Apophyllite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Apophyllite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Apophyllite

Binding the energy of ancient igneous lava coves, the apophyllite crystal can bring about a high vibration of light that is known to calm your emotions. It is a powerful, yet gentle crystal that is a must for those experiencing a challenging period in their life.

Keep on reading to find out everything about this wonderful calming crystal!

What is Apophyllite?

Apophyllite was discovered at the start of the 19th century. It is a class mineral from the Phyllosiliate family of crystals. This stone is opaque to transparent and usually occurs in white crystals. However, it can also come in shades of green, blue, colorless, pink, violet and the rarer brown shades.

What is Apophyllite

This is a relatively brittle stone. The structure of apophyllite consists of layers that give it a unique shape and a pearly sheen. It’s covered with alternating silicate layers of sodium, potassium, fluorine, calcium and water sheets in between. When exposed to heat, apophyllite loses its water molecules. As a result, it peels apart or flakes off.

The apophyllite is not a crystal that is widely known. However, it is widespread in all parts of the globe. This stone can be found in various formations, most often in volcanic sites along with other mineral stones. It often funds in ancient lava flows that filled voids or in-caves and are now solid masses. As the lava flowed into these areas and quickly cool down, the air-bubbles solidified in-place which creates the pocket of solid mass.

Most apophyllite crystals come from India. However, it can also be found in Brazil, Iceland, Germany, Greenland, Canada, Italy, South Africa, North Ireland, Japan, Scotland, Norway and the US.

The Meaning and Uses of Apophyllite

The name apophyllite comes from the Greek terms “apo” and “phyllon”, which mean “off” and “leaf”, respectively. Thus, apophyllite is roughly translated as “to leaf apart”. This refers to the tendency of apophyllite to become flaky and crumbling when subjected to higher temperatures.

Apophyllite is the embodiment of the power of the selfless helper. Thus, it is often used to promote acts of charity and kindness. This stone is commonly called the helper crystal can be used together with various crystals in healing ceremonies.

Its translucent to transparent nature represent the pure and most generous volunteers and helpers in this world. It allows all energies to pass directly through them without getting blocked or stuck in the process. When subjected to heat, the apophyllite crystal starts to shed its outer layer. This represents real acts of devotion and sacrifice.

The Meaning and Uses of Apophyllite

Apophyllite also represents the union of masculine and feminine energies. Its shade and light have completely blended together in order to dissolve all wavelengths. This leaves it utterly devoid of any manifested or dualistic energies. Thus, apophyllite is often used to escape the confines of any gender oppression.

Furthermore, it can represent the transcendence of yourself above the dichotomy of form in which you entered this world. It pushes you to a continued journey along the path of self-enlightenment.

The apophyllite crystal is also a good representation of the soul star power. Sometimes referred to as the 8th chakra, the soul star chakra is above your crown chakra and representing the home to where your soul rests.

With that said, apophyllite crystal can be quite useful for meditation. However, it is particularly useful if you need to reconnect with a soul or soul part for a reconnection with your inner child or during a healing soul retrieval ceremony.

The apophyllite stone has also been used for scrying. Its excellent mystic quality allows practitioners to access higher dimensions and seeing what’s being the veil. With that said, the apophyllite represents a higher state of the spiritual world and reality.

Apophyllite Metaphysical Properties

Apophyllite is said to be a potent stone to stimulate your metaphysical capabilities. This stone can help keep a strong connection between your spiritual and physical self.

Thanks to its high water content, this stone is an excellent conductor of metaphysical vibrations and energies. It can transfer vibrations as well as correcting imbalances on your energy grid.

Apophyllite Metaphysical Properties

The apophyllite stone is said to also enhance clairvoyance and psychic vision. It can stimulate intuition and introspection. Not only that, but apophyllite is also a peaceful stone that can help in the release of any mental blocks or even negative thought patterns. It is effective in relieving worries, fears and stress. Then, it will surround you with uplifting energies and high vibrations of serenity, happiness and love.

The apophyllite crystal can also remove the feelings of tiredness and burnout. It fills you with zest, energy and enthusiasm. Also, it inspires you to live your life to the fullest. It can help you move through past hurts and difficulties so you can move forward with more positivity in life.

