39 Powerful Crystals For Advanced Users – The “How To” Guide

39 Most Useful Crystals For Advanced Users - The How To Guide

Introduction on Crystals For Advanced Users

Introduction on Crystals For Advanced Users

Crystals help in amplifying and raising energy vibrations and frequency, whether this is you, your home, your space or even your pets. They can make you more aware of your own energy as well as provide a helping hand in keeping you present and in the current moment.

In this manic digital age, crystals are having a moment, providing a distraction against the harmful energies and ensuring support when you’re blocked, need calming, lacking in energy or just in need of spiritual awakening.

Most crystals are beginner-friendly, meaning they offer soothing and easy energy that can be used by those who don’t have any prior experience in the crystal healing world. Then, there are those crystals, pulsating at such a high frequency and vibration that only those with advanced knowledge and experience can manipulate and use.

These crystals for advanced users contain strong, potent and powerful energies that can be quite overwhelming for amateur crystal users. These crystals for advanced users can help take your healing practice to the next level.

A Complete List of Crystals For Advanced Users

If you’re a healing practitioner who needs more powerful energies or think it’s time to move on to a more potent crystal, then these crystals for advanced users are a must-have.  



One touch at the moldavite crystal and you’ll instantly feel an intense pressure of pulsating energy. There is no doubt that it is a crystal of greatness. It is ethereally carved out of the spiritual fire and is destined for a great spiritual purpose. This mystic green crystal is star-born and is formed from a violent impact with Mother Earth. Etched by flames and force, it fells from the heavens and transformed by the earth’s surface into a glassy delicacy and grace that is powerful to serve humankind.

Holding the moldavite crystal for the first time often produces the sensation of heat, felt first in your hand and progressively throughout the body. This is why the frequency of moldavite may take sometimes getting used to. However, its potent energies can be conducive to quickly accelerating your spiritual and personal evolution. This makes it highly sought after in the metaphysical world, both as a catalyst for drawing Light in order to aid in Earth’s healing and its life-altering capabilities.

As the stone of connectivity, moldavite exudes an intense frequency— a fusion of extraterrestrial and earthly energies that are quickly felt dramatically in those who resonate with its potent power. The most important property of Moldavite is its ability to ground Light for the healing of Earth. It offers a better understanding of the essential unity of all life and your responsibility to see the planet as a whole being that needs compassion and love.

With its very own cosmic soul, the moldavite crystal has the ability to connect with cosmic messenger and Ascended Masters. It draws into the Earth plane light vibrations and thought patterns that are most beneficial for illumination and ascension.



Binding the energy of ancient igneous lava coves, the apophyllite crystal can bring about a high vibration of light that is known to calm your emotions. It is a powerful, yet gentle crystal that is a must for those experiencing a challenging period in their life.

Apophyllite is said to be a potent stone to stimulate your metaphysical capabilities. This stone can help keep a strong connection between your spiritual and physical self. Not only that, but the frequency of apophyllite is said to help you connect with your higher mind and encourages you to look into the deepest recesses of your subconscious to discover your true nature.

The apophyllite stone is said to also enhance clairvoyance and psychic vision. It can stimulate intuition and introspection. In addition, it is an excellent stone to have when meditating. It helps shut down the noise from your surrounding while increasing focus so you can travel deeper into the divine realm and gain wisdom and knowledge.

Noble Shungite

Noble Shungite

Also known as Silver or Elite Shungite, the noble shungite is a rare variety of shungite, a pitch-black stone that is made up of 99 percent carbon. It is mainly found in a village in Karelia, Russia called Shunga, hence the name.

The noble shungite carries the same metaphysical properties and energies as the classic shungite but is far more potent and faster-acting. Its properties range from physical to spiritual protection and purification. Thus, it is one of the most powerful and adaptable stones in the crystal healing community.

Although noble shungite stone has been here for 2 billion years, its healing potential was only recognized through the 1996 Nobel Prize-winning research which discovered fullerenes within this stone.

In terms of metaphysical properties, the noble shungite is best known as a powerful cleanser, detoxifier and protector of the body, mind and spirit. Its protective energy and frequency can help in neutralizing energy stored within the spiritual and physical body.

Not only that, but its carbon content and antioxidant-like attributes can act as a powerful detoxifier for your emotional body and the soul. This helps you in removing all toxic energy from within so you can always feel your best, especially during times of difficulty. It will help you release the dense and stagnant energy from your system that might be keeping you from moving forward.

In addition, the noble shungite crystal is also known as a powerful grounding crystal. Its high vibration can help bring your spiritual and etheric body grounded and deeply rooted into the physical plane. This way you can better incorporate karmic lessons and cosmic wisdom without being too overwhelmed or confused.

Stellar Beam Calcite

Stellar Beam Calcite

The stellar beam calcite is a rare variety of calcite offering potent energies that can help practitioners advance their spiritual knowledge by opening the etheric chakra and achieving higher wisdom.

This crystal stone is often used for enhancing inter-dimensional journeying and can actively stimulate your higher chakras. It is suitable for enhancing your meditation skills and helping you to ascend and recall your past life experiences.

It also assists you in finding your divine will and allowing for a very blissful and peaceful state to impose on the user. It shall fill your mind with your deepest desires and wants while actively manifesting these into reality.

Lemurian Seed Crystal

Lemurian Seed Crystal

Also known as Lemurian Quartz, the lemurian seed crystal is a powerful form of quartz found only in a specific locality in Brazil. There’s much ethical and scientific debate about the lost city of Lemuria for which this stone was named for. It is said to embody the powers of the mentally advanced beings in Lemuria.

