17 Most Useful Crystals For Spiritual Awakening – The “How To” Guide

17 Most Useful Crystals For Spiritual Awakening – The “How To” Guide

Introduction on Crystals for Spiritual Awakening

Are you wondering what are the different crystals for spiritual awakening? If so, then you have just landed in the right place.

Introduction on Crystals for Spiritual Awakening

Experiencing a spiritual awakening can be alienating, lonely and confusing? But did you know that it is also one of the best things you can experience in your entire life?

To keep things as simple as possible, a spiritual awakening makes the start of one’s commencement on the spiritual journey. When you don’t experience this event, you will go throughout life chasing fame, money, respect and power to seek happiness.

One of the most beautiful and disturbing things about spiritual awakening is that it takes place at the least expected period. As a matter of fact, you can’t do anything to plan for it. It will heave toward your life as well as shake everything like a tornado. However, the hidden gift that is buried in a spiritual awakening is that it happened at the exact time when you need it the most.

A spiritual is the crying of the soul for freedom. Be sure to listen to its call. When you do, believe it or not, your life will become more meaningful and significant. Keep in mind that when you refuse or ignore it, whether you like it or not your life will become a graveyard.

When it comes to spiritual awakening, crystals will come in handy. With the presence of crystals for spiritual awakening in your life, you will notice that you are always craving something more fulfilling, richer as well as something that makes you feel whole again.

Nevertheless, if you are seeking answers or in need of directions in your life, today’s post can surely benefit you in many different ways.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

A Complete List of Crystals for Spiritual Awakening

Listed below are the different crystals for spiritual awakening. Know that every crystal for spiritual awakening has different and unique uses. Having said that, it is highly recommended that you opt for one that can truly help you with your needs especially when it comes to spiritual awakening.



Sugilite is a very beautiful crystal embodying the purple ray. It is also believed to be the stone of premier love.

The crystal is very protective most especially against negative entities and energies. Sugilite can also promote a sense of peace, emotional healing and calmness. Since it comes with a high amount of manganese, sugilite also works by attracting healing.

On the other hand, when you’re exploring various healing modalities and spiritual concepts wearing a piece of sugilite can benefit you. It will even assist in helping you in bringing forth the real self that can help you align with your most genuine purpose and direction in life.

Sugilite is linked to the crown chakra. And this chakra is where the majority of spiritual growth is born together with the heart. You can also use it to open other energy centers such as the soul star and third eye.

If you want to develop your spiritual gifts and psychic capabilities, sugilite is one of the best crystals for spiritual awakening that you can use. Nevertheless, to make the most out of this purple crystal, you can meditate with it while studying a spiritual concept. It’s because the said practice can help with both clarity and understanding.



Similar to the previous crystal, Labradorite is a flashy stone that can help in boosting spiritual gifts. It also has remarkable healing powers and properties.

Labradorite is closely associated with the crown chakra together with the upper heart, soul heart and third eye. What’s more, it is a renowned crystal for the throat chakra that can help with communication at any level.

Labradorite, on the other hand, is one of the most highly protective crystals on various levels. The crystal can also be used in preventing energy leakages and tears, particularly in the auric field. Labradorite is also a highly spiritual crystal since it can help you in connecting with the higher worlds as well as levels of consciousness.

When you wear a piece of this crystal, know that it can help you in terms of decision-making and intuition. Another good thing about is that it will introduce you to reality’s mystical and at the same time magical side. By the way, when you wear it specifically in your throat chakra, you will be able to communicate your experiences better.



Charoite is a beautiful and powerful violet crystal. It also focuses on the energy of unconditional love of the heart chakra. Then it will combine it with the crown chakra. When you are working with this wonderful crystal, you will surely notice that synchronicity is very important.

The crystal will guide you in taking your next steps to your spiritual journey. Charoite will inspire you to get rid of all the habits that are no longer beneficial or serving you. As a matter of fact, this will help you in discovering your real gifts and abilities.

Since this one of the best crystals for spiritual awakening can activate your heart chakra, it will also help you in maintaining a healthy flow of blood while you are on your spiritual path. The crystal is also believed to support both the kidneys and liver as you forget your resentments, past regrets and anger that may be residing in the said organs.

One more thing, charoite will support you to forgive not only yourself but other people also to boost your energy.



