20 Powerful Crystals For Beginners – The “How To” Guide

20 Most Useful Crystals For Beginners - The How To Guide

We have this energy field that can become unbalanced or blocked. Crystal healers think that this is often the cause of a broad range of issues from a sense of anxiety to a lack of motivation to physical illnesses.

Now, crystals each have their own unique color and vibrational frequencies that connect and resonate with your energy field. By doing so, a crystal can help in balancing your chakras, resolve blockages, and transform the negative energies into positive vibes.

In fact, most crystal healers believed that just being near a crystal with the right vibrational properties can potentially solve an issue that you’re experiencing. Whether you lack creativity, need protection, have trouble sleeping, feel anxious, or looking to attract love, there is a crystal that can help you. They can strengthen your intentions while amplifying positive energies. Not only that, but they also have the ability to bring harmony to your mind, spirit, and physical body which helps in restoring natural balance.

However, with all this talk of vibrational frequencies and energy fields, crystal healing can often seem like a complicated therapy. As a beginner, it is easy to become overwhelmed and confused by the literally thousands of healing crystals available. That’s even before we talk about how each crystal interacts with your chakras, crystal shapes and forms, and advanced techniques.

With that said, we created this article as an introductory guide to the best crystals for beginners. These stones carry positive and brilliant energy frequencies that you can use as a starting point for your crystal journey.

A Complete List of Crystals For Beginners

We understand that choosing from thousands of crystals can be quite overwhelming, especially for beginners. Thus, we created this list of the most popular stones that work well for amateur crystal healers. They are gentle to work with, easy to get a hold of, and the must-have items to get your healing stones collection up and running.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

If you’re going to get your first crystal or only going to have one crystal alone, then it has to be the clear quartz crystal. With its clear crystalline structure, clear quartz is arguably the most adaptable crystal since it can be programmed for just about any intention and purpose.

Touted as the Master Healer, clear quartz carries powerful healing vibrations and energy-amplifying properties. It is a brilliant crystal for balancing your chakra system and brings a strong connection with the higher realms and works to expand your consciousness. The clear quartz stone is also one of the most popular stones that can bring a strong sense of clarity, work on your confidence and self-esteem, and raise your vibrations. It helps in clearing out the negative and toxic energies and brings emotional stability to anyone who’s struggling.

Not only that but clear quartz is also considered a master amplifier. This means that this stone has the ability to connect to another crystal and enhance or double its vibrational energies. Plus, its clear structure makes it a major cleanser and charger of not only your mind but also of other crystals as well.



Most people are already familiar with the beautiful purple radiance of the amethyst crystal. This is why it is loved as a decorative piece in homes and offices. However, do not be misled into thinking that this is just a stone for decoration.

As a variation of quartz crystals, amethyst with its beautiful purple color means that it supports a higher frequency and resonates with your higher chakras, particularly your crown and third eye chakra. This contributes to its powerful energy-healing properties. This stone can connect with your mind and subconscious, promoting intuition while protecting your energy field. As one of the most spiritual gemstones, amethyst is often used during meditation and other healing practices.

Thanks to its gentle and soothing energies, this stone is a popular healing stone for emotional disturbances. Its purple hues can help soothe and calm the body and mind, assisting the transmission of neural signals through the brain. It has been used for treating psychological issues such as stress and anxiety and is great for promoting a calmer and serene environment.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

A dark variation of clear quartz, smoky quartz is considered as one of the most powerful grounding stones you will need, especially if you are a beginner. This stone carries potent stabilizing energy which helps bring your mind and awareness into the present moment.

With its light to dark brown color energy, this stone carries a strong connection with Mother Earth and your first chakra which is the root chakra. As a result, this stone can help keep you firmly rooted while clearing out your emotional body. This only means that this stone has the ability to release negative emotions and thoughts.

Smoky quartz has also been used to enhance survival instincts. This stone initiates the movement of primal forces within your body, activating your survival instincts and bringing stability and strength with a sense of personal pride in walking this earth. Not only that, but this stone also provides a crucial shield against environmental and emotional stress, and psychic attacks and is used extensively in meditation and healing.



Citrine is another must-have crystal for beginners. This is because it is one of the most potent stones that carry positive energy for an all-around boost to thoughts and emotions. It helps in releasing negative feelings, destructive tendencies, and deep-seated fears. Then, it opens your higher mind so you can accept joy and happiness in your life.

