Black Crystal Stones List, Meanings and Uses

Black Crystal Stones List, Meanings and Uses

The Meanings and Uses of Black Crystal Stones

The Meanings and Uses of Black Crystal Stones

Black crystals are brimming with elegance, mystery, and a strong promise of protection. Although most people have misunderstood them, they are one of the most amazing gems for stabilizing your bodily foundations and moving you out of a place of fear.

While most people may feel the energy of black crystal stones can be dense, full, or heavy, they are great for physically and mentally growing your capacity. You can rise strong and become the leader of your own life with the strong magic and energies of the muted, dark healing crystal stones.

Black Crystal Properties

The black crystal stones are probably the most misunderstood of all the color crystals. People like to think that any crystal or stone that’s color is black can only bring darkness, misfortune, death, heaviness, endings, and pain.

However, the black color is very formal, strong, elegant, and mysterious. A black dress is glamorous and flattering. The same can be said with high-end smartphones, luxury cars, or even a piece of modern furniture.

Still, it is perfectly understandable why there are people who try to steer clear of the black crystal stones. After all, most cultures use black to symbolize death. Also, it is known to represent things that are unknown or unseen. However, some cultures also regard the black color as right and good, representing strength and life. To these people, the color black is actually powerful and protective.

Black Crystal Properties

Black, by definition, is not a color. It’s just the absence of light or the absence of color. Speaking of opposites, the first thing that you’ll probably have in mind is white and black, representing polarities as white reveals while black hides.

In times of uncertainty, confusion, or fear, it is so easy to consider black crystal stones as dark, threatening, or negative. However, in a positive state, these stones can signify mystery, potential, emptiness, and possibility.

Black crystals are also seen as intimidating sometimes. And yet they offer you the most powerful protective and grounding energies around. In addition, most of these black crystals also have the power to open your mind to new ideas, pursue brave new frontiers in your career, and n embracing new possibilities in life.

Physically speaking, black crystals are also among the most alluring and striking around. They can be luxurious pieces of jewelry or as beautiful desk displays. As you explore the real meaning of the black crystals further with this article, you will see more just how these color crystals are a blessing, instead of being afraid of them.

Why Should You Use Black Crystals?

The black stones are probably on the top list of protective crystals. They offer a nice retreat when you need to take a bit of a break from all the hustles and stress of your everyday life. Not only that, but they also offer you security and safety by hiding your aura from people or enemies who only wish you harm.

For this reason, black crystals stones are often used as protective amulets. They are mostly carried around or worn on the body whenever you are feeling concerned about your security and safety. Also, they are placed in spots you spend most of your time like in your home, office, or even car. Keeping one near you can help in dispelling the toxic and harmful energies from your surroundings.

Why Should You Use Black Crystals?

In addition, black crystals are also known for relieving you of your physical fears and danger. By adding them to your daily life, black crystals can also help you in achieving a healthy sense of well-being. These stones are known to keep you grounded and calm, despite the craziness and fast-paced stress of your work life.

Furthermore, black crystals are also known to give you a sense of power. Black is considered to be a color of authority in most cultures and it commands instantaneous respect. Also, it carries connotations of elegance and luxury.

Black crystal stones will make you feel emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually powerful. They can fill you with daring as much as they can fill you with stability. These stones can deepen your connection to Mother Earth and to the natural physical world. This can make you feel more courageous and fearful in terms of your physical existence in this world.

The List of Black Crystal Stones

Black crystal stones are the ultimate protector. They also offer strong grounding energies that should keep you strongly connected to Mother Earth and keep you in the present moment. Here are some of the best black crystal stones that you can use to bring security and stability to your life.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

If we’re talking about black crystal stones, perhaps the number one crystal to come to mind will be the black tourmaline. The black tourmaline is considered to be an all-powerful stone for protection and is a must-have in every crystal lover’s collection.

An empowering stone for the root chakra, the black tourmaline is best for its ability to repel and transmute lower frequencies. This stone has the ability to absorb the negative energies from yourself, from other people, and from your surrounding and then transmute them into positive energies of happiness, good luck, and optimism.

