29 Powerful Crystals For Sleep – The “How To” Guide

29 Most Useful Crystals For Sleep - The How To Guide

Do you struggle with falling asleep at night? And even if you managed to sleep, do you often experience tossing and turning and waking up in the middle of the night? Do you ever experience you have only slept for just a few hours?

Have you ever experienced shutting off your mind and falling asleep? You stare up at the ceiling for hours with your mind wandering.

Everyone’s been there at some point. And we all know how frustrating that can be. And not only that, but a lack of sleep can have serious consequences for your mood, happiness, and overall health. Sleep is critical if you wish to feel refreshed and brimming with energy the next day.

Introduction on Crystals For Sleep

One way to help you nod off easily and improve your sleep quality is by placing certain crystal stones near your bed. These crystals for sleep exude unique vibrations that can resonate with your sleep cycle, inducing calmness, peace, and relaxation, ultimately encouraging you to doze off and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Most people find that crystal stones can give them a sense of well-being. Simply looking at these stones or sleeping with them can make you sleepy.

Take note, however, that you shouldn’t just get whatever crystal stone you have. Filling your bedroom with the wrong crystals can overstimulate your senses and make you feel more awake, causing it more difficult for you to sleep.

It is just a matter of using the right kind of crystals for sleep that will calm you to the oblivion of dreams and rest.

Complete List of Crystals for Sleep

Everyone needs a good night’s rest. Whether you have trouble nodding off, wake up every hour, or your sleep quality is poor, then these crystal stones can definitely help!



Amethyst is perhaps the most powerful crystal for sleep. It is a high vibrational crystal stone that strongly connects with your subconscious mind. As a natural protector and a dream crystal, this purple stone can help in preventing nightmares in order for you to get more quality sleep.

Other than providing nice, pleasant dreams, this stone is also known for its soothing and calming qualities. So, if you ever have trouble falling asleep because of anxiety or stress, then this is a useful crystal stone you can place near your pillow. Just avoid placing a large piece of Amethyst at your bedside or near your head at night, if you are a light sleeper since they can be too stimulating to assist in sleep.

In addition, amethyst is actually the purple variety of quartz. This means that this crystal stone also carries the strong amplification properties of the master healer. This makes it a great choice for programming and is quite versatile.



As etheric and divine as its name, the Angelite crystal can bring love and light from angelic beings into your life. With its relaxing blue energy, the Angelite crystal can help in bringing a sense of inner calmness and peace. This crystal is known to imbue serenity and love in your inner body.

Not only that, but it also helps in relieving worries and stress of the day which are common causes for a sleepless or restless night. This is also a powerful stone that can remove toxic and negative emotions that cause a loud mind-chatter which makes it difficult for you to sleep. Using this stone, it’s like attracting your guardian angel to you, wrapping you around its restorative wings so you can snooze faster.

With its angelic qualities, this stone can also facilitate angelic connection and astral traveling as you sleep. It also stimulates lucid dreaming and is a well-known problem solver as you dream. As a result, sleeping near this crystal can help you sleep better and wake up energized with fresh and creative ideas.

So, if you ever need to relax or find peace to get some sleep or want to enhance your angelic communicating skills while dreaming, then the Angelite crystal is a great stone to place under your pillow or beside your bed.



Another beautiful purple crystal stone, lepidolite is a potent sleep crystal. Derived from the Greek term for “scales”, the lepidolite crystal is said to bring harmony, peace, serenity, and balance to its user, which is essential for getting a good night’s sleep.

It is also important to note that this crystal stone contains lithium. This is a substance that is medically used for easing symptoms of mood swings and depression. You see, getting restful sleep is quite impossible when you are feeling scared, angry, anxious, or sad. Lepidolite can help release these negative feelings and assist in making you fall asleep faster and better.

In addition, this crystal is associated with your third eye chakra. So, like amethyst, this stone not only affects your sleep but also induced lucid dreaming and connection to the astral plane. By holding this stone before going to sleep, you can relax your muscles and dissolve any tension to sleep faster while inducing a stronger connection to the dream realm.



