29 Powerful Crystals For Pregnancy – The “How To” Guide

29 Most Useful Crystals For Pregnancy - The How To Guide

Introduction on Crystals For Pregnancy

A lot of women experience an increased sense of awareness and spirituality during pregnancy. Instincts and senses are strengthened and enhanced as well as having a stronger connection with your body as new life starts to live inside you.

In addition, during pregnancy, the starting hormonal changes and later on physical changes can cause various issues and problems as well as pain and discomfort for the body. For the most part, these are not to be regarded as some kind of illness.

And for some, these long nine months of journey require the support and relief that crystal therapy can bring. The use of crystals for pregnancy can offer nourishment, protection, calmness and spirituality throughout the pregnancy process for both mother and baby.

This should make it easier to handle all the changes that are taking place in your mind and body, especially with your emotions.

A Complete List of Crystals For Pregnancy

Whether you need guiding energy or relief from anxiety and physical pain that comes with pregnancy, these crystals for pregnancy should help you there.



The most classic crystal that should cover all bases in terms of pregnancy is the beautiful moonstone. If you can only get a single crystal to use throughout your pregnancy, then the moonstone should be your option.

Pregnancy means a period of heightened senses and deeper connection. It presents new beginnings as a new life form starts to develop in your body. As the Stone of New Beginnings, the moonstone can help guide you through these overwhelming changes, keeping you calm and preventing your hormone from running on overdrive.

It is also important to note that the moonstone carries the energies of the Divine Feminine and the Moon, working with your cycles and influencing the shifting of your energies from fertility, pregnancy to childbirth.

Physically, the moonstone is said to assist in fluid retention which usually happens towards the end of your pregnancy. It can also balance your periods and emotions, especially during your period of vulnerability. It can keep your emotions and mind in check, preventing depression, stress and anxiety throughout your pregnancy.



Carnelian is also a powerful stone that you should use during pregnancy, especially if you want protection from fear. This crystal stone instills willpower, happiness and positivity. It is a very energetic stone to have, fortifying your emotions and mind, when you are experiencing periods of emotional or physical stress.

Not only that, but this stone should also help expecting mothers by boosting their self-esteem and protecting them against negative emotions. Carnelian is also thought to bring health, vitality, happiness, self-esteem, courage for new beginnings. This allows you to stay positive and enthusiastic about the next few months in your life as a new mom.

In terms of physical healing, a carnelian can help pregnant women deal with nausea, morning sickness, and even mastitis.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

The rose quartz is a favorite, heart-centered crystal stone that strongly resonates with self-love during pregnancy. Its unconditional loving and nurturing energies can help you in forging a strong bond with your unborn child.

Not only that but the rose quartz is also said to stimulate stability and strong contact with your baby. A powerful nurturer during pregnancy, the rose quartz can help expecting mothers relax, easing the pain and stress that comes with pregnancy.

Also, thanks to its healing aura, the rose quartz is also recommended to be worn on the body during pregnancy, especially during labor. It is also said that rose quartz can be used to help with symptoms of pregnancy, such as bloating and morning sickness, because it has the ability to help balance hormones in the body.



Chrysoprase is a gemstone that has been used for hundreds of years in traditional Chinese medicine to help alleviate the symptoms of pregnancy. It is a potent crystal stone that can be worn on the body or on a pregnant woman’s stomach. Chrysoprase is said to have many healing properties, and some people believe it can help protect the unborn baby.

A pregnant woman will find relief from abdominal cramps and nausea when wearing this gemstone or carrying it close to her body. Chrysoprase is believed to soothe the mother-to-be’s mood and relieve her stress levels, helping with fatigue and depression. It also acts as a calming influence for children.

The stone can be used in jewelry, beads, and other items designed for pregnant women because it supposedly helps them feel more grounded or secure. In addition, this crystal stone is wonderful for balancing your yin-yang energies which is important during conceiving and pregnancy.

