August Birthstone Guide, Color and Meanings

August Birthstone Guide, Color and Meanings

What is the Birthstone for August?

What is the Birthstone for August?

For those born in August, Peridot can be a wonderful August birthstone. This birthstone symbolizes compassion. It is also holding a lot of friendly energy. Peridot is a rare variety of Olivine minerals that are developed deep within the earth’s mantle. And it’s carried to the surface because of volcanic activities.

On the other hand, the birthstone for August is considered by Hawaiians as a sign of a Pele, the volcano goddess of fire controlling the flow of lava. The majority of the supply of August birthstones comes from the San Carlos Reservation found in Arizona. Though, there are also Peridot stones in Africa, China, Myanmar, and Pakistan. Sometimes, Peridot is referred to as the “evening emerald”. That is because it sports a glittering green color that looks shining at any time.

The August birthstone, on the other hand, comes with healing properties that will save you from bad dreams and evil. It will also make sure that the lives of people born in August are filled with happiness as well as peace. They are even luckier because they will be protected by the good fortune and blessings of Peridot.

With this birthstone, you will be able to harness the powers of the sun that relate to better life quality, joy, strength, and cheerfulness. Further, you will notice that you’re getting more energy as you’re thinking about positive outcomes at all times. Peridot can also give you the confidence to face all the challenges life may throw at you.

The birthstone can bring changes into your life in times of change and transition, particularly in times when you are totally certain of what will happen in the future. This birthstone makes it possible for you in placing good things into the world in more quantities.

The Meaning of August Birthstone

The birthstone is a great source of vibrations, especially for those who were born in this month. In fact, this birthstone is something that every person can readily utilize and is a desired stone for many.

The birthstone can bring abundance, joy, and health. It will even promote a positive emotional state and attract prosperity and wealth.

Keep on reading and get to know more about what else this stone has to offer for those born in August.

Etymology, History, and Folklore

Peridot comes from “a green gemstone”, an Arabic word that means gem. The first appearance of the birthstone in the historical references and lore was earlier in the recorded period in the Hawaiian formation myths. 

Peridot, on the other hand, has been unearthed for as long as the second millennium BC. This is the period when the Egyptians exposed this alleged “stone of the sun” in the Red Sea, specifically from Topazios Island. The mineworkers were reported to dig up this stone at night due to the mystical way it shines in the dark. As a matter of fact, it’s the reason why Peridot is also called the evening emerald due to the way it produces a vivid green under artificial light. The majority of historians believed that Peridot is Cleopatra’s infamous emerald collection.

August birthstone Etymology, History, and Folklore

The August birthstone was once called Chrysolite. It was featured on Aaron’s breastplate, in lieu of one of the 12 tribes in Israel. Used or worn throughout the years, the birthstone for August is famous for its mystical as well as curative properties.

In the year 1912, Peridot was officially known as the birthstone by America’s jeweler.

Spiritual Meaning and Metaphysical Properties

The August birthstone has long been recognized to help acquaintance flourish. It can also purify the owner’s mind of negative thoughts and energies, particularly, jealousy and loathing.

Moreover, this birthstone is popular for offering people delight and great cheer while also attracting a lover.

August Birthstone Spiritual Meaning and Metaphysical Properties

For utilized as an amulet, the birthstone for August has had an established spiritual reputation since ancient times. It is said to get rid of anxiety and depression and make both men and women more open to their emotions or feelings. Peridot can also help in promoting a successful relationship and marriage.

The August birthstone was known to ward off enchantments. To offer its maximum potential, the stone was set in gold as well as offer complete protection from evil energies and spirits when impaled, worn on the left arm, and threaded on the hair of donkeys.

In addition to that, the ancient Romans used the birthstone during battles as it represents protection and strength. The ancient Egyptian priests, on the other hand, ground the birthstone into a powder and then mix it with their drinks. It is even utilized in the ceremony. They believed that when they drink this potion, they will become closer to nature.

