Crown Chakra Crystal Stones List, Meanings and Uses

Crown Chakra Crystal Stones List, Meanings and Uses

The crown chakra is considered our gateway to the expanded universe beyond the body and into the divine and spiritual realms. It is the fountainhead of our beliefs and spiritualities. Learn more about this chakra by reading below.

The Meaning of the Crown Chakra

The Meaning of the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is considered the 7th chakra. In Sanskrit, this chakra is called the “Sahasrara” chakra. It is the higher and lightest of all the chakra and is mainly responsible for connecting you to the divine source of creation and of the universe. The crown chakra offers several gifts including the experience of unselfish realization and unity. It is the chakra that shows you how the world is linked and connected to everything at a fundamental level.

The energies of the crown chakra provide a mystical experience of oneness with everyone and everything. There’s no intellectual knowing at this level and there’s only joy, peace, and happiness.

The crown chakra gives a sense of knowing that there’s a deeper and bigger meaning in life as well as an order that governs overall existence. It transcends ego and pushes you to accept that all creation is connected at a fundamental level. Such interconnectedness s called Zero Point Field or Akasha.

The crown chakra is said to both give and receive consciousness and energy. It can receive energy to sustain life while giving back personal energies in order to band together with a collective pool of consciousness. It is also considered as the meeting point between the ego and the body, between the soul and the universe. This is the chakra where timelessness and time cross and where eternal life and death intersect.

Once you truly understand that everyone and everything is interconnected with this chakra, you’ll be able to start living in trust, gratitude, and faith. This chakra can help guide you to higher or divine power, allowing you to experience divinity. It helps in liberating your spirit while opening yourself to the divine.

What is the Symbol for the Crown Chakra?

What is the Symbol for the Crown Chakra?

The symbol of the crown chakra is represented by a violet lotus flower with thousands of petals. The thousand-petaled lotus symbol possesses a transcendental meaning, signifying renewal, beauty, and purity.

The crown chakra is the energy center of spiritualism and universal knowledge. It connects you to the universe and the divine. It influences the nervous system and the brain as well as your emotional being and provides a level of enlightenment and understanding.

Considering how this chakra is the energy center of renewal and transcendence, it is only fitting for the thousand-petalled lotus flower to be its symbol.

Also, some illustrations of the chakra include the “Om” which is an image sitting at the center of the lotus. In Hinduism, this Om represents the Absolute, or all that was, is, and will be. Furthermore, according to ancient tradition, understanding the incomprehensible isn’t possible for the human mind. Thus, depicting the absolute in one symbol can make it a lot easier.

What is the Color of the Crown Chakra?

The color of the crown chakra is violet. This is a color that’s deeply tied to otherworldly wisdom and psychic insight.  It is the color of a strong connection with the energies of heaven.

What is the Color of the Crown Chakra?

Violet is a highly spiritual color. It has the shortest wavelength and features the strongest vibration of the shades in the spectrum of light. The color violet also gives you an inner sense of wholeness and oneness.

The violet color also signifies illumination and rebirth. It connects with your sadness of letting go as well as with the joy of transformation. It is a testament that there’s peace and tranquility in the knowledge of the reflective change.

In addition, the color violet is also very purifying and cleansing. It is the shade of mysticism, magic, connection, mystery, cleansing, purification, and ritual. It gives you a glimpse of other realities which are beyond the material and physical reality. It is the color of reconciliation and bringing together polarities.

In terms of physicality, the color violet of the chakra is associated with the brain, nervous system, cerebral cortex, and skull. People with healthy and balanced violet energy have chakras that are also smoothly spinning. Energies of the body are flowing freely from the lower chakras all the way to the upper chakras.

The color violet allows you to enjoy a sharp mind and a healthy nervous system. It possesses overall physical health and excellent cognitive skills. Not only that, but you also enjoy good responses and reflexes when there’s a sudden change in the environment.

Mentally speaking, violet represents curiosity, deep thinking, and open-mindedness. It helps you crave learning, reading, and studying. You become imaginative and deep, feeling the unity of everyone and everything in this world. You reflect, question what you learn, and find connections and patterns within everything. In terms of the violet chakra shade, there’s no subject too boring or too dull to learn.

