amazing crystal for connecting with the divine and angelic realm. Its ethereal and soothing energies can calm and comfort the mind and your emotions. As the stone of awareness, this blue stone can also help in deepening your meditation practice.

Now, when you pair it with the master healer, you will surely get twice or even thrice the frequency of Angelite. The energies of the clear quartz crystal can be used to magnify your natural energies in order to align yourself with your meditation practice. However, the true proficiency of this clear crystal is to amplify the energies of any crystal stones you pair it with. Plus, it is also super easy to program to set your meditative intentions and the energies of the Angelite stone.   

Together, both clear quartz and Angelite work to enhance your meditation experience. Clear quartz crystal increases your vibrations and stimulates your crown chakra so you can connect with your guides and enhance your intuition and psychic abilities. Then the Angelite crystal can help polarize your physical body in order to bring balance between the physical and spiritual levels. Also, it helps in bringing divine awareness along with divine knowledge and wisdom.


Angelite and iolite make a powerful combination for astral journeying and reaching deeper into the higher planes of the divine realm.

Angelite + Iolite

Iolite is known as one of the best crystals to use for astral journeying. By stimulating your third eye and crown chakra, the purple hues of iolite can increase your consciousness when you’re traveling the unknown of the astral realm.

Now, Angelite is another potent crystal for astral projection and journeying. So, when you combine Angelite with iolite, you can reach a deeper and expanded awareness. This etheric stone has the infinite power to heighten your skills of astral traveling, clairvoyance, and telepathy. Not only that, but angelite also aligns your physical body with the etheric body in order to develop the instinctive skills required for astral traveling.

Both crystals are also masterful at connecting with your guardian angels, spirit guides, and otherworldly entities and creatures. Angelite will strengthen your aura and attract angelic beings to you for more energetic and guided traveling. Meanwhile, the energies of iolite can help in avoiding the negative entities that can drain your spirit energies and prevent you from traveling further. Also, as angelite induces love, peace, and protection as you wake from astral traveling, the iolite stone can help you remember your experience from your astral journeys.


For opening your throat and third eye chakra, pair Angelite with the frequency of the kyanite stone.

Angelite + Kyanite

With its blue energies, Angelite resonates well with the frequency of the throat chakra. This can help you speak your truth with compassion, love, and honesty. It also expresses light and love, facilitating general awareness and balancing your communication skills.

Kyanite, on the other hand, is an excellent all-around stone. It can align all your chakras. However, it mainly resonates with the throat chakra with its blue energies. So, like angelite, it also encourages self-expression. Specifically, though, this stone is mainly used for dealing with disagreements or negotiations.

So, as the kyanite crystal provides the courage for you to speak your truth and clear misunderstandings, the crystal can facilitate expanded awareness, allowing you to speak more with compassion and love.

Spiritually speaking, both Angelite and kyanite also resonate with your third eye chakra. This can help in unblocking the energetic pathways for enhanced communication with the divine realm. Both stones are also said to heighten your skills for astral traveling, telepathy, and clairvoyance. Angelite will help you communicate with your spirit guides and angels, while kyanite can help you understand the visions and wisdom of these etheric beings.


If you are having trouble snoozing at night, then pairing Angelite with selenite should help solve the problem.

Angelite + Selenite

With its soothing and etheric blue energy, the angelite crystal can bring a sense of inner peace and calmness to your emotional and physical body. As a result, it allows the flushing of stress, worries, and anxieties so you can sleep better at night. To increase your intentions of overcoming sleeping problems, pair it with one of the most powerful sleeping stones— Selenite.

Selenite is a soothing and beautiful stone that, like the Angelite stone, also resonates with the higher realms. Its calming vibrations from the divine are said to ease negative and chaotic thoughts, clearing and cleansing the mind and shutting up noisy mind chatter so you can have a restful sleep. In addition, with its strong association with the moon, selenite exudes a higher frequency that instills peace, serenity, and stress-free surrounding at night. It even creates a protective auric shield that can seal off the positive energies within and prevent the negativities from coming in.

With this pairing, you can have a clearer and calmer mind. They ease the negative and chaotic thought patterns that would otherwise keep you wide awake at night. Also, as selenite induces deep sleep and lucid dreaming, the crystal can enhance your angelic communicating abilities and facilitate a strong connection to the angelic realm to gain knowledge and wisdom. Asa result, both Angelite and selenite should help you have a more energized morning filled with creative and fresh ideas from the divine.

Black Tourmaline

For a powerful duo to use during our astral travels, try Angelite and black tourmaline.

Angelite + Black Tourmaline

The angelite crystal, with its angelic properties, is one of the best crystals for astral journeying and projection. It combines all the qualities needed for astral journeys into a single stone.

Its infinite energies can heighten your skills of clairvoyance, astral traveling, and telepathy. It does so by aligning your physical body with your etheric body. As a result, you develop the instinctive skills needed for astral journeying. It is also a masterful crystal you can use to connect with angelic beings and spirit guides.

Now, to ensure that you stay protected and won’t attract the negative entities and energies instead of angelic beings, you will need to power of the black tourmaline. Negative influences and energy vampires can drain your spiritual energy and prevent you from traveling higher to the celestial realm. For this purpose, employ the protective powers of the black tourmaline.

The black tourmaline empowers your base chakra and works alongside the crystal. This results in your spiritual energies going higher so you can explore the deep unknown of the celestial realm without worries.

