28 Most Useful Crystals For Relieving Sadness – The “How To” Guide

28 Most Useful Crystals For Relieving Sadness - The How To Guide

Introduction on Crystals For Relieving Sadness

Introduction on Crystals For Relieving Sadness

In life, there will always be two sides to the coin. Just as there’s no light without darkness, you can’t live a life of happiness without the occasional sadness.

It usually comes out of nowhere (waking up sad and drained) or it can follow up after a significant event in your life (the loss of a loved one or friend, a breakup, or other life crisis). Sadness can slowly roll in, like the dark, gloomy clouds before a storm, or it can hit you so suddenly, without any fair warning.

Whatever form it takes, sadness is something that everyone experiences, and yet it can still be quite difficult to get past for some.

While we wish that we never have to experience this dreadful feeling, sadness allows us to celebrate and recognize moments of happiness. That said, it’s important that you keep your sadness in check. There are several ways to deal with sadness. However, one of the most popular ways to handle your negative energy is by using the best crystals for relieving sadness to pick yourself up when you’re feeling down so you don’t get stuck in the darkness or feel sad for too long.

A Complete List of Crystals For Relieving Sadness

Whether you’re grieving or just feel a little blue, these crystals for relieving sadness can help remove the negative energies that bring this dreaded feeling while providing you positive, optimistic energies and healing.

Apache Tears

Apache Tears

One of the best stones that provide intense healing of your emotional body is the apache tears. It is particularly useful in times of intense sadness and grief, bringing you supportive and grounding energies to bring you much-needed relief when you are devastated.

This black stone carries one of the gentlest and comforting grounding and protective stones are known to man. Stimulating your root chakra, the apache tears can shield against negative energies as well as energy vampires or psychic attacks but also keep conflict and hostility at bay. This gentle stone can easily link with your emotional body. It helps in cleansing and healing old wounds, relieving sadness as well as the long-held emotions and grievances.

Not only that, but its energies can help in moving the deep-rooted and toxic emotions caused by traumas or sufferings. It then helps in removing these blockages from your emotional body in order to move forward and completely heal. With its connection to mother earth, it releases these negative energies back to the ground, bringing you a sense of freedom, healing and strength, forgiving yourself and going back to your true essence.



Whenever you’re feeling sad, you need something that can shine brightness to your darkened world. And sunstone is a beautiful crystal stone that radiates pure happiness and joy with its bright demeanor. Its potent positive energy can shine a bright light on independence and empowerment. Wearing this potent stone is like basking in the warming energies of the sun and feeling the light spilling across your skin, making you feel energized on a gloomy, sad or lazy day.

It carries the powerful energies of the sun, bringing regenerative powers and helping you in staying positive in all kinds of situations. It brings freedom, personal power and expanded consciousness to its users. Not only that, but because it reflects the qualities of sun and light, the sunstone crystal also provides openness and warmth as well as mental clarity, strength and the ability and willingness to bestow blessings upon others.

Furthermore, whenever you ever feel drained by other people’s toxic and negative energy, the sunstone crystal is said to help free you from these possessive energies. Plus, this crystal stone also acts as a powerful antidepressant and helps in increasing your enthusiasm and optimism.



Like sunstone heliodor is another sadness-relieving crystal stone. As a matter of fact, its name literally means the “gift from the sun”. This makes heliodor one of the best crystals for relieving sadness and inducing positive energy.

Thanks to its happy and sunny energy that shines on the darkness, heliodor is said to help through periods of intense sadness, stress or a depressive state. It can give you the much-needed energy and boost to rise up once again and fight this psychological warfare you’re going through.

Taking the powerful light of the sun, this stone can also shine bright on your sad life, removing self-doubting and feelings of worthlessness so you can move forward and overcome depression. It is the representation and illumination of enthusiasm, warmth, positivity, higher thinking and a more vibrant, centered physical wellbeing.

Not only that but heliodor is also considered as one of the best feel-good stones that can help in relieving sadness and fighting a pessimistic outlook, negative attitude or anxious thinking. It gives you hope and courage so you can look and move forward in your life even during the most difficult and challenging times.



Another sunny stone, citrine is one of those crystals brimming with positive and optimistic energy, relieving sadness and negativities by just looking at it. Like sunstone and heliodor, citrine also carries the energies of the mighty sun which shines a light on any negative energies and sadness you may have.

For instance, if you have been feeling gloomy or sad for no reason or you have experienced a period of intense stress or grieving, this energetic stone can provide you with a much-needed boost. Stimulating and restoring balance to your solar plexus chakra, citrine has the ability to eliminate all feelings of negativities, worthlessness or self-doubt. Plus, it also helps in clearing the path for you to move forward again.

Citrine is also one of the best stones to get you moving again as well as manifest happiness in your life. It helps push away the sadness and unwanted energies and guide you towards action and manifest your desires and wishes in life.



Lepidolite is considered one of the most calming and sadness-relieving stones available. Targeting your emotional and psychological body, the lepidolite provides gentle energies, increasing your positivity and bringing your feel-good vibes. As a result, it helps in harmonizing all emotions running riot in your soul, mind and body to provide instant calming in your emotional plane.

