Black Sapphire Meanings, Properties and Uses

Black Sapphire Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Black Sapphire

When talking about sapphire, most people would immediately think of a mesmerizing blue crystal. However, the beautiful Sapphire actually forms in more colors than just the cooling blue. Sapphire also comes in a pitch-black color exuding energies of protection, power, and spiritual insight. Learn more about the black sapphire by reading below.

What is Black Sapphire?

Sapphires are a variety of corundum which is an aluminum oxide mineral. This mineral forms in bipyramidal, rhombohedral or tabular crystals. It can be transparent or opaque. And while the true color of sapphire is an alluring blue and is the most popular and recognized one, sapphire also forms in yellow, white and even pitch-black.

What is Black Sapphire

Black sapphire most often forms as brownish-black or black, although sometimes it can be dark brown, dark green or gray in color.

Black sapphires are rated 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means that this crystal has no cleavage that makes it to prone to breaking and has excellent toughness. Black sapphire is relatively cheap and is considered of a low quality than other colors of sapphire.

Still, in the present day, there has been a growing demand for precious gems of pitch-black color. And the black sapphire is seemingly gaining favors. With its great glamor of black, sapphires of this color are slowly moving along the path of preference for jewelry. Its toughness also offers a good advantage for everyday jewelry.

Australia is the largest known black sapphire deposit. Black sapphire can also be seen in Thailand and Brazil. However, Australian black sapphires usually have a better quality than the rest of its mining locations.

The Meaning and Uses of Black Sapphire

Corundum is derived from the Sanskrit term “korund” which refers to opaque massive gems that usually have a dull color. The term sapphire, on the other hand, is derived from different languages— Greek term “sappheiros”, Latin term “sapphirus” and the French term “saphir”. All terms mean “blue stone”.

The Meaning and Uses of Black Sapphire

Because of its toughness and hardness, which is second only to diamond, all kinds of sapphires can be used in industrial applications. Black sapphire is mainly used in components for watch crystals or movement bearings. Not only that, but it can also be used in scientific instruments, special-purpose solid-state electronics, high-durability windows and insulating substrates.

Black sapphire is recommended to be used for those with demanding or stressful careers. This is particularly helpful for those dealing with human tragedy such as rescue services or armed forces. It helps in deflecting sorrow, negativity, horror and shock. Not only that, but it also allows them to deal with difficult matters in courageous and compassionate way.

Furthermore, black sapphire is used by healers who work with terminally ill or very sick patients. This stone can help them relate to their needs without taking on their sorrows and symptoms or being over-empathetic.

Black Sapphire Metaphysical Properties

Black sapphire, like most black crystals, are powerful protectors. Its energies offer you protective vibes and a safe retreat that will hide you against enemies.

Not only that, but this stone is also said to shield you against unreasonable anger from others or bullying. It will protect you against intimidation and fear. Then, it brings a calm strength in establishing boundaries. Or it can also bring the courage you need to walk away from all the negativity and abuse.

Also, it is known to help you calm down when you’re with chaotic people or in a chaotic situation. This is perhaps one of the best anti-panic crystals, especially if you are an overly sensitive individual during times when everything seems to be going wrong and you have no way to put everything in its right place.

Black Sapphire Metaphysical Properties

This stone can guide your intuition in determining what can be done while still allowing other people to take responsibility for the problems they created. Not only that, but this stone can also deepen your connection to the physical and natural world, thanks to its connection to the base chakra. IT can bring strength and power and relieving fears that are specifically connected with your physical existence here on earth.

Black sapphire is also said to influence spirits. Thus, it was honored more than any other crystals by necromancers. This crystal was used in conferring with the dead in order to foretell the future. They felt that this stone allows them to understand and hear even the most obscure oracles. Moreover, witches were also believed to love this crystal for working certain magic and witchcraft by its virtue.