The term celestite comes from “coelestics” a Latin word that means “heavenly”. If you want to discover more about your association with either the heavenly or angelic realms, this beautiful crystal will always come in handy. Celestite can be one of the best companions as you go over your journey to spiritual awakening.

At first, celestite seems to have very gentle energy. But in actual fact, this crystal for spiritual awakening is so powerful.

Insights and communication together with angels, archangels, guides and relatives aren’t uncommon with celestite. With spiritual practices of any kind, it will take patience to sharpen or improve your psychic and communication skills.



Do you want to boost your patience while improving your spiritual intellect? If so, then you can never go wrong with dumortierite. This amazing crystal is about the pineal gland as well as the third eye that is ideal for people who want to explore the parallel lives, astral realms and past lives and interpret dreams.

With the presence of the dumortierite in your life, you will be able to accelerate your psychic capabilities. You will also have patience and please note that this is not only for yourself but also for other people. What’s more, you will have a better understanding of how you can clarify your insights.  

Meteorite Crystal

Meteorite Crystal

The meteorite crystal, especially when used during meditation will let you obtain otherworldly visions and information that will surely enrich your spiritual awakening. One more thing, when use on a regular basis, this crystal can offer you enlightenment on a spiritual level. As a matter of fact, it is a bridge connecting to a higher level of awareness. It is because the meteorite crystal can be utilized in stimulating psychic capabilities particularly activating the latent ones.

In addition to that, this crystal is capable of establishing telepathic communication. However, it is one of the rarest crystals for spiritual awakening that will allow you to create a connection across the hindrances of distance and time. 

With the meteorite crystal, you will be able to develop a stronger link with otherworldly beings. It comes with higher grounding energy that will definitely keep you safe in your astral travel by bringing down excessive energy toward the earth. This will also keep you rooted in the world.

The meteorite crystal, on the other hand, can establish a solid and strong association not only with the angels but also with other divine being particularly in the higher worlds. It is also beneficial if you are drawn to multidimensional traveling.

Since this crystal is capable of increasing the inner visions, it will also boost your spiritual path. It is even important in dream works. Last but not least you can use it to increase and further develop clairvoyant capabilities as well as have vivid visions.



Tanzanite is another powerful crystal that can help you in developing your psychic capabilities like clairvoyance, inner knowing and clairaudience. It will also help in boosting psychic communication gifts and intuition.

The crystal’s potent energies will help in opening the third eye while you are in spiritual awakening. In fact, when combined with aragonite, tanzanite can bring your prowess to your divine mind. And this will help you attain spiritual enlightenment.

If you are having a hard time expressing yourself or communicating what you really feel, tanzanite’s energies will help you enhance your communication skills.

It is a potent metaphysical stone that works to make your spiritual connection with the divine world stronger.

But aside from that, tanzanite has a lot more to offer. This crystal can also be used for healing purposes. Tanzanite gives off powerful vibrations of spirituality while developing a more profound connection between the soul, body and mind.

On the other hand, the emotional healing that takes place with the use of this crystal is usually based on deeper levels of self-consciousness in which you can determine and at the same time comprehend the real purpose of your existence.

Tanzanite will offer strength emotionally in order to eliminate yourself from the current situation. As a result, you can do the things that can surely make your soul feel alive. With the presence of this crystal for spiritual awakening, you will have the needed courage to look further than limitations. You can also break all the hurdles coming your way to live up to the desires of your heart.

Tanzanite can even foster an unparalleled sense of self-control allowing you to take control of your own destiny and the shape is based on your wishes.

Aurora Crystal

Aurora Crystal

Aurora crystal is a very stunning crystal. It is actually natural quartz that is known for its rainbow-like exterior appearance and meaningful powers and properties.

Aurora crystal signifies kundalini energy, light, emotional strength and bliss. But are you aware that it is also one of the most beneficial crystals for spiritual awakening? Well, it’s true. When it comes to spiritual awakening, one of the best ways to use the aurora crystal is to meditate with it as it will lead you to spiritual development.

When you use the crystal consistently, know that it can also help you in discovering the form of energy that you have never felt before. It is also common to use the aurora crystal in obtaining and enhancing psychic gifts.

Likewise, by having this potent crystal with you, you will be able to hone your clairvoyant capabilities while experiencing a powerful psychic vision.

