36 Powerful Crystals For Wisdom and Knowledge

36 Most Useful Crystals For Wisdom and Knowledge – The “How To” Guide

Introduction to Crystals for Wisdom and Knowledge

Oftentimes, most of us see ourselves on an expedition to self-discovery in order to live a fulfilling and happy life and unlock our full potential. The knowledge and wisdom that can be obtained on that expedition will help us to live a happier life and rouse the universal wisdom, in compliance with those who are real human beings.

Introduction on Crystals for Wisdom and Knowledge

Do you find yourself seeking new ways to gain more knowledge and expand your consciousness all the time? You’re lucky because you’ve just visited the right place.

In today’s article, we will talk about the different crystals for wisdom that can help you in everything you do. So, if you’re interested, then keep on reading.

Complete List of Crystals for Wisdom and Knowledge

Listed below are the best and most useful crystals you should have in your possession to obtain more and higher wisdom and knowledge. No worries, because we can assure you that there is at least one crystal that will suit your needs. Make sure to read every crystal carefully and thoroughly so that you can easily find the crystals for wisdom and knowledge that will suit you the most.

Yellow Quartz

Yellow Quartz

Are you looking forward to gaining more insight and clarity? Yellow quartz is for you. This crystal comes dosed up with positive energy, peaceful vibes as well as tantalizing weapons to pull someone off the floor. All varieties of quartz crystals are great amplifiers, but the yellow one is more jam-packed in terms of taking happy feelings and turning them up a notch.

Yellow quartz is considered a solar plexus stone. Having said that, it can help you obtain new perspectives. It will even invigorate you while easily shifting your mental focus. Yellow crystal also serves as an energetic fuel for thoughts and redirects and calms overactive minds.

Yellow quartz is one of the best crystals for wisdom that can surely transform your thoughts and show you new and improved ways when it comes to handling or approach problems. It will help you make a decision with more wisdom and knowledge, greater clarity, and more focus.



Serpentine is a beautiful green crystal that can be found across the world. Historically speaking, this crystal has been confused with jade most of the time. But what makes serpentine distinct is its chemical composition. The grouping consists of about 20 related minerals with two unique kinds of formation, chrysotile, and antigorite.

Serpentine, on the other hand, is actually a real present for people who want to obtain more spiritual knowledge and broaden their limits. It is considered one of the most useful crystals for knowledge simply because serpentine can show you different ways to wisdom by opening the entries to universal knowledge.

Serpentine will also help you work with the universe. It will even help you be more open to higher consciousness as well as new ideas. By helping to embrace your psychic powers, this beautiful crystal will heighten your intuition while awakening the kundalini energy that will bring you closer to divine knowledge.



Sodalite is a crystal containing all the exquisiteness of the heavens. Usually, this crystal comes in various shades of blue, but more often blue-grey that has speckled with white calcite. Sodalite is also an opaque crystal and can be polished in order to make it appear more elegant and richer as well as achieve high gloss.

Nevertheless, if you have a chaotic mind, for sure you know how hard and challenging is it to carry on your mental flow. But with sodalite, you don’t have to deal with this kind of situation anymore.

Being a balancing crystal, sodalite will show you many different ways to stay in touch with your intuition and rational mind without ignoring either. It helps in calming your opposing thoughts while preventing an internal battle between the mind and the heart.

In addition to that, it helps you combine your insights and thoughts. As a result, you will be able to obtain more clarity and comprehend problems that are bothering you on a deeper level. In that way, sodalite will make a space for a more enlightened and peaceful mind, where thoughts are no longer your rivals. And this will result in heightened wisdom and knowledge.



Labradorite is known as feldspar mineral, which is believed to be the most copious group of minerals in the crust of the earth. Typically, a normal Labradorite sports blue-green, yellow, or lavender-blue color.

Usually, this crystal comes in stunning colors of pale green, grey-white, and even various shades of blue, typically with specks of iridescent blue and gold flashes. Labradorite also displays a combination of all these shades giving it an eye-catching and mesmerizing look. It is a versatile crystal as well.

Labradorite is considered one of the most useful crystals for knowledge because it is capable of promoting a free flow of energy since it stirs intuition and lets you get mentally unstuck

Since it can open you up to new and better ways of thing, it is called the stone of innovation. Its vibration will even help you become more dissolute by conditioning. In that way, the labradorite will make space for new thoughts, wisdom, and knowledge to transpire, connecting you to both the spiritual knowledge and the spiritual world.



Next on the list of most useful crystals for wisdom is the Emerald. This crystal belongs to the family of Beryl crystals. Emerald can be either translucent or transparent with a vitreous luster. It is also one of the most durable crystals measuring 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale. Emerald also has a number of metaphysical properties as well as aligned with the heart chakra’s vibration. It will bring equilibrium and balance in every aspect of your life.

When you get too engrossed in the matters of the 3D realm, emerald will serve as an active first aid. It is one of the crystals for knowledge that can help you see every perspective as it helps in combining the powers of information and intuition you gain through perceptions.

Emerald will unblock all your self-limiting beliefs while helping you perceive things more clearly. It will open you up to knowledge going beyond your personal experiences letting you acquire information through sensing and feeling.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Of all the crystals for knowledge, lapis lazuli, a beautiful deep blue crystal may not be the most popular option. But despite this fact, there are many reasons why you should consider using it.

