40 Powerful Crystals For Lucid Dreaming – The “How To” Guide

40 Most Useful Crystals For Lucid Dreaming - The How To Guide

Introduction on Crystals For Lucid Dreaming

Introduction on Crystals For Lucid Dreaming

In general, dreams are an unconscious experience. However, lucid dreaming is when you are consciously aware that you are dreaming. With enough practice, you can master this state to control your dreams, explore your inner consciousness and fully understand and remember the messages from the spiritual and higher realm.

Lucid dreams tend to happen during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep. Dreaming lucidly is a fun, wonderful and creative experience. However, it can also be therapeutic, particularly for those who tend to suffer from recurrent phobias or nightmares, by giving them control over what they can dream.

Entering lucid dreaming or conscious dreams will take practice. However, crystals for lucid dreaming can help lull you to sleep, relaxing you into the required mental state and enhancing your psychic capabilities to master the art of lucid dreaming.

A Complete List of Crystals For Lucid Dreaming

Do you wish to enhance your skills of lucid dreaming? The following crystals should help keep you relaxed to sleep easier and better, increasing your focus and consciousness, boosting your intention and helping you remember your dreams in the morning.



First on our list is a crystal that carries with it the feminine and intuitive energies of the moon. For centuries, the moonstone has been used as a sleeping stone. Its name itself reminds you of good sleep and nighttime. This crystal is known to help reduce emotional burdens, relaxing the mind and body in order to make it easier for you to fall asleep.

As a result, the moonstone crystal helps encourage deep and quality sleep. With its strong lunar connection, it is useful in establishing a good sleeping pattern, which is necessary for lucid dreaming. Moonstone teaches you to be fully aware of your unconscious mind.

Not only that but the moonstone crystal is also said to be a useful channel for prophecy and a supportive path to wisdom. Moonstone energy is yin, receptive, introspective and connected to your subconscious. Thus, this potent, yet gentle stone helps you in tapping into your intuition and enhancing clairvoyance and psychic abilities.



Like the moonstone, the selenite resonates with the energies of the moon, specifically with the nurturing power of the Moon Goddess Selene herself. This stone embodies blessing, tranquility, intuition, light and love and is one of the best crystals for lucid dreaming and sleep.

Selenite is loved for its ethereal and transparent radiance. It reflects a pure beam of soothing white light into any place in which it rests. Believed to contain the liquid Light of Spirit, this stone inspired a profound sense of peace, while carrying a fine, high intensity and frequency of energy that surpasses almost any stones for clearing, opening and activating your higher crown and crown chakras. Thus, it is one of the most ideal stones for spiritual work such as lucid dreaming, astral traveling and connecting with your spirit guides and the higher angelic realms.

In addition, it is important to note that selenite is a dream holder crystal. Thus, it is a particularly powerful talisman that allows you to focus your energy on holding and understanding your dreams. Not only that but thanks to its super comforting energies, this stone can help you sleep deeply and uninterruptedly, allowing you to experience seamless lucid dreaming.



Moldavite has extra-terrestrial origins featuring beautiful olive-green color energies that represent receptiveness which is very useful for lucid dreaming. This potent crystal stone has the ability to elevate your mind, taking you beyond the boundaries and supporting your intention to experience lucid dreaming.

In addition, moldavite is considered a powerful aid for dreamwork and meditation. It helps in increasing your sensitivity to telepathy, guidance and intuition. It even enhances your ability to understand the messages and wisdom sent from the higher realms.

Furthermore, this stone carries the energy of spiritual protection. Meaning, it can help prevent the negative entities and energies from clinging or connecting with your aura as well as assisting in disconnecting you from the unhealthy personal attachment. This way, nothing can interrupt you from dreaming lucidly.

Not only that, but moldavite is also one of the most powerful energy amplifiers in the healing crystal world. So, you can use it to enhance the effects of other crystals for lucid dreaming. Take note, however, that the moldavite crystal features strong energy. Thus, it is not mostly recommended for beginners.



Amethyst is perhaps the most powerful crystal for lucid dreaming you can find. Known for its soothing and calming qualities, this is a great stone to place under your pillow if you have trouble falling asleep or experiencing deep, uninterrupted sleep because of anxiety or stress. This should get you into a lucid frame of mind that can help deepen your experience.

Considered as one of the most spiritual stones, amethyst strongly resonates with your crown and third eye chakra and connects with your subconscious mind. This makes it an excellent tool for a vivid dream. As a natural protector and a dream crystal, this purple stone can help in preventing nightmares in order for you to get more quality sleep and to understand and remember your dreams.

In addition, amethyst is actually the purple variety of quartz. This means that this crystal stone also carries the strong amplification properties of the master healer. So, like the moldavite crystal, the amethyst stone makes a great choice for programming and is quite versatile.

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond

The Herkimer diamond is actually a double-terminated quartz crystal. This means that it has the ability to not only transmit its own energies but can also receive spiritual energy and amplifying it intently.

In addition, its solid and pure light energy can awaken your higher chakras, particularly your third eye chakra. It is one of the best conduits of universal Life force energy that can be valuable in meditations, vision and dream work and other advanced spiritualization works. Specifically, the Herkimer diamond is considered a powerful record keeper, which makes it a useful and valuable crystal for recording and recalling lucid dreams.

Not only that, but this crystal stone can help in clearing out blockages in your auric field that might be preventing you to achieve lucid dreaming. By removing these blockages, the Herkimer diamond crystal allows for creativity to flow uninterruptedly, so you can create exciting and pleasurable dreams. Dubbed as the Stone of Attunement and Joy, the Herkimer diamond is also said to help enhance your visionary skills and heightening your ability to dream lucidly.