In addition, the energies of black sapphire are also known to help adults in overcoming their fears of the dark. It is also reported to be loved by cats. This stone can be rubbed on your cat’s paws in order to prevent them from straying at night. Not only that, but this stone is also said to amplify protection when you are working with your nocturnal power animals.

Meanwhile, the black star sapphire is a particularly powerful crystal for contacting the dead. It also provides safe mediumship. Furthermore, it is also said to guard against the judgment as well as those with daily jobs who are developing clairvoyant or mediumistic gifts with the hopes of becoming a professional.

The Benefits of Black Sapphire

The black sapphire is a versatile crystal that offers various benefits in numerous aspects of your life. Here are some of the best benefits of using black sapphire!

For Physical Healing

Black Sapphire For Physical Healing

Black sapphire is believed to be a powerful pain reliever. As a matter of fact, its energies are particularly useful in the recovery from trauma or accident as well as dislocation of bones and bruising.

Not only that, but this stone can help alleviate blood clots, excessive bleeding and deep vein thrombosis. It can assist in the treatment of blood disorders and is effective in strengthening your veins and improving their elasticity.

The soothing and grounding energies of black sapphire can also help calm an overactive body system. It is also helpful in easing severe bowel disorders and IBS. The stone is also said to temper ulcers and boils. Lastly, this crystal can also assist in serious diseases when the body starts attacking itself. 

For Emotional Healing

Black Sapphire For Emotional Healing

In terms of emotional healing, the black sapphire can lend the much-needed strength and compassion during chaotic or difficult times. This is an excellent stone of support for men. This is especially true for men experiencing aging issues concerning retirement or a major mid-life crisis.

Not only that, but this stone is also particularly sustaining for both men and women through periods of extreme grief and pain at the loss of their life partner. 

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Black Sapphire For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Black sapphire is associated with the root chakra or base chakra. This chakra is found at the base of your spine and controls the energy for kinesthetic movement and feeling. The base chakra is the foundation of the spiritual and physical energy of your body.

The protective energies of black sapphire can ensure that your base chakra is balanced. This prevents lethargy, ow enthusiasm or low levels of activity. With this stone, the physical body stays strong. It has the stamina and the spiritual energy that brings you a sense of security and power.

In addition, this stone through the base chakra makes sure that you stay grounded and protected against negative energies, particularly draining emotions from other people. Thus, you have the energy and strength to go on with your daily life.

For Relationship and Love

The black sapphire crystal is a potent crystal to use when you feel bullied or abused in any way in your relationship. This stone will encourage you to stand up for yourself and fight for what you think is right.

Not only that, but it can also protect you against the unreasonable and irrational anger of other people, particularly your loved ones. This stone will keep you from being intimidated or scared. It will push you to try new things that can give you new experiences.

Furthermore, this stone can bring you strength and calmness when you are establishing your personal boundaries. It will infuse you with the courage and strength needed when it is time to leave or walk away from an abusive relationship.

Black sapphire can also increase your conviction to stay true to yourself. It will help in strengthening your gentle heart and remind you that people change. This crystal will lend you the courage and strength when you are experiencing a traumatic or challenging time.

Black Sapphire For Relationship and Love

As mentioned before, black sapphire is also an excellent support stone when you are currently going through a life crisis or a period of incredible grief. This stone can help in filling the void that is left in your heart after suffering a loss. It should help ease the pain and your future less bleak.

All sapphires, even the pitch-black variety is known as a stone of wisdom. This means that the black sapphire can also strengthen your intuition. It should help guide you in making sensible decisions that you will not regret. Not only that, but it will also inspire you to be creative in your relationship so that things won’t go dull or stale.

This crystal can also help you reduce or manage your stress properly. It shall provide the inner strength you need and protecting your heart against all kinds of pains and hurts. It can strengthen your defense and make you less passive in terms of issues plaguing or challenging your relationship. Black sapphire will give you the wisdom to survive the struggles of your relationship and overcoming challenges.

