26 Most Useful Crystals For Empathy and Compassion – The “How To” Guide

26 Most Useful Crystals For Empathy and Compassion - The How To Guide

Introduction on Crystals For Empathy and Compassion

Introduction on Crystals For Empathy and Compassion

Empathy and compassion come from the same desire— to better relate, feel and understand other people’s experiences.

These are the ability to help you emotionally understand what other people feel, imagine yourself in their place and see things from their point of view. When you see another person suffering, you’ll be able to instantly envision yourself in that person’s place, feeling sympathy for what they’re going through and encouraging compassion and kindness.

When you commit to practicing empathy and compassion, your relationships become more intimate. It helps in reducing the negative feeling that you have while making your mind clearer so you can receive inner guidance.

Not only that, but you also become more attractive to the people you meet because they can see and feel your heart. You are more likely to find your calling and get a deep fulfillment of knowing that you are actually contributing to a more loving world.

And if you want to enhance these humanitarian abilities, you can try specific crystals for empathy and compassion. Aside from empowering you, some stones also have the ability to protect you against an emotional overload that may cause you to lose yourself or feel negativity within.

A Complete List of Crystals For Empathy and Compassion

We could all do with some more empathy, compassion, kindness and love in our lives right now. Here are some of the best crystals for empathy and compassion.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

The black obsidian is considered one of the most potent healing crystal stones for protection by removing negative energies and emotions. It combines several potent and raw elements such as earth, water and fire.

As a great protector, the black obsidian is considered to be one of the best stones for empaths— people who are too empathic and compassionate. As an empath, you tend to absorb too much negative energy from other people and take it as your own.

If you need to cleanse your auric field from the unwanted emotions and feelings you absorbed from others or you feel worthless due to the negative emotions you have taken from bullies, then the black obsidian can help cut ties from these draining energies.

Not only that but with its unique flint characteristics, the black obsidian with its sharp edges can be metaphysically used for cutting through energy blockages, negative emotions, lies and destructive habits.

If you have a black obsidian mirror it can also help in reflecting your negative characteristics, traits and past behaviors, allowing you to cleanse them and move forward with self-development.

As it helps in removing emotional blockages, the black obsidian also helps in promoting qualities of compassion, clarity, strength and love in order to help you in finding your true sense of self.



Its beautiful violet ray of healing energy is unmistakable, the amethyst is considered the most spiritual crystal in the crystal healing realm.

Its extremely high vibrations that resonate with the energies of the divine can help in protecting your energy fields. This is most suitable for clearing your auric field and allows you to instantly harmonize the external influences and help you stay calm.

With its power to open up your spiritual side, this stone can help in sharpening your empathic intuition by opening the third eye chakra and enhancing your psychic abilities. As a result, you can enhance your spiritual sympathetic side while allowing you to become more effective at helping people thanks to higher intuitive abilities.

Other than being a spiritual stone, the amethyst is also considered a natural tranquilizer. This beautiful crystal stone is one of the best natural stress relievers you can find, bringing you protection against negative people and their draining energy while ensuring provides spiritual growth.

As a matter of fact, this stone can protect you against negative entities and energy vampires. As it provides calming energies, this stone can also help in raising your higher awareness of the divine, bringing you a better understanding of the beauty of nature and allowing you to cultivate kindness in people.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli or lapis for short features bold colors of deep blue with golden flecks of pyrite. This makes it one of the stones that are often associated with royalty, opulence and luxury.

Also known as the Stone of Friendship, the lapis lazuli crystal is said to help encourage better understanding and dignity in friendship as well as boost your social ability. As a result, this crystal is said to help encourage the qualities of compassion, kindness, honesty as well as uprightness when dealing with other people.

As a matter of fact, lapis lazuli is well-known as the crystal of truth in all aspects. With that said, this crystal can help in revealing your inner truth which helps in promoting self-awareness and accepting knowledge.