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite

Blue calcite is a soothing crystal for encouraging higher spiritual abilities and ensuring an uninterrupted and good night’s sleep and dreaming. While it may not be as powerful as the other crystals on this list, it is still a great stone for promoting conscious dreams.

This crystal stone has the ability to strengthen and enhance lucid dreaming. With its strong connection to the higher chakras of communication (throat chakra) and perception (third eye chakra), it offers increased understanding and vividness of dreams and strong imagery within them. Not only that, but it also helps in dream recall and recording. As a spiritual eye-opener and unblocked of communication, this stone can harmonize the body, spirit and mind. This allows you to better communicate and understand the visions and dreams that you receive. 

In addition, it is important to stay calm when dreaming lucidly in order to avoid waking up. The blue calcite crystal offers comforting energy that can calm an overactive mind while relieving the accumulated tension and stress after a tiring and stressful day. It also helps shield you against negativity while inducing a deeply relaxing state, allowing for a smooth transition into a dream state.  



Fluorite with its remarkably perfect cubes is considered one of the most highly sought-after crystal stones. With its soothing energy, this stone can help in improving your psychic skills, lucid dreaming and preventing sleep insomnia. It calms and relaxes the body as well as bringing order to a chaotic mind, easing you to a night of deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Lucid dreams usually happen naturally for some. However, for those, it can take a lot of practice. And this is where the fluorite stone excels. As the ultimate dream crystal, fluorite, especially the purple variety can stimulate lucid dreaming. It is gently calming to the mind and bringing serenity. It also helps removes creative or mental blocks. This way you can have a deeper focus on your intention to experience conscious dreams.

Not only that, but it can also protect your mind and is a potent crystal for freeing your spirit at night to travel, explore and expand without disturbance or fear. Placing it under the pillow, fluorite acts as a dreamcatcher, preventing sleep paralysis, night terrors as well as unwanted out-of-body trips. 

Now, if you are over-tired or stressed, it can be difficult for you to dream consciously and take in new messages and information from the spiritual realm. The fluorite stone can help in bringing order to a chaotic mind, removing unwanted blockages that may be causing interference. This way, you can focus your intention to experience lucid and conscious dreams.



Also known as phenakite, the phenacite is a colorless crystal that resonates strongly with your third eye and crown chakras. Like Herkimer diamond, it features one of the highest vibrations, making it a perfect ally for conscious and lucid dreaming.

The phenacite stone has the ability to focus your mind and promoting an essential and higher sense of awareness that you need in order to remain conscious and remember your dreams. Other than being a crystal stone of the mind the phenacite can also help you go deeper into your lucid dreaming experience. As a result, it helps you achieve a lucid dream state more consistently.

Take note that everything you do or think has a lasting imprint. And this is recorded in the spiritual library known as the Akashic Records. The phenacite crystal can help you in accessing these records when lucid dreaming. This way, you can uncover the purpose of your soul and answering some of your greatest life questions.



Danburite got its name from where it was first found, Danbury, Connecticut. Seen in shades of yellow or pink, but mostly in colorless or white, the danburite offers some of the purest vibrations and has the ability to connect with your higher consciousness. This makes it one of the best crystals for lucid dreaming.

Whenever you feel stressed or anxious, it may be hard for you to sleep. In turn, this can also make it difficult for you to sleep deeply and to achieve lucid dreaming. By opening your heart chakra, the danburite crystal can help in easing stress and anxiety, so you can sleep better and encourage conscious dreaming.

Not only that, but this crystal stone is also a great ally for remembering your dreams as well as having a better understanding of the true meanings behind your dreams. Furthermore, this crystal can help you in connecting with the higher beings and dimensions. It helps in bridging the spiritual and physical worlds together, so you can understand and access higher knowledge and communicate with spirit guides through dream work and inner visions.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Dubbed as the Master Healer and the Stone of Power, the clear quartz will always be a mainstay of any crystal collection. However, since it connects strongly with your higher chakras thanks to its clear and pure frequency, this stone is one of the best crystals for lucid dreaming.

Working with your crown chakra, the clear quartz stone can open you up to higher energy. It resonates with the functioning of your mind and brain, clearing your thoughts as well as your emotions, allowing you to focus your intention to dream lucidly.

Not only that, but the clear quartz is also super easy to program, meaning you can customize it to enhance the intention you want, which in this case is to consciously be aware of your dreams. Clear quartz is considered the most powerful amplifier in the crystal kingdom. This means that it has the ability to magnify the effects and powers of any other crystals for lucid dreaming on this list, while also increasing the efficiency and frequency of the lucid dreams you experience.

Shamanic Dream Stone

Shamanic Dream Stone

As its name implies, the shamanic dream stone is one of the best crystals for lucid dreaming. This stone is actually clear quartz but with internal inclusions. Such inclusions may look like foliage and thus it is also known as garden or landscape quartz.

This beautiful stone offers you something like a window to your unconscious mind. It is said to promote spiritual growth and in enhancing your lucid dreaming skills. It also acts as a powerful portal to the other dimensions, while still keeping you firmly grounded through your lucid dreaming experience.

As its name implies, this crystal stone is favored by the Shamans. Not only that, but its strong connection to both root and crown chakra allows for a spiritual experience while keeping you protected against negative entities that might attach themselves to you while providing a stable and secure foundation.



Like the crisp, dark wintry sky, Iolite in its shifting shades of blue-violet carries the spirit of dreams, intuition, journeying, illumination and exploration. Dubbed as the Viking’s Compass, this crystal will provide the vision to move you, spiritually and physically, from one realm to another.

With its gentle and comforting violet energies that vibrate with the divine and spiritual realm, the iolite gemstone is said to induce sleep and preventing insomnia. This stone will place you in a relaxed state and offer a sense of bliss. It also clears the mind of loud, chaotic mind chattering that might be keeping you at night and thus preventing you from experiencing conscious dreams.

