36 Most Useful Crystals For Communication – The “How To” Guide

36 Most Useful Crystals For Communication - The How To Guide

Introduction on Crystals For Communication

Introduction on Crystals For Communication

Communication is perhaps one of the most important skills in life. Your voice is unique, it helps in forging deeper connections with other people and allows you to share your emotions and ideas with others.

When you are able to speak out, you can present healthy boundaries, grow your confidence, trust in your decision-making process and share your opinions and ideas. Your voice paves the way for new possibilities— from relationships to career success— and stops you from feeling small and unheard when you grant it the power that it deserves.

The best crystals for communication can help you in all of these. Whether your throat chakra is imbalanced or deactivated or develop interpersonal skills or if you wish to build confidence in your own voice, then these crystal stones should be able to help you.

Oftentimes, crystals for communication have this beautiful and bright balance of compassion and empowerment. They make you strong yet soft, and hum with a frequency which works to shake loose blockages and setting your fears straight. Crystals for communication also helps in clearing your throat chakra while stimulating communication and self-expression. This helps you articulate your thoughts and prevent you from being timid or critical. Not only that, but it should also help in improving your self-esteem and confidence when you’re writing, listening and speaking.

A Complete List of Crystals For Communication

For those who wish to raise their inner voice and want their thoughts and ideas to be articulated and heard, here are some of the best crystals for communication you can use.



Taking the first place on our list is the chrysocolla crystal. It is first and foremost a crystal for communication. As a matter of fact, its very essence is devoted to honest and clear expression, teaching and empowerment. The serene and calming energy of this beautiful stone discharges the negative energy, calming your whole being and allowing inner wisdom and truth to the surface and be heard.

Now, good communication is not just about knowing how and when to speak. It is also important to know when you should stay silent and listen. The chrysocolla stone excels at teaching you how to respond properly in different situations. It is a calming crystal that can help you in speaking the truth, but also teaches you when to hold your tongue.

The soothing energy of this stone can dispel the highly charged emotional situations, fear-filled sarcasm and angry words, allowing only the truth to be shared with wisdom and intelligence and true communication. While it strongly connects to your throat chakra, this crystal stone also soothes your heart-centered energy. This should help you in articulating your point across with compassion and confidence at the right times.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate

The blue lace agate has this soothing and soft elegance with a graceful and circular design that is stimulating and provides a positive effect on your attitude and emotions. Dubbed as the Stone of Articulation and withs its pale blue color, it also resonates strongly with your throat chakra, assisting in effective and clear communication.

Words are powerful but only when you use them correctly. The blue lace agate crystal teaches you the importance of choosing the right words, so you can become more assertive and persuasive. This is helpful in all kinds of communications, especially public speaking.

The blue lace agate can also help support your integrity to fulfill any promises that you made. In addition, the blue lace agate can be a very supportive crystal if you tend to struggle to express your emotions without being too emotional or getting upset.

Not only that, but the calming and centering properties of the blue lace agate are also said to help those who are unable to stop talking or those who tend to speak before thinking about the consequences of what they say. IT shall encourage discernment about the thoughts they share and the beauty of inner silence.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

A shimmering deep blue hue that leaves you in awe with a rich history with artists and royalty, the lapis lazuli is one of the premier crystals for communication. This crystal stone balanced both your third eye and throat chakra. Such a combination makes it a powerful crystal for improving spiritual communication.

By stimulating the third eye chakra, the lapis lazuli has the ability to bring forth constructive visions from the ethereal realm. It also connects you strongly with your guardian angels and seeing wisdom and messages from the higher realm. With its connection to the throat chakra, it shall help you in communicating clearly and effectively with your spiritual guides and in conveying messages to the divine.

Not only that but the Lapis Lazuli, with its blue hue, is also known as the crystal of truth in all aspects. This crystal can help in revealing your inner truth, promoting self-awareness and accepting knowledge. It can provide the relief of things that might have been suppressed r hidden and allows them to surface gently. This helps erase repressed anger and physical ailments, allowing for self-expression without compromising and holding back. It is also wonderful at enhancing your self-awareness which is critical for effective communication.



Turquoise has been used in jewelry since ancient times. It was said to harness the esoteric powers and has been used as talismans for shamans, kings and warriors. Up to this day, even Native American Indians are still using it and believe its spiritual healing powers.

This beautiful stone is said to provide gentle strength that offers protection while restoring your self-esteem and the confidence to speak honestly. Turquoise strengthens your body’s meridians and the subtle energy fields, which helps enhance your communication between the spiritual and physical worlds. When placed on the throat chakra, this crystal can help release old vows and inhibitions, allowing your soul to express itself once more.

In addition, turquoise is also the best crystal for finding truth and wholeness, communicating and manifesting such qualities. As it stimulates your throat chakra, turquoise can make it easier for you to articulate your desires and bring forth your deepest, hidden wisdom.

Furthermore, turquoise can also empower those who are stubbornly shy about sharing their understanding and knowledge, aiding wisdom that in speaking from the wholeness of your being, you can have something important to contribute to the world.

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite

The blue kyanite is perhaps one of the best crystals for improving your intuitive skills and speaking your truth and emotions. Thanks to its blue color energies, this stone is renowned for opening your throat chakra and allows self-expression while strengthening your voice.

In addition, the blue kyanite is said to be supportive if you tend to stammer a lot or have a sore throat. Speakers, singers and performers are said to benefit most from the energy of the blue kyanite. You can also use this crystal stone during meditation, encouraging positive expression of your feelings and thoughts.

