Charoite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Charoite Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Charoite

Charoite— a unique, potent crystal that is particularly essential for the metaphysical healer. Its stunning coloring and powerful spiritual effects make it a popular stone even after a few years since its discovery.

Charoite has a lot to offer. Find more about this stone by reading below.

What is Charoite?

What is Charoite

Charoite is a rare and diverse silicate mineral that contains calcium, sodium, potassium, strontium, barium, hydrogen, silicon and oxygen. The mineral charoite stone occurs in a monolithic formation, usually crystallizing in the forms of aggregates and masses. However, it can also occur as small druzy clusters across host minerals. This crystal called lilac stone is often found with inclusions of calcite, quartz, aegirine, manganese and feldspar.

Charoite occurs mainly in deep purple to lilac stone color to pink with gold black, green, clear and white inclusions. This is an opaque crystal that contains unique swirling patterns and gives off a silky, vitreous luster. This unusual swirling patterns, and fibrous appearance as well as the intense coloring can lead most people to believe that it’s enhanced artificially or synthetic.

Although it was reportedly discovered in 1940, charoite was first described in 1978. It is said to be unattractive and opaque when found in the fields which contributed to its late recognition.

Charoite is found in commercial quantities only in closely spaced deposits in Sakha, Russia. It received its name from the Chara River that drains that geographic area.

The Meaning and Uses of Charoite

As mentioned before, charoite stones are only found in Russia and near the Chara River. Although its name also resembles its mining location, charoite was actually named after the Chara River and Russian word “chary”.The Russian word ‘chary’ means charm or magic.

Most rocks in Chara River that contain abundant charoite can accept shimmery looking polished stone. This remarkable stone offers an interesting pattern and pleasing color, so it is often cut into cabochons, gems or used as ornamental stones. In addition, charoite beads can tumble stones can also sell for a high price.

The Meaning and Uses of Charoite

Not only that, but this purple stone is also used in order to make small sculptures as well as small utilitarian items which include spheres, vases, desk sets, goblets, decorative tiles and small boxes.

Unfortunately, raw charoite crystals and items made of charoite stone are not abundant in the marketplace since the material is costly, rare, not regularly mined and much of what’s produced is consumed in Russia.

Charoite Metaphysical Properties

From its Russian meaning, Charoite is indeed a charming and magic-filled crystal. This remarkable stone mainly helps you transform the ethereal realm into something that you can use and grasp in this reality for powerful and practical change in your life as well as for the benefit of others.

Dubbed as the Stone of Transformation, charoite has been associated with all 5 elements and represents the transformation of one element to the next and how they’re intricately intertwined. And because of its brilliant purple shade, it is also said to represent Akasha, making it one of the best stones for the ultimate transformation.

As a soul stone and tool for accessing the higher realms, the charoite crystals can stimulate spiritual insight, inner vision, overcoming fears and assisting in coping with changes at a spiritual stage. This soul stone literally encourages strong vibrational change and assist in linking you to the higher level of spiritual reality.

Charoite Metaphysical Properties

In addition, during the transformation process, the charoite crystal transforms negative emotions such as anger and fear into positive energies. This allows the release of all toxicity and negativity that is holding you back from the change which allows you to move forward. As a result, you can put things into perspective and seeing your own new possibilities even in the most difficult or stagnant of situations.

Furthermore, the charoite crystal is also said to bring enhanced inspiration, spiritual growth and creativity. Charoite stone allows you to see clearly on numerous levels, bringing with it heightened self-esteem. Charoite stone allows you to be released from most prior victimizations that can be attached to your spirit. In addition, this stone can bring the ability to understand and recognize any negative vibrations attached to anything in your life. Thus, facilitating the ability to accept others regardless of the spiritual actualization and development that you might be experiencing.

This crystal allows you to explore the nature of fears that may be impeding your manifestation. Charoite stone will help you connect with Spirit and recognize the areas that you may feel limited. Then it helps offer a boost of commitment and courage to dissolve the unwanted fear energy.

As a result, you can continue to gain attunement, helping in the truth and move forward in life.

The Benefits of Charoite

Charoite offers lots of healing powers and benefits from your physical body to the spiritual aspects. Here are some of the benefits of using charoite crystal.

