32 Most Useful Crystals For Higher Awareness – The “How To” Guide

32 Most Useful Crystals For Higher Awareness - The How To Guide

Introduction on Crystals For Higher Awareness

Introduction on Crystals For Higher Awareness

Higher awareness is the energetic or spiritual awareness that transcends the normal preoccupation of the mind with the past, present and future.

It has many names including Christ’s consciousness, collective consciousness, buddha consciousness, God-consciousness and super consciousness. Regardless, all those names conjure up images of divinity and exceptionally high states of energetic vibration or spiritual development.

As you increase your awareness, you awaken you eternal and unlimited nature of your being. Higher awareness is an ever-increasing consciousness of the meaning of existence, your spiritual essence and of the energetic or spiritual nature in all things.

Now, you might be wondering if it is possible to achieve higher awareness. Well, given the truly exceptional nature of people, the answer is yes, you can. Mastering the mind and realizing your oneness with the infinite ocean of energy can be difficult.

After all, a higher awareness means to surpass your ordinary and conscious mind. It is the ultimate consciousness, the awareness of the higher self, the universe and of God.

However, mastering and achieving higher awareness is achievable. Spiritual crystals can help you connect and unlock your higher awareness, allowing you to tap and empower your psychic abilities.

A Complete List of Crystals For Higher Awareness

If you are on the quest to achieve spiritual consciousness and unlock your spiritual development, then these crystals shall pave the path towards higher awareness.

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire

The mesmerizing beauty of blue sapphire in all of its celestial glory is one of the best crystals for higher awareness. In fact, this crystal stone is said to hold Divine favor and prophecy and is forever associated with sacred things.

The blue sapphire is exceptionally calming for the mind. It helps in the release of mental tension as well as unwanted thoughts while helping you focus. You can also use blue sapphire if you want to stay on your spiritual path and unlock your true potential.

It offers awareness of higher principles and of the spiritual realm. It is a royal stone of mental acuity, learning and psychic activation. Its blue rays can bring order and healing to your mind while lending focus and strength. In addition, its power to transmute negative thoughts also makes it highly effective for chakra healing.

It shall provide assistance in matters of self-discipline. Not only that, but this crystal also helps you during times of change. It will provide you with a clear vision of where you want to go as well as how to get there. Its energies help you in fulfilling desires and dreams of the subconscious mind, even without conscious initiation.



Amethyst is one of the most spiritual stones you will ever find. This makes it a suitable stone for opening your higher awareness and connecting with the divine power.

In the spiritual world, the amethyst is often fashioned into prayer beads and rosaries thanks to its attribute of creating an atmosphere of calmness, imbuing a sense of mental serenity and quietude. This helps inspire a greater meditative state and still the mind.

Not only that but its innate high frequency is also known to purify your aura of negative attachments or energy. Then it helps create a strong, protective shield of positivity and glow around your auric field, allowing you to remain centered and clear while opening your higher consciousness and making a spiritual connection.

This purple stone can help you attune to the higher and more spiritually enlightened beings and encourage true humility. It serves as a connection for the soul between the physical and spiritual plane for the highest illumination.

Colorless Topaz

Colorless Topaz

Also known as the white topaz, the colorless topaz is one of the most powerful crystal stones that can activate your crown and third eye chakra, making it suitable for experiencing higher awareness.

The connection between your crown and third eye chakra is important in order to develop your mind and spirituality. This allows you to become more attune to the energies of the divine. Not only that, but this crystal stone also allows you to process, understand and unlock the powerful aspects of your spirit that you never knew existed.

With that said, colorless topaz is a powerful talisman recommended for both beginner and experienced practitioners that can take their minds to the higher divine and their souls to reach new levels of enlightenment.

Blue Aventurine

Blue Aventurine

The blue aventurine is a powerful psychic activator that allows you to open up your third eye chakra, making it a powerful stone to open yourself to higher knowledge and awareness.

Take note, however, that this process does not just happen overnight. You need to work with this stone repeatedly and consistently in order to fully tap into your interdimensional potential.

You can place this stone over your third eye chakra as you meditate. Soon, will you feel a tingling sensation, starting at your forehead and slowly starting to imbue your whole body. This allows you to relax your physical body and elevate your consciousness and awareness to new heights.

So, as your spirit learns to ascend to the higher consciousness, you start to see the pathway towards your higher self. The journey will begin with you and the blue aventurine to focus and enhance your mental behavior.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

The black tourmaline may not be the first crystal you think of to achieve higher awareness; however, its powerful protective energy makes it excellent support when you’re trying to expand your consciousness.

Traversing the infinite knowledge and dimension of the higher realm, you are prone to experiencing negative energies as well as unwanted entities that might drain and absorb all your energies. This can prevent you from truly understanding the messages from above and, in turn, failing to fully expand your consciousness.