With that said the Lemurian quartz carries the energies of normal quartz but is most powerful in terms of historic energies. Horizontal lines of fragments embedded in the crystalline structure are said to be memories of the advanced beings of Lemuria.

The information within each point is said to contain powerful energies, capable of producing intelligent life and providing you with the much-needed soulful mission. With this stone, it’s said that you become very spiritual and more in touch with your higher self.



Bronzite is a unique and rare crystal for advanced users. Its brown color carries a strong connection to mother earth. Dubbed as the Stone of Courtesy, the bronzite promotes a strong sense of equality, love and protection.

By bridging the sacral and root chakra together, you can bring determination, focus, drive and control into your life. It instills the needed courage from deep within so you can stand up for yourself. Plus, it also works in keeping you grounded and comfortable during times of distress and anxiety.

Bronzite is considered a very strong crystal stone, that you can feel its pulsating energies with just a touch. Its fast-acting energies will radiate through you so that you can channel these energies into your environment right away.



Sugilite is a powerful crystal of the Divine. Wearing, working or meditating with sugilite can amplify your ability to channel a higher frequency of violet energy into the daily aspect of your being. This should help you walk the earth in grace and strength.

This crystal infuses your body with light, bringing in unconditional love and spiritual growth through your higher chakras. It is also a powerful attractor of healing energy and can further increase awareness of the connection between the well-being of the body and mind. Not only that, but Sugilite also reminds your soul of its reason for incarnating. It should also help enhance your understanding of the lessons that you chose for this journey in the physical realm.

It can bring love and light into the darkest of your situations, allowing you to know that life is more than what’s currently being experienced. Furthermore, this stone also offers optimism and hope for a better future, allowing you to accept the here and now. Not only that, but sugilite also encourages forgiveness of yourself and other people, while instilling a sense of confidence and freedom.

Elestial Quartz

Elestial Quartz

Also known as window quartz, elestial quartz is another powerful variety of the quartz family. As its alternate name implies, elestial quartz serves as a window into the spiritual world. Its highly vibrational energies can link your conscious body and mind to the universe.

Not only that, but this stone also acts as a hyper-speed portal to quickly open your third eye to the higher dimensions, making it one of the best crystals for advanced users. When using this stone, you can also help realign your chakras back to harmony. Its harmonious vibrations allow the quick activation of your spiritual connection so you can receive and intercept higher vibrational messages.

The extremely high vibrations of this stone can take some time to get used to but it shall captivate you the moment you touch or lay your eyes on it. The wisdom encased within this stone can assist you in your search for answers. Meditating with this stone can also link your third eye to the vast library of history and knowledge.

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond

The Herkimer diamond is another type of quartz that originated in Herkimer, New York, thus the name. This stone carries the same properties as the clear quartz, only that it’s more powerful and potent.

The Herkimer diamond is a highly vibrational stone and is dubbed the Stone of Attunement. Its energies can enhance and amplify your spiritual energy so you can advance your skills and ascend you to your highest spiritual state.

Not only that, but this stone can also help in raising your telepathic abilities. This enhances your ability to have better communication with your spirit guides. Plus, it also helps advance your skills of clairaudient and clairvoyant, thanks to its higher frequency.

This crystal stone can also be used to assist in advancing your physical healing abilities. By simply placing this stone on a sore body part, it is said to help alleviate the pain within minutes. This is because it embodies healing Light and allows it to pass through your body to fight any strain along the way.

Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan Desert Glass

Also called Great Sand Sea Glass or Libyan Gold Tektite, the Libyan Desert Glass is a unique variety of tektite said to be created from a meteorite impact 26 million years ago. So, like moldavite, the Libyan Desert Glass carries extra-terrestrial energies that can help in advancing your metaphysical skills.

This crystal stone is one of the most powerful transformation stones you can find. Its pulsating energies directly resonate with your sacral, solar plexus and third eye chakra. With this stone, your personal will can soon undertake a rebirthing effect, revitalizing your true interstellar powers.

Not only that, but you’ll also notice an increased amount of control over yourself. It helps you through your own ascension process and attuning to your energies and of the higher realms. Powerful realms can be visited with the help of this stone, filling you with endless knowledge and wisdom.

Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite

Black kyanite is one of the strongest protection stones you can find. You can use this to protect yourself against unwanted entities from sticking to your auric field if you focus too much on advancing your metaphysical and healing skills.

This crystal stone is also a powerful awakener. As it creates impenetrable etheric bubbles around your aura, it has the ability to slow down and relax your mind. As a result, you can find comfort within yourself while reducing the worry of any threat or harmful energy from breaching your peace.

While most people think that black kyanite works mainly on the root chakra, this powerful stone has the ability to activate your entire chakra column so you can realign your entire spirit and body. With this stone, you can feel protective energies through your meditation, releasing blockages to any chakra so you can fully restart your growth process without any restrictions.



Ajoite is a rare crystal found in Arizona, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Its unique crystalline structure is pulsating powerful energies that can help connect you to the angelic realm in an instant. This shall bring you stronger communication skills with the divine, bringing forth deeper knowledge and wisdom that you can share with others.

The powerful energies of this stone can also help you evolve spiritually. It is a terrific aid that you use during your meditation sessions since it allows you to fuse and connect to your inner and higher self.

