Blue Topaz Meanings, Properties and Uses

Blue Topaz Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Blue Topaz

One of the most beautiful and popular stones that you can have right now is blue topaz. This blue stone has inspired many and thought us a lot of things. It may have been enthused by various ancient principles, but many still find blue topaz relevant and significant these days. The good thing about this beautiful stone is that it will benefit emotionally, physically and mentally. If you’re interested in this stone, then keep on reading for more pertinent details.

What is Blue Topaz?

meaning of blue topaz

As the name implies, blue topaz is a type of Topaz. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most valuable and sought-after varieties of topaz. A colorless topaz stone is heat treated and irradiated to show a range of blue color. Usually, it ranges from light sky blue to London Blue and Swiss Blue.

If you stare at blue topaz, it will make you think of the sky, water and even wind. Blue topaz, on the other hand, is an aluminum silicate that consists of 20 percent water or fluorine. When it comes to the physical properties, they actually differ depending on the amount of water or fluorine present in the gemstone.

Compared to aquamarine, the blue topaz comes with a more defined and stronger blue. Aside from that, it lacks pleochroism that is present in the majority of Aquamarine stones. With regards to the value, it will increase based on the color intensity.

While blue topaz is often pale and light, it can also be intense as well as bright blue. And there are times that it is displaying a greenish or light gray tinge.

The Meaning and Uses of Blue Topaz

uses of blue topaz

Blue Topaz can promote relaxation and harmony. It is also helpful in calming unraveled nerves and healing hurt feelings. Before, this stone has been utilized to protect against bad dreams and soothe fears to offer a serene and restful night’s sleep. As a matter of fact, the ancient civilizations thought that it has cooling powers because of its color. Thus, they are using Blue Topaz to cool boiling water and relieve burns.

On the other hand, the powers of Blue Topaz extend to the spiritual and emotional world associating it with preventing instability and anger, as well as cooling a raging temper. With regards to mental powers, this variety of topaz is an essential gem.

With its soothing blue color. Blue Topaz can help in channeling one’s thoughts in order to promote perspective and concentration.

In many Hindi beliefs, like the Vedic Astrology, this stone is essential in helping spiritualists meditate and focus on crucial matters.

Further, wearing Blue Topaz may help in creating an effective communicator. Expressing emotions, delivering speeches and pitching ideas are believed to be assisted with Blue Topaz. It can also help you to solve your problems and express your emotions and thoughts.

Normally, Blue Topaz is held in order to stabilize emotions. It can also make you more open to affection and passion from any source. Blue Topaz helps you with your verbalization and communication. One more thing, it is a good meditation crystal that can help you in living your life according to your aspirations and point of view.

Blue Topaz Metaphysical Properties

Blue Topaz Metaphysical Properties

One essential connection between the spiritual body and Blue Topaz is its capability to nurture relationships with the throat chakra. In case you didn’t know, the throat chakra is where we usually communicate our needs and desires with this world. In addition to that, it is where we express the boundaries making us feel safe. Blue Topaz will also bring belief and power to the beauty of your voice. It will deepen your relationship not only for yourself but also for others who surround you.

The Benefits of Blue Topaz

Here are the benefits of Blue Topaz that will surely encourage you to give this stone a try.

For Physical Healing

Blue topaz For Physical Healing

Much like the Orange Sapphire, the blue variety of topaz will keep your digestive system healthy as well as functioning properly. This stone can also fight anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders.

Blue Topaz, on the other hand, can improve metabolism and protect your nerves. It works with the spinal column and regulates the heart’s actions.

When combined with other zodiac stones, Blue Topaz can also be utilized to promote good health in the glandular systems of the body. It is can also treat bleeding.

If you want to improve your eyesight, this stone is perfect for you. During the earlier times, it was utilized to absorb the heat of a fever. Blue Topaz is can ease discomforts, pains and inflammations related to arthritis. The healing energies of this stone can be beneficial in the treatment of coughs, mumps and tonsilitis. It also helps in the treatment of hemorrhage and infection.

