34 Powerful Crystals For Pain Relief – The “How To” Guide

34 Most Useful Crystals For Pain Relief – The “How To” Guide

You’re reading this article because you are interested in the different crystals for pain relief, right? If so, then keep on reading and get to know more about the crystals that can help in relieving the pain you’re dealing with.

Have you ever touched a hot surface? If so, then you know pain.

Introduction on Crystals for Pain Relief

Pain is a signal from the body that something isn’t right. The pain receptor in the body sends an electrical message to the brain and spinal cord that we consider pain. In some instances, you can retract to pain in order to stop the hurt. However, most of the time, the pain is either chronic (ongoing) or acute (short-lived),

In the medical world, pain can be one of the signals for another condition. For instance, it can be because of an emotional upset, a physical injury, or a malignant disease. Nevertheless, whether psychological, physical, or emotional, pain affects just about everybody at various points in their lives.

When it comes to relieving pains, there are actually many ways you can do it. For instance, exercising on a regular basis or doing activities such as walking, dancing, and gardening can relieve some pain by blocking the signal to your brain.

Pain, on the other hand, can make you grumpy, tired, anxious, and depressed. This makes the pain even worse, making someone fall into downward spirals. Thus, always be kind to yourself. Living with pain isn’t easy and in fact, you can be your own nastiest enemy by being tenacious, not accepting your limits, and not pacing your day-to-day activities. Having said that, some people find it beneficial to seek help from experts such as hypnotherapists, psychologists, or counselors. This is to find out how they can handle their emotions and feelings in relation to their pain.

But did you know that you can also use crystals for pain relief? Well, that’s true.

Crystal healing refers to the application of certain crystals to assist the energy system of the body look for a healthy and comfortable healthy balance in order to boost the quality of life.

Keep in mind that pain has damaging and serious effects on the quality of our lives. And luckily, crystals can be effectively used in getting rid of the pain. Crystals for pain relief can handle, treat and ease pain in many different ways. Some directly work on the pain while others can help certain parts of the body. But using quartz crystal quartz is the simplest way to work with crystals for healing.

For this method, all you need to do is hold it nearly 2cm above the painful part with the crystal point or termination. Make sure it is pointing downwards and slowly move the crystal clockwise through the pain.

In case the pain you’re experiencing gets worse after doing it, you have nothing to worry about. From time to time, the pain will get worse before it will become better. But one thing is for sure after a short period, you will be able to see rapid improvements.

However, it’s worth mentioning that some types of pain may take longer to heal. Actually, a single session doesn’t attain healing from crystals though. This is true when you’re dealing with chronic pain.

Nevertheless, whatever is causing you pain to endure to be existing in your body. Thus, keep applying a crystal healing technique. When it comes to how often you should do it, it will completely depend on you as well as how your body reacts to the crystal.

Complete List of Crystals for Pain Relief

Not all people accept and believed that crystals can help in relieving pain. But if you swear by their accuracy and effectiveness in reducing pain and discomfort in the body, here are the crystals for pain relief that you can use.



When it comes to pain relief, amethyst is one of the best crystals you can use. This crystal is highly effective in easing pains related to migraines and headaches. When you place a piece of amethyst close to the source of your pain, it will reduce or block it.

Amethyst is a highly spiritual stone that you can use if you want to keep in touch with your insensible mind, providing you with essential insights into the symptoms and ailments causing your problems.

Believe it or not, many people praise this beautiful purple crystal for its capability to work on all types of pain, be it spiritual, mental, physical, or emotional. Amethyst is working on the elusive level by balancing the body’s subtle energy.

In addition to that, this one of the best crystals for pain relief can cleanse your aura and bring more insights into problems that you have and haven’t addressed before. Amethyst will relieve pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

So, if you could have only just one crystal, you can never go wrong with amethyst. It’s because it is capable of covering many different symptoms.



Apatite is a remarkable calcium phosphate mineral. It can also be found in many different colors like brown, yellow, gray, blue, and green. Though the most crucial colors in terms of metaphysical uses are gold, blue and green.

Apatite is considered a useful crystal for pain for some reason. This crystal can heal the bones and encourage new cells to form. Apatite also helps in the absorption of calcium, which is extremely beneficial for those who are dealing with the pain that comes with arthritis.

Apatite can promote healing to the motor skills, bones, and cartilage. Nevertheless, if you want to make the most out of this crystal for pain relief, consider wearing it in a form of jewelry.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz can offer you uplifting feelings about life as well as your own universe, especially when worn or carried. In fact, it is one of the most renowned crystals for pain relief and healing. Aside from getting rid of aches and pains in the body, clear quartz also works by strengthening your aura.

The crystal delivers consistent energy for healing into any body part it touches. Clear quartz comes with high vibrations that effectively ease the pain anywhere in your body.

It will even improve the flow of energy and circulation of blood which can also help the body to heal. Similar to amethyst, this clear quartz can also be used to soothe headaches or migraines. To benefit from this crystal, simply place a piece of clear quartz on the painful part for 10 minutes.

Remember, headaches tend to become worse before it becomes better. Thus, be patient and allow the crystal to do its magic. However, in case the pain increases too much, you can place additional smaller stones in the area. But, if you can’t tolerate the pain, it’s highly recommended that you leave the crystal as long as you want or until you can’t feel the pain. In two weeks, you will be able to feel a considerable change, just trust the process.



