Black Jade Meanings, Properties and Uses


Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses, and Spiritual Meaning of Black Jade

Black Jade is a wonderful stone that has very potent protective energies. This stone is very popular for its shielding properties. It effectively works as a bodyguard to keep you safe from physical, emotional, and spiritual danger. Black Jade, on the other hand, has vast spiritual energies targeting the draining facets of life. Then the stone will transform them into positive and healthy vibes. This stone also works in order to get rid of negative feelings of violence, grief, fear, or loss from your persona. As a result, your decisions and actions aren’t impacted adversely during times of crisis.

What is Black Jade?

Black Jade Meaning

Black Jade is a Jadeite or Nephrite variety that has inclusions of iron oxide and graphite. Jadeite is a sodium aluminum silicate whereas, Nephrite is a calcium magnesium silicate. Despite they have different compositions, hardness, and crystal compositions, they have the same appearance and are durable. In addition to that, they are equally valuable in terms of physical properties.

Black Jade can be found in Canada as well as in some locations in the United States of America. Black Jadeite can also be found in Guatemala and Burma.

The Meaning and Uses of Black Jade

Uses of black jade

Black Jade is the gemstone of independent living despite physical restrictions. It will inspire very old people, keen for active living, and not surrender to dreams since they take longer to manifest physically.

When placed in the home, Black Jade will encourage respect as well as a voice, from the youngest to the eldest. It’s balancing if some members are overriding and clever with words or controlling. This Jade stone can also protect a workplace from people who are greedy for power utilizing any means in order to succeed. It will also control a personality sweeping everyone together with their irrational demands.

Black Jade is the stone of tranquility in the middle of a storm. Its action will balance nerves and calm cardiac rhythm. As a matter of fact, a piece of this black stone in your pocket can recharge energy and guard against diseases. It can also be used to rage the fear or shock of the very old or young away from family and home and being cared for in hospitals.

Black Jade, on the other hand, does a great job of healing feelings of guilt. It is also ideal for serious cases of negativity. It can treat pathological normality, which is too much desire to adapt oneself to a certain group even though it is exaggerated militarism, sect-like, or a follow-the-leader behavior.

As a protective and supportive stone, Black Jade can help vets, doctors, nurses, and other healers when it comes to making a practical diagnosis as well as their applications. Moreover, it can also be used by educators and will uplift military personnel.

Necklaces and pendants that are made using Black Jade will protect you from dishonesty and commanding abuse for sexual or financial gain. It symbolizes harmony through strength. It is also beneficial in occupations or homes encountering intimidation and bullying against violent teenagers and even kids. One more thing, it is a wonderful protection when traveling. And if you’re afraid or feeling insecure, you can benefit from this black stone.

Black Jade Metaphysical Properties

Black Jade Metaphysical Properties

As mentioned, Black Jade is accredited with various metaphysical properties. For one, it is believed to bring calm to the spirit and soothe wisdom to your mind.

Moreover, this black stone is connected to grounding as well as feelings of security and confidence. It will even allow you to access your intuition and make a connection with the higher world.

The Benefits of Black Jade

Similar to other varieties of Jade, this black stone also offers a lot of benefits. The following are some of the most important benefits that you may reap when you choose to use Jade.

For Physical Healing

Black Jade For Physical Healing

As a protective stone, Black Jade will protect you from infection, whether it is bacterial or viral kind. In fact, it also helps in the treatment of parasitic infections.

If you have a problem with your reproductive organ, you will find this stone extremely beneficial. It will also ease problems concerning the feet, hips, legs, and knees. Black Jade is also known to aid with the limited flow of blood as well as in the treatments of deeper vein thrombosis.

It is also considered an effective cleansing crystal and improves the elimination and filtration functions of the body. Further, it is helpful in the treatments of the spleen, kidneys, and supra-adrenal glands. It can even get rid of toxins in your body while promoting overall health. Black Jade has restorative properties that allow the cellular and skeletal systems to rebind.

Additionally, it can remove pains and aches and help the body attain self-healing.

For Emotional Healing

Black Jade For Emotional Healing

This stone comes with soothing and calming energies that are beneficial during periods of sudden crisis or long-term stress. Black Jade will help to maintain an objective bearing and not let your emotions or feelings run away with you. It will inspire you to stay calm, find someone who can help you restore peace to your life, and look for a practical solution.