Since ancient periods, this crystal has been associated with knowledge and wisdom and even royalty and truth. What’s more, the lapis lazuli has been worn as well as adorned houses because of the fact that it can help in getting rid of darkness and evil.

If you want to stimulate your upper chakras, you can never go wrong with lapis lazuli. As a matter of fact, if you want to boost your spiritual strength, this crystal can be one of your most powerful associates.

Lapis lazuli can relieve everything that may have been hidden and suppressed and allow them to surface in a very gentle way. This, in turn, will help in eliminating physical diseases and bottled-up anger, which allows for self-expression without holding back or compromising.

With the crystal’s potent connection to the throat chakra, it can initiate bravery in owning your wisdom, knowledge, thoughts, and voice. With lapis lazuli, you will become more confident when it comes to voicing out what you know, your concerns, and your ideas.

Additionally, the lapis lazuli can offer consciousness of your inspirations and beliefs offering you a much clearer perspective of your entire life. The best thing about this crystal is that it will not just reveal your limits but also push you to the opportunity for growth as well as make use of your gifts, abilities, wisdom, and knowledge to the best.



If you are looking for a wonderful crystal and at the same time a crystal that can help you gain more wisdom and knowledge, you can never go wrong with heliodor. The name of this crystal factually translated to the gift coming from the sun. Featuring golden light, the heliodor will definitely radiate the power of sunshine as well as warmth. What’s more, it is the illumination and symbolism of higher thinking and centered and vibrant physical well-being.

It’s also believed that heliodor is the stone of God and one of the getaways of light, that has a golden, warm hue that can boost your knowledge, wisdom, and even compassion. Aside from that, a heliodor can also break through your inner strength while making you feel more responsible for your life.

This yellow crystal will also teach you the laws and knowledge of life. And this will surely help you grow prime of life and raise your potential immensity.

The crystal’s energies are also believed to help you decide based on your wisdom and knowledge rather than your emotions and reactions. Last but not least, the heliodor may stimulate the renunciation of determination that will result in the highest spiritual development and progress and get rid of confusion along the way.

Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz

Spirit quartz is another beautiful and distinct crystal that can infuse you with more wisdom and knowledge. One of the best things about this crystal is that it can get rid of self-inflicted limitations naturally that are caused by self-doubting and even a lack of confidence. It will also help you to acquire more wisdom and knowledge than you thought was possible.

Spirit quartz, on the other hand, is a cluster crystal. Meaning to say, it is capable of radiating powerful frequency and energy in all directions. Having said that, this crystal is pretty beneficial in office environments and groups where negative feedback and fear may rock not only your wisdom but also your determination and self-confidence.

Another great thing about the spirit quartz is that it promotes tea, and building while bringing harmony to family members and colleagues. The crystal also comes with inspiring power and energy that can boost your powers and strength, both on spiritual and emotional levels.

Connected to the crown chakra, the spirit quartz may also help access as well as nurture from the universe. In fact, it is an excellent way to improve your knowledge, inner powers, and consciousness. 

Fire Agate

Fire Agate

Fire agate is called the spiritual flame of spiritual perfection. It is holding remarkable powers within an eye-catching and deep brown crystal structure. By simply touching the crystal, you’ll perceive fiery residues igniting which are so grounding and protecting and allow you to take action with scorching essence.

When it comes to boosting wisdom and knowledge, the fire agate is believed to boost intellectuality and mental clarity. In addition, the crystal’s energies can offer calming vibes that usually come with working in a job that is mentally taxing. It will even assist you with your plan by honing your sense and intuition and improving your wisdom and knowledge.

Aside from being one of the most useful crystals for wisdom and knowledge, the fire agate is also believed to infuse its bearers with confidence. It also offers protection from negative energies that may badly affect your productivity.

Fire agate will motivate you to take the needed action with wisdom and authority. It can also help you decide without risking either your finances or career in a very difficult situation.



Are you having a difficult time obtaining enough wisdom and knowledge? If so, you can never go wrong with fluorite.

The crystal possesses powerful healing properties that can offer your purpose, order, and clarity to promote spiritual growth. It will effectively clear your thoughts so that you will be able to take the right action at the right time. Fluorite also has the capability to link your physical and mental realities, associating your intuition and ability to make a decision.

Called the stone of genius, fluorite can help you when working with a complex problem by infusing you with wisdom and knowledge. The crystal will boost your work and concentration and help you retain and at the same time absorb more knowledge. If you have a certain goal or aspiration, this is the ideal crystal for you.

Fluorite will stabilize both your mentality and emotion, most especially when you are dealing with a stressful and emotional moment.



Garnet is another powerful and mesmerizing crystal that can surely fire up your wisdom and knowledge. The crystal will infuse you with a persistent sense of wisdom and conviction so that you will be able to achieve your dream vocation. In fact, garnet will also offer you the energy of humbleness to remain grounded at all times. 

Garnet, on other hand, can help you if you want to build your career by allowing you to become knowledgeable in every aspect. It will even help you ignore all the negative people and naysayers surrounding you. But it will help you stay open to critiques and feedback that are relevant to help you grow.

Additionally, if you’re presently experiencing a transition in your life, you can call upon the powers of garnet too. When learning something new, you don’t have to feel afraid and worried because the presence of this wonderful crystal for wisdom and knowledge work to ease all your worries and doubts letting you focus only on the relevant things. It guarantees stability, permanence, and security most especially in your professional life.

Know that wisdom and knowledge are important for both career and personal success. So, if you’re planning to enter the business world or considering a new position, garnet will not only offer you wisdom and knowledge but also the energy and strength to handle any project in your career.