Considered as the premier protective stone, the black tourmaline can provide you with a powerful cloak all over your auric shield. It shall block all kinds of negative attacks or unwanted entities that might take advantage of your energy.

Not only that, but its cleansing ability also helps in achieving a higher awareness. The black tourmaline can absorb all kinds of toxic energy and then transmute these negativities into positive energy that can positively impact your mental and spiritual being. With positive energies surrounding your aura, your mind and spiritual body shall be clearer and allow focus in having a higher level of awareness.



Iolite, like the amethyst crystal, features a beautiful violet-blue hue that carries the spirit of higher awareness, psychic enhancement, and spiritual awakening.

Also known as cordierite, the beautiful iolite is a powerful healing crystal for bringing your spiritual energy that can open the mind. As a matter of fact, this highly energetic stone strongly resonates with your crown and third eye chakra.

This stone is said to help take you to an inner path to your deep inner self. Carrying pure violet energies, this stone can clear and activate your third eye chakra and allows for enhanced awareness, vision and communication from the divine realm.



Dumortierite is a powerful and high vibrational stone that has the ability to empower and unlock your third eye chakra and helps in bringing you higher consciousness while advancing your unique powers and psychic abilities.

It is also worth noting that the dumortierite is considered one of the best stones for increasing mental and spiritual capacity. By increasing the mental aspect of yourself and opening your spiritual self, you can create an expanded awareness, allowing you to unlock your hidden powers so you can become ready to take the next step towards your metaphysical practice.

Not only that, but by simply wearing this stone, you can become more attuned to higher knowledge. The powers of dumortierite can help in increasing your personal mental capacity and making it easier for you to retain and understand spiritual information.

White Calcite

White Calcite

The mesmerizing white calcite is one of the most powerful healers of the calcite family. Known for its unique dog tooth appearance, the variety of calcite strongly resonates with your crown chakra and is best for intentions of expanding consciousness, spiritual growth and advancement.

This crystal stone has the potential to unlock your inner consciousness and inner vision and allow you to clearly see and understand the wisdom and knowledge from the divine realm. With these newly restored unique abilities, you can traverse space and time and have access to your true psychic abilities.

Not only that but placing a white calcite stone on your third eye is said to help fill your entire aura with an overall euphoric, confident and more empowered feeling. It allows you to follow your intuition so you can lead yourself to your true destined life path towards higher awareness and consciousness.



The nuummite is a potent stone that can help in bridging the physical and spiritual realms together. It provides a solid channel for your transformative energy, higher consciousness, higher knowledge and spiritual skills to grow and develop.

The pulsating vibrations of this stone shall imbue your entire body and elevate your entire consciousness. Working with this stone can help in advancing your spiritual and mental skills and making you feel comfortable in capturing and understanding the wonderful energies of the divine.

Not only that, but this crystal can also help in unlocking your third eye and the activation of your own unique psychic abilities. With this stone, you can experience inner visions of your past lives as well as receive messages from your spirit guides and guardian angels.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

The beautiful, bold hues of the lapis lazuli is a powerful healer and activator of the third eye chakra. This makes it one of the best crystals for higher awareness as well as expanding and developing your intuition and spiritual powers.

This crystal is all about growing self-awareness and bringing in wisdom and higher knowledge into your life. Intuition, higher awareness and wisdom— using this crystal stone, this holy trinity allows the truth to flow and your gut feelings enhanced.

If you wish to dive deeper into your intuition and unlock your hidden mystical powers, then the lapis lazuli is a powerful personal trainer. It should be worked into your everyday meditation practice in order to bring the truth to light.



Hackmanite is a rare variety crystal of the sodalite family. It also has a unique attribute called tenebrescence, changing colors when exposed to sunlight, and is UV reflective. This powerful stone has the ability to grant you access to your crown chakra and help in enhancing your mental capabilities.

With this stone, you should be able to see the strength of your mind, leading you to the gateway of higher knowledge. This expanded knowledge and awareness is from the celestial beings as well as your own guardian angels and spirit guides.

Furthermore, this crystal stone can help you learn the language of the gods. It helps you understand the messages that you receive as well as your own vision and dreams. As a result, it allows you to fully achieve higher awareness and to understand your life purpose.



As its name implies, the celestite carries the energy of celestial beings and the celestial world. It features high vibrational energies of higher awareness, peace and serenity. Its ethereal blue energies reflect the many hues of the celestial dome and activate a strong and dynamic connection to the spiritual and divine realm.

Providing a stronger connection between your higher chakras, this crystal stone can help in creating a deeper sense of spirituality, expanded consciousness, deep intuitive wisdom and open-heartedness.

It allows you to be better connected with your higher purpose and intuition. As a result, you can see and understand messages at a much higher energetic level. The messages you receive will help serve you on your life path and provide the much-needed signs along the way.