When people heard about copper, they automatically think of it as having something to do with electronics or wiring. But little did they know it is also a crucial mineral that can you bring into your body when eating some kinds of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seafood, and other foods. In simple words, you need copper for development as well as your overall health.

Though your body does not require a considerable amount of copper, when you are low, unfortunately, your health might take a hit. As you age, you will need bigger amounts. Copper is not only the first metal humans have ever used, it is also a great tool for healing and relieving pain.

Copper, like any other crystal for pain relief, comes with natural anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, people can use it to ease the pain associated with inflamed joints and arthritis. But aside from arthritis, the healing properties of copper can also be used for any pain felt in the joint.

Copper is believed to lessen inflammation in the knees, joints, and wrists. Having said that, it might provide you with great relief. Last but not least, copper can give an entire-body solution that can also give relief to muscle pains.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

A great base or root chakra crystal, black tourmaline is another wonderful crystal for pain relief. Often, black tourmaline is utilized to ground a high frequency to the lower chakras. It’s also known for its capability to bend negative energies while promoting positive thoughts.

With regard to negative energies, tensions, and even stress, black tourmaline is extremely beneficial. Typically, it is utilized to keep you protected against electromagnetic pollution as well as geopathic stress.

Black tourmaline can also help in boosting your immune system. It will even soothe the pain caused by muscular disorders. The crystal can eliminate the electromagnetic radiation weakening your aura and makes you sick.

Black tourmaline will also help in realigning the spinal column and relieving pain linked to torn or strained muscles, arthritis, and scar tissue.  

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

This list of the most useful crystals for pain relief will not be completed without mentioning rose quartz. This mesmerizing pink crystal can be used to relieve general aches and pains in the body. Rose quartz can even offer pain relief for various skin problems such as wounds, burns, and cuts.

The crystal can lessen inflammation and has cooling effects. Rose quartz is a high-vibration crystal for pain relief that can boost the function of the body while supporting the removal of excess fluids and toxins in the body.

To relieve the pain, you can place a flat piece of this crystal in the affected area overnight. You can use cloth tape so that it won’t move while you’re sleeping. But if you find it a bit uncomfortable, consider wearing rose quartz in a form of jewelry to lessen the pain you’re experiencing.

Also known as the stone of universal love, rose quartz is also capable of emitting energies of compassion and empathy on the heart as well as higher heart chakras. This, in turn, can bring a bigger capacity for love and inner peace.

On the other hand, if you find yourself depressed, sad, or grieving, you can also take advantage of this crystal. The moment you hold it in your hand, you’ll instantly feel its soothing and calming vibration in your aura and body. As a matter of fact, rose quartz is most effective when you carry or hold it.



As the name implies, a blood cleanser or purifier, bloodstone is one of the best crystals for pain relief. The crystal can purify the bloodstream this is because of its association with the base or root chakra. In case you didn’t know, this chakra is the energy center that relates to the physical beings and reproductive organs.

Bloodstone is also a calming, stimulating, and strengthening crystal. It will help in strengthening the own self-healing capabilities of your body. It will also stimulate the body and cells into action both restoration and healing.

Another great thing about the bloodstone is that it will soothe and calm a strong emotion that may be resulting in pain or physical ailments. The crystal also has a positive impact on the circulatory system as well as chi, which is the life force energy flowing through energy channels and veins.

Pain on a physical level might be because of some spiritual, emotional, or mental imbalances and blockages. Bloodstone helps in purifying and cleansing such mental blocks and emotional imbalances, lessening stress in the process and getting rid of the pain.

Zebra Jasper

Zebra Jasper

Zebra jasper is actually a sedimentary stone that was formed more than 600 million years ago. The stone was formed from debris clay deposits compressed into layers that then made the characteristic brown/red or beige/red bandings. And such bandings formed various patterns like spots, straight lines, and waves.

Typically, zebra jasper is a white crystal that has black stripes, though there are other colors like green, brown, and red. Due to the presence of black stripes on the crystal, zebra jasper obtained its name in order to complement the name of the sake anima. Nevertheless, if you’re not familiar with zebra jasper, it is actually known by other names such as Zebra-Stone, Zebra Rock, Zebra Agate, or Zebra Marble.

On the other hand, when it comes to relieving pain, zebra jasper is one of the many crystals that you can use. Though a lot of people are not familiar with it, zebra jasper is actually of the best crystals you can have around for pain relief.

Known as the stone of balance, zebra jasper can balance every aspect of the self, the feminine and masculine energies, and chakras in the body as well as the spiritual, emotional, physical, and emotional bodies. The crystal will even protect you from negativity while dissipating it.

In addition to that, zebra jasper helps in promoting the health of teeth, kidneys, bones, bladder, and skin. Most importantly, it can relieve heart palpitations and muscle spasms while improving physical endurance and energy.



Howlite is a striking crystal consisting of hydrous calcium borate. Often, howlite makes nodules similar to cauliflower heads. Usually, howlite is a light grey or white porous and opaque crystal that has either brown, black, or grey veining.

