Blue Apatite Meanings, Properties and Uses


The blue apatite is a highly spiritual stone with a strong cleansing effect on our aura, particularly in our mental and emotional bodies. Its vibrations deeply resonate with paranormal abilities and psychic perception while enhancing intuitiveness and mental acuity.

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What is Blue Apatite?

What is Blue Apatite

The apatite crystal is a rare variety of tourmaline. Discovered in the 1990s, apatite is a calcium phosphate mineral and is a relatively soft stone rated only 5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Therefore, it is not often faceted as a gemstone, except for collectors. However, in recent years, its stunning shades of blue have commanded high demand from the public.

It can be transparent or opaque, featuring a glassy, hexagonal crystalline structure with a vitreous luster. The blue apatite may feature a dark, bright, or light blue shade, sometimes within the same crystal.

Due to its shockingly bright shades of blue, this stone became really popular in such a short time since its discovery. It has become very popular since some of the striking blue shades resemble those of the expensive and highly sought-after Paraiba tourmalines.

Although the apatite crystal is found in numerous locations, the blue ones come from Russia, Madagascar, India, and Brazil.

The Meaning and Uses of Blue Apatite

The name apatite is derived from the Greek term “apatein”, meaning “to deceive” or “to be misleading”. The reason for this is that the appetite comes in a variety of colors and formations, making it easy to mistake apatite for other stones such as tourmaline and beryl. The prefix blue comes from its beautiful shade of the sky and ocean.

The gem-quality blue apatites are mainly used in polished and mostly used in jewelry. Meanwhile, other specimens that are not good enough for ornamental purposes are used in other ways.

The Meaning and Uses of Blue Apatite

Since it is a phosphate mineral, this crystal is usually ground up and used as a fertilizer. Not only that but it can also be used for animal feed supplements as well as other phosphorus-related compounds in the chemical sector.

In addition, blue apatite can also be used in the manufacturing sector, usually in the production of steel and plasma TV screens. Also, it can be used to add fluoride to water. And because this mineral is notably non-radioactive, blue apatite can also be used in removing radioactive contamination from groundwater.

Blue apatite is also associated with animal conservation. Since it is composed of mineral phosphate which makes up the bones and teeth of all vertebrate animals as well as their antlers, tusks or horns, it is often used for bone repair research as well as in dental implants.  

Blue Apatite Metaphysical Properties

The blue apatite crystal is a deeply spiritual tool that offers intense cleansing to your aura. It heals and cleanses the mental and emotional body. Its vibrations are associated with paranormal capabilities and psychic perception.

In fact, it is one of the bests tones you can use in alternate-life and past-life work. This is because of its ability to access the energy where the Akashic records and your soul patterns exist.

As it expands your awareness of past-life experiences, this stone can also enhance your understanding of any karmic influences on your current reality. Its strong vibration also invites or draws the “blue beings” of the supernatural regions, whether guides, ETs, or godlike beings such as Krishna. Then it allows you to communicate with them.

Blue Apatite Metaphysical Properties

Moreover, this stone is said to assist in stimulating your clairaudience, clairvoyance, and awareness of the devic realm. It enhances your telepathy as well as astral traveling capabilities.

In addition, this blue stone is also an excellent dream stone for vertical vision and creative problem solving, where it’s possible to see several levels of consciousness operating simultaneously and harmoniously.

Furthermore, blue apatite is a high-motivation crystal. It promotes ambitiousness and independence. It can enhance your creativity while awakening your finer and inner self. This is the stone of the future, bringing knowledge and wisdom to those attuned to it. It can be used as an interface point between matter and consciousness to translate your humanitarian aspirations into information, healing, teaching, and communication.

The Benefits of Blue Apatite

The blue apatite offers several healing attributes that can benefit your daily life. Here are some of them.

For Physical Healing

The blue apatite can encourage new cell formations and assist in calcium absorption. This stone can help in healing teeth and bones, and repairing cartilage, and is valuable in the treatments for joint problems, rickets, motor skills, and arthritis. It also helps in alleviating growth issues in kids while improving posture.

Blue Apatite For Physical Healing

Not only that but blue apatite is also associated with healthy eating. It has been credited with raising your metabolic rate while suppressing your hunger. It can prevent binge eating as well as yoyo eating and bulimia.