For Protection

Like all black crystals, the black sapphire is a crystal linked to protection. It will keep you safe and protected against all things that can harm you.

Black sapphire is particularly useful if you need protection against negative emotions, intimidation, bullying or unreasonable anger from others. It will ease fear and helplessness, offering a calm force that will help you overcome these challenges.

Black Sapphire For Protection

In addition, this stone is useful in deflecting negative entities, energies and emotions that other people produce. It will give you the strength and courage to stand up and overcome chaotic and stressful moments. Furthermore, black sapphire can keep you calm whenever you’re with other people who tend to disturb your inner peace. It should help you stay composed even in chaotic situations.

The energies of black sapphire are also known to help adults in overcoming their fear of darkness. Plus, this crystal can also amplify protection when you are working with your nocturnal power animals.

For Depression and Anxiety

Black sapphire is also a potent crystal to ease depression and anxiety.

Its black energies are said to dispel negative emotions such as shock, guilt, sorrow and grief. By doing so, this crystal can help in relieving stress and anxious thinking as well as depressive moments. It can help you deal with challenging situations in a more compassionate and kinder way.

Black Sapphire For Depression and Anxiety

In times of emotional war, this stone can offer you comfort, compassion and peace of mind. It is an excellent support stone when you’re going through a life crisis or challenging and depressive situations, including the loss of someone you loved.

This stone can help you maintain physical and mental control over your life. Its dark hues can give you peace of mind by aligning your chakras and perfectly grounding you to earth. Being highly protective, this stone can also help you focus and help you overcome anxiety while dispersing doubts and sadness.

For Confidence and Career Success

Black sapphire is an excellent stone to have if you wish to get a new job or change careers. Or it can also infuse you with satisfaction in your current employment.

Black Sapphire For Confidence and Career Success

This stone can bring your confidence and wisdom to help you trust your intuition. It can stimulate the mind and increasing your gift of discernment. Furthermore, it will infuse you with elf-esteem and self-assurance to overcome your indecision and move towards your professional goals. Its energies can also encourage you to bring out the best in you, so you can show the world what you can do.

Black sapphire can also help in keeping your determination and motivation high. This way, you can achieve your career goals as soon as possible. Its energies can bring out your innate capabilities as well as enhancing your charm. It can make you more popular with others and encouraging you to trust people more. Thus, it is a very good crystal to use when you are leading people in projects or in charge of a team at work.

This crystal also has clearing properties. Thus, carrying it with you during a stressful workday can help you feel lighter and less stressed. The energy of this stone can also increase employee expectations and help you in retaining work.

For Empaths

Black Sapphire For Empaths

Being a protective crystal, the black sapphire is also an excellent stone for empaths. This stone can help in preventing you from absorbing negative energies from other people. It also shields you against people who only disturb your sense of peace.

Black sapphire can also ground an empath’s energy. This helps in keeping a healthy boundary against other people and prevent them from draining your energy as well as overcoming dramas.

Furthermore, this stone can encourage you to let go of thoughts, emotions and feelings that are not serving your best interest.

Combining Black Sapphire With Other Crystal Stones

Black sapphire can be paired with other black crystals in order to enhance its protective energies. However, thanks to its versatility, this stone can be paired with almost every crystal available in your crystal collection. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for black sapphire you should try.

Black Sapphire + Black Tourmaline

For the ultimate protection against negativities, try combining black sapphire with the ultimate protective stone, the black tourmaline.

Black Sapphire + Black Tourmaline

Black sapphire is a potent crystal with protective energies. This is mainly used for protecting you against bullying, intimidation or unreasonable anger and other emotions from other people. It can also help in deflecting negative energies from your surroundings. Then, it will offer strength and calmness during chaotic moments that should help you stay composed at all times.

Now, when you pair it with the all-around stone for protection, the black tourmaline, you can double or even triple the protection. Black tourmaline is the premier protecting stone in the crystal healing community. It is considered the best crystal for repelling lower frequencies and energies. Then it encourages a more positive emotional attitude.

