April Birthstone Guide, Color and Meanings

April Birthstone

What is the Birthstone for April?

April is perhaps the best month of the year. Not only does the outdoor weather turns warm and flowers bloom, but the April birthstone is also considered the king of gemstones.


For a month filled with color in the form of plants, flowers, and birds, the April birthstone seems a surprising choice. With their hardness, clarity, and otherworldly sparkle, diamonds are usually compared to ice. So, wouldn’t it be more suited for the winter months?

Although it is indeed a gem of winter thanks to its icy color, diamonds are crystals of light. Its crystalline structure is dispersed into a flashing prism of brilliant fire that typifies the sun during the summer months. Also, its ability to refract and reflect light, allows it to turn the seemingly boring crystal into a dazzling display of rainbow colors. This makes it a suitable April birthstone.

Perfect in structure, the April birthstone is dubbed the “king of gems”. Composed of pure carbon, which is the foundational element of life, diamond is the one and only crystal that carries a “10” on the Mohs hardness scale, making it the hardest natural substance known to man.

Diamonds are not native to the Earth’s surface. Instead, these beautiful stones are formed at high pressures and temperature that only occurs in the mantle about 100 miles below the Earth’s surface. With such depth, how do we get the diamonds? Well, diamonds are delivered to the surface due to deep-source volcanic eruptions. Such eruptions start in the mantle, tearing their way up to the pieces of mantle rock and delivering them to the surface without melting. These mantle rocks are known as xenoliths and contain diamonds.

Mantle rocks are known as xenoliths

People produce diamond crystals by mining the xenolith-containing rocks or mining the sediments or soils that were created as the rocks that bear the diamonds weathered away. In addition, some diamonds are also delivered to earth in meteorites.

Another awesome property of diamonds is that they have the perfect structure. A diamond’s crystal has a cubic symmetry, which forms in a variety of triangles, octahedrons, and amorphous and cubic shapes.

Quality diamonds are carefully cut into expensive gemstones. Meanwhile, the lesser diamonds are used in industrial applications, particularly in polishing and cutting. For metaphysical use, the natural cuts of diamonds are preferred since it acts to harmonize and strengthen the natural energies moving through them.

The Meaning of April Birthstone

Diamond has always been the most prized gemstone in the world since ancient times. The April birthstone with its clear color symbolizes strength and purity and is associated with royalty and beauty. Not only that, but its enduring brilliance carries a lot of metaphysical properties and spiritual meanings.

Etymology, History, and Folklore

The name diamond is derived from the Greek term “Adamas” which means “unbreakable” “indomitable” or “untamable” and “diaphanous” which means “transparent”.

The diamond is called the “king of the gems” and, in ancient times, was usually paired with the Pearl stone as its queen.  

To the eastern world, the April birthstone is said to possess a wonderful power to bring in wealth and good fortune. A mystic in the 14th century even believed that it causes somnambulism or sleepwalking. As a talisman, it attracts the influences of the planets that it renders the wearer invincible. Also, this stone was believed to induce a state of spiritual ecstasy.


Diamonds were often associated with lightning and its prevention and are even believed to owe their origin to thunderbolts. This stone was chosen to correspond with heavenly bodies, thanks to its astrological influence, usually the sun and sometimes Venus. However, it was the distinctive talisman for Saturn, since it was said to be produced from the black carbon of Saturn.

The April birthstone carried a high level of honor in its religious use. It represents authority and is an intermediary between the divine and the human world. Not only that but it is also considered of great importance in ceremonial worship as well as in offerings.

In India, it is believed that this stone offered to the shrines or images of the gods can bring good fortune. Also, worshipping Krishna with a diamond is said to secure even the impossible or even Nirvana, which is eternal life in the highest heaven. The April birthstone is also one of the sacred stones used in the Panchatantra or maranta, the revered talismanic jewelry composed respective of five and nine gems.

In the Bible and Talmud, the diamond stone is the Yahalom, the 6th stone in the breastplate of the High Priest. It was engraved with the tribal name Zebulun. This stone was reputed to show the innocence or guilt of an accused person. The gem grew dim and become lusterless if a person was guilty. But if innocent, it would shine out tenfold.

During the Middle ages, the April birthstone was reputed to be the cure or antidote for all positions when worn as a ring. But, if swallowed, it was believed to be the deadliest substance. Throughout this time period, there are many stories that diamonds were ground into dust and administered to an unsuspecting victims. Some were reported to have died, others claimed that it had no effect whatsoever. Also, slaves in the mines were reported to have swallowed chunks of diamonds to steal them and lived to recover and enjoy their bounty.