Not only that, but its protective energy can also shield you against sleep disturbance or nightmares. Since it resonates with the higher chakras, this crystal can help stimulate your memory and connect you to your higher consciousness for lucid dreaming and astral traveling. As a matter of fact., most shamans like to use iolite in their meditation and rituals for inner journeying and dream work. It is powerful at awakening your psychic abilities and providing you with profound lucid experiences.



The celestite crystal features high vibrational energies of peace, serenity and higher awareness. Its ethereal blue energies reflect the many hues of the celestial dome and activate a strong and dynamic connection to the higher world of dreaming.

This powerful calming stone proves to be a valuable ally when you’re feeling stressed out or anxious at night. Thanks to its soothing frequency from the higher realms, this stone can push away the noisy and chaotic thoughts, clearing and calming the mind while removing anxiety and stress away.

It helps in creating a balanced and tranquil environment to help you sleep better. This way, it can also bring a stronger connection between your higher chakras which results in a deeper sense of spirituality, deep intuitive wisdom and open-heartedness. When you’re better connected to your higher purpose and intuition, you can see and understand messages at a much higher energetic level. The messages you receive will help serve you on your life path and providing the much-needed signs along the way.

When you start working with the celestite stone, you will notice immediately how much more vivid your dreams are. And as you continue to meditate and use the celestite stone, you will become more in control over your dreams as well as what happens within them.

Iceland Spar

Iceland Spar

The Iceland spar is quite similar to quartz, not only in physical appearance but also in properties. As a matter of fact, this stone shares properties like manifestation, power, enhancement, intention programming, insight and clarity as clear quartz. So, as versatile as it is, the Iceland spar can also be used for lucid dreaming.

The stone is effective for finding solutions via dreams. It assists in seeking the root of the problem and removing it. It is also the perfect meditation crystal before sleeping thanks to its ability to realign your chakras and cleansing your auric field. AS you use this crystal, you can feel higher frequencies from the universal realm pulsate with your whole being, enhancing your psychic capabilities and your awareness.

With this stone, psychic skills such as lucid dreaming are unlocked, pushing you to be the highest, most spiritual version of yourself. Inner vision and dreams about solutions to personal problems will be available to you while also enhancing your clarity and mental being.



Also spelled as Baryte, the barite stone is one of the best crystals for activating your crown and third eye chakras. This combined activation can bring with it the energies that can awaken your psychic abilities and skills.

As a matter of fact, the barite stone is mostly used for lucid dreaming, inner visions, communication with angels and guides and interdimensional travel. It has the ability to push you to come in contact and align with your higher self which also increases your mental awareness and wisdom

Meditating with barite can push you to work with higher frequency and causes the increased frequency of lucid dreaming and déjà vu moments. Such moments can occur in order to push you towards the proper and correct life path that you truly want and desire. It is a sign that your higher self and the universe are assisting you along your journey in this world.

Not only that but tapping this crystal into your forehead not only activates a stronger connection to the dream world but also unlocks and strengthens your third eye chakra. This allows you to see what the dream world offers and can be a huge asset when you are trying to understand the imagery of your dreams.



The potent, but relaxing and gentle energy of the jade crystal is said to wrap you in a nurturing metaphysical blanket. This should help ease sleep, preventing insomnia and protecting you against night terror and nightmares. It is particularly helpful in releasing emotional trauma or past suffering that might be causing frightening dreams or sleepless nights or interrupted sleep.

In addition, this stone can help seal your aura, protecting you from the negativity that might interrupt your sleep. Dubbed as the Dream Stone, the nephrite is also used for lucid dreaming. It helps you understand the visions and messages that you receive from your dreams.

Not only that, but this stone is also an excellent stone for preventing sleep problems that are caused by stress and anxiety. This stone can calm your chaotic and chattering mind. Then it will provide a sense of serenity and stability, promoting restful and meaningful sleep at night.

K2 Granite

K2 Granite, or simply K2, is a rare and unique stone that’s found only in the snowy peaks of K-2 which is the second-highest mountain in the world. Its rarity and potency can help in opening and unlocking your crown or third eye chakras.

This crystal stone helps in strengthening your third eye chakra in order to enhance your psychic skills on all levels— lucid dreaming, telepathy, astral projection, angel communication— and assisting in opening and activating your crown chakra. When this happens, endless amounts of higher wisdom and knowledge will soon start to spiral down during your sleep.

And the connection of your third eye to your crown chakra assists you in seeing what this wisdom, dreams and knowledge truly mean. This should serve you on the higher path towards higher consciousness. Not only that, but this stone can also help in strengthening your communicative process while ensuring a strong attunement to the divine realm.



Rhodonite is primarily a love stone. It is filled with energies of healing, love and balance with its ability to stimulate, clear and activating your heart chakra. Its vibrations assist in self-value and love, pushing you to be generous and experiencing happiness and joy in your life.

By enhancing self-care, this stone can help in suppressing anxiety. IT is a comforting stone that should hold you in times of stress and need. It will strengthen your heart chakra and bringing you a sense of confidence and self-esteem. By doing so, you can clear the mind and make it easier for you to get sleep and thus experience dreams.

Take note that while rhodonite is primarily a heart and root chakra stone, it also offers a strong hint of psychic enhancement. The rhodonite stone is said to enhance and provide you the clarity to your inner experience, especially during lucid dreaming.

Due to this clarity, the rhodonite crystal can help translate the imagery of your dreams and bringing them down to a more earthy level in order to provide a path or way in which these dreams can be achieved or understood.

