Bloodstone Meanings, Properties and Uses

Bloodstone Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses, and Spiritual Meaning of Bloodstone

In the ancient world, the bloodstone crystal, also known as heliotrope, was considered to be the most beautiful and mesmerizing of the Jaspers. It features an earthy, deep green shade emboldened with spots of bright red.

This crystal was called the Sun Stone, and later on “Christ’s Stone”. It is believed to carry the purity of Christ’s blood and inherently speaks of birth and life, intrepidity and passion, strength and vitality. As a talisman, the bloodstone is both magical and mystical that is highly nurturing and protective.

Dark Green Bloodstone With Iron Oxide

What is Bloodstone

The bloodstone crystal can be classified as a Chalcedony variety of Quartz or Jasper because it is usually a combination of the two. In general, it is usually defined as a dark-green Chalcedony with the blood-like spots of Red Jasper or even iron oxide inclusions.

Bloodstone can occur as massive formations, ranging from greenish-black or greenish-blue, and can be opaque to translucent with a resinous, waxy luster. In addition to the streaks and spots of Red Jasper, some crystals contain inclusions that are white or yellow, while others might be entirely green, green jasper, and lacking inclusions.

Bloodstone is rated a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. It can be found in Australia, India, the US, China, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Scotland, Russia, and Germany.

An important thing to note, there are numerous fake bloodstones on the market today. However, there’s a foolproof way to tell if the crystal is real. Rub the crystal on porcelain. If bright red scars appear, then it is a genuine bloodstone. Otherwise, it’s not a bloodstone and some other crystals.

The Meaning and Uses of Bloodstone

The bloodstone is known in antiquity as heliotrope. It came from the Greek term “helios” which means “sun” and “trepein” which means “to attract”. Heliotrope means “sun-turning”, and legends were credited to this crystal for the belief that when immersed in water or placed in the rays of the setting sun, it turned the reflection of the sun into blood-red.

The Meaning and Uses of Bloodstone

In the ancient world, it was considered to be a semi-precious crystal or gem and was extensively used in jewelry and as signet seals. It is also often carved into small vases,  statuettes, and decorative cups.

It is also mainly used for healing. It has a connection to the cleansing of the blood and the detoxification of the organs, which dates back 5,000 years to the Mesopotamians. In other cultures, the heliotrope crystal was dipped in cold water and then placed on the body in order to aid circulation. This transfers the energy of the sun in order to prevent disease or injury. It also stops the flow of blood and cures any wound.

Its coagulant effect was also renowned. Thus, ancient warriors usually carried heliotrope as an amulet of bravery and protection as well as practical applications. Powdered, ground and mixed with honey, this crystal was used to cure tremors, staunch hemorrhages and draw out snake venom. Not only that but it was also said to clear putrefaction of abscesses in a day. Plus, simply looking at this crystal was believed to prevent eye illnesses.

In today’s world, you can carry or wear a bloodstone as jewelry or an amulet of protection against bullying or threats, whether physical or verbal. It can also be used for guidance to withdraw when needed and the bravery to confront as needed.

Carrying and wearing a bloodstone is also said to increase mental clarity while assisting in decision-making. It can provide a mental boost when your motivation is lacking. It can also revitalize the body and mind if you’re exhausted.

Not only that but this crystal is also used for the stimulation of dreaming and the heightening of intuition. It is excellent for increasing creativity while cultivating a project from idea through actualization.

As a nurturing mother goddess crystal, bloodstone is also used in easing difficulties or misunderstandings with mothers. It helps both human and animal moms in the whole bonding process after a challenging or traumatic birth or when a mother and baby were separated for a time.

Metaphysical Properties of Bloodstone

Perhaps the most widely known legend of the bloodstone comes from the Middle Ages. It is said that it was formed at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Blood red from his wounds fell onto the dark green earth and transformed into stone. Another version said that the blood of Christ that flowed from the spear fell on a dark green jasper stone at the foot of the Cross. From this sprang the Bloodstone variety of Jasper.

