Blue Moonstone Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Blue Moonstone

The blue moonstone holds the mystical luminosity of the moon itself. Draped with its magical healing properties beneath its soft bluish pearly veil, its beautiful glow has a lot to offer.

Learn more about this potent crystal by reading below.

What is Blue Moonstone?

What is Blue Moonstone

Moonstones are the opalescent variety of Orthoclase, an alkali feldspar that features a hardness of 6 on the Mohs hardness scale.

With its blue to white sheen called schiller, the moonstone has a mesmerizing appearance that looks like the luminous shine and glow of the moon. This is a unique trait called adularescence. This beautiful sheen is created when light is reflected by the internal structure of thin Albeit layers.

The layer acts as a diffuser which softens the light and allowing it to bounce around its crystalline structure. Although the thick Feldspar layer is what creates the luminous bluish-white color.

Such optical phenomenon causes a captivating glow on the surface. Light moves across the crystal which then creates the visual effect that is somewhat similar to the full moon shining through veils of thin clouds.

The classical origin of blue moonstone is Sri Lanka. Here, the stones occur in pale blue to almost transparent sky blue. However, the largest and best quality specimens of blue stone are found in Myanmar. Due to its popularity, the blue moonstone is becoming more difficult to obtain and its price tag starts to demand higher amounts.

The Meaning and Uses of Blue Moonstone

The name moonstone comes from its moon-like sheen. The prefix blue comes from its soft bluish glow.

Since ancient times, the blue moonstone is known to offer a tangible connection to the mystic and magic properties of the moon. This stone is often used as a gift for lovers of passion. It represents unconditional love, passion and faithfulness.

The Meaning and Uses of Blue Moonstone

Also, it is often transformed into amulets of protection for travelers. In fact, it was legendarily known as the “Traveler’s Stone” and is believed to offer protective qualities for those who travel by night or when traveling upon the water when the moon is shining. It is often given to frequent travelers, placing it on the compartment for a safe night driving.

The blue moonstone has also been used in jewelry for thousands of years, including the ancient civilizations. The Romans loved the blue moonstone since they believed that it was derived from the solidified rays of the Moon. In addition, both the Greeks and Romans associated moonstone with their lunar deities, sometimes carving out blue moonstone goddesses.

In the more recent history, the blue moonstone also became very popular during the Art Nouveau period where Rene Lalique, a French goldsmith, and many others created a large quantity of jewelry using the blue moonstone.

Blue Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

In most spiritual traditions such as feng shui, the moon represents the divine feminine. The fertility cycles of women actually connect with the waxing and waning of the moon. Thus, the blue moonstone is known for its ability to balance reproductivity issues and hormones.

As the moon cycles connect you to nature, the blue moonstone crystal will remind you that your life also has its ups and downs. As a result, this stone cultivates compassion and empathy, allowing you to tap into your intuition while also enhancing your psychic and clairvoyance abilities.

Blue Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

With the moon waning and waxing in cyclic perfection, creating the tide and rhythms of the Earth, the blue moonstone crystal can influence your behaviors, emotions and spiritual development. It can calm and encourage you when times are difficult and giving you a better understanding of the natural rhythms of this life.

The blue moonstone is also loved for its gentle and soothing energy that heal and soften even the most inaccessible human soul. Often called the Cat’s Eye Moonstone, the blue moonstone can help in promoting your inner focus, vision and mental clarity while in a meditative or altered state of awareness.

This is particularly valuable in seeing emotional patterns and life lessons as well as balancing your yin yang energies. The serene and tranquil energies of the blue moonstone also invite creativity, healing and motherly protection. Not only that, but it can also act as a mirror so you can clearly see your own self.

The Benefits of Blue Moonstone

The blue moonstone offers numerous healing benefits to all aspects of the body. Here are some of the more important ones.

For Physical Healing

The blue moonstone is a potent crystal that can help you attune to the normal rhythm, of your body’s biological forces in order to utilize its natural energy cycles. More importantly, this stone has a strong influence on the female’s reproductive system, enhancing fertility and sexuality.