If you are longing for spiritual awakening and development, you can also use the aurora crystal. It is because it is capable of getting rid of energy blockages in your auric field. Further, the crystal’s blissful energy is so powerful. As a matter of fact, it can travel from your heart chakra to the throat chakra quickly and all the way up to your crown chakra and this will bring you to a spiritual and peaceful place.

The aurora crystal will also allow you to make a connection with your spirit guides. If you want to improve your spiritual path with joy and divine bliss, then you can never go wrong with this crystal. You can even use it to link to the divine being in the higher world.

It is worth mentioning that those who are using this crystal on a regular basis have reported that the aurora crystal can offer you a deeper sense of inner consciousness instantly after use. What’s more, it is utilized to mature your soul and offer it the needed strength which is so crucial if you are trying to discover your spiritual destiny.

The crystal’s spiritual healing power is also powerful to the extent that you feel an extraordinary association with divine beings and a joyous and strong spiritual journey. Lastly, it will help you to recharge, align and purify your entire chakra system.

Emerald Quartz

Emerald Quartz

Emerald Quartz is a captivating crystal that is used for several years due to its ample powers. This crystal signifies good health, good luck and most importantly, higher spiritual awakening.

If you feel like God is so far away know that it is not too late to return. With the help of the emerald quartz, you will be able to establish a deeper sense of closeness to God.

Aside from that, this beautiful crystal will allow you to align your emotions and life in general with divine love. This, in turn, will help you in living your life from a highly spiritual perspective.

Another good thing about the emerald quartz is that it will motivate you to know more about yourself as well as comprehend your inner self.

It is also believed that the emerald quartz can bring about the knowledge of the unknown to the recognition of your awareness. If you want to boost your psychic capabilities or just want to invigorate them, you can use this crystal for spiritual awakening to ease the entire process.

Likewise, this stunning deep-green stone is beneficial when it comes to enhancing your clairvoyant capabilities. It is because the emerald quartz will help you to have a more meaningful and thorough vision. Finally, the emerald quartz can help in fostering spiritual development and balance in your life.



Before they embark on spiritual awakening, some people usually express their apprehensions and concerns. The good thing is that the anandalite can promise an amazing spiritual awakening. As a matter of fact, this is especially true for people arising from the growth of kundalini.

Keep in mind that regardless of how improved and intense your spiritual experience might be this crystal is considered safe in this manner. Meaning to say, the anandalite is capable of making protective shields around you so that you will remain protected against negative energies trying to reach you as you do spiritual awakening.

Having contact with the beings residing in the world ahead of the universe might seem like a frightening journey. Fortunately, the entire process becomes more successful, peaceful and easier with the presence of the anandalite.

Anandalite, on the other hand, can also bring an enormous deal of spiritual development, irrespective of whether you’re a solid believer in the presence of the divine or do not believe in it but looking for answers.

Another benefit of this amazing crystal is that it helps in easing the journey while you are trying to have contact with your guardian angel, closely listen to all your messages as well as find your real purpose in your life.

The kind of insight that is taught with this crystal is a completely spiritual process that can surely guide you to the most profound level of your awareness. If you want to bring back the sense of your life, it is important that you stay in touch with your real self. Luckily, anandalite’s amazing vibration will help in getting rid of all the blockages in your third eye chakra, heart chakra or crown chakra. As a result, you will be able to focus on your spiritual awaking.

Anandalite also helps in spiritual development and healing by improving your creativity. In fact, when your creative juices begin to flow, no doubt, your mind will become more accepting and open to new experiences and ideas that will come along the way. Believe it or not, you will need these experiences to become stronger and grow, so be sure not to fight forces entering your soul, mind and body when you are using anandalite.

When performing spiritual awakening, make sure to set aside all your fears and concerns and let yourself immerse in the vibration. It’s because it’ll be like nothing you’ve felt before as well as its effect on you will astound you more.

Calligraphy Stone

Calligraphy Stone

This crystal is called the calligraphy stone because it is known for its elaborate calligraphy-style patterns.

Aside from being a healing crystal, it is also considered one of the best crystals for spiritual awakening. It can also be used to manifest dreams, tranquility, joy and creativity. The calligraphy stone is also linked to the solar plexus chakra, third eye chakra and sacral chakra.