However, the biggest disadvantage of too much violet color on your mental level is when you become too attached or withdrawn to materialistic pursuits or aspects of life. You’ll become dominant and greedy and invalidate others’ beliefs. When you become obsessed with earthly pursuits, you also get stuck in your way of thinking and become unwilling to open up to different knowledge, ideas, or thoughts.

On an emotional level, the violet color fills you with the frequency or energy of completion. It is the color of letting go, releasing, and making room for something new. Although the color violet may contain strong grief and sadness, it also comes with the acceptance of the things that happen in your life journey. It is about hurting and suffering within the joy of living.

What is the Color of the Crown Chakra?

The violet color also denotes that you’re sensitive, perceptive, and intuitive. It possesses energies of mastery and wisdom, making you more aware of everything that is going on around you. With this, you become spiritually connected and emotionally balanced. You will become calm, peaceful, and joyful.

Spiritually speaking, the violet color can indicate praise, acknowledgment, and recognition. It brings intense wisdom and a sense of inner completeness. Your oneness with the divine realm is strengthened and your spiritual freedom brings you a bigger picture. This color also brings you an expanded awareness, a strong connection to the spirit, and intense spiritual freedom. It helps you transcend the boundaries and keep everyone separate. You achieve healing and a stronger spirituality.

However, the violet color can sometimes make you become more familiar with the dark night of the soul. Due to this, you are unable to understand the deeper truth or connection, making you feel alienated.

Although violet or purple is the color of the crown chakra, clear or white is also associated with the healing of this chakra. This is because of their clarity and clearness which is crucial when welcoming the higher wisdom from the divine or universal realm.

Where is the Crown Chakra Located?

Where is the Crown Chakra Located?

The crown chakra is found just above the top of your head. Standing straight, you simply picture a small hole at the top of the head, this is where the crown chakra is located.

The chakra is primarily associated with the pituitary gland. It is also secondarily associated with the pineal or hypothalamus gland. These glands work as a team in order to regulate your endocrine system.

Due to the location of the crown chakra, it is often associated with the entire nervous system and the brain.

Characteristics and Traits of the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is mainly connected with your intuitive knowledge and inner consciousness. It connects you to the divine world and the universe as a whole. It mainly controls how you think and how to respond to the world around us. The chakra is responsible for connecting us to the higher planes of existence and connecting our energy beyond the body. It is considered the source of higher sources of information and of universal truth and energy.

Not only that, but the crown chakra is also the source of your coordination— the relationship of movements through life and the relationship of movement between parts of the body.

This chakra symbolizes your connection with the limitless and the formless, and your integrations with the highest self. It represents independence from mortal things and brings wholeness and wisdom.

Characteristics and Traits of the Crown Chakra

The chakra speaks about your connection with the oneness with the divine and the higher state of consciousness. It is mainly responsible for your ecstasy and bliss, allowing you to surrender to the divine and the universe. It strongly relates to your psychic gifts, spiritual nature, and the ability to sense divine plans.

A healthy and activated crown chakra can prevent your perceived limitations, whether they’re limitations that are bound to time and space or your personal limitations. This sense of awareness that comes with the unlocking of the crown chakra is universal and transcendent.

Traditionally, the crown chakra is regarded as the chakra of illumination, self-knowledge, and wisdom. At a deeper level, however, this is the chakra that empowers you to understand and realize that your separate self is not real and that such separation is just an illusion. Through the crown chakra, you experience the fundamental reality that all likes and things are one. Nothing can separate from the creator who’s omnipresent.

In addition, receptiveness to wisdom and higher understanding is another quality of the crown chakra. Not only that, but it also includes the realization that there are numerous solid expressions of universal truth that point to the same reality of oneness.

What Causes an Overactive and Unbalanced Crown Chakra?

The crown chakra may become blocked due to emotional upsets such as losses, conflicts, or accidents. Fear, anxiety, and stress can also contribute to malfunctioning crown chakras. When blockages accumulate on your chakra, this can result in the disruption of energy flow through the crown.

Such imbalances or blockages can disrupt the harmony of your whole chakra system and manifest as emotional or mental disorders in the physical body.

What Causes an Overactive and Unbalanced Crown Chakra?

An overactive crown chakra, on the other hand, can make you pompous or very lofty. You will have very rigid beliefs and become dogmatic. You are easily disconnected from reality and often show signs of grandiosity.

In addition, if you have an overactive crown chakra, you tend to become obsessive, secretive, wasteful, critical, uncaring, hypocritical, selfish, and greedy. You become easily corrupted or have criminal tendencies.