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite

The blue apatite is a highly spiritual stone. It is known to help increase the frequency and strength of lucid dreaming. By placing a piece of this crystal stone in your pillowcase, you can allow the increased visionary states that even gets stronger as you become more attuned to the other realm.

It is also known as a potent stone of manifestation that is attuned to the future, allowing the expansion of knowledge and enhancing your psychic capabilities. The blue apatite will stimulate your mind and intellect, bringing ideas from your unconscious mind down to the physical or earth realm through dreams and realization.

It is said to allow for a deeper reflection and dive into yourself, seeking inner clarity and self-insight. Not only that, but it should also help you in keeping your search for freedom since it keeps you attuned to always planning what is next in your life. Plus, it also helps unlock your highest vision and intuition while also attracting spiritual guides and other entities and assisting in communicating with them.



Scolecite is one of the most uncommon and unique crystals for lucid dreaming. It brings gentle, calming and soothing energy that can help in relieving stress and help prevent sleeping problems such as insomnia and sleepwalking.

Scolecite is considered the Stone of Inner Peace. It is the perfect ally for those who want to relax after a long, stressful day. Its pure white color can activate your higher chakras that allow for intense lucid dreaming. Using this stone, enhanced memory and extreme vividness during your nightly inter-dimensional dreaming and travels can be achieved. This crystal is also a great tool for those looking to do some dream work.

Not only that, but this crystal stone also connects with the higher realm and is considered a total auric cleanser. It helps in spring cleaning all aspects of your body, pulling out the negative energy and toxic thoughts from within that might be keeping you awake at night.



Charoite, like any other violet crystal, is a powerful ally if you need to enhance your psychic powers and lulling you to sleep early. This crystal stone can help in providing stress relief and relaxation whenever you need it. This crystal is best for overcoming sleepwalking, insomnia, nightmares or other sleeping issues.

The beautiful shade of lilac this stone has can bring you positive energy that will penetrate your soul while also keeping you shielded against the negative energies. It can help in creating a secure and safe space for the mental and emotional aspects of the body. It removes your toxic and unhealthy thinking while bringing relaxation and calmness into your whole being. This way, you can easily sleep without any interruptions and thus, ensuring seamless lucid dreaming.

Vibrating at a high frequency, this stone can also help in connecting you with the inner mind and self. It brings you a stronger connection to the higher and etheric realms and resonates with your crown and third eye chakra. Thus, it is a great crystal to use for dreaming and astral traveling.



Ruby is first and foremost a noble stone and the ultimate stimulator of bodily energy or life force. It emanates the highest and most potent vibrations of pure, energetic red light. This gives it a strong resonance with the root chakra and provides grounding energies that can nourish all your bodily systems.

While the ruby may be too stimulating to promote sleep, its blood-red energy is said to help in promoting and stimulating mental concentration that can help you focus your energy on any intention or goals. Also, there is the fact that the ruby gemstone has a strong impact on dreams and is suitable for those trying to bring lucidity into the dream state.

With the energies of this stone, you won’t have to fear jumping into the spiritual realm. Also, it offers intense energy that can help create vivid dreams while also helping you to understand the imagery depictions in your dreams. By using and meditating with the ruby crystal, you can bring forth complete control of your dreams every night.



Sugilite is a vibrant violet stone that earned the nickname “love stone of the modern age”. However, since it resonates with your highest chakra and the mind, this stone is also used for making you fall asleep faster and enhancing intuitive and psychic capabilities.

Its calming violet energies can help in relaxing your mind. It also acts as a powerful purifier and protector of the emotional body. This stone can help remove the negative energies from your daily environment. It will keep your aura cleansed and radiating in light, so you won’t have to be burdened when night comes.

By simply placing it under the pillow or on a nightstand, this stone can counter insomnia, induces a good night’s sleep, warding off nightmares and night terrors and encouraging vivid and nurturing dreams.

Since it is a crystal for the etheric, crown and third eye chakra, the sugilite stone also makes a powerful dream crystal and is suitable for astral traveling and lucid dreaming. It helps in expanding your awareness and shows you the purpose and wisdom of your out-of-this-world journey.



As etheric and divine as its name, the angelite crystal can bring love and light from angelic beings into your life. With its relaxing blue energy, the angelite crystal can help in bringing a sense of inner calmness and peace. This crystal is known to imbue serenity and love in your inner body.

Not only that, but it also helps in relieving worries and stress of the day which are common causes for a sleepless or restless night. This is also a powerful stone that can remove toxic and negative emotions that cause a loud mind-chatter which makes it difficult for you to sleep. Using this stone is like attracting your guardian angel to you, wrapping you around its restorative wings so you can snooze faster as well as guiding you to the spiritual realm.

With its angelic qualities, this stone can stimulate lucid dreaming and is a well-known problem solver as you dream.  As a result, sleeping near this crystal can help you sleep better and wake up energized with fresh and creative ideas. In addition, it also helps facilitate angelic connection and astral traveling as you sleep.

So, whether you need to relax or find peace to get some sleep or want to enhance your angelic communicating skills while dreaming or both, then the Angelite crystal is a great stone to place under your pillow or beside your bed.



Like any other beautiful purple crystal stone, lepidolite is a potent crystal for lucid dreaming and improving sleep quality. This crystal is associated with your third eye chakra.

So, like any other purple or violet crystal, the lepidolite can induce lucid dreaming and connection to the astral plane. By holding this stone before going to sleep, you can relax your muscles and dissolving any tension to sleep faster while inducing a stronger connection to the dream realm.

Derived from the Greek term for “scales”, the lepidolite crystal is said to bring harmony, peace, serenity and balance to its user, which is essential for getting a good night’s sleep. It is also important to note that this crystal stone contains lithium. This is a substance that is medically used for easing symptoms of mood swings and depression.

