Discover the Magic of Aquamarine: Meaning, Uses & Benefits


As you gaze upon the tranquil blue-green hues of aquamarine, you can almost feel the soothing energy radiating from this captivating gemstone.

From the ocean’s depths to the jewelry boxes of royalty, aquamarine has been cherished and revered for centuries. But it’s not just its beauty that makes aquamarine so special. This enchanting stone is also believed to possess powerful properties that can benefit the mind, body, and spirit.

In this blog, we’ll deeply dive into the meaning, uses, and benefits of aquamarine, and explore why this gemstone is truly a treasure to behold. So, come with us on a journey of discovery, and let’s uncover the magic of aquamarine together.

What Is Aquamarine?

Picture a calm, serene ocean, its crystal-clear waters reflecting the sun’s light. Imagine capturing that ethereal blue-green hue and crystallizing it into a gemstone. That, my friend, is aquamarines.


But it’s not just any gemstone – aquamarine is a member of the beryl family, including emeralds and morganite. What sets aquamarines apart is its unique color, ranging from a pale blue to a deep, rich blue-green.

The name “aquamarine” comes from the Latin words “aqua” and “marina,” which mean “water” and “of the sea,” respectively – a fitting name for a gemstone that so closely resembles the ocean and sarcophagi of the Ancient Egyptians.

Its history and lore are just as fascinating as its beauty, and its properties are believed to benefit those who wear it. So, let’s dive deeper into the world of aquamarine and uncover its secrets.

The Aquamarine Crystals Meaning

When you think of aquamarine, you might imagine a mermaid’s treasure or a mystical talisman. And in many ways, that’s not far off from the truth. Aquamarines has been revered for centuries for its unique properties and meanings. Roman fishermen believed that Aquamarines were directly related to the god of sea.

The Aquamarine Crystals Meaning

In ancient times, it was believed to protect sailors on their voyages and ensure safe passage across the sea. Today, it’s still considered a stone of protection, but its meanings have expanded to encompass a range of benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. Aquamarine promotes calmness and clarity, helping to soothe stress and anxiety.

It’s also believed to stimulate creativity and self-expression, making it a popular choice for artists and writers. And for those seeking spiritual enlightenment, aquamarine is thought to enhance intuition and connection to the divine. Whether you’re drawn to aquamarine for its beauty, history, or properties, there’s no denying this gemstone’s magic.

Best Uses Of Aquamarine Crystals

The best uses of aquamarines crystal are as varied as its meanings and properties. From jewelry to home decor, aquamarine can be incorporated into many different aspects of your life. Here are a few of the best uses of aquamarine:


Perhaps the most common use of aquamarine is in jewelry. Its unique color and clarity make it popular for engagement rings, necklaces, and earrings, on any aquamarine quality factors, consult our aquamarine. Cutting aquamarine over 25 carats will have a lower price per carat than smaller one. Wearing aquamarine jewelry is said to promote calmness and clarity, and enhance communication as well as self-expression.

Aquamarine Crystals Jewelry


Aquamarines is believed to have a calming and centering effect, making it a great crystal for meditation. Holding this precious stone or placing it on your third eye chakra can help to soothe anxiety, mental clarity, and promote a deeper connection to your inner self.


Home Decor

Aquamarine crystals and stones can be incorporated into home decor to add a touch of serenity and calmness. Placing an aquamarine cluster or geode in your living space is said to promote a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

Feng Shui

In feng shui, aquamarine gemstone is associated with the Water element and is believed to enhance positive energy flow in your home or workspace. Placing an aquamarine crystal in the North or East areas of your space is said to bring good luck and prosperity.

Feng Shui

Whether you wear aquamarine jewelry or incorporate it into your home decor, this enchanting crystal will surely bring a sense of peace and tranquility to your life.

Physical Properties Of Aquamarine Crystals

Aquamarine crystal has unique physical properties that make it a popular and valuable gemstone. Here are some of the key physical properties of aquamarine:

Physical Properties Of Aquamarine Crystals
  • Color: Aquamarine stone ranges in color from a blue to a deep blue-green and greenish blue, with a vitreous luster.
  • Hardness: Aquamarine’s durability and scratch resistance are due to its hardness rating of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, making it a long-lasting gemstone.
  • Transparency: Aquamarine stone is generally transparent to translucent, with some specimens exhibiting asterism (a star-like effect).
  • Refractive Index: The refractive index of aquamarine stone is between 1.57 and 1.58.
  • Cleavage: Aquamarine stones has poor cleavage, meaning that it does not break easily along distinct planes.
  • Density: The density of aquamarine stones ranges from 2.68 to 2.74 g/cm³.
  • Crystalline Structure: Aquamarine stones belongs to the hexagonal crystal system and has a prismatic crystal structure.

