Blue Lace Agate Meanings, Properties, and Uses


Blue lace agate signifies calmness, positivity, peace of mind, hope, harmony, protection, and heavenly energy over the years. Owning this crystal stone releases stress and rejuvenates your mind and body with soothing energies in all daily routines. Its gentle energy comes from its sky color, which cools off flaming emotions, making it one of the most calming influence crystals available.  

What is Blue Lace Agate?

blue lace agate meaning

Blue lace agate is a member of agate gemstones, so-called “the earth rainbow”. They are a variation of Chalcedony and quartz minerals, with changing hues from very light agate to almost sapphire blue. Some agate stones also feature threads of brown. The hardness rating of the crystal is 7, quite a hard stone with soothing elements.

The natural variants of this blue crystal were originally found in Namibia. Agate stones are discovered on the artifacts of Neolithic people in history. Sooner or later, it is discovered in some parts of India, China, Brazil, the United States, and South Africa.

During the 16th century in Germany, an alternative blue lace agate was made. They used dyeing techniques on colorless stones to achieve their natural blue color. This variety then works as pieces of jewelry.

The Meaning and Uses of Blue Lace Agate

uses of blue lace agate

Blue lace agate most likely originates from the Neolithic era as amulets of healing. Its name “agate” comes from the Greek philosopher Theophrastus when he found the stone in the river of Achates.

Agate dyeing occurred in the 16th century when some of the crystals are in need of color enhancement. It is in Germany where cutting and dyeing of agates becomes so popular.

Some miners found blue lace agate along with amethyst crystals along the rocks and minerals within South West Africa.

The color of this agate variant depends on the temperature and overall mineral content. They are typically formed in igneous rocks, beginning when the molecules crystallized in the porous rock fills. Its light blue color became dominant, which signifies the perfect sky.

Now, the gem trade uses the term blue lace agate to set apart this variant from the other agate stones.

Blue lace agate is a stone of communication and Diplomat is highly used by people to articulate clear meanings over everything. It boosts confidence to make it easier to deal with stress by means of remaining calm. This stone has a slower vibration frequency thus known for promoting more stable emotions.

You may use blue lace agate stone to calm your nerves and freely express yourself in public speaking. Its soothing power brings comfort for a more effective way to communicate with people. It is great for lifting positive emotions while eliminating pressure and stress. It rejects the feeling of anger lingering in your soul. More than that, blue lace agate can cure throat ailments with its cooling properties.

Collecting these blue gems can add glamor to your outfits with their enticing blue hues. It benefits the bearer through the power it holds when being worn.

Blue Lace Agate Metaphysical Properties

Blue Lace Agate Metaphysical Properties

The blue lace agate crystal is believed to captivate the calm energy of the sky. It is the gap between the atmosphere and the physical world. The sky symbolizes a sense of peace for a troubled mind. The ancient Zen tradition practiced using blue lace agate gemstone to cleanse any bad vibes lingering in the area. So then frees the space away from distractions and negative emotions.

During pre-Christian times, blue lace agate is devoted to the earth’s mother. Its pale blue color has believed to bear soft energies that help to neutralize higher energies like anger and physical illnesses.

The crystal was also recognized by the Neolithic people as an effective healing amulet. Its medicinal uses continued toward Egyptian civilization, which spread to the Middle East and other countries. Back in Babylon times, blue lace agate was also used as ornamentation.

Many healers had claimed blue lace agate for metaphysical healing. It has a lower intensity and slower vibration frequency that best produces a calming influence for whoever wears the crystal. The stone may appear delicate but has super strong properties you can depend on. Agate has excellent energies promoting balance for physical, emotional, and intellectual. It can also harmonize the forces within the universe for your benefit.

Wearing blue lace agate as a necklace, ring, bracelet, or pendant de-stresses life. Happiness will be within your reach, even in a toxic environment. It cleanses your aura and replaces it with uplifting energies, hence a perfect breather.

