27 Powerful Crystals For Negative Energy Removal

27 Most Useful Crystals For Negative Energy Removal - The How To Guide

In general, people look for a crystal stone that can help prevent them from being adversely affected by unwelcomed, unwanted and negative influences and energies. It could be that they wish to protect and clear themselves from other people’s anxiety, stress, emotional energy or anger. It is also possible that they wish to safeguard themselves against curses, psychic attacks and ill wishes.

Sometimes, people look for crystals for negative energy removal to protect them against fixation, envy, jealousy or even sorcery, malevolent spirits and evil spirit attachments. There are also some crystals that can shield you against manipulation, ill fortune, bad luck and abuse.

Also, there are also crystals that can help remove negative energies from your home, room, office or immediate surrounding. The list of crystals for negative energy removal goes on and on, but not all crystals work the same.

What crystal stone you need to work with will depend on what is affecting you at the present moment. This has to do with the frequency and vibrational energies of the crystal. However, all crystals in this list have the ability to deflect all kinds of toxicities and negative energies thrown at you. Some will have the added benefit of cloaking and shielding you from these toxicities.

A Complete List of Crystals For Negative Energy Removal

Whether you attract negative emotional energy from toxic people or need to cleanse your workplace surrounding toxic electromagnetic smog or want to experience a safe and clean spiritual space when doing psychic activities, these crystals for negative energy removal can definitely help.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

First off on our list is the all-powerful and versatile black tourmaline. Stripped off of vibrant colors, the blackness of this tourmaline variety makes it a powerful protector and cleanser. As a matter of fact, it is considered to be one of the best crystals for repelling lower frequencies and negative energies and encouraging a more positive attitude.

The reason for this is that the black tourmaline can effectively absorb negative energy and transmuting them into positive vibes. It also acts as a powerful metaphysical force field around you in order to keep other people’s negative feelings, thoughts and emotions away from you.

Not only that, but it also activates a strong connection between the earth and root chakra to keep you grounded in the present moment. It also helps protect you against negative attitudes, ill-wishers and psychic attacks when traveling in this higher realm. Furthermore, this crystal stone can help in cleansing stagnant energy in your environment while also removing electromagnetic smog in the workplace. As a result, you can have a clearer mind and focus to do your work.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

The smoky quartz is one of the best crystal stones that can cleanse and transmute unlimited negative energy, making it a must-have for psychic and spiritual cleansing. This stone can help dissolve negativities and toxicities in your energy fields, caused by thoughts such as resentment and anger and grounding them back to earth.

Although smoky quartz may have a gentle essence, this stone is quite versatile and powerful, especially for spiritual activities. If you are performing tribal ceremonies or a clairvoyant, this stone can help cleanse your surrounding and auric field, protecting you against the detrimental forces in the ethereal realm.

Like the previous crystal stone, the smoky quartz is also one of the best crystals you can use to clear unwanted energies in your workplace. It helps absorb negative frequencies, radiation and electromagnetic smog and transmuting them into positive energies. As a result, you can work more confidently in a clear and positive working environment.



Jet is not actually a crystal but a fossilized wood. However, it is harder than coal and contains powerful metaphysical energy that can deflect illnesses and violent energy. Thus, it is a safe choice for the older souls who have reincarnated to earth often and is thought to hold ancient memories.

Like black tourmaline, the jet stone is a protective crystal that can shield you against spirit attachments or dark entities when you are spiritually traveling. Not only that, but this stone can also keep off the negative energy from affecting your business and help in stabilizing your finances.

Furthermore, this stone has the ability to absorb negative emotions, feelings and intentions from other people as well as toxic frequency from your environment. Take note, however, that you need to cleanse your Jet stone regularly since it tends to absorb more impure energies that it emits.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

The black obsidian is a potent and formidable healing crystal stone for removing negative energies and protection. Formed by violent volcanic eruptions, the black obsidian combines several powerful and raw elements such as earth, water and fire.

One of the most interesting features of the black obsidian is that it tends to fracture like a flint. And the resulting sharp edge within the stone is said to be metaphysically used for cutting through energy blockages, negative emotions, lies and unresolved and destructive habits.