Blue Tiger’s Eye

Blue Tiger’s Eye

The blue tiger’s eye is ideal for those who need help in finding the answers they are looking for. As the name implies, typically, this crystal comes in a light to dark blue color with greenish and grey bands. Blue tiger’s eye is also a highly chatoyant and reflective crystal. What makes the blue tiger’s eye even more appealing is its silky appearance.

Nevertheless, with the presence of this crystal, all the pain, thoughts, and energy that are no longer serving you will be cleared out. As a result, you will be able to gain wisdom and knowledge that isn’t clouded by an outdated belief system.

Blue tiger’s eye is also considered one of the most supportive crystals for people wishing to unlock the clairvoyant as well as other psychic capabilities. The crystal will open the door to new perspectives and revolutionary ideas while giving you the needed mental focus.



Apatite is an excellent crystal that can combat listlessness and lethargy. It encourages a lively and sociable attitude. It will even inspire you to become more outgoing and positive all the time.

But other than that, apatite has a lot more to offer. Apatite can boost your determination and drive to finish everything. It also does a great job when it comes to awakening your inner power and boosting your creativity.

On the other hand, apatite is considered the stone of the forthcoming and can bring wisdom and knowledge to whoever uses it. It will give you the courage to take a risk while providing the knowledge to find out which risks deserve your time and hard work. In workplace settings, apatite works to reawaken your interest and boost your wisdom and knowledge for every project you’re going to handle.



When it comes to gaining more wisdom and knowledge and improving your confidence, intuition, creativity, and mental clarity, chrysoprase is one of the best crystals you can use. In fact, this crystal will allow you to become centered.

Being a solar plexus chakra crystal, chrysoprase will envelop you in the energies of self-esteem and self-confidence while getting rid of the hesitation and doubts in your own wisdom and knowledge. It helps you to use the wisdom and knowledge you have that you’ve forgotten about. It will also inspire your advanced thinking and creativity which helps in inviting more success in a new venture, especially in your professional career.

When you place a piece of this crystal in your working area, it will energize the surrounding areas as well. This will impart an instant sense of improved vitality and energy. It will help you overcome intellectual and mental fatigue because of overwork as well as stress.

Another great thing about this crystal for wisdom and knowledge is that it works to improve concentration and memory. When you’re working toward success in your career, chrysoprase can be a great ally. It will focus your energy on enhancing your wisdom and knowledge providing the needed action to bring all your goals into reality.



This list of crystals for wisdom and knowledge will not be completed without peridot. In fact, it is believed that when you carry a piece of this crystal, you’ll obtain more wisdom and knowledge that can be beneficial in your day-to-day life.

Known as the sunstone, peridot can get rid of self-imposed restrictions and prevent personal darkness. The crystal’s yellow rays of sunshine, as well as green rays of development, symbolize a time for maturity, growth, and personal strength. It will also aid you in improving your receptiveness to fresh meanings and ideas.

Peridot can add charm and articulateness to your presentation in your workplace. It induces positive and beneficial responses to unhelpful people surrounding you. In addition to that, peridot will give you the wisdom and knowledge that can help you to boost your profits.

It is also worth mentioning that this crystal can be used as an amulet when seeking knowledge and enlightenment. It will also infuse you with perseverance in your journey to reaching your goals. Last but not least, peridot will give you deep focus, will, and fortitude for mental challenges at your workplace.



Amber is a highly spiritual crystal. It appears to capture the warmth and light of the sun in its structure as well as the life-giving, vibrant qualities or attributes of sunlight. This beautiful crystal is closely associated with conservation on a spiritual level. Meaning to say, it is usually used as a talisman or ornament in order to encourage eternal youth.

Most people use amber to acquire wisdom. But aside from that, it can also be used to get rid of fears and negative energies, obtain patience and soothe body aches.

Amber will strengthen and link you to your inner wisdom while improving your psychic gifts of clear feeling. The crystal stimulates your intellect and improves your understanding of many different things. It will help you when making a decision and moving forward in your life.

Amber will infuse you with more wisdom and knowledge to accept everything that is happening to you that you don’t have control over. It even offers the foresight to handle any unexpected event and appropriately react to it.

Due to the clarity of mind amber has to offer, it’s highly prized, especially by people who want to use their wisdom to become successful in their careers. The crystal also does a great job when it comes to memory recollection and improvement. And this is extremely beneficial for people who need to come up with innovative and creative ideas to get noticed by their superiors.



Sapphire is a beautiful crystal that can help you acquire wisdom and knowledge that you can use to come up with resolutions to your financial problems. It is a wonderful support stone that will surely make you aware of the higher principle.

It will stimulate your mind and equality, boosting your wisdom and knowledge so that you can make an important and tough decision with ease. It will improve your intuition and good judgment. Additionally, it helps in nurturing leadership qualities. As we all know, someone needs enough wisdom and knowledge to lead successfully.

Another great thing about sapphire is that it will inspire you to be a wise, honest, and responsible leader. Lastly, it will ground all your ideas into reality and offer you the necessary energy in order to make things successful.



A powerful crystal, selenite will infuse you with the energy of peace of mind, serenity, and relaxation. It will clear your mind and soothe your nerves. With the presence of this crystal, you will not feel overwhelmed especially when you’re dealing with a stressful situation. This will allow you to think more positively while improving your confidence.