Spiritual Meaning and Metaphysical Properties

The April birthstone is a highly spiritual stone. It is a symbol of illumination and perfection, activating the etheric and crown chakras. Thus, it is said to enhance imagination, connection to the divine, and opening yourself to the possible and new things. When placed on your third eye chakra, this stone is said to encourage psychic development and is an effective tool for remote viewing, clairvoyance, and telepathic communication.

crown chakras

In addition to this spiritual power, the diamond crystal with its unconquerable hardness has been known as the Stone of Invincibility. It is said to bring superior strength, victory courage, and fortitude to its wearer. It is also associated with fearlessness and its powerful protective properties. In fact, this stone has been used since antiquity as a talisman against cowardice.

Not only that, but the April birthstone is also a symbol of wealth and is said to help manifest abundance in your life. It can amplify goals, energies, and intent and is highly suitable for magnifying the vibrations of other healing crystals. It rallies strength and brings intellectual and emotional confidence.

This birthstone is also considered to be the ideal crystal for the puritan who gave up on material wealth and chooses it as an object for careful contemplation as well as deep meditation. And the fact that this stone must be cut to reveal its beauty compares to the spiritual, inner beauty of the human being.

The April birthstone is considered to be a stone of fidelity and love. It is not only given in traditional wedding and engagement rings but is the official anniversary stone for 10th and 60th-year anniversaries.

Engagement rings

In all its beauty and rarity, the diamond is also a symbol of innocence, purity, fidelity, and love. It helps embrace the strength of ethics, character, and faithfulness to yourself and to other people. It’s indicative of the open and loving nature with which you came into the physical realm and the encouraging h aspect of trust and truth. It’s known as the “gem of reconciliation”, said to enhance the love of a husband for his spouse.

For anyone who has lost their self-worth or identity, is reluctant, confused, or unable to step into their spiritual fate in life, the diamond crystal can bring a sense of radiance and loving energy that clears the aura. This helps fill the emptiness and bring light and purity. Not only that, but this stone also links with the Divine and allows the light of the soul to shine through so you can share it with others.

Not only that, but the April birthstone also encourages you to look at the hardships and struggles of life and see the lesson and possible growth. It then lends its strength to deal with high-pressure situations, assisting you to respond to the challenges with grace. This stone will encourage you to be a model of fortitude in times of adversity and helps you understand that in these difficult times, your behavior reveals your true beauty and soul’s knowledge.

What Color is April’s Birthstone?

Generally speaking, the April birthstone is known to be colorless or clear. However, diamonds are also available in several colors.

color grading scale and make up clear diamonds

Golden to brownish hues is due to the traces of nitrogen impurities that are present in the gaseous environment during the diamond formation. These diamonds are known as champagne or cognac diamonds.

Traditionally, there’s a color grading system for the colors of the April birthstone. For the low saturation yellow and brown scale from Z and up to D which means colorless.

Diamonds graded D, E, and F are the topmost of the color grading scale and make up clear diamonds without impurities. Meanwhile, the near-colorless range consists of letter grades G, H, I, and J. Lastly, the diamonds graded with letters K to Z have a light to faint yellowish or brownish color.

Fancy diamonds

Other than these, the April birthstone also comes in less traditional colors including blue, pink, red, gray, green, black and orange, These are referred to as the “fancy diamonds”. These colored diamonds are also expensive, depending on the color intensity and may even command a higher price than the traditional clear ones.

In particular, blue diamonds are colored by boron impurities. Others are just a result of crystal lattice defects or irritations. Since fancy-colored diamonds are rare but in high demand, they are often introduced in the lab, producing color-treated diamonds.

How To Use Your April Birthstone?

There are several ways you can use your April birthstone.

However, perhaps the most common way is to wear it as a piece of jewelry. Diamonds are perhaps the most sought-after crystal in the world. Its extravagance and beauty have found their way in all kinds of jewelry you can think of, even in crowns and fancy belts and designer bags.


Diamonds are also the perfect transducers. They allow high-frequency vibrational energies of the spirit and divine realm to be more accessible to your conscious self. Thus, it is also suitable for meditation. When used in meditation and placed on your third eye, the April birthstone can facilitate entry into meaningful divine states and can heighten your psychic powers. You can also place a second diamond in your heart to activate the energetic circuit between your two vital centers and influence them to act in a synergistic union as nature intended.

