Dumortierite Meanings, Properties and Uses


Your Complete Guide to the Healing Properties, Legendary Uses and Spiritual Meaning of Dumortierite

Dumortierite is a beautiful stone that can make you more open when in contact with the spirit or angelic guides. On a spiritual level, this stone will show your archetypal unending self, reconnecting to distinctive wisdom. When place behind the ear, Dumortierite will open the clairaudience. But if Dumortierite is placed further back, this stone will activate your life memories in the past. Taking you to the start of your soul expedition to assess agreements and contracts made over a long time, Dumortierite will aid to renegotiate these if they’re no longer necessary. Nonetheless, keep on reading to learn more about Dumortierite.

What is Dumortierite?

Dumortierite meaning

Dumortierite – an aluminum iron borosilicate that was first discovered by M.F Gonnard a French mineralogist in 1881. Gonnard, on the other hand, name Dumortierite after Eugene Dumortier a French paleontologist.

Dumortierite appears in different varieties such as reddish-brown, white, red, black and brown. But often, it is an attractive blue-violet, deep blue or violet-blue color. The most sought-after varieties of Dumortierite are pale blue and white. Usually, these stones are either polished or carved into a sculpture and made into decorative, beautiful stones.

In addition, blue Dumortierite is a hard crystal. Often, its prismatic crystals are smaller than one millimeter in size. When it comes to the hardness scale it rates 1-8.5. It also shows strong pleochroism and has a glassy luster. However, the absence of transparency is the outcome of the fact that Dumortierite has only one unique cleavage as well as a rough fracture.

Sometimes, Dumortierite has known to be misguided by lapis lazuli, sodalite or lazulite. However, there are a few major differences between these crystals. Lazulite and lapis lazuli aren’t fibrous while blue Dumortierite is. But it is worth mentioning that the Dumortierite has been utilized as an alternative for lapis lazuli in China. Further, sodalite shows more light-colored parts than Dumortierite.

Nevertheless, the largest supplier of Dumortierite to the world is India. However, you can also find these stones in Russia, Madagascar and Altai. Italy as well as Austria are other locations where you can find blue Dumortierite. Lastly, Canada, Sri Lanka, Poland and Norway produced noted Dumortierite as well.

The Meaning and Uses of Dumortierite

uses of Dumortierite

Dumortierite isn’t only utilized in making pieces of jewelry. In case you didn’t know, it is also used for industrial purposes. You can use Dumortierite to make porcelain and ceramic because the stone turns to pure white when exposed to heat or fire.

You will also need this stone in your life because Dumortierite works perfectly with your intellect. It increases your intellectual capabilities and is beneficial for your mental talents like mathematical and language-based mathematical skills.

On the other hand, if you have a short temper, blue Dumortierite will also boost your patience. It helps you calm yourself when you’re dealing with an intense moment. The stone will offer you a clear mind so that you’ll know what you need to. Dumortierite helps with your organization skills. It will even let you clear all the clutters filling your life whether they are mental or emotional clutters.

Dumortierite is also an effective organization crystal. It can help you understand the entire process more clearly. One more thing, it will guarantee that your thought process is in check.

Dumortierite Metaphysical Properties

Dumortierite Metaphysical Properties

Dumortierite is an excellent stone that promotes positive attitudes in any life situation. It will bestow you with trust and courage during hardships and help you to gain understanding and control in one’s personal life.

Some people like Dumortierite for its capacity to suppress fear and panic. But most of the time, they are using this stone for its amazing organizational capabilities. As a matter of fact, Dumortierite is known to improve one’s organization, self-discipline and orderliness. It also clears your scattered mind.

The capability to do so in a person’s life offers blue Dumortierite a good deal of positive energies for people battling with addictions. It helps a person in recognizing negative patterns and eliminate them at a fundamental level.

By further improving calm and reducing relaxation, Dumortierite will help in creating troublesome day-to-day tasks more manageable. This improvement is thought to be because of the effect that the stone can balance the throat chakra. As a result, blue Dumortierite will improve communication between physical energies or lower chakras and mental energies or upper chakras, resulting in a more organized and balanced life.

