37 Most Useful Crystals For Energy – The “How To” Guide

37 Most Useful Crystals For Energy - The How To Guide

Introduction on Crystals For Energy

Having enough energy is the key to a successful and happy life. After all, it is impossible to achieve your goals, enjoy social interactions or remain productive if you are feeling lethargic and drained.

Low energy can impact every aspect of your life. If you feel sluggish or tired, you won’t be able to solve issues and challenges that come your way.

By revitalizing your chi or life force energy, healing crystals can help in boosting your energy levels. This stimulates your kundalini power, raises your mood as well as promoting self-confidence, determination and willpower.

A Complete List of Crystals For Energy

There are various crystal stones that can help restore your zest for living, raising your energy so you can feel happier and make it so much easier to tackle whatever challenges that come your way. 

Red Jasper

Red Jasper

We’re starting off this list with the most potent energizer of all— the red jasper. Historically speaking, the red jasper was called the crystal of vibrancy and endurance. It was used as a talisman for warriors and said to bring protection and life.

In modern days, however, the red jasper is still considered the Stone of Endurance but not for warriors. It is considered a vital and gentle stimulation of your chi or life force energy. This brings physical energy and strength, determination, focus and stamina. Activating your root chakra, this crystal stone can also help in stimulating the rise of your kundalini energy throughout your chakras.

Not only that, but its steady frequency also helps in calming your emotional body in order to create stable and long-lasting energy you can use to overcoming challenges or improving your health. IT also helps you in facing unpleasant tasks or setting goals and following through until completion. Dubbed as a Stone of Passion, this stone is also useful for rejuvenating and restoring your libido and helps in manifesting creative ideas.



Another potent crystal stone for energizing the body like red jasper, the ruby is perhaps one of the most favored crystals for energy. Its blood-red shades are pulsating with energizing qualities that are great for overcoming exhaustion and lethargy.

When you place ruby over your root or heart chakra, it has the ability to clear away the emotional blockages, thanks to its color that resonates with these chakras. Such blockages may cause the unwanted drainage of your energy. Thus, by removing them, you can get an instant boost in your energy.

Not only that but the ruby gemstone is also said to help in stimulating your life-force energy while providing strong grounding to Mother Earth. Its pure Red ray with vibrant energy remains unsurpassed by any stone in the mineral kingdom, bringing powerful stimulation to your root chakra. So, it is no wonder why you will feel an instant increase in vitality when this crystal stone is in your energetic field.

It will bring you the much-needed energy throughout your physical, emotional and even spiritual body. It stimulates your heart and blood, encouraging a clearer mind, increased motivation and concentration. Plus, it also helps brings a sense of power, determination and self-confidence, allowing you to overcome timidity and sluggishness and pushing you towards achievement and prosperity.

Thanks to its concentrated energy that stimulates circulation and amplifying your energetic fields, this stone can help you overcome lethargy and exhaustion, Unfortunately, for those who are highly irritable or sensitive, the ruby crystal may find it uncomfortable or overstimulating to use or wear.



The beautiful sunstone with its orange, yellow to red-brown shades is also one of the best crystals for boosting your energy levels. It is like the morning rays of the sun spilling across your skin, making you feel energized on a gloomy or lazy day. Featuring strong yang energy, the sunstone carries the regenerative qualities of the sun while also shining positive vibes on all your endeavors.

The sunstone is particularly effective if other people’s over-demanding or negative energy is draining yours. The sunstone gemstone can help in releasing you from such influence, ensuring that your energy is not drained or used excessively in dealing with them. As a result, you can develop a true sense of happiness, joy, and vitality.

It shall bring you freedom, personal power and expanded consciousness. And since it reflects the qualities of light, the sunstone crystal also brings benevolence, openness and warmth. So, whenever you are feeling glum, lethargic or just going through a stressful period, the sunstone crystal can lend you the energies of the sun to brighten your day. It shall bring you an extra boost of energy to stay enthusiastic and positive in this life.



If you are looking for a sparkly crystal that can energize, revitalize and soothe your physical body and mind while also helping you unlock your fullest potential and increase your motivation, then get yourself a Goldstone.

Dubbed as the stone of ambition, the goldstone crystal is said to help you in reaching and attaining your life goals and objectives. This potent crystal can drive ambition and passion while also reducing tension. It then helps in revitalizing your physical body and encouraging a more enthusiastic and positive attitude.

In terms of emotional sluggishness, the goldstone can help you get through emotional turmoil. It helps you fight the challenges and negativities while inspiring and pushing you to keep going. Not only that, but it also helps in increasing your drive in order to overcome your negative habits and behavior. Furthermore, this crystal stone also offers soothing energies that should promote vitality, stamina and energy, particularly on days when you feel like you cannot go on.

With its reddish to brown energies, the goldstone crystal mainly works on your root chakra and helps in revitalizing your physical energy. Not only that, but it also has the ability to induce self-confidence and creativity by stimulating and activating your solar plexus and sacral chakra.



