28 Powerful Crystals For Focus – The “How To” Guide

28 Most Useful Crystals For Focus - The How To Guide

There are those days when you feel like life is just a never-ending series of tasks and responsibilities and surprising turns of events. Between home, work and school, there are just not enough hours in a day for you to do everything. And the more you need to finish or accomplish, the less you’re able to calm and focus your mind. A hectic life can make your mind chaotic and unable to concentrate.

When you have a lot of things to juggle at the same time, focusing on the important things can be a daunting task that you can easily fail. And when you feel worn out or stressed, focusing becomes even more difficult. And even the things that you once enjoyed doing can become challenging to do since you can’t settle or calm your mind down.

Without focus and concentration, you can easily forget to do the things that you are supposed to do and make mistakes. You also get trouble in handling even the most basic tasks. When your mind wanders, the quality of your work suffers and problem-solving becomes difficult to attain. Also, your lack of progress will become frustrating. 

This is where healing crystals for focus can really help. These crystal stones can provide you a strong sense of focus to greatly improve your life. They have this ability to focus your energy on enhancing your mental processes allowing you to advance your career or learn new skills. As a result, you can become more efficient and productive at work while also making your daily routine less complicated.

A Complete List of Crystals For Focus

Whether you are struggling to keep your concentration or your mind easily wanders off, these crystal stones should help in improving your focus and attention span.



Dubbed as the Stone for the Mind, hematite is an interesting crystal stone that’s associated with your root chakra but offers cognitive effects.

By removing the negative energy within you— whether it is your thought or emotion, the hematite can help in clearing away confusion. This should help in focusing your mind on moving forward with vitality, clarity and optimism.

Not only that, but the hematite crystal can also provide grounding energies, should you feel that you’re being drawn in several directions at once. As a result, it can help you stay focused on your current task or project.



Dubbed as the Genius Stone, fluorite is considered to be one of the best crystals for focus. Born out of fluorescent minerals, fluorite has this unique energy and power to bring balance and order to chaos and stress.

If you are always struggling with your daily activities because you are easily distracted, the fluorite crystal can help in improving your concentration. It can heighten your mental capabilities and removing creative or mental blocks which can usually cause a lack of focus and concentration.

Whether you are giving a presentation, doing research or studying, the fluorite crystal can assist in clear thinking and allow your mental body to work effectively even during stressful situations.

Fluorite clusters are also especially conducive to working with modern technologies. Its frequency can harmonize electronics and computers, drawing off negative energies and environmental stress caused by electromagnetic fields. This helps keep your mind organized, focused and clear.



Sodalite is one of the best crystals for focus when your studying. As a matter of fact, this stone is called the Student’s Stone. It is a potent stone that can help in improving your concentration, memory and organizational capabilities.

Not only that, but sodalite is also great for enhancing the personal perception and intuition of a project. This results in an increased understanding and keeping your mind free of clutter and distractions.

In addition, the sodalite crystal can help you in staying calm and focused during long meetings. Thanks to its ability to combine intuition with logic, the sodalite stone can help in enhancing your observations and analysis.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Similar to its clear crystalline structure, the clear quartz is all about calm and clear thinking. It helps in clearing your mind and amplifying your willpower, so you can focus more on your priorities and encourage new possibilities.

As one of the most powerful healing crystal stones you can find, clear quartz can help in enhancing the energy of other crystals. On its own, however, clear quartz is also a powerful stone that can harmonize your mental process and keep your mind focused, balanced and less distracted.

Whether you want to reduce mental clutter, need laser-focused attention on a project or just want to sharpen your intellect in order to retain and absorb information more effectively, the clear quartz crystal should be a great tool to use.



Amazonite, named after the Amazon river, carries the force to enhance power, focus, concentration and success.

With its nurturing energy, this stone can empower you to speak your truth while encouraging compassion in terms of accepting different viewpoints. This is specifically useful when you wish to get your point across in a clear and kind manner or facing deadlines.