In general, it is also supportive in healing all meridians, glands, and organs of the body. It is also said to reduce hypertension and manage blood pressure. With its cooling shades of blue, this stone is also said to soothe headaches as well as dizziness and vertigo. Not only that, but it can also stimulate your eyesight and is especially effective for excessive eyestrain or other issues rooted in lack of eye movement.

For Emotional Healing

The blue apatite can enhance your motivation and build up your energy reserves. This stone helps in overcoming alienation and self-consciousness, promoting social ease and openness. It is particularly beneficial in easing anger and sorrow as well as reducing emotional exhaustion and irritability.

Blue Apatite For Emotional Healing

The calming blue energies of this stone can also uplift your spirits and encourage you to have a positive outlook and an optimistic attitude in life.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Blue apatite has the ability to eliminate under activity, overactivity, congestion, and blockages in your throat and third eye chakras.

Blue Apatite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The throat chakra is your body’s voice. It acts as a pressure valve that allows the vibrations and energies from all your other chakras to flow through and be expressed. If it is out of balance or blocked, it can negatively impact the health of your other chakras. When balanced, it allows for a clear and honest expression of what you think and feel.

With its light blue energies, the blue apatite can help stimulate your throat chakra. You can communicate your belief, ideas, and emotions. Not only that, but this stone should also help in bringing your personal truth out into the world. You will also have an easy flow of energy within your spirit and body. With this stone, the energy that springs upward from your lower chakras can continue its path and allowing natural release and free expression.

Blue Apatite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Meanwhile, the darker blue or indigo shades of apatite can stimulate your third eye chakra. Also known as the brow chakra, the third eye chakra is your center of command and perception. It can direct your sight and daily awareness of the world. Not only that but your consciousness is also located here and you can relate to your inner self through this chakra.

If you have a blocked or unbalanced third-eye chakra, you have a hard time balancing what’s important and unimportant. Not only that, but you’ll also have difficulty sorting meaning from impressions and data. Your energy flow will be blocked.

The energies of the blue apatite can help in clearing any blockages in your third eye chakra. With this stone, you will be able to clearly see and understand what you see. You can also interpret visual cues and experience a high perception.

In addition, your internal communications and thoughts within are vibrant and healthy. As a result, you are open to new visions, ideas, and dreams. You also become reflective and observant.  

For Relationship and Love

The soothing energies of blue apatite have the capability to heal your heart and emotions. This stone can release the negative feelings and emotions that you’ve been keeping. By releasing these negativities, you can finally be free from trauma and pain and move forward in your life.

In addition, this stone can provide the much-needed comfort that you need during times of stress or loneliness. It can nurture and support you in times of rocky moments in your relationships and assure you that everything’s going to be okay.

Blue Apatite For Relationship and Love

In addition, it can also teach you to accept love from people around you. It will help boost your self-caring and self-loving energies, strengthening your inner self and boosting your self-esteem.

This crystal is also said to bridge any distance that you might have created with your partner. It can dissolve feelings of aloofness while also producing harmony, warmth, and love. And since it resonates with your throat chakra, the blue apatite can also enhance your communication skills.

This way, you can better express yourself, your emotions, and your feelings to your partner. It also helps in clearing misunderstandings while calming arguments and fights. Not only that, but this stone should also encourage openness and confidence in your relationship. This should help in reaching a state of long-lasting and unconditional love.

For Sleep Insomnia

Blue apatite can help bring a sense of inner relaxation, calmness, and peace to its user. As it imbues serenity and love, this stone can help deal with the emotional stress that might be keeping you at night.

It shall release the negative emotions and thinking that keep you tossing around your bed at night. It clears the mind of noisy and chaotic thoughts. Not only that, but the blue apatite can also create a balanced and serene environment in your room in order to help you sleep better.

Blue Apatite For Sleep Insomnia

However, perhaps the biggest advantage of blue apatite in terms of sleep is enhancing lucid dreaming. With its connection to the third eye chakra, the blue apatite can connect you to higher consciousness as well as expand your awareness.  As a result, it makes an excellent conduit for vivid dreams.

This stone is an excellent problem solver while you are dreaming. This allows you to wake up with new and innovative ideas.

For Depression and Anxiety

Blue apatite is known to have a calming and relaxing influence on its wearer. Thus, it can be used for assisting in the treatment of anxiety and depression.

