25 Most Useful Crystals For Nurturing and Rejuvenation – The “How To” Guide

25 Most Useful Crystals For Nurturing and Rejuvenation - The How To Guide

Introduction on Crystals For Nurturing and Rejuvenation

Introduction on Crystals For Nurturing and Rejuvenation

We live in a world filled with challenges and stress. Whether you’re balancing a social life, work, family or all three, it is only natural to feel rundown every once in a while. It may be an impossible feat to simply get through the day, let alone think to set time aside in order to take care of yourself.

As a matter of fact, burnouts are increasing at a super alarming rate. This culture of busyness you are always exposed to can push you to the edge. Chronic stress can cause anxiety and depression, destroying your relationships and yourself in the process.

With that said, it is important that you know your limits and always be mindful of your health. You need to stop and take some time off to relax and rejuvenate.

There are several ways for you to cope and de-stress including meditation, taking a holiday break or an outing with your family and friends. Crystals can also help you here.

The best crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation can provide you with wonderful and calming energies that can help you relax and refresh your mind, soul and body. This way, you can put your best self forward.

A Complete List of Crystals For Nurturing and Rejuvenation

For when the daily grind of life seems to run you down and you don’t have enough energy to go through the day, these crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation shall help in reviving and stimulating your whole body, mind and soul.   

Red Jasper

Red Jasper

First on our list is the red jasper. All jasper stones are called the Supreme Nurturer, making them the go-to crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation. In particular, the red variety of jasper is one of the most potent energizers in the family of jasper stones.

As a highly nurturing and rejuvenation crystal, the vibrant red jasper can stir life back to your chi while boosting your energy and motivation. It is the perfect stone when you need to deal with the challenges of your life or make new plans or goals.

Stimulating your root chakra enhances your security, boosts energy encourages relaxation and makes you feel more grounded to the present moment. By keeping you spiritually grounded, you can stay connected with your root chakra and true power. This should help your meditation as well as other spiritual practices. In addition, red jasper is considered to be the most effective stone for awakening your kundalini energy.

Although it carries fiery energy, the red jasper can help take things slowly if that is what you want. This crystal stone can help guide you in releasing the negative energy, feeling and stress that might be causing blockages in your system. The red jasper can then provide you with a positive outlook while also supporting your thought on any conflict.



With its beautiful orange, yellow to red-brown shades, the sunstone is also one of the best crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation. Like the wonderful morning rays of the sun, this crystal stone can make you feel energized on a gloomy or lazy day.

Featuring a strong yang energy, the sunstone crystal actually carries the regenerative qualities of the sun, providing you with positive vibes and nurturing energies on all challenges and stress in your life.

Not only that, but this crystal stone resonates with your solar plexus and sacral chakra that shall stimulate your sense of freedom, personal power and expanded consciousness. And since it reflects the mighty qualities of light, the sunstone crystal also brings benevolence, openness and warmth.

The sunstone is also protective. It is particularly effective if other people’s over-demanding or toxic energy is draining yours. It shall help in releasing you from these negative influences, ensuring that your energy is not used excessively in dealing with other people. As a result, you can prevent being overwhelmed and stressed while developing a true sense of happiness, joy, and renewed vitality.

So, whenever you are feeling glum, overwhelmed, lethargic or just going through a rough day, the sunstone crystal can provide you with the empowering energies of the sun to brighten your day. It shall bring you an extra boost of energy to stay enthusiastic and positive in this life.



Like red jasper, the beautiful ruby gemstone is another potent crystal stone for rejuvenating your entire body. Its blood-red shade is pulsating with energizing qualities that are great for overcoming stress, exhaustion, procrastination and lethargy. Its pure Red ray with vibrant energy remains unsurpassed by any stone in the mineral kingdom, bringing powerful stimulation to your whole body.

Resonating with the root chakra, the ruby stone can clear away any negativities and blockages. Such blockages may cause the unwanted drainage of your energy as well as cause you to become easily stressed. So, by simply removing them with the help of the rub crystal, you can get an instant boost in your energy, nurturing and rejuvenating your core.

Not only that but the ruby gemstone is also said to help in stimulating your life-force energy while providing strong grounding to Mother Earth. It brings you the nourishing energies of the earth that can help in increasing your vitality when this crystal stone is in your energetic field.

