Aquamarine Meanings, Properties and Uses


Complete Guide about Healing Properties, Legendary Uses, and Spiritual Meaning of Aquamarine

Aquamarine crystals have been valued for years, thanks to their dark blue, mesmerizing beauty. And they are more than just another precious, sparkly gemstone. This gorgeous crystal offers a broad variety of mystical properties and healing benefits.


What is Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is a transparent, pale blue color crystal that is a part of the beryl family. Its mesmerizing hue of sometimes bluish-green is mainly caused by the iron oxides within its chemical makeup.

In the past, the most valued aquamarine crystals were the ones with a green tint. However, today, aquamarines with rich, sky-blue colors are the most sought-after.

Depending on which angle you’re looking at an aquamarine, can look green, blue, greenish blue, or may be colorless. This is known as the pleochroic effect. Aquamarine is at 7.5 – 8 in the Mohs Hardness scale value. The best aquamarine crystals are mined in Brazil, where crystals are known to weigh several kilos.

Other places where aquamarine is mined are Madagascar, the Soviet Union, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the US, Nigeria, and India.

The Meaning and Uses

The Meaning and Uses of Aquamarine

The name aquamarine is derived from the Latin term “aqua marinus” which means “water of the sea”, and actually refers to the sparkling ocean-like color that ranges from greenish blue to blue-green of this gem.

With its association with the throat chakra, this elegant gem is used to overcome the fear of speaking and is a superb stone for presenters and teachers of all kinds. Its soothing energies have the ability to relax speakers to a stage of consciousness where they are fully aware of their own wisdom, truths, and feelings, articulating them with conviction and clarity.

Not only that, but it also may show helps you to speak clearly without anger, especially in difficult and frustrating situations. This beautiful crystal can also accelerate your intellectual reasoning and improve your ability for a rapid response.

Furthermore, it can encourage the ideal of service to the world and to humanity’s development. These gemstones emit passionate and gentle energy, promoting responsibility and moderation in your actions. It also inspired judgmental persons to be more tolerant and help those that are overwhelmed by responsibility to find peace and order.

As a stone of natural justice, the aquamarine is also used for negotiation and compromise, offering quiet courage and crystal clear reasoned words during a confrontational situation.

As a travel gem, this stone is also used by those who journey by sea, guarding those involved in long-haul travel such as driving or flying long distances.

For love, this crystal is used to encourage a lover to return, reducing the effects of sensitive issues which cause a lover’s quarrel and helping two people with different lifestyles to live harmoniously together.

Aquamarine Metaphysical Properties

Aquamarine Meanings, Properties and Uses

Aquamarine evokes the clearness and purity of the crystalline blue color of ocean water and the relaxation and beauty of the sea. It is cleansing, calming, soothing, inspiring trust, truth, and letting go.

In ancient legends, these blue crystal stones were believed to be the treasure of the mermaids and were used by the journeying sailors as a talisman of safety, fearlessness, and good luck.

This crystal was also considered the stone of happiness and eternal youth. Ancient seers also considered it to be under the mighty influence of the moon, an orb that exerts great magnetic influence. It was believed that it has forecasting abilities.

Furthermore, aquamarine embodies all things associated with the sea, as well as those things that relate to heaven reflected on the water’s surface. Its transparency becomes a mirror that reflects itself indefinitely, making it possible for you to discover hidden meaning in your reality.

The Benefits of Aquamarine

Aquamarine carries a variety of potent energies that makes it a highly sought-after stone in the healing crystal community. Here are some of them.

Physical Healing

For physical healing

Aquamarine is an excellent stone of breath, healing ailments of the lungs and your respiratory tract. This potent crystal has the ability to heal sinus conditions as well as frequent coughing. It is highly effective for hay fever, frequent sneezing, and several chronic allergies. Plus, it could also relieve bronchitis and colds.

Being a cooling stone, the aquamarine dark blue color crystal has also countering properties for infections type and is useful for sore throat, strep throat, or laryngitis. It has the ability to harmonize your thyroid and pituitary glands and regulates growth and hormones.

It can support the healing of inflammatory ailments of every type and is soothing to hives, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. It may show even help in the prevention of herpes outbreaks.

