Blue Agate Meanings, Properties and Uses


Complete Guide About Healing Properties, Legendary Uses, and Spiritual Meaning of Blue Agate

Blue Agate is a beautiful and highly spiritual stone. It can enlighten and at the same time ground you. If you’re feeling anxious, lonely, or desperate it is one of the best stones that you can have in your life. When it comes to its healing properties, Blue Agate can bring tranquility and peace and will get rid of all the blockages in your area that prevent you from determining the answers. It also carries subtle energies that can help you in achieving stability and balance. It removes negative emotions and thoughts and more happiness and loves into your life. Keep on reading to learn more about the meanings, properties, and uses of Blue Agate.

What is Blue Agate?

Blue Agate Meaning

Similar to other varieties of Agate stones, Blue Agate is also a chalcedony that belongs to the quartz family of minerals. In actual fact, Agate is molded as a lump in lava or volcanic rocks or from filled cracks or veins in the volcanic rock. The name of this stone also relates to the eye-catching lacy bands of blue, grey, and white lines running over the light blue crystal. Often, this shade of blue is considered celestial. It is because it’s meaningful of the lovely blue sky of summer’s day.

On the other hand, Blue Agate is one of the most popular, yet the rarest variety of Agate stones due to its overall appearance and various healing benefits it offers to people. Typically, this Agate can be found in Namibia, China, India, Brazil, and the USA.

The vibration of this stone is also one of tranquility, grace, and peace. It is a comforting and nurturing crystal that comes with definite maternal feels to the power it shares and confers on with its wearer. Blue Agate is also a silicate and also has 6.5 to 7 hardness on the Mohs scale.

The Meaning and Uses of Blue Agate

uses of blue agate

Did you know that the trademark of Blue Agate is supportive energy? The primary purpose of this stone is to lift its wearer up, especially when they are experiencing stress and self-doubt. This will also boost someone’s loyalty. Blue Agate also symbolizes trust making it a wonderful gift between partners.

If you’re tasked to offer care for other people, you can take advantage of this blue stone as it helps in alleviating emotional fatigue. It is great at inspiring compassion especially when carried by nurses and doctors.

If you are in a high-stress job, you will that the Blue Agate can bring calm into your life. In fact, postal employees, in particular, have a wonderful experience with this stone. When you wear it during a speaking presentation, your fear of public speaking immediately evaporates. It also helps in getting rid of other kinds of phobias like fear of heights.

Moreover, carrying a piece of Blue Agate when you are traveling by air will lessen your anxiety experienced during flights. Teachers, on the other hand, find that it can help in improving communication. Having that said, it is the perfect stone for project managers as well as business professionals.

Another great thing about this stone is that it prevents blurting and encourages the owner to think before making rash statements.

Kids who are dealing with ADHD will also benefit from the stone’s calming energies. The stone will replace agitation with focused energies. Various Agate has been used by new moms in order to boost lactation and Blue Agate is not an exemption. Actually, it also helps in removing depression that usually occurs after pregnancy.

Further, if you feel that you’re not being understood by other people especially your friends and loved ones, Blue Agate can help you by giving you the courage to state your feelings clearly.  Blue Agate may also protect young drivers from accidents and lessen the temptation to text while driving.

Blue Agate Metaphysical Properties

Blue Agate Metaphysical Properties

Blue Agate comes with a lot of metaphysical properties. Its soft energy can bring peace of mind. It is also calming and cooling.

This stone is perfect to use to heal the throat chakra. It even helps in almost all forms of communication. Therefore, it helps you communicate with fellow humans as well as celestial beings and other realms.

As aforementioned, Blue Agate is a very supportive and nurturing stone, thus, it can let go of inappropriate resentment and anger. It will even soothe infections and fevers.

The Benefits of Blue Agate

Listed below are some of the most important benefits of Blue Agate that you may not know yet. Nevertheless, if you are having second thoughts about whether you should use the stone or not make sure to read this section.

For Physical Healing

Blue Agate For Physical Healing

Blue Agate is a potent healing stone. As a matter of fact, its healing energies are believed to cure and soothe some conditions and ailments. When you wear this stone as a necklace or pendant it can help in healing throat and neck problems as well as other respiratory ailments that you’re dealing with.