When you meditate with the calligraphy stone, you will be able to obtain important messages as well as guidance from your angels and spirit guides in the higher worlds. Likewise, the capability of this crystal to establish an angelic or higher connection makes it popular not only for spiritual awakening but in astral traveling too.

On the other hand, if you wish to sync your awareness to the higher energetic frequency using this crystal on a regular basis can help you in attaining this. What’s more, if you are fascinated with interdimensional traveling, having a piece of the calligraphy stone will allow you to access different versions of yourself that can be found in other worlds.

The calligraphy stone also comes with grounding energy that is beneficial in your spiritual journey in which it will remain entrenched in the present. It is also worth mentioning that this crystal for spiritual awakening can help in stimulating your psychic capabilities and developing the existing ones further. Another reason to use this crystal is that can offer spiritual protection during an astral journey.

Purple Sapphire

Purple Sapphire

Purple sapphire is a variety of corundum that is an aluminum oxide mineral. In fact, the reason why it is violet in color is the presence of vanadium. The color rangers from lavender and pale amethyst to deep purple.

Purple sapphire can promote the perception of spiritual awakening. The crystal’s superb energies will help in reducing unsolicited worries. They will also open your crown chakra known as the main source of spirituality.

Purple Sapphire will also let you determine the connections that you share with yourself. It will even inspire a sense of peace and oneness.

This beautiful purple stone is known as the awakening crystal. It will intensify your astuteness as well as spiritual power. What’s more, it can bring more abundance while helping you to maintain all the blessings that you have in your life.

Purple sapphire will also help you focus as well as radiate and absorb its supportive and loving energies. It will even fulfill all your desires in life and manifest your dreams.

Tibetan Black Quartz

Tibetan Black Quartz

The Tibetan Black Quartz is a potent crystal that has extremely high vibrations as it comes from the Himalayan Mountains, which is considered one of the most sacred places all over the world.

This crystal will balance and activate your entire chakra system. The most exciting part about the Tibetan black quartz is that it will help to improve your spiritual awakening. As a matter of fact, it will even make you more open to your spirit guide.

Like other crystals for spiritual awakening mentioned in today’s post, the Tibetan black quartz can also be used in meditation. It is also perfect for spiritual work since it will lift your awareness and ground you to reality.

Tibetan black quartz, on the other hand, will help you attain a better spiritual awareness. It stimulates your clairaudience while radiating the holy sound of the universe, particularly when placed over your third eye chakra.

On the other hand, the crystal’s energy will infuse your energy field with light that can provide spiritual protection. This quartz variety can also support your physical wellbeing. This is possible by releasing toxic energetic patterns that can manifest as a physical problem.



Phosphosiderite has an energy that can bring relaxing and soft energy. However, it is worth mentioning that it is a potent crystal that is capable of strengthening your spirituality. And when it comes to spiritual awakening, this won’t disappoint you. In fact, it is one of the reasons why Phosphosiderite is considered one of the best crystals for spiritual awakening.  

Phosphosiderite is perfect to use while meditating. It will connect you to your subtle aspects such as bright recollections of a detached memory and daydream. The crystal will also enlighten and expand your consciousness, all thanks to its light and gentle energy.

The spiritual energy of the Phosphosiderite will smoothen your aura while allowing you to recover some parts of yourself scattered or left in certain places long before. When it comes to its healing energies, know that they can expand and open your mind. As a result, you will be able to attain a new consciousness and obtain new insights.

For Phosphosiderite’s spiritual energy, it will let you tie to the physical world without neglecting your potent association with your spirits. Nevertheless, Phosphosiderite can be a great addition to your collection as it can help you in communicating with the divine world and attain a greater understanding of your own spiritual direction.



If you’re not familiar with Pietersite, you can actually think of raging thunderstorms. It is because it has a lot of captivating colors and most importantly, mesmerizing beauty. With its vivid sparks of gold as well as bold patterns, Pietersite is indeed one of the most attractive crystals in history. What’s more, the crystal belongs to the family of quartz.

However, it is worth mentioning that Pietersite isn’t just a beautiful crystal. As a matter of fact, it can be used for various purposes.

Pietersite works as a protection crystal that will protect your bad things. It will even guard you against negative psychic attacks and attacks of the emotional and physical kind.