By dissolving negativities and stress that affect your cognitive abilities, the amazonite can promote soothing energies that can relax your mind and improve your attention span, problem-solving abilities and concentration.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye

Like hematite, the tiger’s eye is also called the Stone of the Mind and is an important crystal stone for focus and clarity of the mind. It helps in balancing your mental processes and allowing the scattered thoughts and information in your head to come together in a way that makes total sense.

Associated with your root and solar plexus chakra, the tiger’s eye has this unique ability to filter out mental distractions while boosting attentiveness and determination. Like how a ferocious tiger never loses its focus when hunting, the tiger’s eye can also grant the wisdom for your to stay focused on your current task.

The stone can also bring stability and focus, allowing you to make a sound decision based on reasons and not emotions. So, if you ever need the confidence to make decisions and training your mind to stay on your task, the tiger’s eye is an excellent choice.

Blue Scapolite

Blue Scapolite

A unique crystal, the blue scapolite is considered to be a good stone for discipline. It helps you in tackling whatever responsibilities that you may be trying to avoid and pushing you onto the paths that you’re meant to walk.

This stone has the ability to overcome inertia by making sure that there’s a good flow of energy between your chakras. As a result, it can allow clarity and focused attention to shift any stagnation which leaves you awake and mentally balanced to new challenges.

If you are currently not achieving your goals or are stuck in the wishful thinking stage, the blue scapolite can help in focusing your mind on problem-solving and mental planning.



Dubbed as the Stone of Wisdom, the sapphire crystal epitomes mental acuity and wisdom in a gemstone. Sapphire can help focus your mind, releasing mental and emotional tensions as well as negative thoughts and emotions.

It has the ability to align your spiritual, mental and physical aspects. As a result, it can ease mental tension and encourage self-discipline. Not only that, but this stone can also help in reducing the unhelpful thoughts which can interfere with your focus and concentration.

Then, this stone should bring a new sense of inner calmness and knowing that will assist in your success and progress. The sapphire gemstone is also a great ally if you need a single-minded focus on a task or project. It brings forth unique ideas and providing focus and concentration and has strong manifestation abilities to transform your dreams into reality.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

The smoky quartz crystal combines the power of Mother Nature with the empowering effect of higher consciousness. Dubbed as the stone of Cooperation, the smoky quartz can help in dissolving contradiction. It helps in stabilizing confusion while removing the negative energies that often hinder concentration and focus.

Not only that, but this crystal also promotes productivity and alertness, helping you to focus on and tackle important tasks with zeal and optimism. It is great for calming your mental chatter, so you can keep on doing what you do best.

Specifically, the smoky quartz can also increase concentration and focus and can be used in group situations in order to ease communication difficulties while fostering a spirit of cooperation for overall career success. Lastly, this crystal stone is also a remarkable tool for deep meditation and focused prayer, rituals and spiritual ceremonies.



Zoisite is sometimes thought of as the crystal for idleness. But, what if we look at a different perspective? What if you wish to move forward but you’re feeling hampered?

Idleness suggests compliance. However, with zoisite crystal at your fingertips, you do not need to feel weighed down by other people’s judgments and comments. As a result, you can move forward in order to make your own path in life without thinking or worrying about what society expects of you.

This slow-acting stone can work at unimaginable depths. It has the ability to bring your attention back to your objective, allowing you to focus on what you really enjoy and lighting up your creative spark. If you want an additional boost, go with the ruby zoisite which can help in creating an altered state of consciousness that helps promote creativity, individuality and concentration on your objectives.  



A beautiful green stone featuring swirling bands of black, the malachite is another great crystal for focus.

Malachite is said to help you in letting go of the behaviors that are no longer benefiting you and to step into a powerful and productive mindset instead. AS a Stone of Transformation, this stone can help in clearing away all kinds of unwanted and negative energy, allowing your vision and objectives to become clear and less cluttered.