In addition to that, it is also said that Blue Agate can bring down fevers, purify the lymphatic system and reduce inflammation. It will repair broken or damaged bones quickly, and help with thyroid deficiency and throat and lymph infections. Blue Agate may also help in healing irritated and red skin and sore eyes. It promotes good sleep and lowers high blood pressure.

In actual fact, there’s far more than one Blue Agate meaning in terms of health. But that has much how competently this crystal may affect one’s state of mind.

Nevertheless, it is said to help with bone deformity and arthritic, healing fractures, and strengthening your skeletal system. Moreover, Blue Agate can also be utilized to improve the benefit of healing with sound. It is because this stone directs the frequencies of sound to places where they are badly needed.

For Emotional Healing

Blue Agate For Emotional Healing

Blue Agate is also a supportive crystal to emotional and mental health. Its gentle vibrations are feminine and maternal in nature. they will also calm your feelings and soothe your fears when you start to feel uneasy.

Because of the powerful action of this stone on your throat chakra when it comes to bringing up old emotions resulting from the unwillingness to speak out and repressed feelings, Blue Agate will help you in clearing your aura.

Keep in mind that our mental outlook and emotional well-being have a greater effect on our physical health compared to what we might realize. Fortunately, Blue Agate can encourage compassion, calmness as well as a positive stance that sees you bouncing back from any affliction or injury you are currently dealing with.

When you tap the emotional healing energies of this blue stone, it will surely guide you from situations and places that make you sick.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Blue Agate For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Blue Agate will stabilize your aura while removing and transforming negativity into positivity. In fact, the cleansing effects of this stone are powerful at any level.

With its blue energy, this stone will open and at the same time clear your throat chakra. In case you didn’t know, this chakra is the voice of our body and the pressure valve that will let the energies from other chakras to stated.

But if the throat chakra is out of balance or blocked, it may affect the health of the entire chakra system. In balance, this chakra will allow for the expression of what you think and what you feel. You will be able to communicate your emotions, ideas, and beliefs.

When this chakra is open and balanced, you will be able to bring your personal truths into the world. What’s more, you will have an easy energy flow in the spirit and body. The energies that bring upward from your lower chakras may continue their path allowing natural release and free expression.

Aside from the throat chakra, you can also use it on the Third Eye chakra in order to soothe overactive minds and still someone else’s thoughts. The brow chakra or third eye is the center of command and perception. It will direct your sight as well as day-to-day awareness of the world. Also, our awareness is located in this chakra.

For Wealth Fetching, Abundance, and Luck

Blue Agate For Wealth Fetching, Abundance and Luck

Blue Agate can improve happiness, peace, and love. It will also improve wealth, good luck, and abundance. It invites prosperity and peace and longevity and health.

The energies of this blue stone will help you in changing your level of discernment. It makes you try the things that you haven’t tried before. Blue Agate will offer you the courage and strength to carry on when you are facing difficulties. In fact, having the “never say no” attitude will bring success and wealth to your life in no time.

In this way, Blue Agate will not only energize you but also allow you to communicate better in your workplace and pursue your personal fortune. Since the blue color is mostly associated with shared ideas and communication, you will notice that you pick up more when listening and have the right word to say to forward your agendas at all times.

Blue Agate has the wonderful capability to influence those you come into contact with. Unexpectedly you will find all the right types of persons who have the skill sets needed for your upcoming big projects right when you needed them the most.

For Relationship and Love

Blue Agate For Relationship and Love

As mentioned, Blue Agate is a good emotional healing stone. It helps in neutralizing anger and dealing with intense emotions with a calm heart and a level head. The stone will make you remember the significance of being calm.

On the other hand, when you need to become more honest and open with yourself, Blue Agate is the crystal that you should carry. It gives you the patience, strength, understanding, and patience to accept the real you. It will get rid of the things in your mind and heart that prevent you from doing it.

You will need Blue Agate in your life especially when you like hope disappears. It is because it makes you perceive all the blessings. It will also inspire you to be thankful for them. Yes, you may be experiencing difficulties in your life right now, but that shouldn’t be the reason to forget the beautiful and wonderful things that you have received. As a matter of fact, it is a thing that a lot of couples be grateful for especially when they are getting over difficult patches and finding themselves in an unexpected and strange new place of not comprehending one another.