Furthermore, did you know that lepidolite is famous for its lithium content? And lithium is a major component in most drugs for reducing sadness, depression and anxiety. Thus, lepidolite also has the ability to stop negative thoughts,  overcome emotional disturbances and relieve sadness, hopelessness and misery. Plus, wearing this crystal stone wherever you go can help in reducing negative emotions while protecting you from outside influences.

As a stone of the higher chakras, lepidolite can also help in tapping into a higher level of understanding. Most of the time, being sad has something to do with having no spiritual enlightenment.

By connecting you to the higher realm, lepidolite can soothe your mind and spirit while expanding your consciousness so you can see things from a better perspective. This allows you to understand your life path and attain a goal, replacing the feelings of hopelessness and sadness with a renewed sense of motivation and life goals.

Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper

Jasper stones are a well-known energy provider and provide nurturing frequency. But, if you’re looking for a jasper stone variety that can bring light to a gloomy emotion, then the yellow jasper is your best option. It is perhaps the most popular of its family for bringing happiness and positivity.

Since it is believed to hold the potent energy of the sun, the yellow jasper is also one of the perfect crystals that can chase away loneliness and sadness while encouraging more positive thinking. Not only that, but it also has warming energy that can remove the winter blues during the colder season.

Dubbed as the Supreme Nurturer, yellow jasper also works in encouraging generosity, goodwill and kindness by balancing the energies of your spirit, mind and emotions. The yellow jasper can help in replacing your negative emotions and thinking with positive vibes. As a result, this stone can improve your optimism and ensure a more confident approach, even when you are under stress.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is considered one of the most important stones in every healer’s crystal toolbox. This beautiful, clear stone can light up any unwanted gloomy or negative emotions and bring positive energy into your life.

Like its clear crystalline structure, the clear quartz crystal acts as a deep soul cleanser that can enhance and purify your body’s internal structure as well as the surrounding subtle bodies in order to connect the physical dimension with your mind.  Not only that, but this crystal can also focus on removing your inner sadness and negativity while stimulating positive feelings and thoughts in its place.

With that said, perhaps the most loved attribute of clear quartz is its ability to amplify or boost the energies of other crystals. So, while you can use it alone for relieving sadness, the clear quartz crystal stone is usually paired with other crystals for relieving sadness to enhance their properties. This can double or even triple the energies of other crystals on this list for more beneficial vibrations.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Like clear quartz, the smoky quartz is one of the most popular stones in the crystal world and is a must-have in every crystal collection. Mostly favored as a crystal for relieving sadness thanks to its grounding and healing energies that can remove sadness, frustrations and other negative feelings and emotions.

Its strong connection with both root and crown chakra makes it a uniquely spiritual and grounding crystal compared to the other crystal stones. So, other than cleansing and grounding your negative energy, the smoky quartz can also stimulate higher awareness. This is perfect for having a better understanding of why you’re feeling sad or having negative emotions while giving you the power to release these unwanted emotions.

So, if you whenever feel sad, anxious, worried or just need to let go of unhelpful patterns, then the smoky quartz crystal can help free you from the unnecessary emotional baggage.



Pyrite is considered one of the best crystals for relieving sadness by bringing you positive energy whenever you feel unwanted, lonely or sad. Within its unique cubic structure is a potent energy field that can help in blocking out all kinds of negative frequencies and pollutants in your surroundings.

As a result, this stone is best used for preventing and stopping outside influences from affecting your thinking and mood. Thus, it is a great stone to use together with cleansing stones such as apache and clear quartz.

Furthermore, pyrite is an excellent stone in attracting prosperity. This makes it a powerful ally if your sadness and frustrations stem from not having enough money or being debt-ridden. This crystal stone can replace your negative thinking with determination while bringing you the energies to attract wealth and prosperity from the universe.

Crazy Lace Agate

Crazy Lace Agate

What is the complete opposite of sadness? Happiness. And to be filled with happiness, use the energies of the crazy lace agate that embodies laughter, optimism and positivity. This crystal stone can shed light on your gloomy emotion and is an excellent source of radiant happiness as well as positive and subtle energies whenever you’re feeling alone.

As a matter of fact, the crazy lace agate is known as the Happy Lace or the Laughter Stone. Fun fact: it is also associated with sunny Mexican dancing and fiestas, bringing happiness and joy to those who use or wear it.

One look at this appealing stone can instantly elevate your thought and emotions while promoting optimism in your life. The graceful design of this stone with its random lacy patterns can create a powerful circular flow of energy that can stimulate the mind and your attitude.

Furthermore, the agate crystal can help overcome the bitterness and negativity of the heart by healing frustrations, loneliness, anger and negative emotions, stimulating love and providing the courage for you to start over. This stone is quite useful for all kinds of trauma. It essentially absorbs all kinds of emotional baggage and brings joy and optimism to your life.



Mookaite or the Australian Jasper carries the bold and earthy beauty with a fiery energetic fusion of yellow and red energies. As a result, it brings the invigorating frequency of vitality and strength and increases the Life force within your physical body that is critical in banishing sadness and feelings of hopelessness.