As a brilliant all-around crystal, this stone is particularly useful when dealing with negotiations and disagreements. An advantage of the kyanite crystal is that it does not hold negative energy so it does not need to be cleansed. However, charging it would help amplify its unique energies further.



As its name implies, the azurite carries deep shades of azure that are more aligned with the third chakra but still resonates strongly with the throat chakra. This makes it the best crystal for verbalizing past-life experiences or when moving or voicing out concerns on long-standing arguments.

Holding onto resentments and grudges does not benefit anyone. The azurite can help bring a new perspective to any of your disagreements. This can help encourage calm and effective communication which is crucial when you want to resolve arguments. The azurite crystal is also quite useful for timid people who need a confidence boost.

The azurite crystal also helps in calming you down when you talk too much through nervousness. Not only that, but this crystal stone alps help those lie habitually or deceptive in order to be more truthful and clearer to others and to themselves. Azurite also helps encourage those who tend to hold back from self-expression to verbalize their feelings and thoughts.

Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony

Dubbed as the Speaker’s Stone, the blue chalcedony is a stone that teaches you to measure and think about your words. It encourages meditation and reflection. The gentle radiance of this stone is said to prepare you for action but also helps in holding back the words that you might regret.

The blue chalcedony carries light-hearted energy. Dubbed as the Stone of Friendship, it is a brilliant crystal stone that can encourage stronger friendships as well as both good listening skills and laughter. In addition, whenever you are feeling down, the blue chalcedony can help fill you with joyful optimism. Its cheerful and soothing presence makes it a powerful crystal to keep around your home, particularly in communal areas such as the living rooms.

Other than its happy and joyful energy, the blue chalcedony is also known to offer an angelic presence. It helps in stimulating clairvoyance and premonitions. This stone is said to serve as a pathway for receiving messages and thought transmissions. Furthermore, this stone is a powerful tool for communicating with the spirit. It encourages speaking in the language of the light and the divine realm.

It is also important to note that if you are learning a new language, the blue chalcedony is said to improve your communication as well as your memory. Furthermore, blue chalcedony is said to be often used by public speakers, lawyers and political speakers as a supportive amulet. It is said to provide fluency in speaking and enhancing their counter arguments or easing the fear of speaking.



The celestite crystal carries high vibrational energies that allow you to communicate with the etheric realm. As a matter of fact, it got its name from the Latin term “caelestic” which means heavenly and is even called The Stone of Heavenly Communication.

The very essence of celestite is said to help raise your energies which makes it possible for you to commune with the angels. Not only that, but the celestite crystal can also help in aligning your spiritual truths and providing you with the confidence to express them clearly and openly.

In addition, the celestite crystal is also said to help stimulate clairvoyant communication. If you wish to improve your ability to communicate with the spirits or the divine, then the celestite is a wonderful tool you can use. Celestite can also be used to help communicate with your loved ones on the other side in order to receive their guidance.

Also, we recommend that you meditate with the celestite crystal before speaking or writing. This helps make sure that your communication will come from a place of honesty.



The beautiful aquamarine gemstone with its pale blue to green color creates a powerful bridge between your throat chakra and heart chakra. As a result, its energy can encourage you to speak from the heart.

Temper tantrums, rage and anger are all signs that you are out of balance. So, by using the cooling energies of the aquamarine (Latin term “aqua marinus” and translated to the water of the sea), you get to unblock your throat and heart chakra, stimulating a peaceful and heartfelt communication.

Not only that, but aquamarine is also said to be quite helpful for creative expression as well as overcoming the fear of speaking and is a superb stone for presenters and teachers of all kinds. Its soothing energies have the ability to relax speakers to a stage of consciousness where they are fully aware of their own wisdom, truths and feelings, articulating them with conviction and clarity.

Furthermore, it is considered a stone of natural justice and is often used for negotiation and compromise, offering quiet courage and crystal clear reasoned words during a confrontational situation.

Physically speaking, the aquamarine crystal is said to help in resolving speech problems. As a cooling stone, the aquamarine crystal is also said to have to counter and healing properties for infections and is useful for sore throat, strep throat or laryngitis.



Unakite may not be one of the primary crystals of the throat chakra, however, it helps to bring calm and peaceful communication. The unakite crystal is a combination of epidote, red jasper and sometimes, quartz crystal. Thus, its energies mainly align with the four lower chakras— root, sacral, solar plexus chakra and heart chakra.

By aligning these energy centers, the unakite has the ability to bring harmony to your relationships. This is a particularly useful crystal if you have a tendency to be controlling or tend to expect a lot from others or yourself. By introducing compromise and softening your attitude, this stone can also help in communication with self-respect and honesty.

With that said, the unakite is best paired with other crystals for communication on this list in order to amplify or support their energies. 



Derived from the Latin term Sodaltas which means comrades, sodalite is one of the best stones for the throat chakra that enhances and promotes friendship, especially in the business world. Dubbed as the Stone of the Truth, the sodalite allows the subconscious and conscious mind to connect with your feelings and thoughts. It helps you identify and verbalize such truths and feelings objectively.

Not only that but sodalite is also called the Writer’s Stone or Poet’s Stone. This can help you in expressing your thoughts more clearly while also enhancing your creativity. This makes it a wonderful choice for performers or artists who wish to promote confidence, creativity and enhancing communication.

Sodalite is also said to offer a strong vibration. Thus, if you ever need help when speaking in public, stimulating creativity and intuition or communication in general, then this is the crystal that you need.



Like the ancient and deep waters of Amazon, the amazonite carries a captivating and gorgeous shade of turquoise-green that promises to calm the soul and soothe the spirit. Its energy carries powerful and potent energy as the legendary women warriors or the river for which it is named.