When paired with Lodestone, the healing energies of Blue Topaz are also helpful for people dealing with circulatory problems, gout and deafness.

Blue Topaz alone helps in obtaining proper and good condition. What’s more, it restores the sense of taste, combats eating problems and stimulates metabolic functions.

For Emotional Healing

Blue topaz For Emotional Healing

One of the best things about Blue Topaz is that it is an excellent companion when dealing with negative emotions. Much like the blue lace agate, the healing energies of Blue Topaz can also balance mood swings or emotions particularly if you need to let go of deep-seated anger.

By having this stone with you, you will encourage all your unacknowledged pain and rage to surface. As a result, you will be able to let go of them and let go.

The mystic vibration of Blue Topaz is said to help a person understands his/her emotions, whether they are negative or joyful and learn from them. The stone will teach you that both emotions play a crucial role in your self-development journey and life in general.

It will guide you to acknowledge your self-worth as well as will give you the confidence to comprehend there’s no better foundation of emotional sustenance than the one you have within you. Blue topaz will allow you to accept and truly love yourself by considering that your joy is your personal responsibility and not someone else’s.

On the other hand, if someone you know has been experiencing a traumatic situation or a shocking event, consider giving them this stone. Just like aquamarines, the energy of Blue Topaz is believed to regenerate stability in their emotional body. What’s more, it will help them in processing a recent event with a collected and calm mind.

Blue Topaz will give you mental stamina and inner strength in order to overcome all the trials life may throw along the way.

As a stone of honesty, communication and joy the vibration of this stone can improve your self-esteem and self-worth so that you will be able to step into your real self with full confidence. What’s more, you can live according to your views and terms instead of trying to please or impress other people.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

blue topaz For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Blue Topaz is a stone of communication and self-expression that will open the third eye and throat chakras. Through its work with these two chakras, the stone can promote truthful instinctive knowledge. As a matter of fact, it makes Blue Topaz an excellent companion for people who find themselves in an awkward social situation.

Blue Topaz will pull down higher knowledge from the third eye chakra to be processed by the throat chakra. This will then bring gratitude of higher guidance directly. Furthermore, it can bring understanding and clarity to touchy and emotional problems. As a result, Blue Topaz can be worked between individuals in either a serious or a casual relationship.

In case you didn’t know, the throat chakra is the center of your communication and connection with other people. People with an open and active chakra include performers, artists, speakers and writers as well as those with outgoing charismas and charms.

However, if the throat chakra is closed, it may lead to a situation where someone is not motivated to speak up for themselves. What’s more, fresh ideas are repeatedly ignored and discounted, as can often take place in a love relationship, in the workplace and a familial relationship. Keep in mind that this situation may result in dishonesty, shyness and ailments of the thyroid, throat and mouth. People who have a wide open throat chakra may exhibit this as an incapacity to speak with kindness, allowing everything out even though it will hurt the feeling of someone else’s.

Fortunately, wearing a piece of Blue Topaz can help you in becoming more aware of how words can affect others. By balancing and activating the throat chakra, one can utilize this blue stone to obtain inspiration and intuitive insights, to be communicated in your physical work.

The soothing energies of Blue Topaz can also be used in facilitating a deeper state of meditation, pulling up the secret of the mind and heart to be addressed and acknowledged through the throat chakra. A lot of crystal lovers want to use Blue Topaz because of its capability to enhance mental functions, communication skills and psychic abilities.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

blue topaz For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Blue Topaz’s energies will offer you the chance to access your creativity. They will also amplify your appreciation for all your talents and gifts.

With this variety of topaz, you will have the ability to see even the smallest details and the bigger picture, determining how they hold and interconnect valuable meanings in your life. The stone can also bring protection from any kind of negativity and infuse you with mental fortitude and inner strength to surpass all your challenges.