Mookaite is particularly beneficial if you are prone to feelings of sadness and loneliness, the Mookaite stone can be a good ally. It shall fill you with feelings of joy, happiness, excitement and hope. Then, it removes any feelings or emotions that do not help you in achieving emotional balance.

Also, as a mother earth stone, mookaite has gained popularity throughout the crystal world for its ability to encourage and empower you to connect and feel the electromagnetic energy currents of the planet. Its strong connection to the root chakra and Mother earth makes it the stone of the “here and now”. The grounding energies of Mookaite stone can help you look past your sufferings and loneliness, enjoy the current moment and look forward to the future with hope.



Most people who feel sad often tend to be lazy or feel like doing nothing at all. In this case, garnet can help.

Considered to be one of the most potent crystals to awaken your inner self, the blood-red crystal is said to produce some of the strongest chi or life force energy in the whole mineral kingdom. Garnet is well-known to brings pure strength, stamina and fortitude with a good amount of confidence to raise yourself to an all-time high.

With such power, you can remove the lethargic feeling or loneliness you’re feeling. Also, this crystal stone helps prevents feeling flighty or out of concentration by keeping you grounded through the root chakra.

It helps in grounding your spirit within the body and allowing you to work lovingly on the physical plane. As a talisman of protection and strength, this stone can also increase your willpower and resistance to all negativities in life.

With its elemental earthy colors and varieties, the garnet is also considered a spiritual stone of self-empowerment and higher thinking and a stone of safety, security and strength by keeping you grounded and stable, allowing you to overcome all sense of sadness and negativity in your life.



Peridot with its loving and soothing energy can remove the sadness and loneliness you’re feeling and instead offers a joyful and cheerful disposition to anyone who carries or wears it as pieces of jewelry or even uses it during their spiritual or meditation practices.

With its green-yellow beauty, the peridot crystal can help in clearing blockages in your heart and solar plexus chakra. This should in releasing sadness, doubts, guilt or other negative patterns of thinking, emotions and behaviors. Also, this nurturing crystal shall fill you with gentle, positive vibrations that will teach you about the importance of self-love as well as encourage you to take responsibility for your own decisions.

Not only that, but this crystal stone also has the ability to turn all kinds of negative energy into something positive. So, if you need to remove the unwanted sadness and winter blues, boost positive energy, heal your emotional health, and even have lady luck by your side, then the peridot crystal is a potent stone to try.

Indicolite Quartz

Indicolite Quartz

Indicolite quartz is the name given to a pretty rare kind of blue tourmaline. This mesmerizing stone is found in mineral deposits and in high-temperature hydrothermal veins with the finest ones found in Brazil. The name comes from the Latin term “Indicum” which means blue-colored plant. This crystal stone can reflect various shades of blues depending on which angle you look at it.

Metaphysically speaking, indicolite quartz features high vibrational energies that can help drown out the sadness, sorrow, pain and other negativities and replace them with acceptance, optimism and positivity. It is a powerful healer of sadness, loneliness and grief, allowing you to come to terms with the buried memories or emotions from the past when there’s no possibility of justice.

Dubbed as the stone of peace and spirit, this stone helps you achieve a deeper meditation and in bringing past hurts and unwanted negative emotions that might be causing you to feel sad to the surface for healing. Not only that, but this crystal stone also helps in releasing the emotional bonds with grieving and helps you attain a stronger connection to the higher spiritual realm. So, if you are lucky enough to own an indicolite crystal, make sure to keep it close to you whenever you feel sad or during times of grieving.

Pink Opal

Pink Opal

Opal, especially the pink variety, is a very powerful ally in terms of healing your heart and emotional body. This crystal stone can unlock, unblock and activate your heart chakra while imbuing your auric field with tranquil and calming vibrations. Thus, this is the perfect sone for your to carry if you are struggling with any sadness, particularly of a broken heart.

In addition, this crystal stone can help serve your emotional body in terms of a breakup, a long-distance relationship or the loss of a loved one. This stone has the ability to push you to look from within, strengthening your connection to your inner self. By strengthening such connections, you can attain confidence and become a stronger person to overcome the difficult times in your life.

Not only that, but this stone shows you that you do not have to lean on your loved ones as much. So, when death happens, you can rely on yourself and give yourself a sense of individuality while showing you how strong you can be. By turning to your inner self and beginning to work on healing and releasing the negativities, you can remove the emotional strain that is weighing on your mind and heart.



Technically speaking, jet is not a crystal. It is considered a mineral that’s formed from fossilized wood. Regardless of its form or composition, jet is still a brilliant stone for relieving sadness. Throughout history, the jet crystal was said to provide strong grounding energies that can keep you at the present moment whenever you feel overwhelmed or sad.

Not only that but its black color energies are also said to be highly efficient in absorbing negative energies from your surroundings and from yourself. So, whenever heavy energies seem to be weighing on you, the jet stone can help ease the burden and makes you feel stable and grounded.

