33 Powerful Crystals For Creativity – The “How To” Guide

33 Most Useful Crystals For Creativity – The “How To” Guide

Do you want to know more about the different crystals for creativity? You are so lucky because you have visited the right place.

Creativity is the act of transforming imaginative and new ideas into reality. And it usually comes as quickly as it drives and navigating it is so tricky. Creativity often comes at the most unexpected and inconvenient time, for instance, when you are trying to sleep, in the batch, or simply too lethargic to do everything with all the ideas you created. And then, your creativity will disappear at the time when you need to be creative or worse when you need it the most.

Introduction on Crystals for Creativity

The sacral chakra which can be found below your belly button administers creativity in your body. In fact, it is the center of energy associated with passion and pleasure as well as physically with both reproductive and sexual organs.  With that in mind, it is not surprising that creativity is turned out of the center for passion and pleasure.

But no matter how you feel about creativity, you will actually know when you are being creative. Boosting or improving creativity is one of the many things most people wish to do. It’s because creativity has different meanings while covering various areas of life. If you start to boost your creativity, you will notice changes. In fact, these changes will enhance your life as you develop your potential as well as allow you to see the world in a newer way.

As you master new skills and come up with a new ideas, you will be able to open up the areas of your life that you didn’t know were repressed in you. In order to increase this process, using certain crystals will help you grow your potential and most importantly improve your creativity.

Often, crystals for creativity will surprise you in this way. It’s not the case you’re drawing on the powers of crystals just to fill in the gaps that are missing within yourself. Instead, their energies will flow through to you to open areas of yourself forgotten or neglected by the hectic and busy nature of today’s life.

On the other hand, crystals will help in opening up your inner creative self to a higher idea and all means of motivation. In fact, you may well start to feel boosted with creativity. Similarly, if you’re experiencing a dead end with a certain project, these crystals will also support you to strengthen those plans with a different and new perspective.

Nevertheless, to start boosting your creativity, pick crystals that perfectly work with you. These crystals are effective when it comes to inspiring intellect and coming up with new substitutes in life as you begin the process of improving creativity.

Complete List of Crystals for Creativity

The following are the best and most useful crystals for creativity that can considerably enhance your creativity and even productivity in everything you do. Check every crystal and understand the benefits it has to offer. And then pick crystals that resonate with you the most and suit your needs.



Carnelian is renowned as of the best crystals for creativity. It possesses a vibrant color that can restore motivation and vitality, inspiring creativity. Carnelian can significantly help you especially if you are making decisions and options about an interpersonal relationship in your professional as well as personal life.

This crystal, on the other hand, stimulates analytical abilities and precision. It will even activate and energize your personal allowing you to discover and reveal your concealed talents. Carnelian will allow you to access your energy of fire. It helps in building motivation and power. It is also a potent crystal focusing on realization, actualization, ideas, and action. Carnelian will even focus boost your mental focus and get rid of imbalances gently that are preventing or blocking the flow of creativity.

Aragonite Star Clusters

aragonite star clusters

For those who aren’t familiar with the aragonite star cluster, it’s a rare-looking brownstone that has a notable appearance. The crystal’s distinct visual features reveal its particular structure. Aragonite star clusters are categorized by a crystal structure known as orthorhombic which implies that a certain crystal comes with three equally vertical axes that are uneven or unequal in light. In fact, this explains the cluster structure that you will surely notice when you contemplate the crystal.

Aragonite star clusters, on the other hand, are one of the grounding crystals for creativity. It can help you stay away from all the frustrations and stress that you might have in your life. Having that said, this crystal will help you in recycling your thought pattern and transforming a negative mindset into a positive one that can help in bringing more creativity naturally.

Keep in mind that an aragonite star cluster is fragile and delicate. So, you need to place it on your table or beside your bed instead of placing it in your purse or having it in a pendant. You will also need to be careful when cleansing an aragonite star cluster.

Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine quartz as the name implies is a quartz variety associated with the sacral chakra. Actually, this chakra is the center of balance and creativity. It will even bring joy, acceptance, and adaptability. This crystal is perfect to use if you want to get rid of your self-limiting beliefs and thoughts resulting in an enhancement in curiosity and inspiration.