Not only that, but it also helps energize our sacral and heart chakras, allowing you to increase your feminine power and is great for easing symptoms of becoming self-absorbed or being anxious. This stone should make you feel optimistic and bringing emotional calm and health throughout your pregnancy.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

The green aventurine is another powerful crystal for pregnancy. Its energetic properties promote harmony and confidence, as well as elements of success, abundance, luck and good fortune.

Pregnancy can be a mix of emotions— confusing, exciting, nerve-wracking. The calming energies of the green aventurine crystal should help in balancing your emotional body, guiding you towards inner peace and harmony. This crystal stone can help calm irritation, nervousness, anger and other weird feelings you may have during pregnancy.

Furthermore, this stone should help inspire the feeling of positivity, lightness and enthusiasm. It gives you a renewed sense of hope, joy and optimism in this new chapter of your life. It can be a powerful re-affirming stone, especially during times of great change. This stone will help you stay firmly rooted to the ground and become more stable.

Green Jade

Green Jade

Things can get a little stressful and intense when you’re pregnant. You become irritable and moody due to the fluctuating hormones in your body. The nurturing and balancing energy of the Jade crystal should help.

The jade stone can bring love and balance to your emotional body, releasing the pent-up emotions which may cause an energy block. As a result, the jade can help you become less sensitive and more relaxed to enjoy your pregnancy.

The stone is also said to help in regenerating your pelvis area, bringing more blood and oxygen to your uterus, ensuring the healthy development of your unborn child. Not only that, but this stone can also help assist in enhancing pregnancy as well as during childbirth. Jade can also help in post-surgery healing, especially for cesarean birth, allowing for faster healing and binding off stitches.



Like rose quartz, rhodonite is an essential self-love crystal to use during pregnancy. Rhodonite focuses most on nurturing your inner power and reclaiming your confidence. This is particularly important during pregnancy when your body undergoes significant changes. If you need to reconnect with self-love, which is often neglected during pregnancy, then rhodonite is a must-have.

In addition, pregnancy can be a challenging time, and rhodonite can help in restoring your emotional balance while keeping you centered. As a heart-centered stone, the rhodonite will fill you with healing energies, harmony and compassion. It is said to boost the function of your reproductive system and preparing the uterus for childbearing.

In terms of physical healing, rhodonite has manganese contents. This makes it one of the best stones for healing cuts, injuries and wounds from surgery. Not only that, but this stone can also help in reducing scar tissues, especially for those who will have a cesarean birth.

Ruby Zoisite

Ruby zoisite

The ruby zoisite combines the energies of ruby, green zoisite and black tschermakite. With all those minerals, this stone offers a unique vibrational influence during pregnancy, supporting your reproductive organs.

With inclusions of ruby, this crystal stone is a powerful energy amplifier that can help boost your energy field while increasing vitality. Not only that, but it also helps in releasing the suppressed and trapped energy, bringing hidden fears and feelings to the surface.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and only want to enjoy the positive energy within you throughout your pregnancy, then the ruby zoisite makes an excellent choice. The ruby zoisite is also a great crystal to have if you experience nausea, migraines and other symptoms that come with pregnancy.



The lepidolite is a very special crystal stone that is mainly used to enhance your mental wellbeing. With its strong association to the crown chakra, this stone features intense nurturing energy. That and its lithium content can help in easing feelings of anxiety, stress and depression, which can sometimes be present when you’re trying to be pregnant or already conceived.

It is called the stone of Peace the crystal healing community thanks to its ability to help you through obstacles and difficulties with minimal fuss. As a result, your anxieties, fears and doubts will not be triggered and you can become more emotionally balanced throughout the process.

AS the Stone of Transition, lepidolite can also assist you in reorganizing yourself and help you in adapting to the changes that come in your body and your life. So, if you are looking for a crystal stone to offer you a calming influence when you start doubting yourself during pregnancy or need guidance and support with the big changes that come with pregnancy, the lepidolite crystal is the perfect ally to have.



The unakite crystal is a beautiful mixture of green, black and pink which stimulates your root, heart and sacral chakra. As a result, this stone can help in grounding the negative energy while promoting a positive mindset which is essential to having a safe and healthy pregnancy.