It teaches you open-mindedness and clear thinking while also providing fresh and innovative ideas and good luck to help you find your way forward towards the advancement of your career. Not only that, but this crystal can also help you stay confident and focus, even if you are constantly experiencing obstacles or challenges in your profession.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper

The most common and popular of all jaspers, the red jasper can be red to terracotta brown and is sometimes mixed with other minerals. It is the stone of physical energy, strength and endurance, which is essential in terms of gaining clarity and focus.

By stimulating your chi and kundalini energy, the red jasper can bring power, zest and clear thinking, allowing you to have a laser-focus approach in finishing projects and tasks at hand. The crystal can temper your procrastination and assist in the organization of an overactive mind. Not only that, but it also inspires you to work through issues of the current moment.

The stone also has a cleansing effect that can remove negative energy from your surroundings. It also helps in stabilizing your aura and mind. This makes the red jasper an ideal rubbing or worries stone for soothing your nerves and increasing your focus to the present. Not only that, but this crystal is also great at deflecting harmful thoughts and negative behaviors.



Dubbed as Nature’s Tranquilizer, the amethyst stone is brimming with soothing and calming energy in endless shades of spiritual violet rays. While you may not think of it as a premier crystal for focus, the amethyst crystal has attributes that bring concentration.

Sometimes, your clarity and focus may need a bit of divine intervention from the universe. Your spiritual side is not just about higher awareness and cosmic thinking. Rather it is finding your own flow of energy and sending your manifestations and intentions out into the world.

This should come from a place of centering and the ability to talk yourself back to a clear and calmer state of mind. As the ultimate chill-out crystal, the amethyst can help encourage relaxed thinking that stops you from overcomplicating things and keeping your clear and level-headed. By clearing the mind of unnecessary thoughts, you’re essential in increasing your mental acuity and focus.

Not only that, but this one also brings greater focus to mediation, and astral travel protection and serves as a gateway crystal for spirit or angel guide contact.



Citrine crystal is one of the best stones for stimulating our sacral and solar plexus chakra. However, the gold ray produced by high-quality citrine, particularly the faceted forms, can also stimulate your crown chakra.

This can be used to channel pure higher energy back to your navel and solar plexus chakra. As a result, it allows for the synthesis between your intellect and the physical body. With that said, it should help increase mental focus, and clarity of thought while directing and protecting the use of your life force.

It helps you in taking control of your life, providing much-needed productivity and optimism while clearing your mind. It should provide a motivated and focused mindset essential for attracting what you need and want in this life. Not only that, but this crystal can also provide self-belief in order for you to keep moving forward. Also, it radiates positive energies that attract prosperity and success into your life.



The iron pyrite can help in overcoming intellectual fatigue because of the tiredness and overwork of your brain and the nervous system. It stimulates blood flow to increase focus, mental clarity and recall.

As a building block talisman, the internal structure of pyrite can help you focus your effort to build on your career successes and enhance your life. It helps you concentrate your energy on improving your thought patterns and desires that can produce the actions you need to bring them to reality.

In terms of doubts in your professional career, pyrite can help you change your thoughts and improve your intuition. It brings golden nuggets of wisdom and confidence in making your career decisions and focuses your energies on grabbing opportunities.

Not only that, but this stone can also help in slowing down an overactive mind and help you think more clearly. Thus, you are better equipped to cope with stressful situations and staying focused on your manifestation goals.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

The green aventurine is also believed to have the ability to calm a troubled mind and spirit and bring about calmness and peace.

The crystal is also known to help in breaking unhealthy habits, patterns and distractions so that new growth and opportunity can take their place. It also has soothing energies and vibrations that can influence the body and mind, so you can become more focused to attract wealth and luck to your side.

Not only that, but the green aventurine can also heighten your mental acuity. The green aventurine alone can open your mind to new ideas and possibilities. If you feel frustrated or stuck or finding it hard to focus on your work, its green energies make a perfect stone for coming up with innovative solutions and pushing you towards completion by enhancing your concentration.