A black obsidian mirror is recommended to help reflect the negative characteristics, traits and past behaviors, allowing you to cleanse them and move forward with self-development. Not only that, but the black obsidian is also highly favored by white witches and shamans, protecting against and deflecting ill fortune, return sorcery and curses.

In addition, the black obsidian is considered to be one of the best stones for empaths. If you need to cleanse your auric field from the unwanted emotions and feelings you absorbed from others or you feel worthless due to the negative emotions you have taken from bullies, then the black obsidian can help cut ties from these draining energies.



Fluorite is one of the most spiritual stones you can find. However, in its essence, fluorite is a great cleanser and purely protective. So, if you are struggling with the unwanted outside influences, stress from your environment or can’t let go of the negative behavior patterns, then the fluorite crystal can definitely help.

Its beautiful color energies can help guard you against the negative attitudes and emotions of other people. This stone can even cloak your auric field and protect you against psychic attacks and sorcery.

Like black tourmaline, if you are often working with a computer or close to an electronic device, fluorite can help remove the negative electromagnetic stress, so you can focus more on your work. Take note that fluorite tends to absorb large amounts of negative and toxic energy so it needs to be cleaned often.



You are probably familiar with amethyst. This beautiful purple stone is considered to be one of the most spiritual stones and a must-have in every crystal healer’s toolkit. Humming at a high vibration, this stone can increase your awareness and bring you closer to the divine realm.

And while it does that, the amethyst crystal will cleanse and protect your energy field from all kinds of negativity, particularly spiritual toxicity and psychic attacks. This powerful protective and cleansing stone, thanks to its high vibration can also transmute negative vibrations into positive energies like the black tourmaline.

The ancient people even used the amethyst crystal to break from the addictive relationship, cleansing negative feelings of unworthiness and encouraging inner strength and peace of mind. As a part of the quartz family, the amethyst is also considered to be a powerful cleanser of other stones. It has the ability to remove negative and toxic energies from other crystals on this list while maintaining clear and positive vibes on its own.



Called the Miracle Stone of this 21st century, shungite is perhaps the favored go-to crystal stone of protection, purification and detoxification of your body as well as general physical and emotional wellbeing.

The most favored metaphysical properties of the shungite are its cleansing ability. It is a powerful detoxifier and protector of the spirit, body and mind. Its protective vibrational energy is said to help in neutralizing the energy stored within the physical and spiritual body.

Not only that, but its antioxidant-like attributes and carbon content acts as a powerful cleanser and detoxifier of the soul and the emotional body. This stone has the ability to remove all the toxic energies from within you. This way, you can always feel and think your best, particularly during times of extreme difficulties. Also, this stone should help in releasing the dense, stagnant energy from your whole system which might be responsible for your feelings of being stuck or unworthy.

Like the black tourmaline, the shungite is also a powerful EMF protector. It helps in shielding you against electronic pollution and smog caused by constantly working with electronic devices such as tablets, laptops, computers and smartphones. By cleansing your environment of these negative energies, you can enjoy a more positive and clearer mind to do your tasks and job.



The hematite is another powerful stone that can distance you from negative energy while cleansing your auric field. This stone does not just absorb the lower frequency energy. Hematite can also create a protective shield around your body in order to deflect the negative energies back to its sender.

Furthermore, its high iron content also makes the hematite crystal one of the most powerful crystals for grounding. Dubbed as the Stone of the Mind, this stone is great to use if you are a little impulsive, easily distracted or seems to lack the focus that allows negative energies such as unwanted attitudes and energies from other people to penetrate your auric field.

Like other crystals for negative energy removal, the black tourmaline can also keep you away from the unwanted negative energies of your surroundings. It helps absorb these toxicities and grounding them back to earth, keeping your mind and emotional body cleansed and clear to enhance productivity.

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite

The blue kyanite may not be a common choice for negative energy removal, however, the fact that it is one of the most effective crystals for protection, allows it to be a part of this list. The blue kyanite is considered an appropriate option for those who want to remove negative energies and intentions from other people. It can protect those suffering from any kind of manipulation and bullying.

Thanks to its affiliation with the third eye and throat chakra, this stone can be a real asset when you are struggling to understand cruel and unkind behaviors towards you. This stone will give you the much-needed strength in order to speak honestly while also boosting your self-confidence. This should help calm your responses and emotions.