The Benefits of Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate, whether worn or just held in the palm, has been a good source of healing benefits. It is only a preventive remedy for optimal health, with its proper uses.

So, here is a list of advantages of blue lace agate crystal:

For Physical Healing

blue lace agate for physical healing

Blue lace agate is a good remedy for many physical health issues. Wearing the crystal on your neck can heal thyroid problems such as sore throat and swollen glands. Seeing results only happens with frequent use because of its very low vibration energies.

Using blue lace agate as a necklace positively impacts your cardiovascular system. It must be near the chest for a better outcome. This impacts not only your physical health but also your emotional strength.

This variety of lace agate also encourages your digestive health to function well. Wear the crystal on a belt each day to be more effective. It also deals with stomach disorders like ulcers by placing the crystal on the abdomen. Do this shortly and you can identify the causes of such health issues.

Bone problems such as arthritis or injury can be treated with this stone. A balance in your thoughts shall be increased with the use of blue lace agate. It aids your concentration on things even better.

Blue lace agate stone is also a stress reliever to prevent the effects of panic attacks caused by low blood pressure. Refrigerate the crystal before placing it onto your forehead or eyes. Its coolness will suddenly absorb the tension in your mind. The stone is able to reduce fever as well.

For Emotional Healing

Blue lace agate For Emotional Healing

Sometimes we fail to guard up our emotions which leads to wrong responses or decisions in life. Blue lace agate will spread calmness to your body to bring emotional healing.

Instead of feeling negative emotions, the crystal provides a positive light for you. It changes your mind a lot peacefully to avoid problems with your emotions. Self-analysis helps to easily identify one’s flaws and be able to correct them toward emotional growth.

There might be old fears you should learn to face courageously. In this way, past phobias can be reduced thus benefiting your heart.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

blue lace agate For Chakra healing and balancing

Blue lace agate balances with the throat chakra and brow chakra. First is the throat chakra which basically locates at the center of your throat. It is a way of communication with all the other chakras, with the energy living within.

The crystal stone opens the throat chakra to allow spiritual energies to flood your entire body. These energies help someone to be at liberty in expressing their feelings and other emotions. It does prevent you from easily feeling down or depressed. Through blue lace agate, you can release negative emotions freely and feel calm later on.

It would be more comfortable to open the throat chakra by wearing the crystal near your throat. Try to purchase an amulet made of blue lace agate for this purpose.

The second is the brow chakra, also known as the third eye chakra. This encourages positive thoughts to focus on important goals. You will have better control of your mental health. Place the chakra on your forehead to open up for healthier thoughts.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

blue lace agate For Wealth Fetching and abundance

More than the physical and emotional healing that blue lace agate enhances your wealth. It invites good luck and abundance into your life in all areas. You can have it all with blue lace agate then.

The crystal’s energies will deliver you courage and a positive mindset in trying new things. Being afraid of getting out of your comfort zone may miss out on many good opportunities. Thus, take blue lace agate with you to pursue what you want.

Learning to say ‘no’ may sometimes be to your advantage, but it could be a door toward your success. Blue lace agate will take you into the scene and will get you through life’s challenges. It keeps you energized to pursue your calling.

Communication is key to producing life abundance. That being said, the blue color is a strong sign of better communication. It is essential in managing a workplace in times of sharing ideas with the team. The stone upholds listening before saying the right words toward others.

Finding the best people to partner with is much easier with the help of blue lace agate. It has the power to influence the people you contact to start a project. Do not forget to consider skills in hiring people for your business.

For Relationship and Love

blue lace agate For Relationship and Love

As blue lace agate is part of emotional healing stones, this helps to calm the heart in a relationship. Its prime goal is to keep you reminded to remain calm, if necessary.

Peace starts from within by being true to yourself. Accepting who you are would be challenging especially in knowing your weaknesses. However, this stone will give you the courage to understand who you are by removing everything that hinders you from doing so. It adds up patience in dealing with yourself to keep you going.

Difficulties in life may turn you ungrateful, or worst, not loving yourself. With blue lace agate, you can see hope and begin to believe again.