Not only that, but this powerful stone also holds a very strong goddess energy that is soothing, supportive and nurturing. It helps in removing any disharmonious energy in your life, bringing in a quiet yet powerful change in your entire body. By cleaning your entire body, you have more space to absorb positive energies that can help strengthen your practice.

Angel Aura Quartz

Angel Aura Quartz

The angel aura quartz is a beautifully rainbow-colored stone that offers the combined energy of the master healer, clear quartz, and metal energies.

While most metaphysical practitioners still prefer the untreated and natural crystals for their spiritual and metaphysical work, most of them are now considering aura quartz crystals to be an exception to the rule. This is mainly because of the pure components of the master healer and precious metals and the resulting synergistic energies.

All aura quartz crystals are prized for their capability to expand consciousness, this is particularly true for the angel aura quartz crystal resonating at higher levels. This stone can heal the physical and spiritual body, aligning yourself to better understand and receive angelic knowledge and wisdom.

As a stone of spiritual elevation, the angel aura quartz is remarkably powerful for expanding and guiding your soul. Furthermore, this stone can also offer serenity and peace during meditation. It can deepen your attunement to the divine and angelic realm while opening the gateways o spiritual enlightenment.

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst

Also known as Dog Tooth amethyst, the chevron amethyst is a variety of amethyst with naturally occurring white quartz in a “vi” or banded pattern. While it shares the same vibrations and energies as the normal amethyst, a chevron amethyst pulsates far more powerful and stronger energies that resonate with your higher chakras.

This amethyst variety specifically focuses on the crown and third eye chakras, linking and activating the two together. This is useful when you want to align and attune yourself with higher frequencies can energies in order to enhance your skills and practice.

Meditating with this stone can also enhance the normal vibrations of amethyst and other crystal stones. It advances your psychic skills by increasing the clarity and vividness of your visions and helping you connect with the higher divine in its purest and truest form.



Pietersite is another powerful crystal suitable for those looking to advance their metaphysical practice. In particular, this stone is best if you want to advance your interpersonal skills.

This specific stone has the ability to unlock and connect your third eye and solar plexus chakra. When these two chakras are unified, you can experience endless outcomes and opportunities. Your personal will becomes connected to your third eye, allowing you to see clearly ahead of you. By simply holding this stone, you can feel that your dreams are just within your grasp.

This crystal stone can reactivate your personal will and contains powerful fiery energy that reignites your drive and determination from within. Its energies are roaring full of focus, willpower and the undeniable desire, linking it up to your third eye chakra so you can find ways to manifest your dreams and unlock your full capabilities.



Historically called Traubenblei, pyromorphite is a rare mineral of the Apatite family. Like pietersite, the pyromorphite is a powerful stone that can help advance your interpersonal and emotional skills.

It does so by activating and linking your solar plexus and heart chakra together. This results in you becoming overwhelmed with passion and love, making any desire or goal achievable. It allows your desire to take the next level, by providing you intense energies of determination and inner strength. As a result, it can help push you into action in pursuit of your dreams.

Not only that but pyromorphite has also been used as a protective talisman for dispelling all kinds of negative energies that it might come in contact with. By simply carrying or wearing this crystal stone, you can get full protection against negative environments or energies.

Take note that because of the high frequency and vibrational energy of pyromorphite, it can be too strong for even advanced users. So, take time to incorporate this stone into your practice. If using this stone makes you feel light-headed or uncomfortable, then place it away and try again some other time.

Shaman Stone

Shaman Stone

Also known as Boji Stones, the shaman stones are believed to have formed over a hundred million years ago. It was heavily used by the shamans of Moqui Indians who resided in the Moqui Desert.

This stone is said to carry potent energies, which is why shamans use these stones in ritual meditations and practices. Referred to as spiritual talismans, the stone was said to help channel higher knowledge and in contacting spirit guides and angelic beings.

As a matter of fact, legend talks about how deceased spirits or the Moqui tribe would come at night and play with this crystal stone, moving them before daybreak. This was seen as a sign from the tribe’s loved ones in the afterlife attempting to contact them.

In particular, though, the shaman stones are quite powerful in creating a perfect alignment of your chakras. Not only that, but its potency also helps revitalize your entire energy column. Meditating with this stone is said to advance and strengthen your connection with mother earth while providing you the nutrient and knowledge of the world.



Phenacite is a rare mineral that got its name from the Greek word of deceiver. This is because it is often mistaken for clear quartz.

And while it looks closely similar to the quartz crystal, the energy of this stone also emanates high vibrations that resonate with your higher chakras. This powerful stone is preferred for its potent visionary effects, making it one of the best crystals for advanced users with a focus on visions.

As a supreme stone of the third eye chakra, the phenacite has the ability to help you dive deep within yourself. It’s strong enough to affect people who may not normally be sensitive to crystals or those trying to advance to the next level of their metaphysical practice.

This crystal stone has the ability to open up inter-dimensional portals during meditation. It allows you to journey inwards on your subconscious mind and throughout the higher realms and bring back the information to use in the physical realm. Not only that, but the phenacite is also one of the best stones for activating your light body. It is also a powerful communication tool, allowing you to advance your skills in talking with angelic beings and spirit guides.

Because of the undeniable power of the phenacite, you can instantly feel a slight tingling sensation instantly. The sensation of energies pulsating within you by using this stone will surely be unlike anything you have ever felt. It shall offer you immense experiences of inner vision and telepathy.