A lot of the behaviors, patterns, as well as ways of being that one brings into their relationship, come from learned behaviors, traumas, or karmic debts they have adopted as one survival strategy. Blue Agate along with its energies may help in shining the light on fresh perspectives on such problems and allow them to come forward for healing.

Yes, it is not a comfortable and easy process at all times, but you have nothing to worry about because this blue stone can soothe the healing process as well. You might not control what is happening in your life, but remember, you will be able to do everything you can in order to keep it happy, peaceful, and stable.

You can think of how you will respond to a certain person, situation, or thing. Blue Agate will help you keep a clear head, stay on track as well as have an excellent handle on your feelings. On the other hand, this stone will remind you why positive thinking really works. It is not an enjoyable thing to expect the worst all the time.

Make sure to always think about the best outcome possible and you will be able to manifest it in your current relationship. Regardless of what you have experienced in your relationships and love, Blue Agate will not make you disremember how magical it is to be loved and to love.

This stone makes you appreciate love. It makes you understand you’re lucky to have love in your love, to have someone to love you wholeheartedly and to have persons who really love you. Having a piece of Blue Agate in your life will even foster loyalty as well as honesty.

There will be no space for pretensions and lies since you and your better half will feel bound to share everything with one another. Surely, there will be temptations, but you have nothing to fear because your relationship will be guarded by anyone and anything threatening to damage it.

You will become true to one another and faithful. With time, your relationship will get stronger and stronger. Other than that, you will become more confident with all your decisions. It is because you know what you think and feel. You’ll be more at peace with your selections since you know what exactly you need.

Blue Agate can promote stability, maturity, and composure in your relationship. It helps you overcome difficulties and strengthens the love you are sharing. The stone will even teach you how to forgive and forget especially when situations call for it.

For Protection

Blue Agate For Protection

Blue Agate is known for its action to make powerful shields around your body that will confer psychic protection. It comes with protective energies. Since it is associated with the 5th chakra which is the energy center of your throat, often, it is given to a pregnant woman in order to protect them and promote peaceful gestations.

The Arabians, Persians as well as other nations from the Orient use Blue Agate mostly in signet ring sets on silver on which is inscribed a Koranic verse, some magic formula, and symbols are believed to protect the owner from various calamities and dangers like pneumonia, scorpion sting, and thirst.

For Sleep Insomnia

Blue Agate For Sleep Insomnia

Blue Agate is also known to help in fighting insomnia as well as give a sweet dream. Before, it was placed under pillows or at the head of the owner’s bed in order to inspire interesting and varied dreams.

For Confidence

Blue Agate For Confidence

Blue Agate is one of the best stones to have if you are in a place where you need to speak and do not feel confident that you will be able to find the right words. This stone will help you in speaking your truth with a conviction that can be understood by other people.

For Anxiety

Blue Agate For Anxiety

Blue Agate is a good crystal for stress relief and anxiety. Its beautiful blue color gives off soothing and calming vibrations that can bring peace of mind helping you to relax. When you hold and meditate with this stone, it will help in calming your nerves and most importantly, reduce your anxiety.

On the other hand, if you are someone who is dealing with anxiety every single day, consider wearing a bracelet that is made of this stone. You can also carry it in your pocket so that you will be able to feel its energies every time you are feeling overwhelmed. Blue Agate can offer extra comfort throughout the body. As a matter of fact, it is also an excellent crystal to use if you have an anxious or overly hyper pet.

Combining Blue Agate With Other Crystal Stones

If you want to further boost the energies and vibrations of your Blue Agate, consider working with the following crystal combinations.

Blue Agate + Smoky Quartz

Blue Agate + Smoky Quartz

The combination of Smoky Quartz and Blue Agate is a changing paradigm of stone energy that can help people get out of their previous states. As a matter of fact, whether the old configuration is spiritual, mental, or emotional, this stone combination can help you to transform what you currently have into something that’s pure good.

