Blue Tigers Eye Meanings, Properties and Uses


Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses, and Spiritual Meaning of Blue Tigers Eye

Blue Tigers Eye stones really stand out for many reasons. Whether you choose to use it as a piece of jewelry or decoration, it will draw attention directly. This stone is smooth and eye-catching as well as features a beautiful shine that no other crystal can match. Blue Tigers Eye will also make the mind brighter. It is also used as a powerful amulet from the ancient period. Keep on reading to know more about the meanings, properties, and uses of this blue stone.

What is Blue Tigers Eye?

Blue Tigers Eye meaning

Usually, the Blue Tigers Eye comes in a mid to dark blue color that has greenish or grey bands. It is a chatoyant as well as a reflective stone. Actually, its lustrous appearance improves the beauty of the stone. Blue Tigers Eye is also called Falcon’s Eye, Tiger’s Eye, Hawk’s Eye, Silicified Crocidolite, and Rodusite. It can also be found in various locations like in Brazil, Canada, India, and Namibia.

On the other hand, it is a form of Quartz as well as has the chemical composition Si02.  When it comes to the chemical name, it is called silica oxide or silica. It measures seven on the Mohs Scale and comes with a trigonal crystalline system.

Blue Tigers Eye is popular for its rich blue layers. They are actually vibrant can and come with different intensities. However, it is quite difficult to tell how this stone is made since there are lots of theories out there. According to some scientists, it’s a pseudomorph of quartz, whereas others said it embodies a synchronized development of several minerals.

It is worth mentioning that in some varieties of Blue Tigers Eye, both red and blue options are often dyed or heat-treated for a brighter color. The good thing is that such treatment won’t affect the stone’s actual properties. Meaning to say, its value won’t go low.

The Meaning and Uses of Blue Tigers Eye

uses of Blue Tigers Eye

The blue tiger’s eye symbolizes courage, strength, and willpower. its central meaning is overcoming your problems and challenges in life. It will give you the strength and energy plus the predisposition to fight your villains in life. Blue Tigers Eye also means resilience.

This stone, on the other hand, can ward off curses as well as ill wishes. In fact, it is still used by many as a protector against evil eyes. Furthermore, it is beneficial for memory and mental agility since it can help in integrating the right and left sides of the brain. This stone will also differentiate between hopeful thinking about what you need and what you want.

It has healing effects on the nerves and soothes the overanxious and phobic. Blue Tigers Eye can support sexual desire and sex drive and serves as a break on overactive libidos.

On a psychological level, this stone is perfect for promoting a sense of self-worth. It will even stop continuous negative self-criticism. When you harness the powers of this stone it will also enhance your psychic capabilities.

It will amplify your gifts like remote viewing, astral travel, and clairvoyance. This stone will get rid of any form of creative blockages and improve your creativity.

Blue Tigers Eye will also use your imagination and help you make new concepts and ideas. it is also connected to your throat chakra and its energy will promote effective communication.

The vibration of this stone will help you stay loyal to yourself and stick with your own truth. It will even guide you so that you will be able to understand your emotions so that you won’t feel emotionally exhausted at all times.

Blue Tigers Eye will promote a positive attitude as well as boost your feelings of self-worth and self-respect. It will help you harness your power and unleash your self-confidence.

Another good thing about this stone is that it will bring your ideas into reality in order to make positive changes in life. As a matter of fact, it will turn your dreams into reality.

Blue Tigers Eye Metaphysical Properties

Blue Tigers Eye Metaphysical Properties

When it comes to its metaphysical properties Blue Tigers Eye is associated with the voice, self-talk, throat, and problems around communication. This stone can bring inner calm and stability to its wearer. Necklaces made using stone will also help in strengthening your focus. It will even reduce your anxiety and stress.

Blue Tigers Eye will balance the higher energy with your lower chakra. This, in turn, will make you feel grounded and connected every time you are working on your higher dreams and goals.

It will boost your willpower, motivation, and determination, guiding you on the path that you need to take to make all your dreams come to reality.

If you are having a hard time moving forward or feels stuck in a trench, this crystal is perfect for you. It will release all fears and clear blockages preventing you from attaining abundance, success, and wealth.

Blue Tigers Eye will keep you safe from any danger in your journey through life. It will even connect you with your personal intuitions. Furthermore, it will protect you from malice.

Carrying or wearing this stone will shed light on problems that you are struggling to see. It clears all the blockages in the chakra in order to find the answer you’re looking for.

