Black Tourmaline Meanings, Properties and Uses

Black Tourmaline Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Black Tourmaline

Although black tourmaline might be stripped of any vibrant color, its blackness makes it a powerful shield or cloak of protection to those who need it. Its potent, inky black energies with strong grounding forces make black tourmaline a swallower of negative energies. This stone is an effective tool for absolving dark feelings and turning the anxious vibrations into something positive that nurtures your soul.

What is Black Tourmaline?

Tourmaline is from the complex family of aluminum borosilicate that is mixed with magnesium, iron or other metals. Depending on the proportions of its components, tourmaline may form as pink, red, green, blue, violet, yellow, brown and the most popular of all, black.

What is Black Tourmaline

Tourmalines are prismatic and vertically striated crystals that can be slender and long, or columnar and thick and they can be uniquely triangular when in cross-section. These stones usually vary in coloration within a single specimen, in cross-sections or lengthwise, and can be opaque or transparent.

As mentioned before, the most common and popular species of tourmaline is the black variety. Also known as Schorl, black tourmaline accounts for 95% of al tourmaline found in nature. Schorl has a black appearance or sometimes forms in deep blue that it appears to be black.

Black tourmaline can be found in various locations including Zimbabwe, the US, Africa, Pakistan, Australia, Germany, Brazil and Sri Lanka.

The Meaning and Uses of Black Tourmaline

The name tourmaline is derived from the ancient Sinhalese term “turamali” which means “something small from the earth” or “turmali” which means a “mixed color precious stone”.

The Meaning and Uses of Black Tourmaline

The term Schorl, on the other hand, was in use before the 1400s. It is named for a town in Saxony, Germany, where the black varieties of tourmaline were found in nearby tin mines.

Perhaps the most distinguishable property of tourmaline is being electrically charged by simply rubbing or heating the stone. When charged, one end becomes negative and the other positive. This allows the crystal to repel or attract bits of paper or particles of dust.

Such property of piezoelectricity (from rubbing or pressure) or pyroelectricity (from heat) was well-known to the 1700s Dutch Traders who used tourmaline in order to push ash from their Meerschaum pipes. They even call the stone ash puller or “Aschentrekker”.

In the industry, the black tourmaline is highly valued as electrical tuning circuits for conduction radio and television frequencies. This stone is used for its durability since high frequency can be passed through it without shattering.

In the workplace, the black tourmaline can be used to wake up your mind or when you require full focus and concentration. It can also offer protection against environmental pollutants, radiation and electronic smog associated with computers, cellphones and other electronic equipment.

Black Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties

Ancient magicians have long relied upon the energies and powers of the black tourmaline to protect them against earth demons as they cast spells. In today’s world, Schorl is still revered as a premier talisman of protection.

It acts as a psychic shield that dispels and deflects negative energies, destructive forces and unhelpful entities. This shamanic crystal can be used for scrying and was traditionally used to pointing out an offender or a cause of the trouble.

Not only that, but this stone can also protect you against environmental pollutants and radiation. It is even useful in neutralizing and purifying your own internal conflicts and negative thoughts. It then transmutes them into something positive and useful energy.

Black Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties

Furthermore, the black tourmaline is also a potent grounding crystal. Being electrical in nature, this crystal can provide a connection between the human spirit and the Earth. Its supportive energy can align your energy centers and channels healing light throughout your system. This should promote a sense of confidence and self-power for a more objective and clearer view of the world.

Black tourmaline is also empowering to those who must work or live in challenging environments or when facing some difficult circumstances. Moreover, its grounding spiritual energies can also bring a clearer expression of the light into the world. It can improve your ability to stay radiant even in the darkest of circumstances. Not only that, but it also helps you maintain a spiritual consciousness while you are living amongst those who are not always in the Light.

Meanwhile, the natural tourmaline wands are known to be quite special. These wands can channel high-powered electrical energy that is capable of transcending the physical laws and offering phenomenal healing. Its positive force can effectively clear blockages in your aura while removing negative energy.

