Blue Onyx Meanings, Properties and Uses

Blue Onyx Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Blue Onyx

The protective onyx taking the calming shades of blue skies and ocean offers peace and tranquility into your life. It shall bring order to a chaotic mind and emotional body, allowing you to overcome even the most chaotic of all situations.

Learn more about this potent crystal by reading below.

What is Blue Onyx?

What is Blue Onyx

The blue onyx is a type of onyx stone that is dyed in different shades of blue. It can also be unbanded or banded. Generally, blue onyx carries most properties as its black onyx sibling— smooth, classy and exuding in earthy metaphysical energies.

The onyx stone is actually a variety of chalcedony which is a cryptocrystalline variety of the quartz family. It boasts a fibrous and dense layer with a 7 rating on the Mohs hardness scale.

Blue onyx ranges from a pale to sky-blue shade to the deeper, almost-indigo blues. The blue onyx is often found in India, Uruguay, the US and Brazil.

The Meaning and Uses of Blue Onyx

The name onyx comes from the Latin term of the same spelling, from the Greek word “onux” which translates to “claw” or “fingernail” due to the veining looking very much similar to the colors of your nails. Meanwhile, the prefix blue refers to its soothing blue shades.

The Meaning and Uses of Blue Onyx

Since ancient times, the onyx crystal was highly prized for spiritual and magical works. It was worn as amulets on shields, swords and armor, said to protect and strengthening warriors in battle.

In addition, some cultures including the Romans and Greeks used this stone to carve figures of their heroes and gods in intaglio and cameo engravings as well as making stone inlays and tiles, stamps and seals or as handles or bases for their goldwork.

Nowadays, its beautiful shades of blue make this variety of onyx a popular gemstone. It is often found in pieces of jewelry including pendants, earrings, rings as well as beaded bracelets and necklaces. Not only that, but it is also carved into ornamental animal figurines as well as fashioned into decorative crystal balls, spheres and other ornamental purposes.

Blue Onyx Metaphysical Properties

The blue onyx is a stone that holds so much metaphysical and spiritual energy that can add an abundance of joy, peace and happiness into your life. This stone is said to help in increasing your intuitive abilities while getting rid of bad habits and toxic traits.

Its potency is also said to help a person who uses it to thrive under pressure or immensely negative situations. Not only that, but this stone can also be helpful for those who have the kind of lifestyle which forces them to work in a stressful and high-pressure environment.

This is because the blue onyx is a powerful stress reliever. Its energies are said to alleviate issues of the mind and body as well as the tension that arises from the high demands of your life.

Blue Onyx Metaphysical Properties

It can also help you in achieving a sense of balance between your mind, body and soul, harmonizing your inner energy in order to strengthen your core. The blue onyx also works wonders in reducing restlessness and anxiety, allowing you to concentrate your feelings towards the things that need your immediate attention.

Not only that, but this stone can also help in organizing your life and carrying an optimistic look. It brings you positive energies for a more desirable and better result in your life. It helps in motivating you by blocking out the distractions.

Furthermore, as a stone of pure positivity, the energies of the blue onyx bring a protective shield to your aura. It helps in deflecting the evil forces and negative energies as well as ridding the soul and body from emotional toxicities from the past. Then, the stone shall help in releasing such energies back to earth so you are better suited to attract only positive energies into your life.

Furthermore, this stone can also extend the feminine and masculine polarities within you and striking a balance between and allows them to work together in harmony. It also teaches you self-control and strengthening your divine beliefs and faith. Its energies should help attract higher beings to you so they can guide you in finding your destined path and moving forward in life with a positive outlook.

The Benefits of Blue Onyx

The energies of the blue onyx provide versatile energy. Here are some of the benefits you can gain from using the blue onyx in your daily life.  

For Physical Healing

Blue Onyx For Physical Healing

The blue onyx is said to be highly beneficial for your bones and teeth, especially with your bone marrow health. It is said to strengthen your bones, balancing the amount of calcium in the body and encouraging the growth and development of your bone marrow. The stone also assists in the fast recovery of bone injuries, sprain or dislocation. It is also said to help in issues of your joints including arthritis.

In addition, this stone is said to help in the treatment of blood disorders. It helps in lowering blood pressure as well as assisting in easing pains of all levels. The stone is said to be beneficial in the treatment of cell damage, ulcers, epilepsy and glaucoma. It is also helpful in strengthening the soft tissues in the fingernails and improving the condition of the hair and skin.