Howlite, on the other hand, comes with powerful energies that offer support when it comes to healing various mental and physical conditions. For instance, howlite is considered one of the best crystals for pain relief as it supports the body to reduce the sources of chronic pain,

The crystal works in order to calm the mind and body, reducing tension in the back, shoulders, and neck while relaxing the nerves. Because of the crystal’s sedative properties, it will also help you in maneuvering a high-stress situation with a balanced emotion. It will also help you achieve a more restorative and better sleep so that your body can heal every night. Howlite will release negative energies, relax muscle tension and reduce hypertension. It even supports both the circulatory system and the endocrine system.

It’s also worth mentioning that howlite works to provide you with the strength and courage to unleash old emotional pains and unhealthy attachments. This beautiful crystal will help you in processing your emotions and feelings so that it can offer you contentment, peace, and happiness in every aspect of your life.



Most probably you have heard aquamarine as a name of a color. But did you know that it is more than just a sort of green and blue? In actual fact, this crystal that contains beryl is so popular not just for having a striking look but for its value as well.

Compared to emerald, a precious green crystal that is also beryl, aquamarine is more accessible and affordable. Nevertheless, the more precious and rarest kind of this aquamarine is the clear blue crystal variant.

Aquamarine is one of the best crystals used for healing. It is a very soothing crystal that comes with many anti-inflammatory properties. And this makes aquamarine a great tool in fighting infections since swelling can induce increased pressure in different parts of the body, causing a person to feel pain. It also has soothing effects that pacify and at the same time calm the nerves preventing chest pains and panic attacks.

Aquamarine can even soothe tired bones and aching muscles, either by holding the crystal against the painful areas or sleeping with it under your pillows or in the same room. With that, you are allowing its energies and vibrations to work.



Dioptase is a notable translucent crystal that is colored by copper deposits. In fact, this gives the crystal an intense blue-green or emerald color. Believed it or not, it has been utilized since the ancient realm for its attractive color. The first acknowledged use of the crystal was on statues.

Like many other crystals, dioptase can also be used in relieving various pains in the body. So, if you want to use it for pain relief, you can prepare a crystal elixir by placing a clean dioptase in a pitcher or glass of water. Leave it in the refrigerator overnight especially if you prefer it cold. Or simply leave it in your kitchen and don’t forget to cover it. Before drinking the elixir, you will need to remove the dioptase to prevent swallowing it. To ease your pain, you can drink the elixir during the day. But if you don’t like the idea of drinking it, you can apply or rub it on the painful parts topically.

Dioptase, on the other hand, helps in dissolving the pain of abandonment, sorrow, betrayal, grief, and even heartache. Dioptase, most especially the tumbled one will teach you that pains, as well as difficulties you’re experiencing in your relationships, are something that humans must experience to learn more about themselves.

This crystal for pain relief can mend the pain and broken connections you have with others in your life. What’s more, dioptase will relieve all the emotional black holes yearning for love.

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that dioptase is a quite fragile crystal. So, when you’re using it to relieve your pains, emotionally or physically, make sure to handle it with care to avoid splitting.



Selenite is a gypsum mineral that includes other minerals like alabaster. The majority of selenite crystals are colorless and clear. But various colored specimens can also be found, for instance, there are deep green varieties.

Selenite forms a hexagonal crystal that denotes patterns of repeated shapes with other selenite stones. And sometimes they are parallel to one another. However, selenite is relatively softer compared to gypsum. Since the crystal is soft in nature, it was typically used in manufacturing vases that become hard when fired in furnaces at a lower temperature.

Selenite, on the other hand, is a high-frequency crystal that is good for relieving back pain. The crystal will purify and at the same time cleanse all the chakras, eliminating energy blocks that can cause symptoms, particularly in the physical body. As a matter of fact, this stunning crystal is especially beneficial for back pain and spine alignment.

Selenite can promote flexibility and align one’s spinal column. It is also helpful in the correction of deformities in the skeletal system.

In addition to that, if the pain you’re experiencing occurs because of too much stress, you can use selenite too. When meditating, use this crystal to encourage tranquility, serenity, and deep peace. This, in turn, can help in releasing tensions while encouraging you to spend some time with yourself.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate

Moss agate is a wonderful crystal belonging to the quartz and oxide group. The crystal comes with a moss green or light blue color that is characteristically pale. However, it is worth noting that some moss agate crystals have brown, blue, red, or black shades.

Aside from having a nice appearance, moss agate is considered one of the best crystals for pain relief. This crystal acts as a potent healing anti-inflammatory as well as a pain reliever. The vibrational energies and cleansing effects are noticeable by the fast relief moss agate offer from leg and arm pains. To reap such benefits, consider wearing this crystal in a form of jewelry such as a bracelet or anklet so that you will have direct contact with it.

In addition to physical relief, moss agate is also beneficial in relieving pain caused by emotional traumas. The crystal will teach how you can transform your pain into strength as well as your heartbreaks into lessons.



Chalcedony is one of the most popular crystals in history occurring in many different colors such as red, gray-blue, pink, and white. It even comes in all sizes. What’s more, sometimes chalcedony is banded, often perceived as a tiny tumbled stone or geode.

One of the best things about this crystal is that it can bring your spirit, mind, and body not only into alignment but harmony as well. Chalcedony is a protective crystal that is capable of absorbing negative energy and vibrations, in order to prevent onward transmissions.

In addition to that, if you want to relieve the pain associated with the glands, neck, tonsils, and even vocal cords, you can never go wrong with chalcedony. Chalcedony, on the other hand, is also beneficial in treating allergies, especially the ones caused by variations in the climate and conditions like arthritis and bronchitis, worsened by a wet or cold condition.