Blue Moonstone For Physical Healing

In addition, the energies of blue moonstone can help ease the negative symptoms of your pregnancy as well as conditioning the body for childbirth. This stone also has the ability to balance your hormones, menstrual issues as well as addressing fluid retention.

Blue moonstone is also suitable for the growth and development of your kids and teenagers. It also helps slow down the process of aging for the elderly. In fact, this stone is said to help ease the degenerative conditions of the skin, eyes, hair and fleshy body organs.

Furthermore, the blue moonstone is often used to help improve the absorption of nutrients as well as the elimination of toxins and waste substances in the body. It even helps in the treatment of disorders that affects the elimination and digestive systems.

Its blue energies can also facilitate mental acuity and treating issues with the throat and voice.

For Emotional Healing

The blue moonstone has long been known for its soothing and calming qualities to the emotional body. Its healing and balancing energies can help assist in the mastery of your emotions and feelings. It does so by bringing them under the control of the divine will instead of repressing or expressing them.

Not only that, but this stone can also help you identify emotional patterns which are stored in your subconscious. In addition, the blue moonstone can also serve as a powerful guardian to contain your explosive emotions and passions, stimulating composure and confidence. When placed at the center of your chin, also known as your moon center, the blue moonstone can create balance in the body.

Blue Moonstone For Emotional Healing

Furthermore, the blue moonstone can bestow a depth of feelings. It also induces gentleness within yourself that brings happiness to the environment in which it is placed. Connected with the feminine energies, this stone can also enhance the intuitive and creative side of the mind.

To women, this stone reveals their feminine energies and psychic abilities such as clairvoyance. Not only that, but this stone can also give rise to your kundalini energy, better promoting your emotions.

The blue moonstone is also valuable to men by making them more in-tune with their feminine aspects. This stone can stimulate heir right of the brain to encourage nonlinear thinking and bringing balance to the emotional body.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Blue Moonstone For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The moonstone is a crystal for the higher chakras. The white crystal energies that are present in all varieties of moonstone, including the blue moonstone, have an association with the crown chakra.

The crown chakra serves as your spiritual center. It represents your personal identification with the infinite, and oneness with the divine, wisdom and peace. This chakra is located at the topmost part of your head. It is your gateway to the expanded universe beyond the body. It mainly controls how you think and responds to the world around you.

Also, the crown chakra is the source of your spirituality and beliefs. It actually connects you to the higher planes of existence and is the primary source of universal truth and knowledge. When the crown chakra is unbalanced, you become easily ruffled by setbacks.

The blue moonstone can help dispel and cleanse negativity from your crown chakra. It provides supplemental energy, supporting a balance of intellectual, emotional and physical bodies. Not only that, stimulating your crown chakra, can provide spiritual sustenance and nourishment in order to assist you through all changes.  

Blue Moonstone For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Meanwhile, the blue energies of moonstone can also stimulate your throat chakra. This chakra mainly works on how you communicate within and to the outside world. It acts as a valve that provides an easy flow of energy from your lower chakra to your upper chakras and vice versa. It allows for the free expression of your needs and values as well as a healthy energy flow within the spirit and body.

When your throat chakra is out of balance, you might find yourself habitually lying, feeling doubts and fear about the intentions of others and often find yourself lost for words or stammering. You also become easily misunderstood and can cause blockages in other chakra systems.

The bluish sheen of moonstone can help balance and unblock your throat chakra. This brings you the power of truth while also having the ease and relaxation of speaking your ideas and thoughts.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Blue Moonstone For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

The blue moonstone may not be a premier wealth-attracting crystal-like pyrite or citrine. However, this gentle, yet potent stone is said to increase your good vibrations, allowing you to attract prosperity wealth and abundance into your life.

In addition, the metaphysical properties of the blue moonstone are often connected to the wise use of knowledge and the power of the mind to explore the unknown. Because of this, the blue moonstone can often be used to help find the best strategies for success and well as grabbing on opportunities to make money that often go unseen by others.

For Relationship and Love

The blue moonstone offers gentle energy that can help infuse self-love and nurturing qualities. This stone should open your heart and can inspire you to accept more love in your heart.