Tangerine quartz is perfect to use for morning meditation in which it can inspire new and fresh ideas while your mind is clear and fresh. The crystal will promote learning and development and help you perceive the world with the wonders of a child. Tangerine quartz is perfect to work with especially if you are having a hard time accepting and understanding facets of yourself. It will also make you feel worthy of your goals, desires, and success. It will even protect you from self-sabotage while supporting you to manifest abundance by using your creative abilities.

Tangerine quartz will encourage development while and help you to completely accept that you can’t change everything. With that in mind, you should focus your attention on the thing you can work on and control. Tangerine quartz will help you recognize if the criticism, thoughts, and opinions of other people are clouding your personal judgment and holding back your creative side. Known as a confidence-improving stone, tangerine quartz will help you to overcome the feeling of inferiority and promote a mindset of strength and perseverance.



Most of the time, a creative mind runs at break-neck haste. You might find yourself mentally figuring out different products at the same time while trying to keep your focus on the tasks at hand and this is where aquamarine comes into play.

Aquamarine is a stunning pale blue-green crystal that is believed by ancient lore to be the mermaids’ treasure. The name of this crystal comes from “aqua” a Latin word that means water, and “marina” which means “of the sea” which is also a Latin word. In reality, this beautiful crystal is mainly found in Brazil where the biggest seen was discovered. As a matter of fact, the piece weighed more than a hundred kilograms. Though there is also aquamarine in Madagascar, the Midwestern UA, Kenya, and Russia.

One of the best things about aquamarine is that it is a crystal you can use to center yourself. It will even bring waves of serenity to slow down your mind that might be running out of control. Further, aside from using in creative spaces, Aquamarine is also perfect to place in a business boardroom during meetings to generate more ideas.



Labradorite is a powerful and striking crystal that comes with a lot of properties that can surely benefit creativity whether you are making art as one of your hobbies or working in a creative field. This crystal can bring enthusiasm, clarity, and even new ideas. It will also support especially when you’re doubting if these ideas will become successful and keep you in the correct direction.

Labradorite can improve positive thinking and help in getting rid of mental blockages holding back your imaginative skills and visions. The energies of this crystal for creativity are useful when you are working in a group or on a creative project since it is capable of boosting communication and assisting the unearthing of new insights and ideas.

With a labradorite, stress can be reduced as well. It will enhance trust, faith, and mental clarity while easing your self-doubt. Further, Labradorite will offer protection against others’ negativity about your creative pursuits particularly when they notice that your energy would be best directed elsewhere.

This crystal will make focus and help you use both sides of your brain in accord in order to make the most out of both. With its shimmering appearance, labradorite will soothe and comfort hurt especially ones because of previous disappointments and insecurities. Last but not least, a labradorite can attract good luck and at the same time promote determination, self-confidence, and self-worth.



Basalt is a crystal underlying more on the surface of the Earth compared to other types of rocks. It is a volcanic and dark rock that’s caused by the fast chilling of the basaltic lava. In addition to that, basalt lies beneath the ocean basins of the surface. Basalt is a lava rack that is of pyroxene, olivine, and other dark-colored minerals. However, it also has light-colored minerals like quartz and feldspar, but there is only a small amount. Similar to other crystals, basalt comes in a wide variety of colors from black to grey.

Basalt, on the other hand, is capable of improving creativity. It is known to keep up imaginative energies and give off them when you need them the most. With that in mind, basalt is considered one of the best crystals to own as a symbolic cheerleader. Further, it is especially beneficial for more reserved creatives whether in the office or studio. It can offer you the confidence to share and speak out your own amazing and creative ideas.



Citrine is a beautiful yellow crystal that is considered the stone of abundance and joy. This crystal can promote creativity while encouraging inner calm that helps in keeping your focus. Citrine will inspire the flow of fresh ideas as well as enhance motivation and eagerness. In fact, it is one of the best crystals for entrepreneurs and creative businesses, and other people working in creative industries.

On the other hand, citrine will also inspire you to share your talents and gifts with others. What’s more, this sunny yellow crystal will help you to manifest success and abundance in all areas you desire. Every time you’re feeling in a rut or stuck, you can call upon the powers of citrine to improve your self-expression so that you will be able to come up with a workable idea that is distinct to you.

Called the stone of the merchant sometimes, citrine is an excellent choice for crystal for those who are thinking or have recently started a creative business such as teaching other people or selling their work.

It is also worth mentioning that citrine is capable of attracting good luck, abundance, and wealth and may help in soothing anxiety associated with your new venture as well as money.