By activating its strong connection with the earth and root chakra, the black tourmaline can create a strong metaphysical auric shield to protect you against negative attitudes and ill-wishers. Then, it helps in cleaning the stagnant energy from your environment.

And it doesn’t stop there. Black tourmaline is also known for easing electromagnetic pollution. So, if you constantly work with electronic devices, then a black tourmaline by your side can help absorb the harmful EMF that can cause mental, emotional, and physical instability.



Black obsidian is a potent healing crystal for protection. Formed through volcanic eruptions, this stone combines several powerful and raw elements such as water, fire, and earth.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of this stone is that it tends to fracture like the flint which results in sharp edges. This is why obsidian was often used as a tool for cutting and attacking by ancient people. Metaphysically speaking, its sharp edges can also be used for cutting through blockages, lies, destructive habits, and unresolved relationships. It helps in reflecting on your toxic characteristics, traits, and past behaviors, allowing you to be honest with yourself and in moving forward with self-development.

Obsidian is also a powerful stone for extremely sensitive individuals, also known as empaths. If you ever need to shield yourself from toxic people, keep on absorbing negative or unwanted emotions from other people, or are being bullied, the black obsidian can help in cutting ties from such draining energies.

Black Sapphire

Black Sapphire

The dark beauty of this sapphire variation still carries the energies of wisdom and confidence in your intuition. However, its black energies make it a better grounding and protective tool, relieving sorrow and anxiety, and is a talisman for maintaining and seeking employment.

It deflects negativity from your surroundings and from other people. Black sapphire provides a calm strength during chaotic and high-stress situations. Not only that, but this crystal can also shield those with clairvoyant or mediumistic abilities, making it an excellent tool for erasing doubts.



The onyx is considered a natural protector, shielding you against negative thoughts and energies, even when everything around you seems to have turned into chaos. This black stone is known for easing emotional pressure and taking you beyond the immediacy of grief.

The stone can help provide renewed confidence and vitality in order for you to step forward into a new life. The stone is also known to help support you when you’re suffering from the loss or heartbreak of a relationship. If you ever need to move on from long-standing anguish or a bad ending relationship and you’re struggling to let go, then the black onyx is a premiere choice.

Dubbed the Stone for Past-Life Regression Work, the onyx is great for healing old physical trauma or injuries. This stone can encourage deep healing on an etheric or spiritual level. In turn, it helps in releasing the old sorrows and burdens from influencing your current life.

Black Opal

Black Opal

The black opal s a precious opal featuring a dark body color, typically in dark gray or black, green or deep blue. The deep body color makes an iridescent play of color strikingly different from the light opals. The most precious black opal comes from New South Wales, Lightning Ridge, and Australia.

Despite its hue, black opal is considered to be the most uplifting and extremely lucky of all opals, bringing light into your aura. It dissolves hopelessness and depression as well as eases distress. This allows you to face your darkest fears and release whatever it is that’s holding you back.

This crystal has a strong connection to the crown and root chakras, connecting you to your highest spiritual aspirations with your physical body in order to make it a powerful magnifier of manifestation and intention. Not only that, but this crystal is also a protective stone for deep inner work.



Not exactly a crystal or stone, the jet is a mineral that is formed from fossilized wood. This makes it a great tool for connecting with mother earth and cleansing or balancing your root and earth star chakra.

The powerful structure of this mineral has the ability to draw negativity from yourself as well as from your surroundings, absorbing all of it like a sponge. Not only that, but this stone is also an important stone for protection, guarding you against poor health and even violence and bullying.

Do not be fooled by the jet’s lightness though. This stone has the ability to dispel the heaviest of energies and ground them directly to the earth. So, if you are a heavy worrier, the jet mineral can provide you with a more balanced perspective. As a bonus, this mineral is also highly effective in protecting your business and ensuring that your finances stay stable.

Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone

This dark variety of moonstone was recently discovered in Madagascar. The stone contains grey, blackish brown, white, and tan colors running through almost every piece.

The black moonstone is a powerful protective stone that uses the feminine energies of the moon to bring you stability and security. Whenever you are faced with negativity— from your friends, co-workers or your surrounding— this stone can help create a strong shield to keep your emotional body stable and safe.