Not only that but its dark blue hue is mainly associated with the energies of the celestial realm. This allows you to easily connect with your spiritual self and to the world beyond the physical realm, bringing you a better understanding of the world while also enhancing your spiritual empathic side.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Like the black obsidian, the black tourmaline is a protective stone but far more powerful and versatile. As a matter of fact, the black tourmaline is considered the most protective stone in the healing crystal realm. This crystal stone has been used for centuries as a protective amulet and talisman.

Since it is a natural protector, the black tourmaline is best used in conjunction with other crystals for empathy and compassion. You can use the black tourmaline to protect yourself from absorbing too much energy when practicing compassion, kindness and empathy. It acts as a sponge that can absorb all kinds of negative energy from other people and prevent negative psychic debris from attaching itself to you.

As it absorbs all the negative energy you come across, it shall help in transmuting and transforming these energies into positive vibes. This way, you can have a clearer mind without any negative influence. This allows you to spread more love and kindness into the world.



The fluorite is one of the most color families in the crystal world. It shows off various colors and even in a rainbow form. In general, though, its energy resonates with the mind.  It allows you to have a clear focus on your goals, which in this case is to become more empathic and compassionate.

It is also a spiritual stone that shall bring you closer to the higher realms. By activating your higher chakras, this stone can open your consciousness to the wisdom and knowledge of the world, allowing you to better understand your life and the people around you.

Other than that, the essence of fluorite is purely protective like the black tourmaline. This is particularly true for the black varieties that will protect you against unwanted outside influences, stress and negative behavior patterns. This crystal stone is also a powerful ally for protecting you against the negative thinking and attitude of other people.

Meanwhile, the pink and green varieties of fluorite that resonate with your heart and higher heart chakra share the same vibrational energies that help in inducing energies of compassion, love, healing and harmony.



Offering positive and gentle energies with beautiful shades of lilac, the lepidolite crystal will help increase your positivity and the energies of sympathy, compassion and empathy while filling you up with feel-good vibes.

This crystal stone can activate your heart chakra. It brings balance to an overactive heart chakra in order to gain compassionate and loving energies. It shall help you in enhancing your innate abilities and allowing you to become more empathic with other people. Not only that, but it also helps you to understand and move through the ups and downs of any relationship.

Furthermore, lepidolite, when used in meditation can help you in developing self-awareness as well as encouraging a more mindful lifestyle. It can help in opening your energy point so you are filled with sympathy, kindness and always feel compelled to love and care for others while doing service for the greater good. Plus, it also helps in clearing your vision of how you fit into this world and what exactly your purpose is.

Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon tourmaline combines the soothing energies of pink and green tourmalines that shall open and activate your heart and higher heart chakras. This makes the watermelon tourmaline a potent stone to encourage happiness, love, compassion and peace in your life.

This beautiful stone can teach you sympathy and empathy for yourself and other people ad helps boost your innate healing abilities. It helps in increasing your confidence, allowing you to better understand and relate to other people. It balances overactive emotions while providing you with a clear purpose and meaning in your life.

Not only that but the watermelon tourmaline is also regarded as a potent crystal of protection. Combining the energies of both male and female energies, this stone can bring balance and harmony to your body. It shall help in relieving stress and removing the unwanted energies that you may have absorbed from other people.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a common grounding stone that brings you the soothing and nurturing energies of the earth. It mainly acts as a solid anchor in the natural world by drawing in white light energy from the spiritual realm and moving it down to your body so you can become deeply rooted and grounded in the physical plane.

This makes it a powerful protective stone for sensitive individuals who tend to care and be extremely sympathetic to other people. Smoky quartz can help encourage you in letting go of thoughts, emotions and feelings that are no longer serving your best interest.

Not only that, but the smoky quartz also has the ability to absorb and transmute unlimited amounts of negative energy. This allows you to prevent wasting your personal energy while filling you with positive vibes that can empower your compassionate side without worrying about being drained too much.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the ultimate stone for the heart and emotional body. Dubbed as the universal love stone, the rose quartz is oozing with pure loving energy that helps you be kind and optimistic in this life.