Unfortunately, due to its extremely potent energies and vibrations, the ruby crystal may be uncomfortable or overstimulating to use or wear for those who are highly irritable or sensitive.



Like sunstone, the positivity-filled citrine is another favorite for its rejuvenating qualities. Carrying the energy of the mighty sun, citrine will bring you positivity, nurturing and revitalizing energy and wondrous stamina. It is ultimately comforting, welcoming and warming.

By stimulating your solar plexus chakra, the citrine crystal can help bring balance to a blocked or overactive chakra that may be causing you to get easily overwhelmed or doubt your own abilities.

By directing its healing power to your solar plexus chakra, citrine can induce personal power, intelligent decisiveness and creativity to enhance your physical body. Also, with its pure yellow energy, it shall encourage a fresh beginning and fullness of life. It brings you nurturing energy that can remove feelings of lethargy and procrastination to help you get things down or to help you relax when things are hectic or overwhelming.  



Not to be confused with the precious gemstone ruby, rubellite is the name given to the red variety tourmaline. The trace amounts of manganese create a natural red and sometimes have a shade that is closely similar to that of the ruby, thus the name.

Like ruby, the rubellite is a powerful healer of your root chakra. It is most suited to grounding and healing the emotionally-sensitive individuals, releasing accumulated toxic energies from within and getting nurturing energies from the Earth to feel rejuvenated and invigorated.

Also, by stirring your chi and kundalini energy, rubellite can bring you vitality, passion and energy back. This way, you can become passive to rediscover once more what you’re living for. In addition, rubellite is known to be highly cleansing and purifying, neutralizing all negative thoughts and emotions and transmuting them into positive and usable energies.



Another favorite in the crystal healing world, carnelian is one of the best crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation. Like the fiery, but gentle brilliance of a sunset, the Carnelian crystal brings healing and empowering energy. Its bold and potent vibrations can bring the rush of power, warmth, happiness and warmth that stimulates your whole being.

Considered as one of the most energizing and rejuvenating crystals, carnelian is said to awaken your vitality and passion. This way, you can move forward with your goals and objectives more effectively.

By clearing and opening your sacral chakra, you can also help release the negative energy and nurturing and rejuvenate your whole body system and welcome energizing powers from the universe. It shall take your motivation to the roof and help in awakening your creative passion.

Not only that, but the sunset hues of this crystal stone can help in releasing any suppressed emotions which may be affecting your mood and mindset.

Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba Jasper

As mentioned before, all jaspers are considered Supreme Nurturers. And the kambaba jasper takes it even further with its calming and peaceful energies.

The Kambaba jasper is very conducive to helping you relax and stay calm in the midst of challenges or problems. With its calming energy, this crystal stone can stabilize and soothe chaotic emotions or thinking. Kambaba jasper is believed to help calm the mind and body and allow you to let go of your worries. It also encourages gentleness to yourself and prevents lethargic feelings.

As a stone of nurturing energies, the kambaba jasper stone also provides much-needed strength for those who are experiencing a tough time. This stone can help you in finding your way out and facing the issues that should be resolved.

By removing the blockages in your emotional body, you can easily remove negativities from your system. This helps prevent you from being easily overwhelmed or stressed out. With its grounding and nurturing energies, you can stay calm and relaxed that can help rejuvenate your whole system.

Poppy Jasper

Poppy Jasper

Another variety of the jasper stone, the poppy jasper can bring you nourishing and revitalizing energy with its unique crystalline makeup. This beautiful crystal stone got its name from the poppy-like patterns on its surface. This makes it a strong promoter of tranquility and relaxation, soothing an overactive root chakra and putting you back to a grounded state.

The poppy jasper offers a joyful, warm and nurturing energy that can inspire a positive, happy outlook and a life full of compassion and healing that empowers your root chakra. Not only that, but you can also use the wondrous energies of this stone for rejuvenating your emotional system, suited for grounding whenever you are feeling stressed, pained or overwhelmed. By keeping it in your pocket, you can easily connect with its potent energy throughout the day.