AS a result, this is one of the best stones that you can use to find new love after experiencing a broken heart. Not only that, but this stone can also effectively support your emotional healing. It is very comforting and supportive whenever you need to lie low in love or if you just want to keep it a secret for a while. It helps in strengthening your resolve while also calming your emotions and feelings.

Its energies can bring balance and healing to your emotional body while allowing you to keep It under control instead of expressing them negatively or repressing them. It should help you in identifying the emotional patterns saved in your subconscious and serve as your guide whenever you feel like you will explode with emotions.

In addition, the blue moonstone is a potent talisman of love that can help remove the differences and reuniting you with someone you love that you’ve parted with. Not only that, but it is often used to strengthen existing relationships.  This stone has the ability to close the gap between couples, resolving issues and misunderstandings and mending your relationship.

Blue Moonstone For Relationship and Love

Dubbed as the Stone of Love and Eroticism, the blue moonstone also has the ability to stimulate your kundalini energies and carnal desires. It is also known as the ultimate fertility stone. It is often worn during lovemaking at a full moon. This should help harmonize your body to the lunar cycle and encouraging fertility.

Couples are often recommended to make a grid of 13 blue moonstone crystals with a circle of the 12 months around their bedroom. Then, one blue moonstone is centered under the bed. Such ritual is said to help increase fidelity, love and fertility.

The blue moonstone has also been valued and held sacred in India. It was believed to have a potent symbolic relation to couples and lovers. In fact, this stone is often gifted to newly-wedded couples, believing that it can guarantee a long-lasting harmonious and loving relationship.

For Protection

The blue moonstone has been known as a protective crystal. It helps mainly in deflecting the negative entities and energy from your surrounding before they can enter your auric fields. This stone is especially useful for psychic protection as well as maintaining clarity of energy as you work at a higher intuitive level.

The association and connection of the blue moonstone crystal to the energies of the moon is also said to help protect you on your spiritual energy. Its shimmering glow is said to light up your spiritual path and deflecting negative entities that might be attracted to you. Not only that, but it also helps in preventing confusion while protecting you against the common distractions and traps that may cause spiritual pain and psychic confusion.

Blue Moonstone For Protection

Dubbed as the Traveler’s Stone, the blue moonstone is also a protective crystal o have when traveling, especially by night or upon water when the moon is shining. Frequent travelers who keep moonstone in their glove compartment while traveling can ensure a safe night driving as well as protection against accidents and road rage.

Not only that, but this stone is also said to lighten your emotional being, easing motion sickness and protecting you from the feelings of homesickness. It is said to help protect you against accidents over water as well as jet lag.

For Sleep Insomnia

With its calming energies and strong association to lunar frequency, the blue moonstone has long been used as a sleeping stone. In fact, its name itself can remind you of nighttime and a good night’s sleep. This stone is said to help in reducing your emotional burdens. Then, it can relax the body and mind, making it very easy for you to fall asleep.

Blue Moonstone For Sleep Insomnia

It is also worth noting that the blue moonstone is highly calming to kids. It can soothe and ease hyperactive kids to encourage sleepiness during nighttime. Not only that, but it can also help drive away nightmares and night terrors that might disturb your sleep. It is also believed to prevent sleepwalking.

The blue moonstone is also known to assist in lucid dreaming. It is said to stimulate your crown chakra and higher awareness and opening yourself to the divine. This way, you are more ready to accept divine wisdom and knowledge through dreams.

So, people suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorders can keep moonstone crystal under their pillow at night and enjoy a restful sleep.

For Depression and Anxiety

The blue moonstone crystal is a master healer for extremely anxious people. This stone is said to bring soothing and calming energy that can help you regain your inner balance and personal power. It has the ability to balance your emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical bodies.  

It also helps in cleansing and dispelling all negativity from within you. Then, it provides the much-needed support and nurturing in order to overcome obstacles and challenges in life.

Blue Moonstone For Depression and Anxiety

Not only that, but the blue moonstone can also provide the spiritual nourishment you need when you experience change. Sometimes, change is what causes anxiety and depression. The blue moonstone can bring inner growth, strength, bravery and understanding to tackle these changes.

