Celestite Meanings, Properties and Uses


Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses, and Spiritual Meaning of Celestite

Celestite will link you to your inner guardian angels when you are on your spiritual journey. Thus, you don’t have to deal with the challenges that may come along the way alone. Make sure to harness the stone’s powerful, peaceful, and calming energies and utilize it like adult lullabies. Keep on reading to know more about this lovely blue stone’s meanings, properties, and uses.

What is Celestite?

celestite meaning

Also known as Celestine, Celestite is a delicate blue mineral that consists of strontium. Its color, which is the pale blue of the sky, is where it gets its name. As a matter of fact, it’s a similar root to the term “celestial.”

That being said, Celestite has a strong connection to the divinity, heaven, and angelic realms. On the other hand, Celestite may appear in different colors such as red, white, and yellow. However, among these colors, the blue variety is by far the most meaningful one and indeed the one you should use.

It is also worth mentioning that other useful crystals harness red, white, and yellow energies and some of them contain the divine energies of blue Celestite.

Indeed, if you get another color, make sure to do your research and harness its metaphysical healing properties. However, if you won’t be able to get all the colors of Celestite, there is no problem with that.

Nevertheless, you can find all over the world, but the biggest and most significant deposits exist in Poland, Libya, Britain, Egypt, and Peru.

Moreover, you can find it inside geodes and alongside Amethyst and Clear Quartz most of the time. However, some mines come with distinct coloration to their production. This is because some minerals are typically found within the Celestite, adding different color varieties to the milky or blue background.

Without a doubt, Celestite is a stunning stone. It is also famous among collectors of minerals since it embraces gentle and at the same time, positive vibrations.

One more thing, Celestite has a hardness of 3-3.5 as well as forms in prismatic and tabular crystals. Due to its softness, Celestite is less often utilized as a gemstone. Instead, it is more often considered as a specimen with the most attractive clusters coming from Madagascar.

The Meanings and Uses of Celestite

uses of celestite

A highly vibrational crystal, Celestite means a teacher for the New Age. It can bring a reestablished sense of trust in the eternal wisdom of the universe.

Celestite will immediately lift your mood and bring purity to your heart when this stone touches your skin. This makes jewelry a great accessory that will add the minimalist sophistication of sky blue to your closet while healing you as well. In terms of cooling down fiery feelings, this stone is the New Age balm in order to calm the cauterizes caused by the strikes of life.

Celestite, on the other hand, is an excellent stone for psychic healing. If you’re anxious by unnecessary negative emotions, this stone will teach you how to let go of them. The stone will also teach you to accept the entire process of letting go.

Moreover, it is a cosmic teacher where you can learn lessons about yourself as well as the universe that a lot of us remain ignorant of. Its high cosmic vibrations will stir you to aspects of existence that you never saw happening.

When you introduce it into your life, you’ll become more mindful of the energy levels surrounding you that you would have been totally blind to before.

It will relieve tension and stress and help you learn on a genuine and deep level and to go with the flow rather than continue fighting the currents of the universe.

Celestite Metaphysical Properties

Celestite Metaphysical Properties

When it comes to its fascinating metaphysical healing properties, Celestite really excels. If you are all set to clear out all negative energies and want to connect with the angelic realm, Celestite is an excellent stone that will keep you open and inflow.

The stone begins its divine energies dig with your throat chakra. As a matter of fact, this will free up blockages so that communication tools and your voice will have enough space to thrive. On the other hand, Celestite perfectly works on your third eye chakra, and it’s the place of your infinite wisdom and most profound intuition.

Moreover, this stone can arouse the most vital chakra for etheric energy, the crown chakra. This stone will also expand your vision to the highest reaches of the universe.

If you’re trusting the higher realms and guardian angels, Celestite can surely help you. Another benefit of this stone is that it will tap into your psychic abilities. Moreover, if you have been a bit curious about prophecy as well as the capability to see outside the pale at all times, this lovely stone can aid you to tap into such hidden powers. It will improve your understanding and layer up your mental clarity.

The Benefits of Celestite

The following are the benefits of Celestite that will surely encourage you to use this beautiful stone.