Not only that, but the poppy jasper is also a protective crystal. Whether you are affected by demanding people or facing an unpleasant situation, the poppy jasper can help re-ignite your enthusiasm and energy. The rejuvenating vibrations of the poppy jasper can help you regain your strength while boosting your courage, and creating boundaries against negative people.

Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz

Have you ever heard of a tourmalinated quartz? It is powerful clear quartz made extraordinary with the protective energies of black tourmaline needle strands. As a result, this crystal stone offers unique vibratory energy of protection and amplification.

The tourmalinated quartz brings the energies of understanding, enlightenment and better connection with the spiritual realm and the physical realm that’s around you. Meanwhile, the black tourmaline that’s included within the quartz crystal can help open and activate your root chakra, allowing your mind and body to be strongly connected to Mother Earth.

As a result, you can feel nourished and rejuvenated in your physical body, while also releasing the negative ideas and thoughts within your mind and nurturing a positive mindset instead.

Then, the clear quartz can also enhance these energies while elevating your mental understanding and consciousness. It realigns your thinking with your physical body, ensuring more balanced cooperation within the two and bringing harmonized energy to your system.



Hanksite is a unique crystal stone that can help rejuvenate and nurture your entire system in the long run. Heavily filled with earthy energies, the hanksite is considered a powerful nurturer and grounding stone of the physical body, allowing you to feel refreshed, rejuvenated and secured.

This crystal stone is also popular for creating a powerful realignment of your etheric chakra system. As it realigns your chakra, it also helps in cleansing and clearing out your entire spiritual body of any harmful and negative vibrations that can cause your energies to get sapped or make you feel stuck.

As this crystal helps in releasing unwanted energy, this stone will provide protection against negativities. This allows you to welcome positive energy so you can live, prosper and pursue your dreams. It directly heals the soul, mind and physical body, bringing you fresh energy to get through anything.



As its name suggests, the bloodstone stimulates your energy-giving blood to bring back stamina and vitality. Its green energies make it a powerful healer of the heart chakra, but its blood-red tints also make it a reliable healer and cleanser of the root chakra

Together, the greens and reds of this stone represent the mix of rejuvenating and nurturing energy that inspires fearlessness, power, growth and strength. Not only that but it is also considered a powerful protective stone acting as a strong barrier from all the negativities and all kinds of threats and unwanted energy.

In addition, its earthy energies also make this stone a powerful ally in keeping you grounded and fully at the moment. It connects you with the nurturing energies of Mother Earth so you can feel safe and relaxed. By meditating with this stone, you can activate your survival instinct and discover ways to overcome threatening situations.



If you are looking for a sparkly crystal that can rejuvenate your system while nurturing your emotional body, then the Goldstone is the perfect ally for you.

In terms of emotional sluggishness, the goldstone can help you get through emotional turmoil. It does so by providing you with a renewed sense of energy and confidence, helping you fight the stress, challenges and negativities from your surroundings.

Not only that, but its nurturing and empowering energies can also help in increasing your drive in order to overcome your negative habits and behavior. Furthermore, this crystal stone also offers to revitalize energies that should promote vitality, stamina and energy, particularly on days when you feel like you cannot go on.

However, goldstone is best known as the stone of ambition. It is said to help you in reaching and attaining your life goals and objectives. This potent crystal can drive ambition and passion while also reducing tension. It then helps in revitalizing your physical body and encouraging a more enthusiastic and positive attitude.

Fire Agate

Fire Agate

As a crystal called the Spiritual Flame of Absolute Perfection, the fire agate can help ignite your energy, nurturing your tired body and making you feel rejuvenated and revitalized.

This crystal stone holds a mystery locked insides its beautiful and mesmerizing structure. When you touch this stone, you’ll see its fiery embers light up stimulating and activating your root chakra.

With such connection to your root chakra, fire agate is of the best grounding, rejuvenating, nurturing and protective stones that can keep you in the present moment while pushing you to act on your desires and goals with its fiery essence.

The creative energy of this stone resonates with the element of fire, making it suitable for providing you with energy and stimulating your chi and kundalini. It can help you break out of the negative state of mind as well as idleness. Not only that, but this stone can also help motivate you to think of your life situation in a much better and innovative way.