For Physical Healing

Charoite has the ability to transmit illness into wellness. It is most effective in easing pains and aches and speeding up the healing process.

Charoite For Physical Healing

This stone has been known to relieve symptoms of arthritis and offering quick relief for migraines, headaches, cramps and other kinds of pains. This stone is also very soothing to your nervous system, providing relief for those who suffer from autism, Asperger’s syndrome and ADHD.

In addition, charoite stones can also regulate your blood pressure. Charoite stone helps in the treatment of heart-related conditions and illnesses. Not only that, but this stone can also help in detoxifying your body, particularly if you are trying to quit bad habits such as drinking, smoking or illegal drugs.

The stone is also effective in relieving gout and helping the liver to function properly. Charoite stone helps in improving the degraded condition of the pancreas.

For Emotional Healing

Charoite is an excellent stone with healing properties for overcoming emotional fears of all kinds. Charoite stones can facilitate a better connection with the divine and spiritual realm, accelerating your emotional healing.

Charoite For Emotional Healing

The crystal can heal your stubbornness and too controlling behavior. Charoite stone makes you more morally aware of your own actions. In addition, Charoite stone dives your vigor, drive and spontaneity while also reducing worry and stress. Furthermore, this stone can also help overcome obsessions and frustration.

Meanwhile, the transformation properties of this crystal can also help expand your ability to set your emotional boundaries while amplifying your personal will and power. Charoite is also said to be powerful for kids with any behavioral or social difficulties.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Charoite with its lilac to purple shades mainly resonates with your crown and third eye chakra. However, it is also known to stimulate your heart chakra and with healing properties bring emotional healing.

Charoite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The crown chakra is your gateway to the divine realm. When unbalanced, you feel spiritual lethargy. You will find It difficult to find your life purpose and treating others with kindness. The energies of chaoite should help stimulate your crown chakra and align yourself with the higher forces of the divine. Charoite stone helps connect you to the subtle bodies of positive energy that surround you.

Your third eye chakra is responsible for how you see the world. A blocked or unbalanced chakra can cause you to be oversensitive to other’s opinions of you. You can’t see beyond what the eyes can see and your imagination is limited. However, with the energies of charoite, you can enhance and open your intuitive perceptions. Charoite stone encourages you to be imaginative and enhancing your visualization abilities. Spiritually speaking, this stone allows you to see and understand visions from the spiritual realm that can help usher you in the right direction of your soul.

Charoite For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Lastly, charoite stimulates the heart chakra. This is your emotion center and acts as a valve for energies from the lower chakras to flow through the high chakras and vice versa. If this chakra becomes out of balance, you will have sudden emotional outbursts. You become too jealous, angry or blaming others for any difficulties that you face in life. Also, you will need the constant confirmation of your self-worth, you become uncompassionate and have a sense of being unloved.

With the energies of the charoite crystal, you can clean and transmute the negative energies and emotional pain. Charoite stone with healing properties stimulates your experience of unconditional love and healing energies you overcome the sense of frustration or alienation by opening the heart. You also become kinder and more compassionate with others and with yourself, enhancing your innate healing powers.

For Relationship and Love

As mentioned before, the charoite crystal can open your heart by stimulating your heart chakra. Charoite stone allows you to feel and see the love in your life, breaking down walls and throwing away fears of love.

Charoite stones can make you believe in the magic of love and help you go out there to experience it again. Charoite helps in dispelling any emotional negativities in your mind and heart because of a love that ended. Charoite stone helps in cleansing your aura so you can only attract the good and positive energies.

Charoite For Relationship and Love

As the stone of power, the charoite crystal can also transform feelings of fear and anger into love and strength. The crystals will offer you the inspiration to be the best partner. Not only that, but it also helps boost your self-esteem so you won’t feel to be the victim or underdog. Charoite stone should make you assertive and courageous so you can go after what you wish.

This purple stone also makes a powerful talisman for letting go or acceptance. Charoite stones can help you in moving on and seeing that there’s more to love than your traumatic or bad experience. Not only that, but this purple stone can also make you understand that there are people who are simply just not meant to stay in your life.