The frequency of apophyllite also connects with your higher mind and encouraging you to look into the deepest recesses of your subconscious to discover your true nature. In addition, it is an excellent stone to have when meditating. It helps shut down the noise from your surrounding while increasing focus so you can travel deeper into the divine realm and gain wisdom and knowledge.

The Benefits of Apophyllite

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when using the apophyllite crystal.

For Physical Healing

The healing energies of the apophyllite crystal can help n regulating your bodily functions. It is an excellent crystal to support the treatment of asthma, wheezing and other breathing issues. Also, it is suitable for easing symptoms of any disorders involving your lungs and respiratory system.

Apophyllite For Physical Healing

Apophyllite can also help in relieving symptoms of allergies. It can offer healing for pains as well as conditions that usually affect the feet and hands. Its healing frequency can also be an excellent healer of the eyes, soothing tired eyes and resolving issues related to vision.

Furthermore, this crystal is also highly beneficial for the healing of the skin, encouraging skin regeneration and halting aging. It is also known to assist n the regeneration of your mucus membranes. As a stone of the mind, apophyllite can also help improve mental clarity and memory as well as promoting deep relaxation while fighting fatigue.

For Emotional Healing

The apophyllite crystal can assist in the releasing of negative thought patterns that no longer serve you. Then, it encourages you to embrace laid-back vibes as well as mental clarity and wellness.

Apophyllite For Emotional Healing

Thanks to its high-water content, this crystal also reminds you that even if you feel frozen or stuck, there’s always a flow sitting beneath the surface. It helps in releasing your stored up energy, fighting lethargy and giving you the strength to combat stress and difficult times.

This stone also helps in flushing out the hidden negative emotions and feelings from the past. This way, you can finally allow positive energy to fill your emotional body and giving you renewed strength and vitality and moving forward in life.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Apophyllite, with its various shades, can stimulate, unblock and activate multiple chakras.

Apophyllite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

It mainly resonates with your crown and third eye chakra. This can help empower you to see is the physical things in life while enhancing your sensitivity to the spiritual realm. Not only that, but this crystal can also encourage astral traveling, lucid dreaming as well as better communications and understanding of the messages of the angelic and divine realm.

As mentioned before, the apophyllite crystal also represents the soul star chakra. This is quite useful when meditating so you can strongly connect with your spirit and soul, stimulating healing.

For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

Apophyllite is a potent crystal with lucky energies in terms of wealth or money. This stone is said to help n boosting your earnings by helping you recognize opportunities faster than other people.

Apophyllite For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

Not only that, but this stone can also enhance your capability to have all the good things in life, including prosperity, fortune, abundance and luck. It helps in manifesting your wealth by stimulating hard work, commitment and even sacrifices.  

It also symbolizes new ventures and opportunities at the right place and the right time. Furthermore, the energies of apophyllite not only attracts luck. It can also assist in getting out of financial hardships and providing you determination and persistence to try again.

For Relationship and Love

Apophyllite can also work on matters of the heart. It provides the energy order to make wise and good decisions, in terms of love and relationship. It also helps in stabilizing your emotion in order to make the right decisions you won’t regret later on.

This stone also stimulates feelings of gratitude and joy. It fills you with positive and loving energy that enhances peace and cooperation in your relationship. It helps in releasing suppressed emotions, healing the soul and heart.

Apophyllite For Relationship and Love

As the stone of courage, apophyllite also helps you face your fears and dispelling doubts that are preventing your relationship from moving forward. This stone also assists you in making tough decisions and resolving issues between your partners.

It also helps in dealing with grief, pain, sorrow, loss and any kind of emotions. It eases heartbreaks and makes moving on much more tolerable. This stone can encourage you to forgive yourself and other people who have wronged you. It is a gentle reminder to trust yourself and the world and encourage you to do your best in keeping love in your life.

Dubbed as the Stone of Truth, apophyllite can help you get rid of pretentions as well as breaking down walls so that people can come into your life and welcoming them to your heart. It also helps you to speak only the truth, preventing misunderstandings with your loved ones and ensuring honest communication.

For Sleep Insomnia

It can be difficult to sleep if you often feel stressed or a chaotic mind-chatter every night. Apophyllite with its soothing energies can help in calming your mind. Also, since it vibrates at a higher frequency, this stone can bring a deep sense of peace and calm while removing negative energy.