With the help of the fire agate stone, you can also keep the toxic people away as well as the negative energies from your surrounding from entering your auric shield. Its fiery energy will also bring a burning sensation of motivation that allows you to achieve your goals and desire in life.

Mystic Merlinite

Mystic Merlinite

Mystic merlinite is considered a new-age trinket. It is a newly discovered stone with powers that greatly attune to your consciousness and remove the stress of day-to-day life and work.

This crystal stone can help remove the negative energies that are trapped in your mind, preventing you from focusing. It does so by being a medium to self-awakening and providing you with the nurturing energies of mother earth.

Having this crystal stone in your presence can soften your aura while rejuvenating your vibratory field. Such readjustment can also help your further understand yourself and how to access your special abilities.

Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome jasper with its rich shades of green, brown, tan and red have a strong connection with mother earth that will provide you with nurturing and rejuvenating energies.

As an earthy stone, it also provides you with very strong grounding and stabilizing energies that can help strengthen and deepen your connection to mother earth for accessing healing and nurturing vibrations.

When one taps into the energies of the polychrome jasper, you can imbue yourself with ancient energy force. Strongly connected to the fire element, the polychrome jasper embodies revitalization, nourishing, exuberance, passion, vibrancy and action. Its vital energies can rejuvenize your core and re-igniting the fire from within you. This stone can serve as a reminder that anything is possible and that you are your own creator.

It has the vibrations to keep you alive and energetic in all your endeavors. Not only that, but it also helps in finding a way to change a part of your life or yourself to a more desirable state. It can show you new paths and discover new approaches that can make you gain what you desire in this life.

It can work extensively to bind your physical body down to the planetary level. Then, the true vibrational energies of this crystal stone can finally start to work around your etheric field while also channeling nourishing and nurturing vibrations that can help uplift, rejuvenate and invigorate your life force.



Diopside is rare and very hard to find crystal. This earthy crystal is said to be the Stone of Eternal Enlightenment and Healing, offering you rejuvenating and restorative energy for each challenge you endured.

Using this crystal during meditation can help heal your emotional body, especially when traumatic events or too much stress have drained your vitality and energy. It connects you to the nurturing and healing energies of the Earth, so you can feel relaxed and energized.

Not only that but although a heart-based stone, the diopside can bring you closer to the divine realm, allowing you to awaken your inner consciousness. As your consciousness becomes more expanded, this stone can still help you stay grounded, so you can stay in the present moment.



Lakelandite is a unique crystal that consists of bytownite and basalt minerals. It was believed to have formed over 400 million years ago.

With its unique black and green color, this crystal stone can help open and activate your heart and root chakra, infusing the two together and bringing intense healing and grounding energies to your core.

With its ancient vibrations, simply meditating with this crystal stone can help relax your whole body and help in healing your emotional body. It is particularly suitable for healing a broken heart or fixing an uncontrollable emotional pattern.

As you start to open yourself up to this crystal stone, your connection with Mother Earth also increases. As you become rooted to the earth, you can soon project rejuvenating and nurturing energies that can heal all wounds of the emotional body.



A very rare mineral that belongs to the calcite family, Gaspeite is considered to have very mysterious vibrations. However, it is known to resonate directly with your heart chakra while providing grounding energies to keep your entire physical energy and presence connected to Mother Earth.

It is best for healing emotional wounds. This stone can help activate your inner chamber of the heart, unlocking emotions that have been scarred by traumatic experiences. It cleanses your spirit, removing your ultimate fear and nurturing a positive mindset while healing your emotional body. It brings rejuvenating energy and provides you with the needed energy and courage to face these emotional disturbances.

It also brings you an extra layer of protection to your auric field, so you can heal your emotional body while preventing external circumstances and negative thoughts from affecting you during the healing process.

By removing these negative experiences and energies clogged within your heart, the gaspeite can bring renewed and nurturing energies and make you more confident and comfortable. You gain vigor and stamina, feeling rejuvenated for the first time after that negative time in your life.



As one of the oldest and most potent, yet gentlest crystals in the crystal world, the amber is pulsating with the nurturing energies of life and mother earth. Its beautiful honey-colored, warming colors will bring you intense metaphysical properties of healing rejuvenating and nourishing.

