23 Powerful Crystals For Balance – The “How To” Guide

23 Most Useful Crystals For Balance – The “How To” Guide

Introduction to Crystals for Balance

One of the most crucial things that we need to make in our lives is balance. Though it is quite obvious, having the proper balance is so difficult to do in practice.

For instance, if you’re working too much, you’ll end up being stressed out or burnt out. Spending too much time with other people may result in a lack of identity. Playing too much will lead to no work getting finished.

Introduction on Crystals for Balance

Spending most of your time alone may result in one way of thought or loneliness. Sleeping too much may lead to several health problems while too little sleep can negatively affect your focus and clarity. Another thing, performing too much exercise will result in overuse injuries while sitting on the couch the whole day may result in small muscles as well as droopy skin.

Having said that, balance is crucial and key in life because with so many things, being extreme is usually a disadvantage to living your life the right way. Unfortunately, we know some of these things but we are not taking action to find the correct balance.

Yes, achieving balance can be quite challenging because of our hectic schedules and busy modern life. Admit or not, there are times that you feel it’s possible. Getting so wrapped up in everyday living is very easy that balance and even inner peace become something you will do the next day but never get around to or worse completely forgotten.

Sad to say, the feeling of constant stress and pressure, rushing from one place to another and the modern lifestyle of very long working hours can be a major cause of unhappiness and imbalance in life.

Luckily, there are many ways to keep balance in your life and one of which is to use different crystals for balance.

Crystals can help in restoring the balance between your responsibilities as well as needs in life. You can use them on their own, but if you are always meditating, you can include them in your practice.

Crystals for balance work by uplifting you, providing healing and protection to your soul, body, mind, and emotions, replenishing your energies, and creating safe spaces. For a more profound and effective balancing effect, consider wearing them.

Keep in mind that we’re all made up of energy points. And in fact, the different crystals can link to these energy points. As a result, they can help you in shaking off stagnant energies or blockages. From your entire chakra system to your personal vibrations, crystals can lift you while helping you to find good balance, inner peace as well as faith in your ability.

A Complete List of Crystals for Balance

Now that you have an idea of how crystals can help you in finding and maintaining balance, let’s take a look at the different crystals you can use to achieve balance in your life.

Here are the most useful crystals for balance along with their properties to help you pick which one will suit your needs.



Moonstone is a beautiful crystal that belongs to the family of the mineral feldspar. It is an opalescent crystal that is available in a colorless form. However, there are also blue, brown, yellow, pink, peach, gray, and green varieties. As ancient as the moon, the meaning of this crystal usually lies in its energy.

Typically, this power can give passion, awaken feminine energies and nourish. Moonstone can guide and at the same time heal you to your inner direction. Together with the moon’s waning and waxing, the crystal can evoke calmness that comes with an esoteric and sensual feel to it.

Moonstone, on the other hand, is considered one of the best crystals because it helps a person keep in balance by guaranteeing that they are in touch with their inner wisdom, their egos are kept in check, and have potent intuition.

Additionally, you can use moonstones as a day-to-day crystal especially if you want to stay in sync with the cycles of nature. You can also place a piece of this crystal on your solar plexus chakra to get rid of all the negative energies that you are holding on to. Moonstone will carry these energies to soothe your feelings.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate

Moss agate is known for its natural and ancient energy that can benefit you in many different ways. This is crystal is actually as soothing as forest walks on summer days.

This green crystal can radiate quiet serenity, good vibes, hope, and patience. Since it has a significant association with nature, the moss agate can you back into earthly balance as well as a superb sense of grounding.

Rooted and at the same time powerful, aside from being a wonderful crystal for balance, moss agate is also capable of nurturing abundance and creativity.

Nevertheless, every time you feel like you are lacking balance, consider calling on the powers of moss agate. By holding this crystal over your heart chakra, your anger or anxiety will be healed, while allowing you to transmute negative energies into positive ones.



Turquoise is a blue-to-green and opaque mineral that’s a hydrated phosphate of copper as well as aluminum.

Naturally, it is one of the most excellent crystals that can help you in balancing your life. In fact, turquoise is considered a talisman crystal of peace, tranquility, and even protection against the unwanted element of life.

This beautiful crystal can benefit your overall emotion and mood by balancing and infusing you with a sense of peace and serenity. It will even relieve stress while bringing back the focus to the heart center.