The Benefits of Dumortierite

Now that you have an idea about the meanings and metaphysical properties of Dumortierite let’s take a look at the benefits this stone has to offer.

For Physical Healing

Dumortierite  For Physical Healing

One of the best things about Dumortierite is that it will not only improve intellectual capabilities and stimulate the brain. It also potent healing energies that can aid with various illnesses, pains and aches.

Dumortierite helps in the treatment of stomachache, diarrhea, headache as well as other intestinal issues. It is also good in relieving cramping, nausea, vomiting and colic in offspring.

Healers, on the other hand, use it for skin disorders, epilepsy, hypersensitivity and other illnesses, pains and aches in the parathyroid or thyroid areas.

When you place Dumortierite in the affected areas, it can soothe sunburns. It is recognized to help in the treatment of depression and pregnancy symptoms as well. When you are traveling, we highly recommend that you carry blue Dumortierite with you. It is because it can soothe travel sickness.

This stone can even help in the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If you want to lose weight. Dumortierite can also aid you to achieve your desired body weight. It is because the stone can help with endocrine issues and regulate the metabolism.

For Emotional Healing

Dumortierite For Emotional Healing

When it comes to emotions, Dumortierite is vastly preserved to enlighten the value of the expression. It will teach the high ability of being silent. Dumortierite is thought to communicate with the heart without saying any word. As a matter of fact, this highly valued stone treasures the words of truth preciously to share them with the shrewdness furthermore true announcement.

Furthermore, Dumortierite is celebrated to open the bottle lock emotion blocking the path of clean energies. The stone is also known to improve the sentiments or feelings of completeness. Often, it is carried to show vulnerable feelings. Dumortierite is believed to console and at the same quiet down the carrier’s anger that in turn not let him/her stay controlled and in harmony.

It will clean negative auras filling the internal soul with feelings of grief and sadness. Usually, it shows up in the direction that imbues positivity.

For Chakra Healing and Balancing

Dumortierite For Chakra Healing and Balancing.

When your throat chakra is not balanced, you might be domineering and hyperactive. What’s more, you may resist any kind of change. But with Dumortierite in hand, you will be able to improve your clairaudience capabilities and even manifest abundance. In addition to that. When you use it on your throat chakra, Dumortierite will promote and direct your creative capabilities. It will even help you in speaking your truth. Dumortierite will help in maintaining and enhancing the health of your mouth, respiratory system, esophagus and mouth.

On the other hand, if your third eye chakra is out of balance Dumortierite also comes in handy. With this stone, you will be able to improve and open your visualization capabilities, intuitive perceptions and creative imagination. It will even help in balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Dumortierite will encourage good health for the face, sinuses, eyes and ears. Nevertheless, bear in mind that if your third eye chakra is out of balance you may feel very sensitive especially if a person is giving an opinion. Not only that you could be impatient with other people. And more importantly, you may be envious of the success of others.

Last but not least, Dumortierite is also beneficial in the crown chakra. If this chakra is out of balance, you may need unending sympathy for seen prejudices. Also, you may feel misjudged by other people and find it hard to treat others with benevolence. But with Dumortierite in hand, you can align yourself with the universe’s higher force. It will also allow you to connect to the subtle energies surrounding you.

Dumortierite can help you in connecting with your previous lives and identify their effects on your present.

For Relationship and Love

Dumortierite For Relationship and Love

Dumortierite isn’t only a lovely stone of intellectual ability and mental strength, it is also a stone of order, expression and peace.

When you feel like your life is a mess Dumortierite will help you in making sense of things. It will even get your life back in order. It is a stone that teaches a person to stand up for himself or herself confidently.

Keep in mind that you can’t depend on others when fighting your battles at all times. Eventually, you will need to do it alone and show the universe that you’re not one to tad with. The stone’s energies will help you become more understanding and patient. It will teach you how you can take control of your life.