Selenite, on the other hand, is a stone of the etheric chakra and the crown chakra. Having said that, it will ease your chaotic mind. It will inspire you to trust your abilities and instincts allowing you to trust yourself more.

Additionally, being a spiritual crystal, you can also call upon its powers if you want to connect to the higher realm. It will make your spirituality stronger and let you obtain and accept the knowledge and wisdom from the etheric world. In fact, it has a major impact on how you perceive the world as well as know your purpose in life.

Blue Quartz

Blue Quartz

Blue quartz is a soothing crystal working to improve self-expression, creativity, and communication. In fact, it will also help you access communication in both angelic and spiritual realms. It is a potent crystal that can offer protection against negativity. It also has to balance properties that can help in dispelling fear.

Blue quartz, on the other hand, works with the third eye chakra and throat chakra. Having said that, this blue crystal can improve the clarity of speech and thought. In addition to that, it is one of the most useful crystals when it comes to attaining higher wisdom and knowledge by communicating with other people.

Since blue quartz can cleanse and calm your aura, it will also help you keep the things you’ve learned and what’s valuable and release all the thoughts that are no longer serving you. By opening the lines of communication with the higher world, with the presence of crystal by your side, you will be able to understand and see the meanings of every event like never before clearly.



Kyanite is an aluminum silicate mineral that is typically translucent or transparent-looking. It also has a pearly luster. The most popular types of these crystals are blue kyanite speckled with white, indigo, black, and green. Though there is kyanite that is color orange, yellow, white, pink, and gray.

Kyanite possesses a distinct vibration. It will make an energetic space for fresh intuitive knowledge by aligning your energetic centers. If you’re having a hard time getting in touch with your intuition and feeling like your psychic capabilities are blocked, kyanite is one of the most helpful crystals that you can use.

Kyanite is an empowering but soothing crystal, making it an excellent ally on your road to self-discovery that supports spiritual awakening. What’s more, this crystal will also support logical thinking that can be very beneficial, especially in a situation in which you need to apply higher wisdom and knowledge.



Howlite is a borate mineral consisting of irregular nodules and a monoclinic structure. In fact, it is also known as magnesite and sports a porous texture. In terms of color, this crystal is chalky white with dark veins. But it is worth mentioning that howlite can be colorless too.

Howlite is one of the best crystals for wisdom and knowledge. Particularly, this is extremely beneficial for students who are about to take their examinations. It also has calming energies that can surely promote memory as well as knowledge. You can even use it to reduce stress or anxiety. On the other hand, if you have an overactive mind, you can also benefit from this mesmerizing white crystal.

Sugar Crystal

Sugar Crystal

Sugar crystal comes with delicate and tiny crystals that are connected to the sides of the main crystal. Actually, they look like sugar coating or small snowflakes on the crystal and that’s how it obtained their name.

Sugar crystals are a kind of barnacle crystal, but they are usually smaller and have slightly different vibrations and energies. When you are working as a teacher, doctor, nurse, or healer, you can significantly benefit from a sugar crystal. It is also a good option for those wanting to offer services to other people.

If you want to improve your efforts when it comes to acquiring more wisdom and knowledge, don’t think twice and use a sugar crystal. This crystal will offer your courage and strength so that you will separately see yourself from your relationship and everything you own.

In addition, if you need insight into your relationships with your friends, or work for colleagues and family, a sugar crystal can impart lots of wisdom. And this makes it a good meditation tool as it allows you to keep in touch with your spirit.

When you meditate with a sugar crystal, you will be able to connect with your spirit on a more intimate and profound level and acquire the needed wisdom to keep your spirit shining and soaring. What’s more, you will learn a lot of things about yourself, the world you’re living in and your life, in general.

A sugar crystal will make you comprehend that you can accomplish success right and left or you might end up dealing with setback after setback, but one thing is for sure, your core remains unchanged.



Verdite is a variety of Fuchsite that’s a Muscovite variety. The green colors of this crystal are due to the drops of chromium present within it. Oftentimes, verdite is a pale green to dark green that is like serpentine dating back millions of years.

One of the best things about this crystal is that it assists in the recovery of wisdom as well as regaining the memory of the past life. It will help you become more in control of your life assisting the intentional direction of healing energy into a problematic area. It will also correct mental and emotional imbalances.

With the verdict, you will be able to attain a level of wisdom and knowledge that may seem impossible to acquire. In fact, this wisdom and knowledge will let you take a certain decision in your life that is important for your success. It will also give you the best advice possible when it comes to your friends and family so that you can help the people around you in determining what they should do in their lives.

When you meditate on a piece of verdict for an extended period, it will help you get in touch with the ancient civilization effectively. This, in turn, will transfer centuries-old wisdom and knowledge that you take advantage of to enhance your life. Additionally, whenever you feel overworked or stressed, the crystal can be your travel document to peace and mental calm since it is capable of attracting energies that can bring peace.



Afghanite is a special crystal that is known for its capability to improve all psychic capabilities while developing psychic gifts that can help in navigating through the physical world. Usually, Afghanite is an opaque crystal that exists in either blue or white. The blue color may go from dark to light depending on where it’s extracted from.

Afghanite ushers in a new period of knowledge and wisdom in your life. As a result, you will remain satisfied and well-informed. The crystal can also bring stability to your life by letting you sort out the things that are significant so that you can move forward peacefully.

If you want to visit your previous life to get clues and answers as to what transpired to your before, you can use Afghanite too. In fact, this journey will improve your vision and most importantly, transform you into a new person and this will make you even wiser.