The citrine crystal is another favorite for its energy-giving qualities. Like the sunstone crystal, the citrine also carries the energy of the sun and brings you positivity and wondrous stamina and energy. It is ultimately comforting and warming, life-giving and energizing.

In addition, citrine mainly helps in restoring your solar plexus chakra which is your power chakra. When your solar plexus chakra becomes out of balance or blocked, you can feel tired or lethargic. By directing its healing power to your solar plexus chakra, citrine can induce personal power, intelligent decisiveness and creativity to enhance your physical body

And with its pure yellow energy, it will encourage new pursuits, a fresh beginning and fullness of life. Furthermore, this yellow crystal is also a powerful purifier of your will center. It should help you identify and then heal issues of emotional disturbances and feelings of hopelessness. Not only that, but this stone can also help you understand what’s necessary in order to resolve such a situation while also providing the energy, fortitude and courage to make difficult decisions and acting upon them.

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite

If you ever need a crystal that can help you to get moving again, then the blue apatite is one of your best choices. Featuring a dark, bright or light blue shade, this crystal stone can help boost under activity and dissolving apathy by balancing your yin and yang energy. As a bonus, it also stimulates your kundalini energy.

The blue apatite is said to help enhance your motivation and stimulating your physical energy. It helps in overcoming alienation and self-consciousness as well as promoting social ease and openness. It is particularly beneficial in easing anger and sorrow as well as reducing emotional exhaustion and irritability.

The calming blue energies of this stone can also uplift your spirits and encourage you to have a positive outlook and an optimistic attitude in life. Other than mobilizing your energy reserves, the blue apatite can also support a healthy eating plan. This is crucial if you wish to maintain not only your weight but also your vigor and vitality.



Garnet is one of the most common crystals in the mineral kingdom and is available in several colors. However, it is more popularly known for its deep red color energy— from the commonly collected almandine garnet to the valuable, expensive pyrope garnet— the beautiful garnet is a powerful supporter of the base or root chakra. With that said, it has the ability to revitalize, energize, purify, and balance chaotic energy, bringing courage and passion as needed.

The beautiful garnet is said to help support the healthy and consistent flow of chi throughout your body. This is critical if you wish to feel happy and energized. In addition, with its power to unblock your root chakra, the garnet can also help stimulate your feelings of self-worth. It assists in drawing in the restorative energy that you desperately need, boosting your life passion even during the challenging or difficult times. Furthermore, it helps in stimulating the kundalini energy, which fortifies your instinct to survive.

Other than promoting physical energy, the garnet crystal also brings a new enthusiasm into your friendship and business. Not only that, but this crystal stone also inspires love and devotion, reducing emotional disharmony and balancing your sex drive, as well as providing stamina in bed.



Similar to the first flash of autumn or the fiery brilliance of a sunset, the Carnelian stone captivates those who witness it. Its bold, vibrant and potent energy can bring the rush of power, joy and warmth that stimulates and pushes you to action.

Carnelian is considered one of the best crystals for energy. It is said to awaken your vitality and passion, so you can move forward for your goals and objectives more effectively. Not only that, but the sunset hues of this crystal stone can help in releasing any suppressed emotions which may be affecting your mood and mindset.

By clearing and opening your sacral chakra, you can release the negative energy and revitalizing the whole body system and welcoming energizing powers from the universe. It shall take your motivation to the roof and helps n awakening your creative passion.



As its name suggests, the bloodstone stimulates your energy-giving blood to bring back stamina and vitality. Its green energies make it a powerful healer of the heart chakra, but its blood-red tints also make it a reliable healer and cleanser of the root chakra

Together, the greens and reds of this stone represent the mix of fearlessness, power, stamina, energy, growth and strength, while providing a barrier from all the negativities and protecting you against all kinds of threats and unwanted energy— physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Legend has it that the bloodstone was formed during Christ’s crucifixion when his blood fell to the ground and turned into this stone. With that said, it is a phenomenal crystal stone that stimulates resilience while also helping you recognize the benefits of going through difficult situations. It helps banish fear, anxiousness, listlessness and lethargy while empowering you to move towards your future.

In addition, its earthy energies also make this stone a powerful ally in keeping you grounded and fully at the moment. By meditating with this stone, you can activate your survival instinct and discover ways to overcoming threatening situations.



Did you know that Pyrite got its name from the Greek term pyr which means fire? Thus, it is not surprising at all that this mineral can bring the powerful and action-inducing energies of the fire element into your life.

The cubic structure of the pyrite crystal acts as a powerful energetic shield that can block all the negative energy that may be sapping or draining your stamina and power. Not only that, but this stone also helps in preventing any energy leaks from your auric field.

As a result, you will feel less tired when using this crystal. It also helps in firing up your enthusiasm and optimism in order to face the challenges of daily life. In addition to promoting energy, this stone is also believed to help increase the oxygen supply in your blood. This helps in easing your feelings of exhaustion and lethargy.

Poppy Jasper

Poppy Jasper

The poppy jasper is a beautiful crystal stone that got its name from the poppy-like patterns in its crystalline structure. This stone is a strong promoter of tranquility and peace, soothing an overactive base chakra.