Agni Manitite

Agni Manitite

Also known as the Pearl of Fire, the agni manitite is an extremely rare tektite that’s found on Java Island, Indonesia. It got its name from the ancient Sanskrit term “agni mani” which means “pearl of the divine fire”.

Like any other tektite mineral, the agni manitite is pulsating with an intense energy that resonates strongly with your solar plexus chakra. Using or carrying this stone, you’ll immediately notice the connection and the overseeing ability of your personal energy levels as well as the unique attributes that make you, you.

This tektite variety specialized in raising your manifestation, creative and adventurous energy to new heights. It helps you channel your own conjured energy into the dream, goal, task or desire that’s at the forefront of your mind. It shall bring you increased confidence like wildfire.

Campo del Cielo

Campo del Cielo

Campo del Cielo is the name given to the family of meteorites found in the crater in northern Argentina that has impacted Earth around 4,000 years ago. Like all meteorites, the Campo del Cielo mineral contains pulsating energy that can assist in the full physical transformation of your existence.

This crystal stone helps elevate your consciousness and bring your psychic skills to new unimaginable heights. In particular, this stone soars above all other space crystals in terms of re-imagining yourself.

With this stone, you can help clear out the negativity from your surrounding from within you that might be affecting your decision-making. By offering this impenetrable etheric shield, not only will your experience inner peace, but you can also enhance your spiritual powers while allowing you to listen to your instinctual desires.



It’s not every day that you can get the chance to work with such a rare and powerful stone. But, if you’re fortunate enough to have a raw piece of grandidierite, then you can experience immense advancement in your metaphysical capabilities.

In particular, this stone allows for a powerful manifestation that will pull you in the direction of what your heart truly wants. This stone features powerful energies that can open your mind and eyes in order to make a final leap.

Not only that but by working with this stone, your experience activated and linked throat, heart and third eye chakra in an instant. This trifecta allows your mind and heart the opportunity to freely communicate with each other. A clear channel of emotions and thought should help you in advance every aspect of yourself.

In addition, using the grandidierite can help open up your mind so you can clearly see and achieve your truest potential. Sleeping with this stone can also advance your dreaming abilities, allowing you to experience vivid future events and visions from the higher realms.

Faden Quartz

Faden Quartz

Like every other variety of quartz, the faden quartz mineral helps you in achieving enhanced inner visions, unparalleled clarity and opening and advancing of the spiritual body.

However, what makes this quartz variety unique is that it offers powerful amplification of your root chakra to create a strong connection to Mother Earth. This crystal stone contains ancient Earth energies that can bring you potent life force energy to be channeled to your physical body.

Meanwhile, the core of this crystal stone is said to be extremely pure and filled with un-replicable energy frozen in time. These energies can help serve your lower chakras while reigniting a full-body, spiritual and soul connection to your home planet.

Super Seven

Super Seven

Also known as the Melody Stone, the super seven is an extremely rare mineral with seven crystals in a single structure. It contains amethyst, rutile, quartz, smoky quartz, goethite, cacoxenite and lepidocrocite, making it one of the most powerful crystals for advanced users.

Combining all energies of these minerals, the Super Seven Stone has the ability to align all of your chakras to balance. It is a key ingredient to accessing your highest skills, unlocking the knowledge of ancient beings and traveling the spiritual realm.

The high frequency of this stone can help you attune to the energies of celestial beings, so you can better understand the purpose and meaning of your soul. It also provides quick answers to your questions and has the ability to usher your capabilities to experience your past life.

Working with this crystal stone can help expand your consciousness while pushing you to attain complete mental clarity. It also helps strengthen your mind and emotions so you can fully activate your power and channel the advancements of your skills.



Colombianite, also called Piedra Rayo, is actually an ancient form of obsidian glass bit closely resembles tektite. Its name translated to lighting stone and contains potent energies that can activate and advance your abilities and powers.

This crystal stone is considered a sacred stone for humanity and is said to be responsible for reigniting the spiritual flame within you. This ancient obsidian stone is said to help unlock your hidden powers and energies to form new transformative abilities. The change can be induced when meditating and allows you to look towards your auric field.

It is also a potent stone that can be used to channel higher energies and allow you to experience intense vibrations from the divine realm. It is best recommended during times of dissatisfaction with your abilities as well as during periods of instability. Colombianite is also best if you wish to advance your abilities of past life recall since it opens your root chakra as well as your third eye and crown chakra. This allows you to experience your inner self and see the purity of yourself over lifetimes.

Titanium Quartz

Titanium Quartz

Like angel aura quartz, titanium quartz is an enhanced type of quartz. Its titanium coating makes it a potent stone for elevating your mental activity, fortitude and strength. Wearing or carrying this stone can energize your entire chakra system and make it easier for you to advance your powers while keeping you grounded and energized at the same time.

Titanium quartz is best for practitioners who often lack daily energy in order to keep with their practice. The stone itself features enough potent energy that can turn your mood around while increasing your focus and making you more confident.

Plus, it also helps in expanding awareness in your environment. It stimulates the mind, allowing the full manifestation of your goals and desires. By imbuing you with a relaxed state of the mind, the titanium quartz can help you evolve and obtain your dreams and higher skills.

Colorless Topaz

Colorless Topaz

Also known as white topaz, the colorless topaz emanates very high vibrations that resonate strongly with your crown and third eye chakra. It is one of the best crystals for advanced users, bringing a faster development of their psychic skills and mental capacity.