Not only that, you become materialistic, sometimes passionate, but most of the time distant. You crave to dominate other people and will have a constant sense of frustration if you have not yet realized your power.

Symptoms of Blocked or Unbalanced Crown Chakra

When your crown chakra becomes unbalanced, how you respond to the environment and how you function is greatly affected.

The most common symptoms of a blocked or unbalanced chakra include self-sabotaging, fatigue, fear, indecisiveness, loneliness, meaninglessness, and a sense of not belonging.

Symptoms of Blocked or Unbalanced Crown Chakra

With the crown chakra blocked, you’ll feel as if you are cut off from the world, from people, and from life. You will live in greater fear and don’t like to think about the future. You also reject all notions of spirituality and do not find meaning in life beyond the material and physical things, even if your higher self may unconsciously or consciously nag you to do so.

Physically speaking, an unbalanced chakra can make you confused and suffer from dizziness, lightheadedness, headaches, migraines, depression, and anxiety. You often feel disoriented and lost. When you are not depressed, you become destructive.

In addition, you become cynical and also experience learning difficulties.  It makes you feel vulnerable to several non-physical and physical symptoms such as mental fogginess, sensitivity to light, lack of inspiration, and dissociation.

Furthermore, you may also have feelings of aggression towards others. You become critical and judgmental too. It is common to become distrustful of others and it will feel like you are always in the middle of a situational crisis and you can’t find your way back.

The List of Crystal Stones for the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is your center of spiritual connectivity. From here, the universal energy can filter through to your other lower chakras. As mentioned before, it is located at the top of your head and radiates upward with its violet, white, or clear color to awaken your spirituality.

The List of Crystal Stones for the Crown Chakra

This brings you a strong connection to the divine. Not only that, but it also provides you with a deeper realization and understanding of your life purpose and goals.

Now, if you have an unbalanced or blocked crown chakra, then you can suffer negative symptoms that hamper your spirituality and life purpose.   By rebalancing and opening this energy center with the best crystals for the crown chakra, you can once again gain a sense of bliss so you can appreciate the beauty around you. Plus, these crystals can liberate you from destructive behaviors and self-limiting habits.

Here are the best crystal healing stones for your crown chakra.



Known as the most spiritual healing crystal, the amethyst’s tone features high vibration that resonates beautifully with your chakra and brings a stronger connection to the universe. Not only that, but this stone can also create a bridge between your crown and third eye chakra. By connecting these two chakra powerhouses, the universal energy can flow freely through your third eye and other chakras.

Dubbed the Stone of Peace and Transformations, the amethyst crystal is suitable to use when meditating for healing your topmost chakra. By encouraging inner reflection, this stone can provide a calming effect. As a result, you will gain a deeper and better understanding of your life’s challenges as you become more mentally and emotionally balanced.

Furthermore, the calming effect of the amethyst stone can improve your intuition and focus. By meditating with this crystal you can create realistic goals and a better connection to the divine. Its calming energies also help you respond appropriately during stressful situations.



Another beautiful violet stone, the sugilite crystal is a powerful ally for awakening your chakra. Thanks to its Purple Ray of spiritual wisdom and growth, this crystal can help you understand your life better as well as learn how to improve it.

There are times when you do not feel fully connected or when you have lost touch with your life purpose. This can be depressing and may trigger feelings of hopelessness. Despite such negative emotions, it is crucial that you learn your life lessons during these difficult times.

By opening your crown chakra all the way to your base chakra, the sugilite crystal can bring your whole chakra system into alignment. This can give you a sense of accomplishment and understanding as you accept the lessons you are experiencing.

Not only that, but the sugilite also represents spiritual achievement and love, allowing these energies to flow from the universal and spiritual plane down to earth. As a  result, you can gain a boost in your confidence and self-belief while attuning you with higher intuition. With this stone, you can find answers about your life path and help you gather spiritual knowledge.



Selenite featuring its beautiful clear energy can help open not only your chakra but also your higher crown chakras. Dubbed the “Doorway to the Angels” selenite is one o the most ancient stones with the finest vibrations.

An unbalanced crown chakra makes you feel disconnected from reality or your true self or feels stressed. Without a sense of direction or purpose, it is common to suffer from anxiety and depression.