Turquoise is balancing and empathetic, helping you to determine the causes of unhappiness and happiness and master them after. Additionally, turquoise is a great crystal healing master and a potent barrier buffer talisman. In case you didn’t know, a barrier crystal has wonderful capabilities that can help you remain focused while amplifying all your efforts to keep out undesirable elements from your life. It can also protect you against outside influences and temper shocks while incorporating emotional padding into your efforts when it comes to dealing with the bruises and bumps of life.



Another great crystal for balance that you can add to your collection is chrysocolla. Chrysocolla is a mineral that is copper-bearing that can be found in copper deposits. It features an attractive and bright blue-green color that is usually mistaken for turquoise since they share a lot of visual similarities. Often, this crystal can be seen intermixed with azurite, malachite, and turquoise making a stunning combination of crystals called the Eilat Stone.

Chrysocolla, on the other hand, can stimulate the initiative qualities of your character in order to let go of all the distresses of negative feelings, allowing you to understand other people better.

By truly accepting the universe’s perfection, chrysocolla can offer you the necessary insights to balance and realign your emotions, physical body, and even intellect. This inner balance and self-awareness can impart confidence while improving your own power. The ray of this crystal will also temper excess, relieve stress, neutralize extremes, and restore calm after every storm. 



When it comes to the best crystals for balance, amethyst is one of the most popular options. This stunning purple crystal can help you in attaining wisdom by prompting each aspect of your being of its intrinsic spiritual nature.

Amethyst can help you in letting of old things as well as the ones that are no longer serving you such as disappointment, resentment, and hatred. Apart from that, amethyst will help you to completely embrace your destiny on a spiritual level.

When you have a piece of amethyst with you, it will make a long column of protective energies that will extend from the physical body through the inner body to ensure balance. This column will allow the energy of the crystal to rise up from the heart to the head and beyond. It will also heal you in the process.

Further, the crystal will offer a more profound feeling of intuition and boost your energy. The longer the amethyst that’s with you, the wider and stronger this energy column becomes.

The moment your mind is aware of its greatest aspect, the energies that the mind utilized to feed the undesirable tendencies will be directed. And when you wear amethyst for an extended period, such tendencies will start to dissolve resulting in a greater balance.



Among the many crystals for balance, sodalite has been valued for so many years. With the crystals empowering yet soothing vibration, sodalite can truly help you if you want to connect with the divine. It will also help you in forging your path with your personal rules.

The soothing energy of sodalite is believed to balance both the third eye and throat chakras. When it comes to communication, these two chakras are very important. They will help you convey mental, emotional, and spiritual processes in a way that is understandable to other people. If you have felt incapable to explain your action, thoughts, or emotions, this blue crystal can help you with that.

When you are looking for emotional balance, sodalite also comes in handy. It is because it does a great job of soothing anxiety and stress and even panic attacks. Sodalite will teach you how to become mindful not only in meditation but in your life in general.

Some people also believe that sodalite can help in balancing metabolism and lowering blood pressure.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Known as the stone of love, rose quartz is the most desired and highly revered crystal in the quartz family. It’s because of the fact that this beautiful and powerful crystal has positive effects on relationship luck, romance, and love.

Rose quartz is considered one of the best crystals as it can be used in balancing emotions and bringing calm and peace. This calm and emotional balance can bring stress relief and at the same time ease anxiety. In fact, such things can carry energies of compassion, forgiveness, and tolerance to fore allowing you to see the good not only in yourself but also in other people.

It’s also worth mentioning that rose quartz can boost bodily functions related to romance like making a balance for the sexual feelings and reproductive system.



Selenite is a translucent white crystal that belongs to the gypsum group. This crystal symbolizes a connection to the angelic worlds, spiritual purity, and light. Believe it or not, selenite is one of the most sacred stones in history. But aside from that, it has a lot more to offer.

Selenite is perfect to use if you want to bring balance into your life. The crystal vibrates from a light and high energy, linking to a stat called “flow” which means having a focus calmy or having a good time being busy.

Since selenite is a great cleansing crystal, you can also use it to cleanse other crystals. It means, it isn’t just a great crystal balance but is also beneficial to its counterparts.

Nevertheless, if you want to have a restful and calm moon, which is necessary for a good night’s sleep, place selenite under your pillow or put it on the nightstand.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

A translucent white variety of quartz, clear quartz is a remarkable crystal that comes with beneficial effects in the most comprehensive sense of the word. Clear quartz will energetically connect you with the crown chakra and this will allow you to see things from higher and different perspectives. In fact, this will offer you enough strength to get rid of the battles in your mind.

