Aragonite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Aragonite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Aragonite

Aragonite, an earthy stone, brings intense grounding and healing energies while bringing you closer to Mother earth and all its nurturing properties. Learn more about this beautiful star cluster crystal by reading below.

What is Aragonite?

Also known as Sputnik Aragonite, the aragonite is one of only 3 calcium carbonate minerals (the other two being vaterite and calcite) that naturally occurs within Mother earth.

This crystal is commonly found crystallized in the form of masses, small prismatic crystals, spherical radiating aggregates and stalactites. Aragonite also forms naturally in several marine animals, including almost all mollusk shells.

It also forms the calcareous endoskeleton of cold- and warm-water corals as well as aragonitic tubes of several serpulids.

What is Aragonite

Since the mineral depositions in mollusk shells are strongly biologically controlled, some aragonite crystal forms are distinctively different from the inorganic calcium carbonate. In some mollusk, aragonite forms only the discrete parts of a biomineral shell (aragonite and calcite); in others, the entire shell is actually aragonite.

In a rare occurrence, some extinct ammonite shells, which are naturally composed of the aragonite mineral, can naturally become iridescent. Such unusual creation is referred to as the ammolite and is only found in North America’s Rocky Mountains.

Not only that, but calcium carbonate also forms in caves and in the ocean as inorganic precipitates known as speleothems and marine cement, respectively. Aragonite is common in serpentinites where the high Mg in pore solutions inhibits the calcite growth while promoting aragonite precipitation.

Aragonite was first discovered by Abraham Goolob Werner in the year 1790 in a place known as Molina de Aragon, Spain. Since then, this stone has been found globally, particularly in countries such as Pakistan, Mexico, the UK, the Us and Italy. It is generally a soft crystal with a hardness rating of 3.5 – 4 on the Mohs hardness scale.

The most common aragonites are marketed as “sputnik” from Morocco, displaying an amber to golden brown hue. Although brown is the most common color it appears to, calcium carbonate aragonite appears in a variety of colors— colorless or white, yellow, violet, green and the most recent discovery of blue aragonite minerals.

Blue aragonite is the most stunning and preferred variety. Mostly found in stalactite or mass form, blue aragonite minerals can fetch thousands of dollars. Most blue aragonite, if not all, originated from China.

The Meaning and Uses of Aragonite

The name Aragonite is derived from the Aragon, a part of Spain where this mineral was first identified, with the -ite suffix to create a noun that refers to a mineral or rock.

Aragonite means a strong connection to Mother earth and offers strong grounding energies. In this modern world, the calcium carbonate aragonite is an essential mineral for the replication of reed conditions.

The Meaning and Uses of Aragonite

Aragonite crystals are said to probe the materials needed for most sea life to maintain their shells and skeletons as well as keeping the pH of the water close to their natural level, preventing the dissolution of the biogenic calcium carbonate.

In addition, the calcium carbonate aragonite mineral has also been successfully tested for the removal of toxic pollutants such as cobalt, lead and zinc from contaminated wastewaters.

It is claimed by water conditioner manufacturers that their tech can actually convert calcite to aragonite, which helps in reducing limescale.

Furthermore, aragonite minerals are used as a minor constituent of limestone for cement and steel productions. Calcium carbonate Aragonite crystals are also used to produce glass containers, soil acid, auto glass, neutralizing poultry and animal seed, among other things.

In the metaphysical healing world, aragonite is also fashioned into crystal balls, tumbled stones, spheres and decorative or ornamental figurines.

Some jewelry manufacturers also make this crystal, particularly the recently discovered blue aragonites, into pieces of jewelry including earrings, rings, pendants as well as beaded bracelets and necklaces.

Aragonite Metaphysical Properties

Aragonite offers a strong connection with the energy of mother nature, providing you with vigor and strength to stabilize and recharge yourself. It is a stone that can help you stay rooted on the ground, centering yourself and releasing the excess energy for intense healing of all aspects of the body.