Selenite carries the brilliance and luminosity of the beautiful moon like you’re gazing upon the Moon Goddess Selene herself. This stone embodies blessing, tranquility, light, and love and is one of the best crystals for sleep.

If you have a loud-chattering noise that prevents you from getting enough sleep, then the energies of this stone can help in calming your mind. Vibrating at a super-high frequency, this stone can bring a deep sense of peace and calm while removing toxic and negative energies.

In addition, a selenite sphere is often given to kids who fear the dark. It is believed that this stone carries and captures the moon rays from within its structure, providing light and protection as they sleep.

Other than its calming effect, this crystal stone is also said to feature many mystical healing properties, including a strong connection to the divine and the astral realm. Also, thanks to its ethereal appeal, this stone is best used for meditations.



Another powerful crystal stone that holds the gentleness and powers of the moon, the moonstone is another valuable crystal to help you sleep. Like selenite, moonstone holds a luminous mystery as ancient as the moon itself.

For centuries, the moonstone has been used as a sleeping stone. Its name itself reminds you of good sleep and nighttime. This crystal is known to help reduce emotional burdens, relaxing the mind and body in order to make it easier for you to fall asleep.

It is even known to help with lucid dreaming, increasing sleep quality. Furthermore, the crystal can help normalize your sleeping cycle. So, people suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorders can keep a moonstone crystal under their pillow at night.

It is also worth noting that moonstone is especially calming to kids. It eases and soothes hyperactive kids, encouraging sleep while driving away night terrors and nightmares. In fact, moonstone is also believed to help treat sleepwalking.



Howlite is one of the gentlest crystals for sleep. Its beautiful calming frequency resonates strongly with establishing a good sleeping pattern. It is a great crystal to use with masculine energy, particularly if you often struggle with relationship problems or bad moods.

This white stone with black veining is best known for teaching patience and helping you calm your uncontrolled anger. A piece of this crystal in your pocket can help absorb your anger and frustration throughout the day. Asa a result, you become more relaxed by the end of the day, allowing you to sleep easier.

So, if you’re constantly overworking and your mind takes a lot of frustration every day which causes you to struggle to wind down in the evening, then the howlite stone is a great ally. You can also place this stone under your pillow if you end to struggle to relax your mind at night. In addition, this stone can also help in preventing bad dreams and nightmares.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Stripped of any vibrant color, the black tourmaline makes a powerful shield or cloak of protection for those who need it. Its potent, inky black energies with strong grounding forces make black tourmaline a swallower of negative energies.

If you usually find yourself having negative thoughts or ideas when trying to sleep, then you know just how long it can for you to fall asleep. In order to remove these negative thoughts, you can use the cleansing energy of black tourmaline.

Although known as a highly protective crystal, black tourmaline is also loved for its neutralizing abilities. This stone can remove or erase any negative energies and thoughts. Then, it will transform these negative energies into positive ones. Also, it will provide you with a strong connection between the earth and soul, grounding and calming you.

By removing the negativity that surrounds you, this crystal can help promote a feeling of deep calmness and relaxation in your body. So, if you are someone who is usually stressed out before sleeping, then black tourmaline can ease quality sleep and may treat insomnia.



Like black tourmaline, hematite is a potent grounding stone you can use when you have problems and a wandering mind that prevents you from falling asleep. Dubbed the Stone for the Mind, the hematite crystal is great for quietening the loud mental chatter which can interrupt your sleeping pattern.

Other than that, this crystal stone is also said to provide a calming atmosphere, balancing your body, spirit, and mind, as well as healing emotional pains. As a matter of fact, this stone was used by Ancient Egyptians in order to suppress anxiety and hysteria which causes sleep disturbances and insomnia.

So, if you want to promote quality and deep sleep, then hematite is a must-have crystal stone. It is a great tool for visualizing and emptying your mind before going to sleep in order to snooze faster and better.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

In the realm of dark stones, the Smoky Quartz crystal offers beautiful and rare transparency that draws light into the shades of brown and black.

As the stone of cooperation, the smoky quartz crystal is a strong grounding stone that can greatly reduce stress and stimulate a good night’s sleep. This is also excellent at making your stay in the present, rather than worrying about what happened earlier in the day or in the past days.