Blue Topaz will inspire you to be more progressive, charitable, happy and prudent. It will even infuse you with virtues of integrity, leadership and honesty. It should be utilized in order to bring abundance as well as wealth. It also carries energies of luck and can bring you successful accomplishment of goals.

Blue Topaz will fill you with honesty, self-control, confidence and creative problem-solving. With this stone, you will be more disciplined, willing to learn and open so that you’ll develop your inner wisdom.

For Relationship and Love

Blue topaz For Relationship and Love

Blue Topaz can help in fighting off mood swings. It will give your mind and body the sensation of relaxation and peace. This stone, on the other hand, will alleviate your fears in relationship and love. It will also balance one’s emotions and stop you from going from one risky to another.

Blue Topaz is recommended for emotional healing especially from traumas and shocks. It is also helpful for people whose lives have an unhealthy amount of stress and tensions. The stone works to help you have a brighter and healthier outlook on love and life.

Blue Topaz has been praised for its capability to attune to your higher self. What’s more, it will motivate you to live to your own needs, views and aspiration. In fact, when you focus on your personal need, you will find out your inner source of emotional sustenance rather than simply being dependent on your significant other.

Blue Topaz will also make you realize that loving and living in an alike partnership helps you find the inner fulfillment you are trying to look for. Please note, that it will result in a more productive, happier and more loving life.

On the other hand, if you have innate anger that will not go away, Blue Topaz comes in handy. It can help you let go of your anger as well as make you bring your unrealized anger and pain to the surface.

Blue Topaz can help you comprehend your emotions and at the same time learn from them. Its healing energies will teach how you can forgive, surrender and let go. You will also understand that until you let go of this anger, you won’t be able to accomplish a well-balanced, healthy and harmonious life.

For Protection

Blue topaz For Protection

Blue Topaz is believed to be an excellent protection stone against difficulties as well as problems. In addition to that, it offers physical protection against fires and accidents.

The world that we’re currently living in is full of interactive TVs, Wi-Fi routers, computers and phones. Having that said, we are continuously engulfed in dangerous electromagnetic waves. Fortunately, Blue Topaz will also protect us from these dangers.

For Anxiety

blue topaz For Anxiety

When you wear Blue Topaz near your heart and around your neck, the stone can calm your anxieties, emotional worries and fear. Not only that, it gives you back your sense of peace and calm. Another great thing about it is that Blue Topaz will connect you to the greater purpose of the universe.

For Career Success

Blue topaz for career success

Blue Topaz is one of the stones known to contribute to career success. This stone is connected to confidence and creativity. It will also improve your thought processes as well as help you to express all your ideas clearly.

Blue Topaz will give you the capacity to make a good decision and help you act wisely. It will also further enhance mental clarity, perception, learning and attention.

By wearing Blue Topaz, you will be able to make a balance in your career life and bestow you the confidence to face any challenge with determination and positivity. It will open the door to unending opportunities and give you victory in all career endeavors.

Blue Topaz will help you to discover your hidden talents and motivate you to perform at your maximum potential.

Combining Blue Topaz With Other Crystal Stones

If you want to amplify the powers and vibrations of Blue Topaz, even more, you can also pair it with other stones. Are you wondering what are stones that you can pair with your Blue Topaz? If yes, then read on.

Blue Topaz + Blue Calcite

Blue Topaz + Blue Calcite

If you want to improve your psychic powers, you can use this crystal combination to achieve this. Blue Topaz together with blue calcite is incredibly beneficial when it comes to developing psychic capabilities, particularly the abilities of psychic empathy and telepathy.

One of the reasons why these two stones are beneficial for developing such powers is that, at their core, they are great communication stones. Usually, these powers are closely related to their colors.

In Indian mythology, the color of the throat chakra is blue and as mentioned it is the chakra ruling all kinds of communication. On the other hand, in Ancient Egypt, blue is the color of the life force flowing through all living things to connect them.

Nevertheless, this combination shows that it is an excellent tool to utilize to enhance your communication.