Aragonite crystals bring an inner silence that starts your journey towards understanding your true mission and purpose on Earth. Strongly attuned to the Earth Goddess, the calcium carbonate aragonite crystal encourages you to shift your focus to living a more sustainable and conscious life.

Aragonite Metaphysical Properties

Dubbed as the Conservationist’s Stone, the aragonite minerals can encourage care and conservation for the planet. Aragonite crystals help you respect the resources that mother earth has offered to you.

Such awareness and connection to Mother Gaia will fill your heart with compassion, encouraging you to admire, honor and protect the planet. In addition, calcium carbonate Aragonite crystals can help you feel and resonate with the true heartbeat of the earth.

Once you experience a level of heightened compassion, Mother earth, in return, will reward you with stability and abundance to live a fulfilling life.

Aragonite minerals are also one of the best beginner stones that a newbie metaphysical healer can get their hands on. Its potent, yet gentle energies can help you align and activate your entire chakra column in order to promote inner balance, transformation and mental clarity.

Regardless of the color you choose, you can expect calcium carbonate Aragonite crystals to boast powerful and ambiguous energy to overtake your aura. Its vibrations can encourage you to make changes in your life while promoting self-healing, confidence and personal betterment.

The Benefits of Aragonite

The aragonite, with its various colors, makes a highly versatile healing crystal to have. Here are some of the benefits of using an aragonite crystal in your daily life.

For Physical Healing

Like many other crystals, the aragonite minerals are known to have plenty of physical healing properties.

The aragonite is said to help speed up your recovery when you’re suffering from broken bones or nerve damage. Aragonite crystals can help relieve stress and ease nerve problems which may lead to restlessness, twitching and muscle spasms.

Aragonite For Physical Healing

In addition, this stone is said to help boost your immune system, allowing you to fight off infections. Aragonite crystals can enhance your calcium absorption for bone growth and development.

Not only that, but it also helps alleviate general pains, aches and chills. Aragonite crystals can help in relieving muscle cramps, headaches and tension of the back and shoulders.

This stone is also said to give you warmth on your extremities. Plus, it helps address vitamin D and A deficiencies. Aragonite minerals are also used to treating our adrenal glands, kidneys, pancreas and other organs involved in the natural elimination of waste substances and toxins from your body.

Aragonite crystals can help in regulating fluids within the body and the proper assimilation of minerals.

This crystal is also said to help protect your pulmonary tracts while regenerating your bronchi. Plus, it is also considered an effective ally in treating ailments of the abdomen, legs and hips.

For Emotional Healing

Aragonite For Emotional Healing

Aragonite minerals, with their strong connection to mother earth, is a powerful stabilizing crystal that grounds and centers your physical energies. This makes it quite useful in times of great stress or emotional burden.

Aragonite crystals can provide insight into the causes of situations and problems and then assist in concentration to bring flexibility and tolerance to the mind.

It teaches you patience and acceptance, particularly when you feel that you have too much responsibility and causing an overload in your emotions. It also provides the needed support and strength to combat emotional stress and anger.

Thea aragonite is also said to help foster understanding, truth and an unclouded perception of reality. It is considered as a stone of nurturing which helps uplifts your feelings from stressful oppression into clarity and freedom through its ability to enhance trust, tolerance and aragonite leniency.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

With its strong connection to mother earth and commonly brown to amber color, Aragonite is mainly a strong stimulator of the root chakra.

The root or base chakra is located at the base of your spine, controlling the energy for kinesthetic movement and feeling. This is the foundation of spiritual and physical energy.

Using the energies of the aragonite minerals, you bring balance to your root chakra and gain physical stamina and strength. Your spiritual energy is also rekindled in the form of stability, security and a sense of your own power. This should lead to spontaneous leadership and independence.