Also known by its trademark bolivianite or as trysting, ametrine is a variety of quartz taking place naturally. As the name implies, it is easy to figure out that ametrine is a combination of amethyst as well as citrine that has zones of orange or yellow, and purple.

Ametrine is one of the best crystals for people who are currently looking for a stone that provides them with a figurative kick up the rump and finally begins their journey to creative dreams. This mesmerizing crystal for creativity can offer you the power to control your life. It will make your clarity and focus stronger while allowing you to get things straight in the head.

The key to an excessive creative output is to sort out the jumbled mess in your mind. Whether you are currently in the creative industry or planning to enter, ametrine is one of the most useful crystals for creativity you can use.

Bumblebee Jasper

bumblebee jasper

Bumblebee Jasper is an unusual jasper variety that is formed in volcanoes in Indonesia and Australia. With that in mind, it can be quite challenging to look for compared to other crystals and gemstones. Since this crystal is formed from different sedimentary rocks and volcanic matter some consider bumblebee jasper as a variety of agate instead of jasper.

Nevertheless, with this eye-catching crystal, you can pick up the best chances not only for yourself but also for your family. Bumblebee jasper will help you step out of your comfort zone especially when you’re looking for a solution to creative blockages or working on a new idea. It will even help you perceive your individuality along with how this can assist you with your creative creations and processes. This jasper variety will help you unleash all your worries and clear out your mind. As a result, you will determine the problems holding you back.

Bumblebee jasper will give you the needed stamina to keep moving forward and drive you to make a decision based on what’s best for you, instead of what others want or think. It is a beneficial crystal that can be used for releasing and healing past experiences preventing you from achieving your creative goals or holding you back from speaking out your thought and sharing your abilities with the world.



Malachite possesses an enthralling and very majestic appearance. The crystal’s green color that has white ridges make it appear an important jewel. Malachite comes in various hues of green. So, if you are fascinated with the green color and looking for the best crystals for creativity, you can never go wrong with malachite.

In actual fact, malachite is perfect to use if you want to foster new beginnings. Many people find out about their creative gifts and talents later in life. Fortunately, malachite come into existence since it will encourage you to foster such creativity and even direct your life to this result in the form of new ventures and businesses.

Malachites like amethyst may help in boosting your confidence while giving you the strength needed to trust your conviction and more importantly, yourself.



Garnet has long been popular for its massive associations with love as well as creativity. This precious crystal comes with lots of stories. For example, it is believed that garnet is only the light on Noah’s Art, considering it a crystal that held each note of hope that there’s an olive branch patiently waiting at the end of the struggle.

Garnet is a root chakra crystal. Having that said, it is a wonderful crystal to use for directing yourself and not allowing your creative thoughts to overwhelm you. In addition to that, this crystal will help you in expressing your distinct creative personality and inspire you to give out your creativity to other people. Garnet also helps in deflecting disapproval and negativity whether it is from an internal intrusive thought or an external source.

Tiger’s Eye

tiger’s eye

This list of crystals for creativity will not be completed without mentioning the tiger’s eye. Tiger’s eye is a good-looking golden-brown crystal that offers lovely shimmers and flashes under the light. It is also known as the stone of the mind as it stimulates a critical thinking process and clarity.

Tiger’s eye will connect you to the solar plexus chakra that helps in breeding productivity in your body and creativity in your mind. When you hold a piece of this crystal, you will notice increased confidence without self-worth. It will even enhance your inner strength.

This crystal will make you confident and empowered as well as allow you to pursue your goals with great focus. Tiger’s eye works to fortify your intention and determination to become successful. Therefore, even though you are dealing with creativity blockages. this crystal will offer you the perseverance, flexibility, and endurance to power through the mental barriers.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is one of the most popular crystals in history. This sacred and ancient crystal held various meanings throughout different cultures from the moment humans existed. Red Jasper is chalcedony which is a variety of quartz. Meaning to say, you can find red jasper all over the world since quartz is a commonly occurring mineral in the crust of the earth. As a matter of fact, there’s almost nowhere where you couldn’t see at least some red jasper.

Red japer strongly resonates with the root chakra. As a result, when you have a piece of this crystal with you, you will be able to design, solve problems and use your motivation to make something tangible. This red crystal will support the development of creative ideas since it will lift your sacral chakra and root chakra which are both crucial in channeling your passion into imaginative forces.

