Chrysoprase Meanings, Properties and Uses

Chrysoprase Meanings, Properties and Uses

Your Complete Guide to The Healing Properties, Legendary Uses, and Spiritual Meaning of Chrysoprase

If you seem to be attracted to the energies of chrysoprase, then take it as a sign that you need an emotional makeover. Popular for manifesting joy, optimism, and happiness in your life, the chrysoprase crystal is one of the best anti-depressants and “make-you-feel-good” stones in the world of healing crystals.

Learn more about this wonderful stone by reading below.

What is Chrysoprase?

Chrysoprase stone is a silicon dioxide mineral that belongs to the green chalcedony group of quartz stones. Dubbed the stone of Venus, the chrysoprase stone is the most valuable and rarest rich-apple-green crystal in the green chalcedony family.

What is Chrysoprase

Because of its color, it was often mistaken for emeralds by ancient jewelers. However, unlike emeralds which owe their color to the presence of chromium, chrysoprase jewelry contains trace amounts of nickel that have altered the normal clear quartz mineral to a beautiful bright spring green stone.

Sometimes called Prase, the colors of chrysoprase vary from dark veined green to bright apple green to pale yellowish green shades. Because of this, it is also often mistaken for the jadeite crystal. Chrysoprase stone is cryptocrystalline. This means that it is composed f crystals that are so fine that you won’t be able to see them with the naked eye. Chrysoprase stone is rated a 6 – 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Poland had the most prominent mine of chrysoprase minerals before it was completely depleted in the 14th century. In today’s world, most of the world’s chrysoprase crystals come from Germany, Western Australia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Russia, India, Kazakhstan, Tanzania, Brazil, and the states of Oregon, California, and Oregon.

The highest and best-known quality of chrysoprase jewelry is found in Queensland, Australia, often referred to as the Australian Jade.

The Meaning and Uses of Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase comes from the Greek translation of “chrusos” which means golden, and “prason” which means leek. It refers to the golden-leek green color of this crystal.

Chrysoprase was used by the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks in order to make signets, seals, jewelry and other ornamental objects due to its vivid color. The ancient Greek king of Macedonia, Alexander III, was one of the most successful and undefeated military commanders in the history of Greece.

The Meaning and Uses of Chrysoprase

According to legend, Alexander III always wore a girdle into battle which was embedded with bright chrysoprase crystal. On his return from a victorious campaign in India, he laid his girdle aside to bathe in the Euphrates River. A serpent came and bit off the stone from the girdle and dropped it into the water. With the chrysoprase stone lost, Alexander III did not win another campaign anymore.

Another known use of chrysoprase was during the Art Nouveau period, in the early 1920s after the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamen. Chrysoprase was used extensively with Egyptian revival jewelry, mimicking the vast treasures of the newly discovered tomb of the pharaoh Tutankhamun.

Chrysoprase Metaphysical Properties

In terms of metaphysical properties, chrysoprase offers a lot of benefits.

This green stone is said to stimulate mental dexterity and fluent speech. It is said to prevent you from speaking out without thinking. The stone can also ease recurrent and oppressive images and prevent night terror.

Chrysoprase also helps in bringing feelings of trust and security in yourself and others. It can support the need for independence and individuality while encouraging commitment to other people.

In addition, the chrysoprase is also a crystal of change and cleansing. With its green energies, it can connect you with Mother Earth and all its living beings. This stone can help you communicate with the planet and all its life forms. Furthermore, it shall urge you to better understand the ecosystems and environment.

With that said, this stone can promote compassion for all life. It provides a better understanding of the psychic union of unconditional love and Mother Earth. It helps you experience being part of the greater whole.

Chrysoprase Metaphysical Properties

This lovely stone can also make you quick-witted and alert. It helps draw out your attention to the seemingly random coincidences that you perceive in the spiritual realm. Not only that, but this stone can also encourage a simple childlike worldview in which spirit guides and guardian angels are not in conflict with rational or logical considerations.

Chrysoprase combines a search for truth with extreme patience. This is so you can become happy even if you only understand a tiny fraction of the universe. Also, it encourages the appreciation of art, aesthetics and beauty.