Aragonite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Aragonite crystals can also be used to protect your earth chakra which is located slightly below and between the feet. This chakra holds the soul into carnation and provides a solid connection to the planet Earth. By stimulating your earth star chakra, the aragonite crystal assists in the release of excess and out-of-balance energies from your body.

Now, due to its several color varieties, the aragonite minerals also resonate well with other chakras which correspond to its color. So, if you wish to concentrate on a specific chakra, then you can just choose a color variety of aragonite that corresponds with the color designated for that chakra.

Nevertheless, all aragonite crystals, regardless of color, will still offer a strong connection to the earth and root chakra.

Here’s a guide you can use:

  • White aragonite

White is the color for the seventh chakra, also known as the crown chakra. Thus, the white aragonite offers you a strong connection with Divinity, spirituality and consciousness.

  • Violet aragonite

The third eye and even the crown chakra are symbolized by the violet hue of aragonite crystal. This chakra can evoke extrasensory perception, vision, intuition and inner wisdom.

  • Blue aragonite

The blue aragonite resonates well with the throat chakra, and sometimes with the third-eye chakra if you have the darker blue shades. This chakra symbolizes the expression of truth, self-expression, creative expression and enhanced communication.

  • Green and pink aragonite

The green and pink aragonite is connected to the heart and higher heart chakra. While green-colored aragonite is the main color of the heart chakra, pink also shares the same vibrational energies that are connected with love, compassion, relationships and integration.

  • Yellow aragonite

The solar plexus chakra can be stimulated with the yellow varieties of aragonite minerals. These crystals represent intellect, mental activities, willpower and personal power.

For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

Aragonite For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

Aragonite is a potent stone that invites prosperity, abundance, and wealth into your life. It is said to carries the energies of good fortune and good luck and boost your productivity so you can achieve more.

Being a powerful grounding stone, aragonite minerals also provides strength and support during extreme financial crises. Aragonite crystals can keep your levelled head, so you can find the solutions you need to overcome such obstacles.

It also helps prevent you from making rash decisions that may cause consequences for your finances. It helps in releasing the negative behaviours that might be causing you to lose money while providing you with positivity and stability to draw universal energy and attract wealth and prosperity.

For Relationship and Love

A wonderful stone for couples in a tense relationship, this stone helps in relieving anger, emotional fatigue and stress. Aragonite crystals can bring patience when it’s needed the most.

Aragonite For Relationship and Love

Aragonite mineral works in removing your overly sensitive and critical attitude. Aragonite crystals can be challenging to enjoy all the beautiful little moments you when always find something to disapprove or criticize your partner with.

Instead, Aragonite crystals can encourage you to see the good in everything. As a result, the wonderful things that make your relationship special will be amplified while the undesirables are left to a minimum.

Aragonite crystals can also help in diffusing bad feelings and anger. Anything that is not healthy for your relationship will be removed by its energies. Aragonite crystals can increase your compassion and understanding while providing you grace and composure when needed.

The aragonite mineral is also said to provide intense emotional stability. Aragonite crystals can provide comforting and supportive energy that can assist you whenever you are feeling pain.

It teaches you to be sensitive, kind and compassionate towards others, especially with your partner. As a result, the universe will attract such energies back to you and strengthening your relationship.

For Protection

Aragonite minerals is a powerful protective crystals. With its strong connection to the root chakra and mother earth, this stone can help in shielding you against all kinds of negative energies.

Aragonite For Protection

It helps in filtering out the bad moods, unhelpful comments, unspoken resentments and negative influences that can drain your strength and enthusiasm. Furthermore, it also hides you against hostility.

Also, it helps protect you against geopathic stress, absorbing electromagnetic smog given off by electronic gadgets. As a result, you can enjoy a more peaceful and relaxing environment.

For the spiritual workers, the aragonite crystal also offers strong psychic protection. It helps in protecting you against negative entities and psychic attacks. Any negative influence from the universal realm will be absorbed and then release back to earth.

