Azurite Meanings, Properties, and Uses

Azurite Meanings, Properties, and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Azurite

Azurite symbolizes clarity, enlightenment, focus, and balance during ancient civilizations. Owning azurite can transfer understanding between people and the spiritual realm, even from beyond. It will also enhance human’s spiritual connections while in this modern world. Azurite has mystical properties that channel today’s society to spiritual influences, making it the most useful crystal these days.

What is Azurite?

Azurite crystal is a chemical composition that involves Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Carbonate mineral and you can findit in the rocks with copper carbonate mineral core deposits. They come into the earth through the waters with carbonic acid then dissolves into copper. When other factors such as temperature changes occur, that is when azurite might form. This crystal is opaque and transparent, featuring an earthly luster and in shades of deep blue color to violet-blue with a light blue streak.

Azurite is a soft crystal with a hardiness rating of 3.5 to 4. It is nonmetallic yet use in a number of ways. First, azurite deposits are easy to mine with their copper ores. People can also use them in making pieces of jewelry and as a blue pigment for painting. Many mineral collectors are eyeing this crystal because of its interesting features and later on sell for thousands of dollars.

Some notable places to find azurite are Arizona, United States, Utah, Mexico, France, Australia, Morocco, and Chile.

The Meaning and Uses of Azurite

uses of azurite

Azurite is named after Chessy-les-Mines, a town in France, and is initially called Chessylite. Its name Azurite comes from the word “azure” meaning blue. Azurite and azure storage is a popular and beautiful copper stone with its striking deep blue color. They were mined in ancient times in Egypt at a great price and are considered a sacred stones.

Two azurite crystals will never appear the same in structure. There will always be a bit of distinction in color, shape, and texture on every piece. However, this crystal easily earned its identity after its discovery and is still one of the most admired minerals these days.

For some ancestors in Atlantis and Egypt, azurite is the Stone of Heaven holding mysteries pertaining to the spiritual guide that opens the celestial gate. The secrets behind it were only visible to the highest priest, including its healing powers.

On the other side, Mayans believed that azurite is full of wisdom and mysteries that transfer through people. The modern practitioners saw metaphysical properties in azurite crystals which clears and opens the mind of its ability to deliver a message.

Azurite is a stone that relieves the worries of life by clearing away confusion in mind and opening new and better opportunities. It restores power in controlling your emotions, thus enhancing focus on what really matters most. Azurite prevents a fearful feeling in facing new situations and instead influences you to take courage and push beyond your limits.

Therefore, you can use azurite when you struggle with anxiety or desire to learn something new. It helps to clear your thoughts in a stressful situation to continue. More than that, azurite controls how you behave and is mentally alert, bringing the best results.

Using azurite gemstone boosts life intuition with higher perspectives. It clears out doubts and anything that triggers your reality and opens a new channel of opportunities. Nonetheless, azurite is a power-filled stone that plays a big role for whoever owns it.

Azurite Metaphysical Properties

Azurite Metaphysical Properties

Various traditions have described azurite crystals differently. They believe that the crystal’s energy comes from psychic insights or the element of air. The reason is that azurite is identical to air in terms of its characteristics. It is consists of communication, optimism, alertness, and new perspectives.

The metaphysical history of azurite begins in the city of Atlantis. It is thought to support spiritual communications in the form of magical pieces of jewelry and other artifacts. Chinese claimed azurite as a stone of heaven that opens the gateways of opportunities for the wearer.  

Roman held azurite for its ability to offer protection against sickness. Azurite was offered to gods during their time. The Mayans named azurite as a stone of sacred because of the wisdom it has to provide.

Native Americans are the ones who utilized azurite crystals as spiritual guides. They promise to realize a clearer message from the spiritual realm through the gemstone.

Azurite was also used in finishing the Solomon’s Stone in Israel. It is mixed with other crystal stones such as malachite, chrysocolla, and turquoise. The crystal works effectively as pigment for painting the blue robe of Mary during the medieval period.