Apophyllite For Sleep Insomnia

This stone can remove stress and worries while quieting mental chattering which can keep you up at night or mess up with your sleeping pattern. Not only that, but its beautiful energies can also have a stabilizing effect on your emotions. It promotes gentleness and restful sleep.

For Depression and Anxiety

An excellent clearer of negative energy and suppressed emotions, the apophyllite crystal gets to work immediately and remove blockages in your emotional body. It keeps your head and heart clear of toxicity and negativity connected to feelings of anxiety, depression and stress.

The apophyllite crystal is also rooted in the idea of applying childlike spontaneity and lightness to any stressful situation. This helps combat the effects of stress and energizing your soul with lightness. As a result, you feel happier and more relaxed.

Apophyllite For Depression and Anxiety

AS it cleanses the body and mind of negative emotional debris, this stone can guide you to your true inner self and completely releasing the negative thought and behavior problems that no longer serve you. It will then fill you with positive energies, then brings optimism and cheerfulness in your life, easing depression and anxiety symptoms.

For Career Success

Apophyllite is a potent crystal that can enhance your intuition for career success. This stone is making your visions clearer and your senses sharper. It also helps you to become more sensitive to events, things and people in your professional life.

Not only that, but it will also enhance your instincts and encourage you to trust them more. It can also encourage reflection of your behavior and the patterns that impede your professional growth.  

Furthermore, the apophyllite crystal can also help connect you with your guardian angels and spirit guides. These spiritual presences in your life can help lead you to a better life.

Apophyllite For Career Success

With this crystal, you can receive visions and insights, particularly in your professional life and career.  They can help you in coming up with the right decisions by sending you signals and signs that you can easily interpret.

The apophyllite stone can also help erase the feelings of burnout, replacing it with enthusiasm and zest. This can help you find the motivation to finish any tasks for the day. Not only that, but it should also inspire you to build organization and structure in your work. It stimulates focus and concentration, shutting out the distractions around you, increasing your overall productivity.

Different Types of Apophyllite

Recently the types of apophyllite have been distinguished. Thus, apophyllite is an umbrella term for 3 kinds of minerals. All kinds of apophyllite share similar chemical properties and structures. They just vary in shape and color as well as having specific metaphysical healing properties.

Green Apophyllite (Fluorapophyllite)

Green Apophyllite (Fluorapophyllite)

The fluorapophyllite is perhaps the most abundant and most colorful of the three types. It is usually what’s referred to when talking about apophyllite crystal. This variety occurs in shades of aqua bluish-green to deep forest green.

AS the stone of optimism, green apophyllite is the stone of renewal and child-like joy. It offers sweet energy that inspires playfulness and lightheartedness and deepening your enjoyment of the beauty of nature. This stone can connect you to the energetic undercurrent of Earth that is humming with growth and life. This is an excellent crystal for animal lovers and gardeners and is thought to help communicate with the spirit of nature.  

Like all green stones, the apophyllite crystal symbolizes rebirth, growth, youth, vitality and recovery. Thus, it is a wonderful stone to rest your eyes on. Letting your gaze linger on this green stone can bring you a sense of peace. Not only that, but its earthy energy also refreshes indoor spaces and is a friend of the heart chakra.

Clear Apophyllite (Hydroxyapophyllite)

Clear Apophyllite (Hydroxyapophyllite)

Hydroxyapophyllite is a relatively common variety that lacks any color. It is a stone of light, consciousness, transcendence and the Higher-self. It is highly sought for its deep spiritual healing attributes.

Almost all perceived effects of this stone are of the mind and not the physical body. It is used as pyramids in Reiki, facilitating the flow of energy from the practitioner to their client. It can also be an excellent stone for those experiencing a block in their spiritual growth.

Not only that, but clear apophyllite is also used by those wishing to travel or communicate with other realms as well as enhancing psychic visions. It is mainly used for meditation, opening and clearing the mind, rising anxieties and worries and expanding your awareness.