Dumortierite will cut the ties with persons or things that are no longer beneficial for you. It can help you in breaking the cycle of co-dependence and make you comprehend that only you have the power to manage your behaviors and what will happen to your life. It will help in releasing your traumas. As a result, you will be able to surpass even the hardest circumstance of your relationship and life.

On the other hand, if you are experiencing rocky patches with your loved ones, the powerful energies of this stone will help in stabilizing and strengthening your relationship. Dumortierite will offer you the answers you’re looking for. What’s more, it gives you the strength to do the right thing.

If you’re single, Dumortierite can help in finding your soulmate. It cleanses your aura and makes the best things so that you will stand out even more. It will assist you in learning your lessons in love regardless of how painful or difficult it is.

Dumortierite shows how being open to happiness and positive self-love can change your life for the better. Also, it can show you that being disconnected from an emotion that isn’t healthy for you is much easier than you think it is.

One more thing, Dumortierite will help you stay young at heart. It is because it will affect your viewpoints about life and love positively.

For Wealth Fetching, Abundance and Luck

Dumortierite For Wealth Fetching, Abundance and Luck

When it comes to fortune and luck, Dumortierite is considered a good luck stone. It is an excellent stone to have if you are starting your own business.

Dumortierite will also improve your communication skills and aid you to overcome your wariness. It will be significantly beneficial to you especially if you need to make a presentation to important clients and when closing the sale.

On the other hand, this stone will foster feelings of security as well as stability. It can offer you the strength of mind and inner peace to help you with all your tasks. Dumortierite will offer you mental clarity. Thus, it helps you identify opportunities and create solutions to your problems be it in your finances, career or business.

For Sleep Insomnia, Confidence and Depression

Dumortierite For Sleep Insomnia, Confidence and Depression

If you’re disorganized and chaotic, Dumortierite will help you in taking control of your life. It also helps in overcoming stage fright, sleep insomnia, stress, shyness, fear, phobias, stubbornness and depression.

In addition to that, Dumortierite is believed to boost self-confidence and self-assertiveness motivating you to speak out especially when you feel you’re being treated unjustly.

Combining Dumortierite With Other Crystal Stone

Much like other stones, Dumortierite can also be paired with other stones to amplify its energies. If you are wondering what are the best stones you can use together with your Dumortierite, then here are they.

Dumortierite + Clear Quartz

Dumortierite + Clear Quartz

Dumortierite and Clear Quartz are great stones that will show you how to stand up on your own. They will motivate you to be strong while controlling your own life. To accomplish this, the energies of these stones will help improve your level of patience.

On the other hand, this combination stimulates the brain while improving intellectual capabilities. It can help in increasing your mental skills whether it is mathematical or language. Dumortierite and Clear Quartz are very inspiring to your pineal gland that can be found on the forehead behind the third eye.

If you possess psychic capabilities, using the energies of these stones will help in boosting your psychic gifts. They will even support you when you are working on psychic employment. Also, if you are an astrologer by profession or a tarot reader, you will be able to improve your interpretation when it comes to the information that you obtain from the divine mind.

Clear Quartz and Dumortierite have strong capabilities that can help develop your mental abilities and intellectual activities. These stones are a beneficial tool for those who are studying and need to absorb a significant amount of information. They will also strengthen willpower and increase your ability for self-mastery.

Another great thing about this combination is that it will make a significant change in your life and stabilize your emotion. It will remind that you that when you are willing to perform the work, Dumortierite and clear quartz will bring a lot of blessing. By helping with the intellectual activities, these stones can be a great help in various aspects of life.

Dumortierite + Phenacite

Dumortierite + Phenacite

Phenacite is a highly vibrational stone that is extremely beneficial when paired with Dumortierite. As a matter of fact, Phenacite can help in opening your chakras and with psychic work.

Anyway, this crystal combination will stimulate the third eye and open awareness and visionary intuition of the spiritual world. Both the Dumortierite and Phenacite will help powerful and deep meditation.

When you do this most of the time, Phenacite will offer you the gifts of great knowledge as well as align you with your higher self. Further, phenacite can activate and cleanse your chakras in a manner that is the same as the cleansing powers of Dumortierite. This combo will also help you in connecting to the other worlds.