This purple stone with healing properties brings emotional healing attributes and reminding you to stay and live in the present. This purple stone also gives you guidance for the future and helps you overcome the resistance to change. Charoite stone is a supportive crystal that can make you feel less alone.

For Protection

Another excellent quality of the charoite crystal lies in its ability to act as a protective amulet. With its high frequency, the charoite crystal helps in repelling negative energy and purifying your aura. Charoite stone also clears your energy field of burdensome or unhelpful energies.

Charoite For Protection

This stone also acts as a grounding crystal that can cleanse and purify your etheric and auric bodies. Charoite stone will your entire chakra system with purity, releasing disharmony, removing negativity and transmuting all kinds of energy to help with grounding to your spiritual self.

In addition, the Charoite stone also keeps you focused as you work on your spirituality. While it does so, this charoite stone can do psychic protection from attacks and negative entities that might attach themselves to your auric field and drain your spiritual energy.

For Sleep Insomnia

Charoite is an excellent ally for sleep. Charoite stone provides total relaxation and stress-relief when you need it so you can sleep faster and better. Thus, this crystal is useful for overcoming insomnia, night terrors, sleepwalking or talking during sleep.

Charoite For Sleep Insomnia

With calming and sleep-inducing lilac shade, charoite crystals can bring high frequency that can help you connect with your subconscious mind. Charoite stone soothes and calms the emotional body, releasing anxiety and stress that might be keeping you up at night.

As one of the best stones for the etheric and higher chakras, charoite also makes an excellent dream crystal. Charoite helps in inducing lucid dreaming while stimulating the third eye chakra for obtaining vision and a better understanding of your dreams.

For Depression and Anxiety

Charoite is a powerful emotional healer, having the ability to convert negative emotions into positivity. When you feel stressed or overwhelmed by the hardships of this world, the charoite crystal can help you stay calm, easing anxious thinking and become more powerful than what you believe you can. It inspires you to act with compassion and kindness. 

Charoite For Depression and Anxiety

In addition, charoite can also help in sorting out the details. Charoite stone helps in untangling chaotic thoughts and shedding light on complex situations and confusing circumstances. Charoite stone helps you expand your subconscious and draw attention to the elements that require attention. Then, Charoite stone shall teach you the best method or path to overcome or solve such difficulties in life instead of worrying.

With its soothing colors, charoite crystals can also calm an overactive spiritual and emotional body which promotes balance and stability. It helps clear the negative thoughts and purify the mind. Also, Charoite stone connects the body to the light of the universe, dealing with low energy levels, stress and other possible causes of anxiety and depression.

For Career Success

Charoite crystals can help you give the courage to start over after a professional loss. Charoite stone provides emotional support to rethink, regroup and re-strategize. In addition, the energies of the charoite crystal can help you overcome the most difficult financial or professional challenges.

Charoite For Career Success

This stone can help awaken your analytical abilities. Charoite stone helps you figure out even the most complicated career problems. Charoite stone helps enhance your keen observation, bringing clarity to a situation and magnifying your intention. Charoite stone also strengthens your decision making.

Furthermore, this stone can encourage you to use your determination, personal power and skills and follow your intuition. Not only that, but charoite stones can also attract success and good luck while clearing your visions to reach your goals and how you’re going to make your dreams happen.

For Empaths

On an emotional level, the charoite crystal is both an energizing and protective tool for empathic healers. This stone can help motivate you to channel your efforts toward making positive changes and helping others while ensuring that you set a healthy boundary.

Charoite For Empaths

Charoite stones can help remind you to preserve your positive energy and avoiding emotional exhaustion. Charoite stone also teaches you not to take on more than what you can handle. By teaching you that we’re all connected, this crystal can help remind you that you can’t help others f you don’t take care of yourself first.

Combining Charoite With Other Crystal Stones

Charoite can also work well with other crystal stones to amplify the effectiveness and manifestation of your specific intention. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for charoite you can use.

Charoite + Amethyst

For the ultimate spiritual growth and enhancement, pair the energies of charoite with amethyst.

Charoite + Amethyst

Charoite is one of the best crystals you can use to sharpen your intuition, promote spiritual growth and stimulating your crown chakra. It is particularly effective in releasing or circulating stagnant or trapped energy in your crown and heart chakras. The stone can help you trust and follow your intuition so it is much easier for you to go with the flow. As a result, you can enjoy more synchronicity in your life.