Bloodstone Metaphysical Properties

With that said, the properties of bloodstone today is regarded as a crystal of noble sacrifice and can provide solace and courage to all who are called in order to give of themselves for the good of others. It provides the highest and most altruistic character for those who carry or wear it.

Not only that, but it also stimulates the desire toward Christ consciousness within yourself and helping bring your true spirituality into your daily life in a real and grounded way. Bloodstone is also a stone of mysticism, providing spiritual intuition and insights of truths that transcend the ordinary understanding.

The magical properties of bloodstone allow you to draw upon the energy of the weather for ultimate personal healing. This includes tapping into the winds in order to bring change or rain in order to wash away the sorrow.

Bloodstone was also treasured as a talisman of long life and good health. It is also conferred the gift of prophecy as the “audible oracle” which gave off sound to warn of danger or means of guidance. It could direct spiritual energies in order to banish evil and negativity.

Properties of bloodstone can protect and ground the soul on numerous levels, dispelling mental confusion, heightening intuition and keeping out undesirable entities and negativity. Since its color change in different lighting, it is known as a shape-shifting crystal that teaches you to travel invisibly between worlds and negotiate different realms.

The Benefits of Bloodstone

The bloodstone offers numerous benefits for the body, mind, spirit and emotions. Here are some of them.

For Physical Healing

The bloodstone crystal can be used to boost your immune system. It is said to purify the blood, liver, spleen, bladder, intestines and kidneys, eliminating and neutralizing toxins from the body.

Bloodstone For Physical Healing

It can benefit the blood-rich organs, stimulating and regulating blood flow and assisting in circulation. Not only that, but this crystal is also conducive to healthy bone marrows. It can also be used in the treatments of blood disorders such as acute infections, anemia, tumors, leukemia, and over-acidification.

Associated with the birthing processes, the bloodstone could make a powerful ally for women during their childbearing years. This stone can stimulate hormonal balance and nutrient-rich blood and is even believed to prevent miscarriages. It can help in easing the birthing process while providing strength and bravery during labor. Bloodstone also offers supportive vibrations so that the baby can travel easily through the birth canal.

Furthermore, the stone is also believed to reduce the symptoms of menstrual disorders and PMS and stabilizing hormones through menopause. When dipped in cold water, bloodstone is said to be beneficial in staunching blood flow, especially nosebleeds.

Bloodstone water that is made by the indirect method or letting it soak in demineralized water overnight is said to relieve hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Not only that but this crystal is also thought to help in reducing lower back pain as well as easing the itchiness of mosquito bites.

For Emotional Healing

Heliotrope carries an immense power to ground you fully in your body, in the here and now. It is said to enhance your capacity to function with determination, fearlessness and strength.

Bloodstone For Emotional Healing

Furthermore, this stone is said to provide emotional support during times of extreme adversity, helping those who have been abandoned or bullied by others to regain their connection to the Divine. It lets them know that isolation and loneliness are mere illusions.

The bloodstone could also teach you that chaos often precedes transformation and guide you in knowing when it’s appropriate to withdraw from situations. It teaches you flexibility and taking the right action to help you remain true to your path.

Furthermore, this crystal can also calm and relax the emotional body. It can dispel confusion while enhancing decision-making while nourishing feelings of self-confidence, worth and self-sufficiency.

And for those who are seriously ill, the bloodstone crystal can help you face and understand the realities of your physical mortality and death. Its might of courage and strength allows you to look unflinchingly at the truth, even if the disease can’t be cured and to move forward in the most suitable ways.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Bloodstone For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Bloodstone is a very intense healing stone for cleansing and realigning your lower chakras with the heart. It is conducive to balancing the total body to overcome distress associated with the re-alignment of such energies. This crystal is especially stimulating to the heart and base chakras.

The base chakra is found at the base of your spine. It mainly controls the energy for movement and kinesthetic feeling. This is the foundation of spiritual and physical vitality for the body. When it is out of balance, you can experience low levels of activity, lethargy, a need for constant stimulation and low enthusiasm.