This crystal stone has a strong connection to the earth and sun, as well as the ancient living organisms, insects and plant matters that are forever suspended and enclosed within its golden structure. Because of this, this brilliant crystal stone carries a powerful life force within its crystalline structure,

Specifically, this golden-orange gemstone is known to stimulate your sacral chakra. This chakra is the center of the Life Force of your body, controlling the flow of information from your body to your mind, and vice versa. So, by stimulating, activating and healing your sacral chakra, the amber can unleash energy, rejuvenate and nurture the body and provide you creative energy that can help keep you going even during difficulties and challenges.

Not only that, but the amber crystal is carried or worn by those who wish to from an injury or an illness as well as increasing vitality and drawing on your essential strength and stored energy and the desire for wellness. Its strong vibration of life force can bring warmth to your inner beings and impart more of this energy into your system.



Spinel is a powerful crystal stone that adorns royalty and nobles of ancient times. Its potent vibrations are said to stimulate the overall flow of your energy within the body. With this stone, your physical energy and vitality are instantly increased while nurturing a stronger connection between your emotional and physical body.

Furthermore, the spinel crystal stone is also said to help light on the fractured pieces of who you truly are, providing an endless amount of love and light to rejuvenate your whole being. With its strong connection to mother earth, this stone can also provide nurturing and uplifting vibrations from the planet.

It helps in channeling the healing energies of earth and nature, regenerating your life force or chi energy so you can keep on going. With its potent and pure energy, you can work towards creating a better version of yourself— a more complete you with full energy, confidence and determination to take the needed changes in your life.

Mookaite Jasper

Mookaite Jasper

The Mookaite Jasper is one of the most beautiful varieties of jasper found only in Western Australia. Featuring bold and earthy beauty with the fiery fusion of yellow and red energies, the Mookaite jasper exudes earthy energies that bring healing and nurturing properties, connecting you with the electromagnetic energy of the Earth.

Then, with its powerful and fiery vibrations, this stone offers rejuvenating qualities of vitality and strength. As a matter of fact, the mookaite jasper is famous for helping increase your life force or chi energy within the physical body.  It allows you to utilize positive energies from the earth and active energies from the fire element to increase your will and focus on your personal power.

In addition, the Mookaite jasper is one of the best stones for overcoming procrastination. It helps in reducing lethargy while bringing the motivation you need in order to resolve the issue. Its consistent energy should also bring you focus and determination, soothing the mind and removing distracting thoughts. As a result, it allows you to complete or finish a specific goal or objective.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate

Moss agate is one of the more unique varieties of the agate family. From its name, moss agate is more famous in the gardening and agriculture world. As a matter of fact, it was considered to be a miraculous healing crystal for tribal priests of ancient times, said to provide them the power to interact with the human organic system and used as a talisman to make their warriors victorious and strong.

Metaphysically though, the moss agate is a powerful nurturer and energizer. It is extremely beneficial for supporting and strengthening the physical and emotional body in times of stress. Its steady energy can help those who feel ungrounded or unstable. With its strong connection to mother earth, it shall provide you with nurturing and soothing energy that can calm the body and provide you with peace and tranquility.

Not only that, but the moss agate is also a potent cleansing crystal. It is useful in clearing your personal energy system as well as the energy in your surroundings. Then, it helps you in releasing these negative energies back to earth while enjoying positive vibes that shall help you gain energy and vitality once again.



These small gems are best known for healing your heart chakra and emotional body. This crystal deeply heals and cleanses hurt feelings as well as bruised egos, reducing jealousy, anger, spite and resentment. It teaches you that holding onto the past or people is counterproductive to your growth.

This stone helps you see your own worth, assisting you to look back to the past and deal with the self-imposed guilt or products of other manipulative ways. And by removing all these negativities from your heart and emotional body, you can gain a sense of renewed purpose.

Not only that, but this crystal also helps those who feel that they have little personal power while giving you the extra positive boost needed to get through the day. This stone promotes vitality in both psychological and physiological aspects, rejuvenating, invigorating and promoting inner joy and positivity.

Crazy Lace Agate

Crazy Lace Agate

From the name itself, the crazy lace agate has one of the craziest, yet most alluring and mesmerizing patterns in a crystal stone. The graceful design of this stone with its random lacy patterns can create a powerful circular flow of energy that can stimulate and rejuvenate the physical body while nurturing your mind and emotions.