Additionally, the energy of red jasper will help you come up with new ideas and keep your focus on them so that you can bring these ideas to execution with enthusiasm and passion. Red jasper is the perfect crystal for performers and other people seeking new ideas that spark passion.

Yellow Quartz

Yellow Quartz

Without a doubt, quartz is the prevailing mineral available in the crust of the earth consisting of silicon dioxide. Nonetheless, yellow quartz is called the stone of merchants because of the presence of the color yellow in it.

Yellow quartz is also linked to the solar plexus chakra. With that in mind, it is considered one of the best crystals for creativity. This crystal will help you accept the idea that you’re a conscious creator. It will always remind you that you believed you can do it, there is nothing you cannot do.

Yellow quartz solely depends on your life force, improves optimism, supports self-expression, and helps you derive pleasure from the course of creation.



Did you know that in its particles, sodalite holds all the exquisiteness of the firmaments? In fact, as you gaze upon this beautiful dark-blue crystal, it will instantly transport you to the peak of spiritual planes in which chaos and misperception have no use.

Common among creative individuals, sodalite is hailed as one of the best crystals for creativity. It is because this crystal will help you embrace your real self while feeling your emotions and transmitting them on your canvas.

Sodalite is a remarkable crystal to use if you want to cherish your genuine individuality and protect your creation from other people. It can surely turn your emotions into inspirations and help you to communicate with the outside world through the projects and art you do.



Also called “fool’s gold”, pyrite is an element of earth resonating with the energy of fire and representing warmth. Within the shiny beauty of pyrite is a crystal of concealed fire that can be flashed to your life by imposing it against other stones or metal.

On the other hand, if you stay in touch with your intuition, bring new ideas as well as gently push yourself to act on them with full confidence, pyrite is one of the best crystals for creativity you can use. It is a grounding crystal that can support creativity by means of connecting you with nature.

Moreover, it serves as a guided crystal for creative folks since pyrite can support creative works from the beginning to the end. The crystal’s energy will help you get going while keeping your full attention on what you’re trying to make even if it seems impossible.



Chrysocolla is a blue-green crystal containing a high amount of copper. It has a glasslike to dull gleam and is impervious in transparency. This crystal is considered a phyllosilicate mineral usually found in crusts, rounded masses, or vein fillings. In fact, it is even made up of limonite, cuprite, azurite, malachite, and quartz.

Another interesting fact about chrysocolla is that supports the free flow of energy. It will also help you embrace and unblock your creative energies that were caught up by conditioning. Chrysocolla is one of the crystals for creativity that will always remind you about the meaning of real self-expression and how you can channel it effortlessly. Similar to the ocean, this crystal will teach to offer the process of creating and presenting more love toward your energy field.

With chrysocolla, you will feel motivated and you can utilize it to bring forth a creation that perfectly lines up with your emotional being. 

Red Goldstone

Red Goldstone

Regardless of its name, there is actually no gold present in red goldstone. As a matter of fact, it is a man-made glass that has copper particles giving red goldstone a shimmery appearance.

Among crystals for creativity, this crystal is ideal for all aspiring artists as well as visionaries dreaming to get their creations popular across the globe. Red goldstone is also a highly inspiring crystal that can bring back your passion or make it known to you for the first time.

Further, this variety of goldstone will light up your soul while pushing you to simply go especially for what you feel drawn to. By having a piece of this crystal around you, you will feel alive particularly when you’re following the flames of motivation. Red goldstone will help you find yourself as a creative being and become more in sync with what genuinely inspires you.

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite

Blue apatite is another excellent crystal that will improve your capability to handle problem-solving creatively and think of a unique solution. in fact, it is one of the most beneficial crystals for creativity that is perfect to use if you want to focus on tasks at hand that seem to be impossible to finish.

Blue apatite will inspire you to look for solutions and become an independent thinker who is capable of working outside the box. This is very important for performers, artists, and other people looking for creative solutions.

Blue apatite, on the other hand, is the third eye chakra and throat chakra crystal. Thus, it can stimulate your intellect to develop knowledge and truth. The crystal will deepen your rational thinking while making you draw from an abundance of creativity most especially in your subliminal.