This beautiful pink stone speaks directly to the heart chakra. It allows you to understand and remove fears, emotional wounds and hatred. Circulating loving energy from the divine realm, fills your whole aura with positive and nurturing energies, reawakening your heart to its own loving tendency. As a result, this helps provide you with a deep sense of satisfaction and personal fulfillment, which allows you to truly receive and share love from other people.

The rose quartz can also help you in identifying the personal need for empathy and sympathy and allowing love, kindness and positivity to flow in. It calms your chaotic mind and instead fills you with its gentle energy to ease healing and forgiveness.



Hematite is considered the most powerful grounding crystal you can find. The pulsating energy of this crystal stone is said to help in connecting you deeply into Mother Earth, ensuring that you can stay firmly rooted and be able to focus and concentrate on the current moment.

And being present in the present moment will have positive effects on numerous areas of your life. For one, it allows you to focus more on the positive things and help you better understand other people well. Connecting you with mother earth allows you to harness soothing and nurturing energies that shall fill your whole being, making you kinder, lovable and compassionate.

In addition, with its high iron content, the hematite crystal is also useful in creating a good distance between you and the toxic, emotionally-draining people. As a result, you are able to respond more properly and compassionately to a situation instead of making snap judgments or decisions.



If you want to open your heart and embrace compassion, inner peace and calm, then the Kunzite crystal can lead you down that pathway.

In particular, the kunzite crystal is an excellent ally that helps provide you with inner understanding and peace. It can bring you a higher capacity for obtaining wisdom and knowledge. Thanks to its light violet rays, this crystal can calm the noise and chaos in your life. This way you can enjoy peace and serenity whenever you need it.

With the energies of the kunzite crystal, you can cut down the fear and fill your heart with the light of universal and divine energies as well as the luxury of gentle empathy and compassion. It helps in putting yourself back in a place of wonder where trust, wisdom and knowledge go hand in hand.

Furthermore, using both stones can also help in activating and healing your heart chakra. It should provide you the ability to show kindness, sympathy and forgive those who hurt you. And since both crystals work on the heart chakra, this combo stimulates joy and loving emotions to flow within you.



Malachite is one of the most recognizable stones in the crystal healing world. This crystal features the unmistakable swirling patterns of contrasting dark and light green on its crystalline structure, exuding loving, forgiving and welcoming energies.

With its rich green rays, malachite carries the energies of Mother earth while resonating with the heart chakra. Thus, it has the power to open your heart and release or remove any stagnant, unwanted, toxic or negative energy within you. It shall help in absorbing these lower energies back to the earth so that compassionate and empathic individuals won’t have to feel overwhelmed, depleted or intoxicated.

Acting as a protective stone, the malachite can help people who are prone to absorb and take the emotional negativities and pain of other people as if it is their own. This may result in a clogged or overactive heart chakra which makes them feel overwhelmed. The malachite stone shall soothe your heart chakra and restore balance while also strengthening your sympathy and compassion.

Not only that, but this crystal stone can also help in improving your intuition. It shields you against stressful situations while promoting a sense of emotional tranquility and calmness.

Poppy Jasper

Poppy Jasper

The poppy jasper is a beautiful crystal stone that got its name from the poppy-like patterns in its structure. This variety of jasper is one of the strongest promoters of tranquility and peace, soothing an overactive and unstable emotional body.

This crystal stone shall provide you with joyful and warm energy that can inspire a positive, happy outlook in life. Not only that, but this crystal stone can being you understand and help you live a life full of compassion that empowers your root chakra.

Furthermore, this crystal can also provide nurturing energies, suited for grounding whenever you are feeling overwhelmed. By keeping it in your pocket, you can easily connect with its potent energy throughout the day.  

So, whether you are affected by demanding people or facing an unpleasant situation, you can experience positivity and kindness. The energizing vibrations of the poppy jasper can help you regain your strength, put you back to your roots while boosting your courage in order to reinstate boundaries against negative or draining people.



Known as the Stone of Compassionate Heart, the rhodochrosite is one of the most popular and powerful stones of the heart chakra. This beautiful raspberry-colored stone emanates perhaps one of the most soothing and tender energies that helps comfort the soul and encourage the heart to find forgiveness and inner peace.