These physical properties make aquamarine a highly desirable gemstone for use in jewelry and other decorative objects. Its unique color, hardness, and clarity make it a popular choice for engagement rings, while its durability and resistance to scratches make it a practical choice for everyday wear. Its crystalline structure and transparency make it a sought-after crystal for collectors and enthusiasts.

Healing Properties Of Aquamarine Crystals

Aquamarine crystal is believed to have a variety of healing properties for the mind, body, and spirit. Here are some of the healing properties associated with aquamarine:

Healing Properties Of Aquamarine Crystals

Calming and Soothing

Aquamarine is known for its calming and soothing properties, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. It is said to promote emotional balance and tranquility, allowing for a sense of peace and serenity.


Aquamarine crystal is believed to enhance communication. It is said to promote clarity of thought and clear public speaking communication, allowing for better understanding and connection with others.

Physical Healing

This Aquamarine crystal is believed to have physical healing property, particularly for the throat, jaw, and neck areas. This crystal is said to help with sore throats, thyroid issues, and dental problems.

Spiritual Growth

Aquamarine is associated with the throat chakra, which is linked to communication, self-expression, and spiritual growth. It is believed to enhance intuition, increase awareness, bring happiness and promote spiritual enlightenment.

Purification and Detoxification

Aquamarine is thought to have purifying and detoxifying properties. It is believed to help cleanse the body of toxins and negative energies, promoting overall well-being and vitality.

These are just a few of the healing properties associated with aquamarine crystal. Whether you wear it as jewelry, meditate with it, or keep it in your home, aquamarine can help bring a sense of calmness and balance to your life.

The Different Types Of Aquamarine Crystal

Aquamarine is a variety of the mineral beryl and can be found in different types based on its color, clarity, and other properties. Here are the different types of aquamarine crystal:

Santa Maria Aquamarine Gemstones

This type of aquamarine’s color is known for its deep blue color minerals and excellent transparency. It is named after the Santa Maria de Itabira mine in Brazil, where it was first discovered.

Santa Maria Aquamarine Gemstones

Madagascar Aquamarine

This type of aquamarine is known for its light blue-green color and is often found in large, clean crystals. It is usually less expensive than other types of aquamarine.

Brazilian Aquamarine Gemstones

Brazilian aquamarine is known for its pale blue color and high clarity. It is often found in large, flawless crystals and is highly valued by collectors and jewelry makers.

Brazilian Aquamarine Gemstones

Blue-Green Aquamarine

This type of aquamarine is a mix of blue and green colors, and can range in color from light to dark. It is often found in larger crystals and is popular for use in jewelry.

Cat’s Eye Aquamarine

This type of aquamarine exhibits chatoyancy, or a “cat’s eye” effect, due to its fibrous structure. It is a rare and valuable variety of aquamarine.


Morganite is a type of beryl that is often pink or peach in color, but can also be found in pale blue or green colors that are sometimes marketed as “aquamarine”. However, it is technically a different mineral.

These are just a few of the different types of aquamarine crystal that can be found. Each type has its own unique characteristics and properties, making it a popular choice for collectors and jewelry makers alike.


How should I care for my aquamarine jewelry?

Aquamarine is a relatively durable gemstone, but it can still be scratched or damaged by hard knocks. To care for your aquamarine jewelry, avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or high temperatures, and store it separately from other jewelry to avoid scratches.

Can aquamarine be treated or enhanced?

Yes, aquamarine can be treated or enhanced in a number of ways. One common treatment is heat treatment, which can improve the color and clarity of the stone. Some aquamarine may also be treated with radiation or other methods to enhance its color.

What is the largest aquamarine crystal ever found?

Discovered in Brazil in 1910, the largest aquamarine crystal ever found weighed over 243 pounds. After being cut into smaller gems, one of them weighing over 100 pounds is now featured in the British Crown Jewels.


In conclusion, aquamarine is a beautiful and powerful crystal with a long history of use in jewelry, healing, and spiritual practices. Its calming energy and ability to promote clarity and communication make it a popular choice for those seeking to connect with their inner selves and improve their relationships with others.

From its physical properties to its healing properties and different types, there are many fascinating aspects to explore when it comes to aquamarine. Whether you’re a collector, a jewelry maker, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty and energy of gemstones, aquamarine is a crystal that is sure to enchant and inspire.

So, embrace the magic of aquamarine and discover all the amazing ways it can enhance your life!


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