With its loving energy, chrysoprase also assists in connecting yourself to the abundant energy and power of the divine. It helps expand your ability to express and feel love. Then, it helps you connect with nature and all the beauty of the world. This can help in fostering healing and a positive attitude towards yourself and to the Earth.

The Benefits of Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is a potent crystal you can use for healing all aspects of the body. Here are some of the benefits of using chrysoprase in your life.

For Physical Healing

Chrysoprase stimulates the elimination and detoxification of waste from your body. It encourages your kidneys and liver to remove all kinds of waste substances and toxicity that are causing negative symptoms in your body. This includes the removal of heavy metals and other substances that are normally difficult to dissolve of heavy metals.

This may include the toxification because of the regular intake of prescribed medications which have built-up and leads to the reduction of the medicine’s effectiveness.

In addition, this crystal can also help in man skin diseases such as dermatitis and eczema, particularly some forms of neurodermatitis. It can also enhance the healing of all kinds of fungal infections.

Chrysoprase For Physical Healing

Chrysoprase is also said to stimulate fertility in women. It is also useful in the treatment of infections such as STD which cause infertility. Chrysoprase can also assist if your hormone is out of balance which causes difficulty in conceiving.

The yellow green color energies of chrysoprase are also said to aid in the healing of the digestive system. It is excellent for stomach ulcers as well as other digestive disorders, including infected areas and skin perforations.

With its vibrant energies, chrysoprase yellow green color can also support general healing and regeneration. It helps in maintaining a youthful spirit, energy, and outlook in life. This can help in recuperating from degenerative diseases of all kinds. It will help remind you to take a break and relax so that you can recharge yourself, not only physically but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

For Emotional Healing

Emotionally speaking, the chrysoprase crystal is known to promote forgiveness, love, joy, compassion, and happiness. It brings you far away from feelings of co-dependence, anxiety, and stress.

Chrysoprase For Emotional Healing

In general, it is always a fine line between letting go of grudges and self-preservation. The chrysoprase crystal can provide excellent support for this delicate balance of emotions. It teaches you to forgive and forget. It also teaches you to be free of toxic emotions. This stone shows you that a happy state of mind is always the first step towards healing and urges you to snap out of it.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

In terms of chakra healing, the energies of the chrysoprase crystal mainly work on your heart chakra. However, it is also reputed to assist in healing your solar plexus chakra.

Chrysoprase For Chakra Healing and Balancing

The heart chakra is your center of emotions and feelings. When it is out of balance, you might experience sudden bursts of jealousy, anger, or blaming others for the difficulties in your life. Also, you will need constant confirmation of self-worth. You will also lack compassion for others or feel unloved.

However, with the energies of the chrysoprase crystal, you can connect your higher chakras to your lower chakras in order to achieve balance and homeostasis. It can encourage compassion for yourself and other people, enhancing your innate healing abilities. It helps make you feel loved and open yourself to the loving energies of the world.

Chrysoprase For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Chrysoprase can also work on stimulating and activating your solar plexus chakra. If this chakra is unbalanced, you will feel critical of others. You may even become a bully or in need of constant change in yourself. You may also have difficulty in learning new tasks and may believe that you are not recognized for your achievements.

By using the energies of the chrysoprase crystal, you can bring confidence and empathy to your life. It can increase your charisma, creativity, and innovative thinking. Not only that, but it should also open your clairsentience abilities and your psychic capabilities.

For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

Chrysoprase is dubbed as the Stone of Abundance. It is a transformational stone that can bring in money and abundance with its beautiful green color. Its powerful crystalline structure can produce a huge amount of vibrations which can help remove negativity and blockages of abundance while protecting its wearer against all kinds of misfortunes.

This helps open new doors for opportunities while also welcoming abundance and wealth into your life. This is like an energy magnet. And since money is a form of a magnet, using this crystal can help solve any financial issues you might be facing.

Chrysoprase For Wealth Fetching and Abundance

It also helps in realizing your dreams and bringing abundance into your life. It removes energy blockages while also bringing positive emotions and professional ethics to all your financial ventures.

It also brings abundance and wealth into your life in the form of courage. It can help you take the risk of creating or innovating something new. It ushers you towards abundance and clearing away all the negativities that might be holding you back from achieving your dreams.