The jet mineral can provide you with a more balanced perspective. As a bonus, this mineral is also said to help guard you against poor health and even violence and bullying. Take note, however, that since the jet tends to accumulate and absorb too much negativity, it needs to be cleansed and charged regularly.



Like most crystals mentioned above that carry the might of the sun, the carnelian also has a hint of sun energies, but like the warming sunset rays. Its bold, potent energy can bring the rush of joy and warmth that instantly removes feelings of sadness, worthlessness and stimulates your whole body.

This beautiful orange stone can help in balancing body energy levels while also boosting a listless or lazy attitude that often comes with extreme sadness. It provides you with the energy to move and the courage to take risks while promoting positive life choices.

This crystal can also infuse you with genuine happiness and joy while removing the toxic and negative thoughts and beliefs. The crystal can also protect you against rage, envy, grief, anxiousness, hopelessness and even resentment— from you or from other people.

Not only that, but the carnelian stone is also a good stabilizer of your whole being. This makes it a perfect tool for anchoring yourself in the present. The high energies of this crystal can help in restoring your lost motivation and vitality, relieving feelings of loneliness while also stimulating creativity for new pursuits.



Larimar is the premier stone for peace and calmness. This makes it one of your best allies if you ever find yourself alone, suffering from sadness or struggling with controlling your emotions. With its strong connection to the throat chakra, the larimar stone helps you communicate the sadness and grief that you feel within, especially after losing someone or something precious to you.

With its calming blue shades, this crystal stone helps you open up yourself to your loved ones or close friends around you to discuss what you are feeling or what you may be dealing with. As one of the best stones for peace, the larimar can help you in keeping a calm mind and allow the true emotions from your heart to surface.

Not only that, but the larimar stone is also a great supportive stone for those who experienced emotional trauma in their life— whether it is the loss of a loved one or a heartbreak— that they cannot seem to move forward from.

This stone can help in cooling down your emotional body and cleansing the space so you can cope better and recover from extreme sadness or depression faster. It teaches you to look at these events in your life as a testament to your strength. It also pushes you towards relaxation, resolution and an evolution of yourself.

Ruby Fuchsite

Ruby Fuchsite

The ruby fuchsite is a crystal stone having both ruby and green fuchsite in its crystalline structure. Such a combination creates potent energy that can help in healing your emotional body and relieve sadness, especially if it is caused by the loss of a loved one.

The energies of the ruby fuchsite stone offer strong emotional support as well as self-reflection during the most difficult times in your life. The energies of the ruby gemstone can help provide endless strength, vitality and courage. Meanwhile, the fuchsite offers nourishing, healing and relaxing energies to the emotional body.

This stone will start to heal your emotional body and help in receiving the heavy emotions and weight that you care about your heart due to grief and extreme sadness. It aids in providing confidence and strength in yourself which is something that you tend to neglect during a loss.

Not only that, but the ruby fuchsite also helps in resonating strongly with the energies of the earth and uses its nurturing vibrations to bring rejuvenation and renewed energy to the whole body. Also, it shall help in rooting you back to earth with an open heart in order to start the healing and strengthening process.



Epidote is one of the best crystals for relieving sadness thanks to its powerful grounding capabilities. This is because of its connection to Mother Earth, which allows you to attain balance in your overall body.

The epidote focuses more on your spiritual growth. This crystal helps you become more attuned to your spiritual self. It has the ability to show you numerous sides of yourself that you did not know so you can develop a deeper and higher awareness of yourself. By being more attuned to yourself, you can become more mindful and aware of your feelings, especially your negative emotions such as sadness and being depressed.

As it does so, it also stimulates your root chakra, allowing you to stay in the present moment and reality as you try to learn more about yourself. Not only that, but this stone can also bring you the energy of change. Then, it shall bring the energies of protection against all kinds of negativity. Its calming energy can help stimulate a stable, secure and comforting feeling.



Taking the calming energies of the blue sky and sea, the turquoise is loved for its ability to protect its wearer against negative emotions and feelings. With its beautiful calming hues, turquoise is an efficient healer of the mind, providing solace for your spirit and inducing the well-being of the body. It can encourage a positive overall mood, banishing sadness and unworthiness by inducing a sense of peace and tranquility.

As the stone of purification, this stone can also help dispel negative entities and energies, clearing away all negativity from your environment. It can promote self-realization and help induce creative thinking and problem-solving. It helps in stabilizing your mood swings and removes your self-sabotaging “shutting down” tendencies.

Furthermore, turquoise is a great anti-stress, anti-sadness and anti-hysteria stone. Its color alone can calm the inner troubles you have, proving a moment of tranquility and peace within you. This stone has the ability to help calm yourself if you tend to overreact and overthink your situations.

Gem Silica

Gem Silica

Gem silica, which is also known as Chrysocolla Chalcedony, is a very rare crystal that features both chrysocolla and quartz crystal in a single crystalline structure. This means that the gem silica carries all properties and qualities of the chrysocolla stone as well as the amplifying attributes of quartz crystal. This crystal stone has the ability to connect your third eye, heart chakra and throat chakra altogether.