These days, wearing the birthstone is believed to boost financial solidity and serenity in life. In fact, it is even associated with faithfulness, honesty, loyalty, and abundance.

Peridots may also help in lessening stress and negative thinking. It will improve harmony by preventing rage and jealousy. If you want to follow your true passion and desires, having a piece of this birthstone can be very beneficial. It will boost your determination and concentration to do anything. You will be surprised to find out that this stone is associated with popularity. As a matter of fact, the majority of people born in August are quite popular including Hale Berry, Roger Federer, Usain Bolt, Cameron Diaz, and Tom Brady.

When it comes to metaphysical properties, the birthstone connects to the solar plexus and heart chakras, both offer a wonderful foundation to discover your stability and balance in the world’s storms.

In case you didn’t know, the solar plexus chakra is the center of your are. It is the pleasure center, the ego, the determination as well as in which you develop a sense of your true self. However, if this chakra is clouted, it will badly affect your well-being and sense of health. When the solar plexus chakra is blocked you will lose all sense of inspiration and purpose. But with the help of the birthstone for August, you will have the wonderful bright eruption of energy and most importantly, the direction you need.

On the other hand, Peridot has also associated with your heart chakra. It is actually where your trust and love sit. But when this chakra is blocked, you may have a hard time building a better relationship. What’s more, you won’t be able to allow your love to leap higher. But with this birthstone, you will have nothing to worry about because your heart and life will glow like a light.

What Color is August’s Birthstone?

What Color is August Birthstone?

The birthstone for August sports a distinct yellow-green color that comes from the iron within its chemical composition. As a matter of fact, the color doesn’t come from trace amounts of impurities, unlike other stones. Also, this birthstone only comes in one color. But the shades may differ from yellowish-green and olive to brownish-green, depending on the present amount of iron.

Peridot is green in color and is never too light or too dark. But it comes with a well-saturated color.

In the past couple of years, there has been an upsurge of vibrant and colored birthstones from Myanmar. Usually, these stones are clean as well as available in bigger sizes. What’s more, they’re more expensive as the size, color, and clarity are quite rare in other places.

A Complete List of Birthstones and Meanings

The month of August comes with three different birthstones, Peridot being the primary and official. Nevertheless, here are the other two birthstones that people born in August can use.



Spinel is considered the newest birthstone for August. It is a sparkly stone that comes in a wide variety of colors. Spinel, on the other hand, is cut into all types of shapes making an extremely versatile stone.

This birthstone is known as the gemstone of revitalization. As a matter of fact, it can re-energize all the facets of yourself making it a great stone for overachievers.  Spinel will help you in releasing your anxieties and stress. Much like the Citrine stone, it will replenish your low energy. It will bring inspiration as well as new hope.

Its powerful energies may help you look for new ways of thinking. They will also offer the strength to face all the challenges of life. The stone will make you more resolute and insistent and not crumble under pressure. It makes you look forward to the future especially when the hard time is over.



Sardonyx, to some extent, is an incomprehensible stone that consists of alternating layers of onyx and sard. A translucent stone, this August birthstone is reddish-brown in a color that has bands of white. The color of sard ranges from reddish-brown to yellowish-red depending on the present iron oxide.

When you are experiencing a loss of determination and you can’t find the motivation to work on your goals, this birthstone for August is perfect for you. Sardonyx works to help you regain some direction in life. With the presence of this stone, you will be to develop a good sense of focus. In addition to that, it is also helpful especially if you want to maintain an aura of contentment not only for yourself but also for your surroundings.

This August birthstone, on the other hand, is closely associated with communication and can bring stability to partnership or marriage.

How To Use Your Birthstone?

Depending on what you seek to get out of it, the uses of the birthstone are actually versatile. Nevertheless, here are some of the best ways to use your birthstone.

  • Meditation

As much as the birthstone for August is a gemstone of motion and energy it is also a calming influence and healer, and of course, a great aid to meditation. Due to its connection to the light, it will not only protect you during your journey as you meditate but also illuminate all the insights you find there. Using the August stone for mediation is perfect for unraveling the fundamental causes of returning emotional hurt.