Azurite, when worn around your neck, is said to facilitate clear speech. Its crystal energy is perfect for people speaking invocations. Carrying azurite with you may develop your strengths and reduce negativity and self-doubt.

Pregnant women can hold azurite to help the baby grow healthier. This stone may protect the child and parent as well. Just wrap the crystal in a blue cloth and place it in the baby’s room.

Azurite is the best crystal partner for those enrolled in magical studies. The underlying philosophic beliefs on such learning make the crystal useful. Azurite benefits your memory and commitment to enable the energy you need.

The Benefits of Azurite

Azurite is considered a healing stone in ancient times, until now. It is relevant for the spirit, mind, and body and used for healing therapies. Many of its benefits include the following:

For Physical Healing

Azurite For Physical Healing

Azurite can treat many physical disorders. To mention some are spinal alignment, joint problems, kidney issues, and so on. The gemstone deals with dysfunction in the body like the vertebrae issues and other illnesses seen by the naked eyes.

It also has healing properties for the nervous system that works so well in the past. Alzheimer’s symptoms can be relieved by the azurite stone and other neurodegenerative diseases. Azurite also regenerates cells to improve your blood circulation and to avoid any damage to the brain.

Azurite crystal is an effective detoxifying therapy for internal organs like the liver, spleen, and kidney. This benefits even an embryo during pregnancy to have healthier skin, teeth, and its whole being.

An azurite pendant strengthens the immune system when being worn. This gemstone also works with throat chakra to relieve throat problems.

Overall, azurite offers quite a lot of physical healing properties that can be applied in the body.

For Emotional Healing

Azurite For Emotional Healing

Dealing with changing emotions each day is too difficult to handle, especially with negative emotions. Whether we like it or not, emotions are part of our daily life.

Azurite is a great tool to ease anxiety during the hardest season of your life. It helps to release negative emotions such as stress and worry resulting from your bad situation. Your emotional being has the possibility to calm down with this crystal.

Emotional healing starts from overcoming the fear, sadness, and grief that are living in your thoughts. Understanding reality helps to grasp such healing from within. Azurite crystals has to provide a vibrational healing light to unmask deep emotions. It will reveal the root of those negative emotions coming out of your being. Then, the healing can finally begin.

Azurite also helps those born with inferiority complex behavior to overcome bullying. This has been the greatest problem in today’s society that must be stopped. It destroys humans, not just physically but the inner being. The crystal stone calms those with insecurities to bravely face their fears.

All in all, azurite stone clears away disturbing thoughts holding the reality against you. It is more on understanding the reasons behind every emotion or reaction.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Azurite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Balancing chakra is necessary for azurite to bring healing to your life. This crystal is associated with Brow and Throat Chakra for both physical and spiritual healing. If they are out of balance, there will be a tendency of aggressive behavior toward other people.

Deep blue or indigo azurite stimulates Brow Chakra to awaken your intuitions and other visual abilities. It aligns the physical body to spiritual guidance to enhance communications and visions through this chakra. The thoughts it delivers are healthy to one’s soul and mind. When the brow chakra is imbalanced, you can be impatient toward others to make yourself better. Wear brow chakra at your forehead to receive its power.

The throat chakra expresses the voice of the body with the best ideas possible. There is a flow of energy within someone’s spirit that needs a natural release. Blue azurite balances the throat chakra, as the darker shades help to release the truth. A lighter shade of azurite sends balance and flexibility from within.

Furthermore, azurite is also associated with the crown chakra. Violet azurite working with chakra can heal psychological blockages and other physical illnesses. Crown chakra is worn at the top of your head.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Azurite For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Azurite gets its name as a stone of businessmen. It invites prosperity whenever someone wears or carries the gemstone. This factor is not quite surprising after knowing its healing benefits. Azurite could really offer more.

It has to release powerful healing energies to uplift your spirit. But, here is more. Azurite can also lift your financial status by helping you solve different problems in money.

Your business is not good at all times. There are days you struggle with strategies on how to boost the profit. Turning things around is what azurite crystal does best. It delivers opportunities to get through the financial crisis and may give ideas to transform the situation into something better.