Such unique channeling can provide you with the ability to better understand your emotions and effectively process your emotional body, banishing feelings of sadness, especially when grieving for the loss of a loved one. This crystal stone can help you in releasing any lingering grief, sadness, loneliness or trauma that you might be holding onto.

Not only that but your intuition is also raised when using this crystal stone and helps you focus your attention on the minute details of your emotional self. The elevated focus can help you accept the weight that you have been carrying and finally work towards removing it from your heart. This may consist of finally accepting a situation like a loss of a loved one and moving past it or vocalizing a sensitive subject about your life.

Either way, this crystal stone can help pull out the negativity inside so you can finally start looking ahead with a joyful and clear heart. Your aura will soon radiate with wonderful positivity and optimism.

Golden Apatite

Golden Apatite

The golden or yellow apatite is considered as one of the purest crystal stones of yellow rays. It carries the energies of happiness, positivity and mental clarity so that there’s no more space for unwanted negativity in your life.

Its yellow energies make it a joyful stone and a sense of emotional wellbeing. With positive energy, this sunny crystal can instill optimism and hope. This stone will help in the release of old blockages which can limit your acceptance of positive and energy-inducing vibrations from the universe.

With the energies of the sun, this stone can shine positivity into your life. It has the ability to clear away negativity, sadness, anxiety, depression, apathy or confusion. More importantly, this stone can help in stimulating your intellect in order to expand truth and knowledge that may be used for the collective good or for personal growth.

Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz, also goes by the name tourmalined quartz, is a unique crystal stone that contains the protective Black Tourmaline in needles or strand forms included in the powerful Master Healer clear quartz structure. The resulting stone carries the protective and grounding energies of the black tourmaline that is made even more powerful with the amplifying capabilities of the clear quartz crystal.

With its strong focus on the root chakra, this stone can bring grounding energies that will help keep you secure and stable. In terms of emotional healing, this stone is believed to heal dark moods and alleviate depression.

It is even said to relieve anxiety, extreme sadness, fears and phobia. Thanks to the clear quartz, the tourmalinated quartz also connects to your crown chakra and is said to help enhance your wisdom while purifying the mind and soul. It gets rid of all negative energy that might interrupt your spiritual growth and development.

The activation of your topmost and bottommost chakras together brings energies of enlightenment of the physical and spiritual realm while keeping you connected to your roots. It is an excellent talisman against evil and all kinds of negative energy and vibrations possible.

Green Opal

Green Opal

The green opal, like its pink sibling, is a potent crystal that is all about healing and nurturing the heart while creating a stronger connection to Mother Earth for rejuvenation and nourishing. The green opal helps in providing releasing and healing energies to anyone that is struggling with extreme sadness or emotional heartache.

As a matter of fact, the green opal is considered as one the best stones for those who might be experiencing sadness, anxiety, depression or loneliness due to recent grief or trauma or the end of a relationship.

The green opal has the ability to bring you strength to use while also encouraging you to push forward and rebuild yourself. As a matter of fact, this crystal stone is here to show you that you only need yourself in life and to serve as a daily reminder of your true inner strength.

Not only that, but the green opal can also bring you calming energies, especially during the times when you feel hyper-emotional. By holding this stone, you can easily feel its soothing energies. It not only helps calm your emotions but also slows down your mind and prevents the negative energies to take full control.

Golden Topaz

Golden Topaz

More popularly known as the Imperial topaz, the golden topaz is considered the rarest, and thus most expensive, variety of topaz available. Naturally occurring in orange to yellow hues with reddish overtones, the golden topaz features a striking color that makes it highly sought after.

In terms of its metaphysical attributes, the color energies of this stone resonate with your solar and sacral chakras. AS a result, it is excellent in lifting your mood and making you feel good about yourself. Not only that, but this crystal can also bring out hidden and unwanted emotions.

Not only that, but this stone can also align with the true vibrancy of your soul and bring love, joyfulness, positivity and happiness to your life. The imperial topaz is also known to recharge your physical body helping you overcome exhaustion and tiredness which is common whenever you feel extremely sad or in a depressive mood.

Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline

Resembling the favorite fruit during summer, the watermelon tourmaline features beautiful shades of the pinks and greens that resonate strongly with the heart and higher heart chakra.  With such deep stimulation and healing of your heart chakra, this crystal stone is perfect for helping you get over dark or negative attitudes, feelings of sadness and anguish, and relieving depression and anxiety.

This crystal stone can help in soothing emotional disturbances brought about by extreme sadness, shock and grief. It helps in accessing and unlocking the depths of your heart and encouraging a full cleansing and healing of your emotional wounds.

It should also help you in letting go of behavioral and thinking patterns that are not healthy for you. This helps in making more room for more positive and better ways of thinking and allows for a positive makeover of your emotional being.

With this stone by your side, you will enjoy love, light and rejuvenation in order to help keep your heart and mind imbued with general happiness and joy. Not only that, but it also teaches you compassion for yourself while boosting your innate healing abilities.

Canary Diamond

Canary Diamond

The Canary Diamond is the name given to the yellow or golden variety of diamonds. Its unique and mesmerizing sparkle makes it one of the most popular and highly sought-after forms of the colored diamond.