Not only that, but this powerful calming stone also proves to be a valuable ally when you’re feeling stressed out or anxious, which causes you to doubt yourself. Thanks to its soothing frequency from the higher realms, this stone can push away the noisy and chaotic thoughts, clearing and calming the mind while removing anxiety and stress away.



A crystal that’s literally out of this world, tektites are unique kinds of natural glass formed when ancient meteorites fell into the earth. This makes them a powerful crystal for expanding and reaching a higher awareness.

Tektites resonate with a very high frequency, allowing you to elevate your consciousness and awareness to new dimensional heights. Your internal energy will instantly start to raise upon a single touch and your mind will become a powerful receptor for incoming knowledge from above.

This information comes from your spirit guides, angels and celestial protectors. As you receive this information, you shall help in reaching and understanding your life path along the way. This allows you to grow and direct your soul in the right life direction, while also allowing you to explore your surrounding with the most heightened version of yourself.



Muscovite is one of the most potent stones containing high vibrational energies that can clear and expand your mental capacity and allow you to reach the highest level of awareness as well as activate your unique powers and spirituality.

As a matter of fact, this crystal stone has the ability to help attune your brain waves to the energies of the gods and the divine. As a result, it allows you to reach higher dimensions with endless knowledge of the universe and yourself. Furthermore, this crystal stone can also help you communicate with deities and spiritual guides through deep meditation, as well as channeling and tapping into the energies of the ethereal realm.

Not only that, but this crystal stone can also help you in breaking through the physical barrier and finally achieve higher knowledge and spiritual evolution. Repeatedly using this stone can also help train your brain and pineal gland. This allows you to expand them in order to receive advanced power from the unknown. It shall offer you a stronger connection to your true self.



Like muscovite, the creedite is another rare yet potent crystal for achieving higher awareness. Originating from Creed, Colorado where it got its name, Creedite is actually a rare mineral formed from the oxidation of a fluorite crystal.

In general, creedite is a powerful and effective stone for those new in the spiritual world or going on a new spiritual journey. This stone can help expand your consciousness and achieve higher awareness while increasing your sensitivity to energy. As a result, it helps in bringing you mental and spiritual clarity you need to move to a higher level and frequency of understanding in all aspects of existence.

As a potent stone of the higher chakras, the creedite stone is said to vibrate at a high frequency. It’s best known for its ability to help you attune to higher spiritual vibrations. It can uplift your vibrations so that you can experience the higher realm and experience the higher realm.

Once you are fully attuned to the spiritual world, the creedite can also help in enhancing your intuition, spiritual powers and spiritual communication on all levels. AS a matter of fact, it is one of the nest stones that can help connect you with the Akashic Records and allows you to interpret the messages that your spirit guides and angels offer you. When you have a better understanding of the Akashic Records, you achieve a new level of higher awareness and power.



Sugilite, like any purple crystal, is a powerful tool for connecting and communicating with the Divine. Wearing or meditating with the sugilite crystal can help bosot your ability to channel the high frequency of violet energy into the daily aspect of your being. This should help you walk the earth in grace and strength.

Furthermore, this crystal stone is said to give you a sense of independence and freedom. It features loving and soothing energies that can help influence all aspects of the body. As a matter of fact, this stone also has the ability to expand your consciousness and create a higher awareness of everything as perfect and always in line with your chosen soul path.

In addition, sugilite is also a powerful attractor of healing energy and can further increase higher awareness of the connection between the well-being of the body and mind. Not only that, but Sugilite also reminds your soul of its reason for incarnating. It should also help enhance your understanding of the lessons that you chose for this journey in the physical realm.

Not only that, but with its powerful energies, it allows healing energies from the divine and powerful celestial light to infuse your whole body. This should bring in unconditional love and spiritual growth through your higher chakras. It can bring love and light into the darkest of your situations, allowing you to know that life is more than what’s currently being experienced. Furthermore, this stone also offers optimism and hope for a better future, allowing you to accept the here and now.



Perhaps one of the most beautiful stones you’ll ever find, the labradorite carries mesmerizing and dreamy energies of divinity, magic and protection. By simply carrying or wearing a labradorite crystal, it is said to help bring out and empower your innate magical powers to surface. This should help in expanding your consciousness, enhancing your intuitive and mental abilities and awakening your spiritual powers.

Specifically, this crystal stone is said to help in attuning you to the energies of the divine and is also believed to help in communication with spirits and higher guides. It also allows you to have the ability to access the Akashic records. As you easily access the records, you’ll receive a higher level of awareness and fully understand your life purpose.

The energies of the labradorite also allow you to penetrate the veils of the Void where all the possibilities and knowledge are held. It’s the place of potential and the very source of creation.

Not only that, but the labradorite crystal is also one of the most powerful protectors of your auric shield when traveling the higher realms. This crystal stone can help in preventing energy leakage as well as blocking entities that might be tapping and draining your personal energy.