The crazy lace agate stone is often associated with the sunny Mexican fiestas. It is said to bring joy and energetic qualities to those who carry or wear it. It’s a crystal of encouragement and support, promoting optimism, elevating thoughts and bringing in bountiful energy to get you through the day.

It is particularly useful in the workplace. This is because its energies are said to help provide the soothing and empowering vibes that should help you when tackling the jobs that are taxing and draining on your mental health. With one touch of this stone and you can feel the soothing energies of Mother Earth that will help relax and nurture your mind. Not only that but this crystal stone is also said to help promote mental liveliness, agility and creativity, encouraging stamina and flexibility in action and thinking.



Rhyolite is a unique stone that was used since ancient times. However, this crystal stone is still used as a powerful talisman, tool and weapon for the native people in present-day eastern Pennsylvania.

In terms of metaphysical properties and energies, the rhyolite helps you better understand yourself and the complex universe around you. With its soothing color frequency, the rhyolite is said to bring you the energies endurance, strength, vitality, drive and transformation.

Such flow can help you balance your polarities and realign your whole chakra column. As it aligns with your chakra system, your mental and emotional state can also change. And as you build a deeper connection with these energies, you can find comfort and peace in absorbing and releasing any negativities and blockages that might have accumulated within your soul.

As your core empties out these negative energies, you are now available to absorb positive vibes. Rhyolite will awaken your inner vitality and passion, bringing you the nurturing energies of mother earth and the rejuvenating qualities of fire to help power you through the day.

With renewed energy and determination, you can now actively create and pursue your goal. These are essential to building your confidence, so you can show the universe your true capabilities while staying grounded to the present moment.

How to Use Crystals For Nurturing and Rejuvenation

Now that you know which crystals can provide nurturing and rejuvenating energies, here is a guide on how you can use them effectively.

Regular Crystal Meditation

Perhaps one of the best ways to ease stress, relax the body and mind and encourage rejuvenation is to do meditation. Meditation is also one of the simplest and most powerful ways to connect with crystals for healing.

You can start by holding your preferred crystal in one or both hands, closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. You will feel your body sinking deeper into the earth for a grounding effect and feel the Light energies of the stone surrounding you. Take note, that some crystal stones do not resonate right away while others will easily make the hairs on your skin stand up.

How to Use Crystals For Nurturing and Rejuvenation

If you like, you can even place numerous crystals, mixing their energies together so you can experience more powerful healing. You can simply place these crystals in front of your mat as you meditate or surround yourself with numerous crystal stones.

Practice Daily Affirmation

If you don’t have the time to spare a full session of mindful meditation, then doing quick affirmations can be useful. Affirmations can help in changing your mindset and relaxing the body. It shall help in strengthening your willpower and boosting your confidence. Negative energies can influence your thoughts and behavior and this can become self-fulfilling. So, a daily affirmation can help in reversing this.

You can power up your daily affirmations with the energy of your chosen crystal for nurturing and rejuvenation. By simply holding the crystal and placing them over the relevant chakra, you can make your affirmations even more potent and powerful.

Use Crystal Jewelry or Tumbled Stones

Wearing your crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation as pieces of jewelry is a great way to keep their vibrational energies close to your auric field. This way, you can relieve stress, experience nourishing energies and enjoy an overall revamped feeling.

Just make sure that when you wear crystal jewelry, they are close to their specific chakras. For instance, blue stones are best worn as a necklace or pendant, keeping them close to your throat chakra.

Now, crystals associated with the crown chakra are best worn as earrings or even headpieces. For crystals that resonate with your lower chakras such as carnelian, sunstone, red jasper and citrine, you can use them as a bracelet, belt, or rings, keeping them close to your solar plexus, sacral and root chakras.

Now, if you don’t like wearing jewelry, the good news is that you can still enjoy the energies of your favorite crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation close to you by carrying them with you in your pocket or purse. When you need a boost of energy or you’re getting really stressed, you can simply reach out for your tumbled crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation and get instant invigoration.