If you wish to have an improved perspective on your life you can use the powers of the Blue Tigers Eye stone. This is helpful especially if you need to make a very difficult decision.

Moreover, wearing it will make you less negative. Instead of blaming other people, this stone will help you take responsibility. Its energies will boost your communication and offer you the courage to know your ideas and thoughts and possess the determination to make them manifest in your life.

Blue Tigers is considered the stone of open-mindedness, tolerance, patience, and acceptance. Also, when you feel like you can’t go on anymore the stone healing energies will offer you the needed push in the correct direction.

The Benefits of Blue Tigers Eye

The following are the benefits of Blue Tigers Eye that you might not know yet.

For Physical Healing

Blue Tigers Eye For Physical Healing

Blue Tigers Eye is said to ease problems related to the eye. It will boost vitality and physical strength and toughen the blood. Its energies will also restore the balance in your body. It will even improve the functions of your endocrine system.

On the other hand, Blue Tigers Eye helps in regulating hormones and bring back the biochemistry of the body to normal levels.

When this stone is placed on the reproductive organ Blue Tigers Eye can stimulate fertility as well as address the problems of the reproductive system. However, when you place Blue Tigers Eye on your head it will rebalance the hemispheres of the brain.

It relieves both the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder and depression. Is also known to relieve asthma attacks and angina. This stone may also regulate blood pressure and health in the treatment of diseases affecting the eyes and the throat. If you are dealing with a stomach problem you can also benefit from this blue stone.

Another reason to use this stone is that it helps in repairing broken bones and strengthens the spine. It is also believed to increase and balance blood cell count.

For Emotional Healing

Blue Tigers Eye For Emotional Healing

Blue tiger’s eye helps in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases. The main reason for this is that it will gently uncover the real causes or root of various physical conditions that have their origin in emotional disturbance trauma and abusive experiences.

Since it is considered a highly protective stone it can shrug off the malicious and negative energies of other people and allow you to remain firm in your own power.

It will help in this dispelling anxiety and fear and infuse you with recognizing your own needs concerning other people.

Additionally, it is a balancing crystal that harmonizes the yin and yang energies within your emotional body bringing clarity of thoughts, love, understanding, and compassion. This stone will even stabilize mood swings, release tension and promote determination.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Blue Tigers Eye For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Besides throat chakra, Blue Tigers Eye is also aligned with your third eye chakra. This stone connects these upper chakras to the base and sacral chakras. Thus, it is considered a versatile chakra stone.

When your throat chakra is balanced and the energy is smoothly flowing, your communication with the people around you, with the world as well as your angels and guides will become extremely effective. But if your throat chakra is out of balance or blocked the reason for this is that you’re holding back your real feelings.

If you think that someone knows best, that they will judge you for your opinions you might not speak and this will cause constriction and limitation in the throat chakra. When this happens, it will affect the energies of other body chakras.

Fortunately, Blue Tigers Eye can be used to open, cleanse and activate your throat chakra of all negativity blockages and restrictions.

Moreover, using this stone will improve your insights which is a powerful way to communicate and connect with other world beings and the world of spirit.

For Wealth Fetching, Abundance, and Luck

Blue Tigers Eye For Wealth Fetching, Abundance and Luck

Blue Tigers Eye is a stone of fortune and good luck. When you are working with its energies, you’ll be able to appeal a continuous flow of money into your business or home. It can bring insights into difficult situations and problems as Blue Tigers Eye will focus your mind.

It will dispel your fears, ground your personal energy and focus your mind. If you are new to business this stone can greatly benefit you. In fact, it is also helpful for those who want to learn new skills, make a major change in their careers, and outspread their knowledge base.

Blue Tigers Eye will inspire you to grow and step out of your comfort zone. It will also challenge you to utilize your talents, abilities, and skills for your financial advantage.

One more thing, it will inspire you to try something new and something different because it will change your luck as well as bring more and more opportunities.

For Relationship and Love

Blue Tigers Eye For Relationship and Love

The Blue Tigers Eye stone will also bring emotional balance to relationships. As a result, there’ll be more pleasure and love than sadness as well as anger. Aside from that, there will be an improved give and take and fewer excuses and finger-pointing.

This is stone also addresses an overactive libido particularly if this is causing chaos not only for yourself but for your partner as well. The good thing about the Blue Tigers Eye is that it will feel your relationship with harmony and balance. It soothes tensions between you and your significant other and gets rid of anything causing disharmony in your relationship.