Smoky Quartz can help in releasing what’s bothering you every single day. This slow shifting may lead to life-changing results for people who want to use this amazing combination. The Blue Agate, on the other hand, will help you with both anxiety and depression. As a result, you will be able to work with more stability and peace compared to before.

Blue Agate + Amethyst

Blue Agate + Amethyst

The gentle and soft vibrations of Blue Agate can be improved by pairing it with the paler shades of Amethyst, especially when working on your throat chakra.

In case you didn’t know, Amethyst is an amplifier crystal. As a matter of fact, this stone is often utilized in order to clear one’s third eye chakra. Nevertheless, by combining Blue Agate and Amethyst, you will be able to facilitate and at the same time deepen your connection to other beings and understanding through your third eye.

Blue Agate + Rose Quartz

Blue Agate + Rose Quartz

If you want to complete your relaxation, this crystal combination is perfect for you. Blue Agate and Rose Quartz, when combined, can inspire serenity and calm. They will even offer you a relaxed and excellent sleep.

But aside from that, this combination can attract an abundance of joy and love. In fact, Rose quartz alone has a reputable history of use as a lucky charm in terms of making as well as keeping abundance and wealth in any area of life. When you are starting a new project or business, they are excellent stones to have.

Make sure that you carry this combination if you are making a presentation, going for a job interview, buying a new business space, car, or house, and signing a deal. When you are about to make decisions that may change your life, these stones can greatly benefit you. They have strong energies that are capable of attracting lots of good luck.

Blue Agate + Novaculite

Blue Agate + Novaculite

If you always want to have a positive outlook, the Blue Agate and Novaculite pairing is perfect for you. This combination is extremely helpful if you want to find all the gifts in all types of situations, regardless of how hopeless you are. What’s more, it is an excellent cord-cutting tool as the stones involved in this combination will glide over your blockages and problems.

Blue Agate and Novaculite will remove everything that is preventing or holding you back from moving forward. They will improve your charm and magnetism. Another great thing about this combination is that it is beneficial in alleviating depression and despair. The stones will also energize your chakra and encourage you to accomplish a healthier and new perspective.

Blue Agate + Carnelian

Blue Agate + Carnelian

You can also combine your Blue Agate and Carnelian. With this crystal combination, you will feel energetic and healthy at the same time. What’s more, it will improve the immune system while filling you with vitality.

On the other hand, if you want to have more success in your business or money dealings, when combined, Blue Agate and Carnelian may help in attracting prosperity and abundance. Aside from being good luck and prosperity stones, they will also protect you from danger and other bad luck while keeping your mind and body healthy and strong. These stones will also keep your mind sharp and quick as well as motivated. If you incorporate this combination into your life, you will find more inspiration and energy.

Blue Agate and Carnelian will keep you inspired and you’ll run out of stamina. In addition. They are the perfect stones for women who need to mass-produce creative outputs regularly. If you have a very demanding career you can greatly benefit from this crystal combination.

Blue Agate + Dumortierite

Blue Agate + Dumortierite

This list of combination will not be completed without mentioning Dumortierite. If your main goal is to foster harmony and unity, this is perhaps the perfect combination for you. But other than that, it has a lot more to offer.

You will need Blue Agate and Dumortierite in your life because these stones perfectly work with your intellect. They increase intellectual abilities and can be beneficial to your mental abilities like mathematical and language-based skills.

Also, if you are the type of person who has a short temper, this combination can help in increasing your patience. These two stones will calm you during an intense moment and provide you with a clear mind so that you will know what is the right thing to do.

Blue Agate and Dumortierite may balance the energies that affect the throat chakra. They will also improve the connection and communication between the higher and lower chakras. Both stones will strengthen your courage and remove irrational fears. They even release stubbornness, selfishness as well as other unnecessary personal addictions.

Is Blue Agate A Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Blue Agate is considered a birthstone and at the same time, a zodiac crystal.

Blue Agate is from February 19 to March 20 Birthstone

Blue Agate is February 19 to March 20 Birthstone

This blue variety of Agate is a birthstone for people who are born between February 19 and March 20. In fact, it is the time of a new beginning. Hence, Blue Agate can compel those who were born during this period to think of wonderful and creative ways in order to make a fresh beginning. On the other hand, its blue color can help them to show a boldness of confidence helping them to garner respect from the business associates.