By resonating with your root chakra, the poppy jasper is said to bring an energizing vibration that can promote passion and vitality. This stone is suitable if you need an instant boost of motivation after a period of lethargy or sluggishness.

In addition, the poppy jasper is a wonderful crystal stone that can help you when recovering from illness. Its flower-like patterns are said to help in increasing your energy levels as well as helping you in re-establishing a positive routine.

Whether you are affected by demanding people or facing an unpleasant situation, your self-confidence and energy may get worn down. The energizing vibrations of the poppy jasper can help you regain your vigor while boosting your strength in order to reinstate boundaries against negative people.

Not only that, but you can also use the nurturing energies of this stone, suited for grounding whenever you are feeling overwhelmed. By keeping it in your pocket, you can easily connect with its potent energy throughout the day.

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite

A warming and friendly crystal, the orange calcite can help boost your energy and is particularly useful in enhancing your professional skills and achieving your career objectives or dreams.

While orange calcite is mainly an enhancer of creativity, this stone also works in increasing energy in the body. By encouraging a gentle movement of energy, the orange calcite can remove blockages and balancing the mental and emotional body, boosting your willpower and motivation to complete a task or project.

Aside from making you feel renewed and reinvigorated, the orange calcite can also make it easier to let go of the unwanted beliefs and habits that might be limiting your talents and skill. Its positive energy can help overcome the lack of ambition and self-worth. Its sunny energies can also help in fighting procrastination and laziness. It shall make you productive and inspired, replacing lethargy and inactivity with motivation and enthusiasm.



Gaspeite is a very rare mineral that belongs to the calcite family, thus features very mysterious vibrations. However, it is known to resonate directly with your heart chakra and grounding your entire physical energy and presence to Mother Earth.

This stone can help activate your inner chamber of the heart, unlocking emotions that have been scarred by traumatic experiences. It cleanses your spirit and removing your ultimate fear. It offers the needed energy and courage while providing an extra layer of protection to your auric field.

By removing these negative experiences and energies clogged within your heart, the gaspeite can bring renewed energies and making you more confident and comfortable. You gain vigor and stamina, feeling rejuvenated for the first time after that negative time in your life.

Red Tiger’s Eye

red tiger’s eye

The red tiger’s eye is a stone of power, stimulation and passion. Its properties work mainly in increasing your energy and are closely connected to human desire and sexuality.

The tiger’s eye mainly refers to the brave, strength and strong demeanor, stamina and primal instinct of the tiger. It was linked to the magical tiger, known as the king of beasts in Eastern mythology. It portrays integrity, courage and power. That combined with vibrant red color and you get a powerful stone that brings revitalizing energy, stamina and vitality as bonuses.

The red tiger’s eye is also a motivation stone that can help rekindle your passion, sexuality and desires. If you ever feel a lack of momentum in your life or in approaching certain moments or tasks that used to fill you with happiness, then the energies of the red tiger’s eye can help reconnect with your lost enthusiasm.

Not only that, but working with this crystal stone, you can unblock and bring balance to an overactive root or base chakra. This way, your physical body regains stamina, vitality, energy and strength. Your spiritual energy, on the other hand, is rekindled in the form of security and a strong sense of your own power.

Fire Agate

Fire Agate

The fire agate, dubbed as the Spiritual Flame of Absolute Perfection, holds a mystery locked insides its beautiful and mesmerizing, deep brown shades. Simply touching the stone, you’ll see its fiery embers light up which can stimulate and activate your base chakra. This is one of the best grounding, energizing and protective stones that can keep you in the present moment while pushing you to act on your desires and goals with its fiery essence.

The creative energy of this stone resonates with the element of fire, making it suitable for providing you energy and stimulating your chi and kundalini. It can help you break out of the negative state of mind as well as idleness. Not only that, but this stone can also help motivate you to think of your life situation in a much better and innovative way.

With the help of the fire agate stone, you can also keep the toxic people away as well as the negative energies from your surrounding from entering your auric shield. Its fiery energy will also bring a burning sensation of motivation that allows you to achieve your goals and desire in life.

Red Fluorite

Red Fluorite

Fluorite is one of the most colorful minerals you can find to suit your healing intention. In this case, the vibrant, blood-red fluorite crystal is your most suitable option for revitalizing a tired or sluggish body and clearing and reactivating your root or base chakra.

The red fluorite crystal stone carries a stable and calm frequency which ensures order to chaos and providing energetic support to your spirituality, focus, vitality and concentration. Not only that, but this gemstone also helps in stimulating your kundalini energy that brings about independence, liveliness and stamina. With its strong association to the root chakra, this stone is also used for grounding purposes while instilling a sense of security and safety.

Take note, however, that fluorite is mainly a stone of the mind. And the red variety ensures a renewed thinking and clearing a chaotic mind chattering. By removing the negative thinking and unnecessary doubting, you can have more energy to push yourself to a higher state of fulfillment.

