27 Powerful Crystals For Studying – The “How To” Guide

27 Most Useful Crystals For Studying – The “How To” Guide

Introduction to Crystals for Studying

Are you having a hard time studying? Do you have examinations coming up soon? Then you may want to introduce some of the most useful crystals for studying in your life.

Introduction on Crystals for Studying

Studying can be very stressful especially if there are other things running through your mind. There are times when it can be difficult to keep yourself well-organized. What’s more, finding a balance between play and work can be hard too.

The pressures that come with learning and studying can get to anyone. But the good thing is that there are things you can do to look after yourself while bringing the focus that you need. From self-love to creativity and healing. crystals can offer a lot of amazing benefits.

Undeniably, the powers of crystals have been utilized for hundreds of years. They also have the capability to absorb energy as well as direct vibrations. They will even bring peace and balance not only to your mind but also to the body.

As distractions and stress are vibrations of energy that are common among students, crystals can be used in solving these problems.

A Complete List of Crystals for Studying

As of the moment, there are many different crystals out there. However, it is worth mentioning that each crystal has its own unique and special qualities. They can also bring various things to life.

Let’s take a look at the best crystals for studying that you can take advantage of.

Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony

Blue chalcedony is a quartz that is dense and microcrystalline. It comes with a glassy to waxy sheen with fascinating and attractive translucence. It is transparent to the opaque crystal that is dyed by traces of iron, copper, manganese, and titanium. Blue chalcedony, on the other hand, shows various hues of the blue like violet-blue, sky blue, and robin’s egg blue.

But aside from having a beautiful appearance, this crystal has a lot more to offer. Blue chalcedony will help in balancing the spiritual, physical, and mental bodies. It also resonates with your throat chakra. In fact, linking such bodies will help you understand the emotions behind pieces of information and this allows you to recall them in the future with ease.

Blue chalcedony can also promote listening skills. For instance, if you are taking a class or learning a language, this blue crystal can help in retaining more information. When you’re meditating with meditation you will be able to sustain a mature brain. Nevertheless, you can do this by placing the blue chalcedony around you in a crystal grid or simply holding it.



Amazonite is popularly known for its green and blue colors. As a matter of fact, this crystal has a lot of the same soothing properties as its label, the amazon river.  Amazonite is closely associated with the nervous system of the body and can definitely affect your capability to concentrate and focus.

The soothing nature of amazonite will also clear your mind of emotional worries. As a result, you will be able to refocus your energy and mind on the task at hand. And since this crystal for studying comes with a strong association with the nervous system, it can also be used for meditation and opening the throat chakra and heart chakra.

Blue Quartz

Blue Quartz

Also called aventurine blue or sapphire quartz, blue quartz is colored by rutile fibers or crocidolite. Blue quartz is one of the most precious crystals that you can add to your collection. What’s more, it is one of the most demanded forms of quartz. With the same energy and beautiful appearance as other crystals in the family, blue quartz will delight the soul and the eyes. What’s more, it comes with amazing energy properties.

Blue quartz, on the other hand, can bring mental clarity, creativity, and focus. Further, it will help you become balanced, organized, and orderly which can serve you well especially when you’re feeling unfocused or overwhelmed.

It will also ease illogical thoughts as well as help you to have improved flexibility in the manner you think. Actually, these things will help in enhancing communication skills while easing anxiety, stress, and fear.

Tiger Jasper

Tiger Jasper

Tiger jasper is an attractive crystal that combines the healing powers of the tiger eye and ironstone. It is also believed to soothe emotional stresses. What’s more, it can promote self-assurance and self-confidence and enhance stamina.

Tiger jasper can encourage stability and mental strength. Keep in mind that both things will help you feel relaxed and steady when you would usually feel overwhelmed and stressed. This, in turn, will help you put end to self-limiting thoughts holding back your mental focus.

Tiger jasper, on the other hand, will protect you against negative energies of any form. It will open your mind to new options and help you see a clearer path out of the challenge in your studies and life in general. 



An iron sulfide mineral that has a metallic sheen, pyrite comes with a brassy coloring that is the same as gold. Due to its resemblance, pyrite is also called Fools Gold. This crystal comes from the cubic stone system and features a brittle texture and opaque transparency. The meaning of pyrite unblocks creativity while promoting purity.