Couples may experience a rough journey, but blue lace agate can be a survival stone for both partners. Many issues in a relationship such as past traumas or bad behaviors can change everything in a snap. This stone helps to overcome unwanted energies in a relationship to have a fresh start. It teaches lovers to understand each other even more to speed up healing. The process won’t be that easy.

We cannot control life but a change of perspective is amenable. Pairing blue lace agate with Dumortierite fosters harmony in your life. It is best for couples to live stable and happy regardless of what life throws.

Positive thinking also works in a relationship to keep things on track. It releases the best possible outcomes to benefit couples. Blue lace agate makes you feel loved and ready to live joyfully. You can appreciate loving people more and have no room for pretensions. Temptations may come to destroy the bond however this stone will keep you guarded. The crystal promotes stability in relationships despite the challenges.

For Protection

The blue crystal protects a person from feeling angry toward other people. It helps to sustain your calm aura when someone is activating your bad emotions. It is a gemstone that secures your inner peace.

Dealing with other people might be challenging at times. But with blue lace agate, you will know how to respond with composure toward difficult people.

For Depression and Anxiety

blue lace agate For Anxiety

Blue lace agate is a stone of inner peace and hence promotes happiness and harmony in your life. It provides support for spiritual upliftment that helps to reduce the feeling of anxiety and depression.

This crystal can treat depression through its energy that pushes away factors feeding negative emotions. It maintains mental balance, a mind that never gets disturbed by issues such as envy and rumor.

The stone will also remind you to stay positive and not wrestle with the choices already made. Instead, teaches you to embrace the positive things you have accomplished.

Combining Blue Lace Agate With Other Crystal Stones

Pairing blue lace agate with some other crystal stones may amplify its energies. The following are the best combinations of blue lace agate among crystal stones in the world:


Blue Lace Agate + Novaculite

To see the silver lining in any situation is what Novaculite energies are focusing on. It helps you look at the bright side and eliminate feelings of sadness.

Blue lace agate as part of the quartz family is best to pair with this crystal. It associates positive thoughts and thus benefits some communication issues. Both of the crystals apply to personal and professional needs of expressing thoughts.

Some things or people may test your mental state from time to time. This pair of crystals has a strong ability to shift your mood in an instant. It will shift your reaction the other way than what you feel. You will feel more courageous, as well as hopeful in facing life’s challenges.

This combination will also protect your whole being from the physical to the spiritual level. There will be smooth energy flowing into your life.


Blue Lace Agate + Dumortierite

Another good pairing for blue lace agate is the Dumortierite. This two-of-a-kind crystal will foster harmony and unity in your life.

Dumortierite works with intellectual abilities where positive thinking is involved in. Its positive energies promote patience for short-tempered people. Your mind will remain calm in intense moments.

The calming energies of blue lace agate can also promote better control in your life. It guides you on how to react in certain situations peacefully. As we all know, handling emotions could be hard without a clear head. An unclear mind may just cause a lot of trouble for other people and within your soul. The crystal will constantly remind you that positive thinking really works in all situations.


Blue Lace Agate + Chrysanthemum

Blue is a color for stillness. And pairing blue lace agate with the loving energies of the Chrysanthemum can make you remember to love and be loved.

Chrysanthemum is a stone of good fortune that attracts the joys of loving. It has strong energies that will guide you to take action in turning your desires into reality. The stone encourages more love to come into your life and helps you to grow in love. With two people in love, Chrysanthemum will alter their weakness into a strength.

Having blue lace agate makes you appreciate love even more. You will see a lot of people who love and appreciate you. It aims for stability in a relationship, no pretensions shall break two people in love. Challenges may come to break the relationship such as temptations and life difficulties, yet chooses to stay faithful.

With both stones, there will be confidence for relationships to grow stronger. Couples will be more at peace in facing what life throws.


Blue Lace Agate + Carnelian

For boosting your immune system and overall vitality¸ go with blue lace agate and carnelian combination.