Metaphysically speaking, the canary diamond features a fun, sunny and uplifting shade that brightens a gloomy attitude or extreme feelings of sadness and loneliness by evoking a sense of cheerfulness, happiness and responsibility.

With its yellow energy, this crystal resonates strongly with your solar plexus chakra. It has properties and meanings of making you feel brighter. Not only that, but the yellow color also provides the symbolism of intellect, wisdom and knowledge. It can stimulate your mind to maintain a positive and brighter outlook and life.

How to Use Crystals For Relieving Sadness

Now that you know which crystals are good for removing sadness and a gloomy outlook, here are some tips on how to use these crystals for relieving sadness to maximize their wonderful benefits.

Keep Them Close

Crystals for relieving sadness should always be kept as close to your body as possible in order to heal your emotional body and benefit from their energizing vibes.

One of the best ways to always keep their energetic vibrations close to you is to wear them as jewelry. This ensures that you enjoy the soothing and supportive energies of your crystals for relieving sadness for the whole day and wherever you go. By wearing these crystals you get a direct skin contact that allows you to experience their pulsating vibrational energies directly.

If you choose to wear your crystals for relieving sadness, make sure to choose a form of crystal jewelry that allows them to be close to their associated chakra. For instance, the darker stones like Apache tears, garnet, tourmalinated quartz, smoky quartz, carnelian and citrine are associated with the lower chakras which are your solar plexus, sacral and root chakras. Thus, it is best to wear them as rings or bracelets for closer proximity to these chakra systems.

How to Use Crystals For Relieving Sadness

Meanwhile, the crystal stones that resonate strongly with your heart chakra,’ which is mostly green and pink stones such as peridot and pink opal, are best worn as necklaces or pendants hanging close to your heart center. The same can be applied to the stones that resonate with the throat chakra such as larimar and turquoise.

Now, for the stones pulsating with the energies of the crown or third eye chakras such as lepidolite and clear quartz, you can wear them as earrings or even in head pieces.

Other than wearing crystals as pieces of jewelry, you can also simply keep your crystals in your pocket or wallet to keep them close to you. This is suitable if you don’t like wearing your crystal or you have ones that are brittle or soft and not suitable for jewelry use. You can simply carry a tumbled stone or rubbing stone with you or tuck this in your pocket or wallet.

This allows their beneficial energy to pulsate through your auric field or gives you easy access to their supportive energy whenever you needed to calm down. Once again, it is best if you place these crystals to their associated chakra to boost their impressive powers. 

Take a Relaxing Bath With Crystals For Relieving Sadness

Nothing beats a nice, warm bath in keeping your mind off the sadness and loneliness you’re feeling.

What’s more, is that water is a powerful conductor of energy and a powerful amplifier of the crystal frequency. Thus, it’s possible to use your crystal as you take a bath. This is particularly suitable if you are looking to release the stress of the day.

The crystals for relieving sadness can absorb and remove all kinds of negative energy from within you while specific crystals can enlighten your mood and emotional body. It shall bring the content and satisfying feeling that’s comforting and nurturing, bringing you back to your core and inner self.

Meanwhile, the warm water not only soothes your body but can also help amplify the potency of your chosen crystals for relieving sadness, offering you the ultimate beneficial energies.

Take note, however, that some crystals should never be exposed or submerged in water since they can damage or dissolve their structure. The good news is that you don’t have to throw your crystal in the water with you to be effective. Simply surrounding your bathtub with your preferred crystal for relieving sadness can help achieve your intention.

Place It Around Your Home or Office

Sadness can be contagious. But it can also be a phenomenon in a group of people, especially when dealing with a loss. If so, chances are other family members are also feeling blue.

The best way to bring the supportive and healing energies of crystals for relieving sadness is by placing them around your home or even office. By doing so, these crystals can exude healing energy, positivity as well as the much-needed protective energy into the space that will not only benefit you as well as other people around you.

Plus, most crystals make beautiful decorations, especially in their raw, natural shapes and form. For instance, crystals such as crazy lace agate, clear quartz, pyrite and larimar are not only beautiful decorative stones but also help absorb the toxic emotions, thoughts and feelings from within you while bringing energies of healing, comfort and peace.

So, whenever you start feeling lonely or having negative thoughts or emotions, you can simply gaze into the crystal stone you chose with a soft focus. This should cleanse your emotional body and auric field, bring you awareness and focus and allow you to have a clearer mind.

Meditate Regularly With Crystals For Relieving Sadness

Meditation is an effective practice for reducing negativities and maintaining a positive life. Regular meditation can help in clearing your mind of unwanted thoughts and then replacing them with calming and positive energies.

The best crystals for relieving sadness can further enhance the effect of calming meditation.

Simply pick your preferred crystal and sit in a quiet space. As your heart and mind start to calm, focus your intention on manifesting positivity and removing the negative energies within. Then, allow the energies of your crystal stone to help deepen your experience and intention.