Pietersite can also promote change in a very positive way since it can kindle inner sight and transformation.  It starts a period of spiritual awakening, transformation and self-realization. With this crystal, you can also connect your awareness with the spirit while strengthening the connection that you possess with your inner self in a more spiritual and more profound way.

As you perform spiritual awakening, Pietersite can also offer you inner guidance. This makes you become mindful of the quality of your own emotions and thoughts.

On the other hand, if you need assistance in your spiritual revolution or simply want to improve your entire spiritual experience or journey, don’t think twice and use Pietersite. Nevertheless, if you want to boost the powers of this crystal awakening for this matter, consider pairing it with phenacite, moldavite, scolecite or natrolite.

Fire Opal

Fire Opal

Fire opal is usually the term utilized for the transparent to translucent, colorful opal with a background color of either yellow, fire red, or orange. The beautiful crystal can also display a play of hue most especially when it is exposed under a source of light.

But aside from having a beautiful appearance, the fire opal has a lot more to offer. This crystal is considered one of the best crystals for spiritual awakening. It’s because it can get rid of all the negativity not only in your aura but in your environment too. What’s more, it will give your spiritual, physical, mental and emotional healing.

Fire opal, on the other hand, can also infuse with a much stronger sense of freedom while radiating its energy all over your body. The crystal comes with powerful cleansing effectively and stabilizes your aura by either transforming or removing negative energies. Fire opal also helps in the revitalization of your spiritual energy that was once lost. It will kindle your spirit and at the same time encourage you to become the best individual you can be.

Last but not least, the crystal’s energy will allow you to take any positive action in a pleased manner.



Kyanite is another great crystal for spiritual awakening as it can help you in acknowledging and speaking your own truth. It is a calming crystal that can get rid of obstacles in your throat while easing the symptoms of colds that could be caused by a swallowed emotion.

Kyanite, on the other hand, is perfect to use most especially when you are trying to remain silent just to avoid conflicts, but rather you end up initiating a war in yourself. If you want to make the most out of this crystal for spiritual awakening, it is best to wear it around your neck so that it can directly influence your throat chakra.

How to Use Crystals for Spiritual Awakening

Now that you know the different crystals for spiritual awakening, let’s take a look at how you can make the most out of them. The following are some of the best methods you can do to reap all the benefits of all the above-mentioned crystals.

Wear Crystals for Spiritual Awakening As A Piece Of Jewelry

Wear Crystals for Spiritual Awakening As A Piece Of Jewelry

One great way to keep the energy of the different crystals for awakening at all times is to wear them. When you wear them as a piece of jewelry, you will be all to take advantage of supportive and enhanced energies for the entire day wherever you are.

By simply wearing these crystals, you are giving them the chance to have direct contact with your skin. As a matter of fact, this ensures that you can experience their amazing energies and vibrations. For better results, wear them as rings, bracelets, earrings or necklaces.

Using the crystals this way is one of the best ways of keeping them close to you all the time. In case you are not comfortable wearing crystals, no worries because you can still reap their powers. Simply carry tumbled crystals or rub them with you. In fact, you can even tuck your chosen crystal in your wallet or pocket.



If you are seeking spiritual awakening consider meditating with any of the above crystals. During your practice, be sure to focus on your intents which are spiritual awakening. What’s more, you will need to eliminate all the toxic energies in your practice to achieve better awareness. The crystals for spiritual awakening will also infuse you with all the needed energies.

When meditating, you can make a crystal grid around you or hold some crystals for spiritual awakening. It is important that you choose the method you are completely comfortable with to make the most out of your practice.

By doing this, you will be able to proceed with spiritual awakening safely without having to worry about bad entities, energies and vibrations.

Drink A Crystal Essence

Drink A Crystal Essence

Another great way to use the above-mentioned crystals is to drink a crystal essence. Making a crystal essence is pretty easy. All you need to do is grab clear and properly cleansed tumbled crystals and then soak them in a bottle with water. After which, place the container in the refrigerator or fridge.

But keep in mind that not all crystals for spiritual awakening can be safely submerged in the water. So be sure to research which crystals are best suited for this method. Know that some crystals can give off toxic elements especially when soaked into the water. Others, on the other hand, may get damaged and dissolve when expose to water.