It helps you in staying compassionate or drawing compassion from others from time to time. Not only that, but it also helps in aligning yourself with loving energies of the divine which can help you see and understand your own emotions and actions as well as other peoples’.

This beautiful crystal stone is said to help you in facing the truth about yourself as well as other people without excuses, but with open, honest and loving awareness. It assists you in identifying your negative, unwanted behaviors as well as your destructive patterns. Then, it shall bring you healing, compassion, patience and self-forgiveness as well as a better sympathy and understanding of other people’s responsibility for their actions and yours.

Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper is one of the most soothing and peace-exuding crystals you can find. Featuring the nourishing green powers of mother earth this stone can envelop you in a wonderful blanket of calmness and tranquility.

When practicing compassion and empathy, the kambaba jasper can help protect your inner self from all the negativities of the world. As a matter of fact, it is widely known for its ability to help you relax, soothing and calming all kinds of emotional stress you experience and uncover from other people. For extremely sensitive people, this crystal can even help in creating a special aura with a pleasant and warming sensation that irradiates throughout your body.

Then, it shall invite the feelings of patience, empathy, compassion, humility, love and generosity. Specifically, this stone is quite conducive to opening your heart chakra and enhancing your ability to love and understand not only yourself but also other people more deeply. As a result, you become more compassionate and open to sending and receiving love and positive energies in return.



Unakite combines the abundant nurturing and soothing energy of greens with the loving and caring frequency of pink, providing the most powerful vibrations for healing the mind and heart.

This unique crystal stone resonates with a powerful, yet the soothing frequency of patience,  compassion, empathy, love and kindness. It is a crystal specifically dedicated to the balancing of the emotional aspect of the body.

Specifically, this stone is all about healing your wounded self first before caring for others. It teaches you to uncover and navigate challenging situations with ease and brings you a higher consciousness that can help you understand other’s perspectives so you can enjoy healthy relationships with other people.

If you are often filled with negative energies from other people, sleeping with this stone or taking a piece of it wherever you go can help you stay protected and become more optimistic and positive in life. Not only that it should also help you stay grounded and anchored to the current moment.



With its unique color ranging from deep blue to light green, the chrysocolla is the ultimate Stone of Communication. Its very essence is all about empowerment, expression and teaching. This stone removes the negative energies, calming your emotional body and allowing inner wisdom and truth to be heard.

As a peaceful crystal stone, chrysocolla can help emphasize the power your actions and words have on those around you, strengthening character and encouraging compassion. As empowerment of feminine energies, this stone brings gentleness, peace, forgiveness and natural spontaneity.

With its closer connection to your heart chakra, the chrysocolla can also help you forgive and forget negative things. It will empower you to become more understanding of the things and people in your life while boosting your empathic side. This allows you to be more loving and kinder not only to others but also to yourself.



Diopside is one of the most potent crystals for promoting compassion and positive energy in your life. This unique mineral can help teach you to become kinder and more sympathetic to other people. It also helps you learn how to live in the present moment while also pushing you to create a more promising future.

The color energy of the diopside crystal carries a strong healing vibration that resonates with your higher heart and heart chakras. As a result, this stone can help in encouraging forgiveness, compassion and loving energies.

Not only that, but it should also help in the release of toxic thoughts and self-limiting behaviors while also protecting you against the draining energy from other people. It removes the lack of self-belief and replaces it with motivation, optimism, love and contentedness.



Turquoise is believed to have been carved from the azure ocean and washed away to earth. Perhaps the most ancient stone in history, the turquoise is known to be a powerful talisman of kings and warriors.

This is because its lovely bluish-green hue exudes strongly protective energies. And with its beautiful calming hues, turquoise is an efficient healer of the mind, providing solace for your spirit and inducing the well-being of the body. It can encourage a positive overall mood and emotion by inducing a sense of peace and tranquility.

As the stone of purification, this stone can also help dispel negative entities and energies, clearing away all negativity from your environment. It can promote self-realization and helps induce humanitarian abilities, compassion and kindness. It helps in stabilizing your mood swings and removes the martyred attitude of self-sabotaging.