The knowledge of your long-lost part can help you comprehend the real purpose that you’re here to serve. It will also help you acquire clearer awareness of the universe along with your position within it.

Wisdom ad knowledge you acquired from the Akashic record can also help you throughout the course of your whole life. Afghanite is indeed a remarkable crystal that you can use to completely understand the purpose and meaning of life that has been bestowed on you.

In addition to that, you can also utilize this crystal during astral travel or meditation so that you be able to improve your focus and develop a more profound connection with the divine world. Afghanite will allow you to see things clearly especially when you are traveling in the metaphysical space so that you will be able to acquire more wisdom and knowledge and help you remember more.

Lavender Stone

Lavender Stone

An active and energetic crystal, the lavender stone will calm and at the same time energize you when necessary. It gives off crucial energy and vibration that will allow you to use your thoughts to the fullest. Lavender stone also works to restore balance in your life as well as get rid of all the obstacles blocking your path to victory and happiness.

When it comes to the color of this stone, which is lavender, it is actually capable of calming the possibility to become hyperactive. It will also energize you so that you can stay away from your furrow. Like any other crystal for wisdom and knowledge, the lavender stone will improve your psychic gifts.

Lavender stone will bring the energy of wisdom as well as independence. It will boost your wisdom and knowledge and improve your artistic abilities. It will fill your life with healing, joy, and love. It even alleviates the feeling brought about by low self-confidence and lack of self-worth.

Lavender stone will allow you to see and at the same time appreciate everything that you have including the wisdom and knowledge you have acquired. It will have positive and lovely effects on your mind that can help in removing the blockages that are stopping you from trying.

It inspires admiration and invites feelings of determination and inspiration. The crystal will also give you the needed wisdom and knowledge to interpret your dreams in your life. It will even motivate you to do great things with your talents. It will inspire you to achieve all your goals and accomplish your tasks. Last but not least, lavender stone can offer you the wisdom of self while allowing you to concentrate on your feelings and understand your concealed yearnings.

Elestial Quartz

Elestial Quartz

Elestial quartz is a kind of crystal that is etched as well as multi-layered with stones. This crystal is also called by other names such as skeletal quartz, celestial crystals, jacare quartz crystal, and alligator quartz.

The most popular designs of this crystal are the repeat and step designs. But the other designs make it look like a number of tiny crystals combined together on the surface. In terms of the color scheme, celestial quartz is available in many different colors. It can be light in color, like rose quartz, smoke-colored like smokey quartz, lavender just like amethyst, or yellow just like citrine.

Elestial quartz, on the other hand, holds the energy of higher beings and angels from other crystals. Using this crystal can also bring you wisdom and knowledge as well as love. With celestial quartz, you will be able to acquire information from higher dimensions. It will even support you on your path to spiritual enlightenment. You’ll learn to utilize your higher knowledge and wisdom that can help you in your day-to-day life.

Elestial quartz opens the vibration pathway so that the energies of wisdom and knowledge can be delivered across dimensions in order to connect with your awareness on every level. The spiritual energies this crystal receives will infuse you with wisdom and knowledge as well as support from your guardian angels.

Elestial quartz will open the doors between you and your spiritual realms. As a result, you will be able to communicate with the higher beings with ease while listening to their advice.

Black Star Sapphire

Black Star Sapphire

Black star sapphire is a powerful crystal and is one of the most intriguing and fascinating varieties of sapphire. Keep in mind that this crystal is not the same as other star sapphires since the star in black star sapphire is made of hematite instead of rutile silk. Actually, the existence of hematite gives the crystal its golden hue. It is indeed a magnificent crystal that will surely get your attention in just a matter of seconds.

Black star sapphire can offer protection and grounding as well as centering abilities. It will even infuse you with confidence so that you will trust your intuition more.

Whether you are trying to keep your job, are employed, or looking for a job, the energies of the black star sapphire will support you to achieve it. As a matter of fact, they will even enhance the current situation of your job.

Black star sapphire is considered one of the best crystals for wisdom and knowledge for many reasons. The crystal can soothe your thoughts and get rid of your mental tensions and this will allow for a sharper and greater focus. 

It will even bring peace of mind and serenity. All symptoms of spiritual confusion and depression will be alleviated and neutralized. Black star sapphire will infuse you with wisdom and knowledge in all kinds of situations especially when you utilize it in meditation.

This crystal will not only open your mind to spontaneous understanding but increase your hope and faith too. Black star sapphire will clear your mind and heart and restore them to a positive and peaceful condition. If you want to acquire wisdom and knowledge that will surely guide you to change your life, you can never go wrong with the black star sapphire. In fact, it will give you the best solution possible for a certain problem or situation.

On the other hand, if you want to organize your chaotic thoughts or when you are handling complex information, the black star sapphire is also one of the best crystals for wisdom and knowledge that you can have in your possession. The crystal’s healing energies will motivate you to let go of worn-out and old knowledge so that you will be able to make room for better and new ones.

Nevertheless, if what you are after is wisdom, knowledge, and clarity, this crystal can surely help you accomplish it.

Desert Glass

Desert Glass

Because of its potent vibrations, desert glass is considered one of the most powerful crystals use for manifestation. Being a protective crystal, the desert glass ensures that you are protected from the negativity and evils of this world all the time. In fact, the desert glass will also play a significant part when it comes to strengthening your drive.