It facilitates the gentle release of negative emotions and unwanted thoughts. Not only that, but this stone also promotes persistence and patience. This stone shall help in bringing you well-balanced emotional wellbeing which is necessary during pregnancy.

Some people also believe that the unakite crystal can help in maintaining the health of both the unborn child and mother throughout pregnancy. In addition, it is also said to help promote a healthy pregnancy and even helps in stimulating healthy weight gain when needed. Placing a piece of unakite on your womb is said to help you have a spiritual connection with your unborn child. Also, it is a marvelous stone for easing the transition to labor.  



Amethyst, as one of the most spiritual and peace-inducing stones, makes the perfect ally for pregnant women looking for protection against negativities and filling their surroundings with positivity.

As a member of the quartz family, the amethyst is a powerful cleanser and protector, guarding you against unwanted energies and entities. This stone emits a smooth and calm frequency that can soothe your emotions and body.

With its strong association to the brain and the nervous system, the amethyst sis is said to help calm your mood swings, which is common during pregnancy due to fluctuating hormones. The stone can also be placed in your birthing space in order to help create a supportive and relaxed environment during pregnancy and even childbirth.



Fluorite may not be the first crystal stone you think of when looking for crystals for pregnancy, however, its nurturing and soothing energies can also support you during this important chapter in your life.

The fluorite is one of the most calming crystals you can find. It excels at soaking up the negative energy and unwanted emotions, ensuring that your journey to motherhood is not marred with feelings of self-doubts, self-hate and other troubling behavioral and thought patterns.

As it helps in soothing your emotional body and cleaning your surrounding of negative energy, this stone is also great at helping your physical body. It assists in the absorbing of the much-needed nutrients that you and your unborn child need. Also, when you are struggling in your pregnancy and have those sleepless days, the fluorite crystal can definitely help you there.



Like the moonstone, the selenite crystal resonates strongly with the moon, making it a powerful protector of the female reproductive system and during pregnancy. The selenite crystal harnesses the feminine energies of the moon in order to bring balance to your hormones, reproductive system and sexual energy.

The soothing and nurturing energies of the selenite crystal are enriched with angelic frequency. It connects you with the higher realms to guide you through a healthy pregnancy and finetuning your energetic focus during the whole nine months of conceiving.

Selenite can be used to help pregnant women by providing protection from bad energy and dark spirits. It also provides positive energies during pregnancy and can help protect against some types of miscarriage. Since selenite does not absorb negative energy it will provide protection from that as well as healing energies for pregnant women who might feel vulnerable or distressed at times during their pregnancy. Not only that, but the soothing energies of the selenite crystal are one of the best at bringing calm and peace. It helps in removing negative and toxic blockages in your energetic system that can cause anxiety, stress and depression during pregnancy.

Physically, the selenite crystal has several benefits to both mother and unborn child. It can be used to help reduce morning sickness, ease childbirth, and healing postpartum depression. Selenite can also be used in utero to protect the unborn child’s immune system against certain diseases like HIV or Zika virus.



Featuring a vibrant blue-green shade with blood-red specks, the bloodstone truly lives up to its name. As a powerful energizer of the physical body, the bloodstone resonates strongly with your energy force and stimulating hormonal balance during pregnancy.

The bloodstone can be helpful for pregnant women to get their levels back to normal. This crystal stone can help with nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, migraines, heartburns and more. Women believed that wearing bloodstone jewelry would help them ease the pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy and childbirth, reduce swelling, and promote healing after birth.

Associated with the birthing processes, the bloodstone makes a powerful ally for women during their childbearing years. This stone can stimulate hormonal balance and nutrient-rich blood and is even believed to prevent miscarriages. It can help in easing the birthing process while providing strength and courage during labor. Bloodstone also offers supportive vibrations so that the baby can travel easily through the birth canal. It was also believed to improve breastfeeding quality and duration.



Featuring shades of feathered angel wings, the beautiful angelite crystal is another calming stone you can use during pregnancy. AS its name suggests, this spiritual stone is all about keeping you and your baby safe with the guidance of your spirit guides and guardian angels.