The ethereal and calm nature of the selenite stone can allow you to quickly rebalance and open your chakra. As a result, it provides a deep sense of security and peace as your doorway to higher consciousness re-opens. In addition, the selenite crystal can also boost your intuition while encouraging you to move forward in life.

Furthermore, the selenite crystal can lift your energy beyond the denseness of the Earth. This should make you feel lighter and happier. When used in a crystal grid during meditation, this crystal stone can strengthen your spirituality and raise your level of consciousness significantly.

Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz

The spirit quartz crystal is a beautiful light purple stone for your crown chakra. It helps in re-aligning this critical energy center, dissolving your self-imposed limitations while boosting your self-esteem and confidence.

What’s more is that since it is a cluster crystal, it can radiate energy in every direction. This makes it quite useful in a family or group situation, where negative comments and self-doubting can knock off your self-esteem or confidence.

Thanks to its strong affiliation with the higher chakras and its uplifting energy vibrations, the spirit quartz crystal can also boost an inner sense of knowledge and awareness. Furthermore, it also helps in dispelling negativity while encouraging a stronger sense of oneness.



Another beautiful purple stone, the charoite crystal is a powerful ally for balancing and opening your highest chakra. Not only that, but its energies can also align your crown chakra with your heart chakra. This can inspire unconditional love, promoting caring energy for others as well as inspiring you to achieve your fullest potential.

Dubbed as the Stone of Transformation, the high energy of the charoite crystal can connect you to the divine and encourage mindfulness. It helps you accept your life challenges as gifts. It will help you achieve success by understanding that perfection is not the truth but being in the present moment is.

Charoite can also help in developing your focus and intuition, thanks to its purple rays of energy. So, whenever you find it hard to concentrate for longer periods, the charoite crystal can be an excellent ally to add to your collection.



Another crystal of violet rays, lepidolite is one of the most soothing and calming crystal stones available. Its gentle vibrations strongly resonate with your crown chakra and your nervous system and brain. It doesn’t directly activate or open your topmost chakra but works through the subconscious mind.

As a calming stone, the lepidolite can help your stay calm and clear-headed during challenging situations. It is great for dealing with transitions or pain, thanks to its anti-anxiety properties. Furthermore, the stone is suitable for astral traveling and enhancing your psychic abilities.

Dubbed as the Stone of Transformation, the lepidolite crystal features soothing energies that can help you battle the negative impact of stress in your life. It can help you stay at peace and centered, opening your gateway while stabilizing mood disorders.

Not only that but lepidolite is also known as a powerful protective stone. It has the capability to clear electromagnetic pollution as well as remove negativity from your environment. This ensures that your auric field stays balanced and stabilized and won’t be influenced by negative emotions and energies from the outside world.



The apophyllite stone links the physical and spiritual worlds. It also helps in the activation of the topmost chakra and opens you to the frequency of light and love. As a result, this can enhance your intuition while also encouraging spiritual development.

Not only that, but the apophyllite stone can also bring confidence into your spiritual self and helps you understand the spiritual wisdom that comes through to you. It can also bring you closer to your spirit animals and spirit guides.

In addition, the apophyllite crystal is a powerful ally that can help expose your emotional wounding. So make sure that you want to work to these emotional depths before using this stone. Dubbed the Stone of Truth, it can be hard to ignore the uncomfortable but important truths about yourself.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Dubbed the Master Healer, the clearness of the clear quartz covers all positive energies and brings good health in all aspects of life. With its potent energies, this versatile crystal can unblock, empower and awaken all 7 chakras and their powerful energies.

In addition, clear quartz also has the property of charging other crystals which double or triples their vibrations. Now, using the clear quartz chakra to empower and heal your crown chakra, can help you achieve mental and spiritual clarity. With its potent energies, this stone can enhance your intuition, focus, and spiritual energies, allowing you to master all the abilities of your crown chakra.

Furthermore, this crystal can also help you in realizing your psychic powers and provide a deeper connection to the divine realm. In terms of protection, this clear stone can absorb all kinds of negativity from your environment and even psychic attacks from the universe. This helps you focus on what truly matters in this world.

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer diamond is a specific form of the quartz family. It got its name from a place in New York, Herkimer. Like clear quartz, it features a clear crystal that resonates strongly with your crown chakra to improve communication and connection to your higher self and to the divine.