Blue Agate is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Gemini and Virgo

Blue Agate is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Gemini

The harmonious and wonderful qualities and energies of Blue Agate are associated with the people born under the Gemini sign. Typically, Geminis are sociable, positive, and upbeat human beings. However, being the star sign with two signs, they have an impulsive and indecisive side as well.

This stone can help these persons to feel more balanced. It will also Geminis in making their own decisions and choices in life. One more thing, Blue Agate is the right amulet for flighty Geminis since it is geared toward finding someone’s real life and having the lateral thinking and skills to make choices in life.

Blue Agate is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Virgo

But aside from Geminis, Virgos can also take advantage of Blue Agate. Virgos is kind and patient. However, they can be critical sometimes and slip into the pattern of overthinking. Yet again, this stone will leap in to balance all that actions out, bringing a softer heart, balance, and harmony.

Meditation with Blue Agate

Meditation with Blue Agate

The calming influence of Blue Agate can be a great meditation aid. It will also still the flow of thoughts in your mind. When you place Blue Agate close to your meditation area, it will serve as a source of tranquility and protection. It will remove all the negative energies in the working space that disturb practice.

Some people said that Blue Agate makes it a lot easier for a person to achieve a changed state of awareness especially when the stone is used in meditation. It will slow down the body’s vibrations to promote visits to different spirit worlds.

When meditating, all you need to do is hold the Blue Agate, sit quietly, and close your eyes. This will allow the stress and tension of the body and mind to be absorbed into the stone.

Nevertheless, with this stone, you can also perform third eye and throat chakra meditations.

  • Third Eye Chakra

Begin by laying down in a comfortable position. Then take five calming breaths, making sure to relax deeply with every breath. After that, place the stone on your forehead. Sit with your Blue Agate in place as long as you feel at ease, focusing on your breath and pushing away negative thoughts. When you’re all set, share your gratitude with the universe. Whenever you need clarity, consider repeating it.

  • Throat Chakra

Similar to the third eye chakra, you will need to lie in a position in which you are comfortable. Take five calming breaths and place the stone on your throat near the key bone. Then, lay with the stone in place as long as you are at ease too. When you’re all set, share your gratitude with the universe. Whenever you need self-expression consider repeating it.

How to Cleanse and Charge Blue Agate?

How to Cleanse and Charge Blue Agate?

Here’s how to cleanse and charge your Blue Agate.

  1. Smudge your stone using Palo Santo, sage, or lavender.
  2. Use tuning forks. A tap or two may knock off yucky energies.
  3. Since it has a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, you can cleanse your Blue Agate using salt. All you need to do is soak the stone in a bowl of sea salt for a day. However, you can leave the stone as long as you are comfortable. But usually, some people leave it for three days. Nevertheless, you can trust your instinct during the period you spend soaking.
  4. Leaving your stone under a full moon on the windowsill will cleanse and charge your Blue Agate completely and thoroughly.

Final Thoughts

Blue Agate emits calming and soothing vibrations that may help in cooling off fiery and strong emotions. This stone will also reflect as a symbol of freedom, peace, and serenity. It will symbolize somewhere that comes with many open spaces where you can breathe and do the things you want freely.

In a world that has unending chaos, stress, and pressure, the Blue Agate has a quick relaxing influence that will connect you to its higher frequency. Blue Agate, on the other hand, will help you especially if you are afraid to speak in front of many people. It will hone your memory and boost your confidence so that you will be able to say all the things that want and need to say.

In addition to that, it is excellent to have especially for people who are having a hard time expressing themselves. The healing energies of Blue Agate work in order to melt your anxieties and fears away. With the assistance of this stone, you’ll notice that you care about social outlooks less and less.

It clears away all the toxic vibrations that a certain person, event, or place leaves behind in the auric field. Blue Agate will offer you self-acceptance and strengthen you with a changed sense of calm and peace especially when you see yourself in the middle of emotional storms. Blue Agate is a crystal that may guide you to the path of spiritual enlightenment. It protects you from any negative emotions and thoughts and calms you with its beautiful blue color.

Thank you for reading today’s post. Hopefully, you have learned a lot from it.


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