  • Wear As Jewelry

One of the most enchanting ways to use the birthstone is to wear it as a piece of jewelry. This is worth considering especially if you wish to soak all the powerful properties and energies with direct skin-on-gemstone contact.

Wearing peridot jewelry will infuse your soul with sought-after healing vibrations as there is no blockage between the energies of the stone and body.

  • Place in Home
How To Use Your August Birthstone?

You can also place the birthstone for August in your home. In fact, it is also often utilized in Feng Shui effectively. When it comes to Chinese astrology, Peridot is known as the birthstone of people born in the year of the monkey.

Green, on the other hand, is the color that is associated with abundance. Furthermore, the uses of birthstone are made to allow you to welcome a better career opportunity and bigger paydays.

In addition to that, this birthstone may help in promoting kindness and positivity. Thus, it can help you to guarantee that a good relationship will grow between you and your loved ones as well as your family. The stone also uplifts energy in Feng Shui. It can bring a more consistent level of energy to your home when it comes to keeping you active and not motivated to simply lounge about feeling discouraged.

The Health Benefits and Healing Properties of the Birthstone

The August birthstone has long been a gemstone sought out to aid with physical healing owing to its protective energies. This stone also helps in preventing injuries as well as illnesses from befalling somebody in the first place.

The Health Benefits and Healing Properties of the August Birthstone

This birthstone has long been connected to the light and with brilliant light to the darkness. A lot of healers hold to the impression that it can help in sharpening eyesight too. While the stone will not replace a good pair of eyeglasses laser eye surgery. you will surely agree that having an intense sense of sight comes in handy at all times. Meaning to say, the birthstone is ideal for people who need to work in front of screens most of the time as it helps in healing tired eyes.

The birthstone is also connected with the different areas of the upper as well as the lower abdomen. It helps in soothing a racing heart whether it is because of too much exercise or too much stress. You can reap this benefit by holding a piece of this stone against the chest.

On the other hand, respiratory problems and bruised ribs may be also sped into a quicker recovery by holding the stone against the tormented part. In fact, if you feel hot tingling situations from the birthstone, don’t panic because this usually happens.

When it comes to healing the lower abdomen, the birthstone for August may also work wonders. We cannot deny the fact that menstruation cycles can be unbearable. While no stone can completely take the pain away, placing a piece of the birthstone over the cramps may somewhat soothe the pain.  

Likewise, digestive problems, digestive difficulties, and aching muscles can be affected positively through the use of this birthstone.

The Love and Relationship Benefits and Properties of the Birthstone

The Health Benefits and Healing Properties of the August Birthstone

Aside from having great and powerful healing energies, the birthstone for August may also help in dissolving an oppressive feeling that takes place from a bad sentient and self-blame. It can also get rid of stored fury and anger.

The birthstone can protect you from destructive jealousy that’s caused by betrayal in your past relationships as well as personal fears that you’re unlovable, instead of relating to the present relationship.

This stone, on the other hand, may also help you in transforming your negative emotions such as impatience, jealousy, and agitation into lighter ones like gratitude, love, acceptance, and compassion. It is even beneficial to help you digest life and accept your world as it’s and change it with clearer intentions in order to make the reality you are wishing for.

The Wealth Fetching Benefits and Properties of the Birthstone

The Wealth Fetching Benefits and Properties of the August Birthstone

If you are looking for wealth and money, the birthstone can offer you a lot of benefits. This birthstone will help you in balancing the cycles of your body and get rid of thoughts and patterns that limit your capability to look for success.

Further, it can give you the understanding that you deserve to be rich. It will even help you in dispelling the things you’re holding back. This, in turn, will offer you the needed freedom to chase your success.

The birthstone for August comes with energies that can bring prosperity as well as abundance to your life. The stone’s energies will keep you focused on your objectives and goals and life. Moreover, you will continue until you attain success.