Blue Apatite For Depression and Anxiety

This stone can help in the removal of negative thoughts, ideas, and emotions that built up over time. It also releases blockages and stagnant energies from your surroundings. Then, it shall provide a calming blue vision of the sea and sky, bringing positive energies that can instill hope and optimism in your life. This can help in easing depressive moments and anxious thinking.

In addition, this stone can also remove sorrow, emotional irritability, and exhaustion. It will uplift your energy, invigorating your emotional body, and spirit.

For Career Success

As mentioned before, blue apatite is a powerful motivational stone. It can promote innovation, ambition, and independence. This stone can help in fighting listlessness and lethargy. It can promote a lively, sociable attitude while making you more outgoing and optimistic. Not only that, but this stone should also increase your willpower and drive in order to get things done.

It also helps in enhancing your creativity and activating your inner power. As the stone of the future, this stone can bring knowledge and wisdom. It also helps provide the much-needed courage to take risks and in manifesting your goals and objectives for career success.

Blue Apatite For Career Success

As a stone for the throat chakra, the blue apatite crystal can enhance your public speaking and enhancing group communications. This stone can help in enhancing clear expressions of your creative ideas and thoughts to your boss or colleagues. Furthermore, it can also help in professional and calm communication in order to solve arguments and misunderstandings.

Blue apatite can also reinvigorate your enthusiasm, particularly for personal long-term projects. Strongly attuned to your third eye chakra, the blue apatite can improve memory skills and concentration. It also assists in time management when working on tasks and projects.

In particular, the blue apatite is supportive for business consultants, investment, or account managers. Not only that, but it is also valuable in times of unemployment or a reduction in work hours in order to find alternative employment. This is also a supportive stone for those forced into early retirement.

Combining Blue Apatite With Other Crystal Stones

The blue apatite can benefit from being paired with other crystal stones in order to enhance its spiritual energy or if you just want to focus on a specific healing intention. With that said, here are some of the best crystal combinations for blue apatite.

Blue Apatite + Aquamarine

For the activation, stimulation, and clearing of your throat chakra, you can use the combined energies of blue apatite and aquamarine stone.

Blue Apatite + Aquamarine

Blue apatite is an excellent stone for opening and activating your throat chakra. However, it can also help in the activation of your third chakra. As a result, you will not only experience enhanced and clearer communication but also expect to resonate and communicate with the highest spiritual guidance there is.

Meanwhile, the lovely aquamarine crystal is a premier choice for stimulating your throat chakra. Dubbed the most powerful stone for your throat chakra, the aquamarine crystal allows for heightened courage and strength for honest and clearer communication.

Together, these stones can bring healing to your suffering throat chakra and provide you with better benefits in terms of communication.

The aquamarine with its courageous energies can help in overcoming the fear of speaking. Plus, it also encourages clear thinking before speaking. Meanwhile, the blue apatite can stimulate your personal ideas and thoughts to be expressed concisely and openly. It also helps enhance your creative skills while allowing for a better expression of your innovative ideas.

In addition, both stones can also work harmoniously in order to promote social openness and ease and get your point across. They also help in preventing misunderstandings and resolving arguments and fights, whether in the workplace setting or in your family.

Other than just stimulating your communication skills in the physical world, both potent stones can also be used to assist in spiritual connection and communication with angelic beings or spiritual entities. Their etheric energies and high vibrations can also help extend your awareness and subconscious to the spiritual realm.

Lastly, with the blue apatite having the capability to enhance the effect of other crystal stones, pairing it with the aquamarine crystal can ensure deeper and stronger spiritual communication while inspiring creativity, knowledge, and wisdom that expands through the universe.

Blue Apatite + Tangerine Quartz

For promoting ambition and creativity, combine the soothing energies of blue apatite with the energizing frequency of the tangerine quartz.

Blue Apatite + Tangerine Quartz

The bleu apatite is a powerful crystal for promoting ambition. This stone helps in creative thinking that is in balance with your responsibilities. Not only that, but this stone also assists with time management as well as stimulating intellect and mental clarity.

However, since blue apatite is not a premier stone for creativity, it can benefit from being paired with a potent crystal for creativity, tangerine quartz. With its vibrant shades of orange, the tangerine quartz harmonizes and activates your sacral chakra, which is the chakra strongly linked to your creativity.