For Physical Healing

Celestite for physical healing

Without a doubt, Celestite is an excellent healing stone. It will help in the treatment of eyes and ears. In addition to that, Celestite can repair cellular levels and get rid of toxins in the body. It is also known to relieve muscle tension and soothe mental nuisances.

On the other hand, Celestite can help in the treatment of pharyngitis, laryngitis, tooth decay, sore throat, tonsilitis, gingivitis, mouth ulcers, and pharyngitis. You can also use it to clear attachments and all types of infections.

Celestite will even cleanse the auric field as well as stimulate the body’s energy system. When it comes to activating metabolism, Celestite can offer a great helping hand. Actually, it also assists with kidney problems, urinary tract infections, and bedwetting and encourages weight loss. Celestite also acts as a pain reliever and detoxifier.

For Emotional Healing

celestite for emotional healing

With Celestite, all you need to do is to relax and take a deep breath. The stone is also about captivating you to look for your inner balance and seamless sense of peace. It is an excellent stone to turn into if you’re having a hard time dealing with a dysfunctional relationship since it will clear your mind of anger, resentment as well as lingering bad moods. Taking this will make way for clear eyes, clarity, and a sense of tranquility.

When the fire of your feelings is not leading you, you’re actually better armed to express compassion and communicate inside and out. It will even open your heart.

On the other hand, if you’re constantly feeling on edge and in a state of engulfing, Celestite will alleviate the storms raging within you. However, it does not do this with positive shutouts. Instead, it summonses you to process your emotions bit by bit, to understand your higher purpose better, and allow your infinite wisdom and inner strength to outweigh the mysterious areas of fear.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Celestite for For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Celestite comes with soft energies that can stimulate your throat chakra, which is the body’s voice. In essence, it’s a pressure valve that will allow energy from other chakras to be stated. When this chakra is open and in balance, Celestite will allow for the expression of what you feel and what you think. You will be able to communicate your emotions, ideas, and beliefs properly. Actually, this will bring your personal truth out in the world.

In case you didn’t know, we have a simple flow of energy within the spirit and body. The energy that rises upward from your lower chakras may continue its direction allowing natural release and free expression.

On the other hand, Celestite is a potent activator of the crown chakra and brow chakra. Also known as the third eye chakra, the brow chakra is the center of your command and perception. It will also direct your sight and day-to-day alertness of the world. Keep in mind that our vigilance is located in this chakra. When this chakra is in balance, your internal communication and thoughts within yourself are vibrant and healthy. That said, you are always open to new visions, ideas, and dreams. What’s more, you will be able to control the flow of energy in all the chakras.

Located at the top of your head, the crown chakra is your gateway to the expanded universe beyond the body, controlling how you respond to the world around you and how you think. This chakra is the source of your beliefs as well as spirituality. When this chakra is balanced, your energies are also in balance. You will know your position in the universe and perceive things as they are.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

If you are a visionary artist, a metaphysical practitioner, or own a business related to spiritual work, keeping close to you can surely help you.

In addition to that, Celestite can be an excellent help, especially if you’re handling a functional business engaged in integrating ethics as well as spirituality into your business practices. With this stone, you’ll become more prosperous while giving functional and spiritual services.

For Relationship and Love

celestite For Relationship and Love

Another meaning of Celestite is that it symbolizes peace. The reason for this is that when you connect the higher state of beings, Celestite will open you up to mental clarity, which is the key to resolving any conflict in a relationship. The stone will offer you a greater sense of openness to new experiences, even though they seem out of your comfort.

However, when it comes to a dysfunctional relationship, this stone is more affordable compared to therapies for couples. What’s more, it is actually more effective, particularly if you are taking your time to deeply connect with your in regular meditation practice.

For Protection

celestite for protection

Celestite is one of the best support stones when it comes to dispelling paranoia, fears, worries, and suspicions. That being said, this stone will make you feel protected and safe.

On the other hand, Celestite is a good stone for releasing anxieties and bringing one back to a centered and calm state during panic attacks.