Using this stone can make you stronger and help you understand, process and unlock unique powers and skills that you may have not known existed. It allows you to enhance and advance the psychic abilities that you’re familiar with whether it’s as simple as reading another’s body energy to more powerful abilities such as astral projection.

Either way, this powerful variety of topaz is recommended for experienced practitioners who wish to take their souls to a new level. Just make sure to slowly add this mineral into your practices and meditation exercises in order to be accustomed to its unique energy frequency.  



Dumortierite is a powerful and high vibrational stone that unlocks your third eye chakra and helps in advancing your unique powers and psychic abilities. Such abilities can range from simple skills of remembering dreams better, lucid dreaming or to advanced skills of channeling, astral projection and even forms of ESP.

Simply wearing this stone can make you strongly attuned to higher knowledge. One major indication that the powers of dumortierite have imbued you is the increase in your personal mental capacity and making it easier for you to retain and understand new information.

As a matter of fact, dumortierite is considered one of the best stones for increasing mental capacity. By increasing the mental aspect of yourself, you can unlock your hidden powers so you can become ready to take the next step towards your metaphysical practice.

Blue Halite

Blue Halite

 Also known as blue rock salt, the blue halite is an extremely rare crystal with potent energies that are capable of unlocking your spiritual skills by activating your third eye chakra.

Its high vibrations are said to fill the mind and provide you with a better understanding of your place and powers in this vast universe. The questions that you’ve searched far and beyond for can be answered through a deeper meditation.

With this stone, you can go through a transdimensional occurrence when you can finally elevate your soul to the higher planes of reality. It also helps enhance your powers of astral projection, past-life recall, angelic communication and access to the Akashic Records.

This stone can help you achieve this by advancing your spirits and pushing your spiritual limitations.



Also called the Red Cap Amethyst, Auralite-23 is a rare blend of crystals and is considered one of the oldest minerals on Earth. It was estimated to have formed around 1.2 – 1.5 billion years ago. Its name was derived from the 23 minerals within its chemical composition with amethyst being the main base.

Thanks to the numerous combination of minerals within its structure, the Auralite-23 radiates powerful energy that’s foreign to most individuals as well as practitioners who are disconnected from their own souls. This stone can be used to advance your spiritual career. With a single touch of this stone and you can experience an intense tingling sensation from its potent vibrations.

The soothing energies that this crystal offers you simply can’t be replicated anywhere and can be a powerful ally in enhancing your skills and capabilities. This stone directly resonates with your chakra column, allowing for the complete alignment of your internal system and bringing you complex energies towards growth.

In particular, this stone focuses on teaching you how to embrace yourself for all the rejuvenation and healing you need. It teaches you that you are your biggest ally and you can do anything when you set your mind and heart into it. It allows you to embrace who you are and push you towards ever-growing, new heights.



Stibnite or antimonite is a rare crystal stone that was used since ancient times. It is considered one of the most potent transformational stones that can activate and align all your chakras.

With its strong association with the god and planet Pluto, who is the ruler of all things transformation, power and rebirth, this crystal can help you shed your skin and transform yourself into who you truly are and advance your spiritual practice at the same time.

This crystal stone can help you become the highest version of your life. If you’re working on advancing your manifesting skill, then stibnite is the strongest tool you can find. It shall bring you prosperity, abundance, wealth and the enhancement of your abilities. It’s the best stone to set your intention in and assist in keeping a laser-sharp focus to push you to obtain and achieve your intention.

With this crystal stone, you’ll be able to gain personal accomplishments as well as enhance your skills in synchronicities. It shall help you in creating a harmonious and warm balance and the overall unity of your mind, will and heart.

Iceland Spar

Iceland Spar

Also known as optical calcite or clear calcite, Iceland spar is a powerful variety of calcite that originated in Iceland, thus the name. Similar to the quartz crystal, not only in appearance but also in metaphysical properties, the Iceland spar is a powerful stone of enhancement, programming, manifestation and insight.

This stone can help in clearing your whole body so you can welcome new energies that can help advance your current practice. It is a beautiful stone for finding solutions and is the perfect meditation crystal for its ability to realign your chakras and cleanse your auric field.

During meditation, the higher frequency of this stone can pulsate directly to your higher chakras and enhance your mental awareness and capabilities. As a result, psychic abilities are unlocked and push you to gain new knowledge, skills and become the highest version of yourself. And if you’re looking to strengthen and fully activate your third eye chakra during meditation, this stone is the ally to do so.



 Covellite is another powerful stone that can help create a bridge between the ethereal and physical realms. When using covellite, your mind becomes clear and open, allowing you to attune to the powerful energies of these higher dimensions.

With this stone, you will notice that your own unique psychic capabilities slowly becoming awakened, helping you advance your practice. It mainly helps in advancing your lucid dreaming skills, allowing you to easily understand and receive messages from the higher realm.

Not only that, but this stone also helps in grounding your energy so that you don’t become too overwhelmed by its potent energies and the sudden empowerment of your spiritual skills.



Like covellite, nuummite is a potent stone used by advanced users to bridge the physical and spiritual realms together. It provides a channel for your transformative energy, higher knowledge and spiritual skills to grow and prosper.

This crystal stone can help in unlocking your third eye and the activation of your own unique psychic abilities. With this stone, you can experience inner visions of your past lives as well as receive messages from your spirit guides and guardian angels.

The pulsating vibrations of this stone shall imbue your entire body and elevate your entire consciousness. Working with this stone repeatedly can help in advancing your spiritual skills and making you feel comfortable in its overwhelming energies sooner enough.