Indigo Gabbro

Indigo Gabbro

The Indigo Gabbro is also known as Mystic Merlinite and is one of the most recently discovered minerals in Madagascar. Its name came from the mystical character of Merlin, a druidic shapeshifter who harnessed magic to cast spells.

Such are the properties of the Indigo Gabbro— mystical and magical. While there’s little known about this stone due to its recent discovery, the Indigo Gabbro is said to unlock your consciousness and releasing it from your daily concerns.

As a result, it helps in removing the focus of your mind on the things that are not that meaningful and draining your energy. It helps you in taking a step back to summon your true potential, combined with a surge of physical energy and vigor to this physical realm. As a result, it brings your consciousness to new levels and experience a period of self-awakening.

When used in meditation, the Mystic merlinite is said to help soften your auric field while replenishing your energies— physical and emotional. It provides assistance to the readjustment you need to enhance your inner consciousness and in protecting you against the harmful energies that can sap you out of life force energy.

Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz

The tourmalinated quartz is a unique quartz crystal featuring black tourmaline strands of needles within. Thus, it offers a unique vibratory energy of protection and enhancement.

The tourmalinated quartz brings the energies of understanding and enlightenment of the physical realm that’s around you. The black tourmaline that’s included within the quartz crystal can help open and activate your root chakra. This allows your mind and body to be connected to the Mother Earth.

As a result, you can feel rejuvenated and nourished in your physical body, while also releasing the negative ideas and thoughts within your mind. Then, the quartz miner only enhances these energies while elevating your mental understanding and consciousness. It realigns your thinking with your physical body, ensuring a more balanced cooperation within the two and bringing harmonize energy to your system.

Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz

Like the orange calcite, the tangerine quartz is a joyous crystal exuding positive energy that can benefit your life, particularly in the workplace. This energizing stone can help you stay focused and motivated on a project or task until it is complete.

With its strong association to the sacral chakra, the tangerine quartz can also help in the generation of a continuous flow of creative and innovative ideas. Thus, it is one of the most favored crystals when you seem to be lacking in the inspiration that could help you move upward on the career ladder.

In addition, this crystal stone can help in enhancing your self-worth, self-understanding and removing self-limiting beliefs. As a result, this stone can help you make a difference in the workplace while also activating your passion in the process. It gives you a real zest in your professional life, promoting energy and vitality as you work through stressful situations for your career advancements.

Red Sphalerite

Red Sphalerite

Sphalerite is a unique crystal stone that brings your vitality, energy and strength. Like most minerals, sphalerite comes in several colors. However, for the strongest stimulator of your life force energy, you need to try the red variety.

Featuring fiery color, the red sphalerite is the warmest and potent crystal that will push you to act. It represents physical vitality, life and energy, bringing you laser focus to the essence of your life and encouraging you to live with passion and a purpose.

As a powerful energizing crystal, the red sphalerite stimulates your kundalini and life force energy. Not only that, but this stone can also push you to act keeping you determined and motivated while providing the needed energy to do so. Its energies are so uplifting that they can help deal with lethargy and procrastination and empowering you to get things done. It also provides inspiration and willpower to fore.

The stone can also bring willpower and stamina in order to make the best out of your life. You’ll experience a renewal of your energy levels that will be evident in everything that you do. It also helps you in dealing with the troublesome areas in your life and fighting exhaustion and stress. It should keep you at ease in order to prevent burnout.

Not only that, but the red sphalerite can also help dispel negative attitudes such as laziness and lethargic feelings, feeling you with optimism, joy and energy. You can also release the built-up tension and emotion from the past, cleansing your emotional body and bringing in a renewed sense of happiness and vitality to your life.



Diopside is a powerful stone of eternal healing and enlightenment, offering pure green restorative energy for your whole body. Within the diopside resides the building blocks of life force energy and is part of the reason why spiritual practitioners love the energy it offers.

Like gaspeite, the diopside crystal also works deep within your emotion and soul, penetrating the limits of your mind in which you’ve absorbed all kinds of experiences— bad and good. This stone cleanses and releases the stagnant energies so your emotion and mental being become more stabilized.

Then, it will bring you a more powerful connection to a grounded and planetary vibration. It offers you a renewed sense of energy and bringing you stamina, vigor and physical and emotional strength.

Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome Jasper

The polychrome jasper is a beautifully colored Jasper that exhibits unique eye-shaped, figurative or circular patterns. Its beautiful and earthy shades of brown, tan, green and red make it a powerful healer of the root, sacral and solar plexus chakra— all of which are responsible for igniting energy and vitality into your life.

While it features gentle and soothing energy, the polychrome jasper is, in fact, strongly connected to the fire element. This means that it represents physical energy, vitality, exuberance, passion, vibrancy, action and creativity. When you tap into the energies of the polychrome jasper, you can imbue yourself with ancient energy force. It can work extensively to bind your physical body down to the planetary level. Then, the true roots of this crystal can start to grow around your etheric body while also channeling nurturing and soothing vibrations in order to energize your life force.