Make a Nourishing Elixir

Did you know that you can make an energizing drink from crystals? This is perhaps one of the most amazing ways to connect with your crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation since you’re directly introducing their energies into your system.

In general, there are two ways to create a crystal elixir. The more potent option is to soak your preferred crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation in water and under the moonlight. Slowly but surely, the energies of the stone will be infused into the water. This is because water is an excellent conductor of energy. After 24 hours, you can drink the crystal elixir whenever you need energy and nurturing.

Take note, however, that not all stones are suitable for this method of making a crystal elixir. This is because some stones may get damaged or release toxins when soaked in water.

For those crystals, you can still create a crystal elixir with the indirect method. Instead of soaking the crystal in the water, you simply surround a clear bottle with your chosen crystal stone, sometimes in a geometrical grid and under the moonlight. Although the crystals don’t have direct contact with the water, the water can still absorb their powerful energies. You can leave it for 24 hours before drinking.

Create Crystal Grids

Crystal grids can be a wonderful way to help in providing you with nurturing and rejuvenating energies whenever you feel overwhelmed and stressed.

You can choose a specific place in your home to set up a grid. There are various geometric shapes for nurturing and rejuvenation you can try to give more power to your intentions.

By setting your intention of nurturing and rejuvenation, you have a strong focus on your grid. You can meditate or stay within the grid for a few minutes whenever you need some positivity and beneficial energies.

How to Use Crystals For Nurturing and Rejuvenation

Use Decorative Crystals

Crystals are so beautiful that they are now being fashioned as home decors. This is particularly true for the large, raw crystals that make a unique statement piece in your home or office space.

Other than being a nice home or office décor, displaying your crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation ensures that everyone in the room or space can benefit from their vibrational energies.

This is particularly useful in a workplace setting where your enthusiasm and energy can instantly get drained with the various stress and negative energies from your surroundings.

Take a Crystal Bath

As we mentioned before, water is a powerful conductor of energy. Not only that, but water can also help in amplifying the frequency of your crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation.

With that said, you can use your crystal as you take a bath. This is particularly beneficial if want to release the accumulated stress of the day with a nice, hot bath.

The water can help in amplifying the nurturing and rejuvenating energies of your chosen crystal, allowing you to feel refreshed and relaxed.

Sleep With Crystals for Nurturing and Rejuvenation

After you take a relaxing bath, the next thing you want to do to ensure that the wonderful energies of your stone aren’t cut off is to sleep with them.

Getting quality and good night’s sleep is a great way to relieve stress and energize the body the next morning and throughout the day.

In order to provide you with continuing positive energies throughout the night, you can place your chosen crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation on your bedside table or under your pillow.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Nurturing and Rejuvenation?

By now, you should have an idea of how to use your crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation. However, you shouldn’t just keep on using your crystals.

Healing crystals are pulsating with potent energies to share with you. However, they too can get drained and their energies blocked. Like people, when working too much, your crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation can also get exhausted and drained. This causes their effectiveness to be reduced and you not getting the most out of their supposedly powerful vibrational energies.

In order to keep your crystals for energy pulsating with powerful vibrations, you need to regularly cleanse and recharge your crystal stones. Here are some ways to properly charge and cleanse your crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation.

Wash The Surface Of Your Crystals

How to Cleanse Crystals For Nurturing and Rejuvenation?

First off, you want to physically clean the crystalline surface of your crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation. You can do this with warm water and a gentle soap.

You simply need to rub the surface of the crystal using a soft brush or even just your fingers to remove accumulated dust and debris. Then, rinse it thoroughly and pat dry with a clean cloth.

Wipe The Surface

Although washing your crystal is the best way to remove accumulated dust and dirt, some crystals don’t do well with water. Some stones have a brittle, porous or soft structure that gets damaged when washed with water.

In that case, you can simply get a clean, dry cloth and carefully wipe away the debris and dirt on its surface.

Let Crystals Enjoy The Earthy Energies

Crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation naturally respond to the nourishing energies of the earth. So, this is perhaps the most powerful way to cleanse and recharge their sluggish energy.

You can simply leave your crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation out in a rich garden or forest for a few hours. This should help nourish and replenish their exhausted energies, releasing the toxicities and negativity back to earth.