With its cooling shades of blue, the blue onyx is also said to help soothe headaches, vertigo and dizziness. It can stimulate your eyesight and is particularly for excessive eyestrain. The blue onyx is also said to help n the healing of sore throat, hoarseness or the loss of voice.

For Emotional Healing

Calming and soothing, the blue onyx is said to help in releasing the negative emotions while bringing balance to the spiritual and emotional body. It can help in calming your emotions while providing spiritual and mental protection.

Blue Onyx For Emotional Healing

This stone is said to create a protective shield on your aura, deflecting all negativities from your surroundings. Then, acting as a sponge, this stone can also absorb all the toxic emotions and negative thinking from within.

After filtering these negative vibes, with its strong origin as an earthy stone, the blue onyx will then release such energies back to earth. As a result, you can enjoy a more relaxed, peaceful and positive emotional body with an optimistic attitude.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The rich sky-blue to indigo-blue rays of this onyx variety are ideals for the awakening, stimulating and unblocking of your throat and third eye chakras. By working on both chakras, you just don’t have the capacity for inner vision and intuitiveness, but you can also clearly communicate these visions to other people.

Blue Onyx For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The blue onyx mainly stimulates your throat chakra. In its essence, the throat chakra is the voice of our body and is the valve that allows the energy from other chakras to be clearly expressed. A blocked or unbalanced throat chakra can affect the health of your other chakras.

By utilizing the energies of the blue onyx, you can stimulate your throat chakra and keeping it unblocked for a smooth flow of energies throughout the body. This enables natural release and free expression of your visions and ideas. Not only that, but it also encourages the power of truth, allowing you to communicate your beliefs, ideas, personal truth and emotions into the world.

Blue Onyx For Chakra Healing and Balancing

On the other hand, the darker blue or indigo shades of blue onyx can activate, unblock and stimulate your third eye chakra. Also known as the brow chakra, the third eye chakra is your center of command and perception. It can direct your sight and daily awareness of the world. Not only that, but your consciousness is also located here and you can relate to your inner self through this chakra.

A blocked third eye chakra means that you can have a hard time balancing what’s important and unimportant. Not only that, but you’ll also have difficulty in sorting meaning from impressions and data. Your energy flow will be blocked.

Using the energies of the blue onyx can help in clearing any blockages in your third eye chakra. With this stone, you will be able to clearly determine and understand what you see. You can also interpret visual cues and experience a high perception.

In addition, your internal communications and thoughts within are vibrant and healthy. As a result, you are open to new visions, ideas and dreams. You also become reflective and observant. 

For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

The blue onyx is said to help attract prosperous and good energies that can help increase your wealth and provide a healthy sense of abundance.

Blue Onyx For Wealth Fetching, Luck and Abundance

This stone mainly works on your intuition, allowing you to take action and trust your instincts in terms of your financial ventures. It can also help in eliminating the excessive and unwanted energies while providing you the confidence and energy to follow through with your money-making ideas.

Furthermore, it also helps in breaking down unhealthy habits and patterns such as excessive shopping and spending. New opportunities can grow and make you more practical in your financials. As a result, you can increase your savings while also attracting luck and wealth to your life.

For Relationship and Love

In terms of relationship, the blue onyx can ensure effective and clear communication between partners, inviting satisfaction and happiness into your relationship.

As we all know, good communication is key to a successful relationship. And the healing energies of this stone can help you become more open and communicative of your feelings.

Blue Onyx For Relationship and Love

This stone helps in removing any struggles in communication. It also offers you the courage to say what you feel and thinks in a constructive, calm and healthy way. In fact, this stone can encourage you to speak with kindness and compassion as well as making you more sensitive to the feelings of your partner.

As a result, it can promote a more honest expression of your emotions and thoughts while soothing the intense emotions and softening the sharp words.

Other than encouraging good communication, the blue onyx can also help remove fears, anxieties, worries or negativities that you have about your relationship or love. Whenever there is an issue, disagreement or problem, this stone can provide calming energies so you can find a solution to the problem in the most graceful and loving way

It also helps in increasing your self-awareness while inspiring you to be compassionate and unselfish. It encourages unconditional love and provides the much-needed strength and energy to support you during challenging or difficult times in your relationship.

For Protection

Blue Onyx For Protection

In terms of protection, the blue onyx is best in safeguarding you against toxic and negative emotions and past traumas. The stone can also help you in reaching emotional balance by releasing the toxic energies from within and keeping your auric shield protected against external influence.