Blue Topaz + Kunzite

Blue Topaz + Kunzite

Wearing it with kunzite will invite serenity as well as inner peace. This combination will offer you a high ability for achieving understanding and wisdom. It will soothe all the chaos and noise in your life. Thus, you will be able to enjoy serenity and peace whenever you need.

Blue Topaz and kunzite make you focus on the things that you need to accomplish so that you will be able to obtain anything you want. These stones, on the other hand, will give you the confidence to bond with others particularly with new colleagues and new friends. They will help in breaking the ice and help you build a connection in just a short span of time.

Blue Topaz and Kunzite will also restore trust not only for yourself but also for other people. All the bad things that you have experienced will make you better. Keep in mind that they won’t make you less of a person. Thus, do not even think that they will make you undesirable and likable.

Nevertheless, the energies of Kunzite will bring you empathy for those surrounding you. Furthermore, it is a great that can center and ground you to support you accomplish a greater sense of peace.

Blue Topaz + Turquoise

Blue Topaz + Turquoise

Both Blue Topaz and Turquoise are great stones that resonate with the throat chakra and third eye chakra which makes a great combination.

The vibrations of these stones will help you to access your past life knowledge. As a matter of fact, this will aid you to communicate with other people more deeply and meaningfully. It is because what you share will come from your spirit directly.

Blue Topaz and Turquoise will infuse you with clear communication and confidence. Thus, you will not blunder over your tongue with uneasiness

However, if you want to meditate with these stones and soothe your calming emotion, Blue Topaz and Turquoise works wonders in creating the more ambiguous side of love that more bearable.

The powerful energies of Blue Topaz and Turquoise are good in removing emotional and physical exhaustion. What’s more, such stones can do wonders for those who are dealing with depression and susceptible to panic attacks.

 Blue Topaz + Lapis Lazuli

 Blue Topaz + Lapis Lazuli

Together, Blue Topaz and Lapis Lazuli can overcome anxiety and depression as well as balance blood pressure. These stones are also believed to benefit the nervous and respiratory systems. They also support the throat, thyroid and larynx.

Blue Topaz alone can attract good fortune and luck, but when your pair it with Lapis Lazuli this property of Blue Topaz will be improved. The reason for this is that Lapis Lazuli symbolizes good fortune and luck too.

If you use this combination, you will benefit from their energies that can transform negative energies and vibrations into positive ones.

These stones will keep your head clear. Keep in mind that is crucial if your success and wealth has been uptight with unexpected complication and stress.

When it comes to relationships and love, this combination is extremely beneficial as well. Their energies can bring emotional healing, wisdom and love to people wearing.

Besides, when you have Blue Topaz and Lapis Lazuli, you will have the courage, confidence and poise to go after the things you want. The good thing about this pairing is that you won’t have to spend another minute feeling insecure or uncertain because you’ll know what you really want. More importantly, you’ll know how you are going to obtain it.

Blue Topaz + Blue Kyanite

Blue Topaz + Blue Kyanite

Another great stone that works with Blue Topaz is Kyanite. This combination will improve your psychic and telepathic abilities and open your mind.

When you’re surrounded by the energies of these stones you can bridge the communication gap with others easily. You’ll spend lesser time thinking of a good way on how to connect since you’ll develop a rhythm for knowing what will not work and what will work. 

On the other color, the blue color of these stones will keep you calm especially when you’re communicating in a stressful situation. In fact, this can help in various aspects of life.

During times of confrontation, these stones will keep you resilient to the impression of losing rage and keep you level-headed. When it comes to promising cases, the stones along with their energies can encourage people approaching you to calm themselves.

Though likewise, if work assignments arrive at work where you’re responsible for coordinating a massive number of people, Blue Topaz and Blue Kyanite will help you stay on top of the game throughout.

With these stones, you’ll gain a compassionate and deep appreciation of the weaknesses and strengths of every member of your team. On the other hand, this attachment to the higher ideas as well as a constant stream of clear thought may prove stimulating. However, Blue Topaz and Blue Kyanite can help to ensure you do not take this kind of thinking too far.