Clear quartz is also known for its capability to store, absorb and control the release of energy – precisely what you need if you want to bring back your sense of balance. It is an excellent amplifying crystal. Meaning to say, whatever your pour into the crystal will pour out ten times. The clarity of the many faces of clear quartz hone concentration, spark memory, and most importantly, bring you back to balance.



Achieving a life-work balance can be very challenging especially when responsibilities and distractions take time. For this scenario, one of the best crystals for balance that you can use is garnet. This one of the best crystals for balance can help in bringing back your energy field, promoting mental focus as well as reducing stress and anxiety in the physical body.

If you’re presently dealing with the serious effects of imbalance like lack of focus or feelings of disquiet, you should call upon the powers of garnet.

On the other hand, it can be very difficult to concentrate when responsibilities, as well as distractions, besiege you constantly, especially if such distractions are coming from home and work life. But with garnet, you have nothing to worry about because this crystal can guide you along the way.

It is also worth mentioning that this crystal is linked to emotional well-being most especially during pregnancy. Associated with the heart chakra and base chakra, garnet will support your cardiovascular system while correcting some issues that may be triggering underlying feelings of imbalance and lack of focus.



This list of the best crystals for balance will not be completed without mentioning calcite. Always a pop tint, this crystal comes in many different shades such as orange, red, pink, black, and blue.

Calcite is all about emotional balance. The crystal can help you survive depressive moods. It will even soothe your anxious thoughts while infusing you with a dose of bravery. Calcite, on the other hand, does a great job when it comes to encouraging forgiveness and bringing better understanding.

If you really want to bring balance, not only in your chakra but in your overall life, consider making a crystal grid consisting of all the different colors of calcite. But if you don’t have such crystals, no worries because you can simply pick one that resonates with you the most and meditate with it.



Featuring sweet yellow color, Citrine is indeed an eruption of bright energies. The beautiful crystal can bring your solar plexus chakra to balance.

One of the best things about citrine is that it’s about abundance, boosting your self-confidence as well as manifesting your dreams.

In order to clear all the blockages that hinder you from accessing your personal power and creative zest, make sure to run the crystal on your solar plexus chakra every day for about ten minutes.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is an eye-catching crystal banded in gold and black and has a lot of powerful energy. As a matter of fact, it is considered one of the strongest crystals for balance.

The tiger’s eye will help you to marry your physical well-being with your spiritual leaping. This is possible by strengthening your core center while bringing interlacing together all the wild tangents as well as threads to make harmony in mind and body.

For the periods when you feel all over the place, all you need to do is hold the tiger’s eye tightly and then allow it to bring you back into a stable sense of balance and wholeness.

Green Jade

Green Jade

Featuring a deep green color, green jade comes with cool-headed energy. This crystal is known to be the crystal of inspiring good luck. Green jade also comes in handy if you want to invite more abundance and wealth into your life. But aside from money matters, green jade is also good at balancing your nervous system and grounding your body. With green jade, you will remain level-headed and cool no matter what all the time.

Nonetheless, if you notice that you’re in poor health, feeling out of synchronizing, and falling into emotional engulf, consider meditating with this crystal for balance.



Next on the list is a crystal that is available in many different colors. Fluorite is available in everything from green and purple to ice white.

This mesmerizing crystal can restore structure and more importantly balance to your life while serving you a huge blob of positivity. Fluorite will purify and cleanse both the mind and body. It will also help in stabilizing your emotions while ensuring your subconscious is looped in all the time.  

Without a doubt, fluorite is great at balancing your entire chakra system. Having said that, if you want to keep yourself upright, make sure to use this crystal as part of a crystal grid or daily meditation.



Hematite is a smooth crystal that has polished dark silver hues. Aside from having an eye-catching appearance, hematite is known as a potent protector crystal. As a matter of fact, it is also dubbed the stone of the mind.

This crystal for balance helps by priming the mind to be in excellent condition. This is possible as hematite diffuses any negative energy, clears toxic thoughts as well as infuses you with all the courage and willpower needed to carry yourself through the world.

The perfect time to use hematite is when you want to raise again and feel deteriorated by the world. By sitting with a piece of hematite in your hand, you will be able to find balance and courage as well as keep your feet tough.