Try Smudging

Another easy and fun way to cleanse and recharge your crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation is to master the art of smudging.

Smudging involves the burning of dried sacred herbs and allowing the smoke to filter over the crystals to purify their vibrations.

Sage is the most commonly used plant for smudging since it is highly spiritual and offers powerful cleansing abilities. However, you can choose any herb bundle you want or even use incense sticks.

Recharge In The Sun

The sunny crystals of rejuvenation are best cleansed and recharged with the energies of the powerful sun. Charging your crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation with the sun itself can help bring their shine and radiance back.

There’s just something you need to take note of. While sunlight is a powerful cleanser of crystals, most crystal stones tend to fade when exposed to direct sunlight.

So, if you want to charge your crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation with sunlight but without the risk of fading its color, you need to let it charge for a few minutes during sunrise and sunset only. 

Let The Moon Nurture Your Crystals

The sun may be powerful in recharging your crystals, but for a gentler and safer way of cleansing and recharging your stone, use the feminine energies of the moon instead.

Most crystal healers love the full moon for cleansing their crystal stone. This is because the moon is known to release powerful, yet nurturing energies that can help recharge and cleanse your crystal stones.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Nurturing and Rejuvenation?

Although a full moon is the best time to cleanse and charge your crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation, it’s possible to use any phase of the moon. Simply place the crystal outside where moonlight can regenerate its tired energy.

Wash With Saltwater

Saltwater has also been touted for its cleansing abilities. As a matter of fact, salt has been used to absorb unwanted and toxic energies and banish negativity throughout the years.

If you are near the ocean, then you can collect a bowl of fresh saltwater to soak your crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation.

If you don’t have access to the ocean, then you can simply mix a tablespoon of rock or sea salt or even ordinary table salt into a bowl of water. Submerge the crystals and allow them to soak for a few hours to even days. Rinse and pat dry the crystals when complete.

Once again, if your crystal shouldn’t be submerged in water, you can just bury it in a bowl filled with salt for cleansing.

Use The Amplifying Crystals

Another way of cleansing and charging stones is to use specific crystals. Clear quartz, selenite, amethyst and carnelian are examples of powerful stones that can charge and amplify the energies of other crystal stones.

You can find these stones in various forms including geodes, slabs or bowls, suitable to support and accommodate other crystal stones. Placing crystals directly inside, on top or beside any of these amplifying crystals can help in clearing the inharmonious energies in the resting stone while boosting their overall frequency and vibrations.

Cleanse With Sound

Did you know that you can also cleanse our crystal stones with sound? Charging crystal stones with sound vibrations is a less common type of crystal cleansing.

However, it is one of the most effective and safest ways to cleanse any crystal, especially the more sensitive ones. Plus, it allows group cleansing which is pretty convenient if you don’t have time to clean your crystals one by one.

There are several tools that can help in creating soothing sound vibrations that can cleanse your crystals stones. These include singing bowls, bells or tuning forks. The sound vibrations created will carry over to the crystals and release the toxic energies from within the stones.

As a bonus, the sound vibration can also cleanse your surroundings, creating a more harmonious, relaxing and peaceful environment that can relieve your stress.

Visualization Cleansing

Cleansing and charging crystals with visualization are suitable for those who are in tune with themselves. The more in tune you are with yourself, the easier it is to redirect your energy to the crystal that you want to cleanse and recharge.

To do visualization cleansing, you need to take a few minutes to center and ground your energy. After that, you can pick up the crystal for nurturing and rejuvenation you want to cleanse and charge. Then, visualize your hands filling with radiant and nourishing white light.

See this light surrounding your crystal stone and imagine it getting brighter in your hands. After that, envision the impurities and negativities flushing out of the crystal on your hand, allowing it to shine brighter with a renewed energy and purpose. You can continue visualizing until you can feel a significant shift in the energy and vibrations of the stone.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! Crystals have long been used for a variety of purposes, but mainly to provide beneficial and wonderful energies that can bring you relaxation and de-stress. Whenever you are feeling down, sad, stressed, or burned out, the best crystals for nurturing and rejuvenation can help you get back to your feet so you can face the world once again!


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