With this stone, you will be able to achieve harmony and peace when you do not see eye to eye on something. It will encourage you to assess both sides of the problem and look for something in common or to agree on.

Furthermore, this stone will help you to speak honestly and freely when it comes to problems concerning your partner and yourself and even the things that have impacts on your relationship.

Blue Tigers Eye with your emotions into words and eliminate all doubts and apprehensions. This stone can also fix problems causing misunderstandings, mistakes, and confusion between you and those who are important to you.

As you work with the energies of this stone, you will learn that most of the time, your outlook on difficult situations in your love life has just as much as the situations themselves.

There are times that your subconscious bias or personal perspective on how you believe others are treating you means you feel like a victim when you’re actually trapped in old karmic behaviors or patterns.

Moreover, if you are in a relationship with a person who doesn’t have your interest or who has been behaving abusively, Blue Tigers Eye will explain such hidden lies. It will also give you the bravery to confront wrongdoings of any kind.

With that in mind, you will not fly off the handle in situations like this. Surely, there will be tranquil yet assertive reasoning to you in these moments thanks to the powers of Blue Tigers Eye.

The stone’s energies will infuse you with patience, calm, and peace. So you won’t react dramatically and violently to situations.

For Protection

Blue Tigers Eye For Protection

As mentioned, Blue Tigers Eye is a highly protective stone. In fact, you can use this stone to dispel negativity around you.

If you are in a crowded place environment make sure to keep a piece of this stone to protect your energy. Perhaps you have a colleague who loves to gossip. If that is your situation, consider placing Blue Tigers Eye on your desk to protect yourself from this person’s negativity.

Also, when you are traveling, you can keep this stone to protect yourself from danger or accidents. To do this, tuck a piece in your baggage when you go on vacation. However, if you are invited on a last-minute trip or want to add a layer of security around yourself on your everyday commute, the protective energies of this stone will keep you protected.

For Sleep Insomnia

Blue Tigers Eye For Sleep Insomnia

If you are having a hard time sleeping, simply place a piece of Blue Tigers Eye in your room so that you will be surrounded by its calming and soothing energies. Such energies will give you deep as well as sound sleep.

For Confidence

Blue Tigers Eye For Confidence

With the help of Blue Tigers Eye, you will be able to improve not only your communication skills but your confidence as well.

This stone works in order to relax your throat chakra and get rid of the blockages so that you will be able to express yourself understandably and clearly.

For Anxiety and Depression

Blue Tigers Eye For Anxiety and Depression

Blue Tigers Eye is a very soothing crystal that can help in reducing stress and easing anxieties. It will also increase relaxation and calm you.  The stone’s energies will help in removing fatigue and even ease the symptoms of depression.

On the other hand, this stone will offer you more focus and mental clarity in your good experience and even the bad ones.

For Career Success

Blue Tigers Eye For Career Success

Blue Tigers Eye is perfect for entrepreneurs as well as business people. It is also ideal for people building up skills for their careers.

It will challenge your skills and make you obtain as much as possible out of it. Blue Tigers Eye is an excellent stone that helps you overcome challenges, competitions, and exams related to your career.

Combining Blue Tigers Eye with Other Crystal Stones

Blue Tigers Eye is a very powerful stone. But did you know that you can further enhance its powers by combining it with other crystal stones? This is actually true and so we have compiled some of the best crystal combinations for Blue Tigers Eye.

Blue Tigers Eye + Sodalite

Blue Tigers Eye + Sodalite

Blue Tigers Eye works well with other blue crystals like Sodalite, especially when working on your throat chakra. If you use the Blue Tigers Eye in your third eye and the Sodalite on your throat chakra, you will be able to access truth much easier. In fact, this will both apply to the spiritual truths and material existence,

This combination is also perfect for bringing insights and intuitive wisdom down from your third eye chakra into your physical body which you can utilize in your day-to-day life.

On the other hand, if you need a crystal that you can place on your work table in order to induce positive energies while working, consider using the Blue Tigers Eye and Sodalite combination.

Known as the stone of truth, Sodalite is primary to enhance communication, especially in a busy working place. It will also prevent a misunderstanding that might result in mistakes, frustrations as well as conflict between coworkers. With Sodalite’s calming vibrational energies, you together with your officemates may enhance communication as well as an understanding of sympathetic and peaceable surroundings. What’s more, it comes with calming effects that help in encouraging logical thinking. Thus, arguments and disagreements within the team will be resolved easily.