The blue onyx is also said to be an effective protective talisman against black magic. It can work well in deflecting the negative energies and attacks that are directed towards you. The blue onyx stone is also said to be a powerful ally in your spiritual or divination rituals. It is said to protect you against the negative entities, draining energies and psychic attacks.

For Sleep Insomnia

The blue onyx brings a sense of calmness, tranquility and inner relaxation to its user. Evoking the calming energies of the sky and ocean, this stone can help you deal with emotional stress and burdens that might be keeping you at night.

Blue Onyx For Sleep Insomnia

This stone helps in releasing negative emotions and toxic thinking that makes you toss around your bed at night. It helps in clearing chaotic and loud thinking while evoking the sight of a calm blue ocean. Furthermore, this stone also helps in creating a serene and balanced environment in your room so you can sleep better.

Other than inducing sleep, the blue onyx is also said to enhance your lucid dreaming. Thanks to its connection to the higher realms, the blue onyx can connect you to your higher awareness and expanding your consciousness. As a result, it makes a good conduit for vivid dreamers. It is an excellent problem solver when dreaming, allowing you to wake up with innovative and new ideas.

For Confidence

Wearing a blue onyx stone can also impart confidence and a sense of self-control. It makes you feel at ease in your surroundings, allowing you to be more comfortable in your own skin.

Blue Onyx For Confidence

It is a strengthening crystal that can help you approach a lesson or task with confidence and positivity. Not only that, but it also provides you the courage and strength to know or go after what you really want in this life.

With this crystal, you won’t have to spend another minute of uncertainty or insecurity in your skills. This stone helps in overcoming shyness while encouraging you to move out of your comfort zone. Not only that, but this stone can also ease your social awkwardness.

Also, by stimulating the throat chakra, this stone can also help you voice out your thoughts, feelings and concerns with more power and confidence.

For Depression and Anxiety

With its etheric energies, the blue onyx can help in calming and centering your emotional and psychological body. This stone can free you from emotional sufferings and psychological prisons which causes your emotional stress, anxieties and depression.

Blue Onyx For Depression and Anxiety

This crystal is a powerful ally for those who are prone to worrying. It helps in encouraging your life to be in the present moment, rather than thinking about the past o the imaginary future. This should not assist in calming those sudden bouts of irrational anxiousness or panic.

Furthermore, the energies of this stone shall bring a light mood, while bringing focus and calmness to your mind. It helps you in overcoming the extremely stressful periods of life, as well as easing the self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. It helps in enhancing your sense of belonging while protecting you from the negative influences of other people that might worsen your psychological burdens.

For Career Success

Blue Onyx For Career Success

The blue onyx is a high motivation stone. It helps promote intuitiveness, independence, ambitiousness and innovation. This stone is said to promote a lovely and sociable attitude, making you more optimistic and outgoing. Furthermore, it also helps in increasing your willpower and drive to get things done. It also helps in bringing wisdom and the much-needed courage to take risks and manifesting your objectives and goals for your professional life.

Now, like a crystal for the throat chakra, the blue onyx is said t enhance your communication skills and public speaking. It helps in boosting clear expressions of your creative thoughts and ideas to your co-workers or boss. Also, it encourages calm and professional communication that can help resolve misunderstandings or arguments.

Combining Blue Onyx With Other Crystal Stones

The blue onyx is a potent stone on its own. However, it can also be paired with other crystal stones, best with similarly blue stone, in order to amplify its healing energy and focus on specific healing intentions. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for the blue onyx.

Blue Onyx + Amethyst

If you need some peace in your life as well as increasing your spirituality, then try combining the energies of the blue onyx with the amethyst crystal to bring your spiritual and ethereal peace.

Blue Onyx + Amethyst

The rich blue colors of the blue onyx mirror the ethereal heavens and calming blue ocean. Such soothing energies allow you to harness the power of the higher chakras creating a deep sense of contentedness and peace. Not only that, but it also brings balance to an overactive mind.

Combine it with the most popular stone of peace and spirituality, the amethyst, and you can enjoy twice the serene environment and spiritual energy you hope for. The purple energetic rays of the amethyst crystal resonate many with your nervous system and the mind. It helps in soothing an overactive nerve for de-stressing and better relaxation. Plus, it also harnesses spiritual energies from the universal realm to bring clarity to the mind and easing negativities.

Using both crystals, you will surely find relief from all kinds of emotional disturbances and stress. The blue onyx will establish an emotional balance while the amethyst crystal can cleanse your aura of negativities. As a result, you can enjoy a more harmonious and peaceful life.

Blue Onyx + Lapis Lazuli

For balancing, activating and stimulating your throat chakra, combine the sky-blue energies of the blue onyx with the deep navy colors of the lapis lazuli.