Brown Apophyllite (Natroapophyllite)

Brown Apophyllite (Natroapophyllite)

Natroapophyllite is the rarer variety that is only found in a few localities and occurs in the earthy brown color. Its color shade screams Mother Earth and nature and is the color of the home. This variety of apophyllite exudes comfort, grounding and connection.

It allows you to regain composure and reconnecting with natural life. Sometimes, we tend to be disconnected from Mother Earth and get caught up in the hustle of life. This stone should help you regroup, revitalize and energize your physical body.

Not only that, but this stone also provides nourishment and grounding. It is a powerful supportive crystal with a gentle energy that stabilizes your emotion, keeping your feet planted to the ground and creating a balanced life with nature.

Combining Apophyllite With Other Crystal Stones

Apophyllite can be paired with other crystal stones in order to enhance its metaphysical properties or when you want to focus on a specific healing intention. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for apophyllite.

Apophyllite + Sugilite

Want to awaken your crown chakra? Try pairing the energies of apophyllite with sugilite.

Apophyllite + Sugilite

Apophyllite is a potent crystal that links the physical and spiritual worlds. It does so by activating your crown chakra and opening yourself to the frequency of light and love. This encourages spiritual and psychic developments as well as enhancing intuition.

The vibrant violet rays of the sugilite crystal, on the other, can awaken and unblock your crown chakra. Its purple ray brings spiritual wisdom and growth, allowing you to understand your life and how to improve it.

In addition, sugilite can uncover life lessons while giving you a sense of accomplishment as you accept these lessons. Then the apophyllite crystal can improve your confidence and courage to follow this spiritual wisdom and lessons that come through to you.

Representing spiritual achievement and love, both apophyllite and sugilite will sill you with love and light from the spiritual plane. This will give an instant boost in your self-belief and spirituality as you attune with your inner mind and intuition.

Apophyllite + Selenite

For a wonderful sense of peace and tranquility, try the combination of apophyllite and selenite.

Apophyllite + Selenite

Apophyllite with its higher frequency can provide serenity by clearing away negative energy and chaotic emotions. It helps in removing blockages of the emotional body and ensuring that your mind and heart stay clear and deeply connected. This should help in overcoming those feelings of negativity, anxiety and stress.

Selenite, with its lovely clear structure, offers some of the finest vibrations of peace and calmness. Like the apophyllite, selenite also opens your crown and higher crown chakras. Plus, it also contains angelic resonance. This stone can instill inner peace while expanding your awareness of consciousness.

Selenite also has very protective energies. It guards you against stress and brings a piece of ethereal vibes to your surroundings. Its mesmerizing crystalline structure can instantly bring you peace.

Meanwhile, the energies of apophyllite will bring joy and optimism to your body. It lends hopeful and sweet energy to your emotional body. This allows you to release the negativities and toxicity from within while rediscovering your childlike joy and the wonders of tranquility.

By using both stones during your meditation, you can also instill peace and serenity in your session while also connecting you to the higher planes of consciousness and welcoming the knowledge of the divine and angelic realms.

Apophyllite + Labradorite

For a crystal pairing that supports new beginnings, use apophyllite with labradorite.

Apophyllite + Labradorite

The apophyllite is an excellent leader in terms of helping with personal or even spiritual development. By activating your crown chakra, this stone can open your mind and body to the frequency of light and love. This should boost intuition and self-introspection. These traits are crucial since honesty about past mistakes can help in preventing you from repeating them. This is vital for new beginnings.

Meanwhile, the labradorite can help with new beginnings by making you more confident in your own wisdom and judgment. It prevents you from being unnerved or intimidated by other people’s reactions. It teaches you to listen to yourself and gain a better understanding of what’s right for you.

By combining their unique energies, you can gain a sense of self-empowerment and adventure. You also become less fearful in reaching for your dreams. As apophyllite helps support the lifestyle you choose and the decisions you make, the labradorite crystal will offer protective energies that prevent unwelcome negative energies such as other’s opinions or jealousy from influencing you.

Apophyllite + Blue Calcite

For inner or astral traveling, try using the combination of apophyllite and blue calcite.

Apophyllite + Blue Calcite

At the start of your astral traveling, the blue calcite can wrap you in an energetic blanket of peace. It helps in easing worries and anxieties, and thus, inducing a sense of deep relaxation. This is crucial when you are astral traveling or projecting.