Squeeze in some Visualizations

Similar to meditation, visualizations are another effective sadness-relieving habit. Doing a few seconds of visualizations every day can help program your brain to stop having negative thoughts and induce calming and positive emotions instead.

And the positive, healing energies of crystals like clear quartz and citrine can further help enhance that mental image of your goal and objective for the day. You can also do this using a vision board. Surrounding the board with the best crystals for relieving sadness can help in increasing its power.

Visualization is also suitable if you don’t have enough time to do a full session of meditation. You can do crystal visualization whenever you feel sad, taking only a few seconds of your time. These few seconds can bring significant impact in ensuring you stay positive and grounded throughout the day.

Make a Crystal Grid for Relieving Sadness

How to Use Crystals For Relieving Sadness

A crystal grid for relieving sadness can help you stay grounded in the present moment, especially if you’re doing meditations. Most people like to make crystal grids when meditating, ensuring that they are surrounded by strategically-placed energies throughout the session.

You can also create a small crystal grid from the corner of your room or form a larger one by placing each crystal of your choice in a corner of your room or even the four external corners of your home property.

Build a Crystal-Based Altar

If a crystal grid is not enough, you can also build altars filled with crystals for relieving sadness, incense, essential oil diffuser and other spiritual items that can help you stay positive and provide healing energies.

By building a crystal-based altar, you’re able to create a sacred space in your home that you can go to whenever you’re feeling sad or overwhelmed with emotions. It can help you get an instant boost of positive energy while removing the negative thinking and emotions.

Try A Crystal Body Layout

Crystals, as mentioned before, work best when they have direct contact with your auric field. This means that a body layout is another great method of connecting to the energies of your crystals for relieving sadness.

Doing a body layout means strategically placing crystals on your body as you lay down. With that said, you need to place crystals directly on their specific chakra stones. Once you place each crystal stone on its specific chakra locations, focus on deepening your breath and practice gratitude for your crystal stones while they are placed on your body in order to enhance the effect.

This should open your heart and free the chattering mind by allowing you to focus on cleansing your emotional body and achieving a relaxed and positive state of mind free of sadness.

Make Crystal Elixirs

Last but not the least, crystal elixirs have been a great way to directly consume the energies of your favorite crystals for relieving sadness. Drinking crystal elixirs allow you to cleanse your body and energy field from the inside out.

If you’re thinking of using crystal elixirs, there are two ways to create one.

The first one is a direct method that requires you to completely submerge a crystal of your choice into spring water for hours or even a day. Doing so, the energies of the crystals stone will be infused into the water. This is because, as mentioned before, water is an excellent conductor of energy. After 24 hours, you can drink the crystal elixir whenever you’re feeling blue, helping in cleansing your energy field.

With that said, most crystals are not suitable to be submerged in water, since they can be damaged, dissolved or release toxic substances in the water. In such cases, the indirect method is a suitable option to create an elixir. This method requires you to create a crystal grid around or place a specific crystal on top of a water bottle and let the energetic qualities of the crystal soak the water for a day.

Whatever method you choose, crystal elixirs should help get a different kind of response from your particular crystal stone.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Relieving Sadness?

Crystals for relieving sadness often absorb and accumulate negative energies. They absorb all kinds of negative energies from influencing your auric energy and then release it back to nature. Some crystals, especially those associated with the root chakra can also have an influencing effect to keep you rooted and stay in the present moment, putting you back in a neutral position.

Due to the negative vibrations they collected and being overworked at protecting you against sadness and other negative feelings, these crystal stones can experience low energies or be filled with toxic vibes. As a result, it can prevent you from benefiting the most out of their powers. With that said, crystals for relieving sadness need frequent cleaning and charging sessions.

Start With A Gentle Wash

The first step in cleansing your crystal is to physically clean your stone. You can do this by simply washing it in running water. Rubbing it with liquid dishwashing soap should also help in removing the debris and dust accumulated in its crystalline structure. Make sure to rinse the stone properly and pat dry with a soft cloth.

Take note: Most crystals don’t do well with water. Soft and brittle crystals can get damaged or dissolve in water. For these types of crystal stones, you simply need to gently wipe their crystalline structure with a clean, dry and soft cloth.

Cleanse With The Energies of Earth

How to Cleanse Crystals For Relieving Sadness?

All crystal stones have a strong connection to Mother Earth. Thus, one of the best ways to cleanse and recharge their energies and powers is to leave them alone with the nurturing energies of earthy elements.

You can simply leave your crystals for relieving sadness out in a rich garden or forest for a few hours. This can help in nourishing and replenishing their exhausted energies while also releasing the toxicities and negativity back to earth.

If you want, you can even bury the crystal in a bowl filled with nurturing soil for a few hours. This ensures that all negativity from the stone will be absorbed by the soil. You can simply wash the stone with water or wipe it clean with a soft cloth to remove the dirt.

Use Natural Water Sources

Natural water sources are also a great way to cleanse your crystals for relieving sadness. While you may have already physically cleaned your crystals with tap water, using natural water sources from lakes, waterfalls or spring water can add another cleansing factor. In particular, using salt water gives you the best results. As a matter of fact, salt has been used throughout history to absorb unwanted and toxic energies and banish negativity.