In addition, the black moonstone is here to remind you that you can escape the path to emotional distress and encourage you to look past it. The soothing and nurturing energies of the moonstone also help you in maintaining a clear head so you can make rational and clear decisions in times of difficult or chaotic situations.

Black Fluorite

Black Fluorite

Black fluorite is one of the rare fluorite colors. This darker shade makes it the perfect cleaner for your astral body. This stone is highly effective in clearing negative energy and influences from your astral areas and aura.

Also, it helps in eliminating or decreasing nightmares. With its strong association with the root chakra, this stone is also used for grounding purposes while instilling a sense of security and safety.

Not only that, but its black beauty also makes this stone the ultimate purifier and cleanse of negative. It acts as a powerful shield around your emotional body, deflecting all kinds of toxic thoughts and energies that might attach themselves to you and influence your thinking.



With its metallic luster and high iron content, the hematite does not work like most black stones of protection.

Instead, this potent crystal is great at absorbing the lower frequency energy. Not only that, but it also creates a protective shield around your body in order to reflect the negative and toxic energies back to the sender.

Furthermore, the high iron content of this stone also makes it one of the most potent and strongest crystals for grounding. Dubbed the Stone of the Mind, the hematite crystal is a powerful ally if you lack focus, are a little impulsive, and tend to get easily distracted, especially in response to other people’s unpleasant comments or poor aptitudes.

Black Agate

Black Agate

Carrying the power of inner courage and prosperity, the black agate will invite you to step into security and stability. Like every other black crystal stone, this black variety of agate stone is best at serving you with protective and grounding energies that will keep your feet.

This stone makes sure that even during the most challenging and chaotic periods of your life. You become centered and soft with peace instead of being in a place of collapse and chaos.

Not only that, but the black agate can also help you in leaping higher and ascending to a whole new level in terms of your sense of higher self and spiritual existence. Although this stone encourages the alignment of other chakras, it is the ultimate root chakra stone that should keep you steady and super resilient in life’s challenges.

Black Jasper

Black Jasper

Also known as Basanite, black jasper is the flinty form and rarer variety of jasper. This stone empowers mental and physical efforts. It protects you against threats, curses, and danger, especially with high-risk jobs.

In its polished form, basanite is great for scrying and understanding what is hidden. It also has the ability to take you deep into an altered state of consciousness, facilitating prophetic visions and dreams.

As a highly protective stone, the black jasper is also great for grounding your energies, especially if you’re experiencing spaciness or being out of balance. It can help in connecting you to the higher vibrations of the earth and in keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground.



The beautiful, pitch-black blades of aegirine rise from its host rock like legendary swords in the stone that’s waiting for someone to draw upon their powerful protective energies.

Dubbed the Stone of self and Integrity, the aegirine is one of the noblest black crystal stones, aligning with your truest convictions in life. Not only that, but this stone is also great at providing the confidence and energy to follow such convictions. It also helps encourage acceptance of others and yourself, as well as following your heart.

With its strong connection to the natural world and earth, the aegirine stone activates potent, protective energy that guards your physical body and auric field. Also, it helps in fortifying your spirit during times of chaos and difficulty. It helps in eliminating the negative attachments, energies, and thoughts, and replacing them with the Light of optimism and positivity to promote healing and wholeness.

Black Tiger’s Eye

Black Tiger’s Eye

The black tiger’s eye has properties and meanings that can enhance confidence. It’s one of the less popular gemstones but is great for gaining the courage to move forward in life.

Dubbed the stone of the Mind, the black tiger’s eye can help overcome the weakness of the mind while allowing you to let go of anxiety and fear. With its black stripes, this variety of the tiger’s eye also makes it a potent protective stone.

Having a strong connection to the earth chakra, the black tiger’s eye stone can help in absorbing toxic energies from within you and from your environment and then draining and releasing them back to mother earth. As a result, you get a clearer mind, enhanced intellectuality, and positive emotional vibes.



Shungite is a rare pitch-black stone that is made up of 99 percent carbon. The shungite is best known as a powerful cleanser, detoxifier, and protector of the body, mind, and spirit. Its protective energy and frequency can help in neutralizing energy stored within the spiritual and physical body.