Carrying the power of the sun, the citrine crystal is considered the premier stone of imagination, manifestation, and personal will. Its beautiful yellow shade is comforting and warming, life-giving, and energizing. It helps in stimulating your solar plexus chakras that will surely awaken your imagination and creativity, sustaining the process of transforming your wishes and dreams into tangible forms. And with its pure yellow energy, it will encourage new pursuits, a fresh beginning, and fullness of life.

Citrine is also one of the best stones for manifesting luck, abundance, and wealth. It teaches you how to attract success. Not only is it good for attracting abundance into your life, but it also encourages generosity and sharing of your good fortune. Lastly, this stone does not accumulate any negative or toxic energy, making it a suitable crystal stone for those starting in their crystal journey.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

The ultimate crystal for love, the lovely pinkish hue of rose quartz can bring loving energies into you. Whether you want to strengthen an existing relationship, attract a romantic partner, or instill a sense of self-love, rose quartz is the most powerful love crystal for beginners.

The stone speaks directly to your heart chakra, removing fears, hatred, and emotional wounds. Also, it circulates Divine loving energy throughout your whole aura, reawakening your heart to its own loving tendency. This helps provide a deep sense of contentment and personal fulfillment, allowing you to truly receive and give love to others.

The strong feminine energies of this stone can be used when you’re working on compassion, forgiveness, and resolving toxic emotions. With its reassuring and calming energies, this crystal can also be used in times of crisis or trauma. Rose quartz can strengthen your sensitivity, and empathy and helps in the acceptance of the necessary change. 

As the stone of love, rose quartz is used to stimulate sensuality and tenderness. It is a powerful aphrodisiac and can help in stimulating sensual imagination. The power of rose quartz can bring more laughter and love into your life It encourages more passion, romance, and companionship, encouraging you to spend more time and give loving energies to the people who are special to you.



Carnelian is another wonderful crystal for beginners. This stone heals and boosts your second chakra which is the sacral chakra that governs your creativity. As a result, this stone can help boost your creative juices to flow, making it suitable for your artistic pursuits.

Whenever you are feeling fearful or your thoughts and emotions are running amok, the warm sunset hues of carnelian can help calm you. It shall help motivate you to move forward with any project, even when you are feeling a little shy. This stone can inspire trust, confidence, and trust, erasing self-imposed limitations so you can reach your truest potential.

Known as the crystal of action, carnelian can help in overcoming indecisiveness and procrastination. It encourages you to stop waiting for an opportunity to appear. Instead, it can stimulate courage to embrace change and the divine energies to start making your highest career goals happen. It is also the crystal of drive, ambition, and determination. Plus, it also has the ability to ward off any undue pressure or negativities from your co-workers or impersonal corporations asking for unrealistic expectations.

Carnelian is also said to be full of life force. It is traditionally worn to enhance love, passion, and desire. Thanks to its orange hues, they believed that it offers passive female energies and is associated with the fertile menstrual blood of Isis, the mother goddess. With that said, the orange crystals are known to enhance potency and fertility and are linked with conceiving a child. Thus, it is often used by couples wishing for a child. Also, it helps in rekindling the passion and desire that might have faded in a long relationship.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is another favorite stone for beginners, thanks to its striking appearance and gentle energies. Like its name, this stone is one of the most popular stones that provide courageous and daring energies so you can move forward in your life and achieve life goals and objectives. Most people also find the tiger’s eye to offer a soothing and calming effect during stressful and hectic moments. It supports your lower three chakras, making it a powerful stone for grounding and protection, boosting self-confidence as well as encouraging growth.

Not only that but this Stone of Gold Ray combined the powerful energies of the sun and earth. This brings awareness and stability into your body while integrating the highest spiritual awareness. It can teach you to grow and challenge your capabilities and provide the energy and courage to take risks and try something new. It helps in boosting your emotional stability, willpower, and determination.

Tiger’s eye also supports change in your life, strengthening your mind and clarity of intention so you can manifest it at the highest level, inspiring creativity and stimulating your hidden talents and abilities. Lastly, this stone is also a powerful amplifier of the energies of other stones. Thus, it is a great addition to any beginner crystal collection.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Beginners will need a protective stone at the start of their crystal healing journey. And perhaps the best protective stone you can find is black tourmaline. Having black tourmaline in your starting crystal collection is like wearing a potent cloak of protection.