In addition, it is important to note that this versatile crystal never needs any cleansing. This is because it never accumulates, absorbs or holds negative vibrations and energies.



Nephrite, particularly the black variety, is a potent stone of protection. It is an etheric bodyguard that not only shields your physical body but more importantly, protects your spiritual body against all kinds of negativities.

It helps in defending against the morphogenic fields of negative energies such as fear and violence projected through times of crisis. Not only that, but this stone is also helpful in cleansing your inner body. It allows for an honest self-evaluation and absorbing unhealthy and destructive emotions and habits.

Other than that, nephrite is also an excellent grounding crystal. Its deep connection to the root and earth chakra brings in a sense of comfort, home, reliability and security. In addition, thanks to its powerful connection to the Earth, this stone can help keep you stable and grounded during deep meditations.



Dubbed as the Stone of Magic, labradorite with its beautiful sheen is mainly used for its spiritual ability and in enhancing deeper spiritual connections. This stone is also believed to help in communication with spirits and higher guides in accessing your Akashic records, past-life recall and psychic readings.

While it helps you travel the higher realms, its energy is also protective. Labradorites are powerful protectors of your auric shield. It helps in preventing energy leakage as well as others from tapping and draining your personal energy. Furthermore, it ensures that all elemental forces are proportional and empowered within your system.

The stone is also a highly uplifting tool to help banish insecurities and fears while also enhancing reliance and faith in yourself and trusting the universe. Not only that, but its energies can also help shield you against ill-wishing, negative energies and psychic intact, making sure that your aura stays clear and intact from the unwanted energies.



The onyx crystal is perhaps one of the most ancient stone tools you can find. It is a powerful energy cleanser and protector. Its grounding energy can absorb the most aggressive energies and transmuting them into positive vibes, building up mental and physical strength, endurance and persistence.

This stone is also used to banish grief, pain and suffering from your emotional and physical wounds while drawing in good fortune and happiness into your life. When worn in the workplace, this stone is said to help deflect the negative criticism, thoughts and energy from your co-workers and clients.

This stone is also an effective defense tool against those who are argumentative and manipulative. You can also use the onyx crystal during sleep and protecting yourself against negative energies that cause nightmares and the fears associated with the dark.



Also called the Fairy Cross, the unique cruciform appearance of staurolite is quite useful when connecting or channeling with the astral and extra-terrestrial planes. This should prevent the negative entities and unwanted spirits from forming an attachment to you while aiding a stronger connection.

This crystal stone is also brilliant when using it to deflect unwanted addictions such as smoking. And what could be more suitable than using this fairy cross if you intend to cleanse and protect your environment from all the unwanted and negative energies?

Staurolite is also a potent crystal for clearing away toxic energies directed at you. Whether it is a harmful thought or a negative comment from your co-workers, this crystal stone shall help in clearing these toxicities, ensuring that your auric field stays positive and free from damaging or unhelpful vibes.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

The clear quartz will always be a part of every crystal healer’s toolkit. And with its nickname “Master Healer, the clear quartz is one of the best stones that can help clear negativity from your surroundings. The clear quartz crystal can create a powerful force field of healing positive ions while clearing the surroundings of negative ions to protect your auric fields. It can also dispel static electricity while canceling out the harmful effects of radioactivity and radiation.

With its clearness, the quartz crystal can be used to protect you against negative energies. This stone is ideal if you want to stay away from people who are filled with negative vibes as well as negative and chaotic situations. The clear quartz crystal can help protect you from these negative entities while inducing positivity and uplifting energy.

More importantly, the clear quartz crystal stone is a powerful amplifier of energies. This means that you can use it to boost the powers of other crystals for negative energy removal on this list.



A premier stone of manifestation, creativity and willpower, the citrine makes a wonderful stone of positivity by cleansing away toxic energies and keep your auric field brimming with happy and soothing energies.

Its warming and nurturing energies help in releasing negative feelings, destructive tendencies and deep-seated fears. Furthermore, this yellow crystal is also a powerful purifier of your will center. It should help you identify and then heal issues of abuse and feelings of hopelessness. Not only that, but this stone can also help you understand what’s necessary in order to resolve such a situation while also providing fortitude and courage to make difficult decisions and acting upon them.