When it comes to long-term stress, Black Jade will help you determine that continuous stress is a big part of a choice. In fact, people can make many different options that may result in peacefulness over time. However, such changes do not happen overnight and need a good deal of persistence and patience to accomplish.

The good thing is that Jade will help you each step of the way if we earnestly long for real peace. This stone will help you to engage in open self-reflection, own your choices, and be willing to change and grow.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Black Jade For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Black Jade is one of the stones that are dominant in the Sacral Chakra. It’s where the sexual energy or kundalini energy rest. Known as the life force point, this black stone will help you in regaining your hidden talents, ambitions, and passions. Black Jade is also a great stone that will awaken the purpose of your life and vision of intention within you. When you wear this stone on your sacral chakra, you will be able to attract more luck toward you.

Black Jade, on the other hand, is also associated with the root chakra. This chakra can be found at the bottom of your spine. Also, this is where you link to Earth or Mother Gia. You can reintroduce this connection in order to find stability and balance in your life. To make you feel optimistic and positive, Black Jade with work on your base chakra.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Black Jade For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Black Jade is capable of releasing negative thoughts and soothing irritability. What’s more, it will stabilize your personality by making harmonious integration of your body and mind. It helps in stimulating fresh ideas as well as uncomplicating work that you think is too challenging or complex to act upon.

This black stone will encourage financial prudence as well. Last but not least, Black Jade will teach you how to become practical in your acquisitions and wise with your spending.

For Relationship and Love

Black Jade For Relationship and Love

If you want to convert negative emotions to positive ones, then consider using Jade. This stone will change your envy, fear, anger, hatred, and doubt with uplifting and positive emotions. It will let your subconscious mind open and let go of all your traumatic memories that are usually the cause of such emotions.

When there is a space of love in your heart, you’ll begin to entice the right love that will stay in your life for a long period. It will offer you the strength and courage to reflect on your negativities and where they are coming from. It even inspires you to face your shadow self and then come to terms with it.

Sometimes, Black Jade can feel as though its methods are quite punishing to be kind in many ways through all of this. In fact, coming to terms with these sides of yourself that you would rather not have taken great patience and courage and much in the manner of self-forgiveness. Unfortunately, this process can be exhausting and daunting.

But Jade will grant people who welcome it with adequate strength as well as a belief to power through such uncomfortable situations and take in the newly discovered knowledge and personal development by surpassing it.

In addition to that, this stone will show you will be able to comprehend and identify your behavioral patterns and emotional maturity. As a result, you will be able to face and do something about them. This helps your emotional development and a loving mixture of all facets of yourself.

For Protection

Black Jade For Protection

As aforementioned, Black Jade is a great protection stone. It brings potent energy shields not only for the physical body but for the spirit, heart, and mind too.

This black stone will protect you from negative entities and energies and those who are sapping your energies and directing their bitterness, anger, and violence in your direction. Moreover, it will protect you from morphogenic fields of negativity such as fear and violence projected through various mediums during periods of turmoil and crisis.

For Confidence

Black Jade For Confidence

Black Jade helps in reducing self-imposed restrictions. Its properties lead to an improved capability to hold personal desires, ambitions, and ideas to help with realization Moreover, the benefits of Jade will increase your confidence while promoting greater self-adequacy.

For Anxiety

Black Jade For Anxiety

We cannot deny the fact, that anxiety is one of the root causes of many issues in the 21st century. Fortunately, much like other stones, Black Jade can help in combating stress and worry by infusing you with confidence. This stone will bring you the needed power of charisma and truth. To use Black for anxiety, all you have to do is circle the stone thrice over your head.

For Career Success

Black Jade For Career Success

Black Jade will motivate and encourage you to stay dedicated to your desires and not give up on them. It is because you’re just a few steps away from them.

The stone’s energies will always you remind that the bigger your goal and dreams are, the more difficult it will be to accomplish them. As a matter of fact, you can easily achieve your goals, especially your career goals, but it simply means that you are not aiming high enough.

With that in mind, with the presence of Black Jade, you can harness all your energies and inspire yourself to dream bigger and most importantly, work harder every step so that you will get closer to the top.