Blue Onyx + Lapis Lazuli

The blue onyx can unblock and stimulate an overwhelmed throat chakra. It brings about relaxation, flexibility and calmness when speaking. It also helps inspire openness and honesty in your communication. The energies of this stone will surely help you speak more clearly and articulate your ideas and thoughts without feeling shy or scared.

The lapis lazuli can better enhance such properties. As the most popular stone for healing and stimulating the throat chakra, the lapis lazuli can effectively enhance your communication skills. It is best used for arguments and misunderstandings, allowing you to establish calm and constructive communication. It will teach you to release each and every word with compassion and sensitivity.

Together, both blue onyx and lapis lazuli can enhance your communication and speaking skills. And while they mainly work on the throat chakra, their darker shades also make them suitable for opening your third eye chakra. This helps enhance intuition, vision and self-awareness which are crucial for effective communication.

Blue Onyx + Tiger’s Eye

For a sudden boost of confidence, try the unique combination of blue chalcedony and tiger’s eye.

Blue Onyx + Tiger’s Eye

With its soothing shades of the sky and ocean, the blue onyx is a potent stone that can help open up your throat chakra. It focuses mainly on communicating your ideas and thoughts with confidence and sureness.

Meanwhile, the tiger’s eye is a potent stone of the mind that helps in releasing self-limiting and self-doubting thinking. This stone can provide intense mental focus on the positive things while providing the utmost confidence and assurance in your decisions and judgment.

Both crystals make a great confidence booster in your workplace.

Carrying the combined energies of the sun and earth, this stone can remove fear and negativity that can hinder your growth and progress. It brings you the energies to be a courageous and confident leader. Meanwhile, the energies f the blue onyx can help you speak authoritatively, confidently and boldly, particularly during conferences and meetings.

As a result, by combining both stones, people will see you brimming with confidence, pride and power as you move forward with your professional or career goals.

Blue Onyx + Aquamarine

Another great combination for your throat chakra and enhancing your communication skills not only in the physical world but also in the higher realms, try the energies of blue onyx and aquamarine.

Blue Onyx + Aquamarine

As mentioned before, the blue onyx is an excellent stone for the throat chakra. It allows you to enhance your communication skills. Meanwhile, the aquamarine stone is the premier choice for activating your throat chakra. It mainly brings heightened strengthen and courage for clearer and honest communication. Using both stones, you can enjoy better benefits in terms of communication.

Aquamarine mainly works in overcoming the fear of speaking. It also provides clearer thinking when speaking. Meanwhile, the blue apatite can stimulate your personal thoughts and ideas to be expressed openly and concisely. It enhances your creative skills and allows for the creative expression of your ideas.

Other than that, both crystals can also be used to assist in spiritual communication and connection with spiritual entities and angelic beings. Then help in expanding your subconscious and awareness to the spiritual realms.

Blue Onyx + Celestite

The blue onyx and celestite are a powerful combination for peace and the expression of your ideas and thoughts. With both stones boasting calming blue energies, you can expect the ultimate tranquility and serenity, boosting spirituality and stimulating your throat chakra.

Blue Onyx + Celestite

The blue onyx can activate your higher consciousness while opening communication with the higher planes. This stone act as a conduit in channeling information from the divine realm. Meanwhile, the lighter blue energies of the celestite stone represent the ethereal heaven. This stone, in its essence, can help ease your energies and making it possible for you to commune with higher beings like spirit guides and angels of the divine realm.

So, as the blue onyx stimulates your extra-sensory perception, inner sense of knowing and communication skills, the celestite can stimulate your clairvoyance. As a result, both stones can help improve your ability to communicate with divine beings and spirits while also boosting higher awareness for increased learning ability while communing with spiritual beings. With both stones, you can align yourself with the spiritual truths and gaining the confidence to express them openly to the world.

Is Blue Onyx a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

The blue onyx is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is a natural birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Blue Onyx is February 19 – March 19 Birthstone

The blue onyx is considered to be one of the natural birthstones for those born between February 19 and March 19. This is the time of the year when the world awaits spring and the vernal equinox.

It is the time when new life is about to happen and burst forth. Thus, the blue energies of this stone can bring your patience, trust, respect, grace, compassion and appreciation.

Blue Onyx is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Gemini, Sagittarius, Taurus and Pisces

Blue Onyx is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Gemini

The blue onyx is considered to be a suitable stone for those born under the sign Gemini. Geminis are strong communicators. However, they also tend to struggle to voice out their ideas due to indecisiveness, nervousness and the loss of words.