So, as both stones double the effects of your protective shield, the black tourmaline takes it even further by transmuting the negative energies absorbed into something positive. This way, you will gain a more profound peace of mind. With the energies of these black crystals working together, you can activate a connection between the earth and the root chakra. This will give you all-around protection and cleanse stagnant energy from your environment while keeping you firmly grounded.

Black Sapphire + Ruby

If you need a crystal combination that can help you overcome exhaustion and lethargy, try the fiery duo of black sapphire and ruby.

Black Sapphire + Ruby

Black sapphire, thanks to its association with the base chakra, can help in increasing your energy levels and enthusiasm. It will ensure that you are physically stimulated and have a constant supply of motivation and inspiration.

Ruby, on the other hand, with its vibrant red energies is one of the most energizing crystals that can help you overcome the lack of energy and exhaustion. Placing it in your root chakra, this stone can clear emotional blockages and giving you a quick boost of energy and vitality.

Both stones can stimulate your life force energy while grounding you to the earth. It helps your physical body to regain its vitality and strength. Not only that but paring black sapphire with ruby can help you realize and harness your personal strength and power. This helps you become more reliable and independent.

Black Sapphire + Clear Quartz

Pairing black sapphire with the Master Healer, the clear quartz, can amplify its energies and your healing intentions. This combination is best suited for display on your office desk or placed together around your home.  

Black Sapphire + Clear Quartz

As a protective crystal, the black sapphire carries the energies of purification and great strength. Placing it in your office or home, can enhance the energies of the space and help you realize your true potential. This stone can bring the power of regeneration and rebirth that can be beneficial when you are trying to pick up your life and start all over again.

Meanwhile, the clearness of the master healer is highly beneficial in any environment and situation, particularly in hectic working or home environments. This stone has the ability to filter negative energies and can increase the positive vibrations of the said space. It can also produce a strong auric shield of healing ions, preventing negativity from reaching your energy field.

With both stones placed in your work area, you can attract uplifting energies that can help you achieve your goals at work. Also, the energies of clear quartz can help in removing static electricity and canceling the effects of harmful technology radiation. Clear quartz will also work and amplify the energies of black sapphire, creating even more powerful and effective protection against negative energies.

Black Sapphire + Smoky Quartz

Black Sapphire + Smoky Quartz

As mentioned many times in this article, black sapphire is a potent crystal of protection and is also a great crystal for grounding. This crystal can connect the energies of the earth through your root chakra. Thus, cleansing negative thought patterns and emotions. Furthermore, it helps in removing negative emotions that are stored in your auric field. This offers a wonderful sense of well-being.

When paired with the energies of the smoky quartz, you will get a unique and amplified grounding experience. The vibrational energy of smoky quartz is known to ground your crown chakra all the way to your root chakra. This means that you will be grounded— physically and spiritually. This duo will stimulate higher awareness while staying present to the physical world.

Like black sapphire, the gentle essence of smoky quartz can also neutralize negative energies. Thus, if you need to let go of the unhealthy thought patterns or if you are feeling worried, then the combination of black sapphire and smoky quartz can free you from this emotional baggage.

Black Sapphire + Hematite

Black sapphire and hematite are highly protective crystals and make a wonderful pairing for empathic or highly sensitive individuals.

Black Sapphire + Hematite

The black sapphire is known to have protective energy that is quite helpful to empaths. This stone will keep you calm when you are with negative or chaotic people. It is also an excellent stone if you are in a chaotic or stressful situation. Black sapphire can provide you an invisible barrier from emotionally-needy people or negative influences from your environment.

A polished hematite, on the other hand, has a black mirror-like appearance. As a result, hematite can act as a reflective shield that can deflect unwanted vibrations and energies. Also, this stone can help you see your true self and stops you from battling your own shadow imbalances and aspects.