Not only that, but this crystal can also help clear out any emotional blockages as well as negative energies that might have been keeping you awake at night. It is soothing and calming, allowing you to let go of your worries for the day. This should help provide much-needed tranquility and peace of mind, preventing insomnia and promoting deep, quality sleep.



The celestite crystal holds a powerful significance in bringing a sense of peace, serenity, and higher awareness. Its ethereal blue energies reflect the many hues of the celestial dome and activate a strong and dynamic connection to the higher world of dreaming.

This powerful calming stone proves to be a valuable ally when you’re feeling stressed out or anxious at night. Thanks to its soothing frequency from the higher realms, this stone can push away noisy and chaotic thoughts, clearing and calming the mind while removing anxiety and stress away.

It helps in creating a balanced and tranquil environment to help you sleep better. Not only that, but this stone can also bring a stronger connection between your higher chakras which results in a deeper sense of spirituality, deep intuitive wisdom, and open-heartedness. When you’re better connected to your higher purpose and intuition, it helps in soothing the negative and confusing thoughts, putting you right down into a place of restful dreams and sleep.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

The gentle, blushing hue of rose quartz will snag everyone’s heart. There’s just something so feminine and soft about this crystal, oozing with pure love. So, it comes as no surprise that this crystal is the universal love stone.

However, this love stone can also be a great ally when you need some calming energies to help you sleep. With its soft shades of pink and the promise of happiness and joy, this stone can wrap your emotional body in a soft blanket of nurturing energies.

Its gentle energy can help put your body, soul, mind, and emotions at rest. It helps in removing the toxic mind chattering and the negative feelings, especially after heartbreak that might be causing you to toss back and forth in your bed or cry your heart out.

Keeping rose quartz close by can help replace the negative heartaches with the soft flow of gentle sleep and healing. In addition, this beautiful stone is also useful for children and adults to prevent nightmares and night terrors.



Fluorite with its remarkably perfect cubes is considered one of the most highly sought-after crystal stones. With its soothing energy, this stone can help in preventing sleep insomnia. It calms and relaxes the body as well as brings order to a chaotic mind, easing you to sleep.

As the ultimate dream crystal, fluorite, especially the purple variety can protect your mind and is a potent crystal for freeing your spirit at night to travel, explore and expand without disturbance or fear. Placing it under the pillow, fluorite acts as a dreamcatcher, preventing sleep paralysis, night terrors as well as unwanted out-of-body trips. 

Fluorite also stimulates lucid dreaming. It is gently calming to the mind and brings serenity. It also helps removes creative or mental blocks. This way you can focus on your intention to experience conscious dreams.



Dubbed the Stone of Magic, labradorite specializes in spiritual ability while enhancing deeper connections. However, with its strong connection to the mind and the crown chakra, this stone also makes a great ally for getting enough Zzzzs.

Burning bright with creative power, perfect wisdom, and mystical energies, this stone can help in calming an anxious and loud mind. It helps you follow the path of Zen in order to wash away the toxic thinking.

It helps let go of the negative energy, cultivating inner peace in order to help you get some snooze and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. Spiritually, this magical stone helps bring you to the astral realm. It helps in providing ease in moving between worlds, permitting a grounded and safe return to the present.



Just like lepidolite, the cookeite crystal contains lithium, making it another powerful crystal for sleep. Although uncommon, cookeite is a must-have stone if you need to get quality sleep every night.

Its vibration is said to help create a tranquil and relaxed sleeping space. Its energy is calming, soothing and relaxing, assisting in a deep sleeping state. Not only that but it is also known to encourage lucid dreaming while providing strong psychic protection when astral traveling.

This stone can help in creating a strong protective barrier that can help prevent harmful entities or negative energies from attacking you while sleeping. Physically, cookeite is known to relieve muscle pain as well as prevent allergies that may keep you awake at night.



The potent, but relaxing and gentle energy of nephrite stone is said to wrap you in a nurturing metaphysical blanket. This should help ease sleep, preventing insomnia and protecting you against night terror and nightmares. It is particularly helpful in releasing emotional trauma or past suffering that might be causing frightening dreams or sleepless nights or interrupted sleep.