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer diamond is actually a specific form of the quartz family and got its name from a place in New York— Herkimer. It features a clear crystal that resonates strongly with your crown chakra to improve your connection to your higher self and to the divine.

With this strong connection, you can achieve a better understanding of your divine purpose. It helps in expanding your consciousness while enhancing your intuitive insights. As a result, this stone can help in promoting higher awareness, harmony, spontaneity and unlocking your spiritual powers.

Dubbed as the Stone of Attunement, the Herkimer diamond can bring you a stronger connection with celestial beings while also helping in stimulating clairvoyance and telepathic communication.

In terms of the physical aspect of the body, the Herkimer diamond is said to resonate with the brain and can help in enhancing enhance your memory focus. This should bring you better visualization and meditative states. As a result, this can also help you in achieving higher levels of awareness as well as creating a bridge to the astral and physical realms.



Cavansite is a unique crystal stone that can help in aligning and activating your higher three chakras which are your throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra. Such powerful activation of these three chakras can help in connecting and attuning you to the frequencies of the higher dimensions and spiritual beings.

It has the ability to enhance your mental state of mind. This allows you to have a better connection with your inner consciousness and higher awareness. It helps you in communicating with other spiritual beings and in learning wisdom and knowledge from the divine. As a result, you will experience a boost in your gut feeling and helps in unlocking your psychic abilities.

Not only that, but cavansite can also help you in finding your very own unique psychic capabilities. Also, its powerful connection to higher dimensions can help pull you out of the physical realm and into the other. And the more this channel gets strengthened, the easier and faster it is for you to master.

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian

Like the black tourmaline, the snowflake obsidian is a potent stone of protection combined with higher frequencies to help you in achieving higher awareness.

This is because the grounding and protective properties of the black obsidian are complemented by the spiritual properties of white snowflake-like cristobalite. The snowflake obsidian works in balancing grounding and purifying your body, mind and aura. It helps in activating your third eye and root chakra which enhances your intuition and spiritual energy while also grounding and protecting you against unwanted energies.

With the snowflake obsidian, your mind is empowered and helps you remember and understand each life you’ve lived in the hopes of expanding your mental capacity and awareness. It helps guide you through the journey filled with endless amounts of wisdom and knowledge so you can take these lessons and intuitively use them in your current life.

The information that you receive can bring you’re the ability to solve current life problems with doubt. All through this, the snowflake obsidian shall keep you balanced and grounded. It connects you deeply to the earth and contains your mind from endlessly wandering.

Stellar Beam Calcite

Stellar Beam Calcite

Another unique variety of the calcite crystal family, the stellar beam calcite offers you potent energies that can help practitioners in expanding their awareness and achieve higher spiritual knowledge by opening the etheric chakra.

The stellar beam calcite is said to help you in connecting and finding your divine will, by attracting angels and spirit guides to you. This allows you to fully understand and receive messages from the above in an attempt to boost your higher knowledge and awareness.

This crystal stone is often used for enhancing inter-dimensional journeying and can actively stimulate your higher chakras. It is suitable for enhancing your meditation skills and helping you to ascend and recall your past life experiences.

Not only that, but this crystal stone also brings you a very blissful and peaceful state of the mind. It shall fill your mental and spiritual being with your deepest desires and wants while actively manifesting these into reality.



The apophyllite crystal is considered one of the most potent stones for activating your topmost chakra and opens you to the frequency of light, wisdom and love. As a result, this can help in expanding your higher awareness and encouraging spiritual development.

This crystal stone can help in bringing confidence into your spiritual self as well as attracting divine beings such as guardian angels and spirit guides to you. With their help, you can fully receive and understand the spiritual wisdom that comes through to you. It can bring you closer to a higher and expanded consciousness and be one with the divine power.

Not only that but the apophyllite stone is also said to bring healing to emotional wounds. By working deeply into your emotional being, this stone can help you understand the important truths about yourself which might be the cause of not being able to expand your mind and reach the higher awareness needed for boosting your intuition and psychic abilities.

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst

The chevron amethyst is popularly called the Dog Tooth Amethyst due to its naturally occurring white quartz in a “v” or banded pattern. As a variety of amethyst, it shares the same vibrations as the normal amethyst but with more stronger and powerful energies that resonate with your higher and etheric chakras.

This amethyst variety specifically focuses on the etheric, crown and third eye chakras, linking and activating the three topmost chakras together. This is useful if you wish would align and attune yourself with higher frequencies can energies in order to enhance your skills and practice.

As it helps you connect with the divine energies, you become more suited for receiving and understanding messages from the ethereal realm. The constant use of this stone can help in developing our spiritual capabilities, which in turn gradually open your mind and expand your consciousness.