Bloodstone For Chakra Healing and Balancing

By using the bright red energies of bloodstone, you can clear any blockages of the base chakra and rebalancing it. With that said, your physical body will regain its stamina and strength. Your spiritual energy is rekindled and induce you with a sense of your own power and security. It will often lead to spontaneous leadership and independence.

Meanwhile, the green jasper energies of the bloodstone could stimulate your heart chakra. This chakra is located near the center of your breastbone. And although most people think that the heart chakra is associated with the pink color, it is actually dark green. And the green rays of bloodstone are a perfect fit for stimulating and unblocking an unbalanced or overstimulated heart chakra.

This should help you understand your emotions and needs more clearly. This way, you can deal with the changes and flows of emotional relationships.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Bloodstone For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Bloodstone is not only valued for its numerous healing benefits for the physical and emotional bodies. However, it was also reputed to bring its wearer or owner good fortune, wealth, fame and abundance.

It is like a little conservatory for your money. By simply placing bloodstone crystals in your money corner, it is believed that you can retain that current wealth. Not only will it assist you in conserving your money, but this crystal can also help you gain more and attract wealth.

Furthermore, this stone can protect you against the deception that may cause you to lose your money. It will provide you the needed wisdom in order to protect your wealth by attracting like-minded people. Furthermore, it can bring financial success and positive cash flow.

For Relationship and Love

Bloodstone For Relationship and Love

If you are looking to boost and cleanse your heart chakra, then the bloodstone with its dark green energy can provide the much-needed healing energies for your love center. Just like grounding your root chakra, a bloodstone can help in fostering a sense of love and inclusiveness.

It is believed to grant you the power of renewal in your emotional and physical love. It offers the power of revitalization of all relationships in love and friendship. This crystal is said to make you more clear-headed, especially during arguments or misunderstandings.

It can enhance your decision making while increasing your self-esteem. It helps in calming your anxiety, preventing negative emotions such as jealousy and overprotectiveness while easing a broken heart. This stone is believed to bring about the much-needed change by allowing you to let go of past hurts so you can move forward with a lighter and loving heart.

For Protection

Bloodstone For Protection

Bloodstone is perhaps one of the most protective crystals available. This is particularly true if you feel threatened or bullied. Whether it is blackmail, physical violence or just a negative individual threatening your day to day peace, then bloodstone can create a powerful psychic barrier between you and that threat.

Not only that, but this crystal can also provide you the insight into when you should retreat and when to confront the threat. Then, it will provide the courage and strength in order to work through whatever decision you made.

Also, this crystal has the ability to ward off negative energies while also purifying and cleansing the significance around it. 

For Depression and Anxiety

Bloodstone For Depression and Anxiety

This crystal with its strong association with the root chakra can help in grounding you to the physical world. This should help in relieving anxiety and depression while keeping you focused on the present moment. Not only that, but it also teaches you the next steps in order to solve a problem or ease the pain or sadness in your heart.

Furthermore, this crystal will also encourage you to act. It provides the needed personal strength and courage to do so, especially when you’re feeling lethargic, apathetic or trapped in your inability to act.

As a potent emotional support crystal, bloodstone can be integrated into your life during an emotionally traumatic or difficult time. Its energies are said to relieve emotional turmoil.

Different Types of Bloodstone

Bloodstone is categorized into two types. These include:


Bloodstone Plasma

Plasma is a deep green and opaque crystal with little or no bright red spot in it. This type of bloodstone carries the green color energy and is a growth crystal. It is a powerful conduit of the life force of earth for development, birth, and creation. Also, it carries the power of nature’s constant renewal.

Plasma is highly nurturing, whether in fledgling family relationships or in a new business venture. It is perfect for keeping your venture on course, life on track, or project on schedule. This is the talisman of physical strength and growth and safety in travel.



This is the most common variety of bloodstones. It is a transparent to opaque green crystal, displaying bright tints of red spots within the stone. The large focal areas of red energy in this crystal bring about self-confidence that is built on fearlessness. It is a call to excitement and action.