Citrine is also a unique crystal, in a way that it does not accumulate or hold negative energy. Instead, it transmutes, grounds and dissipates these energies, making it extremely protective for your auric field and the environment. This crystal has the ability to work out problems on both subtle and physical bodies, transforming the negative thoughts, energies and emotions you encounter into positive ones. This should prevent you from being overburdened in your daily life.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye

The tiger’s eye is said to be a potent stone for protection. It mainly protects you from negative energies such as jealousy and lies while providing deeper insights and understanding so you can see beyond the obvious.

When in unfamiliar circumstances or places, this stone can provide intense protection against the negative intentions of others. It can help in sharpening your senses so you can pay better attention to details and preparing for positive action against these negativities.

Also, it helps protect you against the people with less than honorable intentions or those who only want to take advantage of you. It is also said to help protect you against bullying.

More traditional use of the tiger’s eye is an amulet or charm to protect yourself from ill-wishing or any other kinds of curses. It is said to be a powerful psychic protector that helps shield you from draining entities when doing spiritual works. Plus, it is said to help protect those with long travels or journeys.



Usually found in warm shades of gold, orange, brown and red and with the translucency to complete the look, the meaning behind the sunstone crystal is focused on joy and abundance. This means bringing positivity and prosperity in your life so that negative energy won’t have any room to grow.

Carrying the energies of the sun, the sunstone reflects the qualities of light and brings benevolence, openness and warmth to its wearer. It helps in removing hooks from possessive lovers, loved ones or anyone draining of your energies. The sunstone crystal surrounds these hooks with positive and loving energies and returning them back to the source.

Sunstone, as an amulet of protection, is a powerful barrier filter. This crystal has incredible abilities to help you amplify and focus your efforts in order to keep the undesirable elements out of your life. Its crystalline structure can also give you the strength to move forward while creating a shield and protecting you against attacks from all directions, simultaneously.

With its earth and sun power, the sunstone is also a powerful filter protector. This stone can absorb the positive energy flow but keeps the negative energy away from your auric shield. Also, it helps keep you focused on the positive things while preventing you from being overwhelmed by the negativity in life. Furthermore, as a filter crystal, sunstone can also work to keep the harmful electronic transmissions from sapping your health and energy.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper

Red jasper is the most common and vibrant variety of jasper. IT is the primary stone that helps stimulate your physical body while enhancing endurance and stamina. It helps in increasing your chi or life force. Not only that, but this is also the stone of passion and health.

With its strong association to the root chakra, this stone is a powerful protector. The stone has this powerful cleansing effect which can help in removing negative energy and toxicities from your surroundings. Not only that, but it also helps in stabilizing and energizing your aura, emotions and mind. This makes the red jasper an ideal rubbing or worry stone for soothing the nerves and increasing your concentration and focus to the present moment. Plus, the red jasper is also great at deflecting the harmful thoughts and unwanted behaviors.

Dubbed as the Supreme Nurturer, the jasper crystal is an excellent tool for stability and grounding. This crystal promotes security and comfort as well as healing and strength. Its energies can balance your aura to a whole new level of peace and bringing substance and joy to your life.



Like most crystals on this list, the sphalerite features vibrant and dark colors that resonate most with your root chakra, making it a powerful cleanser and protective stone. In particular, the black sphalerite helps in removing and cleansing any space of negative energy.

Thanks to its protective and grounding energy, the sphalerite crystal offers a safe retreat for you whenever you’re overwhelmed with negative energies from all the daily hassles and stress. It will provide you with a peaceful and safe haven against the polluted environment and from toxic people who wishes to dampen your confidence and cause you harm.

Not only that, but with its strong connection to the base chakra, this stone can help in deepening your connection to the natural world. This should help you stay grounded in the present moment, bringing positivity, security and focus in your mind in order to keep the unwanted energies and elements out of your life.



Anciently known as heliotrope, the bloodstone was considered to be the most potent and mesmerizing of the Jaspers. It features an earthy, deep green shade emboldened with spots of bright red. Believed to carry the purity of Christ’s blood and inherently speaks of birth and life, courage and passion, strength and vitality, the bloodstone is also a powerful remover of negative energies.