Both stones are also rich in earth energy, making them a great pairing for grounding, especially for the empaths who tend to become emotionally overwhelmed every time. A tip is to wear both black sapphire and hematite crystals as a pendant, necklace or jewelry in order to gain the most of their combined protective energy.

Black Sapphire + Kunzite

This may be a unique duo, however, pairing black sapphire with kunzite can help in easing anxiety and depression.

Black Sapphire + Kunzite

As mentioned before, black sapphire can ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. Its energies can remove negative emotions such as guilt, shock and grief. This helps in relieving anxious thinking and stress as well as depressive states. Plus, it helps you in dealing with challenging situations.

Kunzite, on the other hand, is the Stone of Emotions. As black sapphire erases a negative attitude and thinking, the Kunzite crystal will encourage self-expression. It will also help in releasing the limiting fears while encouraging inner peace. Furthermore, the natural lithium content of kunzite can also help address the mental and emotional sources of anxiety.

Together, black sapphire and kunzite can help you maintain mental and physical control of your life. As kunzite brings you higher awareness, the energies of black sapphire will keep you grounded to the present. Both stones will disperse sadness and doubts while encouraging you to focus on the positive things in life.

Is Black Sapphire a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

The black sapphire is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is a zodiac crystal.

Black Sapphire is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Taurus

All kinds of sapphire are a zodiac stone for those born under the sign of Taurus which is from April 20 – May 20. Taurus, which is represented by the bull, is known for its characteristics of being quiet and strong. They are also known to be the realists and the doers.

Black Sapphire is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Taurus

Thus, Taureans can be prone to negative energy and attract negative people and ill-wishers. The energies of the black sapphire can protect a Taurean’s energy from this kind of people. In addition, Taureans are also known to be highly affectionate beings. However, they are also known for their stubbornness and quick tempers. The black sapphire can help ease these negative characteristics and induce a positive attitude to this zodiac sign.

Meditation with Black Sapphire

The black sapphire is a highly exceptional crystal when meditating in total darkness. This is particularly empowering during the 3 days that the moon is not visible in the sky. This is usually before a crescent moon appears and at the end of the moon cycle.

You can use the energies of the black sapphire to cast from your life and mind anything that you do not wish to take or carry forward to the next moon month.

Furthermore, this stone is also highly protective during meditation or when doing other spiritual activities such as astral journeying or contacting the Divine realm. This stone can create a powerful auric shield as you travel the spiritual realm, deflecting all kinds of negative energies and draining entities from sticking into your spiritual self.

How to Cleanse and Charge Black Sapphire?

Because of its hardness, the black sapphire crystal can be cleaned in almost every way. You can try cleaning it with steamers or ultrasonic cleaners used by commercial gemstone cleaners.

However, perhaps the simplest and most common way of cleaning your black sapphire is to wash it in warm, soapy water. Using a soft toothbrush, gently rub and clean away the accumulated debris and dust from the surface of the crystal. Then rinse it thoroughly under tap water. After that, dry it with a clean, soft cloth.

How to Cleanse and Charge Black Sapphire

Since black sapphire can absorb tons of negative energies and impurities, it is important that you also purify and charge its metaphysical properties. You can cleanse the energies of your black sapphire crystal with saltwater— either using distilled or demineralized water. Or you can visit the beach or spring water and wash away all the negative energies that it accumulated. You can also try burying your black sapphire in a bowl filled with salt for a few days.

To recharge your black sapphire, you can set in under the sun or moon rays. You can also place it on top o a big quartz crystal to recharge. Also, its dark colors make it ideal for charging with earth energies. Thus, you can try burying it under the earth to revitalize its protective energies.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! The black sapphire is indeed a highly protective and grounding crystal that can help you stay on top of things. This stone will help you remain in control of your life. Black sapphire will help you walk your spiritual path protected and grounded in the present and physical world.

Although dark in color, this stone will bring light and positive healing to your life. It can make your transformation possible and strengthening your life purpose.


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