Its carbon content and antioxidant-like attributes act as a detoxifier for your emotional body and the soul. This helps you in removing all toxic energy from within so you can always feel your best, especially during times of difficulty. It will help you release the dense and stagnant energy from your system that might be keeping you from moving forward.

Fun fact: Shungite is actually used to purify water. And since humans are mostly made of water, imagine just what it can do to our whole body. Not only that, but shungite is also a powerful stone that shields you against electromagnetic pollution and Emf. So, if you constantly work with electronics such as computers or mobile phones, then consider this black stone to take away the unnecessary stress that these gadgets bring.

Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite

Although the kyanite is more popular in colors of blue and pink, the black kyanite is a wonderful option if you ever need a forcefield of protection and deep grounding energies.

The black kyanite can be used to shield you against all those unwanted vibrations that only do more harm than good. As a matter of fact, the black kyanite is even popular with shamans and almost all kinds of energy healers, thanks to its potent energy cleansing abilities and grounding energies.

The stone has the ability to create a protective barrier around your aura. This makes sure that when any negative energies are absorbed and then released back to mother earth. As a result, you keep yourself clean and protected from all the dramas and you only enjoy positive and optimistic energies.

Black Diopside

Black Diopside

The black diopside is a powerful ally to make a great connection with the earth. Its strong frequency resonates with the base and earth chakra, making it a powerful grounding stone to have.

The energy of the stone can help in balancing and aligning your aura and chakras, providing a much greater level of positive Light energies in your etheric body. In particular, the black diopside is great for creating a strong connection to both the animal and plant kingdom and allowing you to recognize the sacredness of life on earth.

Not only that, but the black diopside also represents the inner heart and love fidelity. Dubbed the Crying Stone, this beautiful black crystal stone is believed to help in healing traumas by producing cleansing tears to wash away all pains and heartbreaks.

Black Jade

Black Jade

Black jade is a stone of protection and is an etheric bodyguard. Its strong black energy not only shields your physical body but also protects your spiritual self against negative entities or forces, people projecting aggression and anger, and energy vampires.

Furthermore, this stone also defends against morphogenic fields of negative energy such as the violence and fear projected through media, and is especially helpful in times of world crisis or war.

Black jade is also helpful for looking inward, allowing for honest self-evaluation and absorbing and transforming destructive and unhealthy emotions. In addition, this alluring stone also represents self-control, power, and wisdom, teaching you the real meaning of prudence.

Black Garnet

Black Garnet

Zesty, passionate, and brimming with soul-awakening energies, the garnet stone may be popular in red but is also available in the alluring black color.

The black garnet connects you to your earth star chakra and is an excellent stone for your base chakra. This crystal stone is all about aligning yourself with the magnetic core of the Earth and calling into the potency of your kundalini energy. As a garnet, it arouses your kundalini serpent and taps your well of creative zeal. Then, it grounds you without letting go of your creative ideas and realities.

Another great ability of the black garnet is that it can help in purifying your bad or negative emotions and feelings. It helps in neutralizing the toxicity from within and allows you to be more positive and optimistic, even in times of trouble and difficulties. Its powerful grounding energies can keep you in the current moment while also doubling as a strong psychic protective stone.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond

Black diamond, also known as carbonado, is a luxurious and beautiful black crystal stone. Transcending to a whole new level of depths, the black diamond is known for its rare mystic powers, energy, and deep charisma.

This gemstone represents authority and power as well as unchanging love, flawlessness, and eternal beauty. This stone can help you embrace yourself and in expressing your uniqueness to the world. The black diamond is also said to help you keep a clear head and be free from all confusion and mental clutter.  

In ancient times, all diamonds are considered a great protector against evil. And even in this modern age, carbonados are used to cleanse the body as well as a protective ally when communicating with the spiritual world. This is because, black diamonds are often used as a link between the spirit world and the physical realm, unlike other varieties of diamonds.

Terahertz Stone

Terahertz Stone

Terahertz stone is a man-made gemstone and was discovered by Japanese scientists. It is one of the most potent stones that offer protective essence to shield you against unwanted outside influence, negative behavior, and not-so-good thinking patterns.

The terahertz stone is actually believed to offer extremely strong healing energies. It possesses a high oscillating frequency and thermal conductivity. As a result, it can help in energizing the inner body which is extremely valuable and useful if you need to supplement for lethargy.