Not only that but meditating with this stone can also enhance the normal vibrations of other crystal stones. It advances your psychic skills by increasing the clarity and vividness of your visions and helping you connect with the higher divine in its purest and truest form.

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite

The blue calcite is a common yet potent stone that primarily works in relaxing and soothing your emotional body. It is known to help calm emotions while providing protective energies. As a result, your mind and body are better suited for spiritual work and fully understand the messages of the divine.

Not only that but the blue calcite is also known to help stimulate your creative energies. Thanks to its relaxing and soothing effects, the blue calcite can help you think with a purer mind. And with a purer mind, you can easily wander and veer off into a specific area of your consciousness and explore your inner self.

Furthermore, one of the many hidden powers of the blue calcite is that it has the ability to strengthen and enhance your dream life. It offers understanding and vividness of your visions and dreams since it helps you connect strongly to spiritual beings. As a result, this help in enhancing your spiritual powers while attuning your mind and inner self to the higher knowledge and collective consciousness of the universe



Goshenite is a powerful stone that vibrates directly with your crown and third eye chakra. When you use this stone, you’ll experience mental stimulation, clarity and a heightened sense of awareness.

With this stone by your side, your manifestation, inner awareness, consciousness and psychic level will reach an all-time high as this crystal stone imbue your intention with the ethereal realm and the universe.

Your general concentration, mental drive and state will be a night and day difference long with the strength and duration of your meditative sessions. Goshenite allows you to truly fall into the spiritual experiences, building a stronger connection to the celestial world.



The tanzanite crystal is a variety of the zoisite crystal and is a member of the epidote family. Originally from Tanzania to where it was named, the tanzanite can connect strongly with your etheric, crown, third eye, throat and even heart chakra.

Thus, it is one of the most potent stones that can help in connecting your mind, soul and heart to create a single being with expanded consciousness. This stone can urge you to speak compassionately from your heart while also allowing you to display a higher level of intellect that comes directly from your expanded mind and awareness.

Also, take note, that the Tanzanite has been called a self-awakening stone that can help activate and guide your spiritual powers and higher awareness. It is a stone that can help you become the best version of yourself and push your consciousness into a higher state of being.

Furthermore, this special mineral can also offer you the highest form of trust and truth, exposing anything you’ve been hiding from yourself which can help drastically improve your perception of yourself, those around you and the world.

Iceland Spar

Iceland Spar

Sporting a similar appearance and the powerful energies of the Herkimer diamond, the Iceland spar makes a powerful ally for achieving a higher state of the mind and expanding your consciousness.

With this stone, you can help clear your mind of negative energies while ensuring proper brain functioning. With a clearer mind, you can fully focus on increasing your awareness and consciousness. Also, activating your crown chakra, it helps unlock your psychic skills, pushing you to be the highest, most spiritual version of yourself.

This crystal stone shall help connect you with a spiritual being in order to gain the wisdom, vision, messages and dreams from the divine. Then it empowers you to understand this information, so you have a better understanding of your life purpose and attain higher awareness.

It is also the perfect meditation crystal thanks to its ability to realign your chakras and cleanse your auric field. As you use this crystal during meditation, you can feel higher frequencies from the universal realm pulsate with your whole being, enhancing your psychic capabilities, understanding your inner self and bringing spiritual awareness.

Titanium Quartz

Titanium Quartz

The titanium quartz is an enhanced type of quartz. Its titanium coating makes it a potent stone for elevating your mental activity, fortitude and strength. Wearing or carrying this stone can energize your entire chakra system and make it easier for you to advance your mental powers while keeping you grounded and energized at the same time.

Specifically, the titanium quartz is best at expanding your awareness not only in your environment but also when having a journey in the divine realm. It stimulates the mind, increases focus and allows the full manifestation of your goals and desires. By imbuing you with a relaxed state of the mind, the titanium quartz can help you evolve and obtain your dreams and higher skills.

Titanium quartz is best for practitioners who often lack daily energy in order to keep with their practice. The stone itself features enough potent energy that can turn your mood around while increasing your focus and making you more confident in what you’re trying to achieve, which in this case is to obtain a higher awareness.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone

The beautiful rainbow moonstone carries the feminine energies of the moon that will connect you with the ethereal dimension and bring you higher awareness and consciousness.

Resonating with your crown chakra, the rainbow moonstone is prized for its capability to expand consciousness thanks to its potent energies pulsating in higher frequencies. This stone can heal the physical and spiritual body, aligning yourself to better understand and receive angelic knowledge and wisdom.

As a stone of spirituality and of the Moon Goddess, the rainbow moonstone is remarkably powerful for understanding higher knowledge, expanding the mind and guiding your soul towards enlightenment. Furthermore, this stone can also offer serenity and peace during meditation. It can deepen your attunement to the divine and angelic realm while opening the gateways to spiritual enlightenment.