Stripped of any vibrant color, the black tourmaline’s raw and versatile energy can help absorb, deflect, and transmute all kinds of negative energy. Ancient magicians have long relied upon the energies and powers of the black tourmaline to protect them against earth demons as they cast spells. In today’s world, it is still revered as a premier talisman of protection, acting as a psychic shield that dispels and deflects negative energies, destructive forces, and unhelpful entities.

In the workplace, black tourmaline can be used to wake up your mind or when you require full focus and concentration. It can also offer protection against environmental pollutants, radiation, and electronic smog associated with computers, cell phones, and other electronic equipment.

The black tourmaline crystal is also a stone of purification. It cleanses your emotional body of negative emotions, thoughts, and feelings of unworthiness. This stone can help in overcoming substance abuse. It also helps in releasing self-harming tendencies and suicidal thoughts.

Green Jade

Green Jade

Green jade is a potent heart-centered crystal stone, popular in the Asian continent. This stone is popular for those looking to find a sense of serenity in this stressful, modern world. It is believed to encourage happiness and prosperity in your life. As a matter of fact, the jade crystal, in Feng Shui traditions, is placed in the southeast corner of your workplace or home in order to bring wealth and good fortune.

Dubbed the “Dream Stone”, the green jade is revered in ancient cultures, even today, to access the spiritual world. Not only that, but it also helps in gaining insights into your ritualistic knowledge, encouraging dream-solving and creativity.

The green jade is also a potent amulet for friendship and works in dispelling negativity. It is also thought to bring good luck when you’re traveling. In terms of emotional healing, this stone can help in releasing negative energies, thoughts, and irritability in order to soothe the mind.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is popular for its rich blue color that can open your throat chakra and looks amazingly beautiful in jewelry. It is known as the crystal of truth in all aspects. This crystal can help in revealing your inner truth, promoting self-awareness, and accepting knowledge.

Since ancient times, the Lapis Lazuli has been connected with courage and strength, wisdom and royalty as well as truth and intellect. Also, it has been worn and adorned homes in the belief that it can help in warding off evil and darkness.

Also known as the Stone of Friendship, the Lapis Lazuli can also encourage understanding and dignity in friendship and social ability. The stone can help encourage the qualities of compassion, honesty as well as uprightness when dealing with other people.



The hematite is another great crystal for beginners. It is one of the best stones you can use in order to achieve emotional stability in your life. Hematite is known to help absorb toxic and negative emotions such as worry and stress.

As the Stone of the Mind, this stone can also help in maintaining mental clarity, boosting willpower, and soothing negative thought patterns. Not only that but hematite is also considered one of the strongest crystals for grounding. It can bring you back to the ground and taps into your survival instinct so you can call on the courageous energies within you and overcome what you fear.

Also, it is one of the best stones for empaths, helping you stay intuitive and positive even when you’re around negative and toxic people. Also, this stone can help in overcoming addiction, finding the courage to voice out your feelings, and learning to push outside of your comfort zone.



As its name implies, the Moonstone holds luminous metaphysical energy as ancient as the moon itself. It is used to provide gifts of prophecy and second sight, clearing the mind and allowing its wearer to reach a wise decision.

The moonstone, in most spiritual traditions including feng shui, represents the divine feminine. Thus, it has a strong connection to the fertility cycles of women and is known for its ability to balance hormones and reproductive issues.

Its soothing energies also cultivate empathy and compassion, helping you to tap into your intuition and enhancing clairvoyance and psychic abilities. Not only that, but its tranquil and serene energy also invites healing, creativity, and motherly protection.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

Every starter crystal kit will need a good number of protective stones and black obsidian is one of the more unique options. Whether you’re an empath or a highly sensitive individual who needs protection from feeling everyone’s emotions or simply want to protect yourself against all the negativities of everyday life, then this crystal stone is a great option.

Although not a stone (obsidian is volcano glass), combines the powerful elemental energies of water, fire, and earth. With its glass-like appearance, obsidian acts as a metaphysical mirror to reflect all the negative characteristics, traits, and past behaviors you have. This can help you to be honest about yourself and to move forward with self-development.

An interesting feature of this stone is that it fractures like flint. This results in sharp edges that you can metaphysically use for cutting through blockages, lies, destructive habits, and unresolved relationships. Also, this stone is said to bring clarity to your mind and relieve constricting beliefs and confusion while encouraging the exploration of the unknown. Not only that, but this stone is highly effective for expanding your consciousness in the meditative state and for activating your untapped abilities.