Dubbed as the Stone of Truth and the Stone of Courage, the amazonite crystal empowers you to search and discover your own integrity and truths. It helps you move beyond the fear of confrontation or judgment from others to live in alignment with those values and beliefs. Then it offers you the freedom to express your feelings and thoughts while setting clear and strong boundaries from others.

Not only can it help you in expressing your true feelings and thoughts but it also does so without over-emotionalism. This stone has the ability to allow you to see issues and problems from another person’s point of view in order to see both sides of the issue and in resolving inner conflicts objectively.

Furthermore, the amazonite crystal also carries the nurturing spiritual energy of personal truth. This stone has the ability to enkindle a harmonious interaction between your intuition and intellect. As a result, it allows you to find what’s right and true within yourself and to lovingly and effectively communicate those beliefs and values to others.

In addition, it should also provide clarity for those who are often out of touch with their truth. Amazonite also helps in manifesting your desires and dreams by magnifying your intentions. By holding this crystal stone and speaking your intentions out loud, you can create a powerful energy that enhances your desires and bringing them into reality.



As etheric and divine as its name, the angelite crystal can bring love and light from angelic beings into your life. It will bring you the spiritual energies of healing, power and protection, allowing you to connect easily with your guardian angels and spirit guides.

his beautiful blue and white crystal stone help you to speak your feelings and truth with compassion. It also expresses light and love, balancing your throat chakra and facilitating general awareness. Physically, angelite mainly supports your throat. It balances the parathyroid and thyroid glands and alleviating inflammation such as sore throats.

Spiritually speaking, the angelite crystal is often used to unblock any energetic pathways for improved communication with your angels and spirit guides. As a matter of fact, its ethereal energy is said to bring the messages and wisdom from the divine realm and straight to your heart. Not only that but it is also believed to help enhance your skills of telepathy, astral traveling and clairvoyance.

By stimulating your throat chakra, the angelite crystal is also said to encourage more expressive and truthful communication with your loved ones and friends. It helps you voice out the hidden emotions that accumulated over time and causing blockages of the emotional body. The consequent release of these emotions and feelings can help clear out dysfunctionality and misunderstandings in your relationships. As a result, you can speak more with kindness and loving words to heal disagreements and confusion in your relationship.

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite

Featuring a deep blue color, the blue apatite is an amazing crystal for opening your throat chakra while also resonating with the highest spiritual guidance. Its high vibrations are connected with paranormal enhancement and psychic perception. As a matter of fact, the blue apatite is one of the best stones you can use in alternate-life and past-life work. This is because of its ability to access the energy where the Akashic records and your soul patterns exist.

Now, as it expands your awareness of past-life experiences, this stone can also enhance your understanding of any karmic influences on your current reality. Its strong vibration also invites or draws the “blue beings” of the supernatural regions, whether guides, ETs or godlike beings such as Krishna. Then it allows you to communicate with them.

The blue apatite has a dual effect of dispersing negativity while encourage you to speak your personal truth. This makes it a great choice for your mental and emotional well-being. Not only that, but this stone can also help get your point across and promoting social ease and openness. It can be used as an interface point between matter and consciousness to translate your humanitarian aspirations into information, healing, teaching and communication.

Lastly, you can use blue apatite with other crystals for communication mentioned in this article in order to enhance their effects.



Larimar with its beautiful blue shades streaked with white patterns that closely resemble the sunlight dancing beneath the ocean waters is mainly a crystal for peace. It is the embodiment of the serene sky and sea energies. However, with its color energies that resonate with the throat chakra, the larimar is also considered one of the best crystals for communication.

Larimar is a crystal of serenity, promoting peace and relaxation in every aspect. It helps in removing all kinds of negativity. By doing so, the crystal should help promote clear, peaceful and more confident communication with other people. As soothing as the water, the larimar stone is said to cool down the hot tempers and anger during arguments and allow you to get your point across in a compassionate and calm way.

Not only that but larimar is also said to assist in communicating boundaries and emotions in a way that others can accept and hear. Furthermore, using the larimar stone as a pendant or even a laying-on-of-stones treatment is said to help unleash your voice of inner wisdom. Larimar is also said to help singers and is often used as a protective talisman for enhancing and protecting their voice.

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire

The mesmerizing beauty and elegance of the blue sapphire gemstone in all of its celestial glory earned its title as the stone of royalty and wisdom. The name sapphire comes from the French term “saphir”, the Latin term “sapphirus” or the Greek term “sappheiros”. All of which means “blue stone”.

Blue sapphire is the stone of wisdom. It is a royal stone of mental acuity, learning and psychic activation. Its blue rays can bring order and healing to your mind while lending focus and strength to your throat chakra. Not only that, but it also helps in bringing positivity to you, especially if you are easily swayed by the opinions of other people.

This stone will promote a fuller understanding of yourself. Then, it helps you in becoming more secure in your own knowledge and opinions and in the expression of those truths to other people. It is also suitable for those afraid of speaking out or socializing or those who have been told that they were useless. In addition, the calming and mindful energies of the blue sapphire can encourage and stimulate peaceful, yet constructive communications, especially during arguments. This way, you can speak your truth with honesty, clarity and compassion.

Not only that, but both crystals can also do wonders in enhancing self-awareness and confidence which are vital for effective and clear communication. AS a spiritual stone, blue sapphire is also effective for channeling potent healing powers from a higher or angelic source into the healers. This is why this blue crystal is so popular with Reiki healers. Specifically, the blue sapphire is considered a powerful healer and said to amplify healing through your voice.