As a powerful heavenly stone, the angelite is exuding high vibrational energies that can nurture and support soon-to-be-moms. For pregnant women who are feeling a little alone or lost, this stone can provide support and guidance, while also bringing you strength, intuitiveness and trust in your feminine power.

Not only that, but the angelite crystal can also offer you calming and soothing energies, bringing positivity, enthusiasm and excitement into this chapter of your life. It shall help protect you against the negative energies— both internal and external— ensuring that you and your baby are connected through spiritual positivity.



The beautiful celestite crystal carries high vibrational energies from the divine realm that can be felt instantly with just a touch. This mineral works mainly in activating your higher chakras and creating a clear connection between them.

AS a result, your unique psychic capabilities are activated, helping you understand and see messages at a much higher level. It also increases your intuition and higher awareness as well as better connection with your unborn child.

In addition, this crystal stone is also said to bring you in closer connection with your guardian angel to guide you throughout the pregnancy as well as bestowing healing energies that could help in easing some of the pains and symptoms associated with pregnancy.



A beautiful, creamy sheen of white and pastel pink colors, the pearl is enriched in powerful metaphysical properties for healing. Pearl brings the gentle healing powers of the sea. It is a powerful relieving gemstone, calming and soothing to your emotions. It helps your emotions become more balanced and harmonious while bringing the clarity and decision-making you needed in life.

Its vibrational energies can balance your chaotic emotions while infusing you with positive emotions. It can remove the stress and anxiety you feel during pregnancy, filling you with positivity and optimism as well as the strength and vitality of your emotional body.

For physical healing, it is said that pearl can help in the treatment of uterus problems. It is also said to be beneficial in all kinds of symptoms and pains you experience during pregnancy as well as fertility issues such as impotence and sexual dysfunction. Not only that, but this stone can also help during childbirth and pregnancy. By placing this stone on your newborn’s belly, it is said to ensure life-long protection for your baby.



As a crystal of abundance, the agate offers calming energy which offers strength and stability. This stone can also bring your closer connection to mother earth, helping you to become grounded and pursue your most benevolent ideas, which in this case, having a safe and healthy pregnancy.

This stone can provide a strong shield around your auric field and allows you to be you. It allows you to be content and satisfied with your body, even with the big changes that are happening. It helps in removing toxic energies, emotions and feelings that might be causing stress and anxiety. It helps in releasing the love within you instead of being stressed all the time. It can help you in enjoying the process of nurturing a new life inside of you.

In terms of physical healing, keeping a moss agate by your bedside table can help in easing pregnancy problems such as nausea and headaches. Not only that, but midwives once used this crystal stone in birthing works to encourage safe deliveries as well as easing pain.

In addition, different varieties of agates are said to be helpful during pregnancy. For instance, the water agate or those with uterus-like patterns can improve the growth and function of your uterus and helps protect your unborn child. Meanwhile, the blue lace agate is known to help drain edemas or the fluid accumulations in your body, which is common in pregnant women. Lastly, the agates with an eye signature or formation are said to help prevent varicose veins while also aiding the regeneration of your blood vessels.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

The clear quartz may not be one of the first crystals you think of for pregnancy, however, with its amplifying energies, this stone is one of the most important allies in magnifying and manifesting your intentions of having a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Dubbed as the Master Healer, the clear quartz crystal covers all ground in terms of healing your soul, putting you on the right track to achieve your intentions and neutralizing all kinds of negativity that might be causing unnecessary strain on your emotions and making your pregnancy stressful.

Clear quartz is also the top stone you need for gaining clarity of intentions. And with its clear crystalline structure, this stone is not only amazing at amplifying intension and manifestation but also boosting the already powerful energies of other crystals for pregnancy in this list.



Emerald with its beautiful and vibrant green color energies has been known to represent youth and glow in the age of man. It is known to bring in vitality, excitement and freshness, during pregnancy, compassion and love for yourself when the body transformation happens as well as inducing regeneration and recovery, suitable for after childbirth.