Pair it with the most spiritual healing stone with healing properties that also carries Violet ray, and you can get the ultimate enlightenment of the higher mind. With its extremely high vibrations, the amethyst crystal resonates beautifully with your crown chakras so you can easily connect to the universe.

Both stones are great stones to have during meditation. Being the Stones of Transformation and Peace, both amethyst and charoite crystals can encourage inner reflection and provide a calming effect. AS a result, you gain a deeper understanding of your life, making you more emotionally balanced and overcoming challenges.

Charoite + Hematite

For grounding intentions as you meditate, pair the spiritual energies of charoite with the stabilizing frequency of hematite.

Charoite + Hematite

Charoite is a potent crystal that can open you to the spiritual realm. However, as you explore the deep unknown of the divine, you might find yourself confused or overwhelmed. Luckily, charoite crystal can also provide grounding energy. It helps in clearing out the negative energy while purifying your aura. This helps remove the burdensome and draining energies.

For an even more powerful stone for grounding intentions as you meditate, bring the energies of hematite by your side. With its deep connection to Mother Earth, this crystal can help you stay firmly rooted and allow you to focus more on the current moment. This stone can help you stay present as you travel the divine realm and opening yourself to spiritual enlightenment.

Charoite can help you increase your nutritive insight and make yourself more receptive to the wisdom and energies of the etheric realm. Meanwhile, the hematite, like the Stone of the Mind, can also help organize your mind and thoughts for greater mental clarity.

Furthermore, as the charoite crystal helps remove the negative emotions from within, the iron content in hematite can help you create a safe distance from the emotionally-draining people.

Charoite + Selenite

For the specific intention of unblocking and stimulating your crown chakra, try the combination of charoite crystals and selenite.

Charoite + Selenite

The charoite with its violet ray energy is a powerful opener and balancer of the crown chakra. It inspires you to achieve your full spiritual potential by enhancing your psychic abilities and intuitiveness.

Pair the vibrant purple energy with the beautiful clearness and purity of selenite. Dubbed as the doorway to the Angels, selenite is an ancient stone with the finest vibrations to open and stimulate your crown and higher crown chakra.

Selenite with its ethereal nature can bring calmness and tranquil energy from the divine that is quick to rebalance and disconnected and block crown chakra. This brings a deep sense of security and peace while opening the doorway to higher consciousness.

After that, the charoite energy will help you connect to the divine realm and encouraging mindfulness. This can help you accept the challenges of life, learning from mistakes and achieving success through the wisdom and guidance of the divine.

Furthermore, both stones can also help in the development of your focus, motivation and intuition. They can help you move forward with your life and pushing you to unimaginable spiritual growth.

Charoite + Iolite

For astral traveling, try the combination of charoite and iolite.

Charoite + Iolite

By stimulating both your crown and third eye chakra, charoite crystals can encourage actual time travel of your spirit into deep astral traveling. It helps in awakening your astral traveling capabilities and providing precision investigation of the unknown.

To further enhance that intention, pair it with the most powerful crystal for astral journeying— the iolite. Like charoite, iolite also energetically resonates with the crown and third eye chakra. Revered for centuries, iolite can increase higher awareness as you travel. It also has the ability to store and help you remember your experience once you return to your physical body.

As the Stone of Exploration, iolite can help attract spirit guides and angels to you. It energetically strengthens your aura and raises your consciousness while you journey the unknown.

Meanwhile, the frequency of charoite mainly stimulates your intuition, imagination and visionary skills. Also, it removes the fear of the unknown while making you more assertive as you travel. Not only that, but charoite also helps in cleansing your aura of the negative energies that can prevent you from traveling higher.

By using both crystals, you can reach a higher state of consciousness where you can travel freely and securely to higher realities.

Charoite + Kunzite

For self-love and emotional healing, combine the energies of charoite with the soothing frequency of Kunzite.

Charoite + Kunzite

Other than developing a more reliable connection to the divine realm, the charoite crystal with healing properties can also help you with your personal healing intentions. Whether you wish to create new habits for yourself or erasing the lingering emotions from the past, charoite has you covered.