Spinel is one of the more unique and rare crystals for empathy and compassion. Its energies can help with the overall flow of your energy and assist in the better realignment of your whole chakra. With this stone, your mental awareness will increase and strengthen your connection with yourself and with other people.

With its extremely potent and pure energy, the spinel can help you become a better version of yourself. And a more complete you can help bring the energy of desire, compassion and love that can help change your outlook in life. Sooner or later, you will start to notice yourself looking at life from a different perspective and becoming more in touch with other people and your environment.

Such outward connection is critical to your happiness and self-growth. You gain compassion towards others which can reward you with pure joy that will be channeled throughout your soul and spirit and allow you to change your entire mental state and attitude.

Not only that, but spinel can also show you that you can grow by evolving with the ones around you. Regardless of how strong you become; you still need to depend on other people. So, by practicing kindness and compassion, you can conjure loving and peaceful living with others.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline

The pink tourmaline is a potent stone of compassion, love, emotional healing and self-love. This stone has the ability to calm your emotions during times of distress and is the perfect stone to carry if you want to enhance your humanitarian abilities.

This stone has strong healing and empowering energy since it is commonly formed within Quartz masses. The quartz crystal naturally amplifies any stone near it, so by forming with quartz, the pink tourmaline becomes even more powerful in healing all kinds of emotional issues.

With its strong connection to the heart chakra, the pink tourmaline can help empower your heart, encouraging kindness, gratitude, sympathy, compassion and tenderness that can help in strengthening and having a better understanding of your relationship. It also encourages loving energies and wisdom during difficult periods in your life or in relationships.



The rosasite is a rare stone that connects your heart chakra with your throat chakra. This helps in creating a clear channel for you to voice out your emotions. Holding onto emotions, especially the negative and painful ones for long periods of time can cause you to slowly fall into deep depression and darkness.

The rosasite can encourage you to voice your pain, allowing you to face it and move forward from it. As a result, you can grow and become a more optimistic person filled with clearer and loving energy.

In addition, this crystal stone is also a powerful ally that can help in communicating your thoughts and emotions in a compassionate way. It helps you connect with other people and allows you to choose the right words for that setting, especially if you’re trying to understand another people’s pain. It allows you to speak from the heart and have empathy and sympathy in your voice and the words that you are saying.

Peach Moonstone

Peach Moonstone

The peach moonstone shares the same potent feminine energies as other varieties of moonstone. However, this one carries an extra special connection between your personal will and heart.

Using the wonderful energies of the peach moonstone allows you to explore the loving and creative energies within you. It helps you to look inward and reignite your compassion and empathy for other people in this world.

This crystal stone can help you in healing your emotional wounds. As self-loving vibrations fill your entire being, the peach moonstone can also help bring positive vibes into your emotional body. As you start to grow more comfortable and forgiving with yourself, only then can you begin to truly become compassionate and love the ones around you.



Mordenite is a tremendously potent stone that resonates with your heart chakra and your emotional body. It has subtle yet powerful frequencies that can assist you towards the path of the betterment of yourself as well as those around you.

With this stone by your side, you’ll soon have a newly found love and compassionate energies that will naturally spread like wildfire to those closest to you. Not only will this help strengthen your own energies, but also strengthen your connection with other people and empower your innate, humanitarian abilities.

Furthermore, this crystal stone is also a powerful ally for protecting you against too many unwanted or negative energies from other people. It helps you through the transformation process and allows you to let go of the pain and unwanted emotions absorbed from your environment. This allows you to have a clearer body and mind so that you are always beaming with love, positivity and optimism.



A unique and complex stone, the stichtite emits powerful energies that directly unlock and activate your heart, third eye and crown chakra and creating a strong connection between these three.

This interesting bond between these three chakras allows you to enhance your innate ability to be compassionate, loving and empathic to others, but most importantly to yourself.

With its purple rays of light, you can increase your intuitiveness while empowering your emotional body. This helps encourage self-growth and proper healing by having your issues and feeling at the forefront of your brain. This way, you become more empathic and understanding of yourself, restoring love and kindness into your own aura.