On a physical level, the blue sapphire gemstone is said to be highly beneficial for swollen glands and the thyroid. It is also suitable for treating problems related to communication and speech.

Blue Aventurine

Blue Aventurine

The blue aventurine combines the gentle and calming elements of water and wind, making it one of the most soothing stones that can bring calmness and peacefulness into your overall wellbeing.

Stimulating both your throat and third eye chakras, this crystal stone has the ability to open and connect you to higher spiritual guidance. It helps in revealing your intuitive and psychic abilities which may previously be blocked. As a result, it helps you in receiving messages from the divine while also communicating and expressing your wisdom with your spirit guides and angels. It is also sad to help you in receiving information from the Akashic record and can be used in dreamwork, meditation and astral traveling.

Not only that but the blue aventurine crystal is also said to help encourage honest and open communication, allowing you to speak your heart and mind. As a matter of fact, this gemstone is recommended for teachers, encouraging inspiration and vision while assisting them in clear and effective expression and communication.  



Tanzanite is the blue variety of zoisite. Considered rarer than diamonds, the tanzanite in its faceted form is a highly desired and intriguing crystal stone. Dubbed as the Stone of Transmutation, tanzanite is considered one of the most valuable and potent of all metaphysical crystals for spiritual exploration.

Shifting from sapphire blue, to deep blue-violet and to lilac-blue, the tanzanite has the ability to stimulate all your higher chakras, bringing together all aspects of psychic powers and communication. The high vibrational energies and shifting colors of the tanzanite crystal can help raise your consciousness. This assists in creating a connection to the angelic realms and communicating with higher beings, Ascended Masters and spirit guides.

Furthermore, this stone has the ability to provide ease in entering the altered states and in receiving information from the Akashic Records. Moreover, it also helps in the multi-dimensional karmic and cellular healing in preparing the soul for ascension. Not only that, but this stone also allows you to easily speak the truth from your heart with all the eloquence and resourcefulness that the mind can conjure. This makes the process consistently easier with time.



Labradorite is one of the most magical stones you will ever find. It is believed to contain powers and magic along with its dancing arrays of colors and specializes in spiritual ability while enhancing deeper communications and connections.

Carrying or wearing labradorite is said to help your innate magical powers to surface. It can help in enhancing the intuitive and mental abilities of telepathy, clairvoyance as well as coincidence control and prophecy. Not only that but this stone is also believed to help in communication with spirits and higher guides in accessing your Akashic records, past-life recall and psychic readings.

Labradorite is also said to help you with the transitions and changes that happen in your personal or professional life Its energies can help you deal with the daily challenges that come up in your life, career or workplace. It fills you with the energies of mental acuity, wisdom and intuition, while also providing the courage, strength and confidence to speak your thought and ideas.

With this stone, you will never be too shy to share what you think is right while also ensuring honest and open communication with your family or colleagues. Furthermore, it can help induce perseverance, patience and inspiration. It will charge you with excitement and enthusiasm, which are just what you need in order to come up with great innovations and ideas.

Blue Fluorite

Blue Fluorite

Fluorite is one of the most colorful mineral families, occurring in every shade of the rainbow. However, if you are looking for the best variety to enhance your communication skills, then blue fluorite is your best option.

The calming and soothing vibrations of the blue fluorite crystal bring rational energy to your system. While all fluorite mainly works with the mind, promoting sequential thoughts and bring order to your mental body, blue fluorite has a stronger connection with your throat and third eye chakra.

This makes the blue fluorite an exceptional tool for fostering expressive, clear and concise communication with others and when traveling the spiritual realm. This stone can open up your channels of communication, both in this physical reality and between this world and other worlds.

Not only that, but you can also carry or wear a blue fluorite crystal in order to soften dealings with people who are brutally honest. In the workplace, this stone has the ability to help you communicate logical thoughts and ideas that move the action forward when your team members or co-workers often argue in circles.



Coined from the term “opalus” which was later known as “opthalmos” or “opthalmius” in the Middle Ages, opal means “the eye stone”. This term reflects the stone’s ophthalmic properties, due to the beautiful flashes of light and color with even the slightest movement. This is why it is considered to be the most beautiful crystal stone you will ever find.

While opal mainly mesmerizes the physical eyes, this stone has the metaphysical ability to bring about enhancing communication. In particular, this stone can be used to communicate higher guidance through speech and sound and in attracting angelic energies to you. Not only that but it is also said that connecting with its blue-green energies allows for interspecies communication with whales and dolphins.

In addition, some variety of opal, for instance, the Peruvian or Andean opal is said to promote connection with others and in encouraging communication from the heart. It helps in increasing your awareness of the earth while also carrying water energies that can activate both your throat and heart chakra. Dendritic or moss opals, on the other hand, are said to be great tools for getting in touch with Mother Earth and in communicating with the spirits of nature or devic creatures.

Furthermore, combining the pure blue ray energy of the throat chakra with the third eye chakra, the Owyhee blue opal variety is said to create a two-way communication with the spirit world. This allows you to connect and communicate with otherworldly beings, speaking and acting with confidence, authority and clarity without being confrontational or arrogant.



The creedite is a unique crystal stone that has high vibrational energies capable or opening and stimulating all three of your higher chakras.  As a result, it helps you in attuning to higher spiritual energies so you can communicate and experience the higher realms, attune to universal wisdom and channeling messages from spiritual beings.

Because of this attunement, the creedite stone can also enhance your spiritual communication on all levels. It even assists you in attuning properly with the Akashic records and helps you communicate with your spirit guides while interpreting the messages they provide.