With its strong connection to your higher chakras, this stone can bring you a better understanding of your divine purpose while enhancing your intuitive insights. Furthermore, it also helps in promoting harmony, spontaneity, and spiritual awareness. Dubbed the Stone of Attunement, the Herkimer diamond can also stimulate clairvoyance and telepathic communication.

Physically speaking, the Herkimer diamond can enhance your memory and brain function. It brings clear focus and determination. This can bring better visualization and meditative states. It also helps you control strong emotions while alleviating stress and tension. As a result, this can bring higher levels of awareness as well as create a bridge to the astral and physical realms.

Tiffany Stone

Tiffany Stone

The Tiffany stone is a beautiful combination of bertrandite, purple fluorite, clear quartz, opal, and other minerals. Each of these stones can empower and balance an overactive chakra, however, when put together, makes a powerful combination for healing multiple chakras at once.

This crystal stone mainly allows a stronger connection between your crown and third eye chakra. This can help bring spiritual guidance to flow more freely into the physical realm. As a result, you can learn more from the universe and gain more wisdom.

In addition, Tiffany stone is a wonderful ally for exploring the true meaning of your life. By clarifying your through as well as clearing away the negative energy, you can flourish with renewed optimism.



Howlite is a unique crystal stone for your crown chakra. With its black and white color energy, this stone can teach patience and self-control, both of which resonate strongly with this energy center.

By cleansing your auric shield and re-aligning your chakras, the howlite can bring a calm and focused mind. It mainly works on providing emotional support and is quite useful if you are struggling with relationship issues or bad moods.

In addition, if you often find yourself overworking or your mind is full of negative or angry thoughts, the howlite crystal can help you relax. Not only that, but this stone is also a powerful ally for absorbing anger and impatience. Thanks to its soothing frequency, you can help restore a healthy, calm, and patient thinking pattern.

White Calcite

White Calcite

The white calcite is a beautiful healer of the calcite family. Popular for its dog tooth appearance, the white calcite aligns with your crown chakra and is best for intentions for self-growth. By clearing and cleansing your auric field, the white calcite can help increase your motivation.

In addition, this pure stone can also help in removing stagnant energy while allowing the fresh energy of possibilities and hope to define you. Not only that, but this stone can also help teach you the forgiveness of others and of yourself. It helps you in letting go of your previous mistakes in order to give way to new opportunities.



A lovely crystal stone that holds the power and mysticism of the moon, the moonstone is another gentle healer for your crown chakra and other chakras that resonates with the gentle brightness of the moon.

Popular for its metaphysical and mystical energies, the moonstone crystal can help in developing your psychic capabilities which may be blocked due to an overactive or unbalanced chakra. Its creamy white energies can help in absorbing tension and negativities from your surrounding and inviting gentle and soothing vibrational energies.

Moonstone is also a famous crystal for traveling. Not only in the physical realm, but this stone is also suitable for enhancing your astral traveling. Its soothing energies can help calm your mind and emotions, allowing you to better see the universe beyond.



The serpentine stone is a unique crystal for the chakra. Although it does not carry the colors of this energy center, the vibration of serpentine mainly resonates with mental health and institution. Thus, it can still help your topmost chakra.

Activating your top chakra, this stone can provide the energy and strength you need to stand up for your beliefs. Not only that, but it also offers you the courage to find your own path, instead of conforming to others’ expectations.

In addition, the serpentine crystal also stimulates the kundalini energy. This is a powerful energy that rises upwards your crown, effectively clearing away the stagnant energies and balancing every chakra on its way.

After that, a healthy flow of energy will then flow through your emotional, physical, and mental body. As an earthy stone, the serpentine crystal can help you feel open to spiritual meditation and exploration.

How to Open Your Crown Chakra with Crystal Stones?

The crystal stones mentioned above are great for balancing, opening, and stimulating your Sahasrara chakra. So how do you use them? Here are some ways you can try.