So, with the combined energies of both blue apatite and tangerine quartz, you can eliminate the self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, stimulating your creative side and inspirations.

Not only that, but the blue apatite shall bring peace, while the tangerine quartz can offer an element of curiosity and playfulness. This brings peace and energy to your life and makes it more interesting.

In addition, the blue apatite is known as a dream stone. Placing it under your pillow, assists in creative problem-solving as your sleep or when lucid dreaming. Meanwhile, tangerine quartz is a great stone to have near you during the morning. This stone can awaken new ideas from your dreams and bring creativity when your mind is fresh.

Moreover, both stones are also excellent tools for meditation, since their harmonious energies can work together to boost intellectual thinking, and mental clarity and increase the flow of new ideas and inspiration.

Blue Apatite + Blue Lace Agate

For improving your communication skills as well as providing a relaxing and peaceful state for your emotional body, pair the energies of the blue apatite with the soothing frequency of the blue lace agate.

Blue Apatite + Blue Lace Agate

The blue apatite is a spiritual-centered crystal that is brilliant for opening your throat chakra. As a result, this stone can enhance your communication skill. It has the dual effect of dispelling negativity while stimulating your personal truth. This makes it a powerful stone for your mental well-being.

The blue lace agate, featuring soothing energies, can also harness the power of your throat chakra. This stone mainly assists in neutralizing spoken anger and resentment. It also counteracts the feelings caused by being judged and encourages an honest and clear expression of your feelings and thoughts. Its soothing patterns also help in the release of negative emotional burdens, providing a healing effect on your mental and emotional body.

Using both stones, you can get your point across with ease. They also promote peace and tranquility while ensuring social ease and openness.

Other than enhancing communication and healing the mental and emotional aspect of the body, both blue apatite and blue lace agate also resonates with the higher realms.

Blue apatite, other than the throat chakra, is also known to stimulate the third eye chakra. This makes it a powerful crystal for attracting and communing with high spiritual guidance. Meanwhile, the blue lace agate is closely associated with angelic and universal energies. This allows for an outflow of universal positivity and the expression of the highest spiritual truths.

Blue Apatite + Herkimer Diamond

For intentions of lucid dreaming, pair the high vibrations of blue apatite with the potent frequency of the Herkimer diamond.

Blue Apatite + Herkimer Diamond

The blue apatite is known as a dream stone. It helps in dealing with insomnia by providing a relaxing environment and a calm emotional body. Also, it helps in releasing negativity and toxic energies after a stressful day. Then, the high energies of blue apatite can increase the frequency and strength of lucid dreaming.

Placing it in your pillowcase, this stone can stimulate your third eye chakra. As a result, you can increase your visionary states and strengthen your aura in order to become attuned to the universal and higher realms.

If you’re still having a hard time with lucid dreaming, you can pair the energy of blue apatite with the clearness of the Herkimer diamond. As a double-terminated quartz crystal, the Herkimer diamond can awaken your third eye chakra. It shall help in clearing any blockages or stagnant energies that prevent you from having lucid dreaming. This should allow creativity to flow, inducing the creation of existing and pleasurable dreams.

The blue apatite can help enhance your visionary skills. The Herkimer diamond, on the other hand, is a powerful record keeper. This makes it a useful stone for recording and recalling lucid dreaming. Together, the blue apatite and Herkimer diamond can work together to enhance your lucid dreaming experience.

Is Blue Apatite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

The blue apatite is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is considered a natural birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Blue Apatite is February 19 – March 19 Birthstone

The blue apatite is considered to be one of the natural birthstones for those born on February 19 – March 19. This is the time of the year when the world awaits spring and the vernal equinox. It is the time when new life is about to happen and burst forth. Thus, the blue energies of this stone can bring you patience, respect, and appreciation.

Blue Apatite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius  

Blue Apatite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Gemini

The blue apatite is a beautiful gemstone for those born under the sign of Gemini. Communication is one of the greatest strengths of Gemini. However, they can struggle with nervousness, indecision, and a loss of words. The soothing frequency of blue apatite can help ease stress and worries while promoting mental clarity. This should give Geminis a deep sense of peace and trust in themselves.

Not only that, but this stone can also encourage Gemini’s honest communication at times of stress. This stone can also support them to make the right decisions and judgments. Furthermore, as a stone of communication, the blue apatite can also provide clarity to the confused Geminis when in an argument.