This heart-based crystal stone can help reduce the heaviness in your emotional field and provides a nourishing aura and energy of encouragement, hope, abundance and gentleness. As a stone of infinite patience and inspiration, this crystal embodies compassion, unconditional love and unity. It is known to promote balance between partners and is particularly known for offering domestic bliss, loyalty and contentment.

Lastly, the emerald has been used for treating matters of the reproductive system. It is used to ease the numerous symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea, headaches and edema as well as supporting childbirth.



Citrine carries the positive energies of the sun that can help protect pregnant women from negativities and fears while instilling motivation, willpower and happiness. Its energies have the ability to fortify your emotional body whenever you are experiencing a period of physical and emotional stress.

Furthermore, this stone can also help expecting mothers by boosting their self-esteem and self-confidence in their changing bodies and protecting them against negative emotions Women struggling with a high-risk pregnancy, often fall into depression and anxiety, causing energy blockages and making it more difficult for their body— emotionally, physically and mentally.

Fortunately, the optimistic energies f citrine can help bring back the happy and joyous energies. This stone can bring bright and sunny energies that can help raise your spirits.

Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Quartz

Like the rose quartz, the strawberry quartz is a beautiful healer of the heart and has the ability to bring the energies of universal love into your life. You will be amazed by how much universal love and energies you will attract with this stone by your side.

Often confused with rose quartz, strawberry quartz is a potent stone for emotional healing. It can help promote self-loving energies and bringing self-confidence to the fore. It teaches you to take care of your own health first, both emotionally and physically, in order to take care of that little happiness growing inside of you.

Not only that, but it can also promote inner positivity and strength, preparing and fueling the body so that you’re better equipped to overcome difficulties and challenges, especially with physical symptoms of pregnancy. It also provides a deep sense of personal fulfillment and energy for a new foundation of peace and inner contentment.

Physically, the strawberry quartz can benefit conditions of the female reproductive systems. It is believed that this stone can help during the birthing process and pregnancy as well as assisting the newborn baby to grow strong. It also helps in alleviating sexual issues as well as post-partum depression and is crucial for mothers just after a complicated birth.



Chrysocolla is one of the most unique crystals for pregnancy. It is best for pregnant women who wish to have empowerment and peace during this time of their life. It radiates peace and quiet strength, reminding you that you got the power and the responsibility with a new life.

With its strong association with the heart chakra, the chrysocolla stone is most suitable for empathic and sensitive pregnant women who are prone to suffer from fear-based anxieties and worries. This stone can help in protecting you against the negative influence of others, ensuring that your auric field stays clear and peaceful.

This stone celebrates your inner feminine power, infusing you with serenity and peace, whenever you feel like everything in your current life is uncertain, particularly during pregnancy. Chrysocolla should help in calming an overactive mind and easing childbirth.



Malachite with its swirling greens is another effective crystal for pregnancy. It is most suitable for pregnant women who wish to protect themselves against negative energy.

With its green energies, the malachite also makes a powerful healer of the heart and is a potent cleanser for toxic and negative emotions as well as past traumas. This stone can help you in having a clear-headed mind and in banishing insecurities and negativities brought about by the changing body. It helps in removing all the fears and worries you have while inducing self-loving energies that will benefit both you and your child.

Dubbed as the Midwife’s Stone, the malachite is more popularly known during the last months of pregnancy and into childbirth. This magical stone is said to help in stimulating contractions as well as cutting down the intensity of labor pains. The malachite crystal is also a powerful crystal stone that provides a fast healing process. It helps in easing pains, inflammation and nausea which are common symptoms during pregnancy. Malachite is also a reliable crystal that can bring security and stability to women during pregnancy and childbirth.



One look at the larimar stone and you will experience instant calmness and peace. Larimar is one of the best crystal stones for pregnant women who need some relaxation and motivation during this crazy and exciting time of their life.