Terahertz stone also has the meaning of making your mind clear and positive. It is mainly used for enhancing mindfulness during meditation and spiritual practices. In addition, this stone is often fashioned into pieces of jewelry and accessories since it is said to benefit the physical body.

In addition, thanks to its frequency, this stone is also a protective companion if you constantly work so close to electronics. A protective terahertz stone grid around your computer can help ease computer radiation and electromagnetic pollution.

Black Rutilated Quartz

Black Rutilated Quartz

A lack of iron oxide causes the dark, almost black threads in this variety of rutilated quartz. Take note that the black rutilated quartz is further divided into 2 varieties. The first one is the black rutilated quartz featuring black titanium dioxide and the other one is mixed with black tourmaline. Both are called black rutilated quartz, however, the latter is often called black tourmalinated quartz.

This stone is a powerful protector and is an excellent talisman against evil and all kinds of negative energy. With its strong focus on the root chakra, this stone can bring grounding energies that will help keep you secure and stable. In terms of emotional healing, this stone is believed to heal dark moods and alleviate depression. It is even sad to relieve anxiety, fears, and phobia.

The black rutilated quartz also enhances your wisdom while purifying the mind and soul. It gets rid of all negative energy that might interrupt your spiritual growth and development.



Dubbed the Sorcerer’s Stone, the Nuummite draws from the fiery energies of the ancient Earth and combines them with the elements of Storm. Like the blackness of midnight shadows on moonlit water, this crystal shimmers with a mystical gold tinge and brings personal magic.

In addition, the nuummite is also known as a Stone of Empowerment. It allows you to see beyond the facades and understand what lies beneath the actions and words of your own and other people’s. This allows you to delve deeper into the psyche to uncover hidden fears, hurts, shame, and guilt that block your base chakra and hold you back.

Then, it shall help in releasing those trapped energies and severing any emotional constraints from other people’s attempted guidance, inappropriate protection, or manipulations. It helps in reprogramming your thought process and allows you to recognize your true power and abilities.

Black Pearl

Black Pearl

Black pearls are quite rare. It features a grey to black background with pearlescent over its entire surface as well as green to violet iridescent, particularly around the lip of the shell. The most valuable and beautiful black pearls come from Tahiti.

Black pearls have powerful protective qualities. The black color adds a layer of extra power and potency. It can help protect you against negativities as well as chaotic situations. Black pearl is also known o ward off evil spirits. Thus, it is mostly made as a powerful amulet to shield you against malevolence while preventing negative energy from entering your auric shield.

Thanks to its nurturing and soothing energies, the black pearl is also a wonderful ally in getting rid of your own toxic or negative thinking. Thus, you can have a much clearer and calmer state of mind.

Black Nephrite

Black Nephrite

Nephrites in black shades are known to invigorate your root or base chakra.

Considered a potent stone of protection, black nephrite is an etheric bodyguard that not only shields your physical body but more importantly, protects your spiritual body against all kinds of negativities.

It helps in defending against the morphogenic fields of negative energies such as fear and violence projected through times of crisis. Not only that, but this stone is also helpful in cleansing your inner body. It allows for an honest self-evaluation and absorbing unhealthy and destructive emotions and habits.

It is also great for grounding. Its deep connection to the root and earth chakra brings in a sense of comfort, home, reliability, and security. It should keep you grounded and stable, especially when used during deep meditations.

Shamanite Black Calcite

Shamanite Black Calcite

Also known as the North American Black Calcite, the shamanite are brownish to black stones found only in the remote place of Colorado mountains. Although some sources claim that this is a recently discovered stone, it has been actually utilized for a long by the local tribes.

This stone is said to possess a distinctive potent vibration that has been made quite popular for the local Indian shamans, using it for spiritual resolves for so long. It is a prevailing stone that is often used for inner or shamanic journeying.

In addition, this stone was used for psychic fortification and development. It helps in creating an energetic barrier that can shield you against all psychic attacks. Not only that, but this stone can also help assist you with spiritual cleansing and purification, grounding the toxic energies back to Mother Earth. This stone is also a great ally for meditation, assisting in spiritual grounding and making it easier for you to connect with the earth’s energies.