Another thing to note about Geminis is that they have an interchangeable nature. As a result, they tend to bend the truth or even start gossiping when it suits them. However, by meditating with the blue apatite crystal, Geminis will gain the confidence to speak the truth and nothing but the truth. This stone can help cut through the superficiality, allowing Geminis to express their thoughts and feelings honestly.

Other than Gemini, the energies of the blue apatite are also said to resonate with the zodiac sign Sagittarius. The blue apatite features vibrations that emanate truth, which is a quality that the Sagittarians value in themselves and other people.

However, expressing their emotions can sometimes feel uncomfortable for Sagittarians. The blue apatite can help release this discomfort and stimulate your throat chakra as well as balance your emotions. As a result, the Sagittarians can better express themselves more honestly and confidently. In addition, this stone can also help them in communicating their solutions or ideas to problems. Plus, blue apatite can also enhance their mental capacity and gain harmony between the soul and mind.

Blue Apatite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Aquarius

Lastly, the strong energies of blue apatite are also said to work well with the hardworking Aquarians. Managing and time-keeping a busy schedule can be the daily life of an Aquarian, and it can be quite challenging to keep up. However, the blue apatite can help keep them focused and always on target.

With its mind-stimulating energies, the blue apatite can enhance creative ideas while clearing away mental confusion. This allows the Aquarians to concentrate and improve their memory. Not only that, but it can also boost an Aquarian’s organizational skills, encouraging new insights and promoting inner awareness.

Meditation with Blue Apatite

Using blue apatite with spiritual discipline in meditation can encourage the development of deeper states of meditation and reflection. It can provide a feeling of inner peace, clarity, and oneness with your higher self.

It can also be used with other crystal stones for meditation. This can help boost and amplify its energies and facilitate specific intentions and end goals with much greater ease.

In addition, due to the strength of the apatite crystal, it is recommended that you work with it during your long meditation sessions. Its high vibration can attract guides and other spiritual entities and assist in communicating with them.

Also, if you wish to enhance your psychic abilities and unlock your highest vision and intuition, then this blue crystal should be a part of your meditation tools.

How to Cleanse and Charge Blue Apatite?

The blue apatite can benefit greatly from regular cleansing and charging. This stone can be cleansed and charged at least once a week in order to for you to benefit from its potent healing and metaphysical energies.

The best physical cleaning method for the blue apatite is washing away dirt with warm soapy water. Then, using your finger or a soft cloth, gently brush away the accumulated dust and debris from its crystalline surface. After that, you can rinse it thoroughly and pat it dry with a clean cloth.

Take note that using ultrasonic cleaner is a big no-no. This is because blue apatite is a relatively soft stone. In addition, make sure that you don’t expose it to rough wearing, high heat, and acids. Also, never use salt or seawater for recharging and cleansing your blue apatite crystal.

How to Cleanse and Charge Blue Apatite

For a safer method of cleansing and recharging its energy, you can simply place this stone in a bowl filled with herbs such as lavender. Or you can also gently smudge away the negative energies using white sage or your preferred herb.

Furthermore, you can also charge your blue apatite crystal in the feminine rays of the full moon. If you can’t wait for the full moon, you can simply let the stone soak in earthy energies by letting it sit in shades in your garden. Take note, that the blue apatite crystal should never be charged in the sun since its vibrant coloring can fade when in direct heat of sun rays.

Other ways of cleansing and recharging the energies of your blue apatite crystal are to let it sit near a quartz crystal or a singing bowl. The sound vibrations of the singing bowl should remove the negative energies while the frequency of quartz crystal can help charge your stone.

Final Thoughts

Blue apatite is a highly versatile stone with an array of powers and energies that can benefit all kinds of people. It can enhance your insight, imagination, creativity, and learning capacity. It also helps in stimulating your intellect while promoting the manifestation of your objectives and goals.

More importantly, the blue apatite is a highly spiritual stone that can enhance, activate and stimulate your psychic capabilities and gain wisdom and knowledge from the divine realms and the world beyond. It even assists in communication with angelic and etheric beings.

So, if you are looking for a spiritual stone that can enhance communication on all levels as well as mental acuity and ambitiousness, the blue apatite should be a part of your growing crystal collection!


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