Another wonderful crystal for balance, obsidian will give you the gift of feeling secure and safe in the world so that you will be able to go out as well as explore. By protecting you from bad vibes and at the same time eliminating electromagnetic pollution, the white and black colors of obsidian will keep your yin and yang energies balanced and in place. As a result, you will be able to find confidence in order to take charge.

When you feel like you’re mopping up the moods of other people at all times, you can call upon the powers of obsidian in order to throw cloaks through your shoulders so that you will be able to move through the universe married to your personal energy.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is one of the many powerful crystals associated with the root chakra. Keep in mind that your root or base chakra in check is one of the most crucial ways if you want to build your life around balance. Together with solving woes on the root chakra, this remarkable crystal can be used to reduce anxiety and stress while inviting you to see clearly.

If you are only thinking of positive thoughts, you will be able to take actions out of places of wellness for yourself and come up with a decision that will surely lift you.

When you’re feeling that your head is foggy and that you’re making a choice out of focus, we highly recommend that you turn to smoky quartz. By holding a piece of this crystal for balance, you will be able to clear your mind.  



Sporting dark green color splashed with red pigments, bloodstone is one the most fascinating crystals for balance you will see.

Known as the stone of the warrior, bloodstone will infuse you with vitality, power, and strength. As it was a talisman on the battlefield, bloodstone is a crystal is that capable of encouraging its owners to stand out ground in commitment as well as balance.

Bloodstone, on the other hand, also gets to work on the lower chakras. It will even bring them into the right alignment which helps in easing anxiety showing up as one part of the process.

If you want to balance or heal the lower chakras, consider placing a piece of bloodstone on every area for a couple of minutes on a daily basis to get rid of all the blockages. Or simply carry the crystal with you in order to feed the warrior spirit.



Green Aventurine is a beautiful as well as smooth-to-touch crystal. In fact, it is one of the most comforting crystals that will help you remain serene and soft even though when you’re feeling challenged.

Green Aventurine is a stone for the heart chakra encouraging balance, emotional calm, and healing while offering protection from those who would attempt to drain precious resources.

To make the most of the balancing powers of green aventurine, hold it tightly, especially when you’re feeling angry and anxious or as though your emotional charges are skyrocketing. Believe it or not, green aventurine will soothe you instantly while talking you down to a room of ease and gentle acceptance.



Labradorite is a stunning crystal flashing with several colors such as royal blue, orange, violet, and gold. These colors are known as labradorescence. Since it comes with many different colors breaking through the gray and blue surface, labradorite is one of the most excellent crystals to balance and support your third eye chakra and that is where people’s critical and quick understanding competes for mind space with a deeper spiritual truth.

When it comes to intellect versus spiritual truths, some people are of two minds and they may have a hard time looking for a balance between them, fortunately, a labradorite comes in handy during these situations.

In order to make balance, consider lying on your back and place a piece of this crystal for balance in the middle of your forehead, remember that is where you can find the third eye chakra. After that, be sure that you’re open to all information arriving as you meditate in this way. The crystal will quiet the mind that keeps on thinking and let you tune in to the spiritual truths.



Rhodochrosite is an attractive crystal known as the stone of the sympathetic heart. It is symbolic of empathy, and selfless love as well as a call to help heal the earth and humanity. The frequencies of this crystal are joy, peace, and passion. It will even remind you to unlock your potential and embrace your equitable powers.

Rhodochrosite, on the other hand, will churn your solar plexus chakra gently and this will encourage you to feel enthusiastic and spontaneous while practicing independence and self-love. It will promote a playful and positive attitude and a brave heart to take action to pursue your dreams.

Rhodochrosite will also help with non-attachment to release trauma associated with childhood. It will even help you to make a secure attachment in a relationship as it opens and softly soothes your heart.

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is an attractive translucent or opaque blue crystal growing if flat and long blades. It also comes with a deep indigo stripe often running straight through the middle of the stone. Reflecting on its structure, one of the most notable properties of this crystal is its capability to inspire supreme balance as well as alignment both to the energetic and physical bodies, thus activating the conscious mind centers and intuition and opening the psychic channel.

Blue kyanite, on the other hand, will open the central channel of the owner called the Sushumna. This will instantly align, balance and heal all of the chakras in your body. When the central channel is clear, it will allow you to run your energy more efficiently. What’s more, it becomes a much clearer channel for your spiritual understanding to flow through. This helps in an easier addition of objective truths and ideas into everyday and physical life.

Because of these attributes, blue kyanite is believed to support the central nervous system which helps in preventing burnout. It is also ideal for those who are dealing with vertigo or other equilibrium imbalances. Blue kyanite is also beneficial for those who have migraines and spinal misalignment.