Not only that, but this stone is also an excellent stone for preventing sleep problems that are caused by stress and anxiety. This stone can calm your chaotic and chattering mind. Then it will provide a sense of serenity and stability, promoting restful sleep at night.

In addition, this stone can help seal your aura, protecting you from the negativity that might interrupt your sleep. Dubbed the Dream Stone, the nephrite is also used for lucid dreaming. It helps you understand the visions and messages that you receive from your dreams.



Like cookeite, scolecite is an uncommon crystal for sleep. It brings gentle, calming, and soothing energy that can help in relieving stress and help prevent sleeping problems such as insomnia and sleepwalking.

Scolecite is considered the Stone of Inner Peace. It is the perfect ally for those who want to relax after a long, stressful day. Its pure white color can activate your higher chakras that allow for intense lucid dreaming. Using this stone, enhanced memory and extreme vividness during your nightly inter-dimensional dreaming and travels can be achieved. This crystal is also a great tool for those looking to do some dream work.

Not only that, but this crystal stone also connects with the higher realm and is considered a total auric cleanser. It helps in spring cleaning all aspects of your body, pulling out the negative energy and toxic thoughts from within that might be keeping you awake at night.



Apophyllite stone is radiating in serene and soft relaxing vibes that will calm your mind and induce good quality and uninterrupted sleep. It hums at a higher frequency that brings a Zen-like calm instead of a toxic mess.

It can be difficult to sleep if you often feel stressed or have a chaotic mind chatter every night. Apophyllite with its soothing energies can help in calming your mind. Also, since it vibrates at a higher frequency, this stone can bring a deep sense of peace and calm while removing negative energy.

This stone can remove stress and worries while quieting mental chattering which can keep you up at night or mess up your sleeping pattern. Not only that, but its beautiful energies can also have a stabilizing effect on your emotions. It promotes gentleness and restful sleep.



Unakite with its unique green and red-to-pink shade carries a special connection with the heart. It mainly assists in deeper understanding and cleansing of the emotional body. This stone is mainly used for pushing out the dead weights that you continue to carry with you and cause an interruption in aspects of your life, including sleeping.

With its heart-based energies, this stone helps in easing stress, bringing your calm energy and a clearer mind. Imbued with love and serenity, this stone can absorb toxic energies from your environment as well as relieve the stress of the day that often causes restless nights.

Not only that, but this crystal stone can also help in drawing out the negative energies from within you. Instead, it fills your healing energies, inducing sleep and emotional recovery and preventing issues such as sleepwalking, insomnia, low-quality sleep, and nightmares.



Like the crisp, dark wintry sky, Iolite in its shifting shades of blue-violet carries the spirit of dreams, intuition, journeying, illumination, and exploration. Dubbed the Viking’s Compass, this crystal will provide the vision to move you, spiritually and physically, from one realm to another.

With its soothing violet energies that resonate with the divine realm, the iolite crystal is said to induce sleep and prevent insomnia. This stone will place you in a relaxed state and offer a sense of bliss. It also clears the mind of loud, chaotic mind-chattering that might be keeping you at night.

Not only that, but its protective energy can also shield you against sleep disturbance or nightmares. Since it resonates with the higher chakras, this crystal can help stimulate your memory and connect you to your higher consciousness for lucid dreaming and astral traveling.



Charoite is a powerful ally if you need to sleep early. This crystal stone can help in providing stress relief and relaxation whenever you need it. This crystal is best for overcoming sleepwalking, insomnia, nightmares, or other sleeping issues.

This beautiful shade of lilac brings you positive energy that will penetrate your soul while also keeping you shielded against negative energies. It can help in creating a secure and safe space for the mental and emotional aspects of the body. It removes your toxic and unhealthy thinking while bringing relaxation and calmness into your whole being. This way, you can easily sleep without any interruptions.

Vibrating at a high frequency, this stone can also help in connecting you with the inner mind and self. It brings you a stronger connection to the higher and etheric realms and resonates with your crown and third eye chakra. Thus, it is a great crystal to use for dreaming and astral traveling.



