A Guide to Cleansing and Charging Your Crystals

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Crystals have been valued for centuries for their beauty and energetic properties. These natural wonders are believed to absorb, store, and emit energy, making them powerful tools for healing, manifestation, and spiritual growth.

However, to maintain their effectiveness, it’s essential to regularly cleanse and recharge your crystals.

What is Crystal Cleansing and Charging?

Crystal cleansing is the process of removing any negative or stagnant energy that your crystals may have absorbed. This can come from everyday exposure to electromagnetic frequencies, other people’s energies, or even your own emotions.

What is Crystal Cleansing and Charging?

Charging, on the other hand, is the process of infusing your crystals with positive, intentional energy to enhance their natural properties.

Regular cleansing and charging help to keep your crystals working at their highest potential, ensuring that they continue to support you effectively.

One popular method is using sunlight or moonlight to charge and cleanse crystals like amethyst, quartz, or selenite. To charge a crystal, simply place it under the sun’s rays or the gentle glow of the moon, allowing its energy to be revitalized. 

How To Cleanse Your Crystals?

Working with crystals can be a transformative experience. There’s a variety of ways to cleanse and charge these precious stones. There are several methods for cleansing crystals, each with its own benefits:

Smoke Cleansing

o purify your crystal, gently pass it through the smoke of sacred herbs such as sage, palo santo, or cedar. These herbs are revered for their powerful cleansing properties, capable of dispelling negative energies and vibrations.

Smoke Cleansing

The smoke acts as a natural cleanser, enveloping the crystal and removing any lingering unwanted energies, ensuring that your crystal is recharged and its natural properties are enhanced. This method is both ancient and effective, providing a deep spiritual cleanse for your crystal.

Running Water

To cleanse your crystal using the natural energy of moving water, gently hold it under a flowing stream of water. Ideally, this should be in a natural setting such as a river or spring, where the water is not only physically cleansing but also energetically purifying.

If you don’t have access to a natural source, don’t worry; a faucet in your home can work as well. The key is to allow the water to flow over the crystal for a few minutes. This method not only cleanses the crystal but also recharges it with the natural vitality of flowing water.

Salt Water Cleansing

To thoroughly cleanse your crystal, immerse it in a bowl filled with water and a generous amount of sea salt, letting it sit overnight. This method harnesses the purifying properties of salt water to remove negative energies from your crystal. However, it’s important to exercise caution with this technique. While highly effective, not all crystals are suited to water exposure. 

Salt Water Cleansing

Conversely, when your crystals need cleansing, you can immerse them in saltwater or smudge them with sage. Additionally, programming your crystals with intentions amplifies their healing properties. Whether you’re drawn to the soothing energy of rose quartz or the protective nature of black tourmaline, using your crystals mindfully enhances the way you connect with their power.

Earth Burial

To cleanse your crystal using the Earth Burial method, gently place your crystal directly into the ground or bury it in a pot filled with soil. Leave it buried for a full 24 hours.

This method allows the earth to naturally absorb any negative energies stored in the crystal, recharging it with the grounding energy of the earth itself. This technique is particularly beneficial for crystals used in healing or meditation, as it ensures they are purified and ready to be used again without any lingering negativity.


Sage smudging is one of the most traditional methods for cleansing crystals, harnessing the power of sacred smoke to purify and reset the energy. By lighting a sage bundle and allowing the smoke to envelop the crystal, negative energies are believed to be lifted away, leaving the crystal energetically clear and revitalized.


This ancient practice, rooted in Native American tradition, is not only effective for crystals but can also cleanse spaces and individuals. It’s essential, however, to approach this method with respect and understanding of its cultural significance. Sage smudging promotes not only purification but also the infusion of peace and wellbeing, making it a favoured choice for many in preparing their crystals for healing work.

Remember, some crystals are sensitive to water, so always check if your specific stone is safe to cleanse with water or salt methods.

How To Charge Your Crystals?

Once your crystals are cleansed, it’s time to charge them with positive energy. Here are some popular methods:


To invigorate and recharge your crystals, position them in a spot where they can bask in direct sunlight for a few hours. The sun’s natural energy serves as a powerful means to cleanse and energize them, imbuing them with renewed strength and vitality.