Hackmanite is one of the most favored crystals for advanced users. This is because this stone helps in enhancing your mental capabilities. By strengthening your mind, it allows the unlocking of your spiritual power and leads you to the gateway of higher knowledge.

Not only that, but this crystal stone allows advanced users to learn the language of the gods. It helps you in decoding visions and imagery from your nightly dreams or meditational experience, so you can understand and find the purpose of your life and practice.

This stone is also highly recommended as a means for your spiritual evolution and personal growth. When you’re able to use the true power of hackmanite, this stone can help reveal your special skills and potential, peeling back your layers and revealing the true beauty of your soul and mind while enhancing your powers and skills.



Tektite is the name given to natural glass formed during ancient meteorite strikes on Earth. Due to their extra-terrestrial origin, tektites resonate at a super-high frequency, allowing you to elevate your consciousness to new dimensional heights. With this stone, you can experience an increase in your internal energy while opening your mind to become a receptor of incoming messages and knowledge from above.

With this crystal stone, you will experience advancement in your spiritual powers such as dream work., synchronicities, lucid dreaming and astral projection. This is because it helps you create a strong connection with the angels, elestial protectors and spirit guides above.

Also, the extraterrestrial component of this stone is a favorite amongst practitioners, especially those looking to experience new powers and advance their skills. By simply placing this crystal stone on any of your chakras, you can enhance their traits and bring you activation and unlocking of your true powers.



Muscovite is a powerful crystal for advanced users. It contains high vibrational energies that can clear and expand your mental capacity and allow the activation of your unique powers and psychic abilities.

As a matter of fact, this crystal stone has the ability to attune your brain waves to the energies of the gods. This allows you to reach higher dimensions with endless knowledge of the universe and yourself. Not only that, but it also allows you to communicate with deities and spiritual guides through deep meditation, as well as channeling and tapping into the energies of the ethereal realm.

With this crystal stone, you can break through the physical barrier and finally achieve higher knowledge and spiritual evolution. Using this stone repeatedly can also help train your brain and pineal gland, allowing them to expand and receive advanced power from the unknown. It shall offer you a stronger connection to your true self. And unlike most potent crystals for advanced users, the energy of muscovite is not too much to handle for those just starting to experience advanced spiritual skills.



Afghanite is another rare crystal for advanced users vibrating at a high frequency. One touch and you’ll immediately feel its potency and pulsating energy. The energies of this stone will rush towards your crown and third eye chakra, aligning and activating these most potent chakras for the activation and enhancement of your spiritual energies.

As a matter of fact, afghanite is a preferred stone for activating your unique psychic abilities to help you receive messages from your guardian angels and spirit guides. This stone can help you become more conscious of your true power.

Not only that, but with this stone, you can communicate and learn from your guardian angels and spirit guides in order to awaken your capabilities. Take note, however, that you need to give yourself some time to become comfortable with its potent energies and to use its fullest potential. Simply meditate with this stone or place it near your bed every night.



Cryolite is a highly intuitive crystal that resonates with your chakra, but more particularly with your third eye chakra. With this stone, you can advance your spiritual skills to their highest potential.

Some of the psychic abilities that this stone can bring you include spirit guides and angel communications, experiencing prophetic visions, Deja vu, astral projection, lucid dreaming and ESP. The potent energies of cryolite shall imbue your spirit and allow you to become more in touch with your higher self.

Take note that the potent vibrations of this stone seep directly into your pineal gland and activate it in just a few minutes. As a matter of fact, cryolite is one of the very few high vibrational stones that can do that. With that said, you need to learn to attune to its energy. The pulsations and tingling sensation it provides might be too powerful, but it should be easy for those looking to advance their spiritual powers and skills. Allow this crystal to passively raise your overall vibrations while giving yourself some time to become accustomed to its powers. Once you become used to its powers, you can add it to your meditation routine to further master your psychic abilities.



Pinolite (sometimes spelled pinolith or called pinolithstein) is an extremely rare crystal that consists of graphite, dolomite and howlite. The energies of this crystal stone can bring about an unfamiliar, powerful feeling in every practitioner, regardless of the experience. With that said, it is one of the best crystals for advanced users.

With a single touch, you can immediately notice the soft and subtle energy that this stone gives off. It can be described as a cooling sensation that resonates strongly with your core. You can soon begin to feel a stronger and deeper connection to yourself as its energies work towards unlocking your emotional body and heart.

This unique crystal can help you access your root, heart and crown chakra, creating a uniquely powerful channel to help ground your ideas, emotions and thoughts. Through deep meditation, this crystal can help you venture to the depths of your mind and heat and expose your true inner potential and powers.

Not only that, but this crystal stone can also help you look ahead towards new opportunities and beginnings and serves as a reminder to constantly grow and expand your powers and current self.

How to Use Crystals For Advanced Users

The crystals for advanced users mentioned above can bring you intense and higher energies to develop your healing skills. In order to maximize their effectiveness, you can use them in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples of how you can use crystals for advanced users to take your skills to the next level.

Do a Crystal Meditation

Doing meditation while holding a crystal for advanced users ensures that you connect to their powerful energies every day and get used to their intense powers to develop and your skillset.

Doing a crystal meditation allows you to clear your mind, so you can stay focused, relaxed and calm in manifesting your intention. The good thing about crystal meditation is that you can use a variety or crystals for advanced users as you meditate in order to mix and match their unique energetic qualities, empowering you further.