Selenite represents the feminine powers of the moon goddess Selene. It is best known for its glowing energies that bring vision and clarity as well as exude soothing and calming frequency.

As one of the most powerful crystals of the higher chakras, this stone s attuned to the greater good of all things. It helps access and ground your Light body in opening yourself to the higher realms and boosts your spirituality. Not only that, but this stone is also highly effective in the advancement of mental and mind powers.

Like the moonstone, selenite carries the energies of the moon, so it makes a wonderful beginner’s stone for women. It can bring harmony and radiance while supporting your cycles, attracting love, and maintaining fidelity. It helps in creating a safe, calm, and uplifting environment that is protected from negative outside influences.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

The green variety of aventurine carries a strong association with Earth and the Devic realm. This beginner’s stone brings its wearer a better appreciation and understanding of nature. It is also soothing to the body and mind and is an excellent tool for gridding gardens or houses against geopathic stress.

In addition, green aventurine is also worn to absorb electromagnetic smog and even guard its wearer against environmental pollution. When taped to a phone, this crystal can protect against radiation and emanation. Meanwhile, its green energies bring stability to your heart chakra and remove negative emotions and burdens with relationships.

As one of the luckiest crystals ever, the green aventurine can also attract love to you as well as bring good luck in terms of financial abundance and prosperity. As a matter of fact, this stone is called the Gambler’s stone and has been used by people who need a little extra luck.



While it is called “Fool’s Gold”, there is absolutely nothing foolish about this crystal stone. Resonating with fire energy and as an element of Earth, it symbolizes the lasting presence and the warmth of the sun. This helps in the attraction of wealth and success energies into your life.

Being masculine in nature, pyrite is considered a stone of will, vitality, and action. It allows you to tap into your potential and abilities while stimulating the flow of ideas. This stone will bring persistence and confidence to carry things through completion. It can help in overcoming intellectual fatigue because of the tiredness of the nervous system and overwork. It stimulates blood flow to increase focus, mental clarity, and recall.

In addition, pyrite is a great crystal of manifestation. It allows you to draw high-frequency energy into your physical body. Then, it pushes you to act in creating abundance and stability in your life. Pyrite is also a good shielding and protective crystal. Carrying or wearing it as an amulet can help deflect danger and harm that may come your way, as well as EMFs in the workplace.



The luxuriant, swirling patterns with striking dark and light green marbling are unmistakable and unique only to this beautiful crystal for beginners. With its luscious green energy, Malachite symbolizes the deep healing green of nature. It represents the innate beauty of trees, flowers, plants, and roots and manifests a deep Devic green connection that rules the material plane.

Known as the Stone of Transformation, malachite can assist you in changing situations and offering spiritual growth. It can encourage change as well as emotional risk-taking. Its energies can show you what’s blocking your spiritual growth. It draws out deep feelings and allows you to break unwanted ties and outworn patterns.

Not only that, but it can also heal emotional and physical levels, drawing out the impurities and stimulating the powerful Life Force throughout the body and your aura. Malachite is also a highly protective beginner’s crystal that is used for absorbing and clearing negative energies as well as pollutants from the atmosphere. Not only that but it is also said that it can guard against all kinds of radiation and clear electromagnetic pollution.



For budding crystal enthusiasts who need something to stimulate their psychological and mental bodies, sodalite is your best option. Dubbed the Logic Stone, this crystal stone exudes tranquil energy that clears and cleanses the mind and deep thoughts.

It has the ability to expand your ability to arrive at logical thinking based on rational consideration. It can enhance your powers of intuition, analysis, creativity, and observation. Not only that, but it can also strengthen your self-discipline, organization, and efficiency. While sodalite may not stimulate wisdom, it can clear your intellect and vision, opening your mind in order to formulate wisdom.

The calming energy of this stone is also ideal for those who are impulsive, defensive, prone to anxiety or panic attacks, and oversensitive. It has the ability to stabilize your mind and allow a good shift from emotional thinking to rational thinking. Like black tourmaline and malachite, the sodalite crystal is also used to help block harmful emanation and clear electromagnetic pollution.



The birthstone for March babies, the aquamarine crystal has been valued for years, thanks to its bright blue, mesmerizing beauty. This pale blue crystal member of the Beryl family has a strong association with the throat chakra and is used to overcome the fear of speaking.