As a matter of fact, in today’s world, it is said that carrying or wearing a bloodstone is an amulet of protection against bullying or threats, whether physical or verbal. It can also be used for guidance to withdraw when needed and the courage to confront as needed. Bloodstone can help in protecting and grounding your soul on numerous levels. It also helps in removing mental confusion, bringing a heightened intuition and keeping out the undesirable negative energies and entities.

Furthermore, this crystal stone can also help provide you with insight into when you need to retreat and when to actually confront a threat. With that said, this crystal stone should provide the needed courage and strength so you can work through whatever big decision you made. Not only that, but the bloodstone crystal also has the ability to remove and ward off negative energies and entities while also cleansing and purifying the energy surrounding you. 



Like citrine, the carnelian stone is brimming with positive energies from the sun itself. This helps in protecting you against negativities and removing toxic energies from within you.

This crystal can infuse you with genuine happiness and joy while removing the toxic and negative thoughts and beliefs. It re-energizes the body while boosting your motivation and passion. It helps you make positive choices in your life while inspiring you to accomplish success.

And with its strong energies, carnelian can also increase your capacity to focus more. As a result, your mind won’t have to daydream, stray or wander on negativities from around you. Not only that, but carnelian also takes it even further by guarding you against negative emotions such as sadness and fear.

Fire Agate

Fire Agate

Agate comes in almost every color you can think of features assortment of bright bands and patterns that offer you unique powers and energies to the table. The fire agate, in particular, carries energizing frequency that can burn down all negative energies that try to enter your auric field.

Fire agate can help stabilize your aura, transforming and eliminating the negative energies from within. It has a cleansing effect that is so powerful, it can re-energize and soothe all aspects of the body. Then, it shall soak you with beautiful positivity as well as the much-needed stamina and energy.

Fire agate also brings security and safety. It is known to make a powerful auric shield around your body. This should help offer protection even on the spiritual level. Fire agate is also known to send back negative energies to where it came from. Lastly, its grounding energies can help reprogram your idea process. This should help soothe the anxious and chaotic mind chattering. This way you can think clearly and calmly, bringing serenity even in toxic and anxious situations.



Pyrite is one of the best stones you can use for removing negative energy by infusing positivity to all aspects of your body. Known as a crystal of positive energy, the pyrite crystal is quite helpful for thoughts fixed on despair and misfortune and melancholy.

The stone can help relieve stress and frustration. It acts as a mirror of yourself and reveals the causes behind such feelings and emotions. Then, it promotes a search for a solution.

Furthermore, the energy of pyrite is highly empowering to the spirit. It teaches you to overcome your fears and to act. Drawing energy from the Earth and moving it through your physical body and into your auric body, this stone creates a defensive armor against all negative energies, emotional and physical attacks and environmental pollutants.

Not only that, but this stone also helps stop the toxic thought patterns from messing with your concentration. Also, pyrite is an excellent stone to carry or wear as an amulet in order to deflect physical danger and harm that may come your way.

Black Rutilated Quartz

Black Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated quartz is simply clear quartz with the presence of strands or needles of rutile within its structure, making it unique and mesmerizing and extra powerful. Rutilated quartz is a stone of happiness. The clear quartz brings in positive energy while the black rutile threads can improve bring you cleansing energies from negativities.

With its clear crystalline structure filled with needle-like rutile, this stone is a powerful protector against all kinds of negative energies while filling you with positive energies. It helps shield you against the negative people that can drain your energies while also protecting you from chaotic and negative situations. It then uplifts your energy and giving you a boost to enjoy optimism and positivity in your life.

It also helps in cleansing negative energies from within. Soothing and calming this stone helps ease negative and toxic thoughts. As a matter of fact, it is believed to heal dark moods and alleviating depression. It is even sad to relieve anxiety, fears and phobia. Then, it can re-balance and regenerate the body on all levels, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. 



Rubellite is the red variety of tourmaline. The trace amounts of manganese create its natural red to pink color and sometimes having a shade that is closely similar to that of the ruby.

Due to its pinkish shade to blood-red hue, the rubellite is a powerful healer of both the root chakra and heart chakra. Thus, rubellite is one of the most powerful healers of the emotional body. It is most suited for emotionally sensitive individuals, releasing accumulated toxic energies from within and getting nurturing energies from the Earth to provide a new zest in life.