Moreover, to dispel fears of travel, eating or speaking in public, or large crowds, always bring with you. As a matter of fact, this stone will also protect you from involuntary behaviors like nervous tics, fainting, and too much blushing.

You can also give kids a small piece of Celestite so that they will be able to feel their guardian angels near every time they are lonely and scared.

For Sleep Insomnia

celestite For Sleep Insomnia
Sleepless women suffering from insomnia, sleep apnea, or stress. Tired and exhausted lady. Headache or migraine. I awake in the middle of the night. A frustrated person with a problem. Alarm clock with time.

Known as a calming stone, without a doubt, Celestite can promote better sleep. The high vibration of this stone is good when it comes to pushing away your chaotic thoughts. Thus, if you are having a hard time getting a good night’s sleep, make sure to place it under your pillow.

For Confidence

celestite for confidence

The enhanced spiritual awareness you can obtain through continuous use of as well as mindfulness about Celestite can lead to improved self-confidence. Not only that, but you will also have a more positive attitude. When you have a generous and fair attitude toward people surrounding you or have confidence, you are more likely to find more opportunities that can help you improve your life in general.

For Depression and Anxiety

celestite for depression and anxiety

Celestite is a powerful stress reducer. Stress, as we all know, is a popular inducer of digestive issues and different conditions. Being an excellent stress reducer, Celestite can help in getting rid of stress and anxiety which in turn will help in reducing the appearance of skin and digestive issues.

One more thing, regardless of what situation you find yourself in, this stone will allow you to stay focused, calm, and grounded. Celestite is an outstanding weapon against stress, and most importantly, it can block stressful feelings from overwhelming you.

Combining Celestite With Other Crystal Stones

As mentioned, Celestite is a beautiful stone that offers a lot of benefits. But these benefits become more difficult to ignore when you pair it with other crystals. You can combine it with stones that enhance perception and intellectual intelligence. Nevertheless, listed below are some of the best crystal combinations for Celestite.

Black Tourmaline

Celestite + Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is an excellent protection stone. If there’s a lot of negativity surrounding you, you can use black tourmaline and Celestite at the same time. With this combination, you’ll be protected from accidents and mishaps. It means, if you are clumsy and susceptible to bad luck, both stones will lift your vibrations.

In fact, Celestite and black tourmaline will bring a sense of harmony and accord to disjointed and chaotic family homes. Besides, if these stones are discreetly placed in your workplace, black tourmaline will offer soothing energy in office environments that are so stressful. And this will lead to a more peaceful surrounding.

On the other hand, if spiritual awakening is crucial for you, introducing these stones to your life will help in improving it. Once you bring Celestite and black tourmaline to your life, you will definitely find yourself aware of the higher vibration of energies running through the universe. It will result in improved spiritual and psychic health that has positive effects. What’s more, it will have a significant impact on the rest of your life by motivating you to have an optimistic and open approach to the world.

Clear Quartz

Celestite + Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is an excellent stone that will strengthen your thoughts and energies and the effects of other stones such as Celestite. One of the best things about this crystal combination is that it will help in regulating, releasing, absorb, and storing energies.

When paired with clear Quartz, Celestite can draw off all types of negative energies such as electromagnetic smoke and petrochemical discharges. In addition to that, both stones will balance and revitalize the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional planes. They will cleanse and improve the subtle bodies and your organs.

On the other hand, this combination will serve as a deep soul cleanser that will connect your mind with the physical dimension. These stones will enhance psychic abilities and help you with concentration. Unlocking the memory is also possible with this combination.


Celestite + Bloodstone

If you want to take action on what you see, such as you’re stuck in spiritually toxic situations, you can combine your Celestite with Bloodstone. In fact, this combination can also help you if you don’t know how to free yourself from a traumatic experience.

Bloodstone comes with a two-split technique that perfectly complements the energies of Celestite. With this combo, you will be able to handle negative feelings and experiences healthily and effectively. As a result, your connection to the higher powers will become stronger.

In addition to that, both stones will help you in taking the right actions based on what you’re learning from your spiritual and psychic experiences.