For Relationship and Love

Azurite For Relationship and Love

Azurite also connects with the topic of love. As mentioned earlier, this crystal has something to do with understanding and a clear mind. Talking about relationship involves these factors to be better.

The crystal helps to unleash an unhealthy past in relationships. For example, is the previous trauma of your partner that results in negative emotions in the present. Azurite will alter bad emotions into peace with the help of Malachite crystal.

It discloses those past traumas and brings healing at the same time. Patterns of negative emotions will be cleansed to start something new, a healthier relationship.

Azurite stone also reflects your personality with its balancing energies. Loving yourself would be easier when you fully know who you are.

For Protection

The healing crystal protects the mind from negative thoughts and instead brings clarity for new perspectives. It is a gemstone securing the spirit from worries and stress, as well as in overcoming sadness.

Azurite opens doors to deeply understand one’s thoughts. In this way, protecting someone is a lot easier knowing how to deal with the present frustrations that person is compelling.

For Confidence

Azurite For Confidence

The deep blue stone help to boost your confidence to achieve everything you set in your mind. It promotes trusting your capabilities to get things done. Accomplishing tasks is worth your time and effort, as well as self-confidence.

Azurite will assist someone wearing it to be more confident. It builds up strong passion and creativity to help the mind focus on the goals. The clearness of what you wish to achieve is certain while feeling the calm toward success.

Understanding a person’s motivation to do something is important to stimulate calmness with confidence in mind.

Lastly, azurite will teach you to have confidence in your intuition in all areas of your life.

For Depression and Anxiety

azurite For Depression and Anxiety

Having an endless to-do list can be stressful. Drinking your coffee may help but reaching for an azurite stone is much better to fight heavy feelings.

Azurite aids your mind to focus on meeting the deadlines rather than the distractions. It widens your mental expansion toward a particular task at hand. We believe that mental disorders start in frustration then suddenly lead to depression. So, keep things in order with the help of azurite’s energies.

Azurite will control your mental patterns for good. You won’t lose your mind elsewhere while doing your tasks. It improves your self-control over everything despite the distractions around you.

Combining Azurite With Other Crystal Stones

A great combination of crystals can affect your overall health. Thus, azurite with other copper-based stones has to increase its healing benefit and other raw power. The right stone combined with this crystal will bring out its maximum potential.

Here are the best crystal stone combinations for azurite:

Azurite + Malachite

Azurite + Malachite
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The cooling energy of azurite combined with Malachite’s healing energy benefits hormonal imbalances. These crystal stones coming together release calmness against imbalanced emotions and reactions.

Azurite and green malachite represent a right relationship between your spirit and earthly existence.  It makes the chakras in balance, including the heart, crown, and third eye chakra. This results in divine wisdom to improve mental precision.

These crystals may offer healing properties for any health issues, including sore throat, neck pain, and dental issues. Both of them release anti-inflammatory energies that help joint problems and other serious health issues.

It also heals emotional struggles even better and showers your perception with love and positive vibes. They are indeed the best combination promoting calm and positive emotions to anyone. Wear azurite and green malachite pendant each day and see what happens.

Azurite + Chrysocolla

Azurite + Chrysocolla

Another right crystal stone to work with azurite is Chrysocolla that brings so much benefit. Chrysocolla is a pale blue crystal with bluish parts, particularly in its silica matrix. They are very compatible to pair with.

When these stones are combined, they enhance the power of wisdom. The latter crystal will open up the cosmic powers while the azurite helps you grasp the truth. The Chrysocolla crystal improves mental clarity when paired with the right stone.

Azurite + Danburite

Azurite + Danburite

Stress people would be better off with this crystal combination. They develop psychic connections to blend with the heart, mind, and soul of an individual. Azurite and Danburite combination encourages bringing light to one’s self, such as self-love and acceptance.