By stirring your chi and kundalini energy, rubellite can bring you the vitality and energy to bring back your passion and feelings, so you can become passive to rediscover once more what you’re living for. In addition, rubellite is known to be highly cleansing and purifying, neutralizing all negative thoughts and emotions and transmuting them into positive and usable energies.



A unique crystal for negative energy removal, the aragonite is considered a powerful protective stone. Thanks to its strong connection with Mother Earth and your root chakra, this crystal stone is said to help protect and cleanse all kinds of negative energy.

In particular, the stone is most helpful in filtering out the unhelpful comments, bad moods, negative influences and unspoken resentments from other people that can drain your positivity and enthusiasm. Like black tourmaline, it also helps in protecting you against geopathic stress and absorbing and removing the electromagnetic smog from electronic devices such as smartphones and computers. With the cleansed and cleared environment, you can enjoy a more relaxing and productive day.

The aragonite is also suitable for cleansing your emotional body of negative attitudes, behavior and thoughts. It helps in managing intense mood swings by removing all kinds of negative feelings and emotions. It also helps in relieving the accumulated stress and tension in your daily life which causes panic and anxiety attacks. It helps in keeping the negative emotions and thinking at bay, relieving worry and doubt.



Dubbed as the Sorcerer’s Stone, the Nuummite draws from the fiery energies of the ancient Earth and combining them with the elements of Storm. Like the blackness of midnight shadows on moonlit water, this crystal shimmers with a mystical gold tinge and brings personal magic.

As a stone of the base chakra, the nuummite is a powerful tool for grounding since it is attuned to the elemental energies of the Earth that you can draw upon in times of need. Not only that, but it is also an excellent source of energy with its strong electro-magnetic field, aligning the subtle bodies and strengthening your auric field. As a result, this stone can fiercely protect you against manipulations, environmental pollutants and negative energies.

In addition, the nuummite is also known as a Stone of Empowerment. It allows you to see beyond the facades and understanding what lies beneath the actions and words of your own and other people. This allows you to delve deeper into the psyche to uncover hidden fears, hurts, shame and guilt that block your base chakra and hold you back.

Then, it shall help in releasing those trapped energies and severing any emotional constraints from other people’s attempted guidance, inappropriate protection or manipulations. It helps in reprogramming your thought process and allows you to recognize your true power and abilities.

How to Use Crystals For Negative Energy Removal

Now that you know which crystals can help in removing negative energy, how do you effectively use them? Here are some tips.

Crystal Jewelry

Crystal Jewelry

Crystals for negative energy removal are best worn as pieces of jewelry. As a result, you can keep their protective and positive energy inside your auric field, ensuring that you can benefit from their cleansing properties.

When wearing crystal jewelry, consider wearing the stones closer to their associated chakra possible. For instance, most crystals for negative energy removal like black tourmaline, red jasper, onyx and shungite resonate strongly with your root chakra. So, consider wearing them as bracelets, rings or belts, closer to your base chakra. The same goes with carnelian, citrine and other crystals associated with your sacral and solar plexus chakra.

Blue kyanite is best worn as a pendant or necklace, close to your throat chakra. Fluorite, amethyst and labradorite are associated with your higher chakras like the crown and third eye chakra, so, wearing them as earrings or even beaded headbands make a great choice.

Wearing crystal jewelry close to their associated chakra can ensure that they can effectively activate their respective body centers and providing more effective vibrational energies.

Carry a Tumbled Stone

If you do not like wearing crystal jewelry, but still want to keep the energies of your crystals for negative energy removal close, then consider carrying them as tumbled stone in your purse or pocket.

Whether you want to keep the negative energies of toxic people away from you or need a clear working environment, you can simply reach out for your preferred crystal tumbled stone and get instant protection and cleansing.

Make a Crystal Altar or Grid

You can build altars with crystals for negative energy removal, incense and other protective icons in order to help create a safe and sacred space in your home. This gives you a place to go whenever you need to cleanse yourself of negative thinking and get a boost of positive energy.

Other than a crystal altar, you can also create a crystal grid. This allows you to use several crystals for negative energy removal in one go. By combining the complementing energies of crystals for negative energy removal, you can help boost your intentions of banishing the toxic and negative energy while bringing in the optimistic vibes you need.