You see, getting restful sleep and experiencing a conscious dream is quite impossible when you are feeling scared, angry, anxious or sad. Lepidolite can help release these negative feelings and assist in making you fall asleep faster and better.

Grape Agate

Grape Agate

Grape agate is purple chalcedony that appears in a botryoidal formation. It mainly comes in light lilac, lavender to dark purples with some specimens appearing in rare green-colored veins that resemble a grape vine, thus the name.

Rare and powerful, the grape agate offers intuitive abilities and helps activate and link your third eye and crown chakras together. This crystal stone helps you activate your psychic capabilities, particularly in lucid dreaming and understanding your dreams.

So, if you are one of the people who naturally dream lucidly, this stone is most recommended. Placing it at your bedside table every night can allow its powerful energy to work with you during sleep. As a result, your dreams will become more powerful, vivid and controllable.

Not only that but your mind and consciousness become stronger than ever, pushing you to understand the dreams and images you see and how they can affect your life. The grape agate stone promotes vividness and mental clarity and provides a stronger link to the real world and the dream realm. This should help you transition between realms easily while also helping you to connect to your higher self and who you truly are.



Lazulite is derived from the Greek term “lazurstein”, meaning “blue stone”. While it is available in various blue shades, the most common color is an azure-indigo blue hue. Rare and unique, the lazulite contains high vibrational energy that quickly directs itself to your third eye chakra and activating your own unique psychic capabilities.

This potent mineral can help attune you to higher vibrations for lucid dreaming and assisting you in becoming more comfortable with your skills every day. By working with this stone, you can gain insight into your nightly dreams and the ability to understand the meaning and purpose of these dreams.

Not only that, but the lazulite crystal can also help you disconnect from the physical realm and is quite valuable during lucid dreaming, astral projection or deep spiritual meditation. This stone will provide comfort in these unknown and new experiences while raising your mental capability in order to absorb higher wisdom from spirit beings.



Another rare crystal for lucid dreaming, the covellite is a potent stone that can help you bridge the ethereal and physical realms together. When working with this stone, your mind becomes clear and open, allowing you to attune to the powerful, soothing energies of the higher dimensions.

As a result, you will start to notice your own unique psychic capabilities slowly becoming awakened within. Particularly, it enhances lucid dreaming, allowing you to handle and understand the higher knowledge that is being channeled through you.

Such information can be messages from your guardian angels or spirit guides as a sign to make changes in your life or foreshadowing upcoming events. Then, the crystal stone shall help in grounding these energies down to the earth plane so you can use them along your life path.

Not only that, but by placing this crystal stone on your forehead, you can allow magical energy to possess your whole being and filling it with higher frequency. This should help you become more attuned with higher energy and have more control over your third eye chakra. This will help you in the dream realm since you can see more clearly while also having more control over your dreams.

Take note that the energies of covellite can be intense and can ultimately be too much for someone who is first starting out. So, we suggest that you carry it every day to slowly adjust to its energy. However, if you still have trouble attuning to its beneficial energies, it is recommended that you use it with crystals for grounding such as hematite, black tourmaline and onyx. These crystal stones should keep you rooted down to Mother Earth until you’re finally ready to take the leap and work with this potent crystal for lucid dreaming.  



Found in shades of navy or dark blue, but can also be seen as brown, violet, green or light pink, the dumortierite is another rare crystal for lucid dreaming. As a matter of fact, this crystal stone strongly resonates with your third eye chakra and works mainly in activating unique psychic abilities.

Such abilities can range from simple actions such as remembering your dreams better, advanced lucid dreaming, connection with the higher realms, channeling, synchronicities, astral projection and even some forms of ESP. This is because the power of the dumortierite helps in raising your intuitive side and intellectual and mental capacity.

So, by simply wearing this crystal stone, you can easily attune to the higher knowledge and wisdom of the spiritual realm. It shall help in increasing your personal memory as well as your mental being so that you can easily retain, record and understand new dreams and information coming to you every night.

Botswana Agate

Botswana Agate

Botswana agate, like any agate, vibrates at a lower frequency. However, the Botswana agate is considered the highest vibrational agate you can have, offering intense energy that resonates directly with your crown, etheric and third eye chakra. This means that simply by touching this stone, you can connect with your higher self and consciousness.

This crystal stone shall help open your mind while infusing soothing and nurturing energies to help you sleep and connect with the dream realm. Channeling high energies between your crown and third eye chakra, this stone allows for the processing, transferring and understanding of energies and dreams that you experience.

When you place this stone in your pillowcase, it shall promote lucid dreaming as well as enhancing your dreams and providing extreme vividness. And since it mainly works in achieving mental clarity, this stone can help you understand and remember the imagery within your dreams.



Also spelled Nuummit, the nuummite crystal is considered to be the oldest mineral ever discovered. With that said, it contains ancient energies that help in bridging the physical and spiritual realms. Thus, it offers a channel for higher knowledge of the past and transformative energy for your spiritual self to grow and prosper.

Using this crystal helps in activating your unique psychic abilities and opening your third eye. As a result, inner visions of your past lives and even messages from your spirit guides and angels can manifest through lucid dreaming or even during intense meditation sessions.

You simply place this stone over your third eye chakra and allow its energy to directly be absorbed into the pineal gland. Soon, you will feel pulsating vibrations entering your whole body and elevating the entire consciousness that can help you in mastering the art of lucid dreaming.

Not only that, but the nuummite crystal has a long history of being a protective crystal stone. It helps in shielding you against negative energies, evil deities and entities, black magic and curses or spells. This stone will help in replenishing your aura with its purifying energy, clearing out any negative vibrations that might have attached to your etheric body when entering the dream state or doing any spiritual works.