The crystal also works as a potent healer for an open sore and prevents fevers, inflammation, and infections. It can also treat a skin infection while absorbing and dissolving negative vibrations effectively.

Last but not least, chalcedony helps in easing spinal and back pain and menstrual cramps.

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood

Petrified wood is actually a fossil formed when the wood will decompose in water. As time passes by, the organic tissue of the wood will break down slowly, allowing the minerals from the water to fill any void and transform the wood into stone.

Petrified wood like any other stone has a very deep and strong connection to the earth, making it one of the best grounding stones. But did you know that it is also considered one of the best crystals for pain relief? Well, it’s true.

Petrified wood does a great job when it comes to relieving pain in the neck and back. It is believed that this unique crystal is beneficial for your skeletal system. Petrified wood will strengthen your backbone while releasing muscle tension.

Nevertheless, if you want to alleviate pain as well as strain in the shortest time possible, place a piece of petrified wood on your back as you meditate.



If you have an imbalanced sacral chakra, it will manifest itself physically through lower back pain and kidney issues. And this is where the sunstone comes into play. Sunstone belongs to the family of Feldspar. It is also named for its deep shades of browns, reds, gold, and orange sparkling like the sun. Sunstone allows the crystal to refract light between various crystal layers while producing iridescent effects as the crystal is seen from different angles. This crystal may be opaque, or transparent and clear.

Nevertheless, sunstone is one of the best crystals that can be used to activate the sacral chakra. The crystal is capable of releasing tension and relieving back pain.

In case you are experiencing back pain because of your excess weight, this beautiful crystal works to boost your self-confidence. This encourages us to engage in a self-care practice to achieve a healthy soul, mind, and body.

Another great thing about sunstone is that it can promote joy, happiness, and positivity. This makes it one of the best crystals for those who are stressed and depressed as well as feeling some physical symptoms.

To relieve the pain, make sure to place a piece of sunstone on the affected area. Nevertheless, if you want to boost the energy of your sunstone when it comes to relieving pain, you can pair it with either tiger’s eye or clear quartz.

Jet Stone

Jet Stone

Jet stone is a carbon-based rock made when pieces of wood materials are compacted, buried as well as go through organic degradation. Then it’s heated and results in coal seams.

Jet, on the other hand, is a fossilized charcoal and belongs to the Lignite group. The crystal, however, is quite soft measuring 2-2.5 on the Mohs scale. When it comes to the color, it usually sports an intense black hue and when polished it will show a brilliant shine.

Typically, the jet stone is used for protection. But in actual fact, it also carries a number of remarkable healing properties such as pain relief for migraines or headaches. What’s more, it will even improve the healing of a traumatic injury. Meaning to say, jet stone works almost like energetic filters.

Jet stone, on the other hand, is an excellent grounding crystal that comes with intense protection and purification properties. It is also considered the stone of sympathy and has calming energies that offer support and alleviates pain.

In addition to that, it is also known for its ability to clear one’s aura from contaminated energy and is an essential crystal for medicine bags.

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond

 A Herkimer diamond is a special variety of quartz that is shaped like a diamond. Keep in mind that it is not a real diamond, instead, a Herkimer diamond is a double-terminated quartz crystal. It is also believed that it is the most potent of all quartz crystals.

One of the best things about the Herkimer diamond is that it’s the ultimate remedy for easing or fighting pain. When placed on the affected part, the energetic current will start to circulate after 3 to 4 minutes, relieving the pain until it completely disappears.

Herkimer diamond is also a potent purifier, getting rid of toxins from the body. It has been utilized to correct an imbalance in RNA/DNA, metabolic rate, and cellular disorders as well. This one of the best crystals for pain relief is also beneficial to prevent burnout and physical exhaustion while stimulating immune defenses.

Herkimer diamond will reduce the tension both in the physical and outer bodies and re-align the structure of energy. It will unleash the tension and rigidity on body tissues, which permits memory recall in such areas to assist with healing. The crystal’s healing properties are so amazing. As a matter of fact, the Herkimer diamond was made to be used for healing purposes.

If you want to get rid of pain in your body using the Herkimer diamond, place a piece of this crystal on the affected area and allow its energies to work their magic. Since Herkimer diamond comes with so much good energy it’s possible to obtain astounding outcomes by only using small pieces of it.

The crystal utilizes extension in order to purify the body’s toxins and eliminate blocks in the body. Because of the high amount of energy present in the Herkimer diamond, it can help in overcoming physical exhaustion as well as those who are dealing with chronic fatigue or other immune disorders. Last but not least, the Herkimer diamond does a great job of relieving stress and allowing you to relax and feel at ease within your own skin.



With its soothing energy and soft lilac color, without a doubt, lepidolite is a beautiful crystal to stare at. Lepidolite is available in many different colors depending on the mineral concentration within it. But the most powerful and notable colors are lilac and shades. While usually found in tiny pieces in bigger pieces of quartz, this crystal actually a variety of mica, the stone that’s being ground to powder and use to make cosmetic products like colorful and beautiful eyeshadows. Unlike other crystals, lepidolite has only a 2.5-3.5 hardness on the Mohs scale, making it one of the softest crystals in history.

Lepidolite, on the other hand, comes with anti-inflammatory properties. Having said that, it is considered one of the best crystals for pain relief, especially in the neck and back. It will also use in reducing worry and help you to handle your pain better.