Bathe With Crystals

Bathing with crystals is another option you can try, especially if you’ve just had a very stressful day filled with toxic emotions or leftover negative energies from working with electronics.

How to Use Crystals For Negative Energy Removal

You can simply place several crystals for negative energy removal combined with other crystals of intention near your bathtub or submerge them in water if possible. Once again, you need to research first if the crystal you choose can be submerged or used with water.

Meditate with Crystals

You can use your preferred crystals for negative energy removal in order to cleanse your emotional body as well as your surrounding when meditating.

This allows a cleaner and safer start to your meditative practice. Make sure to focus your intention on removing toxic energies during your practice in order to bring greater awareness and in infusing with the necessary energy you needed. You can either hold a few crystals or create a crystal grid around you before starting your practice.

By doing so, you can safely proceed to do advanced psychic works without worrying about negative energies and entities attaching or preventing you from working deeper into the higher realm.

Use Them Décor

This is perhaps one of the best ways to ensure that your surrounding is always cleansed and clear of negative energy. You can place your crystals for negative energy removal around your home, but more especially in your workspace or office. This will exude energy, positivity and motivation into the space that will not only benefit you as well as other people around you.

In addition, using these crystals as a décor on your office desk can help protect you from all kinds of negativity. For instance, crystals such as fluorite, onyx and hematite are not only beautiful desk stone but they also help absorb the toxic emotions, thoughts and feelings from other people while bringing energies of focus. So, whenever you feel unmotivated, unworthy or having a mental chatter, you can simply gaze into the crystal stone you chose with a soft focus. This should cleanse your auric field, bring you awareness and focus and allows you to have a clearer mind.

Furthermore, some crystals such as black tourmaline and smoky quartz are quite helpful in protecting you against electromagnetic pollution that might be draining your positivity and productivity. So, using them as desk decorations can bring you the needed energy.

Sip On Crystal Elixirs

You can also try making a crystal elixir and sip it through the day. These crystal elixirs are wonderful for keeping you hydrated while also infusing the energizing power of the crystal stone.

In general, crystal elixirs are created in 2 ways— the direct and indirect methods.

The direct method requires a crystal to be submerged completed into a  bottle filled with water for hours or days, infusing its energies into the water. Now, for the crystals that are not safe to use with water or can get damaged when submerged in water, then the indirect method is your best option.

For this method, you simply surround a water bottle with the crystals of your choice. Although not submerged in water, the energies of the crystal can still infuse with the water. Make sure to leave it alone for days or even weeks for better effectiveness. 

How to Cleanse Crystals For Negative Energy Removal?

Crystals for negative energy removal are working really hard to bring you the much-needed protection and cleansing vibrations you need. However, the constant absorbing, cleansing and transmuting of these stones can cause their own energies to become clogged, toxic and unhelpful.

This is why you will need to cleanse and charge your crystal, freeing the stone of any lingering energies while also optimizing its vibrations so it can work at its fullest. Fortunately, there are various ways you can cleanse and recharge your crystals for negative energy removal.

Wash or Wipe The Surface of Crystals For Negative Energy Removal

For physical cleaning, you can simply wash the crystal stone with warm, soapy water. Using a brush or your finger to rub its surface can help remove the accumulated debris, dust and dirt. Then, make sure to thoroughly rinse the stone and pat dry with a clean, soft cloth.

Keep in mind that this is suitable for most hard and durable stones quartz and jaspers. For the softer, porous and brittle crystals for negative energy removal like black tourmaline, staurolite, fluorite and kyanite, you can simply wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth to remove any dirt or impurities on its surface.

Now, to cleanse and charge the energy of your crystals for negative energy removal, you have several options to choose from.

Submerge in Natural Water

Natural water sources are a great way to cleanse your crystals for negative energy removal. You can use fresh water from lakes, waterfalls or spring water. However, it’s best to use saltwater.  Throughout history, salt has been used to absorb unwanted and toxic energies and banishing negativity. So, if you are near the ocean, then you can collect a bowl of fresh saltwater to soak your crystals into. Otherwise, you can simply mix a tablespoon of table, rock or sea salt into a bowl of water. Submerge the stone and allow it to soak for a few hours to even days. Rinse and pat dry the crystals when complete.