For Relationship and Love

Chrysoprase is a crystal that promotes the love of truth. It can promote fidelity and hope in personal relationships, releasing the emotions locked in from the past.

This stone can mend your broken heart. It heals your relationships and transmutes negative emotions into positive ones. Not only that, but it also soothes loneliness and heartaches. It serves as a powerful emotional balancer, helping you find the resolution to conflicts.

In addition, it helps in encouraging inner strength and peace when facing difficult situations. It can help in overcoming and releasing old emotional wounds, traumas, and grief. It even helps in removing fears and replacing them with unconditional love.

Chrysoprase For Relationship and Love

This stone can help turn your attention to the positive things while helping you overcome impulsive or compulsive thoughts and behaviors that can cost your relationship. Furthermore, it helps encourage commitment while providing a non-judgmental attitude that stimulates acceptance of yourself and your partner.

With its beautiful healing energies, the chrysoprase can also bestow feelings of security and trust. This should help you become independent of your partner and be content with yourself. And as it helps in detoxifying the physical body, chrysoprase can also cleanse your emotional programming.

This should help you in becoming a better lover or partner. It can also help in attracting new love to you.

For Sleep Insomnia

Chrysoprase can work on easing sleep insomnia by relieving nightmares that cause interrupted and low-quality sleep.

Chrysoprase is a high vibrational crystal that can connect with your subconscious mind. The energy of this crystal resonates with the dream stage of your sleep and protects you against nightmares. This stone can also make you feel relaxed while stimulating pleasant dreams.

Chrysoprase For Sleep Insomnia

In addition, chrysoprase is also a fabulous stone for nightmares that are caused by anxiety and stress. It helps in calming your worries and anxiety and helps you understand what exactly is causing them. Then, it should help fill you with a sense of love and serenity, while promoting quality sleep.

In addition, it should help in sealing your aura from all kinds of negativity. This way, you can go to be with the confidence that nightmares or worries will not be disturbing you from a good night’s rest.

For Depression and Anxiety

If you have a long list of emotional disturbances such as anxiety and depression, the chrysoprase crystal can be an effective tool for healing these issues. With its vibrant energy, the chrysoprase crystal can help encourage a more positive and optimistic outlook in your life. This stone can help you look on the brighter side even if it seems like a dark, endless tunnel.

Chrysoprase For Depression and Anxiety

Chrysoprase can calm your anxious thoughts and even fears that troubles your natural tranquility. Its serene and relaxing vibes can help cool off the intense psychological disturbances and emotions. This stone can boost your happiness and joy while removing stress, tension and strain from your daily life.

For Confidence and Career Success

Chrysoprase is one of the best crystals that can enhance your mental clarity, intuition, creativity and confidence, which allows you to be truly centered.

With its strong association to the solar plexus chakra, this stone can embrace you in energies of confidence and self-esteem while removing doubt and hesitation in your ability and skills.

Chrysoprase For Confidence and Career Success

This crystal can help you make use of the talents and gifts that you possess but may have already forgotten about. It can promote your creativity and innovative thinking, attracting success in new ventures, more especially in your professional career.

In addition, placing a piece of chrysoprase in your workplace can help energize the surrounding area. This imparts an immediate sense of enhanced energy and vitality. The stone can also help overcome mental and intellectual fatigue due to stress and overwork.

Chrysoprase should help increase memory, focus and concentration. AS a result, it makes a great ally for those working towards their career success. The stone can help concentrate your energy towards improving your thoughts and ideas, producing the actions that you need to bring to reality.

Combining Chrysoprase With Other Crystal Stones

Chrysoprase can also be combined with other crystals in order to amplify its healing energies or if you wish to focus on a specific healing intention. Here are some of the best crystal combinations for chrysoprase you can try.

Chrysoprase + Pink Calcite

For banishing nightmares, combined the energies of chrysoprase with the frequency of the pink calcite.

Chrysoprase + Pink Calcite

Chrysoprase is one of the most favored crystal for recurrent nightmares. This stone can make your feel secure while lessening the impact of terrifying nightmares and night terrors. This should help promote a more peaceful and good night’s sleep.