Fortunately, the energies of the blue onyx can help ease their anxieties and worries while promoting mental clarity. This stone also works on their throat chakra, allowing for clear and effective communication of their thoughts and ideas.

In addition, Geminis also love to gossip or bending the truth when it suits them. The energies of this stone can fill Geminis to speak only the truth. This stone helps them in cutting through the superficiality. As a result, Geminis can better express themselves more openly and honestly.

In addition, the blue onyx can also provide a deep sense of peace and trust to the Geminis. It helps in encouraging more peace and relaxation during times of stress while providing Geminis the support to make the right choices.

Sagittarians too can benefit from the energies of blue onyx. People born under the sign of Sagittarius tend to have a hard time expressing their thoughts and emotions. The blue onyx can help ins stimulating their throat chakra and providing balance to their emotions.

As a result, the Sagittarians can better express themselves in a confident and honest way. Furthermore, this stone can also help the Sagittarians to communicate their ideas and creative solutions to problems. Plus, it also helps them in enhancing their mental capacity while achieving harmony between their mind and soul.

Furthermore, the blue onyx can also assist people born under the banner of Taurus. AS a stone of the throat chakra, the blue onyx can encourage the Taureans to find their true voice. It helps them speak up about their beliefs.

Blue Onyx is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Taurus

Not only that but with its etheric nature but earthy origins, the blue onyx can enhance a Taureans awareness, mental thought and intuitive abilities while keeping them firmly rooted to the ground. This makes it useful for dealing with difficult and negative people and helping the Taureans when they are reluctant to express themselves for the fear of upsetting the situation.

With its calm and soothing energies, this stone can bring confidence to the Taureans into new beginnings without worrying about what other people think.

Lastly, the blue onyx also resonates with the Pisces sign. As a water sign, the Pisces love the soothing blue energies of this onyx variety which encourages and evokes the tranquility of the wide ocean.

Sometimes, Pisceans tend to be at a loss of words. The energies of this blue stone can stimulate the throat chakra and allowing them to say something that they need to say. It mainly helps the Pisceans to communicate their thoughts and emotions, but with more compassion, kindness and sensitivity.  

Not only that, but the blue onyx can also help the Pisceans to speak honestly and easing the feeling of nervousness or anxiousness when they need to speak in social situations.

Meditation with Blue Onyx

The blue onyx is a calming stone. It helps in inducing tranquility and peace in your meditation session, especially if your mind is naturally overactive and have a hard time focusing. Gazing to the depths of this stone can help you find serenity and quieting a chaotic mind chattering.

It also helps in the activation of your unconsciousness while allowing you to access your inner voice of wisdom. It prepares you for higher awareness and communication to the divine and is excellent for astral traveling, lucid dreaming or accessing the higher realm while meditating.

How to Cleanse and Charge Blue Onyx?

The blue onyx is a soothing stone that requires cleansing and recharging every now and then in order to ensure that you can benefit from its potent energies. There are several ways you can do this.

To physically clean your blue onyx crystal, you only need to bathe it in soapy water. Then, using your fingers or a soft toothbrush, gently rub its surface in order to remove the accumulated dust and debris from its surface. After that, you can rinse it thoroughly and pat dry it with a clean cloth.

How to Cleanse and Charge Blue Onyx

Now, to recharge and cleanse its vibrational energies, you can simply let it soak in a bowl filled with seawater or other natural water sources or bury it in a bowl filled with sea salt. If you don’t have access to natural water sources, then you can simply wait for the full moon. Place it outside under the rays of the full moon in order to cleanse and soak in lunar energies.

If you can’t wait for the full moon, then you can also let this stone bathe in earthy energies. Simply leave it in your garden or bury it in a pot filled with nutrient-rich soil. However, if you want a much cleaner approach, then you can simply smudge the stone with your preferred herb bundle or incense stick.

Also, if you have large quartz crystal or amethyst generators, then you can also let your green onyx sit with these stones to recharge its powers. If you have a singing bowl, then you can use its sound vibrations to remove the toxic energies within the stone

Final Thoughts

The blue onyx is truly a relaxing companion stone, soothing your worries and fears. It helps you regain control of your emotions and encouraging a positive outlook in your life. It mainly works on your communication skills as well as ensuring that negative influences from your surrounding and even toxicities from within you won’t affect your quality of life.

If you need to evoke the peacefulness of the clear ocean and blue skies, then a blue onyx is a must-have in your growing crystal collection.


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