For Sleep Insomnia

As a grounding stone, the aragonite mineral can offer benefits in preventing sleep insomnia. Its strong connection to Mother earth provides nurturing and welcoming energies that help in reducing stress. It releases the toxic and negative thinking that might be keeping you awake at night. Thus, stimulating faster sleep.

Aragonite For Sleep Insomnia

Aragonite crystals can help in clearing out emotional burdens and removing negative entities that might have attached themselves to your auric field. Then, it attracts calming and relaxing energies, allowing you to let go of all of your worries for the day. This helps in promoting deep, quality sleep and preventing insomnia.

For Depression

The aragonite mineral is said to help those who are sad, isolated, anxious and depressed. It is touted to manage intense mood swings while removing all kinds of negative emotions such as anger and jealousy.

Aragonite For Depression and Anxiety

Aragonite crystals can help in relieving accumulated tension and stress from your daily life that may cause anxiety or panic attacks. Not only that, but it also helps in keeping negative thinking and emotions at bay, relieving doubt and worry whenever you’re faced with chaos and confusion.

Aragonite is said to help activate the relaxant hormones in your brain. Aragonite crystals can help relax your nerves during anxiety attacks as well as when dealing with grief or pain. It breathes in new life while providing the needed emotional support and nurturing.

Not only that, but aragonite mineral also offers to center energies that can keep your mind focused on staying calm even during tense or chaotic situations. It helps you not to dwell too much on things and reassuring you that everything will always be okay.

For Confidence and Career Success

In terms of career success, the aragonite mineral helps in boosting your productivity. Aragonite crystals can instill discipline and removing procrastination. Its energies will teach you to become more responsible and reliable and letting your creative juices out.

Aragonite For Confidence and Career Success

Aragonite crystals can help you in finding solutions to tough problems, particularly in terms of your professional career. Not only that, but it also helps in clearing your mind while boosting your motivation.

Taking energies from the earth, Aragonite crystals can provide the grounding energies that help you concentrate while stirring your mental energy to overcome challenges and obstacles.

Furthermore, Aragonite crystals can also help you set realistic dreams. It also brings the energies of confidence and enhancing your sense of self-worth.

Aragonite crystals can also help in promoting rationality and pragmatism while improving your organizational skills and decision-making. When placed in a workplace setting, this stone can also prevent communication difficulties while fostering a spirit of cooperation for overall team success.

For Empaths

Aragonite For Empaths

For empaths or extremely sensitive individuals, the Aragonite crystals can help in keeping them grounded and protected. Since you are prone to taking all kinds of energy from your surrounding and other people, you tend to feel lethargic and drained.

The Aragonite crystals can provide stability and protection to your life. Aragonite crystals can help in hiding you from the people who only drain your energy as well as the toxic energies from your surroundings.

Aragonite crystals can also enhance your empathic abilities, preventing you from being cold or cynical. Instead, it nurtures you to be kind and compassionate while staying grounded and rational.

Different Types of Aragonite

As mentioned before, aragonite mineral is available in several colors, each offering different unique properties but with the same grounding properties from the earth.

Brown Aragonite

Brown Aragonite

The brown aragonite mineral is the most common specimen. It ranges from a dark brown to an amber color. This is what this article talks about and offers the most grounding influences, thanks to its earthy shade.

Brown aragonites are known to help in restoring emotional balance while creating a feeling of calmness, stability and security. As the Conservationist’s Stone, the brown aragonites are an excellent talisman for people working on the land or with animals.

Green Aragonite

Green Aragonite

The green aragonite ranges from pale green to olivine shades. This stone connects the root chakra to your heart chakra and encourages growth, vitality and unconditional love.

It induces calmness and peace when times are tough in your relationship as well as assisting in emotional healing after a failed relationship.

Nevertheless, this variety of aragonite is the masculine counterpart to the feminine pink aragonite and mainly boosts your emotional stamina, courage, and strength. The color is also believed to promote prosperity and wealth and attract good fortune from the universe.