Not only that, but creedite also assists greatly in understanding any abstract communications that usually come with traveling or experiencing the higher realms. This makes it a powerful tool for those looking to gain a further closer communication and understanding of the wisdom and messages that they receive. This is particularly effective for those who are just now embarking on new spiritual journeys or unfamiliar with crystals since it expands your sensitivity to higher energies and overall awareness.



Euclase is a beautiful crystal stone with a light blue shade dotted with green specks. This makes it a powerful stone that connects strongly with both your throat and heart chakra and ensuring heartfelt communication.

The stone can help in facilitating your life’s daily movement by empowering you to follow your heart’s truth. It helps in increasing our synchronicities in your life, particularly when you have strong communication with the universe and understand its message so you can commit to your spiritual goals.

With its strong connection to the throat chakra, this stone has the ability to help you communicate your feelings, ideas and thoughts. Furthermore, it also helps stimulate the energies of your mind, so you can talk with more knowledge and wisdom. Evoking a stronger awareness centered on your heart, this stone can help you speak the truth with clarity and honesty.

Blue Onyx

Blue Onyx

The protective onyx stone taking the calming shades of blue sea and sky offers peace and tranquility into your life. It shall bring order to a chaotic mind and emotional body, while opening and stimulating your throat chakra to bring about effective and clear communication.

We all know that good communication is key to any relationship. And the healing energies of the blue onyx can help you become more open and communicative of your thoughts, feelings and ideas. This stone helps in removing any struggles in communication. It offers you the courage to say what you feel and thinks in a constructive, calm and healthy way.

Not only that, but this crystal stone can also encourage you to speak with kindness and compassion as well as making you more sensitive to the feelings of other people. As a result, it can promote a more honest expression of your emotions and thoughts while soothing the intense emotions and softening the sharp words.



Phenacite is one of the most potent crystals for communication. It emanates high vibrations for communicating effectively as well as powerful visionary effects. Stimulating all of your higher chakras, this supreme stone can help you dive deeper into the spiritual realm.

This potent stone can help open up inter-dimensional portals via meditation. IT allows you to journey inwards on a much more subconscious journey. Thus, you can start traveling throughout the higher realms and bring back wisdom and messages from your spiritual guides.

It is also important to know that the phenacite has the ability to activate your light body, making it a very strong communication tool. Once you start traveling throughout the higher realm, this stone has the ability to increase your communication skills with angelic beings and spirit guides. And the information that you will receive can help you guide you through your current life path and provide endless teachings and wisdom.

Blue Tourmaline

Blue Tourmaline

The blue tourmaline evokes the serene and tranquil energies of the deep blue water, inviting you to surrender all thoughts to solitude of silence. Rare than other varieties of tourmalines, the blue tourmaline features a dark to light blue shade with a hint of turquoise, making it one of the most calming stones for communication.

Also known as Indicolite, the blue tourmaline is, first and foremost, a crystal for communication. It has the ability to increase honest and clear communication while providing courage so you can speak from the heart.

Not only that, but this stone can also help encourage an open mind and better tolerance for other people’s weaknesses and differences. It teaches you to embrace and empower a love for truth, a sense of responsibility and ethics. This should promote living in harmony with other people and your surrounding through a calming attitude and well-balanced communication.  It is even said to be quite helpful in overcoming any speech problems.

As a crystal for both the throat chakra and third eye chakra, the blue tourmaline, particularly the ones in darker shades can help in increasing your access to higher levels of intuitiveness. This helps amplify your psychic gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, spirit communication and prophesy. This is highly beneficial to those who want to become mediums or channels and assist in processing wisdom and messages received from other realms while allowing them to flow out through verbal communication.



Smithsonite carries soothing and peaceful energy that can help calm your emotional body. It allows you to replenish your emotions and assist in the revaluation of any arguments or situations that might be causing distress.

This crystal stone can help you in communicating effectively in a calm manner. It helps you in inspiring trust, harmony and balance with the people your talk to. As a result, it enhanced a more harmonious relationship with other people.

Not only that, but the smithsonite crystal can also influence you to speak from your heart and learn when to listen to others. It gets rid of negative energy that might cause you to speak harshly and hurting other people.

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite

With a beautiful creamy ocean blue color, the blue calcite is a stone of calmness, peace and tranquility. However, it also represents good communication and can help in the expansion of psychic gifts while improving your creativity and sociability.

The blue calcite offers potent psychic energies that can awaken your psychic capabilities such as clairvoyance and astral traveling. Its essence, though, makes it a premiere communication stone. The combination of blue and pale, milky opacity can help enhance your spirituality while opening communication to the divine. It is said to help in developing links to the higher powers and even allow you to converse with angels and spiritual beings.

As a stone of the throat chakra, the blue calcite can also help encourage an open and honest line of communication with your loved ones. This stone prevents you from keeping secrets from those you love and helps you voice out your feelings and concerns without feeling scared or worrying about repercussions.

Furthermore, the blue calcite also resonates with the energies of honesty and truth. It will encourage you to speak your mind and truth with kindness and compassion. It helps you in making more stimulating and meaningful conversations with other people. It should help you in clearing away misunderstandings and arguments with calm speaking. It teaches you how to speak your side in a calm and peaceful manner. As a result, it can help prevent heated arguments that can cause damages to your relationship.



Often found in blue-green shades, the plumbogummite is one of the most unique crystals for communication. This mineral grows in replacement of the pyromorphite mineral, cooling its fiery center of pyromorphite with its blue rays of communicative light. So, using plumbogummite can help you open up your throat chakra and use it for a cooling and calming communication with other people.