But aside from that, it has a lot more to offer. Pyrite is strongly associated with intelligence, logic, and memory making it one of the best crystals for studying. If you have low energy, you will have a hard time remembering information. The crystal will serve as a protection against draining and negative energies.

When you’re close to this crystal, you be able to recall information better and feel less sluggish. In addition to boosting energies, pyrite is believed to increase the flow of blood to the brain. With that in mind, it is hard to deny that pyrite is a good crystal not only for studying but also for improving recall and memory.



Fluorite is a stabilizing and calming crystal that is often connected to the third eye chakra, throat chakra, and heart chakra. Because of its association with these chakras, this crystal helps to open the heart and soothe the mind. It is also believed to bring balance and peace to the user, physically and mentally.

Fluorite, on the other hand, is called the stone of genius. As a matter of fact, it is a remarkable crystal that can help you improve your focus while you’re studying since it will open your mind to new ideas.

Having a piece of this crystal as you study will let you focus on your work since its vibrations will stimulate the electrical charge in your brain. Fluorite will open up a new way so that your brain will work effectively, tuning in with the left and right hemispheres.

There are many different kinds of fluorite and in fact, all of them can be utilized when studying. However, some of them help more with specific kinds of work.

For instance, purple fluorite is perfect to use if you want to concentrate on science and mathematical subjects. But if you’re studying humanity or arts, it is best to use yellow fluorite as it helps in boosting creativity and imagination. On the other hand, if you need to come up with fresh ideas while studying, choose green fluorite since it is believed to promote originality.

Nevertheless, whichever type you pick, this crystal can be very beneficial especially if you want to concentrate on your studies. It is also worth mentioning that fluorite can also be utilized in cleansing areas of negative energies, making a comfortable area that’s more favorable to learning.

Fluorite will improve decision-making, concentration, and self-confidence which are all instrumental in a student’s life.



Belongs to the family of chalcedony, carnelian is a silica mineral taking its hue from iron oxide. It has a glassy luster and a hexagonal stone system. This crystal which is reddish-brown in color can promote creativity and positive energy.

Carnelian is considered one of the best crystals for students, most especially those who need some motivation to finish their exams, final papers, and projects. The crystal comes with stabilizing energies that can get rid of apathy while promoting courage.

With the help of a carnelian, students will be able to work on their dreams and goals constantly. What’s more, they will be able to overcome negative thoughts and obstacles that life may throw at them.

Another good thing about the carnelian is that it helps in improving focus and concentration. It is ideal for a student studying late into the night and for an art student who needs a further burst of creative juices.



A borate mineral, howlite is composed of irregular nodules as well as a monoclinic structure. Also called magnesite, this crystal possesses a porous texture. When it comes to the color scheme, howlite is chalky white that has dark veins, though it can be colorless as well.

Nevertheless, howlite is one of the most useful crystals for studying. This is particularly beneficial for students getting ready for their upcoming examinations. Howlite comes with soothing energies that can promote knowledge and memory. It can also be used in reducing anxiety and stress.

This crystal is proven beneficial when studying for exams and when in distress of a hard test. It can also help students deal with test anxiety. If you have an overactive mind, you can benefit from this crystal as well. In fact, this makes it one of the best crystals for students who usually find themselves second-guessing their final answers on an exam.

Howlite will also ease the other symptoms of stress such as anxiety attacks and insomnia that are common among students.

Tiger’s Eye

tiger’s eye

Tiger’s eye is one of the most eye-catching crystals thanks to its attractive bands of yellow and golden colors. Aside from having a beautiful appearance, it will also help you in releasing your anxiety and fear and attaining balance and harmony. It will even stimulate taking action and help you in making a decision with understanding and discernment as well as unclouded by your feelings.

Tiger’s eye will also promote clarity and protection in every aspect of life, most especially student life. It can offer more luck that can be extremely beneficial for those who are not prepared for their upcoming exam.

This crystal, on the other hand, will allow its users to concentrate on the given task. In fact, this will allow them to manage their school works without meddling with their emotions.

Since it is known as the stone of protection, without a doubt, the tiger’s eye will offer you an improved sense of self-confidence, courage as well as purpose while eliminating fear, tension, and anxiety. For these reasons, the tiger’s eye is considered one of the best crystals for studying.