White/Colorless Aragonite

White Aragonite

Aragonite mineral also comes in bright white specimens or sometimes clear stones. It is said to represent modesty, purity and the energy of your spirit. It opens your higher senses to the divine while providing intense awareness and perception of life.

It is believed to bring clarity and helps in purifying your soul and spirit. Not only that, but this crystal is also said to improve your psychic abilities and spiritual development, aligning yourself with the higher realms and bringing divine wisdom and knowledge.

Pink Aragonite

Pink Aragonite

Featuring a lovely baby pink shade, the pink aragonite mineral mainly resonates with your heart chakra and encourages compassion and gentleness. It will teach you unconditional love and forgiveness.

The pink shade of this aragonite is also said to personify hope while encouraging a healthy relationship. Furthermore, it also helps in attracting genuine love while dissolving the negative energies such as grief and sadness.

Blue Aragonite

Blue Aragonite

The blue aragonite mineral is a recently discovered variety and features a deep blue to aqua blue shade. Its lovely hues represent the soothing and tranquil energies of the sky and ocean.

Resonating with the energies of the throat chakra, the blue aragonite mineral symbolizes honest and clear communication as well as the ability to speak from the heart. It also encourages an open mind, patience and to embrace ethics and the truth.

Violet Aragonite

Violet Aragonite

The violet aragonite features a reddish-purple shade. This variety of aragonite mineral is all about serene energy while keeping you grounded to help you relax deeply. It also helps in the release of emotional attachments while opening yourself to the divine.

It works on your crown and third eye chakra, providing a faster transfer of energy between your two chakras. It inspires a loving countenance to your spirituality while amplifying your psychic and spiritual abilities.

Yellow Aragonite

Yellow Aragonite

Featuring a bright, sunny yellow, this variety of aragonite brings personal will and energy to help manifest your desires. It mainly activates your sacral and solar plexus chakra bringing confidence to the fore.

Yellow aragonite mineral is a stone of creativity and intention while boosting your faith and optimism. It removes self-doubt and fear that might be limiting you from reaching your true potential. It increases your confidence and pride without inflating your ego.

Combining Aragonite With Other Crystal Stones

The aragonite crystal can be paired with other crystal stones in order to enhance its healing energies or if you want to focus on specific healing intentions. With that said, here are some of the best crystal combinations for aragonite.

Aragonite + Sunstone

For stimulating your lower chakras, pair the energies of the aragonite crystal with the sunny attributes of the sunstone.

Aragonite + Sunstone

Aragonite is a wonderful stone for stabilizing your emotional body and exploring your existence, enhancing stability and security through the root chakra.

Dubbed as the Conservationist’s Stone, this crystal can bring a sense of care for the planet and everything on it. In return, this stone also reflects self-caring and the importance of balance in your body.

While it is primarily associated with the root chakra, the peach hue of the aragonite crystal also perfectly aligns with the energies of the sacral chakra, generating concentration, self-reliance and creativity.

Pair it with the energies of sunstone and you can intensify your leadership qualities, confidence and enthusiasm. It has an empowering experience and carries the energies of the sun that brings pride and positivity to your life.

Using both stones, you can enjoy better aligned lower chakras. Aragonite mineral will canter your lower chakras thanks to its grounding nature. This can help in reducing frustration and stress, bought by life challenges.

Sunstone, on the other hand, brings light and energizing qualities that restore enjoyment and happiness in your life. This can help balance your personal power while improving intuition.

Aragonite mineral paired with sunstone can ensure total order on your lower chakras, bringing confidence, unleash your true personality, increasing patience and releasing negative emotions and anger.

Aragonite + Tiger’s Eye

For enhancing your creativity and keeping you grounded during chaotic situations, pair the aragonite crystal with the tiger’s eye stone.