Also called gold tektite or Libyan desert glass, desert glass has a very striking and beautiful yellow-golden color that is usually associated with the vibration of the golden rays, which is a potent spiritual vibration.

With desert glass, you will be able to transform your entire life the way you want it thanks to its high abundance of magical knowledge, wisdom, and power. Having ancient wisdom and knowledge in it, desert glass is indeed a potent crystal that can you use to make yourself stronger and wiser from within.

You can also use it if you want to explore your past life so that you will be able to acquire and learn a bit of knowledge and wisdom from that period. Desert glass, on the other hand, will connect you with the metaphysical and ancient world so that you will become a vessel of experiences and knowledge.

If you are the kind of person who is solving lots of puzzles in your life, you can greatly benefit from the desert glass. This crystal will offer you the wisdom and knowledge to solve and cope with every puzzle you encounter.

When meditating with this crystal, you will be able to see lots of sights from a past life and acquire more knowledge that you can surely apply in your day-to-day life.

Phantom Crystal

Phantom Crystal

Phantom crystal is a quartz variety formed on earlier existing stones. Every crystal shows the outlines of other crystals known as phantoms. The phantom is made when the growth of a crystal is interrupted and starts to form again. The original mineral gets washed away and this will only leave the crystal to develop afterward.

When it comes to color, phantom colors come in white, red, gray, amethyst, and green. Nevertheless, it is considered one of the best crystals for wisdom and knowledge because of the fact that it has accumulated untold amounts of wisdom and knowledge throughout the process.

Make sure to keep a piece of phantom crystal with you especially if you have an unconscious mind so that it can absorb that wisdom and knowledge.

The phantom crystal will also motivate and inspire and you will notice that the challenges of life are not so intimidating because solutions will appear to take place from nowhere for you. It will open your mind so that you will be able to connect to higher knowledge and wisdom allowing you to embrace new opportunities instead of fear.

Nevertheless, when you meditate with the phantom crystal you will be able to accumulate lots of knowledge and wisdom that is embedded in it that will surely hone your intuition.



Turquoise is a beautiful crystal that symbolizes a lot of beautiful things such as wisdom and knowledge. In fact, it is also associated with good fortune, protection, hope, and tranquility. Ancient people also believed that the power of turquoise can offer tranquil as well as protection energies.

If you want to acquire and boost your wisdom and knowledge, turquoise is one of the best crystals you can use. It will even clear your mind and thoughts and is great for studying as it relieves stress and worries that you may be dealing with while studying. In addition to that, turquoise is capable of absorbing such low energies. Having said that, it is the perfect stone to bring while taking a test or examination as it will infuse you with wisdom and knowledge.



Like any other crystal for wisdom and knowledge, calcite is a mesmerizing crystal that can be seen in many different colors such as orange, pink, yellow, green, red, black, and blue-brown.

For those who want to boost their wisdom, knowledge, and learning abilities, calcite can offer you a great helping hand. In addition to that, this crystal will keep you motivated at all times by reminding you to focus on the prize.

Calcite, on the other hand, works excellently in order to eliminate anxiety all thanks to its soothing energies.  Another great thing about this crystal is that it will allow you to handle a lot of things at the same time by infusing you with great clarity. You can also use calcite if you are trying to look for a solution for a certain problem by boosting your wisdom and knowledge.

When assessing newly acquired wisdom and knowledge, most of the time it is accompanied by anxiety or stress. Fortunately, calcite is capable of covering it all.



A highly spiritual crystal, barite can be used when activating both the third eye and crown chakras. The crystal will awaken your higher mental consciousness as well as inner wisdom. Additionally, barite is also popular for its capability to boost one’s memory through cleansing.

When the energy within your body becomes stagnant in the chakras, your ability to retain and access wisdom and knowledge will be badly affected. But with the presence of barite in your life, you are less likely to worry about it. With its gentle and soothing cleansing energies and frequencies this crystal work by breaking down all the blockages while removing negative emotions and energies from your mind and body in general. Thus, you will be able to restore your mental abilities allowing you to acquire more wisdom and knowledge with ease.  



Charoite is another wonderful crystal for wisdom and knowledge that comes with soothing colors. It is also a high spiritual crystal that can encourage focus, stability, and attention on emotional and overactive spiritual bodies.  The soothing energies of charoite will help in purifying your mind and clearing negative thoughts.

Charoite, on the other hand, will help you remain focused when it comes to recalling knowledge and wisdom while you are working on your spirituality. The crystal’s energy will connect you to the divine world while promoting mindfulness. It will even stimulate your memory and mental capacity. This, in turn, will help you accept every challenge of life, learn from your mistakes and attain success through the divine’s guidance and wisdom.  

Charoite also has the power to protect you against negative entities and psychic attacks that may confer themselves to your auric field, draining your spiritual energies. Aside from wisdom and knowledge, charoite also helps in the development of intuition, focus, discipline, and motivation. It will help in moving forward in your life as it pushes you to unconceivable spiritual development.

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian

The snowflake obsidian is a powerful third-eye chakra and base chakra crystal. It works by purifying, balancing, and grounding the body, mind, and aura as you connect to the ethereal worlds and improve your psychic capabilities.

When you are meditating with the snowflake obsidian, it will stimulate your subconscious mind while allowing you to improve your wisdom and knowledge of your past life. By remembering everything, you will be able to enhance your present path.

On the other hand, with the snowflake obsidian, you can also expand your mental capacity as well as awareness. This crystal will surely fill your life with endless wisdom and knowledge. It will even make sure that you remember even the least important thing you have learned.