Hackmanite has the ability to help you grant access to your own crown chakra while enhancing your mental abilities. With this stone, you can see the strength of the human mind, leading you to the gateway of better understanding and higher knowledge.

Such elevated knowledge may come from celestial beings as well as your guardian angels and spirit guides. While the messages you receive might be confusing and bleak, working with this stone can help solve that problem.

It can improve your thinking and enhancing mental clarity while promoting lucid dreaming. As a matter of fact, it is said to help you learn the language of the gods. By using this crystal, you can decode the imagery and symbolism in your nightly dreams. Plus, it also helps enhance your communication capabilities, so you can easily connect with higher beings.



Cryolite is a highly intuitive crystal that resonates with your whole chakra system, but more specifically with your third eye chakra. Using this stone, your inner vision will become activated, stimulated and unblocked with your unique psychic abilities being enhanced soon enough.

Other than passively maintaining an enhanced spiritual and mental state, this crystal is also used to experience lucid dreaming, prophetic visions, astral projection, ESP, déjà vu and contact with spirit guides.

Furthermore, cryolite is considered the purest form of yourself which houses your entire light body. Using it, you become more in touch with yourself and create a clearer channel with your higher being. So, as you enhance your inner self, you can start improving your psychic skills, and allowing you to better connect and understand the messages from the dream and spiritual realm so you can directly apply them to your life.



Tektites are a unique kind of natural glass that was formed millions of years ago when an ancient meteorite strikes on Earth. And because of its extra-terrestrial origin formed with elements of fire, earth and water, the tektites resonate at a much higher frequency than any other stone.

As a result, they allow you to elevate your consciousness to a new dimensional height. With a simple touch of this stone, your internal energy will immediately start to rise and your mind becomes more receptive to incoming wisdom and knowledge from above.

Such information is often siphoned through this realm via lucid dreaming, daily synchronicities, déjà vu experiences and psychic enhancement. Connecting with the spirit guides and angels sending these messages can help direct your life and soul in the right direction. And by enhancing lucid dreaming and other psychic skills, you can better intercept and understand these messages.



For those who are practicing lucid dreaming, dream and astral recall or remote viewing, there are only a few stones that are stronger than the Kammermite stone. This is because, the energies of this crystal stone are most abundant in the dream realm that helps your consciousness to vibrate at a higher, equal level.

This high-tiered, rare and unique crystal is said to be the key to unlocking your soul and spirit. It is said to assist in helping you rise or move out of your physical mind and body. Its violet rays of pure spiritual light can assist in bridging the physical and spiritual worlds together. As a result, it allows you to ascend and become more aware of a higher plane of consciousness.

Placing this stone in your third eye chakra or meditating with it before going to sleep, the crystal can have a profound effect on your mind. It helps interject your internal frequency, assisting in the attunement of your spirits into the other realm. During such experiences, you will notice increased visual understanding and clarity of the symbolic imagery in your dreams and visions.



With its beautiful, creamy hue, the epididymite is a wonderful stone of peace, relaxation, self-healing and spirituality. Dubbed as a Stone of Ascension, the epididymite directly resonates and creates a harmonious bond with your etheric and crown chakras. Such connection can help in calming the mind while unlocking a stronger bond with your higher being.

As a result, this stone can help in relaxing the mind to sleep better while also attuning your higher self to higher dimensions. With this stone, your psychic abilities are not only activated but they are also enhanced. When used in lucid dreaming, this stone not only offers you the ability to control your dreams but to also absorb more knowledge, imagery and wisdom throughout these nightly experiences.

You see, each detail is a representation of yourself and your own life journey. O, by working with this gemstone, not only will you gain more frequent imagery from your dreams, but also help in better understanding what they mean and pointing to the right direction in this life.



Cavansite is a stone that aligns and activates your higher 3 chakras. This should help you in promoting, transmitting, communicating and understanding your dreams. The powerful and potent energies of this stone help attune you to the frequencies of the higher dimensions, spiritual beings and the dream realm.

By placing this crystal stone on your bedside every night before going to sleep, it can stimulate and provide clarity, relaxation and understanding of your dreams as well as the reasons and images within them. Such meaning behind these dream imageries can help you learn more about yourself and what you’re truly meant to do in this world.

Furthermore, this crystal stone can also help you in finding your very own unique psychic capabilities. It is of great importance and value when you are working towards lucid dreaming and astral projection. Such connection to higher dimensions can help pull you out of the physical realm and into the other. And the more this channel gets strengthened, the easier and faster it is for you to master.

Colorless Topaz

Colorless Topaz

Topaz is considered one of the oldest minerals known to man and it was used in countless ways from healing, protecting and enhancing. Topaz is available in various colors; however, the clear or colorless varieties are the best ones for enhancing your lucid dreaming skills and other psychic capabilities.

Emanating very high vibration energies, the colorless topaz resonates strongly with your crown and third eye chakra. Such connection between these two chakras is important for a better mastery of lucid dreaming by unlocking the higher and spiritual self that you have never thought even existed.

The colorless topaz is key to unlocking and infusing the spiritual and physical realms together. And the dreams that you have every night will become more memorable as you hold onto the potent energies of this stone. You will be able to see clearer images within your dreaming experiences while observing the most minor and minute details.

This is critical in decoding your dreams since every little thing can have a significant symbolism behind it. Not only that, but with this stone, you can absorb all of this information and allow it to sink safely and securely into your consciousness without your physical brain ever forgetting. Over the weeks or days ahead, you will start to experience synchronicities and minor déjà vu experiences which is a major sign that you are in the better mastery of lucid dreaming and that your physical and spiritual beings have become one.



Just like lepidolite, the cookeite crystal contains lithium. So, it also contains soothing and nurturing energies that can benefit your sleep and enhancing your lucid dreaming powers.