The blue lace agate is a sky crystal that will bring healthy energies to your life. It can give you contagious energy to accomplish more dreams. The crystal still promotes calm while feeling the energy to do things. Carnelian, on the other hand, carries warming energy to keep you energized. It has to deliver spiritual energies for your vitality while resting on its power.

Much energy is needed to revitalize a soul which this combination of crystals has to provide. Both stones are filled with the energy you need to feel healthier.

Rose Quartz

Blue Lace Agate + Rose Quartz

For complete calm, you can try to combine blue lace agate with rose quartz.

Most people find rose quartz as a soothing crystal in times of emotional upset. It has been a universal healing stone in the gem trade. Rose quartz’s popularity makes the crystal so easy to find. The gemstone has to offer comforting vibration that greatly promotes serenity in your life. It is a stone that would benefit your sleep even in the most distressful moments.

With both crystals, you can find complete relaxation. Completing your sleep is one way to release negative energies. It also protects your mood not to shift from time to time. Combining the crystals will give you good sleep.

Is Blue Lace Agate a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Blue lace agate is a natural birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Blue Lace Agate is February 19 – March 20 Birthstone

People born between February 19 and March 20 believe blue lace agate as their natural birthstone. It is not a traditional birthstone then.

The light blue color crystal brings forth patience and confidence to individuals born during the spring equinox. It is a stone of creativity that leads to a fresh start. Those people running a business may earn respect from the other associates from time to time.

Blue Lace Agate is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Gemini   

Blue Lace Agate is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Gemini

Blue lace agate falls under the sign Gemini, or to people born between May 21 and June 20. The zodiac sign is like twins facing in opposite ways, which relates to the stone’s properties.

A person with the Gemini sign has a multi-faceted personality and is more complex than the other signs. It enables the individual to see different perspectives on life.

This zodiac crystal stone works best with creative artists to end up with an amazing masterpiece. It levels up its creativity with the help of its high solar energy.

Meditation with Blue Lace Agate

Meditation with Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate has a calming influence perfect for meditation. Its low field energy can provide a gentle aid during meditation. Place the crystal in your relaxing space to invite positive energies. They will serve as a source of defense in the working space not to disrupt the practice.

The stone has swirling patterns which are the focal points for your meditation exercises. It helps your thoughts to keep still and calm throughout the process. That unique property shall bring peace of mind in the long run.

Blue lace agate also has uplifting properties excellent for meditation. It neutralizes any negative emotions with a sense of peace and consciousness. The vibrations of your body slow down to let spirit realms work at their best.

A mood shift is instant the moment you hold the crystal in the palm of your hands, with your eyes closed. Then, blue lace agate is perfect for someone battling with life difficulties to feel more hopeful despite the condition. Meditating with this stone will result in a happier outlook as it absorbs tensions from your mind and body.

How to Cleanse and Charge Blue Lace Agate?

Blue lace agate is a hard stone making cleaning a breeze. There are many ways to clean blue gemstones. It includes:

  • Cleaning the crystal with salt water coming from the sea.
  • Get a sage smudge stick and burn it. Wave the material underneath the stone back and forth for 30 seconds.
  • Look for clean soil and then bury the stone for up to several months.
  • Dissolve all the negative energies by surrounding the crystal stone with bright light.

Rinsing the stone with warm soapy water could be a simpler way to clean it. Use a soft brush to remove debris and dust from its surface. Avoid applying harsh cleaners, especially on dyed agates to prevent discoloration. It may also affect its healing properties for the worse.

In contrast, re-energize the blue crystal through sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. In this way helps to restore its curing power and keeps the stone alive.

Final Thoughts

From the agate varieties to the light blue, and darker blue shades gets along with its calm energy. That stimulates the power to de-stress whoever uses the gemstone. Peace and great composure radiate from their gentle properties to heal physical, emotional, and spiritual struggles.

It is a powerful crystal that can cure emotional distresses. Blue lace agate, so then, a must-have for every healer’s gem kit.


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