Dubbed as the Stone of New Beginnings, this stone will help you move forward with these changes while calming your emotional instability, depression, stress, anxiety and inner chaos.

It can stabilize your emotional being and helping you understand life better whenever you are going through a rocky patch in your life. It also eases your troubled mind, stops excessive worrying so you can accept the ups and downs of life.

For Confidence Career Success

The gentle moon with its motherly and nurturing energy can infuse you with a soothing calm demeanor and quiet confidence that shall help you gather your power and strength back.

When used as a professional support crystal, the blue moonstone can help you excel and shine in your chosen field, while adding more heart to what you are doing. With its bluish sheen, this stone can help assist you in expressing yourself and being more confident in front of a lot of people. Not only that, but this stone can also teach you how to effectively communicate with others and creating more impact with every word you say. This makes it a powerful ally to hold when speaking in public or doing a presentation.  

Blue Moonstone For Confidence Career Success

And if you’ve felt blown away by the competition in your expertise, the blue moonstone can provide gentle illumination and bringing sky clear thinking. It brings you new ideas that can help you stand out as an innovator. The blue moonstone is a crystal that shall continue to surround you with uplifting energies, allowing you to continue working hard for your aspirations and dreams.

Not only that, but this stone can also help enhance your leadership skills. It can also attract good vibrations that can help in reaching your career goals. It is highly supportive in finding ideas and strategies for climbing the career ladder.

Combining Blue Moonstone With Other Crystal Stones

The blue moonstone can also be paired with other crystal stones in order to amplify its energies or if you want to focus on a specific healing intention. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for the blue moonstone crystal.

Blue Moonstone + Carnelian

For intentions of boosting fertility, pair the energies of blue moonstone with the frequency of carnelian.

Blue Moonstone + Carnelian

The blue moonstone has long been revered as a Stone of Eroticism and Love. This stone can help stimulate your carnal desires and kundalini energy, enhancing your fertility and sexuality. It is said to help harmonize your body to the natural lunar cycle, enhancing your intentions of conceiving.

Pair it with the energies of carnelian to ensure success. Resonating with the sacral chakra, the carnelian crystal can help remove energetic blockages and stimulate the reproductive systems.

Like the blue moonstone, the carnelian stone can also activate your kundalini energy which can assist in hormonal and reproductive stimulations. Using both stones, you can enjoy the gentle yet potent mixture of energies that can raise your confidence, boosting your sexual drive and enhance your nurturing abilities for spontaneous lovemaking.

Blue Moonstone + Selenite

For a potent duo that uses moon energies, go with blue moonstone and selenite.

Blue Moonstone + Selenite

The blue moonstone activates both your throat chakra and crown chakra. It brings stability and emotional balance in an instant, To double that energy, pair it with the selenite. Its warming light can inspire profound peace and tranquility.

As selenite works on bringing peace and serenity, the blue moonstone can encourage inner peace, growth and strength. In addition, the blue moonstone can help support new beginnings, while the selenite can relieve the uneasy feelings of stress and instability due to changes.

Also, with their deep association to the moon, both bleu moonstone and selenite can create a powerful and harmonic connection to the divine realm. These stones should enhance your intuition, opening yourself to the world, managing your ego and providing a better connection to your higher self.

Blue Moonstone + Amethyst

For those having a hard time sleeping, the pairing of blue moonstone and amethyst shall help you.

Blue Moonstone + Amethyst

The blue moonstone connects with the gentle energies of the moon. Meanwhile, amethyst is known as Nature’s tranquilizer. When combined, both stones can exude harmonious energies that promote calmness and relaxation to induce sleep and rest.

Not only that, but both stones are also great for lucid dreaming. AS moonstone helps in inducing a calming environment and aligning you to the natural lunar cycle, the amethyst crystal can open your consciousness to the universal realm and encourage imagination and intuition.