So, if you’re lucky enough to live near the ocean, simply collect a bowl of fresh saltwater to soak your crystals for relieving sadness. Otherwise, you can simply mix a tablespoon of table, rock or sea salt into a bowl of water. Submerge the stone and allow it to soak for a few hours to even days. Rinse and pat dry the crystals for relieving sadness when complete.

Bury It In Salt Or Brown Rice

Once again, for the crystals for relieving sadness that should not be submerged in water, you can just use salt for cleansing and charging. Simply bury the crystals in a bowl filled with salt and leave it for a few hours. The salt should absorb the toxic energies from the stone. Make sure to throw away the used salt after.

If you think salt will damage the crystalline structure of your gemstone, you can use brown rice instead. Like with salt, brown rice can help remove toxic and negative energies from your crystals for relieving sadness and leaving them recharged. You can also bury the crystal stone in a bowl filled with brown rice for hours to days. Make sure to throw away the used brown rice after.

Allow for a Sun Bathing

This crystal cleansing method is best used for the sunny crystals like citrine, heliodor and sunstone. But every crystal will need the empowering energies of the sun.

Take note: Sunlight is indeed a powerful cleanser and energizer of crystals. However, most crystal stones can get damaged or fade when exposed to direct sunlight.

Thus, if you want to charge your crystals for relieving sadness with the powers of the sun, consider doing this for a few minutes during sunrise and sunset only. The harsh sun rays during the day aren’t recommended for crystal cleansing.  

Or Nurture With The Luminosity of the Moon

If you don’t want to take your chances in charging your crystals for relieving sadness with the energies of the sun, you can opt for a safer method— the moon.

As a matter of fact, stone healers since ancient times took advantage of the powers of the moonlight to cleanse, empower and nurture any crystal stone.

In particular, a full moon is preferred in releasing powerful energies that help recharge and cleanse crystals for relieving sadness. With that said, it is possible to use any phase of the moon, but it won’t be as powerful as the full moon.

To cleanse and energize your crystal stone with the luminosity of the moon, simply place the crystal outside where moonlight can regenerate its tired energy.

Use a Charger Crystal

Crystals carry varying energies and benefits. And if you’ve been using crystals for a long time now, then you know that some crystals have the power to charge and cleanse and other crystal stones.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Relieving Sadness?

We like to call them the crystal chargers. These charging crystal stones have the power to remove the toxic energies from the stone and replace it with positive and soothing vibrations. Some of the most common crystals that can charge others include clear quartz, amethyst, selenite and carnelian.

These crystals can be found in the form of plates, slabs or large, raw crystals. By simply placing your crystals for relieving sadness that needs charging to these crystal chargers, you can cleanse and remove away the toxic energies.

Not only that, but these crystal chargers also have the ability to amplify and energize the vibrations of other crystals close to them. So, not only will you get a cleansed crystal, but you get a crystal with amplified powers.

Try The Art of Smudging

If you’re into the art of smudging, then you should know that crystals of all kinds can also be cleansed through this method.

Smudging is the process of burning dried herbs or even an incense stick (if you don’t have dried herbs). The resulting smoke can be used to filter over the crystal stones and purify their vibrations.

The most commonly used herbs for smudging are white sage or palo santo. These herbs offer spiritual and powerful cleansing abilities. However, incense sticks can also provide the needed healing attributes.

As a bonus, smudging not only helps in cleansing your crystal stones but also that of your surrounding and your energy field itself. Where the smoke goes is also cleansed so it also provides more benefits than just clearing and charging your crystal stones.

Let Your Crystals Enjoy Soothing Sounds

Like smudging, cleansing your crystals for relieving sadness with soothing sound vibrations allows you to hit two birds with one stone.

By using instruments that produce soothing sounds like singing bowls, bells or tuning forks, you can create beautiful sound vibrations that carry over to your crystals for relieving sadness and releasing the toxic and negative energies from within the crystal stones.

Not only that, but as the sound vibration passes and cleanses your crystal stone, it also passes through your energy or auric field, clearing away the toxic and negative energies that may be blocking your personal energy and causing sadness.

As an added bonus, sound cleansing is also one of the safest and best ways to cleanse any crystal and works well with group cleansing.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it!

It’s okay to feel sad. After all, it’s a part of the ups and downs in life. Everyone feels sad every now and then, just as how you can feel angry, joyful or proud sometimes. Whatever the feelings, it is real and a part of living.

Being sad sometimes is not bad. It allows you to slow down and make you really think about your life and the people around you. It teaches you to adapt, focus, accept, persevere and grow.

That said, if you linger on the darkness for an extended period, or if your sadness goes beyond the blues causing changes in your lifestyle (sleeping and eating habits) and making it difficult to make decisions or concentrate, then you must take action.

There are several ways to reduce the sadness you’re feeling, from taking a break, to enjoying the sun or nature, to asking for help. Regardless of what sadness-relieving therapy you choose, you can enhance its effectiveness with the best crystals for relieving sadness that is mentioned above.


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