As the Sodalite works in enhancing communication, Blue Tigers Eye may help in boosting your focus and mind. In fact, this is extremely beneficial especially when you’re working on tight schedules or you need to be productive.

With this blue stone on your table, you will be able to focus on your work better. Furthermore, it will help in getting rid of distractions that may be disturbing you so that you will be able to concentrate and finish all your work on time.

Further, this crystal combination can bring a sense of self-assuredness and self-confidence that are both crucial at work. With Blue Tigers Eye, you will have the courage to take a risk and even explore your hidden abilities and talents. Meanwhile, Sodalite will kindle your throat chakra so you’ll be able to express your viewpoints and ideas on strategies and projects.

Blue Tigers Eye + Pyrite

Blue Tigers Eye + Pyrite

Blue Tigers Eye and Pyrite are both wonderful birthstones of the zodiac sign Leo. These two stones can provide you with strong stabilizing and grounding properties. While the Blue Tigers Eye stone harnesses the energies of earth and sun grounding you to the Earth while providing you with optimism and bravery, Pyrite, on the other hand, will resonate with the energies of fire and earth owing to its fiery and lustrous beauty.

With Blue Tigers Eye’s polarizing properties, this stone can bring balance to your overemotional body. This makes it a potent tool that can be used for releasing guilt and fears and stabilizing mood swings. With its energy, Pyrite may help you boost your confidence in your power. This will give you the chance to tap and act on your potential and capabilities.

As excellent amulets, the combination of Blue Tigers Eye and Pyrite can be used as a unique protector. These two stones are capable of drawing energies from the earth into the auric field as well as through the physical body. This, in turn, will make a potent shield against negative energies and elements, environmental pollutants, and physical attacks.

Infusing your life with confidence, courage, and willpower, these stones can support forceful actions and even a spirit of boldness. Blue Tigers Eye and Pyrite will let you take a risk and discover your talent and passion while staying humble and grounded.

Blue Tigers Eye + Gaspeite

Blue Tigers Eye + Gaspeite

When combined, Blue Tigers Eye and Gaspeite will give grounding energies that can offer powerful vibrations to the chakra system. This combination will also improve your visions and spiritual development. Both stones will in developing your clairvoyant capabilities as well as other talents.

Moreover, they are spiritual crystals that help in communicating or contacting the spirit realm. They can bring grounded spiritual energies that will inspire you to live your life credibly with a spiritual outlook. Also, they will inspire you to become more cautious of how you should live your life while focusing on the spiritual aspect of every situation.

Blue Tigers Eye and Gaspeite come with great metaphysical properties that can get rid of clutter as well as unnecessary distractions and noises. They will offer you good plans of action helping you to change your life for the better.

With both stones on hand, you will be able to pay attention to any situation that is taking place and is yet to disclose. They will even help you in making the best moves possible. One more thing, you will obtain fresh information, strengthen your judgment and improve your aptitude.

Blue Tigers Eye + Realgar

Blue Tigers Eye + Realgar

Realgar is a cleansing stone that will delve into your subconscious deeply. When combined with Blue Tigers Eye, it will illuminate your hidden thoughts as well as your previous lives. These stones can bring light to them so that you will be able to utilize them and at the same time work with them.

In actual fact, when you know what is lying in your subconscious, you will have a better idea especially in which you want your life to go.

This crystal combination, on the other hand, is very powerful as it can bring energy to the body on an emotional, spiritual, and mental level. These stones will also help in attracting prosperity and good luck. They will also get rid of all negative energies preventing you from attaining financial success.

Their energies will give you a sharper focus. As a result, you won’t be distracted with ease, particularly by the bumps in the road. Blue Tigers Eye and Realgar will even infuse you with energies of determination and motivation so that you won’t easily give up when things get tough.

Blue Tigers Eye + Heliodor

Blue Tigers Eye + Heliodor

Another great stone that you can pair with your Blue Tigers Eye is Heliodor. With this crystal combination, you will have faith in your capabilities and most importantly, be proud of your own talents. You’ll believe in yourself.

Moreover, with these stones, you’ll stop having second thoughts about yourself. Instead, you will become more confident to do the right thing. They will promote a perfect balance between your intuitive self and consciousness. Thus, you can remove your character’s duality.

Blue Tigers Eye and Heliodor will boost your ability to remember and retain new information. So, if you need to study, this crystal combination is perfect for you.

When you have the energies of these stones in your life, you can make a decision that is based on your understanding and knowledge, not just on your feelings or emotions.