More recently, the metaphysical world has come to believe that the tourmaline crystals are not indigenous to Earth. It is believed that they have been materialized onto our planet by the higher life forms in order to assist humans with their transition to the Aquarian Age.

Furthermore, it is believed that special tourmaline wands are being created in the alchemical labs deep in the Andes Mountains of South America. Enlightened beings who perform the magic dematerializes these tourmaline wands, transporting and re-materializing them into the mines of South America.

The Benefits of Black Tourmaline

The black tourmaline is a highly versatile crystal for healing purposes. Here are some of the benefits of using black tourmaline.

For Physical Healing

Black Tourmaline For Physical Healing

The black tourmaline can stimulate the reflex points related to your legs, lower back, feet and ankles. It can also be used to re-align your spinal column. Not only that, but this stone can also provide pain relief and help with torn or strained muscles, arthritis, numbness and even scar tissue.

Furthermore, the black tourmaline crystal can also defend against debilitating disease and strengthening your immune system. It also helps in enhancing your adrenal glands and heart. The stone is also beneficial in treating digestive issues such as constipation, bowels, diseases of the colon and IBS. Then, it helps in removing or cleansing the body of heavy environmental pollutants and metal toxins.

All kinds of tourmaline are also an excellent tool for balancing your left and right hemispheres of the brain. This brings mental processes into alignment with the auric body and chakras. The stone can help ease fear and can be useful in treating paranoia. It can also be used to overcome dyslexia by enhancing eye to hand coordination as well as the assimilation and the translation of coded info.

For Emotional Healing

Black Tourmaline For Emotional Healing

The black tourmaline crystal is a stone of purification. It cleanses your emotional body of negative emotions, thoughts and feelings of unworthiness. This stone can help in overcoming substance abuse. It also helps in releasing self-harming tendencies and suicidal thoughts.

Furthermore, this crystal can also be beneficial in treating compulsive or obsessive behaviors as well as relinquishing chronic worry. It also helps in increasing physical vitality and replaces stress and tension with the ability to view the world objectively with rational and clear neutrality and though. Furthermore, it also inspires a positive attitude, regardless of the circumstances. It will stimulate practical creativity and altruism.  

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Black Tourmaline For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The black tourmaline can be used in activating a grounding effect between the center of the earth and your base chakra. This provides an improvement or enhancement of your well-being on the physical plane.

Located at the base of your spine, the root chakra or base chakra controls your energy for kinesthetic movement and feeling. It is the foundation of spiritual and physical energy. And the black tourmaline can help balance this chakra, relieving symptoms of low levels of activity, lethargy, the need for constant stimulation and low enthusiasm.

With the black energies of this crystal, you can regain stamina and strength. Your spiritual energy is also rekindled in the form of stability, security and the sense of your own power.

For Relationship and Love

The black tourmaline is also a suitable stone if you are looking for happiness in your romantic life. This crystal can make sure that you are doing what needs to be done and that your auric body is set to attract love. It will invite love and appreciation into your life.

Black Tourmaline For Relationship and Love

Not only that, but the black tourmaline crystal is also a great tool for meeting new people and forming or enhancing friendship. This stone can help draw people towards you and create an instant connection with you.

Furthermore, the energies of the black tourmaline crystal can also encourage you to be flexible, happy and easygoing. In addition, the protective energies of tourmaline can help you stay on top of any situation, regardless of how stressful, emotional or scary it gets.

It will protect you against the negative emotions and energies that might threaten to destroy your relationship. It then transmutes these negative energies into positive vibes while making you calmer and more level-headed. This way you will know what to do without hurting yourself or your loved one.

Black tourmaline can also shield you against anything that wishes to disturb the happiness and love that you have right now. Some people will be envious of your relationship. Others will try to destroy what you have.

The black tourmaline can shield and deflect these negative energies, entities and thoughts. It is an effective crystal to keep away the people who like to criticize as well as the emotional vampires that suck out the energy from you.

Lastly, this crystal will encourage the generosity and kindness of spirit. It shows you the unselfish and best ways to love your partner. It helps you become a better friend, lover or person, in general.