Once you are cocooned in the comfortable energy of blue calcite, the apophyllite crystal with its strong vibrations can be used to enhance all aspects of astral traveling. It is especially useful for enhancing the connection between the spiritual and physical realms. Not only that, but it is also said to improve confidence and trust in the spiritual wisdom and messages that come through to you.

Apophyllite can be pretty intense for astral traveling as it can push you to explore the depths of the spiritual or astral realm. It also leads you to close proximity with your angelic or spirit guides. However, the blue calcite can help soothe these intense energies while also blocking out the negative entities and frequencies that might interfere with your aura. This should provide loving support through your journey and restoring balance.

In addition, apophyllite can also help in keeping you grounded to earth as you travel the astral plane. Meanwhile, the blue calcite also helps in bringing the memory of the body and mind back with you to the physical realm. As a result, this generates creative ideas and enhancing your intuition and psychic skills.

Apophyllite + Rhodochrosite

For purposes of love and emotional healing, pair the energies of apophyllite with rhodochrosite.

Apophyllite + Rhodochrosite

Some apophyllite crystal features tints of pink that can open your heart chakra. This encourages the release of past emotional wounds and pains. This stone can relieve the negative feelings while rebalancing your aura for an overall feeling of contentment and wellbeing.

You can enhance these energies with the rhodochrosite crystal. It is one of the best stones for promoting happiness and self-love by focusing your attention on inner peace and obtaining a true sense of self-worth.

As apophyllite helps release the negativities from the outside world, rhodochrosite can stop the self-judgments, negative thought patterns and behaviors.  As a result, this combination can help encourage you to love and care for yourself. These crystals should release past wounding and childhood traumas while sparking your inner child to bring back happiness and cheerfulness into your life.

Is Apophyllite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Apophyllite is not a birthstone. However, it is a zodiac crystal.

Apophyllite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Gemini

Apophyllite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Gemini

Apophyllite resonates well with the zodiac sign Gemini. Geminis excel at understanding the two sides to an argument. And the apophyllite crystal can strengthen this ability improving their communication skills even further.

Apophyllite, like a moon stone for the Geminis, can also help in developing their intuition and psychic capabilities. Not only that, but it also encourages the Gemini’s self-introspection and encouraging them to be honest about their mistakes and past so they are less likely to repeat these.

Meditation with Apophyllite

Apophyllite is a potent crystal to use during meditation and opening yourself to the divine realm. Its energies can enhance your understanding of the Divine plans and messages that are being sent your way.

It also helps stimulate your spiritual self and allowing you to establish a strong bond with the divine realm during meditation. Apophyllite is also an excellent conductor of energy, transferring energy from the universe to your physical body during meditation.

In addition, apophyllite can also be used during meditations for self-reflection. It shows you the ways to improve your habits and behaviors to achieve a more peaceful and healthier life. Not only that, but it can also help pinpoint all the challenges and obstacles that might be impeding your growth.

Using apophyllite during meditation can also assist in filling your surrounding with uplifting vibrations. This can help rejuvenate your spirit during your sessions and instilling a sense of positivity and zest.  

How to Cleanse and Charge Apophyllite?

As a soulful and soft stone, you need to keep your apophyllite crystal charged and cleansed. This way, it can stay as a powerful ally for connecting with the higher realms.

If you wish to clear its energies from negativities, you can also run it under a gentle stream of clean water. Do not try to scrub its crystalline structure. Let it dry.

How to Cleanse and Charge Apophyllite

You can cleanse your apophyllite crystal by smudging it with sage or any spiritual herb of your choice. This is the easiest and gentlest way to clean this flaky soft stone. Just make sure not to place it in direct heat.

You can also charge your apophyllite crystal by letting it soak in the feminine energies of the moon. You can also leave it beside other crystal clusters such as clear quartz in order to infuse your apophyllite crystal with more healing energy.

Final Thoughts

Apophyllite crystal is one of the best stones for connecting with the divine and universal realm while keeping you grounded. It enhances your psychic gifts and opening yourself to the wisdom and messages of the world. It inspires spiritual awakening, natural joy and the courage to accept your true self.

With the apophyllite crystal, you can welcome the magnificent spiritual energy of the higher realms into your life.


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