Working with someone closest to your heart is sometimes challenging, especially when emotions kick in. It makes you less sensitive and calmer in said situations. This stone combination will lead you to a correct response to a situation. Facing options won’t cause too much trouble on your mind when azurite and danburite are combined.

Danburite aids to clear stress in your head, for instance, students having a hard time reviewing. This blend of crystals also benefits business owners in their decision making.

Azurite + Turquoise

Azurite + Turquoise

Turquoise is under phosphate class minerals and in the shade of blue, like azurite. It is mostly made of cryptocrystalline, a very tiny element that can only be seen in microscopes. Many fake turquoises are sold in today’s market because of how valuable this carbonate mineral is. Better look for either Mohave or Sleeping Beauty Turquoise for authenticity.

Turquoise is commonly used in making a set of jewelry. Perhaps it is because of its wonderful shades and appearance.

It functions similarly to azurite in so many ways. Turquoise can connect with the inner being producing calmness and spiritual awareness. This also supports the immune system of the wearer, as well as heals a bunch of emotions.

Is Azurite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Azurite is not a birthstone but a zodiac crystal.

Azurite is a Capricorn Stone

Azurite is a Capricorn Stone

Though azurite is not stated as a traditional birthstone for any month of the year, it is reflected as the stone of Capricorn. It symbolizes beyond one’s self but with the spiritual realms. Additionally, it has to provide a great impact on the one using its mystical properties.

People born on February 19 to March 19 may consider azurite as their natural birthstone because of its blue color. The blue crystal helps them to act patiently with respect over anyone.

Those born in the midwinter season from January 20 to February 18 are suitable for indigo azurite. This is a rare type of azurite crystal and very valuable. It brings wisdom in handling every possession, as well as spiritual mastery.

Azurite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Sagittarius  

Azurite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Sagittarius

Azurite is a crystal stone for those born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign, between November 22 and December 21. It represents a positive outlook in life and being kind at the same time.

A person with a natural interest in philosophies will surely like this crystal. Azurite adds up deep interest in the subject which will eventually awaken its spiritual being. In addition to that, azurite can soothe the sore throats of those Sagittarius people. The stone also boosts self-confidence for them to conquer everything.

Meditation with Azurite

Meditation with Azurite

Azurite is perfect for meditational practices that come with healing properties. It sets the mind focus on the divine energies that result in peace. This amazing crystal makes you understand the spiritual aspects of one’s self while meditating with it.

People make use of their healing powers to set the mood during meditation. The ritual begins by placing the azurite on a white cloth with a lit candle next to it. This can bring out its healing properties more powerfully.

Sit comfortably and stare at the crystal for a few moments. It will clear out your mind and replace the worries with peace. Keep on gazing at the azurite without looking away while paying attention to what you are currently feeling. So then, the divine energies will take action to connect your mind to its energetic flow.

How to Cleanse and Charge Azurite?

How to Cleanse and Charge Azurite?

The durability of azurite crystal depends on how you take care of it It has a higher tendency to break than other gemstones because of its brittle tenacity. Striking azurite with force may result in damage.

Cleaning azurite can be challenging and demands extra care. Avoid using cleaners with harsh substances, for example, ultrasonic cleaners. Using them may scratch the crystal, or worst may damage it completely. Water cleansing is not necessary for this crystal. Another approach is smudging to protect the power of the stone.

Store the azurite jewelry away from chemicals and other gemstones to protect its quality. Make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight to sustain its color. You may use a separate fabric box when keeping azurite jewelry, for safety.

Using azurite for psychic purposes requires charging the crystal to enjoy its full benefits. The best way to keep it recharge is to place it in the moonlight for hours. Do not place azurite near artificial light sources. Another way is to hold the crystal by your hands focusing on its power.

Final Thoughts

The crystal’s blue color ranges from pure to deep blue color gives off many healing properties. Azurite calms you with its air energy radiating clarity, patience, and truth in all aspects of your life to heal in spirit and mind.

It is a communicating crystal that opens new opportunities for your life. With all the benefits mentioned, azurite became a must-have gemstone to every crystal healer’s kit.


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