Nevertheless, Heliodor alone signifies inspired work and noble leadership. What’s more, it symbolizes benevolence and power. It can also bring powerful energies of assertiveness and self-confidence and mental and physical strength. These characteristics of Heliodor will be further improved when paired with Blue Tigers Eye.

Is Blue Tigers Eye a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Blue Tigers Eye is both a birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Blue Tigers Eye is June’s Birthstone

Blue Tigers Eye is June Birthstone

The Blue Tigers Eye stone is considered of one the many birthstones for June. A bracelet or necklace that is made from this stone can be a great welcome present for those who are born in this month. This stone will improve their natural leanings toward persistence and loyalty,

Blue Tigers Eye is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Virgo, Capricorn, and Leo

Blue Tigers Eye is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Virgo

If you’re born under the sign of Virgo, Blue Tigers Eye is your zodiac stone and can help you in making decisions.

Blue Tigers Eye is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Leo

Aside from Virgo, this stone is also associated with the astrological sign Capricorn, Capricorns should wear this variety of Tigers Eye as a piece of jewelry as it will set them free. It’s also best for unscrambling your destiny, thus it can help you perceive your destiny. Blue Tigers Eye will improve the confidence and faith of Capricorns. It’s also great for helping you accomplish what you want in your life.

Blue Tigers Eye is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Capricorn

Leos, on the other hand, can also use Blue Tigers Eye as their zodiac stone. This stone will help them in fate to destiny. With the help of this stone, Leos will become successful in their endeavors. If you’re born under this sign, Blue Tigers will calm you down as well as make you captivating instead of bossy. Moreover, your very short temper will be eliminated and you’ll be called a wise person by your colleagues and friends.

Meditation with Blue Tigers Eye

Meditation with Blue Tigers Eye

When you meditate with Blue Tigers Eye, it will bring insight and clarity of mind, with open imaginations for a manifestation,

As you meditate, make sure to feel its warmth over your body removing all fears and worries as it leads you to pure bliss, awareness, and compassion.

With this stone, you’ll come up out of meditation knowing what are the things that need to be done and it’s on you to put your thoughts into action. When meditating, you can either hold in it your hand, solar plexus chakra, third eye chakra, or throat chakra. And then set your intentions as you go towards the meditation and imagine your manifestation.

How to Cleanse and Charge Blue Tigers Eye?

How to Cleanse and Charge Blue Tigers Eye?

Acting like a sponge, Blue Tigers Eye will protect you from negative and bad energies by gripping them before deflecting them from your aura. Having that said, you will need to keep the vibrations of this stone by cleansing it on a regular basis.

When cleansing your Blue Tigers Eye stone, you will need to keep them in saltwater overnight. If you do this, you are recharging its energies as well. After taking it out of the saltwater, you need to wash your stone using fresh water and then place it under the sun for 2 to 3 hours. This process, however, should be performed at least every three months.

To recharge this blue stone, you will need to concentrate on the work that you want it to aid you with. After that, communicate your thoughts, but make sure not to use negative wording during meditation.

Nonetheless, you can also boost the effect of this charging by simply smudging your Blue Tigers Eye with sage smoke.

Final Thoughts

If you are clouded with fears that you’ll never accomplish your goals in life, Blue Tigers Eye will come in handy. This stone will remove all your fears and make you understand that you make everything happen that moment you start believing in yourself.

Blue Tigers Eye, on the other hand, will boost your belief in yourself and your confidence. It makes you grow and be gratified of your talents and gifts. It will even help you trust your personal judgment and instincts regardless of what other people may think or say.

This stone will also ensure that you’re not perilous of yourself and that you’re doing something good, especially when receiving negative feedback and criticisms. Moreover, with Blue Tigers Eye, you will transform negativity into positivity.

When you are losing focus, this stone will get your focus back on track. It will get rid of all the distractions in your life and concentrate on the people and things supporting you will your dreams and goals.

The energies of Blue Tigers Eye will inspire you to stop spoiling in hopeful thinking, and instead focus on how you are going to make your dreams come into reality. It’ll motivate you to make sense of your strewn thoughts as well as fragmented pieces of information. As a result, you will eventually accomplish your dreams.

It will also ground and center you especially when things are occurring too fast. The stone will show you how you can resolve personal crises and offer you support when you can’t make a decision. Moreover, if you want to size up someone, you can use Blue Tigers Eye as well. It is also beneficial to you when you need to understand the consequences of your actions and need fast thinking.

Last but not least, when you have this stone in your life, you will become more focused, creative, and confident.


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