Other than that, this crystal has a lot more to offer. As a matter of fact, it is believed to help its wearer to become focused and determined on the tasks that need to be done. This is possible as the snowflake obsidian clears the mind and removes inner procrastination that is distracting you from understanding and sustaining information.

Last but not least, the snowflake obsidian will bring you to reality and this will allow you to keep information with ease and avoid daydreaming states.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye

The tiger’s eye is called the stone of the mind and it is one of the reasons why it is considered one of the best crystals for wisdom and knowledge. This crystal works by balancing your mental process while letting the scattered information and thoughts in your mind come together in a manner that will surely make complete sense.

The tiger’s eye is also connected to the solar plexus chakra and base chakra. Having said that, this crystal has the capability to filter out your mental distractions and boost drive and attentiveness. Similar to how a cruel tiger never drops its attention when hunting, this crystal can grant you the needed focus to remain focused on your tasks as well as in remembering all the details of your project no matter how small it is.

Another great thing about the tiger’s eye is that it can promote focus and stability. This, in turn, will allow you to make sound decisions based on reasons instead of your emotions. Thus, whenever you need the confidence to make a decision and want to train your mind to remain focused on your tasks and retain wisdom and knowledge better, you can never go wrong with the tiger’s eye.



Apophyllite is a highly spiritual crystal that you can take advantage of if you want to boost psychic vision and clairvoyance. It will also stimulate introspection and intuition and past-life recall. With apophyllite, you will be to get rid of mental blockages as well as negative thought patterns.

In addition to that, this crystal also does a great job of relieving stress, worries, and even fears. Apophyllite will surround you with vibrations of love, happiness, and serenity while uplifting your energies. It will even infuse you with enthusiasm, zest, and energy and eliminate the feelings of exhaustion and tiredness.

On the other hand, the crystal’s frequency will connect with your higher mind. It will even encourage you to into the most profound breaks of your awareness in order to remember your genuine nature. Additionally, apophyllite is one of the best crystals that you can have when meditating. It shuts down the clatter from your environment and improves your focus so that you will be able to travel into the divine world while gaining knowledge and wisdom.

How to Use Crystals for Wisdom and Knowledge

Now that you have learned about the different crystals for wisdom and knowledge, let’s take a look at the ways you can utilize them to enhance your life.



Meditating with crystals is a great way to enhance your knowledge and wisdom. In fact, the benefits of meditating especially for the mind are endless. Pair that with the healing powers of the above-mentioned crystals and you have got a powerful solution

Use As Décor

Use As Décor

You can also place the crystals for wisdom and knowledge around your home, specifically in your working area or place where you spend most of your time. This exudes the energy of wisdom and knowledge as well as motivation and positivity that others can also benefit from.

With these crystals as decoration on your office desk, you will be able to practice mindfulness. Crystals like fluorite can help in bringing focus. That’s why, each time have a mental chatter or feel unmotivated, simply take a look at your crystal and you will feel recharged instantly.

Sleep With Crystals For Wisdom And Knowledge

Sleep With Crystals For Wisdom And Knowledge

Place any of the above-mentioned crystals under your pillow so that you will be able to tap into their vibrations or frequencies while you are sleeping. You can also place some pieces on your nightstand.

Any blue crystals for wisdom and knowledge are extremely beneficial when it comes to relaxing the mind. This, in turn, will give you a good night’s sleep, thus you will wake up refreshed the next day.

Rub Crystals On Your Head

rub crystals on your head

Are you trying to come up with creative ideas or think of solutions to a certain problem? If so, consider rubbing your chosen crystal for wisdom and knowledge on your head. By doing this, you will be able to stimulate your thoughts while aligning your vibrations with the crystal’s frequency.

Carry Or Wear Crystals

Carry Or Wear Crystals

If you want to keep the vibrational energies of the different crystals for wisdom and knowledge in your auric field, you may want to wear them. In that way, you will be able to acquire more wisdom and knowledge all day long.

For instance, if you need more wisdom since you will need to speak in front of many people, consider wearing lapis lazuli as a pendant or necklace, in order to keep its powers, close to the throat chakra.

However, if you do not like the idea of wearing crystals, no worries because you can still benefit from the energies of these crystals by carrying a piece with you in your purse or pocket. When you need a boost of knowledge and wisdom, simply reach out for your crystal and acquire instant invigoration.

Drink A Crystal Elixir

Drink A Crystal Elixir

If you want to absorb the energy of your favorite crystals for wisdom and knowledge directly into the body, you can actually drink a crystal elixir. When it comes to a crystal elixir there are actually two methods that you can use when making – the indirect and direct techniques.

For crystals that should not be soaked in water, the indirect method must be applied. It’s because it will save the crystals from any damage and prevent the release of dangerous chemicals into the water. So, for the indirect method, all you need to do is simply make a crystal grid that surrounds your glass or bottle with water. Or place a certain crystal for wisdom and knowledge on top of the bottle. The energy of the crystal will fuse with the water indirectly and can still offer effective benefits.

The direct method, on the other hand, can be done by soaking non-toxic and safe crystals for wisdom and knowledge in a bottle of water. Then leave it overnight.  

To boost your wisdom and knowledge, make sure to drink the crystal elixir throughout the day. One more thing, make sure to clean the crystals properly before submerging them in the water.