On the other hand, if you have been feeling exhausted and want to balance your chakras or seek energetic and physical alignment, don’t think twice and call upon the powers of blue kyanite right away.  

How to Use Crystals for Balance

There are many different ways to work with amazing crystals for balance. Like with other healing practices like exercise or diet, one crystal method that works for other people will not necessarily work for you. Having said that, don’t feel frustrated especially if you’re not seeing an instant result. When this happens, consider trying other methods to get the results you desire.

Here are some of the best ways you can try to start incorporating your chosen crystals for balance in your life.

Carry A Crystal for Balance With You

Carry A Crystal for Balance With You

Did you know that the more time you spend with your crystals, the more you’ll be able to notice their energies? Well, that’s true. Some people seeking balance prefer to carry certain crystals in their purses or pocket so that they will be able to access their energies in an instant every time they need them.

It is also worth mentioning that you can bring with you a situation-specific crystal when you need to have a major meeting at your work or when meeting up with someone, you’re hoping to fix a relationship with. Nevertheless, just having some crystals in your pocket or purse can offer a myriad of benefits.

Wear Crystals for Balance As Jewelry

Wear Crystals for Balance As Jewelry

Just like the first method, wearing crystals for balance as jewelry can also help if you want to remain connected to them. The perfect piece of jewelry that you use is the necklace. This is to make sure that the crystals can focus on glowing their energies to the throat chakra and heart chakra. This comes in handy if you want to maintain balance in your work and romantic life. You can also wear jewelry if you are having a hard time achieving better communication.

Hold A Crystal As You Meditate

Hold A Crystal As You Meditate

Another common yet great way to deeply connect with your crystals for balance is to use them while you’re meditating.

For this method, begin by holding your chosen crystal in your hands. But if don’t like the idea of holding anything during meditation, you can make a circle of crystals around you. After that, close your eyes and then focus on your breathing. You might feel that your body is becoming more balanced, grounded, and calmer.

Some of the above-mentioned crystals will offer powerful energies, making the hair on the arms stand up. While others have softer effects. But whatever crystals you are using, it is important that you remain present at the moment as well as focus on the changes in your body and mind.

Take A Hot Bath Together With Rose Quartz

Take A Hot Bath Together With Rose Quartz

One of the simplest exercises you can use to relax and soothe your feelings and emotions is to take a bath together with rose quartz. For this method, all you need to do is place the rose quartz in your bath and set the water to your preferred temperature.

On the other hand, you can also add a calming essential oil to your hot water. You can even place an oil burner on an appropriate surface. Some of the best oils that you can use to calm your emotions and relax include ylang-ylang, rose, rosemary, and chamomile. By the way, before adding the oil, make sure to confirm if it is an essential oil and not a perfume oil or fragrance. Though such oils smell good, know that these products are made artificially and don’t have the natural healing properties of a real essential oil.

Nonetheless, once your bath is all set, you can lie in the water and then feel the soothing and calming energy of rose quartz washing over you. You will also need to pick up the crystals and then hold them over your heart. Imagine that crystal’s calming energies travel throughout your body while getting rid of any stress or tension. After that, return the rose quartz to the water and soak it in the water for as long as you want. Once done, don’t forget to cleanse your crystal for balance so that negative energies will not build up.

Place Crystals For Balance On Your Chakra

Place Crystals For Balance On Your Chakra

For this method, you will need to take the crystal for the chakra corresponding to the chakra you balance and then place it on the said chakra. The crystal’s energy will vibrate and most importantly, bring back balance. Visualize that the crystal is spreading and glowing throughout the chakra.

To obtain better results, you can place a quartz crystal specifically around the colored crystal. It is because a quartz crystal may help in activating the energy center of the body and has the capability to change existing energies.

However, your symptoms may become worse after placing the crystals for balance in the body. But you have nothing to worry about because this means that all bad energies are working out their way from your body. It is also the start of the healing process.

Nonetheless, you can position crystals for balance on top of your clothing or directly on the skin. Additionally, for this method make sure to start at the base chakra and then work your way up. And instead of placing them on your head directly, place the crystals for the crown chakra right on top of your head.

Place Crystals Around Your Office Or Home

Place Crystals Around Your Office Or Home

Placing them around your office or home is another way to harness the potent powers of the different crystals for balance.