If not the best, amethyst is one of the best crystals for studying simply because it’s very versatile. Aside from offering calming effects that can get rid of anxiety and stress, this beautiful purple crystal will also uplift you. Meaning to say, students will be able to enjoy the sedative effects of amethyst without losing the needed energy to finish their studies.

Moreover, it can boost decision-making, memory, and focus while promoting mental clarity. Amethyst is a good ally especially when you need to learn a thing that is quite difficult. This crystal also comes in handy if you are having a hard time focusing.

When it comes to getting rid of electromagnetic smog that usually comes from using electronic devices, amethyst can be extremely beneficial too. In fact, this will help in improving the mental and physical health of students.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz represents the connection of people to the nether energies lying in the lower realms, the transformation of bad energies to good ones, and mother earth. This dark and brownish-black quartz variety will increase your concentration and clarity. It also helps in maintaining positive trains of thought.

Smoky quartz helps in dissolving stress and anxiety while supporting your improved focus. To relieve your panic attacks, anxiety, stress, and tension affecting your studies, simply hold a piece of smoky quartz and it will do its job.

Another good thing about smoky quartz is that it wards off negative thinking. When you are faced with confusion or chaos, this crystal will get rid of your doubt and worry.

Nevertheless, you can also place the stone in your study area to filter out disparaging remarks, bad moods, or unspoken resentments draining your enthusiasm and strength.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is one of the many stones with lots of healing benefits. As a matter of fact, it is a must-have for spiritual persons. But aside from that, clear quartz is a wonderful crystal that will improve your focus while you are studying.

Clear quartz is capable of holding onto information. It can also be charged for various purposes. Since it reflects the energy, this crystal can also be used in improving the vibration from others stones. Clear quartz also has wonderful cleaning energies affecting the intellect. As a result, you can use it to clear your mind particularly if you need more focus.

Last but not least, clear quartz will allow you to have a better relationship with the world.

Blue Sodalite

Blue Sodalite

Blue sodalite is a crystal containing all the beauty of heaven. When you take a look at its attractive dark-blue core that has an immensity of freckles and white lines, the crystal will transport you to the highest spirit plane right away in which chaos and confusion have no use.

The deep blue color of this crystal will also help in improving your rational thoughts and calmness. In terms of studying, admit it or not there are times that feel overwhelmed and begin not to think conventional.

Whether you are studying for a test where you work or an exam, from time to time, your mind is running away and begins to worry about the forthcoming. In fact, this means that you’re disregarding what’s crucial in the present.

If you’re susceptible to irrotationality which typically happens to almost everybody, using this crystal is a great way to focus on what’s crucial and chill out. You can also take advantage of this crystal if you’re prone to overstress and overthinking.

Blue sodalite will absorb brain fog and this will allow you to perceive things clearly making it ideal for studying.



Citrine is a beautiful yellow-orange crystal that is an idea for instilling courage and confidence. It is also considered the stone of abundance and manifesting which are both important when it comes to studying.

Citrine is about personal development and power. The energy, as well as vibrations that are shared with the world, can inspire success. With that in mind, having this crystal close to you especially when you’re studying will help you focus on everything you do.

Citrine, on the other hand, will remove all the self-doubt and negativity in your mind. This will allow your mind to be free of everything that is holding you back.

Black Agate

Black Agate

A common kind of quartz crystal, black agate can be found all over the world. It is a cryptocrystalline consisting of quartz and made from silica. In fact, black agate is almost identical to onyx. But the main difference is that these two crystals come with bands running over them, however, the bands of the black agate are curved, while the onyx has parallel bands.

Nevertheless, if you want to pass your exam, you will surely find this black crystal handy. Black agate helps in getting rid of negative energies, allowing you to focus on your studies and yourself. This crystal, on the other hand, will ground you because it will stabilize your root chakra. It ensures that there is no negative thought running through your mind letting you see things more clearly.

Black agate also comes with soothing properties. Having that said, if you are the kind of person who gets stressed easily when studying, black agate is the perfect crystal for you. It is also worth mentioning that it can also get rid of insecurities and self-doubt and this will allow you to work hard while focusing your energy on your study.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a dazzling crystal that can support you when it comes to your studies. Every student endures stages of unrest and stress, but with the right crystal like this rose quartz, you will be able to overcome it.