As you learn to love yourself, you also become more inclined towards being compassionate and sympathetic to other people’s feelings and emotions.

Mangano Calcite

Mangano Calcite

Mangano calcite is a special pink variety of calcite that promotes compassion, inner peace, joy, pure love and self-healing vibrations. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most potent healers of the heart and unleashing your innate abilities.

The energies of mangano calcite can help you push forward through any pain and trauma that you may have hidden within you. These feelings may be preventing you to have a stone-cold emotion and action.

But extinguishing these negative energies within, you can reach a sense of harmony and achieve mental and emotional peace. As a result, you become kinder and more compassionate towards other people. It allows you to find pure and complete happiness, encouraging you to become more understanding and sympathetic of yourself and other people.

How to Use Crystals For Empathy and Compassion

So, now that you know the best crystals for empathy and compassion, here are some tips on how to use them properly and effectively.

Regular Crystal Meditation

As you try to become more empathic and compassionate, you want to always center, ground and center yourself. And perhaps one of the simplest and most powerful ways to do that while connecting to the healing powers of your crystals for empathy and compassion is through regular meditation.

These crystals can help you ground yourself before, during and after meditation while filling you with wonderful energies of compassion, sympathy, kindness and love, first to yourself and to others you’ll come across throughout the day.

How to Use Crystals For Empathy and Compassion

To use crystals for empathy and compassion, you can start by holding your preferred crystal in one or both hands, closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. You will feel your body sinking deeper into the earth for a grounding effect and feel the Light energies of the stone surrounding you. Take note, that some crystal stones do not resonate right away while others will easily make the hairs on your skin stand up.

You can continue holding the stones throughout your meditation session or place them around you in a grid as you meditate. Regardless of what you do, the crystal shall fill the space with valuable energies and influence your state of mind to become more empathic and compassionate.  

Drink Crystal Elixir

If you want to directly ingest the powers of your favorite crystals for empathy and compassion, then drinking a crystal elixir is your best option. Creating and drinking a crystal elixir can help directly introduce their potent energies into your system.

Creating a crystal elixir is simple and easy. You just need to soak your preferred crystal for empathy and compassion in water, preferably under the moonlight, to cleanse it. Then you simply add fresh and clean spring water and let the crystal stone sit beside the container or let the crystal soak to spread its energy. After a few hours, you can drink the elixir to enjoy its powerful properties.

However, you need to make sure that the crystal you’re using is not toxic when used with water.

If you have a crystal that can be submerged in water, then there is a way to create a crystal elixir you can safely drink. You can use the indirect method by simply placing the stone beside or on top of a water container. Its energy can infuse into the water without direct contact. Just do this for longer periods to ensure more powerful energies to your elixir.

Decorate Your Home or Office With Crystals

If you want to constantly enjoy the energies of crystals around your home or office and influence those living or working with you, then you can use these crystals as decorative items. Most crystals, especially the raw, larger ones, make great décor items at your home or in your workplace.

This is particularly beneficial when working in the office since it shall influence you to be empathic and compassionate with other people. It also helps in spreading kindness to other people for a more harmonious workplace.

As a bonus, some crystals for empathy and compassion can also work as protective crystals from electromagnetic smog. Crystals like black tourmaline and fluorite can be placed near computer desktops or in your workplace in order to protect you against computer radiation as well as kinds of negative energy and reusing those energies and bringing you positive energies instead. This shall help bring you to focus on your work while also ensuring kindness and sympathy within the space.

Large amethyst geodes, rose quartz, smoky quartz and other decorative crystal stones can also be placed around your home to help your space brimming with positive energies, influencing you to be kind and loving.

Wear Crystal Jewelry Or Carry a Rubbing Stone

If you want to be strongly connected with the energies of your crystals for empathy and compassion for the whole day and wherever you go, then you can simply wear them as pieces of jewelry— necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings.

By wearing these crystal stones, you can have direct skin contact, ensuring that you experience their pulsating vibrational energies, connecting you with your inner self and empowering the compassionate and empathic side of yours.