Celestite + Amethyst

Another stone that you can pair with your Celestite is Amethyst. This combination is right for you who are not sure what actions you need to do. Amethyst and Celestite can help you think correctly and clearly. These stones will not let your emotions cloud your judgment.

Always remember that your emotions and feelings are valid and essential aspects of your experience as a human. Thus, they should not be discounted.

On the other hand, your emotions can be very risky. It is because the emotional retort of everyone to a similar scenario would be challenging. But when you use Celestite and Amethyst at the same time, you will be more sensible of the levels of energy surrounding you. Please note that this enhanced intuition is valuable for your growth on a spiritual level as it can help develop you to the powers of the universe.

One more thing, if you are meditating regularly or practicing power, the powers of this combination will help you in making the most out of your endeavors.

Herkimer Diamond

Celestite + Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer diamond is an excellent stone that carries the energies of subtle harmony and the understanding of spiritual and essential being within you. The stone will allow you to be appreciative of everything within you. It will also motivate you to look for the divine realm,

If you want to improve such attributes of the Herkimer Diamond further, consider pairing it with Celestite. This combination can bring consciousness as well as communication to the universe. Celestite, as its heavenly name suggest, it is holding special significance for people looking at the light-filled heaven. This will let you experience a great sense of peace and tranquility and the raise of spirit.

Moreover, when you combine with Herkimer diamond, you can activate the throat, third eye, and crown chakras.

Therefore, as the Herkimer Diamond will stimulate the spiritual sense and bring you fast and dynamic connections to the higher worlds, the Celestite will allow you to clearly and successfully communicate with your guardian angel and spirit guides.

It is also worth mentioning that this combination can bring peace to the emotional body. With its soothing blue color, Celestite can cool down fiery emotions. What’s more, it will temper anger and frustration, especially when things become too overwhelming. The stone will always remind you to stay calm as well as be open to the therapeutic energies surrounding you. Celestite will also help ease despair, grief, and sadness, letting you enhance dysfunctional relationships by introducing you to peaceful communication.

Nevertheless, on its own, Herkimer Diamond will heal your emotional body by letting you perceive your earnest self. Also, it will bring the necessary light of spirits into your dimmest self.

As the Celestite will calm you down, Herkimer diamond, on the other hand, will release revealing and uplifting energies while clearing out fears and unconscious repressions. This will then offer you peace of life and total relaxation.


Celestite + Sodalite

This crystal combination will calm your mind and silence chaotic and negative thoughts that keep you distracted. When your mind is calm, these stones will align you with your higher self. As a result, you will be able to begin your psychic journey.

Celestite and Sodalite strongly resonate with the third-eye chakra. They have their way of clearing out hallucinations as well as mental debris and this will keep the pathway open and at the same time rational.

In addition to that, this pairing may strengthen your self-confidence and trust, eliminating guilt or fear. This will then help you achieve a healthy emotional balance.

Both stones are vital when it comes to moving away from negative vibes and looking for trust. It will allow you to stand up for what you trust in and be true to yourself.


Celestite + Moldavite

When combined, Celestite and Moldavite will improve your metaphysical abilities. What’s more, they clear all the blockages from all your chakras.

This extraordinary combination can guarantee the brow chakra’s correct functioning which can bring spiritual awakening, more vivid dreams, and increased synchroneities.

These stones will also keep the third eye chakra open, especially to new perceptions. Because of their strong connection to this chakra, Celestite and Moldavite will boost energy flow to the body. They will also bridge the gap between your intellectual and emotional understanding that will allow you to live from your heart intuitively.

But when working with this combination, you need to be careful. It’s because the stones often work rapidly and intensely.

Is Celestite A Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Yes, Celestite is considered a birthstone and zodiac crystal.

Celestite is February 19 – March 19 Birthstone

Celestite has a place on the list of Zodiac birthstones. If you are born between February 19 and March 19, without a doubt, Celestite is your birthstone.

Because of its blue color, Celestite speaks of patience and calmness in time, especially when life is about to burst. Much like other blues stones, Celestite can bring respect, patience, and even clarity in times of chaos and rush.