In particular, the plumbogummite helps you when speaking to others about your problems and issues that seem difficult. It opens up the throat chakra and soothes your mind, so you can comfortably talk about your problems to other people. This should help prevent extreme internal mental debates and reducing internal trauma.

This stone allows you to communicate your struggles to close friends and loved ones. As a result, the plumbogummite can help you express your pains and sufferings to others. This allows you to see your problems in another light and possibly solving them faster with the help of others.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz

For thousands of years, Topaz symbolizes extravagance, generosity, power, strength and vitality. And the most preferred variety of topaz is the blue one. Natural blue topaz is extremely rare and usually has a pale shade. This is why most blue topaz in the market today are irradiated and heat-treated colorless topaz to produce the vibrant blue topaz.

Another thing to note is that blue topaz is further divided into different varieties such as the Swiss Blue Topaz (bright blue), the London Blue Topaz (deep blue hue with hints of green), and Sky Blue Topaz (light blue).

When placed on your third eye or throat chakra, the blue topaz can help you to become more conscious of your thoughts and helps in you clearly articulating these thoughts and your feelings. It also helps you in making clear distinctions about what you want and doesn’t want in this life.

Not only that but this stone is also said to be ideal for meditation and connecting or communication with spiritual beings. It is considered a natural magnifier of your psychic skills, assisting you to attune and connect to inner guidance as well as enhancing your spiritual healing.

In addition, the blue Topaz reflects the energy of your mind and knowledge, stimulating your self-confidence and the ability to think and learn complex ideas and concepts. It also inspires creativity, increasing attention and focus, improving the expression of innovative ideas and helping you achieve perfection in various aspirations and projects.



The grandidierite is a powerful magnesium silicate mineral often found in blue varieties. This rare stone is one of the most potent crystals for communication and spiritual enhancement you can find. Specifically, the grandidierite is best for inner communication.

Holding a raw piece of this stone and you can expect an immerse experience with it. IT has strong manifestation energies that can pull you into the direction of what your inner desire and heart truly desire. It does so by opening a strong connection between your heart and throat chakra, allowing you to communicate to yourself what you truly want in this life.

In addition, this stone even works with your third eye chakra, along with the previously mentioned chakra. This trifecta allows your mind, heart and spirit the opportunity to freely communicate with each other. Having a clear channel of thought like this can help you in making concrete decisions for your future.



Like grandidierite, the cavansite is another rare crystal for communication, especially in spiritual communication. Cavansite has the ability to align and activate your higher 3 chakras. This should help you in transmitting, understanding and communicating your dreams.

The powerful energies of the cavansite stone are also said to help connect and attune you to the frequency of the higher realms, dimensions and otherworldly beings. As a matter of fact, when you place this stone on your bedside every night, it is said to bring you clarity, communicate with angels and understanding your dreams.

The messages you receive from your spirit guides and angels can help you learn more about yourself and what you truly meant to do or what’s your purpose in this world. This stone can also help you in finding your own psychic abilities while focusing more on enhancing your spiritual communication abilities.

Blue Scheelite

Blue Scheelite

Also known as Lapis Lace Onyx, the blue scheelite is not actually a variety of the scheelite mineral but instead a combination of dolomite and calcite. This beautiful stone is said to help bring a total alignment of your whole chakra system. But, thanks to its dominant blue and white hues, this crystal resonates strongly with your throat, third eye and crown chakras.

The blue scheelite is a calming and soothing stone that can help ground your ideas and thoughts. Since it contains dolomite, which is an earthy stone, this stone can balance your entire chakra column and bring grounding energies. Meanwhile, the blue calcite can awaken your mind and enhancing your mind and communication skills.

More often, the blue scheelite is often carved and used as an amulet or locket to be worn around your throat. This should help assist in the unlocking and activation of your communicative chakra. With this stone, you can strengthen your voice and help you project your thoughts clearly and in the right direction.

Not only that but when your work with the blue scheelite, you can soothe your throat chakra and allows you to have better communication of your feelings and thoughts. Now, if you can’t find this stone as a necklace or pendant, a tumbled piece or palm stone in your hand can still help you when you need to speak your truth.



The arfvedsonite crystal features supercharged vibrational energy that is capable of calming and soothing your emotional body while ensuring cool and clear communication, even during times of distress. It helps push you to internalize your feelings until you are in a safer space or with a loved one where you can vocalize them without fear of judgment.

This crystal stone helps you in opening, healing and activating your throat chakra. By opening your communication channel, the arfvedsonite allows an outpour of your feelings, thoughts and emotions that you hide from within.

When you hold this crystal stone and slowly start talking to yourself about the problems and issues that are hurting you, you can release the negative energy that’s blocking your emotional body. It allows you to truly vacate whatever it is in your heart or mind and knowing that you’re fully protected by the energies of this stone. Doing this several times a week or every night can help improve your internal communication and assist you in slowly opening yourself up— both spiritually and emotionally.  



The beautiful shattuckite crystal is often found in colors deep, dark blue to light sky blue hues, strongly resonating with the throat chakra and the third eye chakra. This makes it one of the best crystals for communication, intuition, psychic abilities and mediumship.

Shattuckite has the ability to bring clarity to the throat, heart and mind. This creates a strong connection that allows you to speak your highest truths. Your ideas and thoughts become easily translated to others as well as making it easier for you to talk directly from the heart without the fear of hurting other people with harsh words.

In addition, when you work with this crystal stone, you will become closer in touch with your body, mind and soul. Your senses will be enhanced and you can effectively receive messages from your spirit guides and guardian angels. Because of this, the shattuckite is often popular for any channeler, medium or scribe. The communication capabilities of the shattuckite crystal can push you to seek and constantly only the highest truth.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the shattuckite is also a great ally for those who are constantly talking in the front audience or those in some line of work of public speaking. This stone can help you not only speak of the truth but also comforts the audience in which you might be speaking in front.