To do a crystal meditation, you simply need to gather your preferred crystals for advanced users and hold them in your hand. Then, set your intentions of advancing your healing and intuitive skills.

You can quietly say it on your mind or say it aloud. Visualize yourself being charged with the crystals’ powerful energies. You can sit for a few minutes before placing the crystals on your meditation mat and continuing your session.

Try Doing a Body Layout

How to Use Crystals For Advanced Users

Other than meditation, doing a body layout ensures that you can align yourself with the pulsating energies of crystals for advanced users. This method means placing the crystals strategically on your lying body.

When you place crystal stones on your body in order to promote skill advancement, it is recommended to place the crystals on their associated chakra.

For instance, you can place Herkimer diamond or phenacite on your crown chakra while sugilite or chevron amethyst can be placed on your third eye chakra. Blue stones like blue halite and dumortierite are placed on your throat chakra while pink or green stones like moldavite, pinolite and grandidierite should be placed on your heart chakra. Pyromorphite, agni manitite or pietersite can be placed on your solar plexus while goethite can be placed on your sacral chakra. Lastly, noble shungite, colombianite and black kyanite can be placed on your root chakra.

Still, most crystals for advanced users like covellite, Iceland spar, tektite, titanium quartz and cryolite resonate with all chakra systems, so you can simply place them in whatever chakra you want.

Focus on deepening your breath and practice gratitude for your crystal stones while they are placed on your body in order to enhance the effect. This should open your heart and free the chattering mind by allowing you to focus on the aspects of your life with gratitude and bringing inner peace.

Sleep With Crystals

Sleeping with crystals for advanced users ensures that you stay connected to their powerful energies even if you’re asleep. Not only that but ensuring close proximity of their energies to your auric field can also heighten your spiritual and psychic abilities.

You can simply place these crystals under your pillow for a closer connection. However, if you have a softer crystal such as sugilite, kyanite or muscovite, placing them under your pillow can damage their structure. So, you can simply place them beside your bed.

This should help keep their energies close to your auric field, inducing a calming environment and/or resonating with your higher chakras psychic skills enhancement and in connecting with the higher realm.

However, if you are sensitive or a light sleeper, sleeping with crystals for advanced users is not a good idea. You can always place these crystals further away from your bed, but their intense energies might still cause overstimulation during sleep. You should also consider using only one or two crystals at the same time. Combining lots of energies can actually stir your energy and keep you awake.

Establish a Crystal Grids

Crystals grids are a great way to enhance the powers of your crystals for advanced users. Using and mixing the energies of crystals stones can help bring you potent energies needed to enhance your healing skills.

There is a geometric pattern of crystals arranged with a specific intention. It is believed that the shape of the crystal grid and the kinds of crystals used can invoke a specific energetic quality.

Once again, you don’t want to use too many crystals for advanced users since their power can be too much and overstimulate your senses instead of experiencing a development in your powers.

Make and Drink Crystal Elixirs

Elixir is perhaps one of the most favored ways of using these magical crystals for advanced users. Drinking crystal essences and elixirs allows you to directly consume their powerful energies.

You can take a cleansed and clear tumbled crystal of your preferred choice and soak it in a pitcher filled with water. Then, place it in the fridge.

However, you need to research which crystals are suitable for this method. Most crystals for advanced users can release toxic elements when submerged into the water while others simply dissolve or get damaged when in contact with water.

Fortunately, you can still create a crystal elixir without submerging these stones in the water. You simply create a grid of the water bottle with your preferred crystal stone and leave it in the moonlight overnight. The feminine energies of the moon can enhance the energies of the stone for better absorption in the water.

You can drink at least half a glass of this crystal elixir whenever you need a boost in your skills and powers.

Wear or Carry It

If you wish to be connected with the energies of your crystals for advanced users for the whole day and wherever you go, then you can simply wear them as pieces of jewelry— necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings.

By wearing your crystals for advanced users, you can have direct skin contact, ensuring that you experience and get used to their pulsating vibrational energies. Once again, when wearing your crystals, make sure that they are close to their designated chakras.

For instance, crystals for advanced users that resonate with the crown chakra should be worn as earrings or headpieces. Meanwhile, stones of the throat and heart chakra, are best worn as necklaces or pendants.

For crystals that resonate with the lower chakras are best worn as bracelets and rings, keeping close proximity to your root, sacral and solar plexus chakras.

Expose Crystals In Outdoor Elements

Now, if you don’t like wearing your crystal or you have a softer crystal that’s not suitable for jewelry use, then you can simply carry it as a tumbled stone or rubbing stone with you. You can tuck it in your pocket or wallet.

This allows their beneficial energy to pulsate through your auric field or gives you easy access to their energy whenever you needed some enhancing energies.

Use Them As Display

Crystals for advanced users also make great displays or décor in your home, office or work desk. This is especially true if you want to fill your environment with their powerful energies.

Regardless of what you choose, these crystals for advanced users will look beautiful wherever you display them and their potent energies can help everyone else within their radius.


Visualization is considered a potent exercise with crystals that can be performed anywhere, anytime. To do this, you first need to hold your preferred crystal for advanced users. You can sit or stand with your feet on the ground. You can hold the crystals for advanced users or place them around you.

After that, close your eyes and let your focus soften. Take deep breaths and brings all your awareness to the crystal you’re holding or surrounding you. Imagine their pulsating energies filling your entire being.