They will make you mindful that there are plenty of things that can be perceived by the naked eyes. That everybody in this world is only a part of another dimension in the grand structure of things.

Phenacite and Dumortierite will make your sense of community stronger and build unity in order to accomplish common goals. They will motivate you to share your talents with other people and let yourself learn from others as well.

When combined, they will also help in your spiritual and personal development. They will open the mind to various truths, perspectives and mindsets. Dumortierite and Phenacite will make you aim for better and bigger things.

These stones have powerful healing potentials. They can cleanse, clear, align and activate the chakras in your body speeds up the process of healing.

Nevertheless, when used alone, the healing energies of phenacite are significantly beneficial to people who are dealing with optic nerve tension or eye strains.

Dumortierite + Labradorite

Dumortierite + Labradorite

The combination of Dumortierite and Labradorite works with your intellect perfectly.  These stones will improve your intellectual capacities and aid with mental capacities.

In combination with Dumortierite, labradorite will enhance and at the same time will develop one’s psychic powers. Keep in mind that this is extremely important if you’re working in the field of astrology.

Dumortierite + Vanadinite

Dumortierite + Vanadinite

You can also combine Dumortierite with Vanadinite. This crystal combination will strengthen your psychic communication and meditative experience. They will help you in understanding your psychic capabilities better and know how to properly utilize your psychic gifts.

On the other hand, the combination of Dumortierite and Vanadinite will enhance your capability when it comes to manifesting money in your life. In terms of relationship and love, this combination also comes in handy. These stones will help in stimulating intimacy, passion, sexual desire and romance.

Furthermore, both stones will improve your physical stamina as well as strengthen your emotional connections. As a result, you will be able to find satisfaction, enjoyment and happiness in your life’s romantic aspect.

This combination soothes your worries about your significant other and helps you look for solutions to distressing issues in your relationship. Dumortierite and Vanadinite will bring order to all aspects of your relationship that is susceptible to scattered thoughts, discord or chaos.

Another great thing about this crystal combination is that it will improve your focus and concentration. They will encourage you to act about following your dreams and accomplishing your goals.

Dumortierite and Vanadinite will remove all the distractions in your life allowing you to think clearly when you need to concentrate on your accomplishment.

The supportive energies of these stones will help you stay focused on a certain task.

Dumortierite + Septarian

Dumortierite + Septarian

Another great stone that you can pair with Dumortierite is Septarian. This combination has a diverse and great effect on your life. What’s more, the minerals you present in these stones have their own effects on you. Please note that they may differ depending on a certain reason.

Dumortierite and Septarian will improve your sense of privacy. You’ll suddenly realize that you are sharing a lot of things on social. But with this combo, you may want to step backward and then retreat to your inner shell.

In addition to that, with this amazing combination, you will be able to understand that not everybody will need to know every little thing about your life and you. They will harmonize your intellect and emotions with your higher mind. They will make you comprehend things about life you did not understand before. Dumortierite and Septarian will get rid of your anxiety and stress. Thus, these stones can help you relax. The stones are beneficial tools in meditation because they are great calming stones.

Is Dumortierite A Birthstone or Zodiac Crystal?

Dumortierite is not associated with any birthstone. However, it is considered a zodiac crystal.

Dumortierite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Leo, Libra and Taurus

Dumortierite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for Libra

Dumortierite is associated with various zodiac signs. The first zodiac for Dumortierite is Libra. If you are born under this sign, you will find courage and freedom to speak what is inside your mind especially when you use or wear Dumortierite.

Dumortierite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for leo

The next zodiac sign that is compatible with Dumortierite is Leo. Leos are the ruling signs for leaders thus they can be bossy and domineering too. But this lovely stone will change the excessively controlling nature in you. Dumortierite will transform you into an optimistic and positive individual loved by people surrounding you.

Dumortierite is Zodiac Crystal Stone for taurus

Last but not least, Dumortierite can also help Taurus. While you are wearing a Dumortierite pendant you will find relaxation as well as calmness. It will also transform your inflexibility into knowledge and wisdom. It also helps in attracting success into your life.