Diamonds can also be used for clearing a room before bedtime. This helps cleanse the area of unwanted entities and prevent nightmares. Not only that, but placing this crystal under your pillow or just beside your bed can help induce lucid dreaming.

Meanwhile, rough diamond elixirs are known to counteract exhaustion. You can simply add a few drops to your bath to re-energize. Raw diamonds are also ideal for bringing clarity of energy to any part of your body. Meanwhile, the gems can be used to infuse your aura with full-spectrum Light energy, reflecting all frequencies and hues for cleansing and strengthening.

The Health Benefits and Healing Properties of the April Birthstone

Diamond is known to be an excellent healer, thanks to its ability to unify the body and the mind. This stone is best used as a supportive stone that can amplify the powers of other mineral stones when working on particular issues, particularly where energy congestion has caused a physical imbalance.

Purifying brain function

The April birthstone is highly beneficial in strengthening and purifying brain function, sensory organs, and nerves. It’s thought to help in balancing your brain hemispheres. It is actually thought to be good for epilepsy, and strokes and to combat the aging of cells while restoring energy levels. However, this should be avoided in cases of depressive mania, paranoid psychosis, and obsessive jealousy.

Furthermore, diamonds are used for urine retention, constipation, and in general all organs that are concerned with removing waste from the body. Also, applying the April birthstone to the kidneys is known to accelerate the evacuation of the stones. The effects are said to persist after it has been removed. Thus, it is recommended to proceed in short sessions of 5 minutes.

The Love and Relationship Benefits and Properties of the April Birthstone

The hardness of the April birthstone has become synonymous with the theme of union and love. Diamonds are not just tough; they sparkle and shine like no other gemstones. Even the smallest crystal can be as bright as the sun. And since they can be a significant investment, diamonds symbolize a major long-term commitment with your partners. For all these reasons, the April birthstone represents the endlessness and purity of love.

This stone is also indicative of the open and loving nature with which you came into the physical realm. It also encourages the aspect of trust and truth. This love-bearing stone, regarded in antiquity until today has been used as wedding rings and engagement rings, and other pieces of jewelry that symbolize the gift of love.

Love is the most beautiful emotion and the April birthstone can make sure that you enjoy every single moment of it. It can help purify your energy levels so that you can be more aware of the possibilities and be more open to accepting the love that surrounds you.

Not only that, but it also helps encourage your appreciation for all the good things that you experience in life, even the bad ones. It shall remind you that you’re already what you’re seeking if you just learn to embrace your flaws and be proud of your gifts.


While it celebrates love, the April birthstone is also used for emotional healing and trauma. Its clear and pure energies can help you deal with emotional pains. This brings strong vibrations and energies directly to your heart that can help it heal, get more resilient, and grow stronger.

Having a diamond crystal close to you can help release all kinds of fear that you might have about love. Its clearness can make you see all the wonderful things that love can bring into your life. Also, it helps you become more aware of the things that may happen if it doesn’t lead to a happy ending. Furthermore, the diamond stone can help remove the feelings of repression, allowing you to feel free and light.

The diamond crystal can also make you a more forgiving human, both of your own mistakes and flaws and your partner’s. It reassures you that there is nothing wrong with making a mistake and trying for a new beginning. After all, it is through failures and losses that you get to know your true capabilities and strength. This should bring the light of the spirit into the deepest and darkest places in your mind and heart so you can heal from within.

This stone should fill you with uplifting energies so you can experience happiness, joy, and love once again. It shall bring back harmony into your love, removing fear in your heart as well as tensions and problems in your relationship.

The Wealth Fetching Benefits and Properties of the April Birthstone

The April birthstone is a symbol of wealth. It represents the manifestation and accumulation of abundance. As the hardest stone demanding a high price tag in the market, the diamond crystal is known to symbolize wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

Furthermore, diamonds are great amplifiers and conductors of energy. It helps absorb feelings and thoughts and then radiates them outward. This allows you to stay positive while projecting empowering thoughts and ideas around you to attract a positive reaction from others and abundance from the universe.

As a result, diamonds can be quite useful in the workplace for congenial atmospheres if you want to expand your field of opportunities in attracting abundance and prosperity.

Diamond crystal

Take note, however, that diamonds can also amplify negative energies. And while it never really requires recharging, this stone should be cleansed from time to time to remove the toxic ones.