Grape Agate

Grape Agate

Grape agate is one of the rarest and more powerful intuitive stones that help in linking and activating your third eye and crown chakras. This crystal can activate your psychic capabilities, allowing you to understand your dreams and the knowledge you receive from the higher realms.

With this stone, your mind will become stronger than ever. This helps you understand your visions and the images you see in your dreams and how they can affect your current life. By promoting mental vividness and clarity helps in aligning the spiritual, dream and physical worlds together.

As these worlds are linked together, you can experience a smooth flow of energy. It also allows you to be more attuned to higher knowledge and allow you to better connect to your highest self. As a result, it becomes easier to attain a higher level of awareness and help expand your consciousness.



Not to be confused with the lapis lazuli, the lazulite is a rare stone with similar attributes as lapis lazuli. This potent stone contains high vibrational energy that can open and stimulate your third eye chakra in order to activate higher knowledge and unlock psychic abilities.

This crystal stone can help you attune to the higher vibrations of the ethereal and divine realm. This allows you to gain insight and messages from the ethereal realm and helps you understand the purpose and meaning of this information.

Not only that, but this stone can also provide comfort with these unknown experiences while raising your mental capacity in order to further absorb higher knowledge from spiritual beings. Such knowledge can serve you on your life path and push your soul in the direction that you truly want to go.

It also helps in increasing your sensitivity as well as helping you expand your consciousness in order to fully achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Shaman Stone

Shaman Stone

Also known as Boji Stones, the shaman stones are said to have been formed over a hundred million years ago. In ancient history, it was said to be heavily used by the shamans of Moqui Indians who resided in the Moqui Desert and thus its endearing name.

This stone is said to carry potent energies, which is why shamans use these stones in ritual meditations and practices. Referred to as spiritual talismans, the stone was said to help channel higher knowledge and in contacting spirit guides and angelic beings. It expands your mental capacity, allowing you to achieve a higher level of awareness that you can use to guide your life.

In particular, though, the shaman stones are quite powerful in creating a perfect alignment of your chakras. Not only that, but its potency also helps revitalize your entire energy column. Meditating with this stone is said to advance and strengthen your connection with mother earth while providing you the nutrient and knowledge of the world.

How to Use Crystals For Higher Awareness

The above list of crystals can help in activating and expanding your higher awareness allowing you to have a better understanding of your surrounding and a better connection to the divine and spiritual realm.

With that said, you need to use them properly to ensure that you benefit from their powers. Here are some tips in order to effectively use these crystals for higher awareness.

Regular Crystal Meditation

How to Use Crystals For Higher Awareness

Meditation can help you train your mind and become more in touch with your inner self and thus helps in expanding your awareness and unlocking your inner capabilities.

To further empower you, using crystals for higher awareness as you meditate can help enhance your intentions.

You can simply hold your chosen crystal of higher awareness and let their energies fill you. If you like to use several crystals, you can create a meditation grid before the session.

Allow the energies of these gemstones to cleanse your mind and fill you with positive and calming energies. Make sure to focus on positivity and relaxing thoughts throughout your meditation for extra benefits.

Do Quick Visualizations

Visualization with crystals is an option if you don’t have the time to do focused meditation. It is a quick, yet potent exercise to activate and expand your awareness that can be performed anywhere, anytime. To do this, you first need to hold your preferred crystal for higher awareness. You can sit or stand with your feet on the ground. You can hold the crystals or place them around you.

After that, close your eyes and let your focus soften. Take deep breaths and brings all your awareness to the crystal you’re holding or surrounding you. Imagine their pulsating energies filling your entire being.

Stay this way for a few minutes and just let the vibrational energies of your crystals for advanced users fill not only your inner self but also the surrounding environment.

Once you are finished, you’ll notice how your resonance has increased and how you are filled with powerful energies.

Create a Crystal Grid

Crystals grids are a great way to mix and enhance the powers of your crystals for higher awareness. Using and mixing the energies of various gemstones can help bring you potent energies needed to enhance your mental and spiritual state and encourage a higher awareness.

There is a geometric pattern of crystals arranged with a specific intention. It is believed that the shape of the crystal grid and the kinds of crystals used can invoke a specific energetic quality.

Do a Body Layout

If you want the direct energy of different crystals in your body, try doing a crystal body layout. It’s like a crystal grid, but instead of surrounding you, the stones are directly placed onto your body.

You can use specific crystals and place them in their appropriate chakra system to enhance their energetic qualities. Focus on deepening your breath and practice gratitude for your crystal stones while they are placed on your body in order to boost the effect.

This should open your heart and free the chattering mind by allowing you to focus on the aspects of your life, slowly easing you to a state of inner consciousness and awareness and opening you to the powers of the universal or spiritual realms.