Combining Black Jade with Other Crystal Stones

Much like other stones, Black Jade also works with other stones very well. Nevertheless. here are some of the stones that you can pair with your Black Jade to further enhance its powers and energies.


Black Jade + Malachite

When paired with Black Jade, Malachite will help you in dealing with various changes happening in your life because both stones will stimulate controlled emotions and clear thinking.

Yes, there will be unexpected events, challenges, and surprises at all times. But knowing that you have the supportive and protective energies of Black Jade and Malachite can distinguish the difference between falling and rising.  

This crystal combination will heal you on emotional and physical levels, eliminating things that are making you feel toxic and weak. By eliminating all contaminated energies in life, you’re also inspiring positive life forces in your aura as well as your body.

When combined, Black Jade and Malachite will keep your senses and intuition sharper. However, they also have grounding qualities, meaning, when you follow those premonitions, you have the rational backing to feel self-assured in your life choices.

On the other hand, if you bring these two stones into your meditation you will notice that the types of psychic insights and visions that reach you are more easily understood and clearer.

Black Obsidian

Black Jade + Black Obsidian

When you combine Black Jade with Black Obsidian, they can disclose a lot of secrets. What’s more, they will answer some of the biggest questions about your love and life. These stones can even show you the real meaning of the earnest mysteries of life, the world in general, and those who you love.

These powerful and beautiful stones may help you cut through shattered and nonsense illusions as well as reveal lies. They can help you in getting rid of obstructions in your being while seeing through the facades.

If you really value honesty, this combination is ideal for you. The stones will keep you narrow and straight. They will even call you out when you start to go off track.

Black Jade and Black Obsidian will keep you grounded particularly when you’re succeeding, winning, and making your dreams come true. It is because it is very easy to be overwhelmed and lose track of your success.


Black Jade + Sugilite

Black Jade and Sugilite can be a great combination because both stones are connected to spiritual growth. In fact, when you have the energies of these stones will have real spiritual love and wisdom. They will show you have you can live your life authentically. One more thing, they will open your eyes to who you exactly are.

On the other hand, the metaphysical properties of Sugilite will inspire you to live your truths, live more courageously and boldly and follow your passion. These properties of Sugilite will be further enhanced when paired with the powers of Black Jade.

The energies of both stones will motivate you to find out your purpose in this world. They will also make you appreciate all the things about your life.

With the help of this crystal combination, your life can be picture-perfect. Also, even though life is not perfect, these stones will show you that you can work out everything in the end. Pains won’t hurt that much and Black Jade and Sugilite will assure you that there is a rainbow after the rain.

It is also worth mentioning that this crystal combination will make your spirituality stronger by improving your psychic and channeling capabilities. They are great stones for psychic and spiritual protection because they can get rid of blockages and negative attachments in your persona.


Black Jade + Sugilite

The energies of Cuprite will make you feel supported, vital, and secure. In fact, the energies can be further improved with the presence of Black Jade.

This crystal combination will activate and open your root chakra. As a result, your life force energies will drift freely. These stones, on the other hand, will boost your energy. They will also support your physical well-being and help you handle your emotions and thoughts.

Both Black Jade and Cuprite will keep all your stresses at bay. When things at home or work get uncontrollable, you can always count on the energies of these stones to take away all doubts and calm you down.

By simply holding Black Jade in your hands with Cuprite, you will feel that the stones release relaxing and soothing energies. They will offer you the courage to allow your creativity to manifest. You’ll aim for the highest good not only for yourself but for those who matter to you as well.

When you are feeling disconnected this crystal combination will offer you the necessary support. They will always remind you that in life there are highs and lows, but they are all just temporary.

Peach Aventurine

Black Jade + Peach Aventurine

Another stone that you can pair with your Black Jade is Peach Aventurine. This variety of Aventurine is perfect to utilize in quiet meditation. However, its qualities are the best experience when you are looking for some centering and quiet energies.

Nevertheless, this crystal combination is perfect for people who are naturally anxious and shy. The stones’ energies will put you at ease in any situation and calm your nerves. They will even offer you a powerful presence around others that attract them to you.