Celestite is Zodiac Crystal for Cancer and Gemini

Celestite is Zodiac Crystal for Gemini

As a Zodiac crystal, this stone can help you develop and mature. What’s more, it will bring harmony and at the same time clarity to those born under Cancer and Gemini signs. Celestite will work to diffuse the tensions and relieve the pressure on the wearer.

For Gemini, the capacity to calm things is very important. It is because they are indecisive, nervous, inconsistent, and anxious most of the time.

Celestite is Zodiac Crystal for Cancer

While Celestite is not some magical stone of the Philosopher that can solve a person’s problem, this stone does open up new spaces for Geminis, showing a diverse path.

In addition to that, most Geminis are fascinated by art and music and tend to become artists and singers. However, the price that a Gemini pays for these precious talents, such as the talent to design and think, is the price of anxiety. Unfortunately, many Geminis do not accomplish their goals because of the inability to still their minds and calm down. Their insecurities will also affect them.

Meditation With Celestite

Meditation With Celestite

Since it grants and seeks calmness and harmony, Celestite is usually used by most meditation practitioners. The stone will offer you feelings of sobriety and calm as well as the courage to explore and go further beyond your world.

In addition to that, since Celestite inspires clarity and stillness, it can also be utilized for dream recall and astral traveling. It is very calm and perfect for those who just started spiritual activities like meditation.

If you want to observe your dreams genuinely, consider using Celestite since it can help you recall the most important and smallest details of your dream.

On the other hand, if your mind is troubled with thoughts and conflict, you can still have that mind when you meditate with Celestite. However, it is difficult to go into the deeper level of meditation if you are not totally still and complete. Fortunately, Celestite can help you in that phase.

How to Cleanse and Charge Celestite?

How to Cleanse and Charge Celestite?

Giving your Celestite a proper cleanse is crucial because it enhances the stone’s energies and physical aesthetics. Cleaning a stone is pretty straightforward and in fact, everything you will need is available at your home.

Even though you might not feel it immediately, your Celestite comes to holding energies from other places, things, and people. Your intentions, thoughts, and feeling are what will be programmed in your stone. Therefore, make sure that your Celestite only holds the energies you wish it to resonate with.

When cleansing, begin by immersing your Celestite in water, rice, or salt. Let your stone soak for a couple of hours and then properly rinse it with water after. Aside from that, you can also cleanse it in natural light. All you need to do is leave your Celestite outside under the moon or the sun.

Another way to recharge and remove all the negative vibrations and energies from your stone is smudging. For this method, you will need to submerge your Celestite in the aromatic smoke of incense sticks, sage leaves, or scented cones.

As a matter of fact, meditation can also help in cleansing bad vibrations. To do this, calmly and quietly sit with your Celestite and then think about all the energies and vibrations you wish your stone to absorb.

Also, you can bury the stone in the ground. In case you didn’t know, the earth comes with natural magnetic properties that can draw off all types of negativity. However, when burying it, make sure to leave it there for at least a day.

Resonating sounds will also help in cleansing your Celestite. For instance, you can bathe and charge it with the assistance of bells. Ring the bell and allow the sound to wash through your stone. But you will need to perform this ritual for a couple of minutes. Aside from a bell, you can also use a singing bowl when cleansing.

Final Thoughts

If you want to bring more divinity into your life, then Celestite can surely help you. When it comes to a grounded sense, this stone will work by inspiring a sense of self-awareness that will go even deeper than you could anticipate. Aside from instilling a sense of clarity and calmness, Celestite will also act as a catalyst for finding the spirit guide and connecting with the higher purpose.

On the other hand, peace does not need to be a persistent condition, life can be a rough ride, but your main goal is to look for the ability to move through the world, whether in higher or grounded plains, without feeling like you can be knocked off with ease. Fortunately, Celestite offers this by encouraging you to use your voice with ease and vision, shining your image, and aligning your chakras.

If you really want to improve your spiritual and psychic perceptions as well as experience, consider bringing Celestite into your life. Nevertheless, if you want to reap all the benefits mentioned above, then start using Celestite now.


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