If you’re dealing with muscle tension because of stress, it is also one of the most beneficial crystals that you need. Lepidolite does a great job of dispelling negative energies and relieving tension as well as related disorders.

Additionally, this stunning crystal for pain relief can offer you support when you need it while calming your mind and body. You can even use lepidolite when aligning your chakras and removing energy blocks. In fact, balanced chakras can offer support both to the muscles and the immune system.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a common roughly-grained form of silica mineral quartz ranging in color from almost black to smoky brown. Known as the master healer, smoky quartz can help in drawing out pain and releasing negative feelings and emotions that may be causing pain on a physical level.

Besides the generic healing powers of quartz, this crystal is a wonderful grounding crystal. Smoky quartz will mildly neutralize any negative vibration. It is also detoxifying on every level, prompting the eradication of the digestive system while offering protection against electromagnetic smog and radiation.

Smoky quartz also works by lifting negativity and depression as well as dispersing fear. It can bring calmness emotionally, relieving anxiety and stress. It even helps in dissolving cramps, supports the nerves, and toughens the back. Smoky quartz is effective for the legs, abdomen, and hips. Additionally, it relieves muscular spam, headaches, and back pains.

Smoky quartz is actually an excellent pain reliever. Thus, when placed on the pain points, the crystal is believed to dissolve pain.



Unakite is a variety of granite consisting of clear quartz, pink feldspar, and green epidote. Usually, it is found as a speckled green and pink stone and may differ in shade from one crystal to another.

If you’re going through a lot of physical pain for quite some time and currently going through recovery, using unakite can help you return to your normal life. As a matter of fact, this eye-catching crystal for pain relief can aid healing most especially in the lungs and heart. If you’re recovering from your injury, you can also benefit from this crystal.

Unakite is believed to help in gaining weight if you’ve lost too much weight during your lengthy illness. The crystal helps by directing its vibration and energy to the part you would like restoring weight to end up. Having said that, if you’re taking positive action toward your goals to get better, unakite will help you. On the other hand, if you have bad habits, unakite can also help you in releasing them like addictions.

Unakite will also help you in releasing your negative feelings and anger that may manifest in illness if you keep them in you. By utilizing this crystal to let go of such negative thought patterns, unakite will help you to move forward and benefit from good health more rapidly.

Infinite Stone

Infinite Stone

If you’re not familiar with the infinite stone, it is a rare and miraculous crystal that is also called the stone of the healer due to its amazing healing properties. The infinite stone is an amalgamation of chrysolite and serpentine.

One of the best things about this crystal is that it can draw out pain while removing and transmuting negativity from your body. With the infinite crystal, all the illnesses you manifest in your body (physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental) will be sought out by the angelic and healing energy of the crystal. It’s a stone of angelic, gentle, and loving energy drawing out any negativity you manifest in your own body.

In addition to that, massage therapists and even reiki are using the infinite stone to achieve deeper meditative states and relaxation in their customers. They’ve also discovered that the crystal can pull out pain from the body.

The infinite stone is considered one of the best crystals for pain relief because its soothing yet powerful energy can effectively draw pain out of the body. Nevertheless, if you’re dealing with chronic pain, having a piece of this crystal can be very beneficial to you.



Amber isn’t a mineral or rock. In fact, it’s the fossilized remnants of hardened three resins. Meaning to say, it’s organic in origin. Amber’s quality is very noticeable in its metaphysical qualities and attributes and this explains why a lot of people are drawn to it.

Amber, on the other hand, is a spiritual crystal. It is believed to capture the warmth and light of the sun in its structure. One more thing, the sunlight’s life-giving and vibrant qualities without which, obviously nobody would be alive.

Amber, on the other hand, has been utilized for hundreds of years as one of the most effective natural analgesics for relieving arthritis pain, insect bites, muscle aches, stings, bruises, and rheumatism. It is also beneficial in boosting vitality when you’re recovering from an operation or illness.

For using amber in treating arthritis to relieve the pain, you will need to heat some pieces of this crystal for pain relief over the fire until they become warm, but make sure they’re not too hot to avoid burning your skin. After which, apply the crystals on your skin directly where you feel the pain. Then lie down on your back with the elbow touching that part for half an hour.



Garnet is a popular crystal that comes in various colors. In fact, they all have the same metaphysical attributes like offering protection as well as preventing negativity from entering the body making them ideal for treating and relieving chronic pain.

When using garnet to get rid of the symptoms, consider combining red garnet powder and moss agate powder to create a tincture that you can drink daily. This mixture effectively works on backaches as well as pains associated with the legs.

Garnet, on the other hand, is called the stone of love, offering benefits when it comes to healing broken hearts. The crystal can relieve emotional pains that are caused by nasty divorces, bad break-ups, and the sudden death of loved ones.

Additionally, the emotional healing powers of garnet will be beneficial in periods of hopelessness and pain. It will give you the strength and courage to face every pain and challenge life will throw at you in an inspiring and positive way.



Fluorite is a translucent crystal that has beautiful shades of purple and green. This crystal can flush out toxins from the body. On the other hand, it actively fights a viral infection thanks to its clean powers. The moment you feel any sort of viral infection is about to come, grab a piece of this crystal right away so that your body will be able to flush out the infection before taking it to hold.