Also called the Atlantis Stone or Dolphin Stone, larimar features a beautiful shade of blue and streaks of white which resembles the dancing sunlight beneath the tranquil Caribbean waters.

This stone is said to be the embodiment of the tranquil sky and sea, making it a powerful elemental stone for bringing peace and good sleep. As the Stone of Serenity, the larimar promotes relaxation in all aspects. It helps diminish the accumulated negative thoughts during a stressful day.

As a result, your mind gets less foggy. It removes the loud mind chattering, pulling out unnecessary thoughts, and helping you find the peace that will slowly bring you to the land of dreams.  



Like rose quartz, kunzite is a love stone. It opens your heart and removes all kinds of emotional burdens hidden inside. It grants gentleness and positivity as well as relaxation and peace.

With its power of alleviating negative emotions and stress, kunzite can help induce quality and deep sleep. It can help calm a chaotic mind while easing worries and anxieties. It can soothe sleep disturbances and even emotional stress. Then, it can replace the negative vibes with positive and lighthearted energies, relaxing not only the mind but also the body to induce sleep.

As a matter of fact, this stone is particularly useful for kids or babies who have trouble sleeping. For adults, this stone can also provide relief from insomnia and even nightmares.



Sapphire may not be a popular crystal for sleep. However, certain color varieties of this stone have powerful metaphysical properties that help in getting you a much-needed good night’s sleep.

In particular, blue and violet sapphire is known to help in soothing and preventing insomnia. Each sapphire variety is known for its soothing and calming qualities. With their connection to the higher chakras, both stones are known to affect sleep, dreaming, and rest, making them suitable for restoring good sleeping patterns.

Sapphire can help ease anxieties and worries, which are common causes of restless nights. It can help in relaxing you before going to sleep, while also enhancing your angelic communication while dreaming.



Sugilite is a vibrant violet stone that earned the nickname “love stone of the modern age”. However, since it resonates with your highest chakra and the mind, this stone is also used for making you fall asleep.

Its calming violet energies can help in relaxing your mind. It also acts as a powerful purifier and protector of the emotional body. This stone can help remove the negative energies from your daily environment. It will keep your aura cleansed and radiating in light, so you won’t have to be burdened when night comes.

By simply placing it under the pillow or on a nightstand, this stone can counter insomnia, induces a good night’s sleep, ward off nightmares and night terrors and encourage vivid and nurturing dreams.

Since it is a crystal for the etheric, crown, and third eye chakra, the sugilite stone also makes a powerful dream crystal and is suitable for astral traveling and lucid dreaming. It helps in expanding your awareness and shows you the purpose and wisdom of your out-of-this-world journey.



The energies of lodolite are so soothing and nurturing that they can be used as a tranquilizer to calm and relax the mind and body. This should help you get sleepier, have a good quality of rest, and prevent insomnia and other sleep-related disorder. It is said to assist in the transmission of neural signals through the brain, enhancing a calmer mind that allows you to sleep faster and better.

Its highly purifying energies can erase psychological, physical, and emotional disturbances that might prevent you from sleeping at night. Thus, it is effective for preventing sleepless nights as well as stopping the fear of dark or recurring nightmares or night terrors.

Lodolite is also an excellent dream stone. It can evoke lucid dreaming by forging a powerful connection with the spirits and higher beings of the universe and astral realm to bring elicit dreams and induce inspiration.

Brecciated Jasper

Brecciated Jasper

Brecciated jasper may not be a premier sleeping stone. However, thanks to its earthy and strong grounding energies, it can provide benefits for sleep insomnia and other sleeping issues.

For starters, this stone can help in reducing stress and the negative thinking patterns that might be keeping you up all night. Then, it allows the soothing and calming energies to take over while providing balance to your emotional body. As a result, it can bring much-needed peace of mind and serenity, promoting deep-quality sleep.

It also helps in easing nightmares, night terrors, and other sleep-related issues that might cause interrupted sleeping that may cause you to feel tired or exhausted every morning.



Working the same as black tourmaline for encouraging sleep, shungite is a potent black crystal that helps protect you against negativities. Reminiscing about the negative past or having negative thoughts when lying in your bed at night, can make it difficult for you to fall asleep. You can fight these negative thoughts and chaotic mind chatter with the energies of the shungite crystal.