Its vibration is said to help create a tranquil and relaxed sleeping space. Its energy is calming, soothing and relaxing, assisting in a deep sleeping state. By improving a deep sleeping state, the cookeite can help encourage lucid dreaming while providing strong psychic protection when astral traveling.

This stone can help in creating a strong protective barrier that can help prevent the harmful entities or negative energies from attacking you while sleeping. Physically, cookeite is known to relieve muscle pain as well as preventing allergies which may keep you awake at night and disrupting the whole experience of lucid dreaming.



The energies of lodolite mainly work in helping you sleep. Its soothing and nurturing frequency can be used as a tranquilizer to calm and relax the mind and body. This should help you get sleepier, have a good quality of rest and preventing insomnia and other sleep-related disorder. It is said to assist in the transmissions of neural signals through the brain, enhancing a calmer mind that allows you to sleep faster and better.

Its highly cleansing energies can remove mental, physical and emotional issues and disturbances that might stop you from getting quality sleep at night. Thus, it is effective for preventing sleepless nights as well as stopping the fear of the dark or recurring nightmares or night terrors. As it enhances your sleep quality, it also brings improvement in your lucid dreaming experience.

And since lodolite is considered an excellent dream stone, it can easily evoke lucid dreaming by forging a powerful connection with the spirits and higher beings of the universe and astral realm to bring elicit dreams and induce inspiration.

How to Use Crystals For Lucid Dreaming

The above list of crystals can help lull you to sleep with their calming energies, ensure that you experience lucid dreaming and remembering everything you dreamt about when your wake up. But you need to use them properly to ensure that you benefit from their powers. Here are some tips in order to effectively use these crystals for lucid dreaming.

Sleep With Crystals For Lucid Dreaming

Of course, the simple way to benefit from the energies of your crystals for lucid dreaming is to sleep with them. It is most recommended that you sleep with these crystals under your pillow to ensure the closest proximity to your auric field.

However, if you have a softer crystal such as sugilite, kyanite or lepidolite, placing them under your pillow can damage their structure. So, you can simply place them beside your bed.

This should help keep their energies close to your auric field, inducing a calming environment and/or resonating with your higher chakras for lucid dreaming and in communicating with the higher realm.

How to Use Crystals For Lucid Dreaming

However, if you are sensitive or a light sleeper, you will need to place these crystals further away from your bed. Also, consider using only one or two crystals at the same time. Combining lots of energies can actually stir your energy and keep you awake.

Do a Body Layout Before Sleeping

When you place crystal stones on your body in order to promote lucid dreaming before going to bed, it is recommended to use a three-crystal grid.

For instance, you can place an amethyst on each side of your head while you’re lying on your back and a moonstone just above the crown of your head. Focus on deepening your breath and practice gratitude for your crystal stones while they are placed on your body in order to enhance the effect.

This should open your heart and freeing the chattering mind by allowing you to focus on the aspects of your life with gratitude, slowly easing you to a state of sleep and dreams. Then you can simply place the stones you used near your bedside.

Create Crystal Grids

Crystals grids are a great way to enhance the powers of your crystals for lucid dreaming as you sleep. Using and mixing the energies of crystals stones can help bring you potent energies needed to enhance your lucid dreaming state.

There is a geometric pattern of crystals arranged with a specific intention. It is believed that the shape of the crystal grid and the kinds of crystals used can invoke a specific energetic quality.

You can set up a grid in your bedroom or any other quiet space for meditation surrounded by 4 pieces of lapis lazuli in order to invoke the cosmic principle of balance and harmony which is needed when you sleep.

Once again, you don’t want to use too many crystals for lucid dreaming since their power can be too much and keep you awake instead of experiencing the lucid dreaming state.

Drink Crystal Elixirs

Elixir is perhaps one of the most favored ways of using these magical crystals for lucid dreaming.

You can take a cleansed and clear tumbled crystal of your preferred choice and soak it in a pitcher filled with water. Then, place it in the fridge.

However, you need to research which crystals are suitable for this method. Some crystal stones can release toxic elements when submerged into the water while others simply dissolve or get damaged when in contact with water.

Fortunately, you can still create a crystal elixir without submerging these stones in the water. You simply create a grid of the water bottle with your preferred crystal stone and leave it in the moonlight overnight. The feminine energies of the moon can enhance the energies of the stone for better absorption in the water.

You can drink at least half a glass of this crystal elixir before going to bed. It is a gentle and easy way in order to guide you to a night of restful and deep sleep and to enhance your intuitive side for lucid dreaming.


Nightly meditations can help you in sleeping soundly at night, by focusing your mind on your intentions, which in this case is to sleep better and experience lucid dreaming. And using crystals for lucid dreaming as you meditate can help enhance your intentions.

How to Use Crystals For Lucid Dreaming

You can simply hold your chosen crystal of lucid dreaming and let their energies fill you. If you like to use several crystals, you can create a meditation grid before the session. Allow the energies of these gemstones to cleanse your mind and fill you with positive and calming energies. Make sure to focus on positivity and relaxing thoughts throughout your meditation for extra benefits.

Use It In The Shower

Like meditation, a hot bath can be a great way for you to relax, calm and empty your mind before going to bed. It can be even more effective when combined with the right crystals for lucid dreaming. You can add your chosen crystals for lucid dreaming, adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils, and let the combined energies unclutter your mind and relax all aspects of your body.

After your hot shower, you’ll be more refreshed and have a calmer and clearer mind without the stress. This should help you lull easier to sleep and enhance your experience of lucid dreaming.

A word of caution, though, some crystals such as selenite and lepidolite don’t react well to water. So make sure to check the Mohs hardness scale and research about your chosen crystal in order to determine whether they are right for bath or water use.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Lucid Dreaming?