Fluorite is also said to be effective in easing the pains and aches linked to arthritis and rheumatism. It can also be extremely helpful in terms of intestinal problems. Thus, if you are susceptible to constipation, stomach pains, and other digestive issues, this crystal can surely help you. It even aids in throat problems. To soothe the pain, you’re experiencing in your throat, carry a piece of fluorite with you either in your pocket or purse or wear it as a necklace.

Fluorite, on the other hand, can heal you from whatever is hurting you. It will also allow you to seek solutions to problems and help you unleash all your emotional pains. The crystal will make you realize that your life is too short to be consumed by feeling miserable or lonely. Remember, suffering and pain aren’t both necessary and you can live your life free of pain.



Moonstone is a form of orthoclase and is considered an unearthly crystal. Most of the time, the powers of this crystal are seen in the improvement of emotional balance by allowing women to control their anger as well as negative energies. Moonstone is believed to aid with the regulation of a menstrual disorder and pain relief while giving birth.

With the stone’s nurturing and feminine energy, you will be able to ease PMS and hormonal symptoms, and even tension. Moonstone is all about promoting stability to the mind and body and balancing fluids.

It can also be used to ease any type of digestive upset while helping you stay centered and calm no matter what. Nevertheless, if you’re dealing with a digestive issue, you can ease the pain by placing a piece of moonstone on your stomach and allowing it to do its magic.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Featuring deep blue color with hints of gold, lapis lazuli can uplift your spirit and bring strength to your mind. Lapis lazuli is considered one of the best crystals for pain relief as it heals pains, aches, vertigo, PMS symptoms, vertigo, and even issues associated with the throat. This crystal comes with high and heavenly vibrations, in other words, lapis lazuli can help with almost everything from minor illnesses to major ailments.

Moreover, if you’ve had not-so-good understandings with someone you choose to love, this blue crystal will infuse you with the needed strength, commitment, and courage to overcome these pains. Pains, sorrows, and heartaches of the past will be relieved and gone when you let lapis lazuli work its power on you.

Nevertheless, when you’re dealing with any kind of pain or sickness, consider wearing lapis lazuli on your body.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

People have been utilizing green aventurine for so many years. It’s a distinct variety of quartz and its green color is because of the presence of chrome particles.

Green Aventurine is one of the most invaluable crystals you can use if you want to develop a sense of tranquility that will not leave when a sign of trouble arises.

What is important for utilizing the healing powers of green aventurine is contact. As a matter of fact, it does not even need to have significant discretion. 

If you’re experiencing a headache, lightly touch your temple with a piece of green aventurine. Similarly, muscle cramps, joint pain, and even illness such as a cold, cough, and stomach aches can be alleviated or eased when you spend time with the crystal’s energies in a happy and quiet space.

The moment you welcome green aventurine into your spiritual world, you will notice that the crystal will allow you to prevent pain or illnesses ahead of time, which is very important if you want to remain alert and healthy.

Nonetheless, green aventurine is also perfect to use when detoxing organs.



Considered an aluminum silicate mineral, kyanite is typically translucent or transparent sporting a pearly shine. The most commonly known types of kyanite are blue kyanite speckled which have white, green, black, and indigo. But keep in mind that there is kyanite in orange, yellow, gray, white, and pink colors.

Kyanite is known as a natural pain reliever promoting balance while aligning the entire chakra system. This crystal is so powerful and comes with extremely high vibrations. It’s also a good protection crystal.

Another great thing about this one of the most useful crystals for pain relief is that it doesn’t hold negative energy. Meaning to say, you don’t need to clear your kyanite.

Kyanite can help in treating throat infections, adrenal glands, and muscular disorders. It also helps in boosting the immune system. Being one of the most powerful crystals for the chakra, chakra is excellent for sluggish thyroids, thus it can aid with weight loss and balancing metabolic rate.



Sugilite sports glittering purple and pink hues. But aside from having a stunning appearance, Sugilite does a great job when it comes to getting rid of pains and aches.

This crystal, on the other hand, is particularly great at easing a headache and removing negative toxins from the environment contributing to poor health. Sugilite helps with immune disorders, dizziness, toothache, and lethargy. When battling with migraines place the crystal on the forehead in order to draw out the pain. The crystal works in treating common flu as well as other digestive and stomach problems by transmuting the pains you’re feeling to the crystal itself.

Sugilite is also great for easing emotional pains and problems since it is a nurturing and caring crystal. It’ll help you in releasing all your worries, look for the answers to the questions bothering you every night, and promote feelings that will surely eliminate your pains.

Sugilite will draw out all your pains and then replace them with feelings of peace, acceptance, and gladness.



Chrysocolla is a green and blue crystal that is made from a distinct kind of copper ore. With this crystal, the oxygen level in your body will be increased.

In addition to that, chrysocolla is a ready and simple remedy that can calm and at the same time cleanse the body. It is also known to reduce pains linked to arthritis and muscles. As matter of fact, every inch or aspect of your body can surely benefit from the healing and pain relief of chrysocolla. 

Breaking up all types of blockages in your body, this crystal can be utilized to heal a muscle ache, help the respiratory system flow easily, and solve thyroid and throat problems.