Stay this way for a few minutes and just let the vibrational energies of your crystals for advanced users fill not only your inner self but also the surrounding environment.

Once you are finished, you’ll notice how your resonance has increased and how you are filled with powerful energies.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Advanced Users?

Crystals are a great tool if you wish to expand your spiritual and healing skillset. Not only can they help provide the potent and higher energies you need to enhance your healing skills, but they offer you protective and shielding energies needed when accessing the spiritual realm so that no harmful entities or negative energies attach themselves to you and prevent you from effectively leveling up.

Unfortunately, while they may be as powerful as they are, the constant use of these crystal stones can cause their energies to go dull or they can be filled with absorbed toxic energies. As a result, you can feel that these stones may fail to bring you the enhanced benefits you need. Thus, it is important that you keep your crystals for advanced users charged and cleansed, regularly.

Use Warm and Gentle Soap

First off, you need to start to clean your crystals physically. You can do this by using water and gentle soap. Then, you can softly brush or rub the surface of the crystal with your fingers or a soft, used toothbrush. This should help in removing the debris and dust accumulated. After that, make sure to rinse it thoroughly and pat dry with a clean, soft cloth.

Unfortunately, most crystals for advanced users are soft or porous stones. This means that they should not be cleaned with water or you’ll damage their surface or even completely dissolve in water. So, make sure to check if the crystal you have is suitable for water cleaning. If not, then you can simply wipe off the dust and dirt from the surface.

After the physical cleansing, it is time to metaphysically cleanse and recharge the energies of your crystal stone.

Leave Crystals In The Garden Or Forest

All crystal stones will have a strong connection to Mother Earth. And the nurturing and soothing energies of the earth make a perfect natural cleansing method for your crystals for advanced users. You can simply leave these stones out in a rich garden or forest for a few hours can help nourish and replenish their exhausted energies, releasing the toxicities and negativity back to earth.

If you want a more concentrated healing and don’t mind the dirt, you can bury the crystal in a bowl filled with nurturing soil for a few hours. This ensures that all negativity from the stone will be absorbed by the soil. You can simply wash the stone with water or wipe it clean with a soft cloth to remove the dirt after.

Expose Crystals In Outdoor Elements

Now, if you’re doing the cleansing outside, you can also expose your crystal stones to the elements, doubling the healing and nurturing energies it receives. For instance, the sun can offer revitalizing energies, especially for those crystals that use resonates with its fiery energies. However, make sure that you don’t over-expose your crystals. Some stones can fade or get damaged under direct sunlight. In order to be safe, you can let your crystal stone enjoy the sunrays during sunset or sunrise only.

Expose Crystals In Outdoor Elements

Moonlight Cleansing

If you want a safer cleansing and healing of your crystals for advanced users, you can use the feminine energies of the moon. Like the sun, the moon can also bring revitalizing and nurturing energies to your tired crystal stones. Unlike the sun, however, the moon is not harsh and won’t cause fading. This means that you can let your crystal stone soak overnight in lunar energies. In order to get the most out of the lunar energy, you can choose to recharge your stone on a full moon.

Cleanse Using Natural Sources Of Water

Another method of cleansing your crystals for advanced users is to use natural water. If you live near natural sources of water, for instance, waterfalls, oceans, rivers or lakes, you can use these natural waters to cleanse and recharge your crystals. Simply soak your crystal stone in these waters for a few hours. This should help wash away the toxic energies within. Once again, for the crystals that can get damaged or dissolved in water, you shouldn’t clean them with this method.

Instead, you can just use sea salt or ordinary table salt for cleansing these crystals. For years, salt has been used to cleanse away negativity, so it only makes sense that it can be used to clean and recharge the crystals for advanced users. Simply bury your crystal stone in a bowl filled with sea salt and leave it alone for a few hours to days to absorb and remove the negative energies within. Make sure to throw away the used salt after cleansing.

Use Charging Crystals

For the simplest and most convenient way to cleanse your crystal stone, you can use the charging crystal— clear quartz, selenite, carnelian and amethyst. By simply using a larger or slab version of these crystals you can easily charge and cleanse numerous crystal stones at the same time.


Smudging is another common method of cleansing crystals as well as the surrounding environment and even your auric field. Mastering the art of smudging only requires you few items such as your preferred herb bundle, mostly white sage, palo santo, or even an incense stick. Lighting up these herbs or sticks allows you to create a whip of smoke you can use to cleanse the toxic energies from within the stone. The smoke should be able to remove all toxicities within the stone while allowing good vibes to infuse and fill its structure. Make sure to leave your crystal covered in smoke for at least a minute or two to completely cleanse away the unnecessary vibrations.

Use Sound Vibrations

Another known method of cleansing and charging crystal stones is using sound vibrations. Although not as common as the other methods, sound cleansing is one of the most effective and safest ways to cleanse any crystal. Plus, it works well with group cleansing. By using singing bowls, bells or tuning forks, you can create sound vibrations that carry over to the crystals and release the toxic energies from within your crystal stones. Plus, it also helps in cleansing the environment and is suitable for putting you into a meditative cleansing state.  

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. If you are looking to take the next step to your practice or just want to improve on your current physic abilities, the above-mentioned crystals for advanced users should be a part of your meditation and practice.

These crystals are pulsating with potent and otherworldly energies that may take some time getting used to. However, when you master their energies, you’ll experience an outstanding experience in leveling up your metaphysical practice.


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