Now, in case you don’t like wearing your crystal as jewelry or you have a softer crystal that’s not suitable for jewelry use, then you can simply carry it as a tumbled stone or rubbing stone with you. You can place your crystals for empathy and compassion in your pocket or wallet.

This allows their beneficial energy to pulsate through your auric field or gives you easy access to their energy whenever you want to be kind and compassionate while also providing some grounding and protective energies.

Build A Crystal Altar or Grid

How to Use Crystals For Empathy and Compassion

If you want a special place you can go to whenever you feel overwhelmed with negative energies from other people or you simply want to enhance your compassionate side before you leave home, then building a crystal altar or grid is a good option.

You can build altars with crystals for empathy and compassion, incense and other protective icons in order to help create a safe and sacred space in your home. This gives you a place to go whenever you need to cleanse yourself of negative thinking and get a boost of positive energy.

Other than a crystal altar, you can also make a unique crystal grid. This allows you to use several crystals for empathy and compassion in one go. By combining the complementing energies of your crystals, you can help boost your intentions of banishing the toxic and negative energy while bringing in the optimistic vibes you need.

Crystal Bathing

Did you know that water is a powerful conductor of energy? Plus, it helps in amplifying the frequency of any crystal. This means that you can use your crystal for empathy and compassion as you take a bath. This is particularly suitable if you are looking to release the stress and negative energies that you have accumulated throughout the day with a nice, hot bath.

Using several combinations of crystals for empathy and compassion, you can effectively absorb and remove all kinds of negative energy from within you while infusing you the energies of kindness, compassion, love and healing. It shall bring the content and satisfying feeling that’s comforting and nurturing, bringing you back to your core and inner self.

Take note, however, that some crystals should never be exposed or submerged in water since they can damage or dissolve their structure. The good news is that you don’t have to throw your crystal in the water with you to be effective. Simply surrounding your bathtub with your preferred crystal for empathy and compassion can help achieve your intention.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Empathy and Compassion?

Your crystals for empathy and compassion work hard to bring you beneficial energy that makes you kinder and more compassionate while also absorbing negative energies that would otherwise fill your auric field and make you feel overwhelming.

With that said, you want to always clean and recharge your crystals for empathy and compassion in order for you to continuously benefit from their energetic frequency.

First, Physical Cleaning

Before anything else, you want to physically clean your crystal stone. You can easily do this by washing it in running water. Rubbing it with liquid dishwashing soap should also help in removing the debris and dust accumulated in its crystalline structure. Make sure to rinse the stone properly and pat dry with a soft cloth.

Be warned though, that some crystals can get damaged with water. As mentioned before, soft and brittle stones can get damaged or dissolved in water. For these crystal stones, you simply need to gently wipe their crystalline structure with a clean, dry and soft cloth.

Once you remove the dirt and debris accumulated on your crystal structure, the next thing you need to do is to metaphysically cleanse and charge their energies. And there are several ways to do just that.

Utilize Sound Vibrations

How to Cleanse Crystals For Empathy and Compassion?

If you have a singing bowl, then you can use it cleanse several crystals for empathy and compassion in one session. Charging crystal stones with sound vibrations is one of the most effective and safest ways to cleanse any crystal stone.

Other than singing bowls, you can also use bells or tuning forks for doing sound cleansing. Using these tools, you can create sound vibrations that carry over to the crystals and release the toxic energies from within the stones. As an added bonus, sound cleansing also helps in cleansing the environment, ensuring more harmonious energy in the area.

Smudge, Smudge, Smudge

Smudging is one of the most popular ways to cleanse the energies of any crystal stone. Like sound cleansing, smudging is also one of the safest ways to clean any stone. This crystal cleansing method can help in clearing the inharmonious and toxic energies accumulated within the stone and helps in restoring its natural energy.

To use this cleansing method, you need herbal plants like sage or palo santo. If you don’t like herbal plants, you can also use several incense sticks. Simply light up your herbal bundle or incense sticks. Allow the smoke to cover and fill your crystals for empathy and compassion for at least 30 seconds to a few minutes for the protective stones like black tourmaline or if you use crystals heavily.