The April birthstone in its beauty and rarity is also said to bring success, victory, courage, and fortitude to its wearer. It is often associated with fearlessness and the frequency of protection. This way, you can amplify your energies, intent, and goals without the fear of backing down. It is especially beneficial if set in gold and then worn on your left arm.

In terms of success, the diamond crystal offers a big boost of focus and determination. It can help open up your chakras so that energy flow will be natural and smooth. Also, this stone can also keep you on your toes, boosting productivity and creativity as well.

Furthermore, the April birthstone can help you open new doors to opportunities and new sources of income. It provides you the preciseness to see them and grab the chance.

Lastly, thanks to its clearness and versatility, this stone can be combined with other money-attracting stones such as green aventurine and pyrite in order to enhance their energy and strengthen your financial intention.

The Benefits of Wearing an April Birthstone? Ring, Necklace, Bracelet, and Other Jewelry

Birthstone jewelry is the oldest tradition and the best way to benefit from the endless healing benefits of your April birthstone.

Birthstone jewelry

From a bracelet that beats against your pulse to a pendant pressed against your chest to rings slipped on your finger, wearing your April birthstone against the skin is the best way for you to absorb and benefit from its energy.

Wearing your April birthstone has the benefit of bringing its healing elements around the clock. With the stone directly pressed against your skin, its vibrational energies can easily transfer to your body where it’s needed.

For years, the April birthstone represents extravagance and beauty and has been used in all sorts of jewelry— from the crowns of early royal families to common engagement rings. However, diamonds can be found in several kinds of accessories and pieces of jewelry other than rings.

You can find it in earrings, necklaces, watches, and even crowns. It is also common to see diamonds adorn designer bags and clothing. Although diamonds have become more prevalent, they still remain a luxury item, reserved for those who can actually afford their price tag.

How to Cleanse Your April Birthstones?

Keeping your April birthstone cleansed is an essential aspect of stone ownership. This crystal is known to soak up negative energy. Thus, it is only important to regularly cleanse it, ensuring that it stays in great shape and that its powerful energies stay high and effective.

Thanks to its toughness and hardness, the April birthstone can be physically cleaned with just about any method. The simplest one is to use a mild detergent, gently brushing its surface to remove accumulated dust and debris. Then, rinse it thoroughly and dry it with a soft towel.

If you’re busy, then you can always have it cleaned with a commercial jewelry cleaner. Be careful with steam and ultrasonic cleaners when cleaning your diamond jewelry. While the diamond itself is tough, the high temperature and ultrasonic vibrations may cause the setting to become loose and the crystal falling out.

So make sure to only take your April birthstone to a jeweler for cleaning, ensuring that both settings and gemstone are in great condition.

Now, to cleanse its energies, you can simply take a bowl of fresh water, add some sea salt and soak the stone in this tonic overnight. Or, you can also have it soaked in a bowl of ocean water. The saltiness works gently on the gems to wash away the toxic vibes caught in their crystalline structure. This ensures that every inch of your April birthstone is rejuvenated and restored.

Full moon

If you want to take your cleansing rituals further, you can simply place the crystal under the moonlight for a night. This helps cleanse its energies while filling it with a high frequency of mystical powers that strongly complements its earthy elements. Make sure to leave it in a safe space beneath the sky and allow the energies of the moon to do their work. Enjoy added powers during a full moon, a new moon, or if Venus is burning bright.

Another way to cleanse your birthstone is to use special herbs for smudging purposes. White sage is one of the most popular spiritual herbs that can help cleanse your crystal. However, the April birthstone also reacts well with myrrh and rose.

If you have singing bowls, then you can also use its soothing sound vibrations to cleanse and recharge your April birthstone.

For those who keep their April birthstone on their person at all times, it’s greatly beneficial to smudge or cleanses the stone every week in order to keep its vibrations and energies running clear.

However, if it is only worn occasionally, then it should benefit from being cleansed or smudged a couple of times a year. Now, if you’re using this crystal stone for direct healing work like manifesting with intentions or opening chakras, then it should be cleaned every session to ensure that nothing gets stuck.

Final Thoughts

With its clearness and purity, Diamond carries the color of the ice and the spirit of winter. However, only with the power of the sun and light that comes from summer can it show its true beauty with its flashing brilliance of fire and the colors of the rainbow. This makes it the most suitable stone for the month of April.

Dubbed as the king of gems, the diamond has been a favorite of royalties, celebrities, elites, and wealth for years. With its sparkly elegance and sophistication coupled with its metaphysical and spiritual properties of love, purity, and strength; it is indeed one of the most precious crystal stones you can get.


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