Its soothing energies have the ability to relax speakers to a stage of consciousness where they are fully aware of their own wisdom, truths, and feelings, articulating them with conviction and clarity. Not only that, but it also helps you to speak clearly without anger, especially in difficult and frustrating situations.

In addition, its cooling energies also help balance your excessive fear or anger, clearing past physical, emotional, or verbal abuse. Thus, it makes an excellent crystal for kids who have been through traumatic experiences and are acting out awkwardly or aggressively or who have been disassociated from their emotional bodies.

This beautiful crystal can also accelerate your intellectual reasoning and improve your ability for a rapid response. It makes you unconquerable through learning while also bestowing discipline, light-heartedness, and perseverance. As a travel crystal for beginners, this stone is also used by those who journey by sea, guarding those involved in long-haul travel such as driving or flying long distances.



Fluorite is popular for its stacked cube-like formations, like miniature city buildings. Like sodalite, fluorite is also a crystal of the mind, suitable for beginners looking to bring in concentration and mental clarity.

Known as the Genius Stone, the fluorite crystal represents the highest state of mental and psychological attainment. This stone can also stir creativity within and provide a limitless range of avenues to explore. Its vibrational energy can help in boosting your discernment and aptitude as well as the absorption of new information.

The energies of fluorite can also stimulate the electrical charge of your brain cells, drawing in more life force energy as it encourages both brain hemispheres to harmoniously work together in balance. As a result, it brings mental acuity and clarity while also expanding your consciousness and advancing the mind to greater psychic and spiritual awareness.

How to Use Crystals For Beginners

So, now that you know the best crystals, how do you actually use them in your daily life? Well, here are some tips on how to effectively use your preferred crystals for beginners.

Wear Them as Jewelry

How to Use Crystals For Beginners

Crystals are best worn as pieces of jewelry. They are not only beautiful decorations on your body but also allow you to stay connected to their potent and beneficial energies throughout the day.

Take note, however, when wearing crystal jewelry, make sure to keep the crystal close to its primary chakra. For instance, you can wear aquamarine and lapis lazuli as necklaces, close to your throat chakra. You can also wear green aventurine and green jade as pendants, so it is near your heart chakra.

Meanwhile, moonstone and amethyst earrings are perfect to keep them near your higher chakras. For citrine and carnelian, you can wear them as a bracelet or even belts so they are close to your solar plexus and sacral chakra.

Carry Them With You

If you’ve purchased tumbled crystals instead of those set in jewelry pieces, then you can still carry them around with you in your pockets or wallet. This way you’re still within their energetic field and benefit from their vibrational frequency.

And whenever you feel drained or need an energy boost, you can simply reach to your tumbled crystal and instantly connect directly with its healing energies.

Use Them As Décor

Healing crystals are also so beautiful to look at. This means that you can use them as décor and place them around your home or even in your office in order to benefit anyone in the vicinity.

Larger quartz crystals, amethyst geodes, jade figurines or crystal pyramids, or ornaments can make amazing home and office décor. Specifically, you want to use protective crystals such as black tourmaline and malachite on your office desk or around your home in order to filter out all kinds of negative energy. However, you can use a combination of crystals in order to experience various healing benefits.

Meditate With Crystals

When you like to meditate or do yoga, you can use specific meditation crystals such as amethyst in order to deepen your practice. You can either hold your preferred crystal stone in your hands or place it near you during the whole session.

Make Crystal Elixirs

Crystal elixirs are a great way to directly consume the energies of your favorite crystals. There are 2 ways to create crystal elixirs— direct and indirect methods.

The direct method means completely submerging a crystal of your choice into spring water for hours or a day. Meanwhile, the indirect method is suitable for the crystals that shouldn’t be submerged in water— either because they can get damaged or produce toxic chemicals in the water. You simply surround or place a crystal on top of a water bottle and let the energetic qualities of the crystal soak the water for a day.

Whatever method you choose, crystal elixirs should help get a different kind of response from your particular crystal stone.

Sleep With Crystals

How to Use Crystals For Beginners

Calming crystals such as moonstone, selenite, and amethyst are perfect to sleep with. So, if you’re having trouble dozing off or just needs some tranquility before going to sleep, then you can simply place a crystal of your choice under your pillow or n your bedside table before going to bed. This helps ensure that you can benefit from its energy while you sleep.

Bathe With Crystals

Bathing with crystals is another option you can try, especially if you’ve just had a very stressful day.