Black Jade and Peach Aventurine will offer calm and self-esteem especially when there are critical and loud voices in your head. Both are great good luck stones that may help in making your personal power stronger. They will increase your self-confidence as well as attract all types of success to you when you use, carry, or wear them. In fact, they will even increase your intellect and mental clarity. 

Moreover, Black Jade and Peach Aventurine have gentle energies that will surely surround you with a sense of balance and calm and boost your happiness a thousandfold.

With the help of the stones, you’ll be able to see the alternatives and potentials to any given situation. Further, you’ll have a more optimistic viewpoint and face everything with courage and strength.


Black Jade + Stichtite

Black Jade and Stichtite will guide you so that you will become more aware of your spiritual guides and guardian angels from the higher worlds. They will remind you that they’re always there for you and that you just need to reach out anytime you need them.

This crystal combination will help you in healing and strengthening your association with your higher self.

Black Jade and Stichtite will motivate you to forgive past problems that you are having a hard time releasing from your mind and heart. Furthermore, if you want to become successful in your financial life, you must be prepared to exercise both good judgment and wisdom and these stones will guide you.

They will bring the energies of wisdom, experience, decision, and maturity into your life. They will support you in getting all characteristics needed to become successful with money.

In addition to that, Black Jade and Stichtite will encourage them to become more forgiving, honest, and kind. Their energies will offer you the bravery to let go of your fears. More importantly, these two stones will teach you how you can release problems based on your ego and reach out to your partner.

Is Black Jade a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Yes, Black Jade is a birthstone and zodiac crystal.

Black Jade is April 20 – May 20 Birthstone

Black Jade is April 20 – May 20 Birthstone

If you’re born between April 20 and May 20, then Jade is your birthstone. People born in this period are temperate, realistic, and calm. However, they are also persistent as well as resolute to achieve all their goals and dreams. Nevertheless, by wearing this stone, they will be able to put things in order.

Black Jade is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Libra and Taurus

Black Jade is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Libra

Libra is the zodiac sign of Jade. If you’re a Libra, this black stone will help you in finding action and decisiveness. It will also protect you from mistakes while polishing your wisdom. With this stone, your nature of being forceful will be converted into care and concern. In addition to that, it can get rid of phobias and fears completely.

Black Jade is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Taurus

Taurus, on the other hand, is also a zodiac sign for Jade. If you are a Taurus you must wear the stone. This black stone makes you an empath who understands and listens to other people. In addition to that, it will make you devoted and at the same time committed to your goals. More importantly, with Black Jade, you’ll no longer feel guilty and possessive in life.

Meditation with Black Jade

Meditation with Black Jade

If you are doing a shamanic journey or soul retrieval meditation with Black can be a great help. This stone will initiate a deeper inner voyage and allow you to come back to a higher state of awareness.

When meditating with Black all you need to do is lie or sit in a comfy position. Make sure there is no distraction. Then start manifesting your intentions.

How to Cleanse and Charge Black Jade?

How to Cleanse and Charge Black Jade?

For your Black Jade to transfer its energies to you, you need to make contact, empathize and study the stone thoroughly. What’s more, you should allow it to share your thoughts and feelings, day after day.

However, before you start your journey of discovery, you will need to cleanse your Black and then recharge it.

When cleansing, simply put the stone in well-tempered water snd and make sure it is not too warm. After an hour or two, place the cleansed jade on your windowsills to recharge it. But you need to avoid intense sun exposure.

Final Thoughts

Black Jade is a very beautiful stone that signifies wisdom, power, self-control, and protection. In a wider sense, the stone will show you the true meaning of the judgment in a financial as well as social sense.

The energies of Black Jade will also take on the quality of purification as well as cleansing.

On the other hand, if you are serious about removing negative energy in your life this is the ideal stone for you. It will help you with every aspect of life since this stone is a potent guardian of security, material security, and stability.

Furthermore, if you want to protect yourself from accidents or misfortunes or want to attract money, you harness the stone’s powers. You can even benefit from the Black Jade’s power and control. It helps you to unleash and manipulate your own.

Black Jade will promote the intelligent use of your energies and protect you from negative energies. It helps you control your aspirations as well as your needs on top of everything all the time.

Finally, this stone will bring out the wisdom, truth, strength, and courage deep within you.


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