With its strong association to the heart chakra, the charoite crystal can help clear any blockages in your emotional body. It increases your self-esteem and encourages you to give some love to yourself and to others.

Dubbed as the Stone of Emotions, Kunzite with its pale pink to lilac color can also activate your heart chakra. It represents the spirit of love and teaching you the essence of caring for yourself. This stone can work on your self-esteem, preventing overthinking and self-sabotaging tendencies.

AS kunzite with healing properties bring about emotional healing and envelopes you in a new sense of oneness and self-love energies, the charoite crystal can stir your soul to act while also releasing anything that might be holding you back.

Charoite + Rainbow Moonstone

For a unique pairing that can support new beginnings, try charoite and the rainbow moonstone.

Charoite + Rainbow Moonstone

AS the Stone of Transformation, charoite is an excellent supportive ally during new beginnings. This stone can help in overcoming all fears that come with change. It helps you in overcoming such an alienated situation, releasing past thoughts and behaviors and transmuting your old patterns. This way, you can move forward to a new chapter of your life.

Pair it with the rainbow moonstone and you get combined energy that can help you face any life-changing decision. With its strong connection to the lunar cycle, the rainbow moonstone can help you flow with the ever-changing rhythms of life.

So, as charoite erases the fears and fills you up with courageous energies to move into new beginnings, the frequency of rainbow moonstone can teach you to appreciate this new beginning in your life and helps you view it as a positive process even if such change was due to a difficult situation or the end of a relationship.

In addition, charoite crystals can help you overcome any resistance within you to welcome change. It can help you in mastering discipline and letting the energies of life and divine purpose flow naturally. Meanwhile, the rainbow stone can provide nurturing powers which is essential if you are depleted in energy. It encourages rest and calmness, so you can again move forward with vitality.

Is Charoite a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Charoite is not a traditional birthstone. However, it is a zodiac crystal.

Charoite is December 21 – January 19 Birthstone

The charoite crystal is not a traditional birthstone. However, its shades of lilac to purple makes it one of the natural birthstones for those born from December 21 to January 19, which is after the winter solstice and a time when the year is just new. The purple energies of charoite can bring intuition, magic, dreams, mysticism and imagination.

Charoite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Scorpio

Charoite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Scorpio

Charoite resonates well with the zodiac sign Scorpio. Scorpios are known to be secretive and sensitive who usually bottle up their emotions. This can limit their imagination and spiritual capabilities.

Charoite offers to cleanse and grounding energy that can free Scorpios from the emotional baggage and allow them to move forward. Not only that, but charoite crystals can also enhance the psychic abilities of Scorpios. So, if you ever feel trapped in a situation, the charoite stone can help you reconnect with your intuitive skills.

Furthermore, negativities such as anger, fear, anxiety and resentment can be removed with the help of charoite crystal.

Meditation with Charoite

Meditating with the charoite crystal, you can receive divine energies and wisdom. This stone offers you the skill to channel a high frequency of violet light energies into your mind. Its energy will flow in and down through all your chakras, bringing spiritual love and wisdom.

Your mind also become better attuned to the spiritual energies. With healing properties can direct divine healing force back through your mind and body. It establishes control over your subconscious and spiritual self. Its energies can also help you contemplate and assimilate what you’ve learned during your session.

How to Cleanse and Charge Charoite?

Charoite should be cleansed and charged regularly. This way, you can benefit from its strong vibrational energies.

Charoite can be cleaned using soapy water and a soft brush or cloth to rub its surface to remove dirt and debris from its surface. You can clean this stone under running water a few times a week to prevent dirt buildup.

How to Cleanse and Charge Charoite

To cleanse and charge energies, you can simply place it under the rays of the full moon and infusing it with rich cosmic energy. If you can’t wait for the full moon, then you can bury this stone in a pot of nutrient-rich soil and allow the energies from the earth to charge it. You can also bury it in a bowl filled with salt or seawater.

Final Thoughts

Charoite with its wonderful lilac or purple shade and potent spiritual energy can be an asset for personal growth. It is a must-have for any gemstone collection, making you more comfortable with who you are while infusing you with unshakeable courage to overcome fears and linking out to high spiritual guidance.


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