Blue apatite is a dream crystal and helps with lucid dreaming. For instance, if you can’t come up with good ideas or stick to a certain project. a lucid dream together with the powers of apatite can help in revealing the ideas to you. Further, blue apatite is a wonderful crystal for clear communication and clairvoyance. If you have ideas, the capacity to express them may be a hassle as well. But with this blue crystal, you will have the fluidity and freedom to express your ideas appealingly and creatively.

Rainbow Moonstone


Overflowing with harmony, glowing with womanlike energies as well as a reminder that creativity and life move in cycles, it is hard to deny that rainbow moonstone is a remarkable beast. This rainbow crystal does a great job in terms of helping you to wholeheartedly accept changing cycles, rise and fall, and variation that usually comes with your creative life.

Rainbow moonstone will invite you to sit in yin’s element and not to force and push creative energies constantly, but rather allow them to come to you from time to time. This crystal is both rich and wise when it comes to healing energies.

Be sure not to be fooled by the gentle energy of rainbow moonstone since it is indeed powerful stuff.



Bloodstone is one of the best crystals to use to get rid of confusion and calm the mind. It will improve both intuition and creativity and infuse you with a more profound sense of patience, courage, and self-confidence.

Bloodstone is also a protective stone that can protect you from bullying and violent behaviors from people around you whether they’re family members, coworkers, or classmates. It will improve your decision-making process by eliminating confusion around options and ideas. Bloodstone rains in hasty and encourages a stronger sense of will. In fact, this is extremely beneficial especially if you don’t have enough support for your creative skills and creativity.

What’s more, it is a good stone for you to appreciate and recognize your skills. It will even calm the anxiety you’re feeling about being imaginative. 

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Since clear quartz works remarkably well in terms of amplifying the energy of other stones, consider pairing it with other crystals for creativity to double its power.

Clear quartz is dubbed the master healer. It is also a booster of powerful capabilities. This crystal is wonderful medicine for creative souls. Clear quartz will clear out negative energies, cleanse the chakras and invite positive energies to impale you down the core.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is an astonishing and excellent royal blue stone that is perfect for stimulating the higher mind. It is also called the stone of complete awareness, Lapis lazuli will hone your intellect, enhance your psychic capability, and most importantly, promote creativity and take note all of which are functions of the higher mind.

But aside from that, it is also an excellent crystal to have if you want to improve your memory and keep your mind active the whole day. Lapis lazuli is associated with the throat chakra. It relieves stress allowing for tranquility and peace of mind. It’s one of the common facts that calm minds serve as a great source of creativity. Having a piece of this blue crystal with you, especially during thought processes will let you come across creative ideas quickly.

Another great thing about this crystal for creativity is that it will disclose your inner truth, promote self-awareness and permit self-expression without conciliatory. With that in mind, you will be a critic of your own ideas and this will allow you to make iterations and changes, making the end result of your idea perfect and flawless.



Celestine is another beautiful blue crystal that you should add to your collection. With this crystal, you will be able to associate your creativity with universal awareness. Furthermore, it will allow you to open up yourself to a new channel of creative expression.

Celestine is so captivating in every way. It is the perfect crystal for people who want to clean their palate so that divine inspiration will land. On the other hand, celestine is an excellent storm calmer and from time to time, you need to silence the rumble so that you will be able to hear the rain.

Being an angelic crystal, celestine will call on your intuitive wisdom as well as ethereal energy. Every time you feel called to turn your eyes to heaven and make art that will connect with your deepest sense of being using this mesmerizing crystal for creativity can surely benefit you.



Ruby is a deep red and gleaming crystal holding a lot of symbolic and special meanings throughout history. Through the years, this crystal has represented passion, nobility, and purity. From ancient periods to the modern day, the crystal has been prized by various cultures all over the world.

Ruby is an encouraging crystal that will boost your creative mind. It also helps in cultivating an active imagination. If you are dealing with creative blockages, ruby can help you in eliminating these blocks.

Ruby, on the other hand, is a rejuvenating crystal that will lend style and bring strength to your life. Lastly, it will boost your desire as your motivating force.



Sapphire belongs to the variety of corundum. It is an aluminum oxide mineral occurring in a bipyramidal, prismatic rhombohedral, or tabular crystal. Sapphire can be an opaque to transparent crystal.

One of the best things about this beautiful blue crystal is that it can bring your imagination and intuitive powers that can help you with your creative pursuits and vivid dreams. Sapphire will also work wonders in restoring your missing inspiration or lost muse.