You can simply place the crystal of your choice (we recommend soothing crystals such as amethyst, moonstone, and rose quartz) near your bathtub or even submerge them in water. Once again, you need to research first if the crystal you choose can be used with water.

Create A Crystal Grid

If you would like to use several crystals in one go, or you need a group of crystals for a certain intention, then you can make a crystal grid. Combining the same and complementary energies of crystals can help boost your specific intention and their vibrational energies.

There are various grids available set for specific intentions including love, fertility, money-making, peace, and protection. Grids should be a powerful crystal technique once you have already learned the basics.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Beginners?

Crystals work hard in order to provide you with beneficial energy while ensuring that negative energies don’t enter your auric field. Thus, they tend to absorb all kinds of negativities and toxicities from their environment and other people, dampening their potent capabilities and healing benefits. In order for you to continue benefiting from their potent energies, you need to cleanse these stones back to their dark glory.

Wash Its Surface

Physically, you can simply wash the stone with warm, soapy water. Using a brush or your finger to rub its surface can help remove the accumulated debris, dust, and dirt. Then, make sure to thoroughly rinse the stone and pat dry with a clean, soft cloth. Keep in mind that this is suitable for most hard and durable stones.

For the softer and brittle stones like fluorite, pyrite, and selenite, you can simply wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth to remove any dirt or impurities on its surface.

To metaphysically cleanse and charge the energies of your stone, you have several options to choose from.

Utilize The Sun or Moon

A simple and hassle-free way of cleansing your crystals is to simply leave them outside, alone with nature. Stones carrying the energies of the sun such as citrine and carnelian can utilize the early rays of the sun to empower their energy. Meanwhile, crystal stones like the moonstone and selenite are associated with the feminine energies of the moon. Thus, they’ll love the energies of the moon, especially during the full and new moon.

However, all crystal stones can benefit the energizing and cleansing attributes of both sun and moon as well as the healing energies of Mother Earth. Take note, however, that some crystals tend to fade under direct sunlight. To be safe, never cleanse and charge crystal stones during midday and only during sunrise and sunset.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Beginners?

Cover In Healing Smoke

Another popular way of cleansing your crystals is to smudge them with your preferred herb bundle or incense stick. The smoke should be able to remove all toxicities within the stone, allowing good vibes to infuse and fill its structure. Make sure to let the smoke cover your crystal for about 30 seconds or more if you use the stone frequently in order to remove toxic energies.

Use Saltwater

Saltwater or other natural sources of water such as springs or waterfalls are another great way to cleanse your crystal stones. Throughout history, natural water has been used to absorb unwanted and toxic energies and banish negativity. If you are near the ocean or a natural spring, then you can collect a bowl of fresh water to soak your crystals into. Otherwise, you can simply mix a tablespoon of table, rock, or sea salt into a bowl of water. Submerge the stone and allow it to soak for a few hours to even days. Rinse and pat dry the crystals when complete.

Bury in Salt

Now, for the crystal stones that shouldn’t be submerged in water, you can just use salt for cleansing and charging. Simply bury the crystal stone in a bowl filled with salt and leave it for a few hours. The salt should absorb the toxic energies from the stone. Make sure to throw away the used salt after.

Recharge With Quartz Stone

You can also replenish and recharge your crystal for beginners by leaving them with large crystal quartz. Quartz is known as a master healer and charger, making them suitable for recharging and even amplifying any energetic crystals close to its radius. So, if you want the easiest and simplest way to recharge your crystal stones, then you can just let them sit with these recharging crystals.

Do Sound Cleansing

Lastly, you can also try sound cleansing which allows a single tone or pitch to wash over the stone and bring it into the same vibrations as the tone. This is usually accomplished using singing bowls, chanting, a nice bell, or a tuning fork.

It does not matter what key the sound is as long as it is loud enough for the vibrations to fully hit and encompass your crystal stones. This method is most suitable if you want to cleanse and charge numerous crystal stones at once.

Final Thoughts

Crystals are enticing and can provide extra healing energy in our daily life. Nevertheless, choosing the best crystals can be overwhelming, so we hope that this article has been helpful to you.

The crystals mentioned above are some of the easiest to work with, provide a good cross-section of healing energies, and are widely available. Plus, they help in balancing and supporting each of your chakras, so you should have an option whatever your objectives are.

So, what are you waiting for? Get these crystals for beginners and benefit from their positively uplifting energy which gives you a unique experience.


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