For Protection

Black tourmaline is a potent, all-around crystal for protection and is an ultimate must-have for your metaphysical crystal healing collection. It is one of the best crystals for repelling lower frequencies and energies.

Black Tourmaline For Protection

The reason for this is that black tourmaline has the ability to transmute negative energies into positive vibes. Also, it acts as a metaphysical force field around you in order to keep other people’s bad feelings and thoughts away. With its connection between the earth and the root chakra, it can also protect you against negative attitudes and ill-wishers. Not only that, but it also helps in cleansing the stagnant energy in your environment.

The black tourmaline is also a powerful ally in the workplace. Being a protective crystal, the black tourmaline acts like an invisible shield that protects you against all kinds of harmful radiation and electronic smog. This should help keep you at the top of your profession, increasing focus and concentration.

This black crystal is also a master for travel protection. Its grounding properties can protect you against the negative energies of fellow travelers or frustrated drivers. You will find it very useful in crowded environments such as train stations and tourist attractions.

Going back to ancient times, the black tourmaline is also believed to help protect its wearer against earth demons. In today’s world, the black tourmaline is used for protection as you travel the etheric and divine realm. It hides you against harmful entities that might stick into your auric shield and drain you of energy.

For Sleep Insomnia

Black Tourmaline For Sleep Insomnia

If you usually find yourself having negative thoughts or ideas when trying to sleep, then you know just how long it can for you to fall asleep. In order to remove these negative thoughts, you can use the cleansing energy of black tourmaline.

Although known as a highly protective crystal, the black tourmaline is also loved for its neutralizing abilities. This stone can remove or erase any negative energies and thoughts. Then, it will transform these negative energies into positive ones. Also, it will provide you a strong connection between the earth and soul, grounding and calming you.

By removing the negativity that surrounds you, this crystal can help promote a feeling of deep calmness and relaxation in your body. So, if you are someone who is usually stressed out before sleeping, then the black tourmaline can ease quality sleep and may treat insomnia.

For Depression and Anxiety

Black Tourmaline For Depression and Anxiety

The black tourmaline is a master crystal that keeps your spirits high especially during worrying situations. This crystal is well-known for enhancing your well-being and absorbing all kinds of negative energy. It is particularly most useful when you are under pressure that is causing you to feel anxious, worried or depressed.

It acts as an absorbent sponge that soaks up all negative thoughts and emotions. Not only that, but it also helps you in preventing toxic energies from entering your auric shield. It helps in alleviating your worries and sadness, allowing you to get out of your head a bit. This way, you can have a calmer and more relaxed demeanor, washing away all negativities in your life.

For Career Success

In the workplace, the black tourmaline is an excellent tool to have so you can always work in a clear and clean environment.

Black Tourmaline For Career Success

As mentioned many times before, this crystal can shield you from environmental pollution and electromagnetic smog that can drain your focus and concentration. Not only that, but this crystal can also keep you from the negative thoughts, emotions and energies of your co-workers and other people you interact with every day. This way, you can increase your productivity at work and up your career.

Cleansing your energies with this crystal on a regular basis can help you have a strong mind and body. You’ll feel energetic, alert, optimistic and ready to take on whatever challenge you may have. This way, you’ll never miss out on important projects and opportunities. Plus, it will keep you motivated to accomplish what you want to accomplish in your professional life.

For Empaths

Black tourmaline and its potent energies are known for their highly protective properties. It has been used for centuries as a protective amulet or talisman. This is because of its ability to absorb, transmute and cleanse negative energies.

Black Tourmaline For Empaths

This also means that black tourmaline is one of the best crystals to protect empaths against negative energies, thoughts, entities and other harmful forces that can drain their energy and light.

Its metaphysical power is like an electrical force around your auric body, stopping the lower energies as well as psychic debris from attaching to you. So, if you are attracting the negative people, lacking the positive mindset or feel ungrounded, then the black tourmaline can heal on all levels— spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Combining Black Tourmaline With Other Crystal Stones

The black tourmaline can be paired with just about any other crystal stones, thanks to its versatile properties. However, here are some of the best combinations with black tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline + Celestite

Black Tourmaline + Celestite

Black tourmaline is a protective crystal. It helps in providing stability to your root chakra by erasing negative energies from your surroundings. Now, if there is a lot of negativity surrounding you, you can try the combination of black tourmaline and celestite.