It can raise your enthusiasm while speeding up your metabolism. Furthermore, the red spots in the dark green crystal reflect the vitality, life, and passion. This stone is highly motivating and is the color of blood, fire, and life. It embodies deep and strong feelings with quiet passion and durable exuberance. Thus, it is particularly useful for increasing your devotion while seeing and understanding the seriousness of life.

Combining Bloodstone With Other Crystal Stones

Bloodstone, when combined with other crystal stones, can amplify its energies and healing powers. Here are some of the more popular combinations of bloodstone.

Bloodstone + Garnet

Bloodstone + Garnet

For vibrancy and revitalization, try the combination of bloodstone and garnet.

Bloodstone, with its strong association to the root chakra, can help in improving your resilience and help you to accept changes. This can lead to greater vitality when you’re dealing with situations on the physical or emotional plane.

Garnet, on the other hand, can support the healthy flow of chi through the body. This is crucial if you want to feel energized and joyful. Like the bloodstone crystal, garnet can also break down and stimulate blockages within the root chakra. This should help stimulate feelings of self-worth and confidence.

As bloodstone protects you against negativity and even bullying, garnet can draw in restorative energy in order to boost your passion and vitality for life, even during stressful and threatening times.

Both crystals should help to inject a new sense of happiness and enthusiasm in all aspects of your life.

Bloodstone + Celestite

Bloodstone + Celestite

Do you ever feel that you need a degree of mystical development? Or perhaps need some assistance when you feel stuck in a spiritually toxic situation? Or when you’re not certain how to get out or had a traumatic experience? Let the pairing of bloodstone and celestite help you.

Bloodstone can complement the powers of celestite in two ways. First off, this duo can help you in dealing with negative emotions and experiences healthily. This should assist in improved perception as well as a strong connection to higher powers.

Secondly, the combination of both bloodstone and celestite can help you to act based on what you learn from your physical and spiritual experience. Then, the powers of the bloodstone will ensure that you stay grounded while calming your emotions to resolve a difficult situation.

Bloodstone + Red Jasper

Bloodstone + Red Jasper

Another great combination of red crystals, pairing bloodstone with red jasper is suitable for grounding intentions.

The bloodstone with its strong connection with the root chakra can strongly ground you to the physical plane. As it grounds and centers you, its strong vibrational point also helps in reaching the root of the problem and help you in moving forward.

Meanwhile, the red jasper also brings in warm and gentle energies for grounding that brings stamina and strength to the fore. It has been used as a talisman for warriors since ancient times and empowers your self-belief. This should help you remain connected with the real you.

As bloodstone helps you overcome relationship worries and anxieties, particularly when the issue stems from your genetic line or past life, the red jasper will provide stability. This is crucial during times of stress or when you need emotional balancing.

The grounding energies of both stones can stimulate resilience. This should help you accept the benefits of going through difficult situations. Then the crystals can increase the flow of your chi so you can deal with life’s challenges with renewed vigor, stamina, perseverance and strength.

Bloodstone also has the added benefit of being heart-centered and filled with earth energies. This should help you gain balance in love and relationships as well.

Bloodstone + Carnelian

Bloodstone + Carnelian

For courage and bravery, the carnelian and bloodstone are a must-try combination.

Dubbed as the Stone of Courage and Bravery, the bloodstone is a potent crystal that can help you accept changes. It teaches you the benefits of going through a difficult situation as el as how to avoid dangerous situations by looking at other options.

Carnelian, on the other hand, is an excellent stone to use when you feel fearful. As the Stone of Motivation, Courage, Leadership and Endurance, the rich sunset hues of carnelian can inspire trust and confidence. It will stabilize your emotions and stimulate you to move forward.

As bloodstone ground you to the present moment while offering loving support and protection, carnelian can bring calming acceptance while removing anxiety and stress. This makes both crystal helpful when facing difficulties in life.

Furthermore, bloodstone can help in protecting you against negative people and bullying. Carnelian, on the other hand, can help you forge new pathways and turn away from these negative people. Together, both stones can provide the courage to deal with emotional struggles or face difficult situations and circumstances.