Aragonite + Tiger’s Eye

The aragonite crystal offers earthy energies that are useful in removing negative energies from within. It eases frustration, increasing patience while allowing your creative juices to flow.

Tiger’s eye, like the aragonite crystal, is also a grounding and stabilizing crystal that harnesses both the energies of the sun and earth. This makes it a protective crystal that releases fears and procrastination around accomplishing a target, which is critical for true creativity.

The aragonite crystal can help you when feeling overworked or stressed. This can help deal with your low concentration levels. Meanwhile, the energies of the tiger’s stone can encourage you to take risks and exploring your creative and artistic talents.

Plus, both stones can remove self-doubting and increasing your confidence so you can reach your true potential in life.

Aragonite + Blue Kyanite

For dealing with anger, combine the energies of aragonite mineral with the blue kyanite.

Aragonite + Blue Kyanite

The aragonite mineral, with its earthy frequency, can help soothe stress and alleviate anger. It does so by dissolving emotional blockages in your root chakra.

This allows you to let go of the feelings of mistrust, doubt, resentment and impatience that might be holding you back from seeing the truth. It works on increasing your understanding while providing a graceful and composed attitude in times of stressful situations.

Meanwhile, the soothing blue energies of blue kyanite can double the anger-relieving properties of aragonite. Resonating beautifully with logical thought and mental awareness, the blue kyanite allows arguments to be diplomatically resolved.

Also, as a stone of the third eye and throat chakra, this crystal can help bring clarity during an argument.

Aragonite can release the negativity and toxic thinking that weighs heavily on your aura and causing you to be impatient and angry. Meanwhile, the blue kyanite can help you think and give a more considered response.

As a result, combining the energies of aragonite and blue kyanite can help in defusing frustration and anger and preventing heated confrontations and arguments.

Aragonite + Hematite

For intensifying the grounding properties of the aragonite crystal, consider pairing it with the best stone for grounding, the hematite stone.

Aragonite + Hematite

Aragonite mineral is a highly vibrational crystal that resonates strongly with the earth and brings intense grounding energies. As a result, it helps you in staying present during chaotic times in your life.

Hematite, on the other hand, is one of the most favored grounding stones, connecting you deeply into the earth. And by combining both aragonite and hematite, you can stay firmly rooted and is able to focus on the present moment.

In addition, the combination of aragonite and hematite is also beneficial in a workplace setting.

The gentle essence of aragonite can neutralize the negative energy while bringing balance to your root chakra. Thus, it helps in removing the unhelpful thought patterns and negative behaviors that might be limiting you from achieving your success.

Meanwhile, hematite, dubbed as the Stone of the Mind, is a powerful stone that can help organize your thought for mental clarity. This helps in the prevention of impulsive reactions or decisions.

In addition, both stones can also create a powerful shield to protect you against emotionally draining people and negative influences from your surroundings.

As a result, you can respond more appropriately to a given situation and increasing your motivation, willpower and positive aspects to enhance your professional life.

Is Aragonite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

The aragonite crystal is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is considered to be a natural birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Aragonite is December 21 – January 19, March 20 – April 19, April 20 – May 20 and June 21 – July 21 Birthstone

The common aragonite with a colorless or brown color is not considered a natural birthstone. However, other color varieties can be used as a birthstone for specific months.

Capricorn (December 21 – January 19)

The violet aragonite is considered to be a birthstone for those born during December 21 – January 19, during the winter solstice. This crystal is known to bring inspiration, intuition, dreams, elegance, imagination and magic.

Cancer (June 21 – July 21)

Meanwhile, aragonite with the bright yellow color is known to resonate with those born between June 21 and July 21, during the summer solstice. Yellow aragonite is said to bring enlightenment, clarity, alertness, awareness and optimism.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

The green-colored aragonites are considered to be the natural birthstone for those born during mid-spring from April 20 to May 20. This green crystal is said to bring growth, renewal, good fortune, health, prosperity and safety.