Meanwhile, the tender energy of the chrysoprase crystal will wrap you in a metaphysical comfort blanket that can shield and protect you against nightmares. Dubbed as the stone of Peace, the lovely pink calcite can help in the release of emotional suffering or trauma which may cause frightening dreams.

Using both stones, you will enjoy a more peaceful sleep. Chrysoprase can release the childhood emotions and traumas that can be difficult to stress that often leads to nightmares if unresolved. Meanwhile, the beautiful pastel pink energies of calcite can provide a strong connection with guardian angels. It shall provide angelic support that can encourage you to be kind to yourself and soothing tensions that help you sleep peacefully.

Chrysoprase + Jade

This is another great combination that is highly beneficial for quality sleep and preventing nightmares.

Chrysoprase + Jade

Chrysoprase with its soothing and peace-inducing energies can prevent nightmares. It offers a sense of stability and calming your anxiety and worries which may cause insomnia or night terrors.

The green jade, on the other hand, is dubbed as the Dream Stone. Its energies are mainly suitable for helping you understand the meaning f your nightmares. This is typically not seen when the heart-pounding fear or anxiety becomes your main focus.

Since both chrysoprase and green jade are heart-centered crystals, they can help in the release of worries, anxiety and other negative emotions that might be causing your nightmares. Both crystals also offer to nurture and calming energies that make them a great combination for meditation before going to bed.

Chrysoprase + Rose Quartz

For the intention of emotional healing and self-love, pair the energies of chrysoprase with rose quartz.

Chrysoprase + Rose Quartz

As mentioned before, the chrysoprase is a powerful emotional balancer. It can help in the resolution of inner conflict while encouraging strength and inner peace when facing real emotions. In addition, this stone can also help open your heart and healing the old emotional wounds, trauma and grief from the past. This stone will reduce your fear of love and replacing it with unconditional love.

Rose quartz, on the other hand, is one of the more famous crystals for the heart and loving intentions. It induces self-love and growth and self-care. Like chrysoprase, it can remove past hurts which can cause future trust issues and relationship problems.

With the combined green and pink energies, both chrysoprase and rose quartz will stimulate, unblock and heal your heart chakra. The energies of chrysoprase can release negativities from within while enkindling your emotions. Not only that, but it also expands your ability to express and feel love.

Meanwhile, the soothing energies of rose quartz will inspire you to see the beauty within you and those around you. It can teach you to forgive yourself and make you feel worthy of love. This should help you give and receive love.

With both stones at hand, you can open yourself to loving energies that will heal all kinds of grief, sadness and emotional disturbances. In addition, it shall provide you with the ultimate balancing energy that brings true joy, happiness and optimism in life.

Chrysoprase + Smoky Quartz

For overcoming difficult situations, extreme sadness and grief combined the soothing energies of chrysoprase with the amplifying energies of smoky quartz.

Chrysoprase + Smoky Quartz

Being a heart-centered crystal, the chrysoprase is just what you need when sadness, grief and melancholy have left you feeling emotionally abandoned and exhausted. Grieving can be tough and most of the time, you will find yourself blaming yourself or other people for their part of this extreme sadness. However, true forgiveness comes from within and should start the healing process. Chrysoprase can help with this.

Smoky quartz, on the other hand, is one of the mainstay stone at a time of loss and extreme sadness. Known for its powerful grounding energy, this stone has the ability to emotionally re-align you to quicken the healing process.

As chrysoprase restore your emotional balance, the energies of smoky quartz can act as a buffer that reduced the impact of negativity. In addition, chrysoprase can also heal past traumas and childhood wounds as well as releasing painful emotional events so you can move forward in life. The energies of smoky quartz, on the other, should help shield you against negativity and toxicity from your surroundings, helping you feel secure and stable as you heal, emotionally.

Chrysoprase + Brandberg Amethyst

For supporting new beginnings, you can try the combination of chrysoprase and brandberg amethyst.

Chrysoprase + Brandberg Amethyst

The chrysoprase crystal is an excellent ally when a new beginning and change are needed, this is particularly true if is caused by betrayal or heartbreak. As the Stone of Venus, the chrysoprase crystal with its green nurturing energies can heal any imbalance in your yin and yang energies which helps in the restoration of emotional stability.