However, the good news is that you can make a crystal essence without soaking the crystals in the water. All you need to do is make a grid of bottled water with your chosen crystals for spiritual awakening and then leave it overnight under the moonlight. The moon’s feminine energies may help in improving the crystals’ energies for better water absorption.

Before you go to bed, you can drink half a glass of crystal essence.

Use Crystals As Decorations

Use Crystals As Decorations

Do you want to make sure that your space is clear and cleansed of negative energies at all times? If so, then this method is worth your time. You can place different crystals for spiritual awakening around your home or even in your office or workspace. The crystals will give off motivation, positivity and energy that are all beneficial when it comes to spiritual awakening.       

Aside from spiritual awakening, using the above-mentioned crystals as a decoration on your desk may help from the negativity of any kind. They can also help in absorbing the toxic feelings, emotions and thoughts from others. The crystals are also believed to carry the energy of focus. Having said that, every time you are lacking motivation, feel unworthy and have mental chatters, all you need to do is simply take a look at your crystals for spiritual awakening.

Crystal Body Layout

Crystal Body Layout

If you wish to direct the energy of your chosen crystals for awakening in your body, one of the best things you can do is try a crystal body layout. Place the crystals in the chakras where they exactly belong in order to improve their energetic capabilities.

Once settled, be sure to focus on having deep breaths. What’s more, don’t forget to practice appreciation for the crystals as it helps in easing you into a state of inner awareness. It will even introduce you to the powers of spiritual worlds as well as the universe.

Sleep With Them

Sleep With Them

Did you know that the perfect time to boost your psychic capabilities is during the nighttime? Well, it is true.

With that in mind, you can take advantage of the different crystals for spiritual awakening by placing them beside you as you sleep. To make the most out of their powers, it is highly recommended that you place them under your pillows. This is to make sure that they are close to your auric field.

But if you are not comfortable having something under your pillow, as mentioned you can place them on your bedside table. On the other hand, if you are a light or a sensitive sleeper, it is important that you place the crystals away from you.

Do Daily Affirmations

Do Daily Affirmations

When it comes to spiritual awakening, doing a daily affirmation can be a great help. As a matter of fact, this helps in improving not only your mental but also your spiritual body. This will also promote healing energy from the higher worlds while allowing you to take advantage of supportive energies. Know that negative behaviors or thoughts are not help in spiritual awakening. Luckily, with the help of daily affirmations along with using the different crystals for spiritual awakening, such instances are less likely to happen.

By holding a piece of crystal and placing them through the chakra, you will be able to make your affirmations more powerful and stronger. This will surely allow you to have a heightened spiritual awakening while bringing your psychic capabilities to higher levels.

How to Cleanse Crystals for Spiritual Awakening?

Now that you have an idea of how to use the different crystals for spiritual awakening, let’s take a look at how you can cleanse them. Remember, cleansing your crystals is very important as it helps in regaining their original energies, making them even more powerful and effective. No worries, because cleansing them is pretty easy. Nevertheless, here are some of the most effective methods that you can try when cleansing:

Expose Crystals To Outdoor Elements

Expose Crystals To Outdoor Elements

Leaving your crystals for spiritual awakening outside is one of the simplest yet easiest ways of cleansing them. In fact, it is also a great way to recharge them.

The moon is one of the strongest outdoor elements you can use when cleansing. Since it is packed with feminine energies, the moon is capable of giving calming and nurturing vibrations to the crystals. What’s more, it is a safe and gentle way to charge and cleanse the crystals for spiritual awakening.

Healers, however, tend to use the full moon when cleansing, because it is the stage wherein the moon exudes potent energies that can cleanse and at the same time recharge the crystals. But aside from the full moon, it is worth noting that you can use any stage of the moon. All you need to do is place your crystals outdoors in which the rays of moonlight can renew their worn-out energy.

On the other hand, if you are seeking a more powerful outdoor element to cleanse your crystals, then using the sun is the perfect option. In all its wonder, the sun will shine bright on negative and unsolicited energies. It will also infuse your crystals for awakening with new energy. This is possible because of the sun’s recharging capabilities.

But while the sun acts as a potent crystal cleanser, keep in mind that some crystals for spiritual awakening shouldn’t be exposed to such an outdoor element as it may result in fading. Nevertheless, if you want to cleanse your crystals using the power of the sunlight but you’re afraid that their color will fade, be sure to place them outside for a couple of minutes during sunset or sunrise only.