With the additional healing properties of celestite, you can be fully protected against accidents and mishaps. This combination can lift your vibration and prevent you from attracting bad luck or negative energies into your auric shield.

In addition, if black tourmaline and celestite are used in your workplace, you can have a soothing and relaxing environment to work in. This duo can erase negativity and remove stress, making you more productive and energetic.

In terms of spiritual awakening, the energies of black tourmaline and celestite can work wonders. As its name implies, celestite can open the gate into the celestial and divine realm. You can open yourself to the truth and knowledge of the universal realm. Now, black tourmaline will provide protection as you journey into this unknown world.

So, as celestite enhance your psychic energies, the black tourmaline crystal can ensure that nothing will attach itself to your spiritual self for a safe and secure journeying.

Black Tourmaline + Pietersite

Black Tourmaline + Pietersite

This is another protective combo you should try.

Pietersite is a potent crystal used for protection. This is particularly true if you want to protect your auric field against the elements. This crystal can calm the nervous and twitchy people during the storms. It also helps in protecting your properties and home against bad weather. Not only that, but it can also act as a shield against the negative effects of modern technology.

Now, you can amplify those protective energies with the black tourmaline for full-on protection. Black tourmaline has been used since ancient times to protect them against harmful entities and earth demons. It is still a talisman for protection, offering a strong psychic shield that can dispel and deflect negative entities, energies and harmful forces.

Using the black tourmaline and pietersite combo, you can protect yourself against the negative influences and harmful elements in your surroundings. Both crystals are also great for protecting you against environmental pollutants, electromagnetic smog, as well as radiation from phones, computers and other electronic equipment.

Lastly, as black tourmaline helps protect you from negative intentions and thoughts from other people, the pietersite crystal can induce calmness and relaxation throughout a highly stressful day.  

Black Tourmaline + Clear Quartz

Black Tourmaline + Clear Quartz

Black tourmaline and clear quartz have always been the most versatile crystals available. They are highly beneficial to any environment or situation, particularly in working environments or in distressing situations.

By placing a black tourmaline and clear quartz crystal in your workspace, office or home, you can filter the negative energies and influences. Not only that, but it also helps in increasing the positive vibrational energies. Both crystals can help in dispelling static electricity as well as harmful radiation. This makes them especially beneficial if you wish to work around computers and mobile devices all day long.

Clear quartz, as the master healer, can also help amplify the protective energies of your black tourmaline crystal. This way, you can have double or even triple the metaphysical healing properties to enjoy.

Black Tourmaline + Malachite

Black Tourmaline + Malachite

This is another protective duo to try. Malachite, like black tourmaline, is a potent crystal that can absorb negative energies and pollutants from other people and your surroundings.

Both crystals can protect you against radiation of all kinds. It clears electromagnetic pollution while providing healing earth energies. This combination is especially useful in the workplace. Together, these crystals can protect you against the harmful radiation rays of technical equipment such as phones or computers while also shielding you against over-bright lighting and noise pollution.

Other than those, the black tourmaline has added protection against harmful entities and destructive energies. Also, the black tourmaline can transmute these negative vibes into positive energies. With the rich green energies and pitch-black metaphysical properties of tourmaline, you can enjoy a more relaxing working and living environment.

Black Tourmaline + Iolite

Black Tourmaline + Iolite

Here is another unique and highly beneficial combination for when journeying and experiencing the divine realm.

Also known as cordierite, the iolite crystal is a powerful stone for astral traveling. Its high energies resonate beautifully with the crown and third eye chakra. This stone can enhance your awareness when traveling while also helping you remember the experience once you return to your physical body.

Furthermore, it helps in stimulating your visionary experiences and imagination. Not only that, but it also helps in attracting spirit guides and angels to you. It strengthens your aura and raises your consciousness as you journey.