Meditation with Dumortierite

Meditation with Dumortierite

One great way to use the Dumortierite is to meditate with it. Hold the stone in your hand when you sit down to meditate. However, it does not matter in this case if it is a combination of Quart and Dumortierite or Dumortierite alone. It is because these stone will work well during meditation.

Using Dumortierite in meditation on a regular and consistent basis may help you understand what is the right direction you need to take in your life. What’s more, it can assist you to find out how to be psychic.

Once you start using Dumortierite when meditating, the stone will further improve your patience. It also helps in treating skin problems, but you have to be patient while it cures.

During meditation with Dumortierite, there is also a possibility that you be attuned to the Divine Mind’s frequency.

In the beginning, you might not be mindful of the meaning of such communication, but as you move forward, it’s conceivable that the Divine guidance will begin to be created accessible to you.

How to Cleanse and Charge Dumortierite?

How to Cleanse and Charge Dumortierite?

Cleansing your Dumortierite can be done in many ways. One of the easiest and safest ways to remove negativity from your stone is through smudging. For this method, all you need to is pass your Dumortierite through the wafting smoke. Also, you can do it with sage, incense, cedar or sweetgrass.

On the other hand, Dumortierite can be also cleansed in a glass bowl filled with tumbled quartz stones or tumbled Hematite. All you need to do is leave the stone with the tumbled stones for a day.

However, if you do not want to cleanse your Dumortierite with such stone, no worries because you can also cleanse it by placing it in a bowl with flower petals.

If you prefer using water, simply run the stone running, lukewarm water. In addition to that, you can soak your Dumortierite in water that is filled with petals from a rose, honeysuckle, or orange blossoms for 24 hours. You can also cleanse your Dumortierite in the stream, ocean or river. As a matter of fact, some people also cleanse their Dumortierite and place it outdoors during rainstorms.

In case you didn’t know the light of the moon is perfect for cleansing the Dumortierite as well. All you have to do is place the stone under a full moon or new moon for two nights or 24 hours.

Another great thing about Dumortierite is that it can also be cleansed using another stone. For instance, you can place your stone on top of selenite clusters or selenite slabs in order to charge and cleanse it. Let it sit for one to two days, but make sure to bring the Dumortierite inside after a couple of hours especially when the weather is too hot or dry.

Another way to cleanse your Dumortierite is to place a teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of cool water. Place the crystal in the water, however, make sure that your Dumortierite is submerged. Allow your Dumortierite to bathe in the water for one day. In fact, it is a great way to refresh the stone’s energies. The saltwater solution will get rid of all the negative energies that your Dumortierite collected and then recharge it is with positive energies again.

Further, you can put your Dumortierite on a corner with other crystals that have great healing energies or on a holy altar. The stones will work on your Dumortierite by eliminating lingering bad energies.

Nevertheless, if you haven’t charged or cleansed your Dumortierite for a while, then it is now the right to do it. You can try any of the above-mentioned methods and find out which is the most effective, easiest and quickest method for you.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, Dumortierite is one of the best stones that significantly favors positive attitudes most especially if you manage to have positive thoughts and attitudes. This stone will have a huge impact on your life.

Most of the time, we’re seeing the first impairment as well as the first saboteurs of our successes for not knowing how to properly handle our thoughts.

On the other hand, Dumortierite is a very emotional crystal. It can help in lifting one’s spirit, even people who are depressed. As a matter of fact, Dumortierite is a good crystal for battling depression. It will clarify your thoughts and make you comprehend the reasons to be happy. With this stone in hand, you will start to see how your mood starts to change for the better.

It is also worth mentioning that the ruler of Dumortierite is Venus. She gets you what you really want. The goddess of love, manifestation and beauty. It may also change your life for the better. The blessings of Venus are also entrenched in Dumortierite. Charm and radiance are effects of Dumortierite. It will bring you joy and happiness that will satiate the soul. What’s more, it has the power to pacify when you meditate and touch it.


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