In actual fact, some crystals used for healing have been appearing in various home decoration magazines. Larger crystals, on the other hand, make for attention-grabbing statement pieces working to shift and balance the energy of a certain space. Such crystals can be a nice addition to your room. The smaller crystals are perfect to place around your workspace. Make sure to look for a crystal that will not only allow you to keep your balance but also can promote positivity, focus, and mental clarity in order to balance the negative energies that a lot of workspaces hold.

How to Cleanse Crystals for Balance?

Some people are afraid to cleanse their crystals because they assume that it will eliminate the base energy of the crystals. Little did they know cleansing will simply clean the energies that are no longer necessary so that the crystals will perform better.

When it comes to cleansing crystals for balance, there are plenty of ways available. Depending on the crystals you’re cleansing or working with and what feels accurate to you, you can actually experiment with various methods.

Use Moonlight

How to Cleanse Crystals for Balance

Using moonlight is a simple yet powerful technique you can use to cleanse any crystals for balance. You can cleanse your crystal with this method any time of the month but if you want to obtain better results, you can perform cleaning during the full moon. To use this cleansing method, simply place the crystal in a safe spot where the moonlight falls. For instance, you can place them on windowsills, garden tables, and even pathways. On the other hand, you shouldn’t leave your crystals in a place that typically received lots of direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Cleanse With Water

Aside from moonlight, you can also use salt water to cleanse your crystals. But keep in mind that this method is quite different compared to using fresh water. Saltwater shouldn’t be used with crystals with a low Mohs hardness score or delicate ones. The reason behind this is that salt’s abrasive nature may be too harsh for the crystal and may lead to physical damage. If you’re planning to use salt water, some of the crystals you need to avoid are calcite and labradorite as well as any crystals that shouldn’t be used in water. In case the crystal you are working with can be safely cleaned using saltwater, start the cleansing process by dissolving a teaspoon of sea salt in one glass of clean water. Once the sea salt is totally dissolved, soaked the crystals in the salt solution for a couple of hours or overnight.

Use A Singing Bowl

Using singing bowls is also an effective way to cleanse your crystals for balance as the sound vibrations they give off can get rid of negativity. To perform this form of cleansing, simply hold or place your crystals next to a metal singing bowl. Then stroke the mallet either around the singing bowl’s outer or inner edge and make sure to build up the speed little by little. As you perform this all the negative energies and vibrations from your crystals will be carried away and drawn out on the sound waves. This will make a way for positive energies to fill the crystals. In fact, you can also use a recording to cleanse your crystals. Simply position the crystals next to the speaker and then play the audio.

Bury Crystals In A Bowl Of Dry Brown Rice

Cleansing crystals for balance is also possible. This cleansing technique can draw out any negativity most especially in contained and safe settings. If you’re using protective crystals, know that it is one of the most beneficial cleansing methods you can use. To use this method, fill your bowl with dry brown rice. Then bury the crystals you’re working with beneath the rice grains. As soon as the cleansing process is done, dispose of the brown rice right away. It’s because brown rice is believed to have accumulated the bad energies you are eradicating.

Use Intentions

In case you need to use your crystals for balance quickly or you can’t perform any of the previously mentioned cleansing methods, cleanse your crystals using your intention or breath. Though it isn’t as powerful as other techniques, it’ll be alright until you can do a more thorough cleaning. Another great thing about this method is that it can be used with all crystals for balance.

To do this, take deep breaths and then focus on getting rid of stale and negative energies from your crystals. Pick up the crystal, and breathe in and out over it in a single quick breath. Imagine that all bad energies are blown from your crystal, being accumulated by Mother Earth as well as becoming lively again. 

Final Thoughts

Balance usually comes from feeling complete and whole and nothing is tilting the scale and tossing you into confusion. In fact, it is about having a solid foundation, knowing yourself deeply so that you will be able to sense when things are out of control, and having free space inside to flow and fluctuate. Fortunately, various crystals can help you attain all this, and with a great sense of balance comes the flair of life that is well-lived.

But aside from using crystals, there are other ways you can do to achieve and maintain balance in your life. For example, you will need to accept and acknowledge the fact that you can’t do everything at all times. You only have a lot of resources like money, time, and energy.

While it’s completely reasonable that you want to achieve much and please other people, you’re just one person and can’t manage to do it all at once. So, you will need to stop, take deep breaths, and then group. Stop holding onto perfection and solve the problems of everybody. Once you successfully do it, we can assure you that you will be able to your life back to balance.


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