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite

As the name implies, orange calcite possesses an eye-catching orange color. Like the carnelian and other crystals in this article, orange calcite is considered one of the best crystals for creativity. It works by activating both the sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra. Keep in mind that these chakras are connected to creativity and deep thinking too.

With this orange crystal, your self-esteem and confidence will increase and this will allow you do to everything you set on your mind. Orange calcite is the stone of the sun that can encourage radiant and positive energy throughout the body. In fact, this crystal is all about feeling spontaneous, new adventures, and inventions. When you’re working on a certain project, having a piece of this crystal with you is worth considering since it will boost your ambition and determination.

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer diamond is another variety of quartz that can be found in Herkimer Country, New York only. This high-vibration crystal can clear blockages and allow your real talents and abilities to shine through. It can also promote creativity, productivity, and imagination. With Herkimer diamond, balance and clarity will transpire wherever necessary.

This is a good option when you’re working to a deadline since it can help in easing stress and break creative blockages. It is also capable of amplifying the energies of other stones further improving their powers.

Herkimer diamond will help you achieve your goals and dreams that are associated with creative pursuits. One more thing, people working in a creative industry or job can also take advantage of this creativity crystal.

Herkimer diamond also works with the soul star, third eye, and crown chakras. It is considered the stone of inspiration and clarity.

Last but not least, when you meditate with this crystal, you will be abler to reveal your hidden talents and skills that you can significantly use on a daily basis. As you keep on working with this crystal for clarity, the Herkimer diamond will reveal how you can make use of such skills and talents to add to the source of humanity.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a mesmerizing pink crystal that symbolizes endurance, forgiveness, love, and compassion. If you are not feeling motivated and having a hard time focusing on creative tasks, you can greatly benefit from this crystal.

This crystal will protect you from the negative energies of other people, particularly in your workplace. It will even protect you from any unwanted psychic attack. Rose quartz, on the other hand, is utilized for creativity and manifestation purposes due to the way it associates with your heart chakra.

Rose quartz is the stone of empathy, compassion, and devotion. In fact, this makes it perfect for improving creativity, nurturing a feeling of compassion, and boosting love. Rose quartz is also a well-known healing crystal utilized in a healing ritual. This crystal heals on spiritual and physical levels and is utilized in reiki healing as a stone for the heart chakra.

Rose quartz does a great job when it comes to enhancing creative processes especially when you’re stuck, bringing inspiration and clarity to your tasks, and keeping a harmonious relationship at your workplace.



One of the most powerful crystals you can add to your collection is amethyst. As a matter of fact, this crystal has direct connections to your intuition. If you want to communicate with your intuition and ask for guidance at the same time especially if you’re having trouble looking for the motivation needed to get your creative juice flowing, consider using amethyst.

This crystal can help you in gaining more insights and wisdom needed to connect with the inner guides. Keep in mind that this connection is very important if you want your creative juices to flow without any interruption. It will also help you find some inspiration when you need them the most.

Another great thing about this purple crystal is that it helps in bringing mental clarity and put together your scattered thoughts while providing you with the inner strength and courage to follow them. It’s a stone of contentment and spirituality. It even helps in reducing anxiety and stress.

Furthermore, amethyst is a very protective crystal that can neutralize negative energies, facilitate decision making and calm the spirit and mind. If you want to make the most out of this crystal for creativity, make sure to utilize amethyst in ways that suit your personality. For example, if you want to keep your mind stimulated constantly, consider wearing amethyst in a form of jewelry.

Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper

Picture jasper is a stunning variety of brown jasper. It can also be defined by its seemingly excellent landscape pattern on the surface, developed over time thanks to nature. It is one of the most sought-after and famous crystals across the globe. The crystal is an opaque crystal of the microcrystalline variety of quartz. What makes picture jasper stand out from the crows is its amazing veining or banding made by petrified mud or silicate.

Like all varieties of jasper, picture jasper will also relax the mind, ground the body, and soothe anxiety. It’s unique in its capability to awaken your sense of possibility. It will even bring you into accord with the earth’s pulsing rhythm. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best allies for painters, sculptors, musicians, and dancers.

If you want to wake up feeling motivated, improve your health as well as become an unending channel of divinely creative ideas, make sure to get yourself a piece of picture jasper.

Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone

As the name implies, black moonstone is a moonstone variety that was found in Madagascar. This crystal can be seen consisting of grey, tan, brown, and white colors that are running throughout nearly every piece. On the other hand, it is typically cut and shaped in a wide variety of meditation tools like tumbled pieces, raw chunks, pendulums, palm stones, and spheres. Aside from possessing the same loving and compassionate energies as a regular moonstone, the black moonstone can also offer complete protection to your aura from negative energies.

In addition to that, this black crystal will help you embrace and at the same time learn from your shadow, also called the aspects of you that you have been hiding previously, trying to avoid and deny. Black moonstone will allow you to make beauty out of your pain and challenge you to become a roadmap for other people. Also, you cannot completely feel your positive feeling unless you accept and feel your pain. The crystal will remind you that it is the entire spectrum of emotions. It means you cannot have happiness without grief. Fortunately, black moonstones can offer calming comfort while helping you through your creative practices.



Sugilite comes from South Africa where there are big manganese mines. Its color may be magenta, pale lilac, or pink which has a lot of hues through to intense purple. Sugilite may be seen in a huge form since the presence within quartz, having developed into one another with manganese. It is even found in a form called gel. However, this variety of Sugilite is less common as the gemstone quality kind is so prized.

Nevertheless, with Sugilite, you will be able to perceive things from a new perspective. If you notice that your creative expressions are stale or stuck, this beautiful crystal will help you to sail together with new courses.

Sugilite is perfect for transforming an old pattern into empowering and beautiful new one. With that in mind, if you need to break out of your old patterns or let go of all your negative thoughts holding you back from coming up with good ideas, consider working with Sugilite.

How to Use Crystals for Creativity

After knowing the many different crystals for creativity, let’s take a look at how you can reap all the benefits they are offering.



If you are all set to grow your concepts, ideas, and creations meditate with your chosen crystals for creativity for half an hour on a daily basis. You need to remain open to the impulse and guidance that you’ll receive in your meditation.

Incorporating crystals into your meditation practice is pretty easy. All you need to do is hold a stone in every hand while you’re meditating. You can also practice chakra balancing exercises, try reiki healing or get imaginative and create a crystal grid.

Wear Them

Wear Them

Wearing creative crystals will help you loosen up, and relax as well as bring on a dreamy and expansive state. You can give yourself an hour to wear the crystals and then remain receptive and open to their energies. When you are about to make an inspired choice and a fearless experience, consider wearing the crystals and holding them to kindle creative ideas and expressions.

Place In Your Working Area

Place In Your Working Area

Whether you are a home crafter, an artist who has a studio or simply want to promote creativity in your working area one of the best and smartest ways you can do this is to place crystals for creativity in your workplace. This may be on the windowsill, on top of the drawer, on the desk, or in the craft room or studio. As a matter of fact, the placement does not matter as long as the crystals are near to you to obtain the benefits.

Balance Crystals On Your Chakra

Balance Crystals On Your Chakra

When visiting a professional for a crystal healing session, usually, you will lie down on the massage table and then place the crystals on the energy center. It is because closeness to the chakras and energy centers will boost the effects of the properties of the crystals.

So before you place a crystal for creativity on your body, make sure to find out the energy center on the body and the chakra that strongly resonates with your crystals. For instance, since it is a third eye chakra crystal, you can place a piece of Herkimer diamond in the middle of your forehead. In fact, this is where the third eye chakra reverberates this effect will become more noticeable.

Carry Them

Carry Them

Another great way to take advantage of the powers of crystals for creativity is to use them as pocket crystals, crystals you can take wherever you go. This way is best used if you have polished or tumbled pieces. For this purpose, all you need to do is place your chosen crystals in your purse, pocket or anywhere you want before you leave the house. And as you go about the day, always remind yourself of the unique attributes of crystals and most importantly, your intentions. As a matter of fact, even though you forget that the crystals are there with you, they can subtly affect your creative energy fields and impact your day positively.

Place Crystals for Creativity Under Your Pillows

Place Crystals for Creativity Under Your Pillows

Sleeping with your favorite crystals for creativity every night by placing them under your pillow is another excellent way to use them. This ensures that you’ll always wake up with a relaxed mind and at the same time body. What’s more. you will come up with good ideas easily that can aid you in your life.