Not only that, but its vital energies can also help in rejuvenating your core and re-igniting the fiery energy from within you. This stone can serve as a reminder that anything is possible and that you are your own creator. Also, if you want more emotion, action or passion in your life, the polychrome jasper stone can also help you achieve this easily. It has the vibrations to help you feel energetic and alive in all your endeavors. Plus, it also helps you in finding a way to change a part of yourself to a more desirable and active state.



Chrysoprase is considered one of the best crystals that can enhance your emotional and mental energy, clarity, creativity, determination and confidence, which allows you to be truly centered.

It is mainly helpful in bringing confidence, self-esteem, creativity and innovation into your life by energizing your meridians. When you place a piece of chrysoprase in your workplace, it has the ability to energize the surrounding area. This imparts an immediate sense of enhanced energy, vigor and vitality. The stone can also help overcome mental and intellectual fatigue due to stress and overwork.

Chrysoprase should help increase memory, focus and concentration. As a result, it makes a great ally for those working towards their career success. The stone can help concentrate your energy towards improving your thoughts and ideas, producing the actions that you need to bring to reality.

Red Aventurine

Red Aventurine

Like any other red crystal stone, the red aventurine with its vibrant shades is considered a potent healer of your root or Muladhara chakra that mainly works on your sense of physical energy and security. Dubbed as the Stone of Action, the red aventurine is one of the best stones of manifestation through increased energy and action.

The red aventurine has the ability to draw upon the elements of both fire and Earth to boost the flow of your chi or life force, which in turn, revitalizes and energizes your physical body. Furthermore, this gemstone also brings you the much-needed physical energy and determination in order to get things done. It helps in boosting mental alertness, stamina and vitality while amplifying your desire to take on any challenges and obstacles in life with perseverance and resolve.

In addition, red aventurine is also said to inspire creativity, renewing your confidence and bringing in excitement to push your goals, desires and projects into reality. Not only that but this crystal stone is also said to help you see your true self and overcome your ego which might be preventing better judgment. Also, it provides you the assurance whenever you fear committing to choosing a path and following it through. The stone is also known to encourage self-forgiveness as well as strong grounding energy that helps protect you against toxicities and negative energies in your surroundings.



Infinite is the term given to the special gray-green variety of serpentine that came from South Africa. Its energies are said to be superior to most regular serpentine varieties you can find.

This potent stone can be used to heal your physical and etheric body. Its powerful vibrations are said to help cleanse your auric field while offering a protective shield that can block anything negative that might attach itself to you and drain your physical energy. As a matter of fact, the infinite crystal is said to help raise your vibrational energies and assist in overcoming the feeling of constant lack of energy, lethargy or fatigue.

Not only that but the infinite stone is also said to be beneficial in meditation. It helps in connecting you to the energies of the earth and channeling life force and kundalini energy from within. It also helps in unlocking your heart and pulling out any emotional trauma so you can start to heal.



Called many names— drops of the sun, hardened honey, sunlight solidified, tears of the gods— the amber is one of the oldest and most treasured gemstones since ancient times thanks to its warming colors and metaphysical properties of healing.

The golden-orange shades of the amber gemstone are known to stimulate your sacral chakra. This chakra is known as the center of gravity of your body and mainly controls the flow of energy. It is the center of the Life Force of your body, controlling the flow of information from your body to your mind, and vice versa. So, by stimulating and healing the sacral chakra, the amber can unleash potent and creative energy that can help keep you going even during difficulties and challenges.

Not only that, but the amber crystal is carried or worn by those who wish to from an injury or an illness as well as increasing vitality and drawing on your essential strength and stored energy and the desire for wellness. Its strong vibration of life force can bring warmth to your inner beings and imparting more of this energy into your system.



Rubellite is the commercial name for the red variety of tourmaline. It got its vibrant color thanks to the trace amounts of manganese, creating a natural red to pink shade that is sometimes closely similar to that of the precious ruby stone.

Due to its pinkish shade to blood-red hue, the rubellite is a powerful healer of both the root chakra and heart chakra. Thus, rubellite is one of the most powerful healers of the emotional body. It brings an increased flow of life force or prana energies to heal and nurture your emotional body. It is most suited for emotionally sensitive individuals, releasing accumulated toxic energies from within and getting nurturing energies from the Earth to provide a new zest in life.

By stirring your chi and kundalini energy, rubellite can bring you the vitality and energy to bring back your passion and feelings, so you can become passive to rediscover once more what you’re living for. In addition, rubellite is known to be highly cleansing and purifying, neutralizing all negative thoughts and emotions and transmuting them into positive and usable energies.



Hanksite is a unique crystal stone that can bring you energy and stamina in the long run. Heavily filled with earthy energies, the hanksite is considered a powerful nurturer and grounding stone of the physical body, allowing you to feel refreshed, rejuvenated and secured.

Not only that, but it also assists in the realignment of your etheric chakra system, cleansing and clearing out your entire spiritual body of any harmful and negative vibrations that can cause your energies to get sapped or making you feel stuck.

As this crystal helps in releasing unwanted energy, this stone will provide protection against toxicity. This allows you to welcome positive energy so you can live, prosper and pursue your dreams. It directly heals the soul, mind and physical body, bringing you fresh energy to get through anything.