The sphalerite crystal stone with its dark and vibrant colors mostly resonates with the root chakra. A protective stone, the black variety of sphalerite is the most common form and it comes in pitch-black to smoky black sometimes with inclusions of white crystals.

With its grounding and protective energy, the black sphalerite can provide a safe retreat whenever you need to take a break from all the stress and hassles of your daily life. In addition, it shall provide a safe and peaceful haven from the people who wish you harm.

This stone can also help in deepening your connection to the natural world. It keeps you strongly grounded in the present moment while enhancing your focus and security in order to keep the unwanted elements out of your life.



Psilomelane came from the Greek word “psilos” meaning smooth and “melas” meaning black. And it is indeed a beautiful, smooth black stone that can bring emotional healing. This is the perfect black stone you can use for identifying negative patterns as well as discovering your hidden motivations.

The stone can help you be more aware of your behaviors and emotions that are no longer beneficial or good to your life. In addition, psilomelane is a great meditation crystal and is used for gazing. However, you’ll need to direct and focus the energies of this stone in order to receive the information that you require.

This black crystal stone can also help in balancing your yin and yang energies, providing you with a helping hand when unexpected or bad things occur in your life. Going through a traumatic experience, psilomelane can provide you with an optimistic and positive outlook on life. It inspires you to deal with such an experience and to acknowledge everything that you’ve gone through in order to heal completely.

Tibetan Black Quartz

Tibetan Black Quartz

Tibetan black quartz is found in the Himalayan Mountains, which is considered to be one of the most sacred places in the world. And any crystal found in such a spiritual or holy place is considered to have really high vibrations.

It’s said that due to the high altitudes, Tibetan monks are the only ones to mine such crystals using their own hands since machinery won’t be able to access these mountains. The Tibetan black quartz is not completely black in color but dies to contain black material which creates beautiful layers or veils within the crystalline structure.

This potent stone has the ability to defend its bearer from all kinds of psychic attacks and keep you away again all kinds of harm, particularly on a physical and psychic level. In addition, this stone has the ability to purify and cleanse you from within as well as the environment that you’re in. Once these toxic and harmful energies are removed, it replaces them with positive ones to bring you a sense of relief and good vibes.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Black Crystal Stones?

Black stones are the ultimate protector. However, they got more than that. Here are some of the wonderful benefits of using and wearing black crystal stones.

For Health and Physical Healing

Black crystals are known to be powerful healers of physical illnesses. They provide insights into the root cause of several diseases so you can prevent and stop them before they get worse.

Black Crystal Stones For Health and Physical Healing

These dark crystal stones are also known to help with digestion and are most suitable for detoxication or cleansing. They are best for dissolving all kinds of tensions and blockages in your body, including the hardened arteries.

Their black energy is also said to help in reducing pains associated with arthritis and rheumatism as well as easing cramps, joint problems, and injuries. They can help in warming your extremities and even in improving blood circulation. Also, some black crystal stones like the onyx are great for increasing your stamina, physical strength, vitality, and vigor.

Not only that but some black stones are also known to help in the treatment of your teeth, bone marrow, bones, feet, and soft tissues. They are also great at easing the symptoms of epilepsy and are quite beneficial for the reconstruction and restoration of damaged cells.

Other black crystal stones are also recommended for the treatment of liver and kidney diseases. They are great for stimulating your reflex points which are associated with the ankles, lower back, feet, and legs. In fact, some black stones are even used in the re-alignment of your spinal column as well as in treating strained muscles.

As highly protective stones, black crystals can also help in defending the body against debilitating diseases while also strengthening your immune system, heart, and adrenal glands.

For Emotional Healing

Black crystal stones are the ultimate metaphysical instruments that are full of protective energies. This strong energy from the black stones is known to provide you relief from the pressure and stress of daily life and provide you a much-needed break.

Black Crystal Stones For Emotional Healing

Not only that, but they can also help in engulfing you in energies of safety and security so you can feel safe in the environment. Also, you become guarded against the harmful and evil energies of your enemies. They have the ability to ease the toxic thoughts, bad behaviors, and negative habits that might be preventing you from reaching your true potential. Not only that, but they are also great for easing symptoms of emotional and psychological diseases such as anxiety and depression.