Not only that but this stone is also said to bring self-loving energy and confidence, allowing you to stay relaxed and confident about your own power and current transformations. With its strong connection to the throat chakra, this stone can also help improve your communication while soothing your hot temper, due to the fluctuating hormones during pregnancy.

This crystal is also great to use for easing physical issues throughout your pregnancy such as pains, edema, stress, high blood pressure, and nausea. Not only that, but it also has protective and healing effects against postpartum depression.



The peridot crystal is another powerful tool that pregnant women can take advantage of. This beautiful olivine crystal can bring a sense of prosperity and good fortune into your life as well as a strong sense of well-being.

Thanks to its beautiful yellow-green colors, this stone can also invoke warmth, nurturing and nourishing energies. It helps in creating a safe and loving atmosphere and bringing strength during these big changes in your life.

Peridot also speaks of the universal love of abundance. It encourages you to receive loving energies from the universe without uncertainty and guilt. As a result, it enhances your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-belief that “you’ve got this”. Take note, this crystal is also one of the best stones for pregnant women who find it hard to ask for help, especially during this moment in their life.



Like the lepidolite crystal, the kunzite with its soothing purple energies is another good crystal to use during pregnancy. This stone provides nurturing energies that help in balancing your emotions and hormones.

It also helps in aligning all your chakras, allowing you to channel feelings of peace while dispelling any negative and unnecessary feelings and emotions. As a matter of fact, the kunzite is dubbed as the Stone of Emotion, creating a strong connection of the heart and mind. This allows you to experience unconditional and abundant love.

Also called the Women’s Stone, the kunzite is also particularly supportive for the young or first-time mothers and even single mothers. It assists you in caring for your little one and helps in preventing postpartum depression. Physically, the kunzite is said to help strengthen your skin’s elasticity while assisting with water retention during pregnancy. It is also beneficial for treating pregnancy-linked migraines as well as improving the functions of your reproductive system.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx

The black onyx is another potent crystal stone for pregnant women who need some grounding and strengthening energies. This black crystal radiates inner strength and vitality which can help provide you with a cool head during emotional situations which are quite common for pregnant women thanks to their fluctuating hormones.

This black stone is also considered one of the best stones for easing and removing negative energies, emotions and thoughts that come with childbirth and pregnancy. It eases anxieties and depression and instead focuses your energies on positive vibes.

Lastly, this stone can become a source of strength and power during childbirth. It is best to wear it as a pendant, bracelet or necklace whenever you are having negative thoughts, especially when seeing the big transformations in your body and thinking.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

The smoky quartz is another helpful crystal to use during pregnancy. This cloudy stone acts as an anchor in the natural world, drawing white light energy from the Divine realm down to your body in order to be deeply grounded and rooted in the physical plane. This makes it a powerful tool for protection, shielding you against environmental and emotional stress.

The stone can relieve stress, fear, unspoken resentment, anger, guilt, easing fatigue and depression while teaching you how to let go of what’s no longer necessary for growth. It lends the power to accept changes and provide grounding energies, to help you enjoy the present moment and in manifesting your intentions.

Furthermore, the smoky quartz crystal helps in balancing your sexual energy. It helps in easing depression and anxiety which can arise when your pregnancy starts to get a little complicated if you’re categorized as a high-risk pregnancy. Not only that, but this crystal stone can also have a positive impact on your uterus and sexual organs and boosting their overall function.

How to Use Crystals For Pregnancy

So, now that you know which crystals are best during pregnancy, let’s talk about how you can effectively use these crystals for pregnancy.

Bathe With Crystals

Bathing with your crystals for pregnancy can be a loving and feminine way to connect with their potent energies while providing a soothing and nurturing environment you can relax into. You simply need to add your preferred crystals for fertility in your bath with your favorite herbs, bath salts and essential oils for a more powerful combination.

You can bathe with pregnancy crystals every full or new moon since they resonate mostly with the feminine energies of the moon. Take note, however, that some crystals like selenite and chrysoprase can’t be submerged into the water since they can damage their structure. With that said, for the softer, porous and brittle crystals, you can simply place them near your bathtub in order to still connect to their vibrational energies.