However, it’s important to exercise caution as certain crystals, such as amethyst, are prone to fading if exposed to sunlight for extended periods. This is due to their delicate composition, which can react to prolonged exposure to strong sunlight. Therefore, while sunlight can be beneficial for most crystals, always remember to check the specific needs of each type to avoid any damage.

Full moon

One way to charge many crystals if with the full moon. Consider leaving your crystals out to bask in the moonlight, especially during a full moon. It’s widely believed that the luminous glow of the moon has a profound cleansing and charging effect on crystals.

This celestial practice can help to rejuvenate their energies, making the full moon an ideal time to enhance their natural properties and potency.


Gently hold your crystals within your palms, firmly grounding yourself as you focus on the specific intention you wish to set. Close your eyes and visualize your desired outcome, imagining it in as much detail as possible.


As you do this, feel the energy from your heart and mind flowing into the stones, charging them with your purpose. Allow yourself to connect deeply with the energy of the crystals, believing in their power to assist you in manifesting your goals.

Crystal Grids

To maximize the potential of your crystals, consider arranging them in a sacred geometric pattern. This meticulous placement is not only visually pleasing but can significantly amplify their inherent energies, facilitating a powerful charging effect.

By aligning your crystals in such a manner, you tap into ancient practices that harness the natural harmony and balance of sacred geometry, enhancing the effectiveness of your crystals in meditation, healing, or personal growth endeavors.

Pro Tips for Cleansing and Charging Crystals

  • Set a regular cleansing and charging routine, such as cleansing once a month and charging every full moon.
  • When charging your crystals, always set a clear intention. This programs them with a specific purpose and enhances their effectiveness.
  • Experiment with other cleansing methods like sound cleansing with singing bowls, or using specific crystals like selenite or clear quartz to cleanse and charge other stones.

Benefits Of Using Crystals

Crystals have been utilized for centuries across various cultures for their beauty and purported metaphysical properties. Here are some benefits of using crystals in your daily life:

  • Promotes Physical Healing: Many practitioners believe that crystals can help in alleviating certain physical ailments and promote overall physical healing by balancing the body’s energy.
  • Enhances Mental Clarity and Focus: Crystals like clear quartz are thought to improve mental clarity and concentration, making them useful for meditation or tasks requiring focus.
  • Boosts Emotional Stability: Stones such as rose quartz and amethyst are believed to bring emotional balance, fostering feelings of love, peace, and tranquility.
  • Supports Spiritual Growth: Using crystals can be a profound part of spiritual practices, aiding in connecting to the earth’s energy, enhancing intuition, and facilitating spiritual growth.
  • Attracts Prosperity and Protection: Certain crystals are said to attract wealth, abundance, and provide protection against negative energies.

Incorporating crystals into daily life, whether for physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual benefits, can be a deeply personal and enriching practice. However, it’s important to remember that while many attest to the benefits of crystals, their effects can be subjective and should complement traditional approaches to health and well-being.


How often should I cleanse and charge my crystals?

It’s best to cleanse your crystals at least once a month, or whenever you feel they need a refresh. Charging can be done as often as you like, but many people prefer to charge on a full moon.

How can you cleanse and charge crystals without sunlight or moonlight?

You can place crystals in salt for a few hours or charge with selenite.

When is the best time to cleanse sensitive crystals?

The best time is during the light of a full moon.

What methods of cleansing can you use for crystals that have run out of energy?

You can run your crystals under water or smudge them with sage.

How do you set your crystals to absorb positive energy?

You can place smaller crystals around a charging station.

What should you do if your crystals feel heavy with negative energy?

You can hold the crystal in your hand and focus on your intention to cleanse it.

Can I cleanse and charge my crystals at the same time?

Yes! Some methods, like placing your crystals outside under a full moon, can both cleanse and charge simultaneously.


Cleansing and charging your crystals is an essential part of working with these powerful energy tools. By regularly clearing away negative energies and infusing your stones with positive intentions, you ensure that your crystals are always working at their highest potential to support your well-being and spiritual growth.

Experiment with different methods to find what resonates best with you and your crystals. Remember, the most important element is your intention – so trust your intuition and enjoy the process of connecting with your crystalline companions.


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