With the loving energies of angelite and the protective frequency of black tourmaline, you can obtain more insights and wisdom from the universe while inducing you with love and peace as you go back to the physical plane.

Blue Topaz

Like the first crystal combination for Angelite, pairing Angelite with blue topaz can ease a more beneficial meditation session with the added intention of unblocking and stimulating your throat and third eye chakra.

Angelite + Blue Topaz

The Angelite crystal offers lovely and soothing energies that can comfort and calm your over-wrought emotions. Dubbed the Stone of Awareness, it can also be used to deepen your meditation practice. As its name suggests, the crystal is also a potent stone for connecting with the angelic kingdom as you meditate.

Exuding blue energies as well, the blue topaz is another great stone to have for your meditation collection and makes a perfect pair for the pale blue Angelite. Blue topaz can deepen your meditation as well as attune more to your higher self.

With the same blue energies, both angelite and blue topaz can also strengthen your throat chakra for clearer communication. Their high frequency also emanates spirituality and attuning to Divine and angelic guidance.

Angelite crystals will polarize your physical body and create a balance between the physical and spiritual planes. Thus, it is useful for calming and quietening the mind and bringing awareness. Then, the energies of the blue topaz will help soothe your emotions and bring mental clarity. It will then magnify your psychic capabilities to better attune to the inner guidance.

Not only that, but by stimulating the throat chakra, both stones can also enhance spiritual communication with your guardian angels or spirit guides. As a result, you have a more practical meditation session filled with in-depth wisdom and knowledge from the etheric and divine realms.


Go with Angelite and aquamarine for a potent combination with the specific intention of unblocking, stimulating, and opening your throat chakra.

Angelite + Aquamarine

Angelite is a beautiful and angelic stone that can stimulate your throat chakra and help you speak your truth with love and compassion. This potent crystal also expresses light and love, balancing your parathyroid and thyroid glands and stimulating general awareness.

Pair it with aquamarine, the premier stone for unblocking and stimulating the throat chakra, and you can experience twice the healing.  Aquamarine is probably the most powerful crystal for cleansing the throat chakra with its blue-green energies. It enhances heightened courage for honest communication.

As the aquamarine crystal helps you overcome the fear of speaking your truth and encouraging clarity of thought, the Angelite stone helps you speak with compassion and kindness.

Also, both stones make the perfect combo for communicating on a spiritual level. The Angelite crystal is said to unblock any energetic pathways to enhance your communication with angels and guides. On the other hand, Aquamarine can increase peaceful, creative, and higher communications with the divine realm. Using both stones, you can better receive spiritual guidance and wisdom from the higher realm.

Is Angelite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Angelite is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is a zodiac crystal.

Angelite is February 19 – March 19 Birthstone

The Angelite crystal is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is one of the natural birthstones of those born on February 19 – March 19, the time when the world expects the vernal equinox and spring. It is the time of the year when new life is about to grow and is a time of faith and trust. The blue energies of Angelite can bring patience and respect.  

Angelite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Aquarius

Angelite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Aquarius

With its water-like energies and color scheme, just like the clear and ice-cold summer lake at dawn, the angelite crystal makes the perfect birthstone for those born under the zodiac sign Aquarius.

As an airy sign, Aquarius is assertive, intelligent, and completely independent. They also have a streak of originality that seems to serve them well, making them unique and one-of-a-kind individuals.

Although aquarian certainly have a hippy side to them, they may also come off as a bit detached from life and do not like to connect too deeply in terms of romantic pursuits and relationships. Luckily the energies of the Angelite crystal can ensure that Aquarians stay connected and not just on the surface level. This crystal should bring its peaceful, soothing qualities and higher thinking to link the Aquarians to their bigger purpose in life and keep them focused on spiritual prosperity and gentle pleasures.

Meditation with Angelite

The blue energies of the Angelite crystal are suitable for deeper meditations. This stone is said to help establish a strong connection and contact with the angelic realm with its angelic qualities. It is particularly beneficial for calling out to your spirit guides or guardian angel as you meditate and travel the unknown.

How to Cleanse and Charge Angelite?

Pale as dew and soft as silk, you need to keep the angelite crystal in shimmering energies in order for it to be better equipped to provide the healing energies you need. Angelite can collect negative or toxic energies and that is why it is important that you regularly de-charge and cleanse it to benefit from its healing frequencies.

How to Cleanse and Charge Angelite

Since Angelite is a relatively soft stone, you do not want to clean it with harsh cleaning methods. It is also not recommended to wash it with water since it will turn into gypsum. With that said, to charge and cleanse its crystalline structure of lingering negative vibes, you can simply waft some sage smoke over its surface.

You can also charge up your angelite crystal by placing it under the full moon’s rays. Or you can also keep it close with crystal clusters and geodes to fill it back to the heights of its vibrant healing energies.

Final Thoughts

Angelite is an awesome intuitive crystal for those who are spiritually ready to go beyond the mortal plane. If you wish to peer beyond the periphery and want to truly nurture your psychic gifts or just want a deeper sense of yourself, then this crystal should be your ally.

It washes away traces of negative vibes and toxicity filling your heart so you can enjoy inner peace and reach for your dreams. And with its angelic association, the angelite is like a fluttering white light calling everyone out from the darkness and guiding you to spiritual illumination and enlightenment.


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