But aside from that, the vibrations that this crystal gives offer can inspire individuals to love themselves better. It can bring forth a heave of self-love all over the body and in fact, with this heave of energy, everything is possible.

Many people choose to have a piece of rose quartz behind them because aside from being the stone of love, it also helps them in their studies.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a wonderful crystal that can infuse your life with peace, luck, and courage. The powerful vibrations of this crystal can promote positivity as well as a healthy viewpoint on life making it ideal for people needing a boost of optimism.

On the other hand, green aventurine is associated with forward-thinking and independence. That is why, if you’re studying on your own and you find it difficult to completely get your brain and mind in gear, consider getting a piece of this green crystal as it allows you to work along radiantly and take control of everything successfully.

And since green aventurine is connected to the great chakra, it can also be used in eliminating negativity blocking your way. So, instead of moving backward, you will be able to move forward. It will let you focus your attention on what’s ahead of you and not what has happened already.



The captivating crystal of the ancients, turquoise symbolizes protection, wisdom, good fortune, tranquility, hope, and wisdom. In fact, ancient people believed in the crystal’s power to offer protection and tranquil energies. 

Turquoise is one of the good crystals you can use if you want to have clear thoughts and minds. It is considered a great crystal for studying because relieves worry and stress, something you might be experiencing while studying. Furthermore, this crystal will absorb these low energies. Nevertheless, turquoise is a perfect crystal to bring with you on your exam or test.

Blue Scapolite

blue Scapolite

Due to the shortage of its durability, hardness, and transparency as a gemstone-quality material, blue scapolite is one of the rarest crystals in the world. Though it is not a popular crystal, blue scapolite is actually one of the most sought-after options by collectors.

Another great thing about blue scapolite is that it can help you with your studies. What’s more, it helps with multitasking making it a good crystal to have when you’re working on a project that needs a lot of information.

Blue scapolite is also popular for its problem-solving abilities. It will help you resolve problems related to your studies. Additionally, it is known as the stone of accomplishment that infuses its owner with motivation and inspiration to achieve their goals.

With this crystal, you will be able to find the real meaning of your life as well as your purpose in this world. Blue scapolite will balance the entire chakra system. As a result, there’ll be a good flow of energy. It will also calm you down while helping you become more rational during a stressful time. This ensures that you’re balanced mentally.



Opal is a crystalline kind of silica or mineraloid. When pure, this crystal is colorless. Opals appear in many different colors like blue, white, black, green, orange, red, and yellow. They are also transparent and translucent and have a hardness of 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale. 

One of the best things about opal is that it will support your memory especially if you need to remember a lot of information or you are a student. This crystal comes with subtle vibrations influencing the crown chakra, heart chakra, and throat chakra. As a matter of fact, this blend will facilitate mental clarity and tranquility which are crucial when remembering facts.



Similar to other crystals in this list, calcite comes in a wide variety of colors from undyed to black, blue-brown, pink, red, yellow, green, grey, and orange. For a student, calcite helps in boosting learning capabilities and memory. What’s more, it will keep you inspired by reminding you to always keep an eye on the prize.

Calcite will also work to fight anxiety owing to its calming energies. The crystal is helpful particularly when you are handling lots of things simultaneously since it can give you clarity. It will also assist you in finding the best solutions possible for the situation. And when you’re about to assess your newly acquired knowledge, it is more likely to be accompanied by stress and anxiety. Fortunately, calcite will cover it all.



A lot of cultures throughout the period said that the emerald is not just a beautiful crystal, but powerful as well. This crystal will strengthen your memory and help you recall information for a longer period of time. As a matter of fact, this makes the emerald an excellent ally when taking an exam.

Another good thing about it is that it will keep you focused on the tasks at hand, which reduces lost information because of gaps in concentration. Dubbed the stone of wisdom, emeralds will fill your life with contentment while stimulating greater mental ability.

Emerald is also ideal for those who have short-term or long-term memory loss as it helps in sharpening their memory.



Hematite is an element of metal or iron and means “bloodstone”. In fact, this is the reason why it is considered one of the most important crystals to work with during a spiritual journey. Hematite is dubbed the bloodstone because when it’s naturally found, its iron content is covered in rust making it look red. What’s more, in Ancient Rome, it is one of the most popular crystals for decorative purposes. Actually, armor, jewelry, and weapons decorated with this crystal were widely traded.