Like amazonite, the beautiful calming blue shades of turquoise, are an efficient healer of the mind. It provides solace for your spirit and inducing the well-being of the mind and body. It can encourage a positive overall mood and emotion by inducing a sense of peace and tranquility.

As a result, this versatile crystal can bring you a clear mind and better level-headedness in your emotional and physical life, which is useful in making your fortune and having life-changing decisions.

With this crystal, you will be more mentally and physically stoked to work on your business ventures and projects, and the enthusiastic vibration that you emit can help attract more luck to your life. It clears the path to elevated consciousness, and you will enjoy greater mental clarity. The stone can help prepare you for the work needed to achieve your financial goals as well as giving you the ability to make wise decisions in terms of your spending and investments.



Emerald is an amazing support crystal for your career success and in the workplace. This crystal can help strengthen your memory, improve your mental acuity and inspire eloquence in your speech. Not only that, but it also has a calming effect on your emotions, preventing misunderstandings and fights with co-workers.

This crystal can also activate your creativity and bringing more focus to your life goals. As a matter of fact, using a tumbled or natural emerald crystal for 5 minutes a day can instantly bring rapid recall of facts and is suitable for occupations and careers where a visionary insight has a significant benefit. This enkindles success in your career path.

Emerald can also promote healing of the mind, body and heart, clarifying doubts and fears that you have been feeling during meditation. Now, if you often come across a piece of difficult-to-understand info in your meditation journey, this crystal can help your mind to be clear while opening your heart to those messages that you most need.



The apophyllite stone is a spiritual stone that can enhance clairvoyance and psychic vision, stimulating intuition and introspection. Not only that, but apophyllite is also a peaceful stone that can help in the release of any mental blocks or even negative thought patterns.

Furthermore, this stone is effective in relieving worries, fears and stress. Then, it will surround you with uplifting energies and high vibrations of serenity, happiness and love. It also helps in removing the feelings of tiredness and burnout. It fills you with zest, energy and enthusiasm.

The frequency of apophyllite also connects with your higher mind and encourages you to look into the deepest recesses of your subconscious to discover your true nature. In addition, it is an excellent stone to have when meditating. It helps shut down the noise from your surrounding while increasing focus so you can travel deeper into the divine realm and gain wisdom and knowledge.

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite

The orange calcite is best known for helping you in overcoming creative blocks. By encouraging a gentle movement of energy, the orange calcite can remove blockages and balance the mental and emotional body, boosting your willpower, concentration and motivation to complete a task or project.

Its sunny energies can also help in fighting procrastination and laziness. It shall make you productive and inspired, replacing lethargy and inactivity with purpose and enthusiasm.

In addition, the energies of orange calcite also resonate with higher thinking and awareness. This helps increase your capacity to focus more. As a result, our mind will not have to stray, wander or think of negative things in your life.



With its soothing colors, charoite is a highly spiritual stone that can bring stability and focus in calming an overactive spiritual and emotional body. It has cleansing energies that can help clear negative thoughts and purify the mind.

In addition, it also keeps you focused as you work on your spirituality. While it does that, this stone can also protect you from psychic attacks and negative entities that might attach themselves to your auric field and drain your spiritual energy.

After that, the charoite energy will help you connect to the divine realm and encourage mindfulness. This can help you accept the challenges of life, learn from mistakes and achieve success through the wisdom and guidance of the divine.

Furthermore, this stone can also help in the development of your focus, motivation and intuition. They can help you move forward with your life and pushing you to unimaginable spiritual growth.



No crystal stone embodies the striking pure Blue Ray of energy quite like the Azurite stone. Its rich vibrancy of dark blue energy resonates with the frequency of your third eye chakra as well as of the mind.

As a matter of fact, the azurite crystal is known to temper the mind. This stone helps in releasing confusion and stress as well as reducing indecision, worry and thoughts that may longer be in the back of your consciousness. This crystal stone has the ability to stimulate your intellect, awakening the development of your intuitive and psychic abilities.