For instance, this crystal can help teachers in speaking in an understandable way to a certain age group. Shattuckite is also suitable for courtroom lawyers, helping them plead a case of conviction or working towards expressing the truth of a crime to the jurors in a trustful and clear way.

Blue Aragonite

Blue Aragonite

Sharing the same transformative energies as the regular aragonite crystal, the blue ones have the ability to soothe and calm the emotional body while enhancing your inner communications.

With its special relationship with the throat chakra, this stone has the ability to help you communicate your emotional pain and the struggles that you refuse to confront. It helps in pushing you to vocalize your feelings in times of discomfort instead of staying quiet and hiding it all inside.

Take note that the blue aragonite is not an aggressive vocalizing stone. However, it is purely here to help you in vocalizing your emotional pains. Because people often hold onto pain instead of communicating it to the ones closest to you. The blue aragonite can passively push you to open up and speak about yourself, so you can express and stand up for your emotions.

Also, keep in mind that something as little as using effective words in an effective tone with the help of this crystal can help change the outcome of any confrontation or discussion.

How to Use Crystals For Communication

Knowing the best crystals for communication is not enough. You should also know how to properly and effectively use them and benefit from them. Here are several ways you can use your crystals for communication.

Wearing Crystal Jewelry

Perhaps one of the best ways you can do to call in the wonderful energies of your crystals for communication is to wear them.

Wearing your preferred crystals for communication as pieces of jewelry ensures that your auric field is continually filled with energetic vibrations from the crystals. While you can wear them in any way you like, since most crystals for communication resonates strongly with your throat chakra, it is best that you wear them as pendants or necklaces, close to your throat chakra.

Now for the crystals that resonate well with other chakras, for instance, lapis lazuli is associated with both throat and third eye chakra can be worn close to that chakra.

Most popular stones worn a piece of crystal jewelry include turquoise, sapphire and blue topaz., chrysocolla and lapis lazuli.

Carry Tumbled Crystals

How to Use Crystals For Communication

Now, if you have a soft crystal not suited for jewelry setting or just don’t like wearing your crystal as jewelry, then you can simply carry them around with you in your purse, wallet or pocket.

Whenever you need their soothing and nurturing energies so you can speak your truth, thoughts and ideas, you can simply reach out to the crystals and connect to their vibrations.

It is a nice way to keep your crystals close to you while keeping them hidden, providing you instant confidence in your own voice.

Drink a Crystal Elixir

Crystal elixirs are another great way to directly consume the calming and beneficial energies of your favorite crystals for communication. As a bonus, sipping on crystal elixir means the energy-filled water will pass through your throat chakra, bringing instant stimulating energies.  

In general, there are 2 ways to create crystal elixirs— the direct and indirect methods.

The direct method means to completely submerge a crystal of your choice into spring water for hours or a day. Meanwhile, the indirect method is suitable for the crystals that shouldn’t be submerged in water— either because they can get damaged or produce toxic chemicals in the water. You simply surround or place a crystal on top of a water bottle and let the energetic qualities of the crystal soak the water for a day.

Whatever method you choose, crystal elixirs should help get a different kind of response from your particular crystal stone. You can sip on a crystal elixir throughout the day or even drink it up to an hour before you go to a difficult meeting or presentation.

Use Them As Displays

Crystals, particularly the larger, raw specimens make wonderful home or office décor statements. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but using these crystals as decoration at home can help you in creating a more relaxed environment that encourages confident communication.

Using your crystal stones as home or office décor means that everyone in the room can benefit from their powerful energies. In this case, it shall help encourage and facilitate honest and clear communication.

Incorporate it in Crystal Singing Bowls

The crystal singing bowls are suitable for increasing your vibration and working deeply within your auric field in order to purify and strengthen your emotional body.

Not only that, but you can also use a singing bowl with crystals for communication inside to help amplify and bring you the soothing energies of effective and clear communication.


One of the best ways to use your crystals for communication is to use them during your meditation sessions. As a matter of fact, meditation is a brilliant method to bring balance to an overactive throat chakra. It also helps in bringing out your innate abilities to communicate effectively, clairaudience and even automatic writing.

To use crystals for communication in your meditation, choose a few crystal stones and hold them in your left hand. Then, set your intentions. You can quietly say it on your mind or say it aloud. Visualize yourself being charged with the crystals’ powerful energies.

You can sit for a few minutes before placing the crystals on your meditation mat and continuing your session.

Do Quick Affirmations

Now, if you’re a busy person and can’t commit enough time to do meditation, then a simple and quick affirmation accompanied with crystals for communication can be done in a matter of seconds.

Doing self-affirmations can help re-focus your mind and bringing you confidence. This is particularly useful if you’re a moment’s away from a challenging meeting, a serious talk with others or any difficult situation that will challenge your ability to communicate. Negative behaviors and thoughts tend to be self-fulfilling and affirmations with crystals for communication can help reverse this.

By simply holding your preferred crystal for energy or placing them over the relevant chakra, you can make your affirmations even more potent and powerful.

Setup a Crystal Grid

How to Use Crystals For Communication

Setting up a crystal grid for communication is a powerful way to create a serene atmosphere you can go to if there’s any problem or stressful event at work or at home that causes an imbalance in your throat chakra.

The power of your grid for communication will come from the combination of energies from the crystals, your intention and the sacred geometry.