In addition, keeping a black crystal stone close to you can ensure that the body is always cleansed of negativity and that there’s enough room in your mind, heart, and soul for positive energies to flow in. It also helps you keep out of harm’s way and ensures that you’re always guided by Mother Earth and higher beings.

Despite the challenges and chaos that occur in your life, the black crystal stones can help keep you grounded and calm. With these stones by your side, your emotional well-being will become stable and you feel confident in your own skin.

Other than that, black stones can also empower your intellectual, spiritual, physical, and emotional being. You get a feel of your own personal power and become more comfortable in what you do. You also become fearless and more confident in embarking on unfamiliar and new endeavors.

These crystals also have a powerful effect on your mental fortitude by providing focus and concentration. They can also help in amplifying your efforts and ensure that you’re rewarded for all the hard work you’ve been putting in. When you feel your self-esteem is rising and you feel invincible that you can do everything you can, you become the person you truly wish to be.

For Wealth

Black Crystal Stones For Wealth

There are some black crystal stones known for their ability to promote wealth, good fortune, happiness, and joy. In general, though, these crystals are best for enhancing your physical strength and stamina. Also, they help in improving your self-discipline, particularly when achieving your goals and dreams.

These stones are best for changing your bad habit or even getting rid of them. They also exude power and confidence, so you just can’t help but feel fearless, courageous, and always ready. Not only that, but black crystals also have this sense of authority, allowing you to gain trust and respect from your co-workers while also helping you climb the corporate ladder.

Now, with their protective energies, the black stones are best known to help you in your day-to-day work. As mentioned before, most of these black stones act as a powerful shield that can protect your auric field. They are great for absorbing toxic energies from your surroundings, co-workers, and even from within you that may otherwise drain your energy and make you feel lethargic. With this strong protection and support, these black stones should help in keeping your stamina high while infusing you with courageous energies and determination with the energy to back it all up.

Lastly, some black crystals like black tourmaline have the ability to absorb toxic electromagnetic pollution. This makes them extremely useful and valuable for those who constantly work in front of their computer, laptops, smartphone or any other electronic devices which discharge harmful radiation. This can help keep your motivation and energy high to do more in your work.

For Love and Relationship

In terms of love and relationship, the black crystal stones act as truth enhances. They are known to help in exposing your flaws and help in encouraging you to acknowledge your mistakes and flaws. These stones are often used to help identify your sources of destructive behaviors and in showing you how to grow and learn from them.

Black Crystal Stones For Love and Relationship

In addition, black crystal stones can also help in bringing the unpleasant truth and negative feelings to the surface. This helps you in healing your soul and in protecting you against negativity. Not only that, but they can also absorb toxic energies from other people who only speak or think ill of your relationship, transmuting them into positive ones in order to promote a peaceful, calm, and healthy relationship at home.

Black stones also represent discipline, loyalty, and staying true to your partner. Their dark energies can help encourage a peaceful, harmonious, and grounded relationship, deflecting negativities and disturbances between couples. They are also known to bring clarity of mind, strengthen your relationship and bring confidence to stimulate growth. Also, you can even use the black crystals for controlling your sexual impulses and in creating a stronger and more honest relationship based on love and not lust.

Not only that but black crystal stones are also known for healing your emotional aspect and letting go of past traumas and hurts. They can help support you through the chaotic and difficult times in your relationship and help you in making wise decisions. These stones have the ability to usher you to the future, allowing you to move forward and stay in tune with the present moment.

Ways To Use Black Crystals?

In order to benefit from the above benefits of black crystals, here are some ways you can incorporate them into your daily life.


Ways To Use Black Crystals?

Meditating with your preferred black crystals is a wonderful way to connect with their energetic footprint, deepening your practice and manifesting your desires. However, black crystals are best known for creating a protective and safe space as you meditate, especially if you’re doing spiritual work. These stones should be able to help prevent psychic attacks and ensure that you have a safe journeying or meditation.

In addition, meditating with black crystals like obsidian can help you in realizing your negative attributes of yourself. They help in releasing the toxic patterns and habits so you can move forward in life and grow.