Stimulating your mind center, this stone can nourish your keen interest in life. It encourages the study of challenging and new subjects, not only for college students or school but also for adults who are trying to fit study in with their other commitments such as work or family. This stone will enhance your concentration and focus in order to do that as well as your ability to memorize and retain information. Not only that, but this stone can also maintain independence and mental alertness.



The black obsidian is a reliable healing crystal for protection. An interesting feature of this stone is that it fractures like flint. This results in sharp edges that you can metaphysically use for cutting through blockages, lies, destructive habits and unresolved relationships which sometimes hinder your concentration and focus.

Not only that but this stone is also said to bring clarity to your mind. It relieves constricting beliefs and confusion while encouraging the exploration of the unknown. Not only that, but this stone is highly effective for expanding your consciousness in the meditative state and for activating your untapped abilities.

Plus, it can also offer subtle energy support for those with mental imbalances. It helps in bringing in new opportunities while sharpening your focus for the manifestation process. 



Opals are known to promote a sense of peace and security and are so pleasing to the eye that they can help calm down racing thoughts. It is used in centering the mind and soothing energies.

Not only that but opal is considered a potent crystal for strengthening your memory, especially if you are a student or you just need to retain huge amounts of information. Its fine vibration resonates with your crown, throat and heart chakra, a combination that promotes mental clarity and calmness.

With this stone by your side, you can make it easier for you to concentrate and organize your thoughts. This can prevent absent-mindedness and providing mental acuity. It also helps you stay centered during decision-making and bringing clarity to issues



Celestite is one of the best crystals for focus during meditation. Holding special significance for the light-filled heaven, this spiritual stone features a wonderful sense of peace to elevate the spirit and provide an overwhelming awareness of the higher mind and belongingness.

The high vibrational energy of the celestite radiates in all directions, emitting positive and nurturing energy which can help in cleaning your auric field and your surrounding environment. This is beneficial for stilling a chaotic mind or calming your fears and brings your absent-mindedness.

Specifically, the crystal stone is best used for meditation. It helps in providing a clear focus and a smooth transition in your meditation practice. While keeping you focused and helps in clearing your mind during the process, this stone also provides a protected state as you unlock your intellectual and psychic capabilities, allowing you to connect to wisdom or the universal mind.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

As pink and pale as the dawn sky, the lusciousness of rose quartz is soothing and nurturing to look at. It brings the promise of heart chakra healing, connecting you to your inner soul and boosting your self-esteem so you can easily put your mind in the place of doing what is right for you.

Although this crystal stone with its association to the heart chakra may not seem connected to your sense of focus, clarity and purpose, it is important to note that a blocked or hurt heart can send everything else in chaos.

So, when your heart is closed to the energies of the universe, you can struggle to see things clearly, find the right direction and trust openly. The rose quartz shall help in clearing away the fog in your heart and filling you with unconditional self-love energies. As a result, this helps in providing a clearer and more focused mind so you can make good decisions for your own sake.



A crystal of golden light, the heliodor crystal radiates the power of sunshine and warmth. It is the representation and illumination of higher thinking. Invoking the celestial Golden rays of learning and wisdom, the heliodor crystal is said to stimulate your higher mind and allows the efficient functioning of the brain.

In addition, heliodor is considered to be a powerful stone that you can use for advancing your career and success. It mainly works on your higher thinking, boosting your mental performance while also enhancing your determination and willpower. Not only that but heliodor is also said to bring focus and concentration to your work, bringing you closer to professional success.

Not only that but this stone is also said to help calm and relax a troubled mind. It can erase all kinds of tension in your head while also dispelling unwanted emotions and feelings. It shall invite mental acuity and tranquility and improve your emotional body.



When lack of focus and distractions happen, the lodolite stone can help you concentrate by clearing your mind. It also helps in toxic entities and frequencies that might drain your energies and cause lethargy and procrastination.