Hematite, on the other hand, is associated with the base chakra. It also comes with positive cognitive effects. When it comes to the elimination of negativity, whether it is energy, emotion, or thought, this crystal can clear your confusion.

Hematite will focus your mind on moving on with optimism, clarity, and vitality. Keep in mind that these things are crucial when it comes to studying. It is also worth mentioning that hematite will ground you allowing you to remain focused on your projects.



A green copper carbonate mineral, malachite belongs to the monolithic stone system and features a smooth sheen. Most of the time, this crystal is utilized as ores of copper. Malachite comes with opaque transparency and from time to time it has a patterned surface.

This dazzling crystal does a great job when it comes to processing information and giving protection. Malachite can also absorb negative energies that may be hanging around, letting your focus be exclusively on your studying. In addition to that, it is popularly known to eliminate electromagnetic pollution. It means your study are will be peaceful and at the same time clear.

On the other hand, if you want to break your bad habits and promote positive changes, malachite would be the perfect crystal for you.

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire

This list of the most useful crystals for studying will not be completed without mentioning blue sapphire. In fact, it characterizes wisdom in crystals. By aligning your spiritual, physical, and mental aspects, a blue sapphire will surely encourage self-discipline and ease mental tension,

It will also lessen unwanted thoughts interfering with your focus and provide a new sense of calmness and inner knowing. If you want to have a single-minded concentration on projects, blue sapphire is one of the most wonderful crystals you can use.

It is also worth mentioning that blue sapphire indicated the height of celestial hope and faith in the medieval and ancient worlds. The crystal is also believed to have potent properties for bringing spiritual insight, good fortune, and protection.



Selenite is a mesmerizing crystal that is made from hydrous calcium sulfate. It grows into a long column and belongs to the group of gypsum crystals. When selenite is unpolished, it can be determined for its gristly patterns. As of the moment, selenite is popularly known for its cleansing and protective properties, whereas its metaphysical properties are widely used by metaphysical practitioners, healers, and psychics.

But aside from that selenite will also keep the memory intact for exams. In fact, you can make use of it as a purifying crystal before your study session. If you’re wondering how to use selenite during your exam, simply take a piece in your hand and then place it on your table. Focus and imagine what you want to learn using the selenite crystal programming and chant “I am filled with information, selenite will make my studying effective, easy, and empowering”.



This crystal has been known since ancient periods. Azurite gets its name from a Persian word that means color blue. Though azurite occurs as a crystal, typically it is found as a coarse stone. It is also a copper-based stone that can be found in copper mines.

Nevertheless, azurite effectively works to activate the third eye chakra. It is one of the strongest crystals, especially for those who are studying. It is because azurite can be used in retaining information. What’s more, its vibrations have strong effects on the brain’s intellectual functions and its energies can improve your memory.

How to Use Crystals for Studying

So that you know the perfect crystals for studying, let’s take a look at how you can use them. Keep in mind that there are many different ways you can add crystals to your routine, fortunately, you will be able to notice their effects right away.

Nevertheless, here are the most effective ways that you can take into consideration.

Place Them On Your Study Table or Desk

Place Them On Your Study Table or Desk

Simply having any of the above-mentioned crystals by your side while you’re studying will help you concentrate and completely pledge to your work. The crystals’ vibrations and energies are so powerful.

With that in mind, placing them where you usually study means that they will support you in your endeavors. In addition to that, this means that when you’re concentrating you will be able to pick up them and have them in your hand. It’s an excellent way to help your focus since it means that the crystals’ energies are connected to you directly.

One more thing, it also means that you will not pick things that might distract you like your phone.

Meditate With The Crystals

Meditate With The Crystals

Another excellent way to connect your energies with the vibrations of the crystals for studying is to utilize them while you’re meditating. Meditation is ideal for improving focus since you can completely clear your mind before you study, letting you work well.

As a matter of fact, meditating for at least 10 minutes before your next study session is a good idea, and incorporating any of the crystals mentioned above will make it even greater. As you meditate, hold a piece of crystal in your hands and then allow your body to suck up its energies. Further, you can place the crystals on the body close to the chakras they are associated with.