Use Crystals as Decorative Displays

Crystals for higher awareness, particularly the larger, raw crystals make good home decors in the living room, meditation room or bedroom. They can be placed in the four corners of your room, amplifying their energies that bring spiritual awakening as well as protection and calming energies.

When using these crystals as home décor, it is important that you consider the shape of the crystal since it can help boost their power.

For instance, Obelisks can assist in the connection between the spiritual and physical world. Crystal pyramids, on the other hand, are powerful shapes that can help increase your focus and energy in increasing awareness. Meanwhile, a Merkabah is another excellent shape for connecting with the higher realms.

Sleep With Crystals For Higher Awareness

Sleep With Crystals For Higher Awareness

Crystal healers believed that nighttime is the best time to enhance open and expand your higher awareness.

With that said, you can benefit from the energies of your crystals for higher awareness by sleeping with them. It is most recommended that you sleep with these crystals under your pillow to ensure the closest proximity to your auric field.

However, if you have a softer crystal such as sugilite, scolecite or muscovite, placing them under your pillow can damage their crystalline structure. For such stones, you can simply place them beside your bed.

This should help keep their energies close to your auric field, inducing a calming environment and resonating with your higher chakras for stimulating mental capabilities, enhancing intuition, activating your higher awareness and communicating with the higher realm.

However, if you are sensitive or a light sleeper, you will need to place these crystals further away from your bed. Also, consider using only one or two crystals at the same time. Combining lots of energies can actually stir your energy and keep you awake.

Keep Them Close To You Always

If you want to experience the uninterrupted expansion of your mind and improvement of your spiritual powers, then you should always keep your crystals for higher awareness as close to your body as possible.

One of the best ways to do that is to wear them as pieces of jewelry. Crystal jewelry ensures that you can have enhancing and supportive energies for the whole day and wherever you go. By wearing your crystals for higher awareness, you get direct skin energy contact, ensuring that you experience their pulsating vibrational energies.

Take note that when you wear crystal jewelry make sure that they are close to their associated chakra. But since most crystals for higher awareness resonates with the higher chakras, it is best if you wear them as earrings, pendants, beaded necklace or head pieces and for the protective stones like obsidian and black tourmaline wear them as bracelets and rings.

Keep in mind that wearing your crystals as pieces of jewelry is just one way of always keeping them close to you. If you don’t like wearing your crystal or you have ones that are soft and not suitable for jewelry use, then you can simply get a tumbled stone or rubbing stone with you. You can tuck this in your pocket or wallet.

Whenever you need guidance and need to expand your mind, you can simply touch and reach out to the energies of the stone, connecting with their beneficial energy and allowing it to pulsate through your auric field. Once again, it is best if you place these crystals to their associated chakra, which in this case is in your forehead, to boost their impressive powers.

Drink Crystal Essences Throughout the Day

Elixir is perhaps one of the most common ways of using these magical crystals for higher awareness.

You can take a cleansed and clear tumbled crystal of your preferred choice and soak it in a pitcher filled with water. Then, place it in the fridge.

Just make sure that research which crystals are suitable for this method. Some crystal stones can release toxic elements when submerged into the water while others simply dissolve or get damaged when in contact with water.

The good news is that you can still create a crystal elixir without submerging your preferred crystals for higher awareness in the water. You simply create a grid of the water bottle with your crystal stone and leave it in the moonlight overnight. The feminine energies of the moon can enhance the energies of the stone for better absorption in the water.

You can drink at least half a glass of this crystal elixir before going to bed. It is a gentle and easy way to enhance your intuitive side and in unlock your mental capabilities and expand your awareness.

Do Daily Affirmations

Like doing quick visualization, daily affirmations are a quick way to help strengthen your mental and spiritual body. This encourages the eventual expansion of your mind,  bringing healing energy from the higher realm and experiencing supportive energy.

By simply holding your preferred crystals for higher awareness and then placing them over the relevant chakra, you can make your affirmations even more potent and powerful. This allows you to move experience a heightened intuition and awareness, taking your spirituality and mindfulness to the next levels.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Higher Awareness?

Crystals are a great tool if you wish to expand your awareness and mental capacity. Unfortunately, while they may be as powerful as they are, the constant use of crystals for higher awareness can cause their energies to go dull or they can be filled with absorbed negative energies.

As a result, you can feel that these stones may fail to bring you the benefits you need. Thus, it is important that you keep your crystals charged and cleansed, regularly.

Here are some ways to cleanse and charge your crystals for higher awareness.

Wash Your Crystals For Higher Awareness

First off, you need to create a clean slate for your crystal. Physically cleaning your stones can be done by using water and gentle soap. Then, you can softly brush or rub the surface of the crystal with your fingers or a soft, used toothbrush. This should help in removing the debris and dust accumulated. After that, make sure to rinse it thoroughly and pat dry with a clean, soft cloth.