Not only that, sometimes skin diseases that are caused by allergies can also be healed and treated with the aquamarine blue color crystal which can even complement shingles treatment.

Emotional Healing

for emotional healing

Aquamarine is called a water element crystal, making it powerful for cleansing your emotional body and opening your lines of communication. Not only that, but its gentle energy can also bring emotional patterns to the surface, helping you understand the reason for holding onto these old patterns or thoughts that are actually limiting your forward motion.

Furthermore, this dark blue color crystal can also help you identify where your ego is causing you to assume the abuser or victim role, overreacting, manipulating others, or becoming a martyr yourself. By releasing these patterns on a conscious level, it allows you to have better relationships while inducing compassion and love.

In addition, its cooling energies also help balance your excessive fear or anger, clearing past physical, emotional, or verbal abuse. Thus, it makes an excellent crystal for kids who have been through traumatic experiences and are acting out awkwardly or aggressively or who have been disassociated from their emotional bodies.

Aquamarine also heals the effect of having over-judgmental parents, setting out impossible gem quality, and the panic attacks that linger from inadequacy and guilt into adulthood.

Chakra Healing and Balancing

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Aquamarine, having the beautiful colors of the azure ocean, is perhaps the strongest crystal for activating and clearing the throat chakra. This stone can stimulate the energy from your heart to your throat, allowing your heartfelt and deepest truth to be clearly communicated.

The throat chakra is the body’s voice— a pressure valve that allows the energy from all other chakras to be completely expressed. If it is out of balance or blocked, then it can affect the balance and health of all other chakras.

When balanced, it allows the truthful and clear expression of what you feel and think. Using aquamarine to stimulate the throat chakra, you can communicate your emotions, beliefs, and ideas, bringing your personal truth out into the world.

Relationship and Love

For friendship and love

The loving energies of the blue aquamarine gem can help you become more sensitive to the feelings and needs of your partner. It can help you tune in to your loved one’s emotions, this way they do not surprisingly have to say a word for you to know and understand how they’re feeling.

With its energies, you can pay more attention to indirect messages and unspoken words. You’ll have the ability to listen to what they actually mean and not to what they say, as you anticipate their emotions, reactions, and needs.

In addition, this dark blue color crystal also helps you get rid of and change your tendency to be judgmental. You reserve your opinion about other people, their actions, and their relationship all to yourself. You’ll also become more considerate and compassionate towards other people.

Aquamarine is also a highly supportive blue color crystal gem when you need closure with your feelings for someone or for a past relationship. Its energies can help you find the answer you’ve been looking for in your mind.


For Protection

In ancient times, it was believed that sea merchants and sailors would carry or wear an aquamarine crystal gem in order to protect them from the sea and have a safe journeying.

The Greeks even believed that aquamarine gems could provide a safe passage across stormy seas. Other cultures even believe that the dark blue aquamarine gem can be a powerful antidote against poison and offers safety against the mermaid’s spell.

Sleep Insomnia

for sleep insomnia

Shot of a beautiful young woman awakes using a smartphone in the bedroom at night. Mobile phone abuse concept.

The presence of the soothing and calming energies of blue aquamarine gem can help take away all the stress of the days, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep without any sign of nightmares or bad dreams.

This crystal also works for insomnia, bringing about deep relaxation and feelings of tranquility to the body, spirit, and mind.


for confidence

The aquamarine crystal gem might not be the first stone you’ll think of when talking about confidence-boosting crystal, however, it can still offer you many energies that can increase your self-esteem.

As the Stone of Courage, the gem-quality aquamarine crystals pay homage to your inner strength and provide nurturing abilities to help you step out of the shadows and to the light. It brings you eases any form of fear and boosts your confidence and self-esteem.

Depression and Anxiety

For depression and anxiety

It’s not surprising to know that aquamarine is also highly regarded for its ability to ease and calm mental afflictions. It is known to heal psychological and spiritual disorders such as chronic depression.

As tranquil as the ocean waters, this crystal can offer you inner serenity and is known for its ability to calm nervousness and anxiety as it is soothing and calming. This crystal supports a quiet mind, sharpening your intellect and clarifying your perceptions.