Crystals are a great tool if you want to experience lucid dreaming. Not only can they help provide the calming and soothing energies you need to get into a dreaming state, but they also enhance your intuition and psychic capabilities needed to understand and remember what you’ve dreamt about. Plus, they also offer you protective and shielding energies needed when accessing the spiritual realm so that no harmful entities or negative energies attach themselves to you and prevent you from effectively dream lucidly.

Unfortunately, the constant use of these crystal stones can cause their energies to go dull or they can be filled with absorbed toxic energies. As a result, you can feel that these stones may fail to bring you the serenity and enhanced spiritual and intuitive benefits you need. Thus, it is important that you keep your crystals for lucid dreaming charged and cleansed, regularly.

Brush The Hard Stones

Most crystals for lucid dreaming can be physically cleansed with warm, soapy water. Using a soft brush or even your fingers, you can remove the accumulated debris and dirt from its crystalline surface. After that, you can rinse the crystal thoroughly and pat dry with a clean, soft towel.

Wipe Softer or Easily Damaged Stones

While most crystals for sleep are hard and durable, there are some stones such as selenite, kyanite and sugilite which are not suitable for water cleaning. These stones may be porous, soft or water-soluble that will get damaged or dissolve when in contact with water. For these crystals, you can simply wipe their surface with a clean, dry cloth to remove accumulated dirt.

Metaphysically, you get a variety of options in cleansing your crystals for lucid dreaming.

Expose To Earthy Elements

One of the easiest ways of recharging and cleansing your crystals for lucid dreaming is to leave them outside, exposed to the energies of the powerful elements.

All crystals love the nurturing and welcoming energies of Mother Earth. Thanks to the grounding and soothing energies of nature, you can simply leave your crystal stones in your garden in order to cleanse and charge their energies. Doing so can help nourish and replenish their exhausted energies while also releasing the toxicities and negativity back to earth.

If you want a more concentrated nourishing, you can even bury the crystal in a bowl filled with nurturing soil for a few hours. This ensures that all negativity from the stone will be absorbed by the soil. You can simply wash the stone with water or wipe it clean with a soft cloth to remove the dirt. But if you don’t like to get your crystal dirty, then you can simply leave it alone with nature, in your garden.

Charge With the Powerful Rays of the Sun

To accompany the nurturing energies of the earth, you can leave your crystal with the empowering frequency of the sun. The sun can help bring back the shine and radiance of your crystals for lucid dreaming.

Take note, however, that while sunlight is a powerful cleanser of crystals, there are some stones that will fade when exposed to direct sunlight. So, if you want to charge your stone with sunlight but without the risk of fading its color, you need to let it charge for a few minutes during sunrise and sunset only. 

How to Use Crystals For Lucid Dreaming

Let Crystals Resonate With the Energies of the Moon

Since most crystals for lucid dreaming resonate with the moon, you can also let them bathe in feminine energies during the night. As a matter of fact, it is a much gentler and safer way to cleanse and charge your crystals for lucid dreaming. Most stone healers take advantage of the full moon that releases powerful energies that can help recharge and cleanse your gemstones. While a full moon is the best time to cleanse and charge your crystals for lucid dreaming, it is possible to use any phase of the moon. Simply place the crystal outside where moonlight can regenerate its tired energy.

Smudge Them

Smudging is another common method of cleansing crystals for lucid dreaming. Cleansing your crystal stones using smudging only requires you few items such as your preferred herb bundle, mostly white sage, or even an incense stick. Lighting up these herbs or sticks allows you to create a whip of smoke you can use to cleanse the toxic energies from within the stone. The smoke should be able to remove all toxicities within the stone, allowing good vibes to infuse and fill its structure. Make sure to leave your crystal in the smoke for at least a minute or two to completely cleanse away the unnecessary vibrations.

Use Water Cleansing or Salt Cleansing

If you live near natural sources of water, for instance, waterfalls, oceans, rivers or lakes, you can use these natural waters to cleanse and recharge your crystals for lucid dreaming. Simply soak your crystal stone in these waters for a few hours. Once again, for the crystals that can get damaged or dissolved in water, you shouldn’t clean them with this method.

Instead, you can just use sea salt or ordinary table salt for cleansing your crystals. For years, salt has been used to cleanse away negativity, so it only makes sense that it can be used to clean and recharge your crystals for lucid dreaming. Simply burying your crystal stone in a bowl filled with sea salt and leave it alone for a few hours to days. Make sure to throw away the used salt after cleansing.

Try a Singing Bowl or Other Musical Instrument

If you have a singing bowl or other musical instruments, you can also use it to cleanse and re-energize your crystals for lucid dreaming. This is the most suitable option if you want to charge and cleanse several crystal stones at once while also purifying the surrounding around you. The sound vibrations created by the bowl can help in releasing the negative energies stored inside the stone and replacing them with positive and clear energies of healing.

Re-Energize With Large Quartz Crystals

Lastly, the simplest and most hassle-free way of re-energizing and cleansing your crystals for lucid dreaming is to use the amplifying stones. Large slabs of raw quartz crystals, amethyst, selenite and carnelian are the best for such cleansing method. By simply leaving these crystal stones in the presence of these healers and recharging stones, you can reinvigorate their energies while also amplifying their potent powers.

Final Thoughts

Lucid dreaming is a fun and profound experience since you can take control of your dreams and changing them at will. It is also a moment where you can communicate and receive messages from the higher realm that can potentially change your life.

With the best crystals for lucid dreaming mentioned above, you will have the ability to enter the correct state of lucid dreaming. They should be able to help promote relaxation and focus while allowing you to remember every detail of your dreams when you wake up.


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