Now, when astral projecting and traveling, you will need protection against negative entities. These forces can drain your energy and prevent you from traveling higher and deeper. The black tourmaline can provide much-needed protection. By empowering your root chakra and working alongside iolite, the black tourmaline can keep your positive energies rising and have a safe journeying.

Black Tourmaline + Amethyst

Black Tourmaline + Amethyst

If you’re looking for a unique combination to use for inducing sleep, then try pairing black tourmaline with amethyst.

Negative thoughts, feelings and a chattering mind can be disruptive to your sleep quality. The black tourmaline can help in neutralizing these negativities. Furthermore, its strong connection between the soul and earth can bring peace and grounding.

Amethyst, on the other hand, can strongly connect you to your subconscious mind. It prevents nightmares that may cause disrupted sleeping and offer more quality rest. It helps in inducing pleasant dreams. Not only that, but it also has natural soothing and calming qualities that can relieve stress or anxiety that may be causing insomnia.

Together, both black tourmaline and amethyst can promote an energetic frequency that induces deep relaxation and calmness in the body, while also erasing negativities from your surroundings. This should help you fall asleep easily while also making you feel rejuvenated in the morning.  

So, if you’re having a hard time falling asleep because of stress, worry or just non-sensical chattering in your mind, the combination of black tourmaline and amethyst can be a great choice. You can simply place both stones on your bedside table or under your pillow for maximum benefit.

Is Black Tourmaline a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Black tourmaline is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is a zodiac crystal.

Black Tourmaline is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Libra, Capricorn and Scorpio

Black Tourmaline is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Libra

The black tourmaline is a zodiac crystal for those born under Libra. Librans are artistic, strong-willed, respectful and sensitive. They relate well and understanding to other people.

They can be balanced and charming. However, they do tend to flee from facing conflicts. The black tourmaline can help the Librans to stay strong while feel protected. Its energies invite Librans to a secure space to share their ideas and thoughts. Not only that, but the black tourmaline can also dissolve the highly stressed Librans.

Black Tourmaline is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Capricorn

Capricorn can also benefit from black tourmaline. This zodiac sign is known to be too disciplined and ambitious. Thus, they spend most of their time on computers and other modern technologies. Black tourmaline can soak up those negative energies and electromagnetic pollution.

Furthermore, Capricorns pride themselves as unflinching and complete realists. However, they can become too pessimistic. Black tourmaline can help negate these traits. In addition, Capricorn can also be very sensitive sometimes. Black tourmaline can help them grow a bit of a thicker skin. It boosts their self-esteem and confidence.

Black tourmaline can also help Scorpios. This crystal can help them with their conflict-avoidance and indecisive traits.

Meditation with Black Tourmaline

The black tourmaline is a crystal that should never be absent when meditating. Its black energy is exceptionally grounding to the Earth’s energy. This free you to explore the spiritual world without danger or harm.

Not only that, but it also provides high levels of cleansing and purification of your etheric body and auric field. Plus, it also helps in protecting you against negative entities and psychic attacks when meditating deeply or astral traveling.

How to Cleanse and Charge Black Tourmaline?

Since black tourmaline works like a sponge, it tends to soak up all those negative energies. It also has the appetite to easily digest the toxic vibes. Thus, it is crucial that you keep your crystal cleansed on a regular basis. This way you can prevent its potent powers from getting blocked and enjoy its highly protective and refreshing energies.

How to Cleanse and Charge Black Tourmaline

To cleanse and charge your black tourmaline, you simply need to smudge the stone with an incense stick of your choice. You can also clear it by soaking it in a bowl of clear and bright spring water. Allow it to cleanse and soak for 24 hours.

You can also bury your crystal under the Earth. This should help in releasing the accumulated negative energies into the earth while also soaking up with powerful earth energies for healing and grounding.  

Final Thoughts

For those who wish to call upon the natural powers of protection, the black tourmaline crystal is your best weapon. It has amazing powers that shield you against all kinds of negativities. It then transmutes these energies into something more positive.

Thus, it is a must-have for your toolbox of healing crystals that will beautifully protect and serve you every day.


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