To create a simple crystal grid for communication, first, you need to set your intention. Then, choose your preferred crystals for communication that are best aligned with your intention. Try matching and mixing any combination of the above crystals stones to fit your needs.

Then, place each crystal stone in your grid formation while setting your intention. You can follow a common peace crystal grid or any geometric pattern that represents communication and expression. In order to elevate your intentions, you can place a selenite point at the center of your crystal grid. Keep your crystal grid for 40 days or for one moon cycle.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Communication?

Using your crystals for communication can help in improving how you express yourself and the thoughts you have. However, if you continuously use your crystals for communication without cleansing or charging them, then they start to work less effectively. Since most crystals tend to absorb negative vibes, they tend to get clogged up and provide weaker energies.

Clean With Mild Soap

In order to physically clean your crystals for communication, you can simply wash them with warm and mild soap. Using your fingers or a soft brush, carefully rub the surface of the stone in order to remove debris, dust and dirt that accumulated. Then, rinse it thoroughly with running water and pat dry with a clean, dry cloth.

Before using water though, make sure that the crystal stone is suitable for water cleaning. Some crystals tend to dissolve or get damaged with water. So, make sure to check your crystal’s hardness scale and whether they are suitable for water cleansing. Otherwise, you can simply clean the crystal by wiping its surface with a dry, clean cloth.

Now, to cleanse and charge your crystals’ metaphysical energies and vibrations, you can choose from various methods below.

Use The Energies of Water

Most crystals for communication features a blue color energy, due to its connection to the throat chakra. With that said, the soothing and cleansing energies of natural water sources make the best way to cleanse your crystals for communication. You can use the fresh water from lakes, waterfalls or spring water. However, experts often recommend using saltwater. 

Did you know that salt water and salt have been used throughout history to absorb unwanted and toxic energies and banishing negativity? So, if you are near the ocean, then you can collect a bowl of fresh saltwater to soak your crystals for communication into. Otherwise, you can simply mix a tablespoon of table, rock or sea salt into a bowl of water. Submerge the crystal stone and allow it to soak for a few hours to even days. Rinse and pat dry the crystals when complete.

Try Salt Cleansing

Once again, for the gemstones that shouldn’t be submerged in water, you can just use ordinary salt for cleansing and charging. Simply bury the crystal in a bowl filled with salt and leave it for a few hours. The salt should absorb the toxic energies from the stone. Make sure to throw away the used salt after.

Use Brown Rice

You can also use the cleansing properties of brown rice. Like with salt, brown rice is a powerful cleanser of crystal stone and can help in removing toxic and negative energies from the crystals and leave them recharged. You can also bury the crystal stone in a bowl filled with brown rice for hours to days. Make sure to throw away the used brown rice after.

Allow Crystals To Enjoy Outdoor Energies

Another common way of cleansing and recharging your crystals for communication is to leave them outside, exposed to the energies of powerful elements.

Any crystal will need the healing energies of mother earth. And placing your crystal stones outside, surrounded by earthly elements offers a healing and grounding effect. The soothing energies of earthy elements can nourish and nurture your crystal stone and absorbing all kinds of negative energy from within the stone.

Since you’re doing outside, you can also further expose your crystals for communication to secondary energy sources like the sun and moon.

The sun can offer revitalizing energies to your crystals. Unfortunately, due to its harsh rays, most stones like celestite tend to fade under direct sunlight. So, to be safe, make sure that you don’t over-expose your crystals to the sun and let your crystal stone enjoy the sunrays during sunset or sunrise only.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Communication?

If you’re nervous about leaving your crystals under the sun, you can use a less harsh element— the moonlight. The feminine energies of the moon can bring revitalizing energies to your crystals for communication like the sun with an added bonus of nurturing and nourishing energies to your tired crystal stones. Unlike the sun, the moon won’t cause fading so all crystals can benefit from this method. In order to get the most out of the lunar energy, make sure to recharge your gemstone on a full or new moon.

Master the Art of Sound Cleansing

If you want a unique yet soothing way to recharge and cleanse your crystals for communication, use a singing bowl. The sound vibrations created by the bowl can help in releasing the negative energies stored inside the stone and replacing them with positive and clear energies of healing as well as creating a peaceful and serene space for you to enjoy.

Use Quartz Crystal For Safe Cleansing

Perhaps one of the most convenient and safest way of cleansing and charging your crystal stone is to use the charging and amplifying crystals. This is for the lazy or busy owners who don’t have the time to cleanse and clear their large collection.

Crystals like clear quartz, amethyst, citrine and selenite have the ability to cleanse, charge and amplify the energies of any crystal stone close to their field. With this cleansing and charging method, you simply leave all crystals that need to be cleansed close to these charging crystals for hours and you will get clear and cleansed crystal stones at the end of the day.

Burn Herbs and Incense Stick

Last but not the least, one of the most popular ways of cleansing and charging crystal stone is by smudging. Smudging means to burn herbal bundles or incense sticks. The resulting smoke from the burned herbs or sticks can bring beneficial energies that help in clearing the inharmonious and toxic energies accumulated in the stone. Also, it helps in restoring your crystals for communication to their natural energy.

What makes smudging a great cleansing and charging method is that it can safely cleanse all crystal stones with this. When smudging your crystals for communication, make sure to keep the crystals fully covered in smoke for 30 – 60 seconds.

Final Thoughts

Communication is critical for balanced and honest relationships— whether professional or personal. The crystals for communication mentioned above should help you speak truthfully and clearly.

Each of these crystals has its own unique vibrational energies and characteristics, however, most (if not all) can being balance and cleansing energies to your throat chakra. They also help in aligning your spiritual truths, helping you bring thought honest expression and communication of your creative self.


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