Red Jade

Red Jade

The red variety of jade is considered the ultimate chi stone. It has the ability to bring forth the outstanding energy and power of a warrior. This is a talisman of individual will and power, dispelling worry, fear and doubts that might be holding you back, and instead pushes you towards action.

Not only that but this red crystal stone is also considered as the stone of physical vitality, passion and strength. It helps in stimulating your kundalini or life force energy while absorbing and releasing the toxic energies from your base or root chakra. In addition, this crystal stone is considered beneficial for the healers in order to keep their energies high when working overtime.

In terms of self-improvement, the red jade is said to help in relinquishing the self-imposed limitations and assisting in cherishing your desires and ideals. It helps facilitate ambition and energy so you can build those thoughts into physical reality. It also offers self-assuredness, confidence, power, self-sufficiency and self-reliance.

Red Quartz

Red Quartz

Sometimes called the Heamtoid Quartz the red quartz is actually a variety of quartz coated with hematite which causes the burgundy, dark maroon or brown color of this crystal stone.

The red quartz offers a powerful vibration that brings the essence of the earth. It embodies pure life, protection, stimulating energy and fortitude. It helps in activating and stimulating your life force energy so you can tackle this life’s challenges and find your way in this ever confusing world.

It helps in shaping your existence as well as igniting your inner fire so you can continue ongoing on. Not only that, but it also helps in protecting you against the negative vibrations that might sap and drain your energy. This stone helps in restarting your energies and slowly but surely boost your confidence so you can once again feel invigorated with a renewed purpose in life.

Crazy Lace Agate

Crazy Lace Agate

Crazy lace agate, as its name implies features one of the craziest, yet most alluring patterns in a crystal stone. The graceful design of this stone with its random lacy patterns can create a powerful circular flow of energy that can stimulate the physical body, mind and emotions.

This stone is associated with the sunny Mexican fiestas, bringing joy and energetic qualities to those who carry or wear it. It’s a crystal of encouragement and support, promoting optimism, elevating thoughts and bringing in bountiful energy to get you through the day.

The crazy lace agate is also useful in the workplace. Its energies are said to help provide the soothing and empowering vibes that should help you when tackling the jobs that are taxing and draining on your mental health. Not only that but this crystal stone is also said to help promote mental liveliness, agility and creativity, encouraging stamina and flexibility in action and thinking.

Laguna Agate

Laguna Agate

Another beautiful variety of agate, the laguna agate is considered to be the most praised and loved banded agate on Earth. Known for its vibrant shades of scarlet and red, the laguna agate offers soothing, yet empowering energies that can push you to move and act.

Laguna agate features fiery energies that can help stimulate your life force energy as well as sexuality. Its protective and warm properties are also said to encourage self-confidence and security. It helps in easing lethargy, low enthusiasm, low levels of activity and the need for constant stimulation.

Not only that but this crystal stone is also said to promote strength, power and perseverance to bring you to the development and growth of your personal skills and inner balance. Thanks to irregular patterns, the laguna agate is also said to bring energy, stimulate action and assist in overcoming negativity and bitterness.

Mookaite Jasper

Mookaite Jasper

The Mookaite Jasper is a beautiful variety of jasper found in Western Australia. It features bold and earthy beauty with the fiery fusion of yellow and red energies. As a stone that exudes earthy energies, this stone brings healing properties that will connect you with the electromagnetic energy of the Earth.

Then, with its powerful and fiery vibrations, this stone offers invigorating qualities of vitality and strength. As a matter of fact, it also helps in increasing your life force or chi energy within the physical body.  It allows you to utilize positive energies from the earth and active energies from the fire element to increase your will and focus on your personal power.

In addition, the Mookaite jasper is one of the best stones for overcoming procrastination. It helps in reducing lethargy while bringing the motivation you need in order to resolve the issue. Its consistent energy should also bring you focus and determination, soothing the mind and removing distracting thoughts. As a result, it allows you to complete or finish a specific goal or objective.



The essence and beauty of stormy patterns are amazingly captured in the pietersite stone. It features brilliant flashes of bright golden light amidst the churning clouds of deepest blue. Dubbed as the Tempest Stone, pietersite is highly charged with physical energy that’s almost tangible.

Just as how lightning can clear the air and creates all things new, the pietersite can discharge emotional turmoil and negative energies, cleansing your auric field and restoring a calm and energized demeanor. The pietersite stone is also said to help stimulate your physical body, providing the strength, energy, stamina and vitality that you need.

Providing a unified activation and stimulation of the solar plexus and sacral chakra, in addition to the third eye chakra, the pietersite can create a powerful increase in your physical energy, intuitive capabilities and personal will. It can ground your physical energy centers not to the earth but to the higher realms. This increases your focus on life, enhancing meditation and bringing the needed energy during your spiritual journeying.



Orthoclase is one of the few minerals that has existed beyond earth and is found on the surface of the moon and even on Mars. This makes it an all-powerful stone with out-of-this-world vibrations that can enhance your physical and emotional energy.