Career Success

For Career and Success

The aquamarine gem can help in improving your intellectual prowess so that you can innovate and come up with solutions effectively and quickly. It helps with your logic and reasoning so that you can provide answers to complicated situations, allowing you to excel in your chosen career.

Not only that, but this crystal gem can also infuse you with discipline and perseverance. Not only that, its highly calm and intellectual energies can also infuse you with the much-needed leadership skills and talents to climb up the success ladder.

Like the wide greenish-blue ocean that hides all manner of riches and treasures, you can likewise bring up some of your hidden skills and talents from within yourself and rise to the occasion, adopting the right mindset and finding the right motivation to act on your goals.

Combining With Other Crystal Stones

Aquamarine gemstones, despite being powerful alone, can also work harmoniously with other crystal stones in order to amplify the gem quality of its healing energies or support other gemstones.

Here are some of the best crystals to be paired with the lovely aquamarine.




Sodalite is a powerful stone of the crown chakra, boosting insight and intuition. It improves your creativity, self-discipline, efficiency, and structure in life. However, sodalite, with its bluish hue is also a potent crystal of the throat chakra.


When sodalite and aquamarine are combined, you can further improve your intellectuality and promote a clearer and stronger verbal expression. It helps in the development and clarity of thoughts.

And since sodalite is dubbed as the stone of logic, it can promote effective reasoning, learning, and better stimulation of the mind. Paired with aquamarine, you can express your thoughts, wisdom, knowledge, and mind in a well-organized manner.


With both stones, you can also encourage self-expression and allow yourself to be honest with yourself. It increases your confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth, allowing you to trust your judgment and not question every decision you make in your life.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz


Aquamarine with its association with the sea induces deep cleansing of your whole being, while smoky quartz, with its strong connection to the earth, brings about stabilizing and grounding features. Both stones can also bring calmness and tranquility.

Smoky Quartz

In terms of the emotional aspect, the smoky quartz is helpful in elevating moods, relieving anxiety and depression, and overcoming negative emotions. In fact, it can even transform negative emotions such as stress, jealousy, fear, and anger into positive vibes.




Like aquamarine, turquoise is another potent crystal of the throat chakra. Turquoise, however, is mainly used for its protective abilities, preventing its wearer from speaking ill of other people or helping you stay calm during chaotic situations.


Pairing it with aquamarine, you can heighten the capabilities of your throat chakra and help you speak your ideas and thoughts with calmness.


Their harmonizing energies can also help you overcome your fear of public speaking, encouraging clarity in your speech so you can quickly and clearly communicate yourself without misunderstandings.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate

Similar to the aquamarine and turquoise combination from above, pairing aquamarine with blue color lace agate can also enhance the abilities of your throat chakra.


With aquamarine, you can balance your chakra of communication, allowing you to control your temper and prevent harsh words from being spoken. It surrounds you in calming energy that helps release anger and unblocks your throat chakra in a cool manner.

This way, you become more tolerant and less judgmental.

Blue Lace Agate

The blue lace agate is also a potent crystal for anger. It can ease the urgent need to react, providing you with time to choose a more civil and appropriate response during a difficult situation. Not only that, but its high vibrations can also align you with the higher state of consciousness, so you can respond to aggression with grace.


Using this combo, you will have a renewed compassion and sensitivity towards others, neutralizing angry words and promoting peaceful communication.




For spiritual connections and enhancement, combining aquamarine with celestite can be quite useful and effective. Celestite s a high vibrational stone that gets its name from the Latin term “caelestic” which means heavenly.


Thus, this stone can raise your spiritual energy and make it possible for you to commune with spirit guides and guardian angels. And aquamarine can create a bridge between your throat chakra and crown chakra, allowing you to speak and have better communication with the divine.


With both crystals, you can stimulate clear and peaceful communication, while also aligning your spiritual truths to express them openly to the divine and improve your ability to speak and communicate with the spiritual world.



If you want a combination that protects you when traveling, then the aquamarine and moonstone duo should be your best bet.

The soothing energy of aquamarine makes an excellent talisman of good luck for sea merchants, sailors, and those traveling over or on water. Ancient legends even say that aquamarine was the treasure of the mermaid, safeguarding you against drowning and other accidents when traveling.