Shungite is known for its neutralizing abilities. It can help in removing negative energies and thought patterns. Then, it will instill positivity while creating a strong connection between your spirit and Mother Earth. In addition, its energetic frequency can also promote a feeling of deep relaxation and serenity in the body.

And since it helps in blocking out the negative radiation of electronics, this stone can prevent radiation stress that might be keeping you up at night. Your subconscious mind won’t be pondering on negative thoughts throughout the night and easing stress from your day. This can help you sleep better, increasing your sleep quality while making you more rejuvenated and energized when waking up the next day.

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite

Blue calcite is a soothing crystal for encouraging an uninterrupted and good night’s sleep. It helps calm an overactive mind while relieving the accumulated tension and stress after a tiring and stressful day.

However, perhaps the biggest benefit of blue calcite for sleep is its ability to strengthen and enhance lucid dreaming. With its strong connection to the higher chakras of communication (throat chakra) and perception (third eye chakra), it offers increased understanding and vividness of dreams and strong imagery within them.

It also helps in dream recall. As a spiritual eye-opener and unblocker of communication, this stone can harmonize the body, spirit, and mind. This allows you to better communicate and understand the visions and dreams that you receive. 



Opal is known to promote a sense of calmness, relieving depression and stress, while encouraging you to stop brooding in order to better direct your energies and thoughts. It is one of the best antidotes to racing minds and restless thoughts that can cause extreme anxiety and depression, which also lead to sleepless nights.

This pretty crystal is filled with loving energies that can stimulate and improve your thinking and mood. It cleanses your aura, allowing you to fall into a state of peace and tranquility, which is needed if you want to doze off faster.

Thanks to its capacity to provide mental balance and peace, this crystal is ideal for fighting symptoms of an anxious mind or when suffering from depression. It can help you in reaching a higher state of consciousness and acceptance. As a result, you can lie in your bed without the toxic thoughts that will keep you awake for hours.

How to Use Crystals For Sleep

The above list of crystals can help provide quick and deep sleep; help relieve insomnia as well as prevent sleep-related disorders. Here are some tips in order to effectively use these crystals for sleep.

Place Near Your Bed

How to Use Crystals For Sleep

Most crystals for sleep can be placed beside your bed on under your pillow when going to sleep. This should help keep their energies close to your auric field, inducing a calming environment and/or resonating with your higher chakras for lucid dreaming and astral traveling.

However, if you are a light sleeper, you will need to place these crystals further from your bed. Also, consider using only one or two crystals at the same time. Combining lots of energies can actually stir your energy and keep you awake.

Create Crystal Grids

If you want to use several crystals and mix their energies, you can set a crystal grid. These are geometric patterns of crystals arranged with a specific intention. It is believed that the shape of the crystal grid and the kinds of crystals used can invoke a specific energetic quality.

You can set up a grid in your bedroom or any other quiet space for meditation surrounded by 4 pieces of lapis lazuli in order to invoke the cosmic principle of balance and harmony.

Place It On Your Body

When you place crystal stones on your body in order to promote sleep, it is recommended to use a three-crystal grid.

For instance, you place an amethyst on each side of your head while you’re lying on your back and a moonstone just above the crown of your head. Focus on deepening your breath and practice gratitude for your crystal stones while they are placed on your body in order to enhance the effect.

This should open your heart and free the chattering mind by allowing you to focus on the aspects of your life with gratitude.

Make an Elixir

How to Use Crystals For Sleep

Elixir is perhaps one of the most favored ways of using these magical crystal stones for sleep.

You can take a cleansed and clear tumbled crystal of your preferred choice and soak it in a pitcher filled with water. Then, place it in the fridge.

You can drink at least half a glass of this crystal elixir before going to bed. It is a gentle and easy way in order to guide you to a restful and deep sleep.

Use It In The Shower

A hot bath can be a great way for you to relax before going to bed. It can be even more effective when combined with the right crystal. You can add your chosen crystals for sleep, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils, and let the combined energies unclutter your mind and relax all aspects of your body.