Crystal Grids

Crystal Grids

Another way to get the most out of your crystals for knowledge is to make a crystal grid. By setting your intentions of boosting your wisdom and knowledge, you will be able to have a stronger focus on the crystal grid. Know that there are many different geometric shapes for wisdom and knowledge that you can use to make your intentions more powerful.

Do Affirmations Daily

Doing affirmations on a daily basis can also help you acquire more wisdom and knowledge. Negative behaviors, as well as thoughts, can be self-fulfilling but affirmations with a crystal can reverse this.

By holding your chosen crystal for wisdom and knowledge and placing it in the relevant chakra you will be able to make your daily affirmation more powerful and potent.

How to Cleanse Crystals for Wisdom and Knowledge?

Aside from knowing how to use crystals for wisdom, it is also important that you know how to properly cleanse them. This is to make sure that they are performing at their best all the time. The good thing about cleansing your crystals is that it is pretty easy to do.

Cleanse Using Other Crystals

One of the easiest yet most effective methods is to cleanse

your crystals with other crystals. Some crystals such as obsidian and selenite perform very well when it comes to absorbing negative energy. Having said that, when you take such crystals and hold them over the crystals for wisdom, you will be able to get rid of negative energy from your unclean crystals. As a matter of fact, selenite is a good conductor for this kind of practice as it is capable of clearing the energy of other crystals effectively.

How to Cleanse Crystals for Wisdom and Knowledge

Bury Crystals

Burying your crystals is another notable way to cleanse your crystals. While it may sound silly, keep in mind that crystals became a part of the earth. So, if you want to give this cleansing method a try, know that it’s pretty easy. All you need to do is take the crystals outdoors and bury them for a day. By doing this, you are allowing the earth to absorb all the energy your crystals are carrying. But make sure to place a mark where you buried the crystals so that you do not lose them. One more thing, be careful of animals that might come by.

Cleanse With Rainstorms

On the other hand, there is nothing like rainstorms to wash away the things that are no longer serving you and this makes it one of the best options for cleansing crystals for knowledge. So, when you notice droplets falling, make sure to place your crystals outdoors and then allow the water to wash over them. However, it is crucial to note that if the crystal’s name ends in “ite” like calcite, exposing it to water is not highly recommended. So, if you are trying to cleanse crystals that can’t be soaked in water, it is best that you try other cleansing methods to avoid any problems.

Full Moon Cleansing

In addition to that, you can put the crystals outside during a full moon since its light is a great tool to use. A lot of people put their crystals in the moonlight, especially during the full moon. Then, they will bring them back inside once the sun comes up. On the other hand, you can make moon water using the same fashion. It means you lay a glass of water outside in a full moon that you can then utilize to cleanse the crystals. In fact, the full moon’s energy can help in recharging your crystals while eliminating all negative vibes they have acquired since the last time you cleansed them.

Expose Crystals To Sunlight

Aside from the moonlight, you can place your crystals under the sun too. Energizing them with the sun’s energy is indeed a good idea. But make sure not to do it for an extended period because it can fade some crystals, particularly those that belong to the quartz family. Nevertheless, sun rays are full of life and energy and at the same time so powerful. So, placing your crystals under the sun even for a short period can cleanse and energize them powerfully.

Use Salt Water

Using salt water is also beneficial when cleansing your crystals. For this, you will need to put one tablespoon of sea salt into the water. In fact, using salt is an effective way to get rid of negative energies. One more thing, you can take a bath in saltwater especially if you want to cleanse your own energy field. When using saltwater, you can leave the crystals for wisdom in the water for 24 hours and let the salt do its magic.

Use Fire or Smoke

Using smoke or fire is also possible when looking for an effective way to cleanse your crystals for knowledge. You can do this by smudging or burning your crystals. Direct fireworks by instantly burning negative energies and it can be done in just a few seconds over candles. Smudging, on the other hand, can be performed with palo santo, sage sticks, or any commercial incense such as cedar or sandalwood that is known to get rid of negativity. Wave the crystals over the smoke for about 20 to 25 seconds in order to cleanse them while purifying the area at the same time.


Last but not least is meditation. Yes, you read it right, you can cleanse your crystals while meditating. There are many ways to meditate and clean your crystals for wisdom and knowledge at the same time. For one, you can balance your energies while meditating by blowing stable breath on your crystals.

However, don’t forget to set your intentions so that you will be able to refuel your crystals after cleansing them. If you’re practicing this cleansing method on a regular basis, it comes naturally while the serenity of your being will let for genuine crystal sterilization. As a piece of advice, make sure not to do it in vain. Meaning to say, you will need to practice it with a true and relaxing meditation. Nonetheless, a double jinx is to perform a meditation cleanse during the full moon.

Final Thoughts

By using the different crystals for wisdom and knowledge, you will be able to access universal knowledge as well as deeper levels of awareness that will surely improve your wisdom. With the presence of any of the above-mentioned crystals, learning will become a lot easier for you, and downloading information will flow toward your mind with ease.

Nevertheless, aside from using crystals, there are many other ways you can do to acquire and boost your wisdom and knowledge. Remember, it is very challenging to acquire wisdom and knowledge especially when you’re doing the same thing every single day. But when you put yourself outside your comfort zone and give yourself the chance to make mistakes, learn and reflect on the experience, you will become wiser.

Thank you for reading today’s post. Hopefully, you acquired lots of new wisdom and knowledge in it that you can use to improve your life in general. By the way, make sure to share everything you have learned or other people to help them as well.


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