Is Blue Moonstone a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

The blue moonstone is a birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Blue Moonstone is March 20 – April 19 Birthstone

The regular, white sheen moonstone is considered a traditional birthstone for those born in June. However, the blue moonstone is considered a natural birthstone for those born during March 20 – April 19, during the vernal equinox. This crystal is known to bring understanding, calmness, serenity, balance and openness.

Blue Moonstone is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Libra, Cancer, Sagittarius and Scorpio  

Blue Moonstone is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Libra

The blue moonstone is one of the mothering zodiac crystals for those born under the banner of Libra. The Librans are known to be gentle and diplomatic individuals. They are also sharp and loves balance.

However, Librans tend to be a little indecisive at times. They also shy away from any kind of confrontation and never like change. The energies of the blue moonstone can help the Librans to accept change in their life with glory and grace. This stone also provides them the courage to make decisions and tackling the ups and downs of life.

In addition, the blue moonstone is also an ascendant crystal for Cancer. It is also a stone for the moon, which is the ruling planet of zodiac cancer, making it a powerful ally for Cancerians.

Cancerians are often reluctant to take risks, even when the odds are actually in their favor. With its lunar connection and feminine energy, the blue moonstone can help Cancerians flow with the ever-changing rhythms of life.

Mood swings are also common to Cancerians. The energies of the blue moonstone can help stabilize their emotions, making it an excellent choice if their mood ever fluctuates. This stone shall also boost the Cancerians self-loving ability as well as amplifying nurturing energies and kindness towards other people.

Blue Moonstone is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Sagittarius

Sagittarians are also known to benefit from the lovely energies of the blue moonstone crystal. Sagittarians love self-explorations. The blue moonstone can help release their creative talents while also providing serene energies that can teach the Sagittarians to be aware of their conscious mind.

In addition, the Sagittarians are also known to be always ready to start something new. Subbed as the Stone of New Beginnings, the blue moonstone can stimulate their imagination while also stabilizing their emotions. With its nurturing energies, the blue moonstone can encourage unselfishness and inner harmony in the Sagittarians.

Lastly, Scorpios are also said to find solace in the beautiful blue glow of moonstone. People born under the banner of Scorpio are known to be bright, brace and unflinchingly loyal. They also have reactive behavior and prone to jealousy.

The blue moonstone can bring its gentle feminine energy to the table in order to balance this out. This ensures that the contemplative yin nature occurs alongside the push of yang.

Meditation with Blue Moonstone

Meditating with the blue moonstone crystal can help take you deep into your subconscious mind. This stone can help reveal the missing pieces of the puzzle in your life— the parts of you that might have been left behind and forgotten. Not only that, but this stone is also ideal for past-life regression.

In addition, the relaxing energies of the blue moonstone can help you move into deeper meditation. It brings balance while allowing you to reflect on yourself. With its strong connection to the moon, it is best that you meditate with the moonstone outdoors and at nighttime under the luminous rays of the moon. It also helps if you meditate in your garden or build a meditation altar outside.

How to Cleanse and Charge Blue Moonstone?

The blue moonstone can benefit from regular cleaning and charging. To physically clean your blue moonstone crystal, you can simply wash it under running water, gently rubbing its surface with your fingers in order to remove accumulated dust and debris from its crystalline structure. Rinse well and pat dry.

How to Cleanse and Charge Blue Moonstone

To recharge and cleanse its energies, it is best to let it soak under the lunar energies. It is particularly effective during a full moon or new moon.

Another way of cleansing your blue moonstone is to visualize the white moonlight surrounding the stone with your intention of clearing the negative energies from within its structure. You can also try soaking the stone in a bowl filled with saltwater or buried in sea salt.

If you have a smudge stick, sage or your favorite herb, you can also try smudging the stone to remove the negative energies. If you have a singing bowl, you can use its sound vibrations to cleanse your stone’s energies. Or you can simply let it charge with other large quartz crystals in your crystal collection.

Final Thoughts

With its calming blue color channeling the feminine energies of the moon, the blue moonstone can help keep your emotional and spiritual body in perfect balance and tranquility.

If you’re currently facing issues of balance or distress, the blue moonstone will remind you of the peaceful night sky and the consistent cycle of darkness that gives way to the hopeful and luminous glow.

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