Sip a Crystal Elixir

It’s recommended that pregnant women drink lots of water. And crystal elixir can help keep you hydrated while connecting with the supportive energies of your preferred crystals for pregnancy.  

You can try making a crystal elixir made from carnelian, lepidolite, amethyst, unakite, ruby zoisite, rose quartz, moonstone and selenite.

A word of caution though, some crystals release toxic elements and substances when submerged in water. So make sure to check out if the crystal you’ll be using to make an elixir is safe.

Now, if you are not so sure whether your preferred crystal is suitable or safe to be submerged in water, it is best that you simply put it outside or around your water bottle. Let their energies fill and infuse the water for hours to days.

Wear Crystal Jewelry

Wearing your crystal stones as pieces of jewelry is one of the most common ways to connect to their supportive energies all day long. This should help enhance loving and nurturing energies, cleansing your surrounding and emotional body of negative energies and stimulating a stronger connection with your unborn child.

You can wear crystal jewelry for pregnancy closer to your heart or sacral chakra. Meanwhile, crystals such as selenite, amethyst, moonstone, lepidolite and carnelian can be worn as bracelets or necklaces. Other crystals for fertility such as red jasper, chrysoprase, black onyx and citrine can be worn as rings or earrings.

Carry Tumbled Crystals

Now, if you do not like wearing your crystals for pregnancy as pieces of jewelry, then you can still connect to their energetic qualities all day long by carrying them in your pocket, purse or wallet.

Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed with negative energies and thoughts, need some positive vibes or self-loving energies or just want relief from physical symptoms of pregnancy like nausea and migraines, simply holding the stone or placing them on the affected area of your body can help.

Sync With The Moon Cycles

Living in sync with the nurturing feminine energies of the moon can have a powerful effect on your emotion, body and mind, especially during pregnancy

The moon emits supportive and gentle energies while amplifying the vibrational frequency of specific crystals for pregnancy such as selenite and moonstone. Make sure to set your intention with your crystal stone during the full moon or new moon.

You can dedicate the moon cycle in order to make time and space in inviting peace and harmony as well as good health for both you and your unborn child.

Do a Body Layout

A crystal body layout can help in aligning your chakras and pregnancy intentions as well as creating direct body contact with the unique vibrational energies of your chosen crystal stones.

Crystals that work together for a crystal body layout for pregnancy include selenite, carnelian, Angelite, moonstone, unakite, ruby zoisite, chrysocolla, black onyx and lepidolite. Regardless of what crystal you chose, make sure to let your instinct guide you to which area of your body will need healing in order to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Sleep With Crystals

You can also place your preferred crystals for pregnancy under your pillow or beside your bed while you sleep. This should help keep the crystals’ energies close to your body all the time, protecting you and your unborn child as you sleep.

Crystal Meditation

Meditation is also a popular way of connecting to the energies of your chosen crystals for pregnancy.

Meditation is said to bring focus and calmness to the body and using crystals during meditation can assist and boost your intentions. You can simply hold a crystal or two in your hand or create a crystal grid surrounding you as you meditate.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it is important that you only have access to positive and nurturing energies. After all, you’re currently nurturing and supporting another life in your body. And while crystal stones can provide you positive and enthusiastic energies, using them frequently and too much can cause their energies to get clogged up or filled with negative energies they’ve absorbed.

These energy blockages in your crystals can cause them to fail to offer you beneficial energy or worse the accumulated negative energy can influence you and your unborn baby. In order to prevent that from happening, you need to do regular cleaning and recharging of your crystal stone.

Clean Crystals For Pregnancy Physically

Physically cleaning your crystal stone is quick and easy. You simply wash the crystals in warm, soapy water. Using a soft brush or your fingers, gently rub their crystalline surface in order to remove any debris, dirt and dust that has accumulated or got stuck. Then, rinse the crystals thoroughly and pat dry with a clean, dry cloth.