Bloodstone + Turquoise

Bloodstone + Turquoise

Another crystal combination that you can try for the ultimate protection is bloodstone and turquoise. Both bloodstone and turquoise are quite famous for protection. Such a combination can offer a highly effective barrier to various threatening situations.

Whether you are drained by toxic co-workers or physical violence at home or even blackmailing and bullying at school, both turquoise and bloodstone can quickly form a powerful barrier between you and the threat.  

As bloodstone shields, you against these threatening energies and entities, the turquoise, with its strong association to the throat chakra, can help you find the courage to speak up. With their energies working together, both bloodstone and turquoise can stop the threat while inducing peace and safety.

Is Bloodstone a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Bloodstone is a birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Bloodstone is March Birthstone

Although Jasper was the historical birthstone for March, the bloodstone crystal along with aquamarine is now the traditional birthstone for March.

 In addition, bloodstone in the rich dark green shade is also the natural birthstone for those born on April 20 – May 20, during the heart of spring. Green crystals can bring you success, renewal and good health.

Bloodstone is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Aries  

Bloodstone is known as the zodiac crystal for those born under the zodiac sign of Aries. Aries is the start of the new zodiacal year which is from March 21 – April 19. This is the sign of new beginnings and discovery.

Bloodstone is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Aries

Aries are known to be the pioneers who are always open to new ideas while welcoming challenges. They are usually known as brave leaders with a genuine concern for those they lead. And the bloodstone crystal provides nurturing and supportive energies that enhance the positive energy of Aries.

This crystal ensures that Aries can stay riding and leading high without losing their footing. Aries also love to take the direct path. Thus, they can be prone to frustrations. The good news is the bloodstone crystal can help Aries connect to the heart and root chakra. This helps bring patience and compassion to those who need a different route.

Bloodstone can also be a healthy tool for those born under the zodiac sign of Pisces. The Pisceans are known for their higher thinking and interest in the spiritual side of life. The bloodstone can keep the Pisceans close, keeping them grounded and tethered to the ground. It also helps them in keeping a realistic angle instead of falling into abstract ways of thinking.

Bloodstone is also believed to help reduce the aggressiveness and stubbornness of those born under the zodiac sign Scorpio.

Meditation with Bloodstone

Bloodstone is an excellent crystal for prayer, contemplation and meditation. It brings calm and harmonious energy that is beneficial for centering and grounding.

This crystal allows for a more direct union and connection with the divine realm, opening you to the message within the crystal to be in the present moment. This crystal can also impart the knowledge that turmoil can lead to perfection. Not only that, but it also lends practical guidance on how you can achieve the attributes of adaptability, harmony and strength.

How to Cleanse and Charge Bloodstone?

All crystals are sure to benefit from being cleansed and re-charged once in a while. This is so that they can radiate at the best of their metaphysical power. Since bloodstone is a highly protective crystal, it can accumulate large amounts of toxic vibes and negative energy.

How to Cleanse and Charge Bloodstone

And keeping this stone cleansed is even more important if you wish to make sure that the heavy vibes stay away. It is so easy to keep your bloodstone crystal clean. You simply need to clean it under running water. Most crystals love water, and bloodstone is not an exception. Just make sure to keep your water as natural as possible. Springwater works best.

To recharge your bloodstone crystal, you can ritually do so in natural light. Moonlight is the best do far and will provide effective recharging and cleansing, especially during a full moon. Bloodstone also loves the rays of sunlight.

Saltwater is also proven effective for recharging a large accumulation of negative energies in your bloodstone. You can just soak it in a few hours to days. You can also use larger stones to recharge and cleanse your bloodstone crystal. Placing a large piece of quartz beside your bloodstone crystal can take the negative energies from the bloodstone and transmuting them into positive vibes.

For a really deep clean, you can also leave the bloodstone crystal under the ground. Allow Mother Nature to work on drawing the negative energies and toxins out.

Final Thoughts

The bloodstone brings courage and strength to the fore of your life. It helps you live a healthy and long life while also keeping you grounded and tethered to the ground even if your mind is flying high.

This potent crystal will bring clarity and nourishment to every inch of your soul. This will bring confidence, peace, and personal greatness balance into your life!


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