Also, by placing black crystals on your root chakra, you can enhance the function of this chakra, aligning it with other chakras and providing you with a strong connection to mother earth for grounding purposes. If you want to create a more powerful effect, you can place the crystal on your root chakra and lay 4 quartz points together with the black crystal of your choice pointing at this chakra, focusing energy and healing experience.

Wear Them As Jewelry

If you want to stay protected and keep the wonderful energy of your black crystal in your auric field throughout the day, then crystal jewelry is one of the most efficient ways to do so. You will find that most of the black crystal stones mentioned in this article can be found in pieces of jewelry from necklaces and pendants. The most alluring and sought-after black crystal jewelry includes black diamonds, the black pearl, black tourmaline, and more.

Place Them Around Your Home or At Your Desk

A good way to stay influenced by the wonderful protective and healing energies of black crystal is to place them around your place of work or home.

Ways To Use Black Crystals?

For instance, you can place a black tourmaline on your desk and near electronics in order to absorb electromagnetic pollution and prevent it from draining your energy. Meanwhile, placing hematite near your windows, doorways or the front door can help in purifying the energies that are coming into your home. Placing black obsidian in your bedroom or meditation room can act as an emotional mirror that can help you reflect on your behavior and thinking pattern.

Regardless of what you choose, these black crystals will look beautiful wherever you display them and their potent energies can help everyone else within their radius.

Use Them As Rubbing Stones

Also known as worry stones, these are tumbled stones that can be placed in your pocket or wallet. You simply carry them around and touch them whenever you feel threatened, drained, or need some protective energy.

Use an Elixir

Some black crystals can be used to create potent elixirs. Some black crystal elixirs are drinkable, but most should only be used externally. For instance, you can use a black tourmaline elixir to help overcome arthritis by wiping it to the affected spot. Some drinkable elixirs can help ease digestive issues.

How To Cleanse and Recharge Black Crystals?

Black crystals are some of the most hardworking stones out there. They tend to absorb and absorb all kinds of negativities and toxicities from their environment and other people, dampening their potent capabilities and healing benefits. In order for you to continue benefiting from their potent energies, you need to cleanse these stones back to their dark glory.

To physically clean a black crystal stone, you simply need to wash it in warm soapy water. Using a soft brush or your fingers, you can rub the surface of the stone in order to remove accumulated debris and gunk. Then, you simply rinse the stone and pat it dry with a clean cloth. However, there are some black crystals that are soft and are not great for washing in water. For these black stones, you simply need to wipe their structures gently with a clean, dry cloth to remove dirt and debris.

Now, there are various ways to metaphysically cleanse and charge these stones’ energies.

How To Cleanse and Recharge Black Crystals?

One of the best ways to cleanse your black crystal stone is to smudge it with your preferred herb bundle or incense stick. The smoke should be able to remove all toxicities within the stone, allowing good vibes to infuse and fill its structure.

You can also cleanse and recharge the stone in the natural elements such as the sun or moon. However, with their strong connection to the earth, black crystal stones are best charged and cleansed with nature.

Simply leaving these stones out in a rich garden or forest for a few hours can help nourish and replenish their exhausted energies, releasing the toxicities and negativity back to earth. And since you’re doing it outside, you also get to expose the black stone to the sun or a full moon for extra healing and nurturing energies.

Another way to cleanse the energies of these black stones is to use a singing bowl. The sound vibrations from the singing bowl should be able to shake away any toxic energies from the stone and replenish them with soothing positive vibrations.

Lastly, you can also replenish and recharge your black crystal stones by leaving them with large crystal quartz. Quartz is known as a master healer and charger, making them suitable for recharging and even amplifying any energetic crystals close to its radius. So, if you want the easiest and simplest way to recharge your black crystal stones, then you can just let them sit with these recharging crystals.

Final Words

Black crystals are a great ally if you wish to hide from the world and cloak yourself from toxic people. They are highly protective while exuding energies of power, authority, and leadership. These stones with the black energy can prepare you mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally against all kinds of challenges in this life.

They will ensure that negativity won’t bother you, providing a sense of security and stability and keeping you grounded at all times, so you can enjoy a happy, positive life.


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