This combination can also aid you to shift to your meditative state due to the harmony and balance that take over your body. They will also motivate you to learn new skills, build knowledge and discover new interests. 

Is Blue Topaz A Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Blue Topaz is a birthstone and at the same time a zodiac crystal.

Blue Topaz is November Birthstone

Blue Topaz is November Birthstone

Blue Topaz is one of the birthstones for November. The meaning of Blue Topaz birthstone can reduce nightmares and calm tempers. It also symbolizes protection and healing and brings a healing and calming aura to the wearer.

By the way, Blue Topaz is also a substitute birthstone for the month of December.

Blue Topaz is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Sagittarius

Blue Topaz is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Sagittarius

Blue Topaz is the stone for people born under the sign Sagittarius. Having a great connection with the winter, the icy and cool color of Blue Topaz is suggestive of a winter wonderland, when the air is pure and cold and everything looks sparkle with a greater sense of clarity. Led by Jupiter, this stone can bring amazing benefits to a Sagittarius wearer.

While Sagittarians are great talkers, sometimes, they can turn into the honest and blunter side of communication that may cause disappointments along the way. Fortunately, Blue Topaz can excellently balance these disappointments by inviting selfless communication as well as truth-telling without sharp edges.

On the other hand, Sagittarians love to write, thus what better buddy than a crystal that is known to be an amulet or talisman for a writer who wants to get unlocked. In addition to that, as a sign that usually thinks more than feels, the Blue Topaz helps in directing these thoughts into a space in which contemplation can become action. And this will help a Sagittarian to move forward.

Meditation with Blue Topaz

Meditation with Blue Topaz

As one of the best meditation stones, Blue Topaz is perfect to use if you want to bring your mind, spirit and body into harmonious placement with the restorative and healing energy of the Universe.

Blue Topaz as a calming stone will relax your during meditation letting you enjoy a meditation that is soothing and peaceful. The deep relaxation that this stone offers will support your spiritual practice letting you perform your visualizations and affirmations more effectively.

In addition to that, the stone’s energy will direct your attention letting you focus on the powers of intentions for healing as well as the manifestation of your desires.

How to Cleanse and Charge Blue Topaz?

How to Cleanse and Charge Blue Topaz?

If your Blue Topaz is cleansed and recharged, it means that it can bring positive and healing energies at the very acme of its power. This blue stone, on the other hand, may be a powerful competitor marking high on the Mohs hardness scale. However, it prefers a gentle touch.

When cleaning your Blue Topaz, you can use a soft cloth and soapy water. And if you want to charge, all you need to do is place the stone under the sun for a couple of hours. Doing so will feed its fire energy. You will also allow your Blue Topaz to collect warm rays to send into the chakras.

Final Thoughts

Blue Topaz will reflect the mind’s energies. It will also fill you with wisdom and knowledge and kindle your capability to analyze, think and learn a complex concept and idea. It will help you attain perfection in different endeavors and projects, inspire creativity and amplify your attention span. Blue Topaz, on the other hand, will help you in speaking your feelings and thoughts more clearly and consciously. This will make a solid difference between what you desire in your life and what you don’t. It is also a stone of serenity and peacefulness. It will calm your emotions and aforementioned, it is the perfect stone for connecting with the spiritual guides and meditation.

When it comes to psychic capabilities, Blue Topaz is a natural magnifier. It attunes you to inner guidance thus you will be able to heal spiritually. This stone does a great job in healing and stabilizing your emotional body. The energies will show the real meaning of forgiveness and truth. Blue Topaz will also replace your negativity, fear and doubt with everything important for yourself such as confidence, esteem, independence, reliance and worth.

The stone will align your life with your soul’s real vibrancy. It promotes individuality and stirs your creativity. It will make you understand your own capabilities and talents. Blue Topaz will support all your dreams. Most importantly, it makes everything possible so that you will be able to make them a certainty.


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