Submerge in Natural Water

Natural water sources are another great way to cleanse your crystals. If you live near freshwater sources like lakes, waterfalls, a beach or spring water, then you can utilize these waters for crystal cleansing.

However, your best water source option is saltwater. Throughout history, salt has been used to absorb unwanted and toxic energies and banish negativity. If you are near the ocean, then you can collect a bowl of fresh saltwater to soak your crystals into.

Otherwise, you can simply mix a tablespoon of table, rock or sea salt into a bowl of water. Submerge the crystals and allow them to soak for a few hours to even days. Rinse and pat dry the crystals when complete.

Once again, this cleansing method is only suitable for hard and water-safe crystal stones.

Bury In Salt or Brown Rice

If you have a soft or brittle crystal that is not suitable for the previous cleansing method, then you can simply use salt for cleansing and charging.

Whether you have sea salt or ordinary kitchen salt, you can use it to remove toxic energies within the stone. Simply bury the crystal stone in a bowl filled with salt and leave it for a few hours. Make sure to throw away the used salt after.

A great alternative to salt is brown rice. It has the same cleansing abilities as salt but doesn’t degrade crystal structure, especially the more sensitive ones. You can simply bury your crystal stone in a bowl filled with uncooked brown rice, leaving it for a few hours or days. Also, make sure to throw it away once finished with the cleansing.

Use The Energies of Mother Earth

All crystals are connected to Mother Earth, and thus they can be cleansed and recharged in the natural earthy elements.

You can simply leave your crystals for empathy and compassion in a rich garden or forest for a few hours. This can help in nourishing and replenishing their exhausted energies while releasing the toxicities and negativity back to earth.

If you want for a more concentrated cleansing and recharging, you can even bury the crystal in a bowl filled with nurturing soil for a few hours. This ensures that all negativity from the stone will be absorbed by the soil. You can simply wash the stone with water or wipe it clean with a soft cloth to remove the dirt.

Charge With The Sun or Moon

Other than the nurturing energies of the earth, you can also expose your crystals for empathy and compassion with the energies of the sun or moon.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Empathy and Compassion?

The sun can help provide revitalizing energies, especially for those crystals that use fiery elements such as obsidian. However, as a powerful element, it tends to damage most crystals and can cause fading. So, don’t over-expose your crystals and don’t charge them under direct sunlight, especially at noon when the sun is at its highest. To be safe, you can let your crystal stone enjoy the sunrays during sunset or sunrise.

For a safer cleansing, you can use the soothing energies of the moon. Like the sun, the moon can also bring revitalizing and nurturing energies to your tired crystals for empathy and compassion. However, unlike the sun, the moon is not harsh and won’t cause any fading. This means that you can let your crystal stone soak overnight in lunar energies. In order to get the most out of the lunar energy, you can choose to recharge your stone on a full moon.

Try the Crystal “Chargers”

Did you know that some crystals are natural chargers and amplifiers of other crystal stones?

Specific crystals like clear quartz, carnelian, amethyst and selenite are stones with cleansing and amplifying abilities. This means that they can help to cleanse and charge your crystals for empathy and compassion.

In particular, you want to use the raw forms of these crystals. You can also use them in cluster, geode, slab and even bowl versions.  

You simply place the crystals that need cleansing within, around or close to these charging stones. As a bonus, these crystals can also help in amplifying the energies of any crystal they share the space with.

So, not only can they help in removing all bad energies and clearing the energies with the stone, but charger crystals can also help in boosting the powers of your crystals for empathy and compassion.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. Being empathic and compassionate can help you stay deeply connected to your humanity and allow you to form deep everlasting bonds with other people. This allows you to practice kindness, spread love and positive energy and make the world a better place.

Whether you want to enhance your abilities to stay sympathetic and compassionate or crave protective energies that can help create boundaries against too much negative vibes, the above crystals for empathy and compassion can help you stay grounded and protected while making you a kinder and more loving person.


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