To ensure a healthier routine and freshen up your mind before studying, consider meditating on a daily basis.

Place Crystals In Your Bedroom

Place Crystals In Your Bedroom

Having enough and good quality sleep is crucial for improving focus which is crucial when you are studying and fortunately, crystals can with this matter.

Another great way to use the different crystals for studying is to place them inside your bedroom and they will do the trick. However, you will need to use crystals that are not overactive or else you will not be able to rest. So, make sure you understand the properties of every crystal before using them for better results.

Affirm With Them

Affirm With Them

An affirmation with your chosen crystals is another great thing to do especially if you want to make your studying process as comfortable as possible. All you need to do is talk to the crystals and ask for some guidance. Whether it is the actual power of the crystal, a placebo effect or the power of belief, many people find this method efficient.

Massage Your Forehead

Massage Your Forehead

Try massaging your forehead with a crystal for studying. But you can also hold one on any side of the head to enhance your focus while being powered by its vibrations and energies. However, do not forget to cleanse your crystal to get its vibrational frequencies to where they truly belong.

Wear As A Piece Of Jewelry

Wear As A Piece Of Jewelry

Aside from having a stunning new accessory, wearing a crystal in the form of jewelry will keep you grounded and at the same time focused on your studies. There are actually lots of spiritual and crafts stores both online and in the physical world where you can buy handmade pieces of jewelry with powers that will let you feel and look great.

Some crafters, on the other hand, have jewelry that has a variety of crystals on like a bracelet of crystal for protection and a necklace of crystal that is perfect for self-love.

Wearing a crystal as jewelry means that its energy is close to you all the time. Meaning to say, you are soaking up their energies continuously. Additionally, it is so handy since you will never forget your crystals for studying especially when you’re going to the library if they’re kept on the chain around your neck.

How to Cleanse Crystals for Studying?

Cleansing and at the same time recharging your crystals for studying on a regular basis is the only method to restore them to their natural state. Actually, this act of attention can give a boost to your personal sense of purpose. Keep on reading to know more about the most common and effective cleansing methods.

Cleanse With Water

Using water is the fastest and easiest way to cleanse crystals. All you have to do is place your crystals for studying in water and then rinse them off after a couple of minutes. After that, carefully dry your crystals. However, if you are not certain, consider using other methods.

Bury Crystals In The Earth

Another way to cleanse your crystals is to bury them in the earth specifically in your garden, but make sure to mark the spot so that you can find them easily after the cleansing process. Aside from the garden, you can also utilize a big pot. Leave your crystals on the earth for at least a day. This method is best suited for crystals that have grounding capabilities.

Burn Sage

How to Cleanse Crystals for Studying

Burning sage or lighting sticks of incense that have the fragrance of palo santo can also be done to cleanse your crystals for studying. All you need to do is rotate the crystals through the smoke for a couple of seconds.

Salt Cleansing

Salt, on the other hand, will cleanse the energies and vibrations that your crystals have accumulated while you’re using them. You can place the crystal in seawater or a plate that has dry sea salt. Don’t use this method if you’re using porous crystals.

Use Brown Rice

Furthermore, use brown rice if you want to get rid of negativity in contained and safe settings. In fact, this cleansing method is useful for protecting crystals for study. For this method, simply fill a bowl that has brown rice and bury the crystals under the grains. Make sure to dispose of the brown rice right away after cleansing your crystals, since it is believed that the rice absorbs the energies you are trying to get rid of.

Moonlight Cleansing

Nevertheless, to complete the cleansing process, place your crystals in a place in the moonlight and then leave them for the whole night. This can be done outside, on the windowsill, or in other spots in which the moonlight flows in. The good thing about this is that this technique can be used for all kinds of crystals. By the way, for better results, consider using full moonlight.

You can also use the light of the sun to make your dull stones shine again. Place the crystals under the sunlight for four hours, if possible, in the morning.

Final Thoughts

When you’re getting ready for your upcoming study sessions, don’t forget to have a crystal with you.

Aside from being stunning and elegant, the above-mentioned crystals are perfect to use if you want to become successful in your studies. As you can see there are lots of ways you can incorporate them into your day-to-day lives.

All you need to do is choose the best crystals that can truly help you. While all of them can be a great option, it is best that you use the crystals that suit your needs.


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