This crystal stone is said to offer you vital enhancing energy if you’re looking to transform your boring lives and find happiness, love, success and joy. It helps in grounding you to the physical plane so you can become more connected with yourself and find peace.

By relinquishing the stressors in your life and providing you with the much-needed energy, the orthoclase can imbue you with a sense of clarity and empowering your physical body. It stimulates your life force energy so you can better deal with your personal growth and helping you develop a renewed lifestyle.



The wulfenite crystal is often found in colors of yellow or orange, resonating strongly with your sacral and solar plexus chakras. Such connection helps in activating your personal will and bringing a more energized outlook to make your desires or dreams feel achievable.

It helps you in regaining your stamina, vitality and confidence in yourself, pushing your drive, determination and physical energy to levels that you have never felt before. Working with this stone, you can feel your mind becoming more clearer to see your path to your goal

Not only that, but it should help you stay focused during the long and daunting tasks which require complete determination and concentration and assisting in providing the physical energy and fire needed in order to finish your work. As a powerful manifestation stone combined with the newfound drive, energy and focus, this stone can help bring your ideas into reality with ease.



Spinel has long been treated and adored as a royalty stone. As a matter of fact, several royal families have used spinel to adorn their crown jewels. This signifies that the spinel crystal exudes power and energy.

Metaphysically, the spinel is said to stimulate the overall flow of your energy within the body. With this stone, your physical energy and mental awareness are instantly increased while bringing a stronger connection between your emotional and physical body.

Furthermore, the spinel crystal stone is also said to help light on the fractured pieces of who you truly are, providing an endless amount of love and light to rejuvenate your whole being. With its strong connection to mother earth, this stone can also provide nurturing and uplifting vibrations from the planet.

It helps in channeling the healing energies of earth and nature, regenerating your life force or chi energy so you can keep on going. With its potent and pure energy, you can work towards creating a better version of yourself— a more complete you with full energy, confidence and determination to take the needed changes in your life.

How to Use Crystals For Energy

So, now that you have an idea of which crystals are the best for improving your energy, here are some of the best ways to properly use them to your benefit.

Meditating With Crystals For Energy

The first way to properly use the benefits of your crystals for energy is to incorporate them into your meditation.

There are numerous studies that already confirm how meditation can increase your focus, energy and mental acuity for the long term. And incorporating crystals for energy can only strengthen your intention.

During meditation, you can clear out the negative thoughts and become more mindful and aware of yourself. This impacts your focus, self-belief and confidence and revitalizing and refreshing your overall energy and wellbeing. And with the crystal for energy, you can amplify and easily manifest these intentions.

How to Use Crystals For Energy

To use crystals for energy during your meditation, you can either surround yourself with several preferred crystals for energy or hold a specific crystal that resonates most with your intention.

Do Quick Affirmations

If you can’t commit enough time to do meditation, then a simple and quick affirmation accompanied with crystals for energy can be done in a matter of seconds.

Doing self-affirmations can help re-focus your mind and thus helps in boosting energy and vigor. Negative behaviors and thoughts tend to be self-fulfilling and affirmations with crystals for energy can help reverse this.

By simply holding your preferred crystal for energy or placing them over the relevant chakra, you can make your affirmations even more potent and powerful.

Sip on Crystal Elixirs

In order to absorb the beneficial frequency of your crystals for energy directly into your body, you can also drink crystal elixirs. In general, there are two ways to create crystal elixirs— the direct and indirect methods.

The direct method means submerging safe and non-toxic crystals into a bottle filled with water and leaving it overnight.

The indirect method, on the other hand, is for the crystals that shouldn’t be submerged in water— either because it will damage the crystal or the crystal will release toxic chemicals into the water. For the indirect method, you can simply create a grid of crystals surrounding a bottle with water or placing a specific crystal on top of a closed bottle. The energies of the crystal will indirectly fuse with the water and still provides effective benefits.

Make sure to drink your crystal elixir throughout the day in order to overcome, procrastination, self-doubting and lethargy.

Wear Your Crystal

Wearing your crystals for energy as pieces of jewelry is a great way to keep their vibrational energies close to your auric field. This way, you can gain power and energy and boost your optimism and stamina all day long.

Now, when wearing healing crystals, it is important to wear them close to their specific chakra. Since most of the crystals for energy mentioned above resonates with the lower chakras— solar plexus, sacral, and root chakra— you can simply wear them as bracelets and rings.

Carry It With You

Now, if you don’t like wearing jewelry or don’t have these crystals in a jewelry setting, then you can still enjoy the benefits of your favorite crystals for energy close to you by carrying them in your pocket or purse.

This is the simplest way to use their energy. When you need a boost of energy and stamina to deal with stress or you simply feel like doing nothing at all, you can simply reach out for your tumbled crystals for energy and get instant invigoration.

Display Crystals

How to Use Crystals For Energy

If you want the frequency of your crystals for energy to fill a room or space and benefit all of those around that area, then consider using it as décor. Large, raw crystals or crystal figurines make powerful, statement décor in your home or office space.