Now, for the less durable, soft or porous stones, you should not clean them with water or you’ll damage their surface or even completely dissolve in water. So, make sure to check if the crystal you have is suitable for water cleaning. If not, then you can simply wipe off the dust and dirt from the surface.

After the physical cleansing, it is time to metaphysically cleanse and recharge the energies of your crystal stone.

Use Quartz or Selenite Crystal For Cleansing

Sleep With Crystals For Higher Awareness

For the simplest and most convenient way to cleanse your crystals for higher awareness, you can use the natural charger crystals such as clear quartz, selenite, carnelian and amethyst.

You can find these crystals in slabs, large geodes or chunks for raw crystals. Using these versions of these crystals, you can easily charge and cleanse numerous crystal stones at the same time.

Harness The Energy of The Moon

If you don’t have the large quartz crystals, another easy way of charging and cleansing your crystals for higher awareness is to leave them outside, exposed to the energies of the powerful elements.

In particular, the most soothing element that nourishes and soothes your spiritual crystals is the moon. Featuring feminine energies, the moon can offer nurturing, healing vibrations to your stone. It is also considered a much gentler and safer way to cleanse and charge your crystals.

It’s best to take advantage of a full moon that releases powerful energies to help recharge and cleanse your gemstones. However, it is possible to use any phase of the moon. Simply place the crystal outside where moonlight rays can regenerate its tired energy.

Or the Power Of The Sun

If you want a more powerful energy to rejuvenate your crystal stones, use the mighty sun. The sun, in all its glory, shines bright on unwanted negative energies and fills your crystal stone with renewed energy thanks to its recharging abilities.

Take note, however, that while sunlight is a powerful charger of crystal stones, there are some stones that will fade when exposed to direct sunlight. So, if you want to charge your stone with sunlight but without the risk of fading its color, you need to let it charge for a few minutes during sunrise and sunset only.

Make Sure To Leave Crystals Outside

While you can do sun or moon crystal charging inside your home, you can double the power of these elements by doing it outside instead.

After all, crystals love the nurturing and welcoming energies of Mother Earth. Thanks to the grounding and soothing energies of nature, you can simply leave your crystal stones in your garden in order to cleanse and charge their energies. Doing so can help nourish and replenish their exhausted energies while also releasing the toxicities and negativity back to earth.

Or Bury it in Nurturing Earth

Now, if you want a more concentrated, earthy power, you can bury your crystal for higher awareness in a bowl filled with nurturing soil for a few hours.

This ensures that all negativity from the stone will be absorbed by the soil. You can simply wash the stone with water or wipe it clean with a soft cloth to remove the dirt. But if you don’t like to get your crystal dirty, then you can simply leave it alone with nature, in your garden.

Try The Soothing Energy Sounds

Another known method of cleansing and charging crystal stones is using the sound vibrations.

Sleep With Crystals For Higher Awareness

Although not as common as the other methods, sound cleansing is one of the most effective and safest ways to cleanse any crystal. Plus, it works well with group cleansing.

By using singing bowls, bells or tuning forks, you can create sound vibrations that carry over to the crystals and release the toxic energies from within your crystal stones. Plus, it also helps in cleansing the environment and is suitable for putting you into a meditative cleansing state.

Smudge Your Crystals along with Your Energy

Smudging is the most common method of spiritually cleansing crystals for higher awareness.

For this method, you need to prepare a few items such as your preferred herb bundle, usually white sage, or even an incense stick.

Then you need to light up these herbs or sticks which creates a whip of smoke you can use to cleanse the toxic energies from within your stone.

Make sure to leave your crystal in the smoke for at least a minute or two to completely cleanse away the unnecessary vibrations.

Submerge in Natural Water

If you’re lucky enough to live near natural sources of water, for instance, waterfalls, oceans, rivers or lakes, you can use the waters from these natural sources to cleanse and recharge your crystals for higher awareness.

Simply collect water from these sources in a bowl and soak your gemstones in these waters for a few hours. Once again, if a specific crystal can get damaged or dissolved in water, you shouldn’t clean them with this method.

Or Simply Bury in Salt

If submerging in natural water is not an option, you can just use sea salt or ordinary table salt for cleansing these crystal stones.

For thousands of years, people have used salt to cleanse away toxicities and negativity. Even your ordinary table salt can be used to clean and recharge your crystals for higher awareness. Simply bury the crystal stone in a bowl filled with sea salt and leave it alone for a few hours to days.

Make sure to throw away the used salt after cleansing.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! Now you should have proper knowledge on the best crystals for higher awareness as well as how to use and cleanse these crystal stones.

The use of crystals in search of unlocking your true potential, expanding consciousness and obtaining higher awareness is a tradition that spans many religions, cultures and years. Regardless of what you believe in, crystals can be an incredible and effective way to access the higher realms of spirituality and attain a higher awareness of your life and divine purpose.


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