Moonstone, on the other hand, is dubbed as the Traveler’s stone and is another potent crystal for traveling. It is especially useful during the night and when traveling on water, thanks to its association with the water element and feminine energies of the moon.



Aquamarine may be known to be a compassionate and gentle crystal; this potent stone can also teach you how to be strong and overcome fears, especially in difficult situations. Its strong energies can impart great courage, whether that is bringing closure to a relationship or coping with the loss and the death of a loved one.

Then, the energies of bloodstone can help you stand your ground and provide the much-needed energy to deal with emotional struggles.

In addition, aquamarine can also give you the courage to speak up whenever your patience is tested. While the bloodstone can ground you to the present moment, while offering confidence and support, during chaotic arguments or situations.

Is Aquamarine a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Aquamarine is both a birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Aquamarine is March Birthstone

Aquamarine is March Birthstone

Aquamarine is a traditional birthstone of people born in March. In addition, the pale blue aquamarine is also considered one of the true birthstones of people born during the vernal equinox and spring which is on February 19 – March 19.

This is the time of the year when new life is about to grow and burst forth and is the time of trust and faith. And the rich color of the aquamarine crystals becomes a wonderful symbol of health, hope, growth, and youth.

Aquamarine is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Pisces  

Aquamarine is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Pisces

Since Aquamarine is the traditional birthstone for people born in March, it also becomes the traditional zodiac crystal stone for the Pisces sign. The star sign that’s also about water with its symbol being the 2 fishes, Pisces people are generous, creative, highly emotional, and generous.

While their expression of emotions is an amazing thing, sometimes it helps to have the aquamarine crystals to keep it from spiraling out of control, claiming negative and overactive moods.

The watery nature of Pisces can also turn them into powerful shapeshifters. This means that can move fluidly with the crowd instead of becoming stuck and solid. Although this versatility is somewhat amazing, this also means that Pisces struggles to amplify its inner voice and thoughts and be heard. Thus, aquamarine can help stimulate their throat chakra and encourage clear and honest communication.

Meditation with Aquamarine

Meditation with Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a great crystal for meditation which helps awaken your paranormal abilities. This stone is helpful in inducing divine revelations and some traditions even claim that it is possible to see your guardian angel or spirit guide with the aquamarine crystal when pointed to the north.

During meditation, the aquamarine crystal can impart a feeling of calmness and serenity. Its soothing energy can also clear out emotional clutter and allow you to exist in the current world.

As a potent crystal of the throat chakra, it also allows you to connect with your spiritual side, opening up your contact with the higher planes.

To use aquamarine, you need to hold a piece of aquamarine gemstone while meditating and reciting your mantra. You can also place a gemstone on the floor or on the mat during meditation.

How to Cleanse and Charge Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is a highly durable stone that can be cleansed and charged using the most traditional methods. However, its affinity to the water makes it highly recommended to be cleansed in natural bodies of water such as the ocean, river, or lake.

However, if you don’t live near natural bodies of water, you can simply clean your aquamarine crystal with plain, warm soapy water and a toothbrush.

Once you’ve washed the crystal, you can rinse it well with plain water. Dry it immediately or allow it to dry under the sun.

Just be careful not to use heat-treated water since it increases the chances of thermal shock. Also, harsh detergents and enzyme cleaners should be avoided since these can damage your crystal. Furthermore, it is not advisable to clean your aquamarine crystal in an ultrasonic tank.

In order to charge the aquamarine crystal, you can just leave it outside for 24 hours so that it can receive both full moonlight and sunlight energy. You can also submerge this crystal in a bowl of water and sea salt, placing it in the bright summer sunlight.

Lastly, a refreshing spring rain shower or even during thunderstorms can provide an opportunity to recharge your aquamarine crystal.

Final Thoughts

If you’re seeking emotional, psychic, or spiritual development, then the aquamarine crystal is your best option for these page purposes.

Its clear and bright energy with its strong association with the element of water can help wash away self-imposed restraints, and any negative entities that can prevent you from reaching your full potential.

In addition, with its strong connection to the throat chakra, the aquamarine crystal will allow you to voice out your opinions and thoughts and be heard.


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