Lithium Quartz

Lithium Quartz

Lithium quartz is an attention-grabbing crystal that is typically pinkish-grey, lavender, and violet in color. It consists of lithium, though it also has other minerals that are present in the majority of quartz. This is one reason why some lithium quartzes are either lighter or darker in color. Some have kaolinite, aluminum, and manganese in them.

Most of the time, lithium quartz is utilized as an antidepressant treatment. It comes with calming and soothing energies that will inspire you to approach physical pains with positivity and calm. It even pulls a higher density vibration to guarantee healthy assimilation.



Known as the stone of transformation, malachite can support you when changing a situation and improving spiritual growth. It will even draw out impurities while stimulating the body’s life force.

Malachite is one of the most popular crystals known for its healing properties and energies. It will improve your immune system thus you won’t get sick with ease even though you’re contained in a room with people dealing with a bad cold. 

When you are suffering from irregular menstruation, having malachite close to you at all times will help in regulating your period while fixing your monthly cycle. In fact, this also aids in your efforts to become more fertile or be pregnant.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with a painful menstrual period, malachite will ease the aching symptoms too. It makes your PMS go away, irritability, bloating, high emotions, menstrual cramps, and all. Malachite is also considered the stone of the midwife. In fact, some midwives use this crystal to protect the baby and mother during childbirth and ease labor pains.

Having said that, if you are concerned about the female organ, malachite can be one of your go-to crystals. Malachite also works in maintaining normal blood pressure. It is good to have when dealing with a heart problem or experiencing intestinal problems, asthma, or rheumatic pains.

It is also worth mentioning that malachite is effective in healing swollen muscles and joints, tumors, and fractures. When you are feeling muscle strains and aches after a long and tiring day, running a piece of malachite through the painful area can help make you feel a lot better.



Though it is usually colorless, mordenite also comes in the colors yellow, white, and sometimes pink which has overlapping hues of two. Since it belongs to the family of zeolites, for maximum effect and benefits you can pair this crystal with other zeolites.

When it comes to giving healing energies, mordenite is indeed a very effective crystal. It can boost vitality while helping you to remain healthy and strong.

Mordenite also has the capability to ease problems with the mouth, lungs, and heart. By relieving the pain as well as helping you handle the stress, this crystal will help in healing. One more thing, if you’re someone who is always talking or singing, you can use mordenite to relieve your vocal cords after a very tiring day.

How to Use Crystals for Pain Relief

Now that we’ve shown you the list of the best and most useful crystals for pain relief, it is now the perfect time to find out the ways you can utilize them to get the best results possible. You can try any of the methods below and determine which one suits you the most. Remember, every technique offers a different level of results so consider experimenting.

Invest In A Crystal-Heated Mat

Invest In A Crystal-Heated Mat

Are you familiar with a crystal-heated mat? If not, it is actually helpful when it comes to relieving any kind of physical pain like joint, nerve, and muscle pain. This mat as the name implies contains crystals typically black tourmaline or amethyst and gives off radiant heat. So, if you want to relax as well as optimize your health in a natural way, using a crystal-heated map is a good idea.

Set Intentions With Your Crystals For Pain Relief

Set Intentions With Your Crystals For Pain Relief

When it comes to setting intentions with crystals for pain relief, make sure to pick the crystals that resonate with your needs. Consider experimenting with the crystals you’re most drawn to. Keep in mind that there are no wrong or right ways to use such crystals because the most crucial factor that determines the success of working with them is having faith in their powers. In fact, this will allow your energy to open as well as connect with the crystal’s energetic field, letting it work its magic while setting the right intentions.

Once you have picked the right crystals, it is time to set your intentions. To begin with, hold the crystal for pain relief in your hand. Then take deep breaths while relaxing your mind and calming your body. Ask the crystal loudly to help you soothe your pain, if possible be specific, for instance, you can ask to ease your back pain. Take another deep breath while feeling the crystal’s energy connect with yours. Once done, make sure to thank your crystal before putting it back in its place.

Meditate With Crystals For Pain Relief

Meditate With Crystals For Pain Relief

When meditating, you can hold the crystal and sit down or place it in the part of your body that needs attention. However, you can always lie on your back especially if it’s more comfortable for you. As a matter of fact, even though you can’t meditate, sitting calmly and quietly works wonders on the spirit, body, and mind.

Pain isn’t simply uncomfortable. It can also trigger emotional and physical responses that slow down or hinder healing or in cases of chronic pains, lessen the quality of life.

Though a pain killer can help, know that it can also cause damage particularly when you use it for a long period. One of the best things about crystals for pain relief is that they can provide healing without causing danger to vital organs.

Crystals, on the other hand, vibrate and such vibrations work to let the body heal and alleviate pain.  But it is crucial to look for the right crystal for pain relief, it is because not all of them vibrate at a similar rate and work the same way when it comes to relieving the pain. It means some crystals have higher vibration rates while others are moderate and low.

Wear As Jewelry

Wear As Jewelry

Sit with pain relief crystal jewelry in your hand and then ask it to work on your body pain. Crystals as we all know have many different purposes and it is important that you direct their energy and vibration correctly to specific points to avoid diluting their powers.

In addition to that, you can also wear your jewelry throughout the day. Know that you can it off on a regular basis to cleanse and recharge it. In fact, cleansing and charging can be as simple as placing the crystals next to quartz.

Nevertheless, if you are wearing immune or energy-boosting crystals, make sure to use them for a short period of time only. It is because the crystals can make you feel irritable, overloaded, or hyperactive.