Peridot will free your mind of jealousy and strengthen a relationship that may direct you on the path to success. After cleansing as well as recharging your birthstone, you will be able to direct its energies to help bring wealth and success into your life. One of the best ways to activate the birthstone is to sit or stand in a place that allows the light of a fire or sunlight to fall on the stone and you.

Hold the stone in both hands while letting the light wash away your blockages and fears. Make sure to focus your energy and thoughts on your birthstone. Then imagine the actions and feeling you’ll take if you have a lot of money. Imagine obtaining that money. You will feel the flow of energy between you and the stone increase. When this happens, your birthstone is all set to guide you on your path.

The Benefits of Wearing an August Birthstone? Ring, Necklace, Bracelet and Others Jewelry

The Benefits of Wearing August Birthstone? Ring, Necklace, Bracelet and Others Jewelry

The August birthstone has been worn as pieces of jewelry for thousands of years not just because of its healing as well as protective qualities. Jewelry made using the birthstone for August is quite inexpensive, especially when compared to other equally sized pieces that have other stones in them.  As a matter of fact, there is also appropriateness to it conjuring the sophistication of mysterious long-gone periods as much as it feels chic and temporary.

On the other hand, Egyptian priests are making use of a goblet encrusted with the birthstone in order to commune with the gods of nature since they believed they harnessed the power of nature.

Whether you are looking for a gift for someone born in August or simply want to surprise your loved one to celebrate 16 years of marriage, you can never go wrong with birthstone jewelry.

It is also worth mentioning that when the birthstone for August is used as a necklace, it becomes a great protection from negative energies and emotions.

How to Cleanse Your August Birthstones?

 How to Cleanse Your August Birthstones?

One of the best things about the birthstone is that it is very easy to maintain and care for. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t require using a special cleaning agent to cleanse it. You can simply use a soft brush, a bar of mild soap, and warm water.

All you need to do is submerge your birthstone in warm and soapy water. After a couple of minutes, scour it using a soft brush. Thoroughly rinse it with warm and clean water. Then dry it using a soft and clean cloth. Make sure not to air dry the stone as it leaves spots.

Keep in mind that the birthstone for August shouldn’t be cleaned with either an ultrasonic cleaner or a steam cleaner. In addition to that, avoid a high temperature since it can cause discoloration.

On the other hand, you should ditch household cleaners including hydrochloric and sulphuric because your birthstone may lose its shine. And if you are wearing your birthstone every single day, before you wear makeup and perfume first. It is because most chemicals found in these products may compromise the color of the stone.

When storing your birthstone, consider using a dedicated jewelry box or a plastic organizer box. If possible, separate it from other gemstones in order to avoid scratches. For instance, you can use an acid-free paper envelope to organize your birthstone.

Final Thoughts

The birthstone for August is linked to good fortune, peace, and happiness. Its calming glow of green light has made the Peridot the name of the evening emerald. This birthstone is associated with love, prosperity, dignity, and growth. It is also said that it is capable of warding off nightmares and evil, giving peace as well as progress in the life of the wearer.

Peridot, on the other hand, is considered a great stone for marriage anniversaries. As a matter of fact, it is associated with harmony, loyalty, love, and commitment. The birthstone is also believed to help in the treatment of the breast, lungs, lymph, intestines, and spleen.

Moreover, amulets that are made of this birthstone are also to be effective in the treatment of asthma as well as infections in the sinus, eyes, thyroid, and liver. It is also worth mentioning that it can be used in easing anger, stress, depression, jealousy, and other negative emotions. It will even help in boosting your self-esteem and confidence.

The August birthstone is invigorating and at the same rejuvenating. It will promote the clarity of your thoughts. The healing powers of this stone have actually made it one of the most popular and widely used stones all over the world. As a matter of fact, its gentle and mild color as well as the lovely shine has attracted a lot of buyers and collectors putting the birthstone for August among one the fastest-selling stones in the market these days.

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that Peridot can offer you power and influence, protect you from danger and soothe your sadness.


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