But other than the aesthetic appeal of these crystals, displaying them can ensure that the space will have energizing qualities that should keep you going as well as providing everyone in the room or space the beneficial vibrational energies.

This is particularly useful in a workplace setting where your energy and determination can instantly get drained with the various stress and negative energies from your surroundings.

Set Up a Crystal Grids

Setting up a crystal grid for energy can be a wonderful way to help improve your energy levels and inner strength.

Mixing and matching several crystals for energy and setting them in a powerful geometric shape can increase their vibrational energies. By setting your intention of increasing your energy, vitality and stamina, you have a strong focus for your grid.

There are various geometric shapes for the energy you can try to give more power to your intentions.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Energy?

Healing crystals are pulsating with potent energies to share with you. However, they too can get drained and their energies blocked. Like us, when working too much, the energies of crystals can also get exhausted and drained. This causes their effectiveness to be reduced and you not getting the most out of their supposedly powerful vibrational energies.

In order to keep your crystals for energy pulsating with powerful vibrations, you need to regularly cleanse and recharge your crystal stones.

Clean The Crystalline Surface of your Crystals For Energy

Physically, you can clean the crystalline surface of your crystals for energy with warm and gentle soap. You just need to rub its surface using a soft brush or your fingers to remove accumulated dust and debris. Then, rinse it thoroughly and pat dry with a clean cloth.

Take note, however, that some crystals are not suitable for water cleansing. Some crystals like pyrite, hanksite and muscovite have a soft, porous and brittle structure that gets damaged when submerged or washed with water. For these crystals, you can simply wipe off the dust and debris with a clean, dry cloth.

Now after cleaning the structure of your crystals for energy, the next step is to drain the negative energies accumulated within and bringing them positive and amplifying vibrations. To do so, you can try different methods.

Release Toxic Energies with Smudging

Smudging is one of the most common ways to cleanse the energies of your crystal stones. In particular, sage is the best plant to use. Smudging can clear the inharmonious and toxic energies accumulated in the stone and restoring it to its natural energy. What makes smudging a great cleansing and charging method is that it can safely cleanse all crystal stones with this.

Leave Crystals Outside

Another common way of cleansing and recharging your crystals for energy is to leave them outside, exposed to the energies of the outdoors, especially the crystals mentioned above.

Most crystals for energy resonates with the healing energies of mother earth. Placing your crystal stones outside, surrounded by earthly elements offers a healing and grounding effect. The soothing energies of earthy elements can nourish and nurture your crystal stone and absorbing all kinds of negative energy from within the stone.

Since you’re doing outside, you can also expose your crystal stones to secondary energy sources like the sun and moon.

The sun can offer revitalizing energies to your crystals. In particular, crystals like the sunstone, citrine, goldstone, orange calcite and tangerine quartz love the healing powers of the sun. However, make sure that you don’t over-expose your crystals to the sun. Most stones tend to fade under direct sunlight. So, to be safe, you can let your crystal stone enjoy the sunrays during sunset or sunrise.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Energy?

For a less harsh element, you can charge your stone under the moonlight. The feminine energies of the moon can also bring revitalizing energies like the sun with an added bonus of nurturing energies to your tired crystal stones. Unlike the sun, the moon is not harsh and won’t cause fading so all crystals can benefit from this method. In order to get the most out of the lunar energy, you can choose to recharge your stone on a full moon.

Wash Away Impurities With Natural Water

If you live close to natural sources of water like spring water or ocean water, know that crystals for energy also love their power. You can simply fill a bowl and submerge your specific crystals for energy for a few hours or even a day.

Once again, for those crystals that should not be submerged in water, consider using sea salt or ordinary table salt instead. Used for millennia, the salt should help in absorbing the toxic energies accumulated within the crystal, leaving it fresh and brimming with new energy. Once done, make sure to throw away the water or salt used.

Cleanse Crystals and Your Environment With Singing Bowls

A unique, yet soothing way to recharge and cleanse your crystals for energy is to use a singing bowl. This is most suitable if you want to charge and cleanse several stones at once. The sound vibrations created by the bowl can help in releasing the negative energies stored inside the stone and replacing them with positive and clear energies of healing as well as creating a peaceful and invigorated space for you to enjoy.

Keep Them Close With Clear Quartz, Selenite, Amethyst and Citrine

Lastly, the most convenient and safest way of cleansing and charging your crystal stone is to use the charging and amplifying crystals. Crystals like clear quartz, amethyst, citrine and selenite have the ability to cleanse, charge and amplify the energies of any crystal stone close to their field.

With this cleansing and charging method, you simply leave all crystals that need to be cleansed close to these charging crystals for hours and you will get clear and cleansed crystal stones at the end of the day, ready to bring you stamina, vigor, and revitalizing energy.

Final Thoughts

Tiredness and low energy can make it hard for you to complete goals or simply enjoy your life. The lack of energy can also impact your relationship, health and happiness.

So, when you are lethargic or don’t feel like doing something, the above crystals for energy should help bring you vigor, vitality and energy. They should you in feeling less tired and bringing you determination, willpower and becoming more positive overall.


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