The lodolite stone can also inspire you to take more risks and be brave. It can encourage you to try out new things that you’ve never done before that can help in your career status. It also helps in focusing on your intention and increasing your determination to reach your goals.

Not only that, but it can also bring you to focus and keep you aware of your money transactions and of what’s happening to the market. It allows you to see the hidden pitfalls and agendas in terms of your financial well-being. 

How to Use Crystals For Focus

Now that you know which crystals can help you in focusing, here are some recommended ways on how to properly and effectively use them.

Use Them In Your Home

All healing crystals have their unique charm and can become a nice and appealing home décor when displayed. Not only will it help in adding a sophisticated touch to an area in your home or office, but this crystal stone can also help you and other people connect to their beneficial energy of focus.

Large crystals like amethyst and clear quartz make a powerful statement while helps in boosting positive energy within the space. This is even more beneficial when you use it in the office or your study. One look or touch on these crystals can help remove the mind clutter and help you focus on your current task or project.

Wear It As Jewelry

How to Use Crystals For Focus

Healing crystals also make beautiful pieces of jewelry, adorning your body. You can often find pre-made or customized crystal jewelry pieces like bracelets, pendants and rings.

When you use it as jewelry, it is recommended that the crystal jewelry piece you choose is close to its associated chakra system. For instance, azurite, clear quartz and amethyst are crown chakra crystals, so they work best when worn as earrings or even in headbands and crowns.

Meanwhile, citrine, heliodor and red jasper are crystals for your solar plexus and root chakra, so it’s best to use them as rings, bracelets or belts, closer to these energy centers. Amazonite, Sapphire and Turquoise, on the other hand, stimulate your throat chakra, so consider wearing them as a pendant or necklace.

Wearing your preferred crystals for focus can ensure that their vibrational energy has direct contact with your body throughout the day.

Carry It With You

If you do not like wearing your crystal or you have a soft and brittle crystal stone, consider simply carrying it with you in your pocket or wallet. Preferably in a tumbled form, crystals for focus can bring you instant concentration and declutter of the mind with a single touch.

So if you ever find yourself losing your focus, experiencing absent-mindedness during meetings or find it hard to finish your work or task at hand, then simply reaching out to your crystal stone can help bring the energies of focus and mental acuity and other beneficial energies.

Incorporate It In Meditation

Using crystals for focus during meditation can help achieve deeper mental well-being. You can either place your chosen crystal on your forehead or go with a combination of crystals for focus and surround yourself with a crystal grid before starting. Meditating with these crystals should help in developing a healthy routine for your mind.

Practice Crystal Mindfulness

Crystal mindfulness can help in switching off the mental chatter. You simply need to gaze into the crystal that you have chosen with great focus. It is best to take a few deep breaths first before you allow your breathing to go back to normal.

Then, allow the energy of the crystal stone to surround you as you focus your awareness on this gemstone. This should bring clarity of the mind, clearing away the negativities and chaotic thinking.

Drink Crystal Essences

How to Use Crystals For Focus

Another effective way to benefit from the energy of your crystals for focus is to ingest or take crystal drops or essences. You can either place pure crystal drops and essences in a glass of water or directly take them onto your tongue.

Crystal essences can be made using 2 methods— the direct method and the indirect method. The first method means submerging specific crystal stones in water for hours or days so that their energetic frequency mixes with the water.

Now, for the crystals that can get damaged or releases harmful toxins when submerged in water, the indirect method is used. In general, you simply surround a water bottle with these crystals for hours or days.

Crystal essences or drops are ingested, however, if you think it’s unsafe to drink crystal elixirs, especially those made using the direct method, you can simply try rubbing it on your pulse points, head or chakra system.

Sleep With It

Good quality sleep is essential if you want to improve and increase your focus. Crystals can help enhance your sleep while also providing positive energy to bring focus.

You can place several crystals aligned with relaxations such as amethyst, celestite and clear quartz under your pillow or around your bed. Also, you should consider creating a crystal grid for focus with select crystals.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Focus?