Wondering how long is too long? Well, it will depend on you as well as the level of your own energy. If you feel like your skin is stretched out or tight or feel overloaded, don’t think twice and take it off right away.

Pieces of jewelry made of crystals for pain relief can be beneficial. However, the closer they are to the sources of pain, the more effective they will be. If you need help with an immune condition or want to beat stress, you can never go wrong with necklaces. For painful feet and legs, anklets come in handy.

Rings, on the other hand, are proven effective especially when placed on the ring finger since it has a direct association with the heart. Also, this will boost the flow of blood to the heart and overall body.

Place A Crystal On Pain Points

Place A Crystal On Pain Points

Placing the crystals directly on the painful areas is one of the simplest and most effective techniques to use crystals for pain. For example, if you are experiencing a headache, place the crystal on the head. If you have arthritis, place them on the area causing you pain. You can actually do this while working on your desktop or watching TV.

Carry Crystals For Pain Relief In Your Pocket

Aside from wearing crystals in a form of jewelry, placing them in your pocket throughout the day will allow you to in their energy. Thus, you can take advantage of pain relief all day long which is extremely beneficial if you’re working in a very demanding and stressful environment.

How to Cleanse Crystals for Pain Relief?

When your crystals for pain relief are utilized in healing, know that they are holding the eliminated negative and unwanted energies. In fact, such energies can have negative effects on your experiences with crystals. The good news is that there are lots of simple ways to care for your crystal and make sure that the vibrational energy will remain at its best.

Water Cleansing

Using clean water is one of the simplest ways to cleanse your crystals of pain. For heavily used or newly acquired crystals you can soak them in still spring water for a day. But for regular cleansing as well as lightly used crystals, simply hold them for a couple of minutes under the running tap water. Your crystals can be naturally held under running water like brooks and springs. As you cleanse the crystals, make sure to picture that the water is eliminating all negative energies and restoring them to a neutral and natural state. After that, thoroughly dry the crystals.

Moonlight Cleansing

On the other hand, some people prefer to cleanse their crystals using the water left in the moonlight overnight. This technique can be easily and quickly carried out in the majority of circumstances. But, if you’re using turquoise, malachite, selenite, or lapis lazuli, it is best to try other methods because these crystals shouldn’t be cleansed with water.


How to Cleanse Crystals for Pain Relief

Smudging is another preferred way to cleanse your crystals. In fact, this method is an ancient tradition of Native Americans that is utilized to remove unpleasant and unwanted energies from people, places, or items. This cleansing method is performed using a smudge stick that is made by rolling some dried herbs into long bundles.

To produce cleansing smokes, you can light the herbs. Sage is typically utilized in smudging as well as is known to be the most potent healing and cleansing herb. It can be utilized to clear a crystal of negative vibrations and energies whether they’re tumbled or raw crystals or jewelry.

You can buy or make your own smudge sticks using a fresh herb as well as other plant materials. Though smudging is a very simple process, extra care should be implemented. Make sure there is no inflammable material or item in the place and keep an eye on stuff like curtains and heat-sensitive surfaces like plastic.

In addition to sage, you can also use incense but is less potent compared to smudging sticks. When you’re using incense keep in mind that you’re only allowed to work with one crystal for pain relief at a time.

Moonlight Cleansing

If you’re looking for a method that can cleanse a wide variety of crystals and is powerful at the same time, using moonlight is highly recommended. The best time to is either during the waning moon or full moon. For this method, look for a safe place where the moonlight can touch your crystals for pain.

For example, you can place them on your garden table or windowsill. You can leave your crystals there for as long as you feel it is needed. But make sure to bring the crystals inside before 11 in the morning. This allows the crystals to bathe in the light of the sun and moon. One more thing, prolonged exposure to sunlight may badly affect the surface of the crystal.

Place Crystals On The Earth

On the other hand, if you can place your crystals on the earth directly make sure to do it. Because this permits further cleansing. But wherever they are, make sure they will not be disturbed by passersby or wildlife. After that, give your crystals a fast rinse in order to get rid of debris and dirt. Then pat dry.


Visualization is another safe way to cleanse your crystals. Unfortunately, it can be intimidating for some people. Nevertheless, the more in accord you’re with your sense of self, the laid back it might be to send your energy to the crystal you wish to restore. Before performing this method, you need to take some time to center and ground your energy.

Once everything is settled, pick up the crystals you’re trying to cleanse and imagine your hands filling with radiant and white light. See the light surrounding your crystal and feel it becoming brighter and brighter in your hands. Visualize that all impurities are leaving your crystal, allowing your crystal to shine even brighter and with renewed purpose. Keep on visualizing until you feel a change in the energy of the crystal

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that pain is not completely a physical symptom. Meaning to say, there are times that pain can be the outcome of something deeper compared to your body breaking down. Pain, on the other hand, can be intensified by a loss of spiritual self and emotional baggage and this could be something that only depending on the mainstream, medicine cannot solve alone.

While the different crystals for pain relief mentioned above don’t substitute for professional treatment, diagnosis, and medical advice, they can be utilized for support. So, if you want to relieve the pain you’re currently dealing with and looking for natural remedies you can never go wrong with using the crystals for pain relief that resonate with you the most. Nevertheless, if you want to intensify the powers of these crystals, consider pairing them with clear quartz.


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