After your hot shower, you’ll be more refreshed and have a calmer and clearer mind without the stress. This should help you lull it easier to sleep.

A word of caution, though, some crystals such as selenite don’t react well to water. So make sure to check the Mohs hardness scale and research your chosen crystal in order to determine whether they are right for bath or water use.


Another way to use your crystals for sleep is to use them for nightly meditations. Crystal stones can help in enhancing your intentions and meditations. Not only that, but the above-mentioned crystals can also help in calming and winding you down.

You can simply hold your chosen crystal of sleep and let their energies fill you. If you like to use several crystals, you can create a meditation grid before the session. Allow the energies of these stones to cleanse your mind and fill you with positive and calming energies. Make sure to focus on positivity and relaxing thoughts throughout your meditation for extra benefits.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Sleep?

Crystals are a great ally when you need to complete your 8-hour sleep. They can bring positive and relaxing energies while protecting you against the negative vibes and loud toxic thoughts that might be keeping you awake.

However, the constant use of these crystal stones can cause their energies to go dull or they can be filled with absorbed toxic energies. As a result, you can feel that these stones may fail to bring you the serenity and sleep benefits you need. Thus, it is important that you keep your crystals for sleep charged and cleansed, regularly.

Clean With Warm, Soapy Water

Most crystals for sleep can be physically cleansed with warm, soapy water. Using a soft brush or your fingers, you can remove the accumulated debris and dirt from its crystalline surface. Then, rinse the crystal properly and pat dry with a clean, soft towel.

Simply Wipe The Stone

Know that some crystals for sleep such as selenite and sugilite are not suitable for water cleansing. For these crystal stones, you can simply wipe their surface with a clean, dry cloth to remove accumulated dirt.

Metaphysically, you get a variety of options for cleansing your crystals for sleep.

Natural Water Cleansing

The most common way is to cleanse the stone with natural water. If you live near spring water or even the ocean, you can get natural water and soak your crystal stone for a few hours. Once again, for the crystals that get damaged with water, you shouldn’t clean them with this method.

Outdoor Cleansing

Another popular way of cleansing and recharging crystals is to leave them outside, exposed to the energies of the outdoors. The sun can help provide revitalizing energies. However, make sure that you don’t over-expose your crystals since some stones can fade under direct sunlight. To be safe, you can let your crystal stone enjoy the sunrays during sunset or sunrise.

How to Cleanse Crystals For Sleep?

Meanwhile, the feminine energies of the moon can also bring revitalizing and nurturing energies to the tired crystal stones. Unlike the sun, the moon is not harsh and won’t cause fading. This means that you can let your crystal stone soak overnight in lunar energies. In order to get the most out of the lunar energy, you can choose to recharge your stone on a full moon.

Charge With Salt

You can also try to use sea salt or ordinary table salt for cleansing your crystals. Simply burying your crystal stone in a bowl filled with sea salt can help cleanse the toxic energies from within. You can leave it alone for a few hours to days. Make sure to throw away the used salt after cleansing.

Try Smudging

Smudging is another way of cleansing your crystal stone. Using your preferred herb bundle, mostly white sage, or even an incense stick, you can whip the smoke and allow it to cleanse the toxic energies from within the stone.

Use Singing Bowls or Other Musical Instruments

If you have a singing bowl or other musical instruments, you can also use them to cleanse and re-energize your crystals for good luck. This is the most suitable option if you want to charge and cleanse several crystal stones at once. The sound vibrations created by the bowl can help in releasing the negative energies stored inside the stone and replacing them with positive and clear energies of healing.

Use Large Quartz Crystals

Lastly, the simplest and most hassle-free way of re-energizing your stone is to use other large crystal stones. Large quartz crystals or even amethyst clusters are the best for such a cleansing method. By simply leaving these crystal stones in the presence of these healers and recharging stones, you can reinvigorate their energies while also amplifying their potent powers.

Final Thoughts

Not getting enough sleep can be quite stressful and cause a major negative impact on your overall well-being and health. Bad dreams, insomnia or just taking hours to sleep can be a vicious cycle and should be prevented. By turning to the best crystals for sleep, you can have the opportunity to change this cycle and finally lay down and get your much-needed beauty rest.


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