Use Salt Cleansing

Once again, for the crystal stones that shouldn’t be submerged in water, you can just use salt for cleansing and charging. Simply bury the crystal stone in a bowl filled with salt and leave it for a few hours. The salt should absorb the toxic energies from the stone. Make sure to throw away the used salt after.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Negative Energy Removal?

Nurture With Earthy Energies

Since most crystals for negative energy removal listed above resonate most with Mother Earth, charging them with nature itself can help bring their vigor and vitality back. You can opt to bury your crystal stone in a pot filled with earthy soil to nurture and nourish their energies.

However, if you want a cleaner approach, then you can simply leave it in your garden and allow them to soak in earthy energies. You can also take advantage of the elements such as the sun and moon.

Charge With The Power Of The Sun

Sunny crystal stones such as citrine, sunstone and carnelian benefit most from the energies of the sun. Take note, however, that while sunlight is a powerful cleanser of crystals, there are some stones like citrine and kyanite that will fade when exposed to direct sunlight. So, if you want to charge your stone with sunlight but without the risk of fading its color, you need to let it charge for a few minutes during sunrise and sunset only. 

Cleanse With The Feminine Energies of The Moon

Now, if you want a gentler and safer way to cleanse your crystal stone, you can opt for moonlight, instead. Most stone healers take advantage of the full moon that releases powerful energies that can help recharge and cleanse your crystal stones. While a full moon is the best time to cleanse and charge your stone, it’s possible to use any phase of the moon. Simply place the crystal outside where moonlight can regenerate its tired energy.

Smudge With Herbal Bundles or Incense Stick

If you’re into smudging, then you can also cleanse and recharge your crystals for negative energy removal this way. Smudging involves the burning of dried sacred herbs and allowing the smoke to filter over the crystals to purify their vibrations. Sage is the most commonly used plant for smudging since it is highly spiritual and offers powerful cleansing abilities. However, you can choose any herb bundle you want or even use incense sticks.

Try Brown Rice

Another way of cleansing your crystals for negative energy removal is to use brown rice. Like with salt, brown rice can help remove toxic and negative energies from the crystals and leave them recharged. You can also bury the crystal stone in a bowl filled with brown rice for hours to days. Make sure to throw away the used brown rice after.

Do Crystal Visualization

For a more unique way of cleansing your crystal stone consider doing a visualization. The more in tune you are with yourself, the easier it is to redirect your energy to the crystal that you want to restore. Simply take a few minutes to center and ground your energy, then pick up the stone you want to cleanse and charge and visualize your hands filling with radiant, white light.

See this light surrounding the stone and feel it getting brighter in your hands. Also, you need to envision the impurities flushing out of the crystal, allowing it to shine brighter with a renewed purpose. Continue on visualizing until your feel a shift in the energy of the stone.

Charge With Sound Vibrations

Charging crystal stones with sound vibrations is a less common type of stone cleansing. However, it is one of the most effective and safest ways to cleanse any crystal. Plus, it works well with group cleansing. By using singing bowls, bells or tuning forks, you can create sound vibrations that carry over to the crystals and releasing the toxic energies from within the stones.

Leave With Large Charging Stones

Last but not the least, the most convenient way of cleansing and charging crystals for negative energy removal is to use the charger stones.

Specific crystals like quartz clusters, amethyst geodes, carnelian stones and selenite slabs are powerful cleansers of other stones. They, too, make powerful amplifiers that can boost the energies of any crystal they come in contact with.

In order to recharge your crystals for negative energy removal with these charging stones, you simply need to place them inside or beside these charging stones in order to clear the inharmonious energies while amplifying their powers.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, crystals for negative energy removal can help cleanse and clear any negative energy, unwanted entities and emotional toxicities from you’re and auric shield.

Whether it is the negative thoughts and emotions of people around you, the stressful environment you’re in is filled with electromagnetic smog or to deflect the negative energy and entities when doing spiritual works such as astral traveling or psychic enhancement, the right crystals for negative energy removal can provide you protection and energy cleansing as you need it.

The key is to choose the best crystal that aligns with the kind of protection and energy cleansing you need in your life. Nevertheless, all crystals mentioned above can help in cleansing specific energies, keeping your auric field and surrounding brimming with clean, clear and positive energies only.


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