How to Open Your Crown Chakra with Crystal Stones?
  • Wearing your crystals as pieces of jewelry is a great way to keep their energetic influence close to your auric shield throughout the day. Necklaces, earrings, headbands, bracelets, and rings are perfect for keeping chosen crystals near your top chakra.
  • Meditation with your crown chakra crystal is the best way to stimulate and open your crown chakra. The crystals can help in deepening your meditation practice as well as opening your mind to higher consciousness. You can set a crystal grid of the above crystals before you start your practice or simply place a chosen stone on your head.
  • The clear quartz, which is dubbed the Master Healer, is a wonderful stone you can use to amplify the energies of other chakra stones. You can use it with any chakra crystals in order to amplify or increase its effects.
  • You can use affirmations like “I’m open to the divine wisdom and guidance”, “I’m strongly connected to the higher realms”, and “I live to my own spiritual belief and truths” while holding your preferred crystal stone. This should keep you fully connected to your crown chakra.
  • When doing yoga with your crown crystal stones, you can simply place the stone at the head of your mat before doing your practice.
  • Using a crystal singing bowl with the frequency of B can resonate strongly with this chakra.
  • You can place a chosen crystal around your home or work desk in order to create a peaceful environment. For instance, amethyst can invite spirituality in your lounge, selenite and moonstone can be useful in your bedroom while howlite and clear quartz can clear negative energies in your office.
  • If you need sleep or want to enhance your psychic powers or spirituality as you sleep, consider placing a crown chakra stone-like moonstone, selenite, or amethyst on your bedside table or under your pillow.

Other Ways To Open and Heal Your Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is a complex system due to its connection to the universal and spiritual world and your inner self. Other than using healing crystals for opening and healing this energy center, here are other ways you can do to balance, cleanse and heal the crown chakra.


Other Ways To Open and Heal Your Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is deeply influenced by meditations since it is through this practice that you can create a clearer and more focused connection to the higher power and your inner self.

To meditate, you simply visualize a purple or violet light illuminating the crown of your head as well as the space just above it. Make sure to feel this glow illuminate and recharge both your spirit and body. Allow this powerful yet gentle light to reconnect you with the universe, with your genuine self and your own true light.

It is beneficial for the crown chakra to regularly meditate. However, if you only have a few minutes to meditate, then you can simply visualize an image of a violet lotus flower on top of your head for effective and quick crown chakra meditation.


Seva means helping others for the sake of helping them and you’ll be rewarded a hundredfold. The crown chakra mainly benefits from this ideology. By reaching out to people and helping others, you can strengthen your connection to the world, which is one of the main purposes of this energy center.

Burn Sahasrara Essential Oils or Incense

Using aromatherapy, you can awaken and empower your crown chakra and create a stronger connection with divine energy.

You can use flowery essential oils like jasmine, rose, and lavender in order to soothe an overactive Sahasrara chakra. Meanwhile, the more pungent oils like camphor, myrrh, sandalwood, and frankincense can be used to stimulate an underactive or blocked chakra.


Other Ways To Open and Heal Your Crown Chakra

Yoga is another important practice for your crown chakra. Most yoga asanas can be beneficial for the healing of this energy center thanks to their meditative aspect. In addition, a slow practice that lows time for lots of concentration or focuses on breathing is most beneficial.

Asanas like shoulder stand, headstand, crane pose, tree pose, and corpse pose all resonate with your topmost energy center.


For most people, praying is a very personal thing. It doesn’t need to be formal or foreign. Praying can be as simple as setting your intentions or asking for guidance from the divine realm or the ultimate being.

You simply close your eyes and allow your deeper voice to be your guide. You can use prayers to connect with the divine realm or find your innermost self.


This is another effective and beautiful way of bringing balance back to your crown chakra. By using certain ouch points around and on the body, your crown chakra can be cleared and restricted. In addition, a new level of awareness is then achieved.

Spend Some Time Outdoors

The main elements of your crown chakra are thought and light. Thus, spending time under the sun is proven beneficial for balancing or unblocking your crown chakra.

Other than going out and sunbathing, you can also try solving crossword puzzles, reading a book, or watching thought-provoking documentaries. It stimulates your wisdom and higher thinking, making it easier to heal this energy center.

Final words

As your topmost chakra, the crown chakra integrates all other chakras and their individual characteristics and qualities.

As the source of spiritual beliefs, enlightenment, and connection, the crown chakra can allow you to have a never-before strong connection to your higher self and with the divine powers and beings that created this universe.

With a healthy crown chakra, the universal life force can smoothly penetrate your energy system, allowing you to move within and experience the mystical and metaphysical things of the universe. You will surely enjoy a sense of serenity, joy, peace, and connection, become more intuitive and gain a better understanding of your psychic capabilities. You will also become wiser and gain a better connection and a stronger sense of your life and divine purpose.

With this energy center open and pulsating in energy, you will become free and more aware!


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