By celebrating yourself together with your crystals, you will be able to promote your imaginative spirit. You can place the crystals in a bowl or other places you need motivation and imagination like at the work desk.

Ask Crystals For Some Imaginative Solutions

Before going to your bed, consider sitting with your favorite crystals for creativity and then ask for some creative solutions to problems or issues. When you do this, rest assured you’ll wake up the next morning with creative ideas and solid answers.

How to Cleanse Crystals for Creativity?

Keeping your crystals for creativity cleansed and in good condition is very important. There are many different ways to cleanse crystals.

Water Cleansing

For one, it is thought that water can be used as a wonderful neutralizer for all kinds of negativity that can become kept within the crystals unintentionally. For this method, all you need to do is directly place the crystals under natural rain or tap water, for about 4-5 minutes. However, you can also cleanse the crystals in streams. If you’re using amethyst and quartz, make sure to take advantage of the powers of this cleansing method to help your crystals maintain their maximum potential.

Use The Moon Or Sun Energies

Cleansing crystals using the moon or sun energies is one of the oldest and best techniques you can consider. When your crystals for creativity become dull, whether in effectiveness or appearance, make sure to return them to light by directly placing the crystals under moonlight or sunlight for four hours, at least. Sunlight cleansing is perfect for crystals with warm colors such as orange, yellow, and red. But be sure not to expose them under the sun for too long as they might become faded.

So, for better outcomes, cleanse your crystals for creativity during a cloudless day or full moonlight. Keep in mind that some crystals will respond to moonlight better. However, it may be hard to be sure of this without trying every method and assessing the outcomes. Continue the sunlight or moonlight cleansing for 3 days.

Moonlight cleansing is a gentle crystal cleansing meaning, but it is at its peak performance during a full moon. If the moon is bright and has maximum potential, it will increase the vibrational energies of your crystals.

Do A Smudging Ritual

How to Cleanse Crystals for Creativity

Smudging, on the other hand, is another method you can try. It is actually an ancient technique used in various cultures in cleansing rooms, objects, and other things to get rid of negative energies. Practitioners believe that when you surround a crystal with smoke and allow the crystal to pass over the smoke you will be able to cleanse it. Another great thing about smudging is that it is suitable for all types of crystals. Nevertheless, for this method, you will need to use either a palo santo, frankincense, cedar, sandalwood, or a sage stick to make smoke. Then let the smoke surround your crystals for creativity. Smoke will then carry the negative and low energies away from your crystals which may help in increasing the crystals’ vibrational energies.


Did you know that you can even use your thought process when cleansing crystals? This is true. While this cleansing method is usually called the visualization method, it is called the meditation method as well as it has resemblances to meditation. If you want to give this approach a try, start with a clear mind and then hold any of the above-mentioned crystals for creativity in your hands. Imagine a radiant and bright light that surrounds your crystals and passes over them. Then, direct your mind that impurities are being released out of your crystals. The moment you feel that your crystals have restored their balance, then it is the right time to end the process.

Sound Cleansing

For those who prefer a simple crystal cleansing method, using sound is a good idea. Cleansing your crystals for creativity with sound is an effective method that you shouldn’t ignore. As a matter of fact, many believe that the delicate vibrations produced by singing bowls or tuning forks help in clearing out negative energies effectively and quickly.

Salt Water

Last but not least, salt water can also be used in cleansing crystals as it is capable of absorbing unwanted energies. For this method, crystals need to be submerged in salt water overnight and for this purpose, it is best to make use of natural seawater. Then rinse them with clean water thoroughly. However, it is worth mentioning that saltwater may change or damage the appearance of delicate crystals. So, be sure to check whether the crystals for creativity you’re using are safe to undergo this cleansing method.

Final Thoughts

Using the different crystals for creativity mentioned above will help you in enhancing your creative as well as artistic capabilities. What’s more, they will even enhance your psychic capabilities while inspiring you to free your thoughts.

If you have ideas about interesting or inspiring experiences, make sure to keep them in your mind especially if you want to boost your creativity. In fact, you can assist your imagination when it comes to taking flight by writing in your journal daily. In that way, you will be able to keep a record of your personal ideas that you can always visit every time you need them. And in the forthcoming, you will become more imaginative about how you’re going to manifest everything you want in life.

Despite there are precise ways to improve your creativity with the help of crystals, it is important that you know which parts you want to enhance and become more imaginative in order to make them transpire immediately.


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