While most crystals for pregnancy mentioned above are hard enough for regular water cleaning, some stones like selenite, pearl, chrysoprase and lepidolite are too soft, brittle or porous. This means that they can get damaged or dissolve in water. For these crystals, you can simply clean their physical structure by gently wiping away the debris and dust with a clean, dry cloth.

After physically cleaning your crystal stone, the next step is to cleanse and recharge their metaphysical energies. And for that, you have several options to choose from or try doing a combination of these processes.

Use Water From Waterfalls, Lakes, Springs and Oceans

First off, you can use natural water to metaphysically cleanse your crystal stone. Water from springs, lakes, waterfalls and oceans is the most suitable type. You simply submerge the crystals into a bowl filled with natural water and let the natural water cleanse and remove any toxicities from within the stones. You can do leave the stones for hours to days, depending on their hardness. Make sure to throw away the used water.

Bury on a Bowl Filled With Sea Salt

Once again, the crystals that are not suitable for water cleansing should never use this cleansing method. Instead, you can try using sea salt. Since ancient times, salt has been used by crystal healers to cleanse their gemstones. Natural sea salt is best; however, your regular table salt should do just fine. You simply bury the crystal stone into a bowl filled with salt for hours or days. This should help cleanse and remove the unwanted energies accumulated inside the stones. After cleansing, make sure to throw away the used salt.

Take Advantage of the Natural Elements

The natural elements also make a powerful cleanser and amplifier of crystal energies. The mighty energy of the sun is one of the most common options. With its fiery energy, simply leaving your crystal stone for a few minutes to an hour alone in the sun can instantly energize its frequency. This is especially true for crystals like citrine and carnelian that use sun energies. Take note, however, that the harsh rays of the sun can cause some crystals to fade. In order to be safe, you can leave your stone to bathe in the sun during sunrise and sunset only.

For a gentler cleansing, choose the feminine energies of the moon. This is particularly useful with crystals for pregnancy since they have a stronger association with the energies and cycles of the moon. In addition, moon cleansing is a much safer option than sun cleansing since the moon rays are not as harsh and cause fading in stones. You can simply leave your crystals in the direct light of the moon and do so especially during the full moon and new moon for better efficiency.

Smudge For a Few Minutes

Smudging is another great option for cleansing your crystals for pregnancy. The art of smudging involves burning a bundle of herbs or incense sticks. The resulting smoke is used to cover, cleanse and recharge the energies of your crystal stone as well as your environment, making it a dual-purpose ritual. When doing crystal smudging, make sure to envelop the crystals in the smoke for 30 seconds to a few minutes, especially if you frequently or heavily use the crystal. This ensures that your crystal is free from unwanted energies.

Remove Negative Energies With Sound Vibrations

If you have a singing bowl, you can also use it to cleanse your crystals for pregnancy. You simply leave the stone inside or surround the bowl. Then, by gently tapping the bowl, it releases soothing sound vibrations that can remove the unwanted and negative energies within your crystal stone. And it doesn’t stop there, the sound vibrations replace the unwanted energies with positive vibes that are useful and beneficial for your healing sessions.

Amplify Power With Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Selenite

Lastly, if you want a hassle-free and convenient way of cleansing and charging your stone, then you can simply use the “charging stones”. These crystals include large clear quartz, selenite and amethyst geodes. These stones are called the charging stones since they have the powerful cleansing ability as well as amplifying properties. So, not only do these crystals cleanse your body and surrounding negative energy, but they too can also clear the energies of any crystals sitting close to them. As a bonus, they can even double or power up the energies of your crystal, so you can enjoy a more powerful experience with your crystals for pregnancy.

Final Thoughts

Pregnancy is a happy chapter in your life. Make your pregnancy a much more enjoyable journey with the above-mentioned crystals. These crystal stones should help support you at any point in your pregnancy journey as long as you know how to properly use them. Also, make sure to always cleanse and recharge them, so you can maximize the benefit you receive from these stones.

A friendly reminder though, that while crystal therapy can indeed help in developing a positive experience during pregnancy, they are not meant to replace medical advice from experts. They shouldn’t be used solely and should only work in combination with qualified medical care.


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