Aries (March 20 – April 19)

Lastly, the recently discovered blue aragonite resonates well with the people born in time of the vernal equinox from March 20 to April 19. The soothing blue crystals are said to bring openness, calmness, serenity, balance and understanding.

Aragonite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Capricorn, Scorpio and Pisces

Aragonite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Capricorn

The aragonite star cluster is considered to be a powerful birthstone for the hardworking Capricorns. This stone, with its strong grounding energies, can help the Capricorns focused on their current tasks, even when deadlines are looming. This way, they can continue in making progress without being too stressed.

Adding this crystal cluster to a Capricorn’s workplace can also help in relieving their stress and negative emotions such as anger. Instead, it encourages patience and understanding. Furthermore, this stone can also allow a Capricorn’s creative juices to start flowing again.

Other than Capricorns, Scorpios can also benefit from the energies of the aragonite crystal. Generally, Scorpios are secretive and sensitive people. They tend to bottle up their emotions which can cause extreme imbalances.

The energies of the aragonite crystal can offer powerful grounding energy that can help free the Scorpios from intense emotional baggage and allowing them to move forward.

In addition, this stone can also remove all kinds of negativity that hand heavily on a Scorpio’s auric shield. Plus, it also helps Scorpios in reconnecting with their intuitive skills.

Aragonite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Pisces

Aragonite can also provide protection and grounding energies to the Pisces sign. People born under this banner tend to have a generous and kind nature.

This sometimes comes at a cost. The energies of the aragonite crystal can help absorb the negative thoughts and toxic emotions, freeing the Pisceans to attract positive energies.

Not only that, but this crystal also makes it easier for the Pisceans to set boundaries and protect themselves from becoming too overwhelmed by other people’s feelings and emotions.

Meditation with Aragonite

The aragonite crystal can be used for grounding your subtle bodies and spirit when meditating. It helps in relieving the barriers between your alpha and beta states of mind in order to set aside the thinking mind. This can stop the loud mental chattering that consumes your consciousness.

Its strong connection to mother earth allows you to be simply in the moment. It helps in clearing your thought while attuning you to higher awareness. It also refines your vibratory energies that allow for a prolonged and deep meditative state.

Plus, it also helps in absorbing all forms of negativity from within yourself and from outside sources for an undisturbed meditation.

How to Cleanse and Charge Aragonite?

Like all crystals, it is crucial that you keep your aragonite star clusters cleansed and charged in order to keep on providing you with beneficial healing energies.

This crystal is amazing at soaking up toxic energies, which means that it can get clogged or burnt out. With that said, it is important that you cleanse its energies as frequently as needed.

Aragonite is a soft stone. Thus, it is not suitable for a rough wash with water. To physically cleanse your aragonite crystal, simply wipe its surface clean and remove accumulated dust and dirt.

How to Cleanse and Charge Aragonite

To recharge its energies, you can just simply leave it in your garden to soak in the earthy frequency that it loves. To double the cleansing effects, you can also leave it in your garden during a full moon to soak both in earthy and lunar energies.

This should keep your stone brimming with positive and beneficial energies.

You can also smudge your crystal with your favorite herb bundle or incense stick. Doing so can help eliminate the toxic energies from within its crystalline structure.

If you have a singing bowl, you can also recharge and cleanse your aragonite’s energies with sound vibrations. For the simplest way to recharge your stone, simply leave it in the company of a larger quartz crystal.

Final Thoughts

The aragonite crystal will inspire you to take care of the earth. In return, Mother earth will provide nurturing energies you will need in your daily life. It helps in transferring earthy energies to keep your emotional and physical body balance.

Not only that, but this stone should also keep you grounded and fully at the moment. It can provide you with a deep sense of relaxation and peace, allowing you to release the toxic energies and heal from them.

It is truly a powerful crystal that you should include in your growing collection of crystals.


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