Meanwhile, the brandberg amethyst is another excellent stone for a change. With the combination of smokey quartz, clear quartz and amethyst in one single crystalline structure, the brandberg amethyst is perfect for healing heartbreak and past life trauma. It gives you the strength and energy needed to move forward with emotional freedom, renewed strength and the confidence to find your life path.

The brandberg amethyst is great for cutting down unhealthy ties with forgiveness and compassion. Then, the energies of chrysoprase should help you look for new relationships while boosting your charisma and courage to move forward in life. As a result, using both stones can allow you to move towards new beginnings with positivity and optimism.

Is Chrysoprase a Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Chrysoprase is both a birthstone and a zodiac crystal.

Chrysoprase is May Birthstone

Chrysoprase is one of the alternative traditional birthstones for those born in May.

After the long, cold winter and the wet early spring, the first days of May usually bring the welcoming sight of flowers, leaves and grass that emerges from their winter hibernation and blooming once again.

It is known that may is the month of rebirth and new growth. So, it is only fitting that the birthstone for this month features vivid and bright green hues that bring you good health, renewal, growth and a refreshing experience.

Not only that but the energies of chrysoprase also traditionally symbolizes happiness, prudence and enterprise. This potent crystal should bring prosperity and good fortune as well as instilling you with grace and poise. It also helps in recognizing the gentle beauty within yourself so that you can enjoy courage and self-expression through mental dexterity and fluent speech.

Chrysoprase is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Cancer

Chrysoprase is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Cancer

Chrysoprase is a powerful stone for the heart chakra that resonates well with the Cancerian personality and character. As the Cancer Moon sign crystal, the chrysoprase crystal is wonderful for balancing your yin and yang energies and accepting yourself and other people.

This stone can provide powerful emotional healing to the Cancerians. Mood swings, anxiety and depression can sometimes dampen the true nature of Cancerians. The energies of chrysoprase can help boost your inner sense of security while filling them with compassion for others and grace, Not only that, but it should also help in lifting their spirits when they are feeling low and easing their worries.

Meditation with Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase can be used in meditation when the concern is of the heart. Normally, two chrysoprase crystals are used, one in each hand in order to connect them with the heart.

In addition, this crystal can also induce deep meditative states. It can impart a sense of being part of the divine realm. Not only that, but this stone should also assist in looking at the egotistical motives in your past and the effect that it has on your development.

Furthermore, the chrysoprase crystal can also be used to heal your inner child during meditation. IT shall help in releasing your emotions locked in your past while overcoming the compulsive and obsessive thoughts. It then turns our focus to the positive situation and stimulating acceptance of yourself.

How to Cleanse and Charge Chrysoprase?

The chrysoprase crystal needs frequent cleansing in order to protect its sheen and ensuring that it stays effective in metaphysical healing.

Thanks to its hardness, chrysoprase gemstone can be safely cleaned using warm soapy water and a soft through or cloth. Never use harsh household chemicals for cleaning your chrysoprase crystal since it can damage the surface. After washing, make sure to thoroughly rinse the stone with clean water and pat dry.

To recharge and cleanse the energies of your chrysoprase crystal, you can let it bathe under the energizing rays of the sun during dawn and dusk. Take note that chrysoprase will fade if you exposed it to prolonged direct sunlight.

How to Cleanse and Charge Chrysoprase

If you don’t want to risk your chrysoprase, you can simply let it charge with the feminine energies of the moon. Let it absorb the lunar energies overnight. It is most effective during the full moon.

You can also bury your chrysoprase crystal in a  bowl filled with nutrient-rich soil. Or do so with a bowl filled with salt or seawater. If you have a singing bowl, then you can also use it to recharge your chrysoprase crystal. The soothing sound energies and vibrations should cleanse and remove all kinds of negativity from within the stone.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. By now you should have in-depth knowledge about the energies of chrysoprase and its metaphysical and healing attributes.

With its green energies, chrysoprase is one of the best stones for healing your heart chakra, filling you with loving and soothing energies. As the stone of peace and positivity, this crystal will bring optimism, happiness, joy and energy to your life.


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