One more thing, while you do either moon and sun cleansing inside your home, you can actually boost the powers of such outdoor elements by placing crystals outside. In fact, every crystal loves the mother earth’s welcoming and nurturing vibrations. This is all thanks to the calming and grounding energies of nature.

You can place your crystals for spiritual awakening in the garden. By doing this, you will be able to refill and fortify their tired energies and release all the negativity as well as toxicities back to earth.

Use Natural Water Sources

Do you currently live in a place that is close to lakes, waterfalls, rivers, lakes or other natural water sources? If yes, did you know that you can also use them when cleansing your crystals for spiritual awakening?

For this method, you will simply need to submerge your crystals in any of these water sources for a couple of hours. But before you give this method a try, be sure that the crystals you are trying to cleanse can be safely submerged in the water. Or else, they will dissolve in water or get damaged.

As an alternative to these water sources, you just use either ordinary salt or sea salt. As a matter of fact, salt is known for its ability to get rid of negativity and toxicities. When planning to use salt, all you need to do is fill the bowl with salt and bury your crystals. Let them stay for a couple of hours or even days. Also, after the cleansing process, be sure to throw the salt away immediately.

Do A Smudging Ritual

Do A Smudging Ritual

Another effective way to cleanse your crystals for spiritual awakening is doing a smudging ritual. Believe it or not, this cleansing method has been used throughout history to get rid of unsolicited and unpleasant energies from things, people, spaces and places.

Nevertheless, this ritual is done using smudge sticks that are usually made by rolling sacred dried herbs into a long bundle. Then, you will need to light the dried herbs to produce smoke. The smokes will then be used to cleanse your crystals.

The most common herb that is used for smudging is sage. In fact, it is also considered the most powerful cleansing and healing herb. The herb is used to remove negative vibrations as well as energies. Another good thing about this cleansing method is that it can be used in jewelry, tumbled stones and raw crystals.

But aside from sage, you can always use other herbs such as palo santo and incense. By the way, with incense, you can only cleanse one crystal at a time, which is quite time-consuming if you are planning to cleanse several crystals for spiritual awakening.

Nonetheless, while it is a simple process, you will need to be careful since you will be dealing with fire. Having said that, check if there are inflammable items or materials in the area where you plan to do the ritual. If you have bay, be sure to remove them before anything else. If possible, perform the ritual outdoors or in any open space.

Wipe Or Wash Your Crystals

Another simple way to cleanse your crystals is to use warm and soapy water. Then rub the surface with your fingers or a brush with soft bristles. This will help in eliminating all the acquired dirt, dust and debris. After which, be sure to dry it thoroughly using a soft and clean piece of cloth. If you have durable and hard crystals for spiritual awakening, this is the perfect cleansing method that you can use.

However, if you have brittle, soft and porous crystals, cleanse them by wiping their surface with a dry and clean cloth to remove impurities and dirt.


Doing a visualization is another way to cleanse your crystals for spiritual awakening. As a matter of fact, if you are in harmony with yourself, you will be able to redirect your energy to the crystals you are trying to restore.

For this method, take your time to ground and center your energy. And then get the crystals you’re planning to cleanse and imaging your hands infusing them with white and radiant light. Perceive that the light surrounds your crystal and feel that it’s getting brighter and brighter in your hands. Additionally, you need to foresee the impurities being eliminated from your crystals and this will allow them to shine even brighter with a new purpose. You can keep on visualizing until you notice a change in the crystal’s energy.

Use Large Crystals

Use Large Crystals

Using a large charging crystal is also possible when cleansing crystals. Some of the crystals that you can use are amethyst geodes, selenite slabs, quartz clusters and carnelians stones. What’s more, they are capable of making a potent amplifier that can help in improving the energies of crystals they come in contact with.

To cleanse your crystals for spiritual awakening using these big stones, simply place them beside or inside the charging crystals. Doing so will help in removing clashing energies and improving their powers.

Final Thoughts

Spiritual awakening can offer a lot of benefits to a person’s life. And hopefully, the list of crystals mentioned above has helped you in this journey.

When choosing a crystal be sure to opt for one that strongly resonates with you and fits your needs. This is to make sure that you are getting the most out of the crystal’s powers and properties.


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