Healing crystals are an excellent tool in reducing mental clutter and ensuring that you have a focused mind. However, while they can provide you with beneficial energy, crystal stones can also get blocked and have their energies drained. With that said, it is important that you keep your crystal stones cleansed and charged.

Wash Hard Crystals

Physically speaking, hard crystals like clear quartz, citrine, sapphire and turquoise can be cleaned using warm, soapy water. Using your fingers or a soft toothbrush, you can easily rub off the accumulated dust and debris on its crystalline surface. Then rinse the stone with water and pat dry with a clean, cloth.

Wipe The Softer Crystals

Now, for the softer and more brittle crystals like celestite, azurite and apophyllite, water is a big no-no. Instead, you can simply wipe their surface with a clean, dry cloth in order to remove the accumulated dust and debris.

Now, to metaphysically clean and charge your crystal stone, there are various ways you can try.

Let Natural Water Cleanse Away Negativities

Perhaps the most common way of cleansing and charging your crystal stone is to use the energies of natural water like spring water or ocean water. If you’re living close to natural bodies of water, simply fill a bowl and submerge your specific crystals for focus for a few hours or even a day.

Bury in Salt

Once again, for those crystals that should not be submerged in water, consider using sea salt or ordinary table salt instead. The salt should help in absorbing the toxic energies accumulated within the crystal, leaving it fresh and brimming with new energy. Once done, make sure to throw away the water or salt used.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Focus?

Leave on Nature Energies

Healing crystals love nature. Thus, you can use elements of nature to cleanse their crystalline structure and charge their energies. The sun can offer powerful energy that should help energize your crystal stones. In particular, crystals harnessing the powers of the sun such as citrine and heliodor can benefit most when charged under the sun. Still, it is important to know that some crystals tend to fade under direct sunlight. So, make sure that you only charge your crystal during sunrise and sunset only.

A safer way to cleanse and charge your crystal is to use lunar energy. The moon offers to cleanse and nurturing energy that can help bring the buzz back to your crystal stones. Almost any crystals for focus listed above can be charged and cleansed using lunar energies. In order to make it more effective, consider charging your crystal stone during a full moon or new moon.

To double the charging and cleansing benefits of these elements, make sure to place your crystal stones outside, surrounded by earthly elements. Preferably, you can charge your stone under the moonlight and outside your garden. This means that your crystals for focus can benefit from both the Earth removing and draining toxic energies from the moon with the lunar energies providing nurturing and amplifying energies.

Go With Smudging

Smudging is another reliable cleansing and charging option. With this method, you simply burn your preferred herbal bundle such as sage or an incense stick. The smoke from the burning herb or stick can help cleanse your crystal stones of the negative energies accumulated within. Make sure that you smudge your crystal stone for 30 seconds to a minute if you use it too much and too frequently.

Singing Bowls For Unique Cleansing

For a more unique way of cleansing and charging your crystal stone, you can use a singing bowl if you have one. Singing bowls produce soothing sound vibrations that can resonate and fill your crystal stone, removing all the unwanted energies and filling your stone with positive energies instead.

Use The Amplifying Stones

Lastly, the most convenient and safest way of cleansing and charging your crystal stone is to use the charging crystals. These crystals include large clear quartz, amethyst clusters, and tumbled citrine stones. These crystals are powerful amplifiers, meaning, they have the ability to cleanse away toxic energies from other stones while boosting the unique attributes of your crystal stone. With this cleansing and charging method, you simply leave all crystals that need to be cleansed close to these charging crystals for hours and you will get clear and cleansed crystal stones at the end of the day, ready to bring you positive energy for concentration and focus.

Final Thoughts

Being able to focus is an essential skill. It can allow you to complete tasks to a better standard, reducing stress and achieving your goals as a result. The healing crystals for the focus mentioned above can help you achieve this. They have their own individual personality and energies, calming your mind and helping you stay focused— whether it is to advance your career, study, or for your spiritual practice


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